Ep 183 | Everyday Americans Are Sick and Tired of C19 Hysteria so we Follow the Money!

January 16, 2022 James Lane Episode 183
Ep 183 | Everyday Americans Are Sick and Tired of C19 Hysteria so we Follow the Money!
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In episode 183 of the American Reveille Podcast, I show you where the C19 money eventually goes. We talk the 2021 Covid recap, Biden pushing boosters onto children, Biden holding Red states hostage from Covid treatments, and the Pharmaceutical Big Tech Democrat Mass Media Megazord banning Dr. Robert Malone from Twitter while Pfizer quietly denounces cloth masks. So whats this lead us to? Someones hiding something! I follow the money. What do you know? Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna make $1,000 every second!!! Tons of executives got rich or richer!!! and Fauci has $10,000,000 dollars invested in Chinese companies?! The people fight back as the Supreme Court strikes down the vax mandate. And I see a light at the end of the tunnel and it sounds like Omicron!


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Well hello, everybody this is not intentional. This episode was not meant to sound like a Western. It really wasn't. But what the fuck? Let's roll with it. Episode 183 Folks, we're gonna be talking about COVID-19 The real reason this has been going on so long and it's not about saving lives or helping people. No, it's about power. It's about greed. It's about wealth. Making them money, folks. Money makes the world go round and apparently it makes COVID-19 Go around to we're going to talk about it today. Episode 193 I know it's been a while guys. Two weeks, three weeks I've been off but things have been crazy as fuck. I've been so busy. I've been feeling like shit. I supposed to get a surgery for this hiatal hernia. And they delayed the surgery because it cool. It's a long story, but this whole episode, this whole episode is going to talk about the BS we've all been going through and how Americans are sick and tired of COVID 19. You're one of them. I'm one of them. We're ready to wash our hands with it. So this is the recap. These are the revelations. We're gonna keep going forward. Did you know I spent New Year's Eve in the ER, I had chest pains. That's right, folks. chest pains. I need to de stress all right. Need some help with this? If anybody wants to teach my oldest how to stream properly you know with all that animation and all that bullshit. Get a hold of me James lane at American ar e v e i l l I need help a production. I look I'm about to invest a lot of money into certain things here getting certain artwork done, screens done animations done, but I really want to make sure I'm going in the right direction. So I need some help somebody with a little experience to guide me in the right way. This I feel like a fuckin Indian is gonna come out with a bow and arrow and a tumbleweed and shit. Seriously, I feel like I have. I should have waxed my moustache for this. Look. I picked this music like a minute before the show started. I'm going to start lowering it down here. Doo doo doo doo doo. Anybody want some cacti? Anyway? Look, I could use the help. Alright, we need writers we need bloggers I need people to help me research information. This shit is pain in the ass. So I've got people go. Oh, where's all the podcasts? Why? Why aren't there podcasts every day? I want a new American revenue podcast every day. Hey, look, I want to make one every day but I'm also working 50 hours a week. I'm trying to get a dissertation done by April shits been busy. The stress is at maximum high maximum. Hi, I'm gonna do everything I can to get more out to you. But if you want to see more of what we're doing here, then help if you've got the skill set, email me James lane at American If you're just discovering what we do here, then please go to American Revolution comm or Evi LLC I have to say it 1000 times apparently people don't know how to spell Reveley or I should have picked a better name either way, maybe I should get ar taken care of but I digress. Go to American revelry calm. bookmark the page. I am censored all the time. People lose track of me people can't find me. They don't show me in their browsers anymore. That algorithm skips right over American referee so I need you to bookmark me all right. And if you haven't already, go to the newsletter tab. It's right at the top. Take a look right here if you're watching and not listening. I have the screen pulled up for you. This is our beautiful web page right here. 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We are trying to do something nationally. So by signing up, you get to see where the hell we are. And if you feel so compelled, you can also donate right here at the top, you hit the Donate tab, boom. And there's a little thing here where you can donate through PayPal. And if you're into crypto, you don't want people tracking your money. You think the feds are looking into everything? Hey, I'm cool with that too. You can go right to your email James lane at American and I can give you an address to any cryptocurrency you want you want to send me Bitcoin Dogecoin safe moon you want to send me Mineiro you want to send me Hadera hash graph, you want to send me chain link, I don't give a what just email me, and you can send it to me, trust me, I take whatever I can get. We're trying to build it up and in this world of censorship, this hellscape that makes it unforgiveable that makes it nearly impossible for any of us to be heard. Anything helps and we'll take what we can get really I appreciated so please help on a Donations wanted. We have needs in this business. But we are doing our best to spread the truth, the truth from the mouths of patriots like you and I to every buddy we can the masses are waking up, folks. The masses are waking up. All right. And speaking of waking up, I was in two different places on business. I was in Chicago, alright plot, and I was also an Idaho. I was in them both for about a week each. I drove by Idaho the drive back through the snow was kind of hellacious but it was very pretty. Nonetheless, alright, nonetheless, in Idaho, nobody cared about masks in Idaho. Nobody cared about vaccines in Idaho, people were out people were socializing. Everybody was having a great time, Chicago. Chicago was like a barren wasteland. It was crazy. It was crazy. Chicago, made me feel uncomfortable. It made me feel like I was in a third world country. I didn't even feel like I was in America. Alright, people are waking up. You've got red states with people not even giving a crap about COVID anymore, because they realize that everything they've been told has been a lie. And you know what? And I know it all right. The key is the money. That's all that matters. The pharmaceutical companies are making millions and millions and millions of fucking dollars every day you know it. I know it's the truth. And what do we have a pandemic of we have a pandemic of cowardice, alright. Same people are over COVID. Alright. It has nothing to do with saving lives. Like I said, it has to do with power. It has to do with greed. It has to do with wealth. Alright, folks, it has to do with wealth. Plain and simple. All right. So what are we going to talk about in this episode? What are we going to talk about? Well, that's plain and simple. We've got the 2021 COVID-19. Recap. All right. It's going to be talking about the people vaccinated, the people that have died, what we've gone through and what the Biden administration has done so far, we're going to talk a little bit about what the FDA thinks about COVID booster shots for children. All right, we're going to talk about Ron DeSantis. We're going to talk about the purchase of MANOVA. How do I say the monoclonal antibody treatments and other things, how the government's been blocking states from actually treating people? All right, just so they could prop up vaccine profits. This this goes down a very dark road, folks. We're going to talk about Dr. Robert Malone. All right, we're going to talk about Dr. Robert Malone. He was talking to Joe Rogan, what they talk about mess formation psychosis. You've heard the word rolling around, we're going to look at it a little bit deeper. We're going to talk about Rogan getting the eff off a Twitter, all right and creating a safe haven on the new platform getter. But I'm going to take it a little beyond that because the truth platform, Donald Trump's truth platform is coming right out. All right, looking at that past, you've got the Pfizer board members talking about cloth masks not providing protection against the China virus. We know that to be a fact. All right, we know they've been bullshitting us. It's actually insane and hilarious at the same time to watch so many people panicking about wearing masks and wherever you're listening or watching this from, okay, there are people in all different parts of this country, it's America, it's a huge country that react differently to this you have people that are screaming panic terrified at the top of their lungs, just because somebody comes near them without a mask and other people who don't even give a shit. You've got people at the far extremes and people right at the in betweens, but all in all, cloth masks don't matter. All right, that is effect. So if none of this matters, if everything has been bullshit, if the CBC keeps changing what it's saying, if everything keeps going back and forth, and we have no idea who to believe and who to trust, what is the actual issue? What's the key? Where is the smoking gun? Well, then there's something here that I found this nice little article that says, how the COVID-19 vaccine injected billions into big pharma and made its executives very rich. So we're gonna talk all about how much money the people in charge of these pharmaceutical companies made, we're gonna trace that money a little bit, because it looks like Fauci has millions invested into Chinese companies. All right, it looks like all of the people that we were supposed to trust are profiting off of this. How are we supposed to believe these organizations, these government agencies, these bureaucrats when they're lining their pockets, and in the first of many billows, to the Biden administration, and these rich elites and their plans for global domination, the Supreme Court struck down Biden's OSHA mandate six to three. And that will be the first of many. All right, and obviously, we're gonna finish this on a high note, we're gonna come to a close, where I think this narrative needs to take us what I believe is the truth. And this article says the Omicron variant, may end up saving lives, because that's what I believe we've got this variant going around. Alright, it's highly contagious. Nobody seems to die from it. Nobody goes to the hospital from it. All right, people with horrible, horrible, horrible comorbidities might have an issue, and I'm sorry for them. And this is a terrible thing. But at the end of the day, if everybody gets infected with the least deadly virus, doesn't that mean that everybody is safer, doesn't mean that everybody has better antibodies, everybody's protected. That's what I believe. All right, the main point, the main gist we're gonna get, we're going to take a look back at 2021. But then we're going to zoom right forward into 2022. Because the revelation, the truth that's going to come out of all of this is that it was all about the cashola people made bazillions of dollars, many lives were lost, that didn't have to, there are dangers that we didn't know about that are soon to be revealed. And when 2022 hits at the end of November, when the midterms are taken back over, when 2024 rolls around, and this country bleeds red. Once again, all of these people's heads are going to be put on the chopping block, all of these investigations that need to be taken place are going to be taking place China will be held accountable, Fauci will be held accountable. All of these people, all right, need to be held accountable, and need to be judged to the fullest extent of the law, and that's what's going to happen. Alright, plain and simple. That's what's going to happen. So with that being said, Alright, folks, with that being said, I want to start looking at some of these articles. All right, I'm going to put it up on the screen here. You've got this 2021 COVID-19 recap. Alright, says 200 million vaccinated 450,000 dead. Of course, nobody wants anybody to die. But at the end of the day, there is a pandemic, there was a virus released by agents in China, whether it was accidental, whether it was intentional, that's yet to be found out but for it to actually you know, what, Pengal into a flown 3000 miles and you know, had sex with a baton, some freakin wet market in Wuhan, China next to the viral Institute. That's not very plausible. Somebody let this thing out the front door. All right. Let's do a little bit of reading. I would tell you who this is by but I can't pronounce his name, with the turning of the calendar to a new year. Speaking of which, Happy New Year 2021 became the second year defined by the CCP, Chinese Communist Party virus pandemic and the global response to it compared to 2020 Last year was deadlier but also more complicated. Issues such as virus variants, vaccine resistance and vaccine efficacy have come to the forefront. mandatory vaccination went from a conspiracy theory to official policy in a matter of months. You saw how quick that was. You saw how quick that was. We all said it. It's coming. And all the naysayers said nah, they'll never do that. They'll never force anything on anyone. This is the United States of America, then all of a sudden, the tyranny hit, the tyranny hit and then all the people that actually went with it, they're now being punished for going along with it. You'll hear more later in the episode, but there is punishment for those who went forth with getting their vaccine trust you, me, so went from a conspiracy theory to an official policy. increasingly prominent also were the legal battles over government restrictions on the population, with approaches taken by different states further diverging. What 2021 started with a massive wave of COVID-19 related hospitalizations, there also was an expectation that the pandemic would soon end or at least fade into the background. Vaccination was billed as the ticket to normalcy. And initially it looked that way. By mid June, about 180 million Americans had received at least one dose of one approved vaccines and even states with the most authoritarian approaches, such as New York had lifted most of their restrictions, which we know now that was a Trojan horse because as soon as the virus started fading, as soon as people started getting back to their normal lives, they ramped the panic backup, turn the panic up to 11 and fired everybody up once again with COVID fear. The restrictions soon came back to these blue areas. Let's keep reading Delta. Alright, the sections called delta, however, the respite was brief. In July, infections began to spike again, the CCP virus mutated into a new variant dubbed delta, which appeared to be less deadly, but more infectious vaccine uptake slowed, and delta appeared to be somewhat more resistant to it. The solution presented by authorities was to take yet another dose of the vaccine, a booster that is the booster shot, that is what they did, their thought was, well, maybe delta will be cured, maybe delta will be held back if we just give people another jab. And what has been happening to a lot of people that have been getting these extra Jabs. I'm not gonna say it out loud. Not gonna say it out loud. YouTube might ban me again. The virus also showed signs of seasonality. In the winter, it pummeled the northeast, but not so much in the South. By summer, the situation seemed to reverse. And in August, President Joe Biden plagued at the time by what was widely panned as a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, announced a major policy shift, mandatory vaccination for government workers, contractors, and even private employees with more than 100 employees. And we'll talk a little bit later about how the Supreme Court struck that down and that's going to lead to a domino effect coming very, very soon to a theater near you. Just months earlier. The administration was dismissing the idea of vaccine mandates. Any suggestion that the government might force people to take the novel vaccine, still in the process of long term clinical trials, was even ridiculed by some as a conspiracy theory. Soon after Biden's announcement some Democratic heavy states and localities followed with various mandates of their own. With New York City spearheading the effort bit by bit, New York had mandated the shot for government workers, private school staff, most indoor establishment workers, and even patrons of gyms, entertainment venues and restaurants. To see a movie, exercise or even doors, a New Yorker must show proof of full vaccination, which for now doesn't include boosters as well as photo ID. out going Mayor Bill de Blasio also added a mandate for all private employers and the state mandated the vaccine for all healthcare workers. And they thought they were getting a nice little rest there with a good new mayor coming in somebody to replace Bill DeBlasio that former police guy but then it turns out that he seems to be a piece of shit doing the same thing de Blasio was doing so. I don't know what to tell you. I guess these politicians think it's okay now to just BS their way into office. I know they've always been doing it. But at least before they used to have the courtesy of giving solid reach around at least before they would cradle the old testicles and tell you would be okay, and lie to your face. Now they're just like yeah, we're You deal with it that's that's what the politicians do. So I believe his name was what Eric Adams he came in there, you know, and now he's just fucking the city to just like de Blasio, so I don't know what to tell you New York sucks, and it still sucks apparently, still sucks. Apparently it says legal challenges to the mandates have been a mixed bag of failures and partial victories. Often courts would block the mandate only to later allow it to go into effect. Challenges to Biden's mandate from private employers and another for health care workers at facilities receiving Medicaid and Medicare funding are expected to be heard by the Supreme Court on January 7, and I believe they were heard I know the health care facility side of it is still standing from what I'm told. But the general OSHA mandate for businesses with 100 or above that was struck down. Another phenomenon associated with Delta was an increase in severe illness and even deaths among children. While in 2020, about 0.05% of all COVID-19 deaths were among children, the number rose to 0.1% in 2021, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, making for a total of 678 deaths associated with COVID-19. For comparison, the agency recorded 358 pediatric deaths during the 2009 to 2010 flu pandemic. So now, where are we We're on to the Omicron which by the way, by the way, the next one, from what I'm told was supposed to be GE that's what it was supposed to be the G variant, but the World Health Organization, they didn't want to offend a China, right. They didn't want to offend China, they put it out, and they just called it Omicron. All right, again, not a pandemic of COVID pandemic of cowards worldwide, World Wide Omicron folks with the winter approaching, about 50 million Americans got booster shots. If that was to give them a sense of security, however it would be short lived out of South South Africa emerged a yet a new variant capable of widespread named excuse me, capable of widespread named Omicron. There are indications that vaccines and to a lesser extent natural immunity acquired through previous infection only provide limited resistance to Omicron. On the other hand, the variant appears to be even more infectious but again, much less lethal than delta, with reports of much milder symptoms and far fewer deaths world wide. The CDC estimates that Omicron comprised about half of COVID-19 infections in the week ending December 25 2021. Those are model projections though as data from its variant surveillance system lags by about three weeks and from what I'm told the number of Omicron cases have has increased significantly overtaking delta by a lot Omicron or not hospitalizations attributed to COVID-19 have surged in the Northeast. New York Governor Kathy Hochul responded by again requiring people to wear masks indoor establishments, regardless of vaccinate, vaccination status who actually follows that, do you actually wear masks indoors in places you know what I'm noticing people are sick and tired. We've got I'm up here in the Washington State area and we've got mask mandates everywhere because the governor here is a douche nozzle and I'm telling you, you go into many establishments and nobody gives a shit anymore. You're gonna let me know in the comments section below. Tell me make sure you like this video. Make sure you subscribe to the channel you're listening or watching on and if you're listening in the car, listening on the radio, listening on the internet. Just do me a favor and try to use your imagination. Alright, do something got online later and find this video version and hit the like button. But please, alright, please think about this. Republican led states have generally gone in the opposite direction, not only Alright, refraining from mandates, but sometimes even outlawing them. Florida went as far as expressly prohibiting local governments and school districts from imposing mask and vaccine mandates on their staff or in their facilities. The state led by Republican Governor Ron Ron DeSantis. We all love Ron DeSantis also restricted private businesses from imposing vaccine requirements by carving out a number of exemptions including for health concerns and prior infection. All right. And we've seen the results from both of these. We've seen how the Democrat led states with the heavy lockdowns have suffered way more infections from COVID-19 than the much looser Republican states, especially Florida, Florida has done very well. Florida's legislature even authorized the state to ditch the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA and create its own agency to pre emptive. Biden's vaccine mandate, alright, vaccine mandate, which OSHA should enforce. All right. So here is the information war. Last year, was also marked by a number of revelations regarding what appears to be a lack of candor by a number of experts and public officials and that that's an understatement. They're playing out liars, liars, brainwashing millions of Americans to believe a big lie coming from the Democrat Party, combined with the corporate media combined with the big health care system. All right, all of these place the pharmaceutical companies, big pharma, right? Everybody, the politicians, they're all in bed with each other. And it's right in our face, social media companies, big tech, they're all lying to us. And we're not stupid. We're like, it's so offensive. It's so fucking offensive. They look down at us and just fucking spit on us. Like, we don't realize that they're fucking us. Like, they think we're dumb. It's just that we haven't figured out how to work together how to how to somehow overturn what big tech does to us because they control the internet. They control the whole thing. All right, we're all knuckle draggers trying to figure it out. All right, but But Don't think for one minute that we don't know. All right, Don't think for one minute that we're not sick and tired of getting screwed over by big tech. All right, it's just that they have a monopoly. They have a monopoly on everything. And in 2024 and in 2022. When we take everything back over, it's going to be time to break big tech up. They're all in cahoots. It's really fucking stupid. I'm getting off my soapbox and getting back to the article. A series of documents released under the Freedom of Information Act requests showed that a group of experts including the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases head and White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, coordinated efforts to discredit the theory that the virus originally escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China. The evidence in fact appears to lean in that direction, but Falchi at all have a personal stake in hiding those indications since they were involved in financing or conducting dangerous gain of function. Experiments with Coronavirus Coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of virology Fauci explicitly denied to Congress that the NIH funded such research only for a growing stack of evidence to indicate otherwise, the inflammation tug of war around potential therapeutics expanded last year. In addition to hydroxychloroquine. Some doctors also tried off label prescriptions of the anti parasitic drug ivermectin. In one podcast episode host Joe Rogan was both praised and vilified for taking ivermectin upon announcing that he tested positive for the virus. He then invited CNN Sanjay Gupta on his show, and criticize that network for claiming he took a horse dewormer when in fact, he had taken the human formulation of the drug as prescribed by his physician, and they should make it easier for us to get therapeutics. But let me let you all in on a little effin secret. All right, you may not realize this, just as many of you may not realize they're still working on the vaccine for the Delta variant. That's right, folks. Were all vaccinated if you are vaccinated for the original COVID variant, they're still testing the Delta variant. They're talking now about making an Omicron variant vaccine. All right. We're all going through the ringers for that stuff. All right. We're all going through the ringers. None of it is true. All right. None of it is actually helping. Maybe it helps some people. All right, I'm not saying that the vaccine doesn't help certain people in certain categories. But it is an untested thing. All right. It has not gone through trials long enough. It has not gone through the ringers for many years. One day, there's going to be a one 800 Number flashing across the screen there. Did you take the COVID vaccine and now you have Mizo thelia. Oma, well call one 800 Whatever the fuck to join this class action lawsuit so you could make $16 for them experimenting on you. Let me let you in on a little secret. If there are therapeutics, if there are things that treat the virus, then they can't get an emergency use authorization for a vaccine. That's right, folks, then Big Pharma wouldn't get all of that sweet money that's been printed to inflate our economy and crash the whole thing down because it can't be Back better till you burn it all down. Maybe I should keep reading. Okay. Anyway, let's go to the administration. The Biden administration's handling of the pandemic has been mixed, the administration managed to smooth the rollout of the vaccines. But after the initial wave the uptake has since slowed. Gallup reported in November, November, excuse me, that the percentage of adults who are or plan to get vaccinated plateaued at 80%. By December 30, more than 205 million people were fully vaccinated, meaning the completion of two shots of the Maderna which causes blood clots, apparently or Pfizer vaccine, or one shot of the Johnson Johnson vaccine, more than 68 million people on top of all that got their boosters as well. A December poll by the Trafalgar group found that a large majority of Americans likely voters opposed to new mandates and restrictions regardless of new variants. People are opposed. People are sick and tired of being guinea pigs are sick and tired of being jabbed, you know, I got my COVID vaccine. I'm not an anti Vaxxer. But at the same time, I wouldn't have gotten it all right, my dad died a few weeks after he got his vaccine. My mom got very sick after she got her vaccine. I had a terrible reaction. And I'm still recovering from when I got the vaccine, and I only got the vaccine because it was written into a court order. Okay, so what do you want? I had to do what I had to do but the booster, I won't get it because I'm terrified that if I take a booster shot, maybe I'll have a heart attack like all these other people seem to be doing who knows why they're having heart attacks, but it seems to be very, very oddly close to getting a booster shot after months. Let's get back to the article after months of promises to tackle the pandemic Biden recently conceded that there's no federal solution to it. Alright, do you notice that that's a big deal? He's been talking out of his ass for years. All right. It's like I look before the the campaign right before the election and after then when he became the the the fake puppet president there. All of it. He's been talking out of his ass and lying to us and then he just goes into Yeah, I can't do shit about it state problem. Shouldn't there be outrage? Shouldn't there be pitchforks and torches in the streets? The reason we're not seeing that is because everybody gets different news if you're not awake to that yet. Well, Merry Christmas, man. Wake the f up. Everybody gets different news on their phone. Alright. You get different news. Your grandma gets different news. Your buddy gets different news. Mike over there gets different news. His sister Sally gets different news. Jackie over there. She gets different news. We all get different news. They have us all by the fucking balls. Alright, unplugged from the Matrix. It's the only way and I don't even know how we do that. The Biden administration's handling of the pandemic, the administration smoothed the rollouts of vaccines early on. But after the initial wave, the uptake has since slowed. Gallup reported November like I read that the percentage of adults who are or plan to get vaccinated, plateaued at 80%. By December 30, more than 205 million people were fully vaccinated. Alright, that's what I had said. I told you that people, alright, 68 million of those people got boosters. And what did we say? The Trafalgar group came out, and they let us know the truth. All right, people are sick and tired. They don't want to be jabbed anymore. They don't want to be pin cushions. They don't want to be experimented on, because this is an experimental vaccine. All right, this is an experimental vaccine. So what do we get for having an experimental vaccine? What do they get out of it? They get money. All right, they get to tell us what to do. They get to gain power. People that never ever thought they would have a face before all of a sudden, are famous all of a sudden are rich beyond their wildest dreams. So what happens? What do they do? They start coming after our freedom. And then they start coming after our children. All right, you've seen it. You've seen in New York, in California and Chicago, giving shots to kids all across the United States. Children as young as five years old, are getting COVID shots and what's happening to kids. Some kids are getting myocarditis some kids are dying some kids are okay it seems but why are we giving a shot to children when there's a virus that doesn't affect to them and somebody show me different? Somebody show me how this virus is truly affecting our children. All right, tell me explain to me reason with me. Sell me the reason why. My my children should be guinea pigs. Tell me nobody's made a convincing argument yet. Alright. Biden. FDA approved COVID COVID booster shots and children, all right, in children. And we just let it go on. It's okay. Why? Why is it okay? Why? When the science says they don't need it? Do we need to do it? Why do we give in to the greed? Why do we say it's okay that Pfizer, and bio and tech and Maderna? Why do they get billions of our dollars? Why do we go broke? Why do our house prices that prices inflate to false highs, false highs that are just going to come crumbling down in a couple months, when they start pumping the percentages up at the Fed? Why do we just allow them to run our lives? Why do we allow them to fuck with our children? All right, well, I just don't get it. Like Like, I'm giving you a simple question. Because people just expect us to fall in line. So I just want somebody to tell me why. Alright, we've got critics questioning Biden's approval of these COVID boosters for children. They're saying it's a slap in the face of science. I'm telling you that the science says the kids don't need it. So the only plausible explanation I can come up with in my fucking little tiny brain is the money. Alright, it's the money, the power, the greed, the wealth. All right, when a health expert says it's unconscious, and how the hell do I even fucking say that word? One Health expert says it's unconscionable unconscionable and I suck unconscious Chambal. I'm not even gonna fuck that word that the FDA is advisory panel is not being consulted on boosters. That's right. They're just giving the shot to our kids without checking if they even need it. It says President Biden is yet again facing backlash over the FDA is booster approval process which recommended boosters for children this week without convening a panel of advisors to weigh in on the matter. Quote, Dear President Biden, FDA is bypassing its scientific advisors to authorize boosters for all kids 12 to 15 next week, this is unconscionable I fuck that word undermines the integrity of the FDA standard process. Please require FDA to put this authorize before the VR bpac advisory comm for a vote exclamation mark. Dr. Marty mCherry, chief of the Johns Hopkins is lit translate Transplant Center and to Fox News contributor. Now I don't know much about the hospital system. But I know when I see the word Johns and Hopkins next to each other in a sentence. It's usually something important. All right. So this guy, all right. This guy is putting the argument forward the proof right there in the pudding. So that when people come to you and say, but the FDA recommends this, you can say shove the FDA up your ass. They don't even talk to doctors and they say yes, we do. Yes to do. And then you go okay, well show me show me who they talk to. They can't produce anything. You can now produce this that actually says that the FDA says fuck the smart people. Let's just figure it out on our own. It's like the movie Idiocracy coming to life. Look, the President right there. Alright, if you're watching this, take a look at him in his face right there. If you've ever seen the movie fire in the sky, alright, the one where they're reenacting the alien abduction. He looks like the space alien. I wrote an article I wrote a little blog about how people could could possibly have been replaced by pod people in demons. And in that article, you know, I said intergalactic space slugs could have crawled up the nose of the people we once loved and cared for who have now somehow been taken over by some liberal space demon and and looking into the duck called dead eyes lifeless eyes like $1 size of Joe Biden there i i started to believe that theory even more obviously, I don't believe that. But it was a good article, www dot American or any V i ll E and go down to the latest blogs, you'll find it the vaccine and related biological Products Advisory Committee. There's a lot of committees in the government with a lot of long names and a ton of acronyms aren't there. Wow, they voted against giving the Pfizer bio and Tex COVID-19 booster shots to most people back in September. It instead voted to limit boosters to those aged 65 and older as well as the people at risk of severe illness citing the lack of evidence showing the boosters being safe for younger people and as you know where we are now. We've gone well beyond that. We're being asked to approve this as a three dose vaccine for people 16 years of age and older without any clear evidence if the third dose for a younger person when compared to an elderly person is of any value whatsoever. COMMITTEE MEMBER Paul Offit. Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at The Children's Hospital Philadelphia see what I mean lots of long names. He said at the time, the controversy. The controversy over boosters in the early fall was compounded when two FDA officials, the director of the FDA 's office of vaccines research and review, Marion Gruber and its Deputy Director Phil Kraus resigned from the agency. The pair issued a scathing criticism of the widespread use of boosters and a piece published in The Lancet on September 13. I bet none of you have heard of it, which was co authored by a handful of experts warning that quote, current evidence does not appear to show a need for boosting in the general population in which efficacy against severe disease remains high. So why are we doing it? It's about the Money money money man. By November, however, the FDA approved the Pfizer bio and tech and Maderna vaccine boosters for everyone 18 and older without input from the advisory committee. The agency said at the time that it did not convene its advisory panel. Because the committee had already discussed the use of boosters and the request do not raise questions that would benefit from additional discussion. The New York Times reported on November 19, the FDA approved the Pfizer bio and tech COVID-19 vaccine booster for 16 and 17 year olds last month, and broadened eligibility Monday to 12 to 15 year olds with the former FDA commissioner during the Trump administration, Scott Gottlieb said during an appearance on Face The Nation Sunday that schools should not mandate boosters for children, noting that the durability of vaccines and 12 to 16 year old has been much more robust than we've seen in adults. He added that kids overall are at less risk from the infection. And Dr. Makary agrees. He says, quote, it's a slap in the face to science. And no, we don't mean Dr. Fauci although we'd love to see Dr. Fauci slapped in the face. The US FDA, to circumvent the standard convening of the expert advisory board. FDA is quietly doing this because they're experts previously voted it down. voicing concerns about medical harms Makari I keep seeing because his name is Makari Ma k AR why it looks like Malarkey, because I talk so much crap about President Joe Biden. I just want to call this guy malarkey. But his name is Makari. He tweeted that back Saturday, a couple Saturdays ago Makari added in comment to Fox News on Monday that it's within Biden's jurisdiction to demand his FDA put the decision to a vote by the experts, as was done with other major FDA emergency use authorization. So Biden's circumventing the whole process entirely, and he has the power to do something about it. And he's doing absolutely nothing because he doesn't give a shit about you. He's in the pocket of Big Pharma, Big Pharma and a lot of elites with a lot of money that like to pay for his son's drug habits. Dr. Mark Segal, Professor of Medicine at the NYU Langone Medical Center and Fox News contributor said he supports the advisory board taking up the issue because they need to figure out the utility of it, quote, oh, wait, what happened here, I lost my spot, the whole thing moved and reset itself. You see, I need a producer. If anybody wants to do virtual production for me, you can email me James lane at American Where were we? Alright. I don't want anybody to be suggesting this vaccine or its boosters are unsafe for that group. That's wrong. And the purpose of convening the advisory committee is not to question safety is to question who should get it. If we start suggesting that this this vaccine is unsafe, then we're playing into the hands of the anti vaxxers Who are filling hospitals. The New York Times reported on December 30, that some experts said that the Biden administration's focus on getting younger people Boosters is misguided, and officials should instead work on vaccinating those who have not yet gotten the shots off. It told the outlet that getting such shots to young Americans was focusing on the people People who are already protected, which it is. And if we're running out of supplies, we have supply chain issues. We have testing issue shortages everywhere. Then why are we prioritizing people who don't actually need the shots? That makes a lot of sense, right? You need to question these things. Folks. Tell me think about it. Think about that and tell me but in the comment section below, it says Republican Senator Rand Paul, who is also a physician, criticized the Biden administration on Twitter Sunday for the government ignoring its own rules to push booster vaccines on kids for a disease that is less deadly in children than the seasonal flu. Got that money, money money. The power money, folks, when Makari argued in a Wall Street Journal op ed published last month that booster mandates for young people will cause medical harm for the sake of transient reductions in mild and asymptomatic infections. He cited a December study by Oxford researchers that found young people suffered myocarditis, pre Peri, carditis and arrhythmias more frequently from modernity vaccine than from COVID itself. So why are we pushing things that are more dangerous to people than the actual virus? I think it's because they are literally incompetent is not just evil, and idiotic and and out of literally out of control. But it's it's imbecilic, it's stupid. It's literally incompetent. I think our leaders are cowards, and they're literally stupid. And they make stupid decisions that lead to people dying. All right, it's not just the virus. It's the dumb asses in charge. Makari argued in a Wall Street Journal op ed. All right, they're doing more harm. The vaccine is doing more harm than COVID itself. Like I just said, Well, long term cardiac effects of boosters in young people is what do you know? Unknown? Like we said, it's unknown because there hasn't been a study that's gone on long enough, but trust me, we'll know. We'll know when we're all 60 years old, 70 years old sitting in bed, and it's fucking 2am And we're watching hologram cable on fucking the hollow fucking hologram ATT U verse plus fucking bonus channel, and it's going Have you suffered a missing tow? Did your penis fall off because of the COVID-19 booster booster booster booster shot back in 2027. Well call 1-800-644-2792. Two earn your $6 and be part of a class action lawsuit and maybe get a ticket to get a ration of food from the socialist food dispensary. This this stuff is fucking ridiculous. Forcing immune young healthy low risk students to get a third vaccine shot is excessive and wasteful. These precious vaccine doses doses doses Supercalifragilistic expy Allah doses should be going to poor countries that still don't have enough. The White House referred Fox News to the FDA when approached for comment on the concerns from health officials. The FDA directed Fox News later Monday to a press call with a director for the Center of Biologics Evaluation and Research. See what I mean very big names in in these government agencies. And the FDA said the advisory board is called upon at the discretion of the FDA officials with the reason for not taking it on to our advisory group. We use our discretion when we bring things to the advisory group. When we feel like there's some question that is likely to actually need public discussion. We sometimes consult our advisory committee chairs to decide what questions to bring to the committee. He then explained that the increase in cases in the last 48 hours prompted officials to try to move as quickly as we possibly could. And as you know, the habit and the perpetual repetitive pattern of the Biden administration is to not be prepared and not be able to move as quickly as possible and to fail at everything they do. Which they are because you know as you know, Biden's approval is now in the 20 percentages. So I don't know what to tell you. I see a duck. It looks like a duck it quacks like a duck looks like Donald Trump's going to be the next president. You know what the fuck do I know? I'm just a guy. So listen. All right. Listen, the COVID Shit is just that. It's shit. People are getting sick and tired of it. All right. You're giving it to our kids. We're getting pissed off about it. All right, I had to take the fucking shit. I don't feel good about it. I'm scared to take a booster shot. I'm not going to be taken one and fuck you if you want to force me because it's not going to happen. I know millions of people feel the same way and more and more people are waking up to it. I see people every time I go out alright, more and more. People not wearing a mask. More and more people not giving a shit more and more people saying Fuck you, I'm going to live my life because I'm an American, and I do what the fuck I want when I want. Welcome to America. ladies drink free. This is what it is. All right, this is what it is. And if you're from another country and you don't like the way we live our life, go fuck yourself. All right. I don't know what to tell you. And if you're from another country and you love this country, then welcome Merry Christmas. I'm glad to be my neighbor. So I don't I I don't know where to go from here. All right, when they're trying to tell us that we need to take these vaccines and it's the only way. All right. And then behind the scenes quietly, we know that they ship these illegal immigrants into all these red states to try to torture them to try to push them into doing literally blackmail them into going the way of the Democrat, but also they hold people hostage. They hold the health of people hostage, alright, they hold their health of people hostage and it's sick. It's absolutely sick. Think about it. All right. You have treatments out there, H CQ. ivermectin All right, the monoclonal antibodies, all these different things, remdesivir, whatever, these things that help people that keep them out of the hospital. All right, that's probably not profitable enough. And that's probably why behind the scenes, the government literally penalizes people literally screws over entire states and makes it so the states can't get the treatments for the people and people literally die. They die because Biden is a piece of shit. That's literally what it is. That's how simple it is. That's how simple it is. We have a pandemic of cowards. We have a pandemic of incompetence, and we have an a pandemic of literally intergalactic, intergalactic space turns running our government. That's what's going on. And that's where we are. And listen, think about it like this. We're 50 minutes into this episode. Alright. 50 minutes in right on the top of the hour. You my friend, you could have a sponsored spot right here. All right, you can have a spot right here we got a couple 1000 people a month listening to this show. I want to increase it get it back up to the 10s of 1000s. Before the censorship hit us in January, and we had all these other hiccups. As we build it up, we are going to need your help. So come on sponsorship. Alright, you can have a spot right here in American Reveley. All right, you can have a spot right here, and you too could be a part of this movement. You want me to sing? You want me to dance? You want me to say something? What product do you have? What patriotic product do you have? That people need to hear about? You let me know. All right. James lane at American Revolution. Calm that's James lane. At American ar e v e i l l And talk to me. All right. I'm very, very, very reasonable. We can make something work out but Let's grow together. Let's do it the patriotic way. And let me Ben Shapiro my ass. Right back into the story. I want to talk to you about Ron DeSantis. All right, Ron DeSantis is talking to the Biden admin. He's releasing the truth about a lot of stuff. Okay. He's telling the world All right, that Biden is not allowing the monoclonal antibodies to come into hit really. Shut up Fuck yes. Yeah, I've been trying to record and you guys have been screaming everybody's screaming by the door. And then yeah, I'm Guys please fucking nowhere it was Fuck Look this is all political chess this is all political nonsense Ron DeSantis pressures by net Minh to let states purchase monoclonal antibody treatments This is literally the government punishing red states for not going along with the Biden administration's dictator like IIDX with their dictator like mandates and by the way a mandates only official if you agree with it that's why nobody know where ever you're going no matter where it is has ever actually been charged or been truly punished for not wearing a mask or anything like that in fact you're going to see later in this episode oh people that got their vaccines are going to be punished and it's quite sickening. But states across this country red states have not been able to get monoclonal antibodies have not been able to get treatments for people that are suffering that haven't gone into the hospital yet, or might end up dying in a hospital because they haven't gotten these treatments just because he's an asshole just because he wants to pressure people. He's literally holding people hostage with the lives of Americans, our brothers and sisters. And without Ashley Babbitt was treated, you can see just how much Joe Biden and the elites care about the lives of Americans. All right, it says here, Governor Ron DeSantis, called for the Biden administration to allow his state to obtain more monoclonal antibody treatments, as it encounters the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Quote, we're past the point now where we're able to get it directly from any of these companies to Santa said during a press conference. All right, the federal government has cornered the entire market. They took control of the entire supply all the way back in September DeSantis noted that the administration stopped sending both Regeneron and monoclonal antibody treatments. The department later said it would allow states to order those products from the H H. S. You know the Health and Human Services the second in command has that trainee up there. The governor's press conference came nearly a week after a Surgeon General Dr. Joseph lovepop. Le Dapo sent the US Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Birkirkara a letter requesting the federal government was store distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments to the state. All right, they're literally fighting for medical stuff to help people with. All right, look down in Texas. Look at all that steel for the wall rotting while the government won't sell it to Texas Do you really think they're going to sell medications? They literally cornered the entire market bought up all of the Regeneron all of the monoclonal antibodies and put it in a warehouse somewhere and said fuck you to Florida. Fuck you. To all the old people. I want you in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Broward County, Miami Dade, Orlando, all you folks 65 And up down there you true blue Democrats that voted for Biden, if you know any of your friends or family that have died because they haven't gotten one of these treatments. I want you to look at yourself hard in the mirror because you voted for this. You voted for this. You voted for the schmuck. Sorry to tell you that is the God's honest truth. The federal government is actively preventing the effective distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments in the United States. The sudden suspension of multiple monoclonal antibody therapy treatments from distribution to Florida removes a health care providers ability to decide the best treatment options for their patients in this state. As Ladakh, Bo's letter noted, HHS said in September, that it would determine state by state distribution of certain drugs, and official reportedly said the move would help maintain equitable distribution. There's that word again, whenever you see equity, that's the left's version of their own form of racism, both geographically and temporarily across the country. On Friday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported more than 75,900 new cases of COVID 19. In Florida, this was the other week, that tally raised the seven day average to 40 to 60, which is twice as high as it was during the peak of the summer surge when delta variant fueled the surge of infections to the state. But again, you don't see the same amount of panic, do you? That's because patriots across this great land are waking up, especially in Florida, especially under great leadership like Rhonda Santas gives people are waking up to the truth. They know that we have to live with this China virus. We know accountability is eventually coming. And right now we have to be strong and live our lives the best and the freest we can all right, it says last week, HHS touted the administration's progress in bringing two new over the counter COVID-19 tests to the market, which is part of a broader effort by the administration to increase access to testing. Biden, though has come under fire for saying there was no federal solution to the pandemic despite pushing multiple initiatives from the executive branch. In December, the White House touted its deployment of federal personnel to help dozens of states quote to date, we have deployed over 2000 personnel, including 1300 clinical providers surged over 3200, ventilators, ambulances and other critical supplies shipped over 2.3 million courses of life saving monoclonal antibody treatments, the White House touted on December 2. But as we face the potential of a new variant and arising cases during the winter months, today, the President will make clear that the federal government will once again be prepared to help them this, my friends, this was from the other week, and the Biden has failed even further. He has not helped things have gotten worse. Nobody has tests. Nobody has treatments. Nobody has anything. But thank God, thank God Almighty Omicron is not killing people. Thank God almighty, that the truth is out there. But you know, people don't want to hear about the truth. They don't want to hear about the truth. And that leads more and more people to believe that there really is a mass formation psychosis occurring over COVID-19 in the United States. And that's a big deal. And it's a big deal when the inventor, alright, the patent holder for RNA vaccines, the mRNA vaccines, the gene therapy that they're shoving these COVID-19 molecules in everybody is going to this guy. He even says that people are going absolutely insane. Absolutely insane. All right. And what does he get for it? What does he get for speaking the truth? What does he get for giving his opinion? He's banned he's literally banned off of Twitter. Alright, people of prominence the scientists that literally invented these things are getting told by the ever so wise masses Go fuck yourself, you don't know what you're talking about. We're gonna we're gonna just do what we want and say As science that's what's happening. People literally are losing their minds. And that's something we need to talk about. Because how long are we really going to live like this, folks? How long are we going to live like this? Are you in fear? Are you in fear for your life? And if you are, is that any way to live? Is that any way to enjoy your time on this planet on this God's green earth, this beautiful, beautiful rock floating bazillions of miles an hour through the cosmos through the vacuum of space? I mean, at any moment, it could end. Alright, at any moment, you could close your eyes and never open them again. So is living in fear, living in oppression? Is that really? How you want to do it? Is that really I don't think it is. I don't think it is and that's why I think you're listening to the show. That's why I think you're watching this show. If you're a skeptic, at least for those that are just watching because they enjoy it. I appreciate you. Alright, and we're going to try to keep getting more podcasts out more often. All right, but also if you're a talent if you have been interested in doing a podcast yourself if you've got a setup, but you see that that it's been difficult to get the word out why don't you reach out to me James lane at American Revolution calm, and we might have room for you under the American Reveley LLC umbrella. Think about it. All right, think about getting your workout to more patriots. They need to hear this. All right. You need to hear about people like Dr. Robert Malone, and you need to hear about it from more people than just me. All right. If you're a writer if you're a blogger, if you have talent in graphic design, our animation reached out to me James lane at American revenue calm or if you just want to help if you'd like to donate crypto or just a regular cash donation, we'd greatly appreciate that too. Again, reach out to me James lane at American Or go to the website www. American Reveley, ar e v e, I ll And reach out to me there, all right, but people really look around you. Look around you. What do you see? Huh? What do you see? I see people trapped by fear. All right. This could literally be like the Patrick Swayze, part of the Donnie Darko movie, where he's in the auditorium talking about people. I will not be trapped by fear. I won't be scared anymore. I'm going to be brave. Oh, listen, we're in a society run by cowards and coward sensor words that scare them big scary words, people saying smart things that destroy their narrative, band band band banned. Hitler did it. The left's doing it right now? They did it to Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Robert Malone was on Rogan. And he told him that the United States is in mass formation psychosis over COVID-19. Alright, we're gonna talk about what that is. Let's go through the article a little bit. Key mRNA contributor, Dr. Robert Malone, a prominent skeptic of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. Let me actually change the little thing up here. Hold on. There it is. There you see him right there. By the way, he who does he look like? He? I you know it's kind of Robin Williams. He I've got to say talk to Robert Malone. Kind of has that. That that Robin Williams Jumanji thing going for him? I don't know what else to say I could I could say he kind of looks like a monkey. But then somebody is gonna call me racist, even though he's, he's a white guy. But, you know, that's the world we're living in. Anyway, he mRNA contributor Dr. Robert Malone, a prominent skeptic of mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, suggested to popular podcast or Joe Rogan days after Malone was suspended from Twitter during an interview that the United States is in the midst of a mass formation psychosis. And if I had a producer, there would be a sound effect right now that went tang, tang, tang. So instead of just do it with my mouth, our government is out of control on this. Malone said about vaccine mandates and the Joe Rogan experience interview, which was released over the weekend, and they are lawless. They completely disregard bioethics. They completely disregard the federal common rule. They've broken all the rules that I know of, and I've been trained in for years and years and years. Malone, an expert in mRNA vaccine technologies, who received training at the University of California UC Davis, San Diego and the Salk Institute was banned by Twitter the other week. Malone told the epic times last week that Twitter offered no explanation for why his account which had amassed 500,000 followers was suspended. A spokesperson for Twitter told the left wing Daily Dot outlet that Malone's account was permanently suspended for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy. Per the strike system outlined here. We will permanently suspend accounts for repeated violations of this policy. Twitter hadn't responded to any epic times requests for comment on Malone suspensions. So you see Twitter, big tech, in conjunction with Democrats in conjunction with Big Pharma in conjunction with all of these evil entities and global elites censored one of the creators the patent holders for the technology of mRNA vaccination all because they didn't agree with what he had to say free speech. My friends, free speech is dead on the internet on the web, free speech, my friends, we must get back. I don't know the rest I just made that rhyme up anyway. These mandates are explicitly illegal and are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremberg Code alone said during his interview with Rogen, referring to the set of research ethics principles against human experimentation, they are explicitly inconsistent with the Belmont Report, he said, referring to the 1978 report published in the Federal Register regarding ethical principles and guidelines for research involving human subjects. They are flat out illegal and they don't care and Don't think for one second, he's lying to you. Don't This is an experimental vaccine. It truly is. Go look it up. It really is. Alright. And do you really think they wouldn't experiment on you? Alright, didn't the government experiment on African Americans with syphilis? Didn't the government experiment on people with LSD? Didn't the government experiment on its own people with anthrax? Didn't the government false flag to start Vietnam? I mean, didn't the government do things in South America, Central America, CIA, FBI, I mean, all these things aren't conspiracy theories anymore. So why just because it's happening right now. It's not real. Well, what else isn't real folks? Because it seems that all that Alex Jones II stuff that we're supposed to believe is all psychobabble bullshit seems to be coming true rapidly every single day, with all my luck, I'll be taking a shit late or in a pole shift is going to happen and I won't, it won't be the good kind, I promise. Who the fuck knows. But I'm telling you, if it smells like a fish and it stinks like a fish and it's in the river, it's probably a fish if it's not in the river. You know, you get it. That's the wrong club. Listen. The government is experimenting on people. And they're making a shit ton of money doing it and transferring a shit ton of that money to Big Pharma who's transferring a shit ton of that money through donations to big tech who's transferring a shit ton of that money through donations to left wing causes, he was transferring a shit ton of that money and power to the jackboots that will be on all of our throats if we don't do something about it. Towards the end of his interview, Malone suggested that people are in the midst of what's called mass formation psychosis, drawing parallels to the mentality that developed among the German population in the 1920s and 30s. In those years, Germans had a highly intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad when you have a society that's become decoupled from each other, and has free floating anxiety and a sense that things don't make sense. We can't understand it. And then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis, alright, just like hypnosis. They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere. They will follow that person. It doesn't matter if they lie to them or whatever. Several years ago, he said, people were complaining the world doesn't make sense and that we weren't connected socially anymore except for social media. Then this thing happened. Malone said referring to the COVID 19 pandemic, that is how mass formation psychosis happens. That is what has happened here that has What's that is that's what's happening right now, folks, you have to see it, you have to look around. Because why else would these people believe the big lie that the left wing media is telling you? Why else would these people believe Joe Biden a frail, half dead sock puppet of a human being lying to your face, literally telling people he got arrested during the Civil Rights Movement, that lying sack of shit, literally telling people that if they don't believe in federalizing voting laws, that they're there, they're akin to racists from the Civil War. I mean, seriously, people believe Joy Bay har people listen to Bette Midler. People are Specht, what Cher has to say, Hillary Clinton, are you out of your fucking minds? Listen, these people are crazy. And mass formation. Psychosis definitely explains a lot of it. It explains a lot of it. I mean, the own the the pharmaceutical companies themselves. All right. The pharmaceutical companies themselves come out against the things that our own government tells us we have to do to stay safe, because they're lying sacks of shit because they want to control us, because they want to keep people focused on a singular point. The Pfizer board member right here, look, this Pfizer board member says cloth masks don't provide much protection against the China virus. And they were telling us this during the Trump administration, Fauci even said it he went back and forth how many times how many times did Fauci go back and forth saying masks were good? Masks? Were not good masks were good. masks were not good masks were good. masks were not good. That's ridiculous shit that happened. And people bought it. They ate it up. They ate it up. Alright, plain and simple. Alright, so now you've got a Pfizer board member saying cloth masks don't provide much protection against the CCP virus. Look at this. Look at this Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb said that cloth masks don't provide much protection against the Omicron CCP virus variant. Gottlieb, a former FDA commissioner said that scientists understand that China virus, which which causes COVID-19 transmits via airborne particles and cloth face coverings are not effective at stopping those particles, as opposed to transmission via droplets. He said this on CBS. So why are places like New York, Chicago, California, Portland, Oregon, all these shitty Seattle liberal places? Why are they mandating masks? It doesn't make sense. That doesn't make sense unless they were power hungry and wanted to keep people in fear. They wanted to keep people in fear. All right. Gottlieb noted on Twitter that the Connecticut governor, Ned Lamin to Democrat deployed millions of n 95 masks to higher risk settings like schools and other locations. So if we're asking the public to assume more individual responsibility to protect themselves and not implementing population wide measures, we must make sure people can access the tools needed to stay safe. Alright, cloth masks again, are not going to provide a lot of protection. Cloth masks are not going to provide a lot of attention protection. But again, nobody listens to any of this. Nobody. They don't they don't want to hear it. They're just confused. They're just coerced. They're just hypnotized. They're just stuck in this mass formation, psychosis. Look, even Joe Rogan is jumping away from Twitter after what they did after what they did to Malone after what they did to Marjorie Taylor green banning her Twitter has become a hellscape I never thought that I would say Jack Dorsey was a better fit, but this Indian dude that's taking charge is a psychotic social, social, social socialist, I I don't know why I was I'm trying to say so. sociopath for some reason, and I'm trying to say socialist at the same time. He's a psychotic socialist. He's out of his frickin mind. And he's literally censoring anybody. It's the internet Gestapo, putting their jackboots on the neck of the American people. So Joe Rogan in the preemptive strike jumped over together, he jumped over to the Republican social media platform get her and millions of people from what I heard jumped with him, right. Millions of people jumped with them. Rogan's move to the upstart social media website, chaired by former Trump advisor Jason Miller, came as Twitter suspended the personal account of rep. Marjorie Taylor green after she posted information about the COVID-19 vaccines. And Twitter said it violated its terms and services. So Joe Rogan jumped over there. But I did hear him say that there were problems with Ghana, and I've even experienced some problems with Ghana, because it seems that no matter what I post, no matter what I put out on Ghana, GTT are nothing comes out. And by the way, if you're looking for me on social media, all the links to my social media are in the comments section below. But you can also search for me at American underscore Reveley at most places, all right, they just censor the fuck out of me. So I don't come up very often in the search bar. So do my do. Do me a favor, look very hard, do the due diligence, put the elbow grease in and find American readily on a social media platform near you. But folks, what I'm really excited about is February that's when the truth app is supposed to come out the truth Pap is Trump's new social media platform. And I have very high hopes for that. Hopefully Joe Rogan will come over there. Hopefully Dr. Malone will come over there. I'll be over there. I'm looking for a social media manager to run the American Reveley page on the truth app. So contact me James lane at American But we've been doing a lot of talking. All right, we've been talking all kinds of good Talk right here on American revenue. We've been talking about COVID. We've been talking about the truth. I've gone through all of these articles, all of these papers here. Talking about the recap from 2021 talking about how many people were vaccinated, what it's done, the effects that it's had on people positive and negative, the truth about these boosters, what they're doing to children, and what's actually happening, the money that's being moved around. Alright, the money that's being moved around, so I found this little press release here. Alright, I found this press release that's telling us just how much money is moving around. And it's truly enlightening. It's truly enlightening. I mean, if you really thought if you really thought for a second, the government or big tech or Big Pharma gave one shit about you. You throw it all out the fucking window after I read you this. Alright, Pfizer, bio and tech and Maderna are making $1,000 in profit every fucking second, every second while the world's poorest countries remain largely on vaccinated fuck me. Let's read this folks. demand grows for firms to share vaccine recipes and technology as billionaire former bosses convene for Big Pharma Davos That's New World Order ship right there. The great reset right in your face population control, all with a virus all with a vaccine all to line the pockets of the world's wealthiest ladies and gentlemen, let's read new figures from the People's vaccine Alliance reveal that the company is behind the two behind two of the most successful COVID-19 vaccines Pfizer, bio and tech and Maderna are making combined profits of $65,000 every minute, every minute. Most people don't even make that a year. The figures based on the latest company reports are released a CEOs from pharmaceutical industry meet for the annual stats summit, the equivalent of a big pharma Davos from the 16th to 18th of November. This article came out 2021 Back in November, and this is what they were making then you can only imagine what they're making now. These companies have sold the majority of doses to rich countries now leaving low income countries out in the cold. Pfizer and bio and tech have delivered less than 1% of their total vaccine supplies to low income countries while Maderna has delivered just 0.2%. Meanwhile, 98% of people in low income countries have not been fully vaccinated. Mei is the CEO of the African Alliance and peoples vaccine Alliance, Africa said it's obscene that just a few companies are making millions of dollars in profit every single hour, while just 2% of people in low income countries have been fully vaccinated against Coronavirus, Pfizer bio and tech and Maderna have used their monopolies to prioritize the most profitable contracts with the richest governments leaving low income countries out in the cold. Despite receiving public funding of over $8 billion. The three corporations have refused calls to urgently transfer vaccine technology and know how with capable producers in low and middle income countries via the World Health Organization, a move that could increase global supply drive down prices and save millions of lives. In modernise case This is despite explicit pressure from the White House and requests from the WHO that the company collaborate in and help accelerate its plan to replicate the Maderna vaccine for wider production as its mRNA hub in South Africa. Well, what the fuck did you think was going to happen when you empowered Big Pharma to do something to this extent? Well, Albert Borla, the CEO of Pfizer described the call to share vaccine reference recipes dangerous nonsense. The World Health Organization emergency use approval of the Indian vaccine co vaccin. Earlier this month is clear evidence that developing countries have the capacity and have the expertise and a Marriott Oxfam's health policy manager said contrary to what Pfizer CEO says the real nonsense is claiming the experience actually expertise to develop and manufacture life saving medicines and vaccines? Does not does it exist in developing countries? This is just a false excuse that pharmaceutical companies are hiding behind to protect their astronomical products or sorry profits, which I actually tend to agree with. All right. These companies are saying that these smaller companies are not trustworthy, they're not capable, but some of them are obviously capable. And why would they give some market share to some little bullshit no name company in India, when the big wigs could align their pockets, a big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Maderna, bio N tech and more. All right, that is more likely and as you see this podcast progressed and as we look through some of the articles, you'll see more and more who made the most moolah. All right, folks. It's a complete failure of government to allow these companies to maintain monopoly control and artificially constrained supply in the midst of a pandemic, or so many people in the world are yet to be vaccinated. Now, personally, capitalism's capitalism, it's not my place to tell a company what to do. Based on company financial statements, the Alliance estimates that Pfizer, biotech and Maderna will make pre tax profits of 34 billion this year, between them, which works out to over $1,000 a second $65,000 a minute, $93.5 million a day, a day. The monopolies these companies hold have produced five new billionaires during the pandemic with a combined net wealth of 35 point 1 billion, haven't you guys noticed that the billionaire number seems to be going up. And the richest people in the world seem to have doubled, tripled, quadrupled their money during all this nonsense. Now. I'm not one for controlling things. I am a capitalist through and through, all right. But at the end of the day, we need to research whether some of these companies have too much power, whether or illegal activities are going on. I mean, freedom is freedom. And right is right and wrong is wrong. But we have to know what direction things are going. All right, we don't have a right to dig into the pockets of billionaires. But at the same time, I want to make sure that Big Pharma is doing things the right way. And if you're listening to this show, and you're on the same page as I am, we both know for a fact that Big Pharma is not on the up and up and is not doing things the right way. Capitalism doesn't need to be fixed by being destroyed. But it does need to be fixed because capitalism in a lot of places is not working the way it's supposed to in the United States. All right, the People's vaccine Alliance, which has 80 members, including the African Alliance, global justice now Oxfam UNAIDS, is calling for the pharmaceutical corporations to immediately suspend intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines, test treatments and other medical tools by agreeing to the proposed waiver of the TRIPS agreement at the World Trade Organization. And they're calling on governments including the United States to use their legal and policy tools to demand the pharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies share COVID-19 data, know how and technology with the WH OHS COVID-19 Technology Access pool, and South Africa and one mRNA technology transfer hub. Now here's my problem, folks. The WHO IS WHO is controlled by China is controlled by Asian ping his claws, his tentacles are all wrapped up in that ass. So tell me, tell me, why should we share anything with the World Health Organization, when all that's going to do is benefit China when all that's going to do is allow China to steal more technology from us. We know that China is our rival we know what they're trying to do. So why is it that we keep trying to empower them? The only thing that makes sense to me is that the elite folks running these pharmaceutical companies and running all of these health organizations within the government are in bed with China all the way up, including the President of the United States puppet Joe Biden, look at his son, fucking Chinese hookers, being involved in Chinese deals getting money from China, Joe Biden himself, the brother, the whole family, having Chinese investments, vouchers, Chinese investments, they're all wrapped up in the Chinese Communist government, including big tech. It's one large conspiracy. So when they're all trying to say that they want to help you remember look on the screen there Soylent Green took place in 2022. Just a heads up. It's people. It's always been people. All right, folks. The big scary thing about COVID-19 Isn't the amount of people who died and I'm sorry to all the family members and all the people who did pass away all the folks with comorbidities and especially when we didn't know how to treat the virus, especially people that died because they didn't have to because of governors who put people in nursing homes or because of governments that didn't allow treatment because they're pushing a vaccine or even a vaccine that may have killed folks. I'm sorry for all those people. But the real scary truth, the real real bad, bad news is all about the money is all about the Benjamins. It's all about these wealthy people on the front page, how the COVID-19 vaccine injected billions into big pharma and made its executives very rich. That's the real truth right there. That's the real story. All right, this is on I'm not reading you this off some tabloid site and I don't give you tabloid sites. And all of these these sources that I'm using, everything I'm going through is going to be in the description below. So if you really want to fact check, if you really think I'm full of shit, just go down below, read all of that, find the truth for yourself. But folks, I have to push this to you the way it's presented. You need to know what happened. You need to know what direction is go. You need to know that the cloth masks don't work, that the vaccines have risks that that that the health that that you that you do, the decisions you make for your own personal health are yours to make. And you need to take more of an active role in your own life and in your family's life to make these decisions based upon what's best for you, and what's best for your family. Because while you sit there and possibly believe the news and think that our government really gives a shit about your health. People are getting very fucking rich. And if you think that's coincidence, then you're high on crack and you need to give me hunters number because I need some of that stash myself. This is from Nina Burleigh. This is the editor's pick how the COVID-19 vaccine injected billions into big pharma and made its executives very, very rich. Before the COVID 19 pandemic, Big Pharma had been easing out of the vaccine business for decades. By 2019, the major vaccine makers supplying America had dwindled to a handful of large companies. Merck, Sanofi, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, because vaccines are only used once or twice as opposed to medicines that people take daily. So what's that mean? That means they're not profitable. The scale of vaccination programs also invites class action lawsuit. Sorry, class action litigation if something goes awry. The White House needed a whopping amount of money to coax companies to research and test and then produce hundreds of millions of doses. They initially asked for, and Congress rapidly approved a 10 billion doses. Alright, sorry, $10 billion. Excuse me. Ultimately, Operation warp speed ows, the US government's COVID-19 relief program were doled out $22 billion to Big Pharma. The amounts of money were the kinds of sums normally seen in the smaller defense budget line items, but were massive for a public health project 2.5 billion to Maderna 1.2 billion to AstraZeneca. Half a billion to Johnson and Johnson 1.6 billion to a small company called Novavax, only Pfizer opted out of ponying up to the trough. At first, it didn't want to devote resources to coordinating with the US government on its own work. But in July, Pfizer signed a $1.95 billion deal to sell 100 million doses of its two shot vaccine to the United States. Enough for 50 million people, they would be the first to reach American arms, the price per double shot about $40. It's comparable to the price per shot of the flu vaccine. And by February, the government had ordered 300 million doses from Maderna with its first shipment of 100 million priced at $30 per double shot dose cheaper than Pfizer, partly because the United States at forked over nearly a billion dollars to Maderna research Maderna CEO had said the price per dose will be higher for retail once the government contracts phase out. Because the project worked. It may well illud financial investigation ows was staffed at every level by pharmaceutical industry executives and the revolving door of allies in the government. They could if they wished keep their investments thanks to a special exemption brought on as contractors. They were not subject to federal conflict of interest regulations in place for employees. So operational warp speed advisors with connections and investments had to Brito assigned some of their COVID vaccine earnings to where else the N I H that's Fauci his baby, but they could wait to do so until after their deaths. ows was staffed at every level by pharmaceutical industry executives and the revolving door of allies in the government. Oh, let me go down further. Sorry. Former Big Pharma executives mon clefts loudly. I hope I said that right sat on the board of Maderna 13 days after the first massive infusion of taxpayer money into its coffers which triggered a jump in the company's stock price. Hmm. Shall Sally was awarded options to buy 18,270 shares in the company. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission's filing first renewed, reviewed by Kaiser Health News. Those shares were added to 137,168 options he'd accumulated since 2018. He reaped an estimated $8 million when he resigned from the Maderna board. Among the other known connections between operation warp speed and Big Pharma cash, Operation warp speed advisor and Pfizer employees. William Earnhardt and Rachel Harrigan maintain financial stakes of an unknown value in Pfizer, the recipient of nearly 2 billion health and home security contract for 100 million doses of vaccine Richard Whitley, an advisor on the vaccine safety panel is associated with Gilead Maker of the COVID antiviral agent remdesivir and advisor Carlo de nada, no Tarrus Tiffani is connected to Tiva, the maker of the Trump approved hydroxychloroquine former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Dr. Mark McClellan, informally advising the federal response. Both have seats on the boards of COVID vaccine developers. Even more money was raining down on the company insider trading on good news releases executives at Maderna. And Pfizer cashed in on the vaccine selling shares timed precisely to clinical trial press releases. Timing stock sales like that is neither unusual nor illegal. Columbia Loss School economist Joshua myths has found that execs in many sectors are up to three times more likely to sell their company stock on days when their companies announced positive news more rather than on days when negative neutral or no news is released. All right. This is important stuff to go through. This is us following the money so just hang tight and keep following along. This is the real bread and butter. On November 9, the day Pfizer announced its more than 90% vaccine efficacy. Pfizer CEO Albert Borla alright, that's this guy right up here that looks like Mr. Bean right CEO Pfizer Albert Borla sold more than half of his holding 62% It was a good day to sell. The positive news jacked stock prices up 15% Borla was among seven Pfizer executives who collectively earned $14 million $14 million from stock sales in 2020. According to data provided by the LA Times, an executive compensation or in corporate governance data firm, all right XLR that's the name of the data firm. That report reported the 14 million Not to be outdone though Maderna executives made 287 million from time stocks out sales in 2020. And it just kept going in just a few days in late January and February 2021 Maderna CEO Stefan bonk, Cal sold millions of dollars worth of his stocks. The Trump administration's best and brightest COVID solution, throw money at public our sorry throw public money at private industry, with almost no oversight of the contracting procedure will stand as one of the most audacious efforts in the administration's free market ideological playbook. The full roster of this pharmaceutical windfall club will probably never be revealed. The pandemic crisis offered a challenge that government might have used to restructure the shareholder model of for profit medicine, a model that dates to the 1980s and corporate America's turn towards putting stakeholders or shareholders excuse me, above the public good. Instead, taxpayer money flowed to a small group of capitalists with almost no strings attached and little transparency. The contracts are redacted. Although the Freedom of Information Act the FOIA requests are still pending and these are things that are set to come out in the next couple months, maybe even the next year or two, where Big Pharma might end up being held accountable we'll have to see as cities across the nation started vaccinating at the end of 2020. The media sought out and hailed some of the researchers as heroes, and they are heroes, but most researchers would not cash in. But the NIH is Barney Graham, whose work on molecular protein manipulation is key to the Maderna vaccine gets paid a government salary. Maderna execs besides pocketing nearly a billion dollars will still charge Americans for the vaccine. Italian Korean Curico a Hungarian biochemist, whose research was crucial in the development of bio and tech Pfizer vaccine doesn't hold the patent for her discovery. But the University of Pennsylvania does. Biogen tech founders who grossa heen and Ozlem to rekey, however, have profited significantly. Today the married doctors are billionaires among Germany's richest people. They sold the Germany Ganymede pharmaceuticals in 2016. For 1.6 Sorry, $1.4 billion owned Oh my god. In 2020, the US government spent 18 billion on vaccine research, manufacturing and logistics and approved to for use at the end of the year, the mRNA platformed, Pfizer and Maderna vaccines the 11 month concept to emergency approval process set a record in American vaccine history. Nothing else came close. Remember, it's experimental. That's why it's so quick. Besides the mRNA vaccines, US taxpayers have got billions on Johnson and Johnson, Novavax and AstraZeneca, the British company, Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca like the Chinese and Russian vaccine efforts, were making vector vaccines, a newer vaccine model than the attenuated virus model in vogue since the days of the cow pox using virus modified so that it can enter the cells but not replicate itself. The vector vaccines use viruses that the body is familiar with, usually an adenovirus that causes the common cold to deliver the genetic information about specific disease into the cells and that is the vaccine that most people who call us conspiracy theorists think that they're getting, they don't realize they're getting a gene therapy. They think they're getting a traditional vaccine. Nope, that's what the Chinese and Russian vaccines are made out of the American vaccines edit your genes fan deadly fucking tastic. In February 2021, Johnson and Johnson reported that it's single shot vaccine made from the adenovirus carrying COVID SPIKE protein DNA at a 72% efficacy rate. AstraZeneca produced a vaccine, also based on a manipulated and no virus that was already in use in the UK by February. Despite a series of clinical trial mishaps, Novavax, the small, Maryland based company that took 1.6 billion from the US government to produce a protein based vaccine, using material from the soap bark tree as an adjuvant was bringing up the rear but promised to have 100 million doses available in the US by summer. And by late 2020, a year after COVID showed up and Wuhan showed up in Wuhan. 200 vaccines were in trials are already in use. According to the WHO another world record in vaccine history. China's cinovec was first out of the gate with its in activated COVID vaccine in June 2020. It's so funny how the country that released the virus is the first to have a frickin fake vaccine Anyway, another Chinese company Seino farm started tests in UAE, Morocco, Brazil during the summer and made its first sale to the United Arab Emirates, which began manufacturing it by early 2021. The UAE was second in the world behind Israel, in the percentage of its population that had received a vaccination and we all know where Israel is now on their 477th vaccine booster shot. The Chinese vaccine dominated the global market stepping into a soft power vacuum left by us ice no isole is it excuse me, left by us isolate isolationism there we go and Pandemic mishaps. By early 2021, three Chinese vaccines were approved and in use manufactured by cinovec, sinopharm and Cansino. All either based on the adenovirus model or the attenuated COVID virus in August cinovec announced an agreement to sell 40 million doses to in Indonesia, and in February Hungary became the first European Union country to approve the Sena farm vaccine for use after the EU faceshield pitches due to the European Commission's and ability to cut a deal quickly with the vaccine markers in 2020. Now, none of you and none of us remember any of this, because every news station and every person was being told to be scared to death by a virus that China released, even though they were profiting immensely from this. So you are all being distracted from this, you were being distracted from what was happening around the world, you're being distracted about the different vaccines that were being created the money that was being made, because you were being told that everybody around you was dying. And if you didn't hide in a bunker, the fucking world was going to explode in your fucking head would fall off, blood would come out of your rectum and your eyes would pop out because COVID was basically, you know, fucking bleed out of your ass disease when it turned out to not be so bad. All right. I don't know what to tell you. That's the truth when comparing it to I don't know, bubonic plague. It's not that fucking bad. I'm sorry to say it like this. Alright. And the reason I can say it like this is because at this point, we know for a fact that the government could have done a lot to make it not so bad. Alright, hundreds of millions of people who died didn't have to die. If they actually had preventative medicines being allowed instead of trying to push vaccines up. Everybody's asked. Sorry, not sorry. That's the truth. Let's keep reading. In February 2021, the Russian Ministry of Health reported that a vaccine called Sputnik V, based on the vector platform had a 91.6% efficacy rate. Mexico immediately authorized it for US, Canada, Turkey, South Korea, they were all testing their own vaccines and even Cuba had produced a viable vaccine, even Cuba. Alright, and it was reportedly offering it to the tourists Wow. Bharat biotechs inactivated virus vaccine was approved for emergency use in India. Meanwhile, the Serum Institute of India the world's largest vaccine producing factory was scheduled to manufacture 1 billion doses of vaccine mostly for poor nations. All right, to be sure, these endeavors did not all meet the standards that Maderna and Pfizer's had Pfizer had set for you in the western world fully trust official Russian and Chinese numbers about anything. In January 2021, Brazil announcing a vaccine efficacy at 78%. A week later the country, a country revisited that to above 50%. And still, it was high enough though to meet the WH OHS goals. So the swing from high to merely adequate efficacy nonetheless gives us something to pause about, though inevitably, the race to the vaccine took on a nationalistic flavor. In August, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on national state television that Russia's Sputnik V vaccine named after the USSR as landmark launching the world's first artificial satellite, plus a V for vaccine Wow was quite effective. Even though it hadn't made it to phase three trial the Brits took to calling the Oxford developed X Astra genic excuse me, AstraZeneca shot the English one. And in Germany, when Pfizer vich recently received early German funding was called za German and one with pride. But the challenge also spawned some intriguing collaborations suggesting that the virus could inspire the notion of a brotherhood of nations give me a fucking break more global shit. Let's scroll down a little. The flurry of research and collaboration has even led to scientists not just talking about but being on the verge of testing a pan Coronavirus vaccine made of nanoparticles studded with Corona proteins which would be effective against all coronaviruses 20 years later, as your penis fold off due to the experimental pan Coronavirus. nanoparticle vaccine called one 804 to five penis be gone to join our class action lawsuit. So you may be eligible for a sacred roll of toilet paper. You haven't seen toilet paper in 10 years. Sorry, I was imagining our shitty future. This is re Dick Aeolus this is absolutely ridiculous. All right. I don't know what to tell you. Besides, all of these countries got together, all of these countries started developing vaccines. It's like it maybe just maybe the world will unite. If we create a problem. Maybe just maybe if aliens attack we can all become socialists and work together. Maybe just maybe if everybody gets sick and fucking dies of a virus, we can develop a vaccine and become socialists together. This is literally what's been going on for forever. Alright, the socialists create a problem and then they want everybody to become socialist so we can fix it with socialism. And it's not going to happen. All right. So here, here's where you see the real beneficiaries. The real people that profited the real people that made money while all of us who are bickering with each other are actually getting pissed on and being told it's raining. All the rich people got a shit ton richer and all the people that weren't that rich got a lot richer, and all of us stayed poor or got poor while we're being told that you know, race stuff. Yeah, race stuff, mean tweets bad, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, we all fucking suck. You know, save the trees, the environment, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, let's all go to Davos and create new Epstein islands and you know, they can go fuck more kids, because we seem to, you know, care more about fucking saving the world from pollution and creating electric cars and stopping kid to fucking, you know, it's okay. It's just, it's okay. And if you really still hate me, and you really don't believe me, and you really, really just need more fucking proof because you're an idiot. Well, hey, let's talk about Fauci a little bit more, because, you know, all of that shit came out about his emails where he basically admits to being involved in gain of function research, all the emails that shows that Ron Paul, Rand Paul, excuse me is correct. All of the emails, all the different things, all the financial records that came out that show that Anthony Fauci his 10,000,020 20 investment portfolio includes Chinese companies. were literally at war. All right, an ideological war with ourselves and with China. We're already on two fronts. Not good. The guy we're supposed to believe about COVID The virus released out of an institute for viruses in the virus capital of China Wuhan who told us to believe it was from a fucking bat. Who makes more money than anybody in the entire government. He's invested in China I mean, look, it's right the connections right there like what the fuck else do you need? Oh, there's Hunter Biden in the lobby with the candlestick using it to snort blow out of the Chinese hookers ass while she writes down ancient fucking ancient but writes down us secrets from Joe Biden's little black book while he's sleeping on the chair. Like what the fuck else do you need to see? There's Fauci. There's his money. It's invested in China. He won't go against China. Bada bing bada boom case fucking close. No, we're in a pandemic of idiots, a pandemic of fucking cowards. Anthony cap. Fauci is $10,000,000.20 20 investment portfolio. It includes Chinese companies, Dr. Anthony Fauci is reported $10.4 million 2020 investment portfolio included Chinese companies. According to Fauci, his 2020 financials first released by Senator Roger Marshall, Republican of Kansas and reported by the New York Post, President Biden's top medical adviser held investments in companies in China through a fund name, Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund. How like seriously, try harder. Try harder. Can you call it like Zhang Tong and holdings? Michael's Pacific Tiger Matthews. Hey, I need you to put my money in Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund. It sounds like the shit you put on your knees that smells like menthol breaking I obtained Dr. Fauci is previously unpublished financial disclosures. Dr. Fauci was completely dishonest about his disclosures being readily accessible to the public, which is why I'm releasing them now. The Matthews Pacific Tiger funds factsheet, published in September 2021 revealed the fund has invested 42.7% of his investors money in companies in China and Hong Kong. Among the companies listed in the enterprise named Wuxi biologics Cayman headquartered in China. The woopsy biologics Cayman is in the pharmaceutical business. Wuxi biologics Cayman website states that the enterprise is the quote a leading global Open Access biologics technology platform offering end to end solution to empower organizations to discover develop and manufacture biologics from concepts to commercial manufacturing. Doesn't that mean like taking animals and making things out of them like organisms, empower organizations to discover biologics developed biologics and manufacture biologics? Wouldn't manufacturing viruses be manufacturing a biologic home? If I was, if I was on louder with Crowder then I'd have a producer and that little math thing would come by my head but then I'd get sued and I don't have that kind of money with a total estimated Fauci has that kind of money. With a total estimated capacity of exceeding 430,000 liters for biopharmaceutical production planned after 2024 and China, Ireland, the US, Germany and Singapore. Wuxi biologics will provide its bio manufacturing partners with a robust and Premier quality global supply chain network of viruses and death dealing. I just made that last part up the funds additional investments into China and Hong Kong include Tencent Holdings Ltd, Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd, AIA Group, Ltd, and Hong Kong exchanges and clearing Ltd. And how much do you want to bet that communists from China run those companies? Hmm, I would bet everything I had and I would make a lot of money from winning that bet. Outside of the Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund, Fauci reported $10.4 million in financial investments including stakes in Atlas large cap mutual funds, Kim COEs investment grades Bond Fund, and the packs elevate Global Women's Leadership Fund, which invests into businesses that advance women through gender diverse boards, senior leadership teams and other policies and practices because Dr. Anthony Fauci has a vagina salad, she's past investment portfolios, alright, his past investment portfolio was only made public by way of Senator Marshall who disclosed fogies. 20 investments Friday after on a hot mic, the doctor called Marshall a moron during Tuesday's Senate hearing, Dr. Fauci was completely dishonest about his financial disclosures being open to the public martial statement read Dr. Fauci must be held accountable to all Americans who've been suing and requesting for this information but don't have the power of a Senate office to ask for it. Because Fauci my friends, as you know, and if you didn't know you do is the highest paid employee of the federal government, the entire government reportedly raking in more than $400,000 more money than you or I have ever seen. In 2020. And upon retirement, the cocksucker will receive a $350,000 a year pension for the rest of his he's like 80 Something so short fucking life. Listen, this guy's a shithead Okay, he's an absolute shithead he's taking your money, and he's lying about things. I saw him on the mic call Senator Marshall moron. He is completely unraveling and unkempt. He got a taste of the power and he wanted it he couldn't get out of the spotlight. You saw him throw in the baseball like a pathetic little bitch. You saw him fucking wanting to be in the front magazine of everything. You see him in the Senate hearings arguing with a much smarter man, Dr. Rand Paul, and you see him losing his sense of mental stability. Dr. Fauci is day of reckoning is coming is coming very soon. And they will talk about him in the history books and it will be a glorious downfall. My friends, a glorious downfall. Indeed. And speaking of glorious downfalls, something wonderful to talk about something wonderful to talk about right here. The Supreme Court striking down Biden's OSHA mandate six to three now, they might not have strike down the the medical side of it. But they struck down the mandate on businesses over 100 employees. Now, I want to talk to you a little bit about some punishment that seems to be happening because in companies across the country, all right companies like Boeing companies like GE companies that forced their employees to get vaccinated under these mandates, all right. They are now stating Catch this. And if you're in a big company, you need to tell me in the comment section if you're experiencing this or email me directly James lane at American revenue comm or AV E. Ll I want to hear your story. But people across the country are experiencing now if you get sick with COVID and you have your vaccine, you will not receive paid time off of work. All right, you will not receive paid time off from work. If you don't have the vaccine now. You will be rewarded. You will be taken care of you will receive paid time off from work. I want you to tell me if you are experiencing that I'm hearing stories of that freakin atrocity pour in from all corners of this country. I need to know if that is true if you are experiencing that the Supreme Court the other day striking down Biden's OSHA mandate is just the first domino in a whole hellscape coming from the Biden administration and glorious news coming to help us during the midterms in November of 2022. Let's read about this for a second Washington DC. The Supreme Court dealt a massive blow to President Joe Biden's COVID-19 policy striking down his Massive vaccine mandate on employers while upholding in, excuse me, his massive vaccine mandate on employers while upholding a smaller mandate on health care workers, though, alright, the workers can still opt out of the mandate if they have a religious objection, or medical concern. And now, my theory in a lot of other people's theories is that Biden already knew this would get struck down, but he wanted to get as many people jabbed as possible, make as many as much money throw as much money into big pharma, big tech into the pockets of the rich elites as he could before the Supreme Court got wind of it and struck it down to hell where it belongs. Quote, OSHA has never before imposed such a mandate, nor has Congress the court's opinion in NFIB versus OSHA began. Indeed, although Congress has enacted significant legislation addressing the COVID 19 pandemic, it has declined to enact any measures similar to what OSHA has promulgated here. administrative agencies are creatures of statute, they accordingly possess only the authority that Congress has provided. The Secretary has ordered 84 million Americans to either obtain a COVID-19 vaccine or undergo weekly medical testing at their own expense. All right, this is no everyday exercise of federal power. It's instead of significant encroachment into the lives and health of a vast number of employees. We expect Congress to speak clearly when authorizing an agency to exercise powers of vast economic and political significance. Alright, they struck the whole thing down, people are sick and tired people are fed up, they've had it up to here with COVID. And they are done. The lie that the left is telling is no longer having hold on the majority of people, the numbers are shifting more and more to the side of the Patriot. People just want to be left the fuck alone, and they want to live their lives. Alright, we went through all kinds of stuff. And as you can see, the signs point to the money. The signs point to the greed to the power to the wealth to the control to the executives lining their pockets, the global elites are ruling the world diddling kids, and Joe Biden trying to ride off into the sunset with loaded pockets while his son snorts coke off a hookers ass on the back of the trolley, folks, this is human life and experience and nature. Greed can overtake and control people like nothing else. And as you have seen, as you have seen the money points to that. But Omicron Omicron itself may be a blessing in disguise. And I want to end this podcast with this last article. All right. I want to go through this narrative and end it with this last article because this is truly what I believe this is how I believe COVID ends, I believe COVID ends with the Omicron variant. Alright, I've been saying this for a while now. All right, and there was a Wall Street Journal opinion article that came out that said Omicron variant may end up saving lives. And I truly believe it will because the Omicron variant itself could be the true vaccine to COVID-19 and then when we win in 2022, and we take the White House in 2024 we can hold China and all of these fuck faces accountable for releasing this dirty fear bomb on the entire planet. This is by Rob Arnot Omicron very may end up saving lives. Should I try to catch the Omicron variant of COVID to advance the cause of herd immunity? Should I I've had COVID and recovered had the Regeneron monoclonal antibody and fusion. I had the double jab vaccine. My antibodies are off the charts with triple protection. I probably won't catch Omicron yet, yet it's spreading like wildfire. Many people with ample antibodies are catching this variant. Importantly, it seldom leads to hospitalization or death. The prudent response to Omicron might be to encourage vaccinated people and even unvaccinated young adults to catch it while protecting the at risk population. One measure of pathogens lethality is the case fatality rate to the ratio of the death toll to the known cases. The 28 day average case fatality rate in South Africa, the likely origin of the Omicron variance tumbled in the past six weeks from 8% to 0.2%. Barely higher than the flu ladies and gentlemen Omicron Kron will assuredly confer new complimentary antibodies on its victims providing an additional measure of immunity to more lethal COVID variants Omicron takes lives the sodas the flu, if antibodies to the Omicron variant or even 50% effective in reducing the risk of death from more lethal variants, those antibodies could save far more lives than the virus costs. From a personal perspective, which is more likely dying if I catch the Omicron variant or dying from another more lethal variant of COVID because I lack the Omicron antibodies. The answer isn't as simple as our policy elite might suggest. No politician will do this sort of cost benefit analysis. Europe and Latin American Latin America are in various stages of renewed lockdowns as usual they begin long after cases were already soaring. Sometimes as in the Netherlands last week, the lockdowns were initiated after daily case and death counts were already climbing. Alright, they were already Oh, excuse me not climbing, I lost my spot they were already receiving for the European Union, the US and Latin America, the latest case fatality rate is 0.5 0.4 and 0.3% respectively, down from a high of four to 7% during the delta wave in June. If we add in the legions of asymptomatic mild and untested cases, the true Omicron mortality rate is likely around 0.2 roughly in line with the seasonal flu, the thing we've been living with our entire lives, bureaucrats in Europe, Latin America, and some US states seem to be saying, let's wait for cases to soar then wait a little bit longer until the crisis is subsiding. And then let's blow up the economy after it's too late to save any lives. lockdowns though also cost lives. This is the underreported collateral damage from COVID. And this is very important. So listen up. All right, pay close attention my friend in an October study. For the Reason Foundation, my colleagues and I found in the US excess deaths from Homicide, suicide, overdose and accident had amounted to 82,000 Between March 2020 and August 2021. During that period, the murder rate roughly doubled, and overdose deaths rose more than 50%. accidental deaths are also elevated. After all more fatal accidents happen at home than in the office. Meanwhile, supply chain disruptions you've seen those store shelves, fear of hospitals and delayed diagnosis collectively led to an additional 86,000 excess deaths from cancer, heart and lung disease and stroke. Alright, those are people that can't get in the hospital because they say oh, we can't do your heart surgery COVID in 15 weeks through December 18. These excess deaths and none from COVID have risen by another 56,000. Every death is a tragedy, yet we will all die eventually. So is it sensible to examine death from a cost benefit perspective? We keep hearing the mantra follow the science and true scientific method involves airing opinions and vetting hypotheses not stifling debate. Beyond the hard science. It's also involves asking tough cost benefit questions while anticipating unintended consequences. So let's explore unconventional answers. And this protracted nightmare. I'm not trying to catch Omicron. But I'm not afraid. Catching it may very well reduce not increase my risk from dying from some future COVID variant. And that's the truth. That's the truth ladies and gentlemen. That's the truth, my friends. It may be better just to catch a cron variant and reach the actual immunity. Find the actual cure. Instead of lining the pockets for all these bureaucrats. Either way your personal health choices are yours to make and yours alone. But I really wanted to do due diligence during this episode. All right, we recap 2021 and COVID. We talked about where we're at where we could be. Alright, we talked about the FDA. We talked about their approval for COVID boosters for children. We talked about Ron DeSantis. We talked about the monoclonal antibody treatments not being available for states and Dr. Robert Malone and mass formation psychosis. We talked about the Pfizer board even saying cloth masks Don't provide protection. We talked about the hypocrisy of the Biden administration of Fauci of all these people going back and forth, back and forth and fucking you with facts. They're not giving you the truth and they're wanting you to eat it up and the fear is subsiding and people are gloriously waking up, especially when they hear the news. The news that I told you during this, the $1,000 a second, the $1,000 a second, that Maderna Pfizer and bio and tech are making off of you off of you folks. They're stealing your money. The executives are lining their pockets, Fauci is aligning his pocket. And even the Supreme Court doesn't agree with the egregious overreaching power that the dictatorship of the Biden administration has tried to put forward folks keep following me find me on all social media American underscore Reveley, go to our webpage American Revolution comm R E V. E, I, L. L. And book market were censored everywhere. Email me directly James lane at American Revolution, calm if you have any questions and concerns, any feedback, any comments, and if you'd like to help make the screen prettier. If you're better at production than I am, please send me an email and he donations, please go to the donations tab on our website, sign up for the newsletter at our website and share, like tell everybody about the American revenue podcast and about our publication at WWW dot American Folks, I'll see you on episode 184. Have a good night.