Ep 180 | Proof That Hillary Clinton And The Democrat Elite Are Losing Control

December 13, 2021 James Lane Episode 180
Ep 180 | Proof That Hillary Clinton And The Democrat Elite Are Losing Control
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After a three week legal hiatus, James Lane returns with an exciting new episode (180) of the American Reveille Podcast! In this episode, I prove that the Democrat Elite are losing control over the people! I cover headlines and current events, the Democrat party of hate, the garbage SNL is feeding our kids, elitist CNN pedophiles, Chris Wallace, and insecure-racist-coward BLM NYC leader Hawk (lol) Newsome’s demonstration of actual privilege. The MSM uses all of this to distract us from the bigger picture: Hillary Clinton is afraid of Julian Assange. Unfortunately, he just suffered a stroke…or did he? Is accountability finally coming for the global elites? There are many questions to ask and many more to answer next on the American Reveille Podcast! 

*Warning Explicit Content*

Opening music by the great patriot “Sampson.”

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American reveille episode 180 How are you doing? We are back. This has been a crazy couple of weeks, don't ask it life sometimes comes out of left field hits you hard. But that's another story for another day and another time, but I promise you, I was working on very, very, very important stuff, I want to welcome you back to the show, we've got an awesome show today. And I'm letting you know, it's going to be 18. Plus, if you've got little kids, if you don't like cussing, if you don't like hearing some vulgar language, I apologize. But we have to expand into a couple different realms today that are going to get into vulgarity. And it's just going to happen. It is what it is. And I'm sorry, but I've done some surveying. I've looked at the data. And there are very, very, very few of you that care about that compared to the larger mass audience of young folks as well that are listening along with a more mature audience that really want to hear that edgy, true content. And I have to be honest with you, I have to be me. I can't pretend anymore. I can't sit here and keep my voice down, keep silent, remain restrained. I can't keep these handcuffs on. I can't keep the shackles on I have to be myself. I have to be myself. And sorry to say, well, maybe Sorry, not sorry. I'm a little more loud than people realize. But I'm going to tell you this. I need a couple more minutes to prepare for the show. I've got the paperwork right here that we're going to go through. We're going to talk about all kinds of stuff today to make the point that the Democrats are running scared the Democrat Elite is shaking in their boots. You see, it may seem like they have their foot on our throats. But behind the scenes, big things are going down. You got the Julian Maxwell trial going on. You have people falling all over CEOs resigning, the Dems are breaking Hillary Clinton is terrified. Hillary Clinton is terrified. You've got the Cuomo was going down. You've got all kinds of people you've got sexual predators, child molesters, working at CNN, Chris Wallace, jumping ship to CNN, you've got this entire culture going on this culture, brainwashing our children to hate everything conservative, and to love Sodom and Gomorrah love the fall from grace, the meaning of life isn't to be perfect, but it's to strive for perfection folks, and we all go through things. We all have our own kinks, we all have our own demons, right. But they are normalizing it they are saying that sin is in it's good to be bad. And that isn't the case. We all are capable of good and evil but striving for good. That is what it's all about. But it goes even beyond that. It goes even beyond that. The leader of BLM New York City going off about white privilege, and we've got a fox anchor putting him in his place and I've got a lot to say about that coward. He calls himself Hawk but he's more like a little turtle dove. We've got gaslighting leftists we've got scared scared leftists all over the place and they want to gaslight us make us feel like London Bridge is falling down when in fact their castle is crumbling right beneath their feet. At the end of the day. They're doing everything in their everything in their power to cover their tracks everything they can do to hide their crimes. Putting away Julian Assange trying to get them back to the states, mysterious things are happening there. And all the while having their butts kissed by the MSM, all the while Hillary Clinton letting everybody know that the place we call of the United States of America will be unrecognizable if Trump runs again in 2024, and it will be unrecognizable, unrecognizable to you and your kind. Which brings me to the point. And the point that I try to make on most of the shows and the point that I'm going to make today. The point is that the Democrats the left their core values are different the things they brainwashed our children to believe they're different. The soul of this country, the blood that runs through our veins does not run through theirs. And if it does, it's been poisoned by the virus, the pandemic of cowardice known as woek. ISM, folks, I think you should listen to this. I'm going to press this button here, bear with me. Alright, bear with me. I've got a new system. As you can see, we've got the scroll bar. As you can see, if you're listening, I'm going to say we've got all kinds of memes on the screen, good little things. I'm getting prepared to learn how to do this a live streaming gig, but for now, you'll have to deal with it like it is but I'm gonna press this button. Let's press it again. One more time. There we go. go, Hey, I don't have a producer. You're gonna have to put up with me. I found this song there's a rapper out there called Samson. Samson maybe not like the one from what was that Jim Breuer movie where they had that rap a some sun Manya it's not that Samson. But this Samson has a lot to say. Listen to it for a couple minutes we're gonna listen to it together while I prepare a little more for the show. I'll be with you in a couple seconds guys I love my gas prices. I love paying more for groceries and I really love seeing taxes rise it's so good knowing that I'm giving more of it receiving less than makes me feel humble, but I'm gonna stop with the sarcasm right there because I swear we're living in a real jungle it's pretty simple to me though. It's way past thing left to right. Just use your head that common sense and think about how you've been affected in daily life? Is it easier or harder and that's the most important question you should think of first because life is a bitch already as it is and you don't need someone that's gonna make it worse as me luck Don't give me that look. Everything sucks if you've gone outside if you've been in the store if you compare the prices to a year before you drive a car have you pumped gas Don't lie to me now with success you can brush it off fucking joking with the media lies numbers don't boy Well Who the fuck is it then? What jack up the prices? I want to know why I spent so much of it Conoco. I don't know. I think it's insane that the leader of the country gets no blame because the whole entire time the last four years it was cheapest fuck I'm just saying now watch down in the comment section. Someone's gonna give us an economy lesson. I can't wait to hear your expert analysis on fluctuation and how expenses balance Oh, I hate when people put them in the comments. Oh yeah, I forgot about the 16 cents that I saved on Hotdogs for Fourth of July. What a fucking steal to better spend more on gas just to get the target. So by the time I got done buying all this shit and filling up my car, I had way less than when I started. Now. I don't really call that saving my calls that losing money. It doesn't take a genius to do simple math, but apparently you can't. So who's the dummy? just pissed off? This inflation's fucked up when I got to sit here and act like I love this administration with a thumbs up stupid. Everything is hell but you act like I'm supposed to be in heaven. You know our country doing too good. When the Waffle House start to close. He can barely talk and don't act like I'm being overzealous. Every time the man speaks. I have no fucking clue what he's trying to tell us. Every speech is like a gag reel. Every time I see this shit. I'm like, real considering the fact that the only other option was Trump. I don't think it's such a bad deal. The fact that I want a strong leader the strength of a man should be constantly tested, especially when you're in the most powerful position in the world. That should be not even a question. There's really not enough words that can describe the craziness we're facing dude. But the crazier part is is still people you need to sit down and really explain this. Just watch a press conference. You'll see the job was all gone. He literally says out loud that he has a list of people he's supposed to call on and even then he fucks that up. The whole thing is hella awkward. COVID-19 and his biggest enemy is the goddamn teleprompter. It feels like we don't even have a lead. It's like we're all just following blindly and each of my grandparents could run circles around him in a debate and they're almost 90. Look at him. Don't take it from me. Go listen to him. It's not a rumor. I mean, today juniors is Christ. This guy sounds like old Eminem. Do you remember Eminem before he became a woke little bitch for those days? This guy's good here. Listen, in many ways if it was up to me, I'd rather have me tweets and cheap guests any day. I don't like Biden. Oh good. Z done for us. I think Afghanistan pretty much sums it up. What a dumb a dog my stomach does somersaults when I think about those 13 soldiers that were killed the fucking golf. Then he goes to the service and keeps checking his watch like he has somewhere better to be a swear that disrespect doesn't stop. Take your fucking head up. Look at the women and men you kill. I don't understand how anyone can even defend you steal. And if they do, they either don't know what they're talking about, or they're lying to themselves because they know damn well. You're a problem now pulling out was a good choice. Not the way you did it though. Come on, it's probably sitting there like oh my god, he did it Joe. Speaking of her where she been through all these deadly days as soon as shitty Ruxton hits the fan commoditise Mia it's not like she does anything anyway. So fucking useless Law and Order crisis at the border. She don't fucking do shit. Just a talking head paired up with The Walking Dead breaking absolutely every word that was promised or said every time I see their faces on TV. It's such a bummer. I feel like I'm watching the third installment of dumb and dumber and on top of all that they put another ban on ammo trying to disarm Americans. But he quit the Taliban like Rambo. You give them hundreds of 1000s of military guns but Americans just trying to protect their families of the scary ones. You put more trust in a terrorist organization than you do in your own people. You don't care about this patient. Fuck you. That's for me. luck to you. That's from them. From everyone that's still stuck in Afghanistan. And the men and women who died for this country. Fuck you for every time you lie to cover up something you believe in this Oh, How the fuck is this even his fault? You're in charge now not him. That's just your default whenever something goes wrong you flip and say he did it. But whenever something goes right, you're quick to take the credit. You undid almost all of Trump's agreements by your second day. So why is this one of the only fucking things you left in place? No crosses the bear. No responsibilities, just chocolate chocolate chip, the ease your mental instability, and I wouldn't say the bloods on your hands, but down the line. You don't even know oh, oh, oh, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, folks. That is Samson, sa M S O N. He's got 90,000 subscribers on YouTube, he's probably just a censored, he's a little less censored than me just because that song was a lot more banging than anything I ever came up with. But folks, if you want to look him up, sh M. S O n, I just discovered him thought it would be some fun intro music to play with. I'm just going to switch this view over here. So we can get into the show a little bit. Take a breath, do our thing. How's everybody doing? How are you doing today? I've had a long, long weekend, you ever have one of those days, and a series of days a series of weeks a series of months even where it just feels like you can't get anything done. You push you got so much going on besides work. You know, you've got maybe some legal stuff going on. Maybe on top of that some family stuff going on. Maybe on top of that the pressure of the world is happening. Maybe on top of that something's going on in your city or your town, maybe you're living in a blue state, maybe you have a constant state of paranoia because there's so much violence and crime going on. Maybe just maybe you've had enough I've had enough to and man sometimes it weighs on you, it catches up. So I've been trying to de stress as best as I can. But it is not easy. It's not easy at all, especially with the amount of work that I do, trying to get the show going good. Trying to make sure that the website, the website stays updated. We've got new writers, we've got new releases all the time, just watch the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen, you'll see where to go bookmark WWW dot American and join the underground movement today. Give me a second I get to take a sip of this purple stuff. For all those listening, I'm drinking some purple stuff. That way, you don't have to hear ice jangling in your ear anymore. Since I happen to be holding that thing in my crotch. This is episode 180 By the way, 180 We've been doing this for a long time. Now two years up and down with the censorship without the censorship all over the place. It's been crazy. But we've been pushing, putting my personal money and we've had sponsors last sponsors gotten sponsors again. And here we are with a brand new slap a paint brand new fresh face a paint once again, because I am a conservative entrepreneur, I don't stop, we're gonna make this thing over as many times as we have to until it friggin works. I am going to keep bringing you the same quality data, the same quality evidence, the same quality entertainment, but it's going to come to you how it comes to you. Alright, it's going to come to you in this new method, this new form, it's going to be pretty similar to the old just a little new shiny object floating around for you to grab anyway. Anyway, this episode is going to be all about the Democrats all about their elites all about this global force for left wing evil. That's right now terrified right now shaking in their boots right now. Absolutely afraid. Afraid of what you ask. Afraid of you and me, of course, afraid of you and me. But we're going to talk about that. We're going to get into that. First I want to go over a couple headlines. All right, headline news. This tornado business has been absolutely horrible. This tornado business has been absolutely horrible. Take a look. All right. Right here on the screen. I'm looking at these live updates going on. Biden approved the Kentucky disaster declaration. As you guys know they had dozens of tornadoes. Go through Kentucky go through other Midwestern states. I think even Illinois got hit with it. There was one tornado that was gigantic and it went 200 miles. An Amazon factory collapsed. I believe it candle factory collapse. What was it a Mayfair factory if I hopefully I'm saying that right that collapse? Dozens and dozens and dozens 50 6070 people dead. There's eight factory workers dead missing from the Mayfield consumer products plant they were in the middle of the holiday rush. Just absolutely horrible. I'm sure all of you by now have seen the devastation have seen the entire towns that are completely leveled. I actually saw a video it was like straight out of a horror movie like it was like Stranger Things do you ever see that show Stranger Things on Netflix before we realize that Netflix sucked. And they were full of wild, crazy people that show Stranger Things. And one of the seasons there was that big creature in the sky. And it was like you couldn't see anything. The sky was pitch black, and then the lightning flashed and grew, there was the creature. That's what it felt like when I saw this video. It literally was a town. It was on one of the cams that are mounted like way a pie one of the traffic cams. It was a town the lights were on. And then lightning flashed and you could see the tornado in the background. And it was like the size of the entire friggin town. It was terrifying. And then the lightning crashed it dissipated, and the town was just lit, you couldn't see the tornado and then the power went out. And then the lightning flashed again. And the tornado was even closer. And then everything went dark. It was straight out of a horror movie straight out of a horror movie. They're finding bodies all over the place. I think it's what 7080 dead so far, it's been an absolute horror show. Females in life saving sustaining mode. They're combing they're combing for survivors. That was from nine hours ago, they even found family photos from some people 150 miles away. absolutely devastating. Terrifying. It's more than 70 people dead 100 plus people I believe are missing the worst tornado incident in the history in the history of Kentucky. And you know what was disgusting about this whole thing? The most disgusting thing about that was that Biden used it to push his climate agenda. That's what he did. He pushed his climate agenda. It was absolutely disgusting. I saw him do it. He came out there and mumbled some crap about how it's for the climate change. All kinds of people mentioned the climate change. Why? Why do they have to take away from the death and destruction? Why do they have to take away from the suffering of families to take advantage to take advantage and push it for political purposes. All right, make no mistake, the climate does change. It has been changing. There's all kinds of people, there's some people that believe a pole shift is coming. There are some people that believe pole shifts never happen. There are some people that believe were causing the damage that are that the the earth gets hot and cold and cycles. But all they want to do is use it for political purposes, which is why they're bringing it up after this devastating thing, what we should be doing, we should be praying, we should be praying for those families. We should be reaching out with our hearts and saying we're here for you. If you need anything, we're here to help. And we should be allowing them to mourn, grieve and go through the rubble, you want to talk about your climate stuff. Wait a couple months Be courteous. Alright, but the left, they're not capable of that. They don't know what courtesy is. They don't know. They have a policy of open borders. All right, because they say that the immigrants are fleeing. They're fleeing from the climate crisis. And you know, their stance on crime, you know, their stance on everything. They don't care about you. They don't care about me. They don't care about us. All they want is power. All they want is to win. All they want is to make sure Donald Trump never comes back to make sure everybody can get an abortion until the kid is six years old. They want to make sure that all of your kids belong to every alphabet letter of the LGBT community. And they want to make sure that you're a nice little subservient bitch to the US government. That is what they want, because that is how they'll stay in power forever. That is the socialist mindset, the Marxist mindset and that is what we're up against. That is what we're up against the climate is pushing the immigrants into the United States and we have to let them in. Oh, the climates gonna take them out. And it's okay if they murder our citizens. It's okay. If they even smuggle people in and the illegals run over folks with their vehicles because another headline that came up is Texas. We've got a Texas mother and daughter killed as a human smuggler crashes into them while evading law enforcement near the border. So they are running from the cops at the border. All right, they're running from the cops at the border. And they've got a whole car full of what they've got a whole car full of illegal immigrants six, I believe to be exact, the alleged smuggler right Stop sign while fleeing from police. They T boned the victim's vehicle. They had six illegal immigrants in the vehicle. They're all in custody. But the mother, the mother and the daughter, they are dead. The mother was 59 years old the daughter 22 years old American citizens, American citizens which don't matter anymore because illegal immigrants are more important than us more important than us it says one of the immigrants flew through the windshield upon impact but survived they're all in custody one flew through the windshield reminds me of the movie Constantine to remember Constantine with with John Wick in it. What was this? What doesn't Keanu Reeves, Keanu Reeves. Constantine. Constantine? In my house? Yeah, that movie. Remember when what was it meme knock or whatever the son of the devil takes over that illegal immigrant? Well, because that guy broke into the US. Right? So that Mexican that was possessed by the devil and Constantine or the devil son that broke into the United States through the southern border. Technically, he's an illegal immigrant in the movie. So I can say that. So the illegal Mexican that came through the border that was actually the devil son, maybe I don't know, this reminds me of that. I just don't understand how you fly through a windshield. When you're in a car crash that murders to people and you're absolutely fine. I don't know if he's absolutely fine. But apparently he's in custody. I don't know. It says last week, the Biden administration said it would reinstate Trump's controversial migrant protection protocols, also known as the remain in Mexico policy, which keeps migrants on the other side of the border, while they await hearings. But folks, no one's talking about one part of that. And I want you to think about this real quick. I want you to use your noggin and think about this. Biden backed out of those deals, Biden backed out of helping the president of Mexico, you see the president of Mexico, this is what nobody saying has to accept those migrants. And I haven't heard anything about the president of Mexico, giving a crap about what Joe Biden wants, especially after how he's been treated. I mean, remember, Kamal even went down to Guatemala months and months ago, to talk to the Guatemalan president to fix the border crisis. The Guatemalan president was on the news the other day saying, he never ever even heard from her since nobody cares. Nobody's coming to save us. It's you. It's me. It's our families, our friends, our communities, they are under siege, and nobody is coming to save us. Nobody's coming. So start depending on yourself. That is all I have to say about that. And meanwhile, we're right. We're always right. We're right about everything. Look at this. You got Fauci coming on saying Americans may just have to deal with more COVID boosters. That's what he's saying. What did we say? What did we say when this first started? We said it's a virus. There's no such thing as a vaccine for a virus, even if you're going to use mRNA and edit our genes. There's no such thing as a cure for a virus. They're like colonies, they live forever. You can not eradicate them. We don't have a way to do this inside the human body. So what is also a virus flu, you get a flu vaccine every year you get a flu shot, right? They are making this into the new worldwide business, the new flu shot, the new new flu flu shot shot forever. Yes, Fauci says we may just have to deal with more COVID boosters, we're going to be told to take these boosters every year for the rest of our lives. We set it the other year, we set it again the year before we set it again after we're gonna say it for 20 more years, and it's going to become true. Just like Alex Jones turns out to be right about almost everything and trust me I read a frickin article on Fox about China creating hybrid pig human frickin chimera, so apparently he was right about that, too. We can't be conspiracy theorists anymore. If all the conspiracies keep coming true. Well, guess what? Dr. Fauci says you my friend and I must take our booster shot for ever. I am not getting a booster. Alright. My job can fire me. They can fire me over that. Listen. It's a crazy world out there. It's an absolute crazy world. But at least before we get rounded up into the new United States gulags and shot behind the chemical sheds for believing different things. At least we can take comfort in knowing we were right, but it's not gonna matter anyway. It's not gonna matter because the left is live in their own delusions. They live in their own delusions. All right. The final headline I have for you is Tucker Carlson blasting that mad money guy Jim Cramer. You remember Jim Cramer? Mad Money with Kramer he was sitting there you had to take kinda like this ticker you see down below me going left go and right stocks telling you what to buy telling you what to believe and telling you to trust him and make financial investments based upon his expertise. Well, folks, apparently Jim Cramer says that we have the strongest economy he's ever seen. Are you? Hi? Are you fucking Hi, Jim Cramer. Cramer mad money. I know. I'm going to tell you how to invest. Okay. All right. This is the best economy I've ever seen. Wow. I just filled up my car with like, 70 bucks. All right. 70 bucks. I didn't have because all of the other prices of everything else went up. I'm spending like $1,000 more a month. What do you mean, this is the best economy you've ever seen? Yeah, the best economy you've ever seen for rich ass wipes like yourself that take advantage of me and you the little guy? Yeah. Jim Cramer, out of his mind says this is the best economy he's ever seen. He's either a puppet a shill for the elite. He lives in a fantasy world and is truly the definition of privilege. Or he's both. I'm leaning towards both plain and simple. He's out of his mind, just like the rest of the Democrat Party are out of their mind. They hate us, ladies and gentlemen. They hate us. I gotta get another sip of this. Think about that for a second while I'm taking a sip of this purple drink right here. Think about how they hate us think about how you're treated by Democrats at work. Think about how they look at you look down on you how these arrogant people, whether they're BLM members, and Tifa members, whether they're part of the Democrat elite to the leftist elite, the CNN lovers, the mask lovers, the vaccine lovers and I'm all about respecting each other. I'm all about people making personal medical choices and getting vaccinated or wearing a mask whatever they want to do, what I'm not about what I'm not about is them controlling my decisions controlling my life, because I don't conform to the status quo throughout history. Many, many times people did not conform to the status quo and what happened to all the sheep. They were led straight to the slaughter. Think about that for a second. Why take a sip? It's not hard to see. It's not hard to see. It really isn't. The Democrats are the party of hate, at least according to polling. Now, they didn't poll older people. This is about the young people. This is about the folks that go to the colleges, the indoctrination camps, the Socialist Marxist, underground, indoctrination camps where they poison the minds of our children so that they can later lead our republic straight into the Bolshevik Inferno, the party of hate. The polling shows that Democrats despise discriminate and hate the Republicans, any Republicans, they hate them. They hate them. And the media, the companies that are selling things to young people, they cater to this hate they make money off of this hate. Let me read this to you for a second. It says recent polling data shows that the Democrat Party is truly the party of hate. With a super majority of Democrat college students admitting they dislike and even discriminate against their conservative minded peers and fellow Americans. Figures compiled among college aged Republicans show the opposite with only tiny fractions of those young people saying the same so the left wants to make a murder kill hate discriminate rip apart while the right is just trying to get by. That's what this shows they pull 850 college students, they showed this partisan ship this craziness. 70% of those surveyed who call themselves Democrats wouldn't even go on a date with a Republican. What happened to the country where we could have different beliefs but get along coincide? Work together, even date marry love each other have a beer together and go our separate ways? No, not anymore, because like I've said time and time again, our core values are different. Their core values are different. We believe in the American dream the reality of true diversity, true equality. They believe in racism, hate and socialism and Marxism. These people want us dead, convert or die like Tim cast said the other day he mentioned the Borg right? Resistance is futile join us or Die. It says 41% of College Republicans say dating a Democrat would be a deal breaker. That's 30% 29%. If you want me to be exact, less than the Democrats sorry, 41% of self described College Democrats would refuse to shop at or support a Republican owned business. It's time that we actually stand up. It's time that we work together and actually boycott their businesses and stick to it because they're not afraid to do it to us. All right, we have to be capable of doing these things. The control over our capabilities is what makes us honorable, what makes us men and women of strength of virtue. All right, knowing how to use restraint and restraint and do the right thing at the right time. That is what makes us honorable and ethical. Alright, these folks are like a fire hose spraying their nonsense everywhere. We are controlled chaos. And in order to defeat chaos, you have to be capable of chaos. But that control that is what will lead us to victory. That is what will lead us to victory. These Democrats though they hate us. It says the left has enjoyed a domineering grip on academia for generations for generations. And in recent years, specifically since 2016. Election of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, the left wing campus groups and the professors who support them have kicked their political efforts into overdrive, oftentimes expressing violent opposition to their conservative peers. Remember what happened on the Evergreen campus in Washington. Remember what has happened across this country at college campuses have them running out conservative talkers them torturing students hurting students coming after students that don't believe what they believe in. This Marxist movement is a virus folks. It's an absolute virus, and it spreads through the student groups. It says the student groups whose members frequently make up the foot soldiers of Antifa and Black Lives Matter have rapidly expanded their presence on campuses around the country and appear to be well funded, oftentimes advocating for the end of free speech and the expulsion of conservative students. You remember when they came after? What was that kid Sandman? His name was Sandman? Right? What was it Alex and man, Chris, I should have written it down. But I didn't let Sandman. They came after Sandman. It came after Rittenhouse. They come after everybody on our side. They come after them and try to expel them from the skulls. Look after Rittenhouse was declared not guilty after he was freed after he was vindicated in the eyes of the court when the left then shouted in unison that our courts our laws are America needs to change because it doesn't fit with their core values. Ding ding ding another red flag when they brought all of that up. All right. What did they do? How petty were they? They called for the removal of Kyle Rittenhouse from Arizona State University right from the roster. And they did it they removed him after he was found not guilty. All right, these people, these leftists, these leftist students are calling us terrorists while committing terrorist acts. Our children are being indoctrinated. They've been indoctrinated for years by academia, the mainstream media caught on SNL has caught on SNL advertises to this demographic you ever tried to watch Saturday Night Live? And you don't get it? You don't find it funny? It's not because they they want you to find it funny and you're just not. It's because you're not the demographic anymore. Alright, you remember, you found it funny years ago? That's cuz you were these kids age years ago. It's not funny, because it's not meant for you. It's not funny, because it's not meant for me. It's meant for the 21 year old the 22 year old the college student, the 27 year old Marxist, the idiots that have been brainwashed by a radical leftist global socialist agenda. All right, there are big names, big players, big elites mixed up in this. They fund these things. And they are the ones that scared out of their minds. They are the ones scared out of their minds. They expel them from school. They expelled these kids from school. It is absolutely crazy. Meanwhile, what is the right do? We take it? We sit there and we take it again and again. And again. When are you going to realize the left is coming for our country. When you're going to realize maybe if I show you what they're going to show and what they've been showing and what they do to our kids. Maybe if I show you if I give you a demonstration and We talk about the hedonism, we talk about the disgusting the disturbing behavior that you can see on Saturday Night Live. Maybe if I show you some of that and we talk about it, maybe if we get this raw and uncensored conversation going, maybe, just maybe we'll come up with some better conclusions. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna play this for you. I want you to see this. You're gonna see this clip right now, where this guy is joking about Roger Stone. All right, you remember Roger Stone, advocated for Trump? They broke the FBI broke into his home. 16 1718 people guns aimed right at him. An old man, an old man with health problems. We don't find Saturday Night Live funny. All right. But these kids these kids that have been brainwashed these kids that have been desensitized that have been told that sin is in that hedonism is good that God is dead. These kids find a joke. A joke about raping Roger stones, 75 year old wife who has cancer, even if it wasn't about her, even if it doesn't have a have to do with Roger stones wife, even if she didn't have cancer. They say some vulgar stuff here. And it goes beyond what you can imagine. I want to put this on for a second. So you hear it so you know exactly what I'm talking about. Let's play this. Let's roll this clip. Though who draws his glasses on with a Sharpie? Okay. Trump advisor Roger Stone, who draws his glasses on with a Sharpie. Harmless, no problem, right? That's where the left would say, Oh, see, it's innocent, but then they wouldn't play the second half of the clip. Let's roll that refused to cooperate with the committee investigating the January 6 attacks those stones that he refused to work with the committee investigating the January 6 attacks. Nobody found any guns. Nobody found any crazy weapon. I don't know what attack you're talking about. How about an event, an event that was not coordinated an event that was stoked by internal FBI, CIA agents among the crowd? There was Antifa. There are all kinds of things that have been proven. All right. And the January six committee is not legal. As we know about the January 6, committee Mark, Mark Meadows sued everybody. He sued everybody because it's not legal, plain and simple. We're gonna see some crazy stuff. They tried to go after Bannon. They tried to go after meadows, there's going after everybody. It's not going to happen. They tried to go after Roger Stone. And because the politics doesn't fit with their narrative. They're going to say this horrible stuff, and they're going to sell this to your children and your children. Hopefully they won't, but they're hoping your children will find it funny. This guy seems to he wouldn't be open to sitting in the corner of Washington committee take turns on his wife. What was that? Let me rewind that. Let's play that again. Committee take turns on his wife. One more time. On set, he wouldn't be open to sitting in the corner of Washington committee take turns on his wife. He literally said, Okay, he's not open to cooperating with the committee about what happened on January 6. But this is an old man with a 75 year old wife with cancer. He would be open to sitting in the corner. Watching the committee. Alright. Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, all those dumb Democrats watching the committee take turns on his wife. How's that even funny? It's sick. It's disturbing. What do you mean take turns on his wife. This is what we've talked about what happens with woke ism with leftism with critical race theory with the Democrat Party funded by the Democrat elite funded by the Marxist elite, the global world order that's pushing this crap down people's throats and bringing it into our culture and cultures around the world. They want to destroy the family structure. Remember when BLM website said that they were in favor of and actively working on destroying the nuclear family when you destroy the nuclear family when respecting people respecting your elders respecting the sanctity of love and marriage when that goes out the window? When sin is in when torture is right when murder is right when rape is okay. And it's okay because it's gaslighted so you get away with everything when that's okay, then it's fine. It's just perfectly morally and culturally acceptable to mention running a train. Alright, take turns, raping by multiple men onto a 75 year old woman's cancer ridden body. All right, this is out, right? Disgusting. And yet you don't hear a thing about it. Crickets. Crickets, ladies and gentlemen, you don't hear a thing about it. Alright, sin is in. And if you don't believe me, let's push it even further. Let me show you what else they did. Let's show you the torque and Christmas. And it's not just some innocent thing, where they're booty dancing and shakin and showing some some stupid skin list. And they've been doing that stuff for years. All right, everybody has some different culture. But this has nothing to do with African American culture, or rap culture or anything like that. Because Don't screw with me. I'll get down to some old school rap. Listen, these folks. All right. This is the definition of white privilege. That is what white privilege looks like. I'm going to show you a video you're going to listen in with me we're going to talk about it a little bit. Where they completely disrespect. Alright, the nativity scene, baby Jesus, all that most of you know, I'm Jewish, and this is highly offensive to me. All right. It's highly offensive to me. Because you don't go after people and their religion on the holiday. How come? Look, we can't mess with Muslims over Ramadan. Right? We can't mess with Jews over Hanukkah. Although as a Jew, I'm noticing a lot more anti semitism. And it's all coming from the left. It's all coming from the left. Even leftist Jews coming down racist Lee against Jews on the right. Trust me, trust me as Ben Shapiro. He'll vouch for that. All right. But this is attacking Christians. It's attacking Christians on Christmas. That's wrong. That's sick. But again, it's coming from the left. It's coming from a group of people with no morals, no values, no culture, they're dead inside. To them. There is no God. The only God is pleasure. The only God is sin. Watch this. I'm going to fast forward this just a little bit. All right. Because it's just a bunch of talking and it seems innocent till about two minutes in. Let's play. Oh, Jesus, please, please just focus on your fork. And, excuse me, forking, okay, from your pop over there. So there's donkeys. Alright, there's for all those listening. There's three folks. Alright, three folks in Donkey outfits. There's one black guy, everybody else in the whole scene is white. Oh, look at that. Again, one black guy. Everybody else in the scene is white. We talk about white privilege, right? Well, let's turn it around on the right people. Let's turn it around on these lefties. Now you've got these two dance instructors. This is supposed to be funny, and it's not and that guy that was just talking. It's a young looking guy wearing a robe. He's supposed to be playing baby Jesus. And then there's another one that's supposed to be dressed as Mary Magdalene. Alright, let's just play and we'll talk about it. Okay, baby. Are you in your diaper? I mean, yeah. Jesus Mary and Julian Margulies. Okay, so they've stripped down baby Jesus. All right, and he's a guy wearing his little toga shorts. And these two white chicks are spinning them around. Alright. And they're saying, Oh, Jesus, and they're looking at them in what seems to be some sexualized manner as if it's turning them on to look at what's supposed to be baby Jesus. We got to make him uh, but hold on. No, I don't want to, I don't want to. So now because he's a white guy with a flat butt. Alright, with a flat ass. They're shoving hay down his shorts. Alright, because they're letting your children know that they shouldn't be happy with their ass the way it is. It should be nice, big, fat and juicy. And don't get me wrong. Nothing wrong with a nice fat juicy. But I've I'm from South Florida. So we can talk about that on another podcast for a very 18 and up crowd. But that's another time in another day. But you should be happy with what you have. You should be happy with what God gave you. But again, to the left. God is dead. And it's all about access. It's all about augmentation. It's all about a what would you call it? Would you call it vanity? Would you call it lust? What sin would you call it? Would you call it self observation selfishness. Would you call it the need to virtue signal the need to show others that you're good the clout the ranking, the social credit score, that they're teaching these Marxist children right now? It's buts later it will be micro-chips Let's keep going. Waiting a baby. Listen, baby, Jesus can do anything now when you go to work, son. So now this guy that's supposed to be playing baby Jesus. I don't even know what he's doing. They're basically making fun of white people saying that they can't work. So they have this white guy trying to shake his butt. But but it's a deeper it's a deeper thing. All right, because young kids young people are watching this all right. And they're young folks out there that need religion. They're young folks out there that have a good moral compass and they're young folks out there that are going to be manipulated by this alright, you may think I have a stick up my you know what, because of this, but I don't, it's true. I have gone all right through my life. I grew up poor. I've had a hard freakin time. I've worked real hard to get where I am. And I've seen a lot of things along the way. And I used to believe different things. I used to believe religion wasn't necessary for a lot of people. I used to believe that you could just do whatever you want and, and life there would be no consequences. But no life kicks your ass. Tell me Look at me right now straight in the face and tell me life hasn't kicked your ass at least once or twice? Right? Right? Life is hard. And stuff like this breaks the moral compass of young people, as if our school system, our institutions, our country, and the Democrats haven't broken them and brainwash them enough as it is, and it gets even worse. How comfortable are you on a separate pole, sweetie? So how comfortable are you marry on a stripper pole? I'm not sure. Wrong answer. I'm not sure is the wrong answer. See? And you can't say that there's a problem with stripping, right? And hey, if somebody wants to be a stripper and make an adult decision, that's fine. Be a stripper. But why are we putting Mary Magdalene on a stripper pole? Why are we doing pretty much the most offensive thing you could do to somebody who is very, very Christian or very, very Catholic. This is rude. This is offensive. But remember, they can't be rude or racist or wrong when they're attacking white people when they're attacking Christianity. You can't say anything bad about Muslims. You can't say anything bad about anybody else. You can't say anything bad about illegal immigrants are criminals. God forbid somebody tries to murder and rape somebody. They're just an innocent criminal. That's been screwed by the system. Oh, and we haven't given them the help they need so they drive their car through a parade and why Keisha? Shut the EFF up completely just shut up. This is stupid. All right, this is absolutely stupid. You're sacrilegious. Alright, that's what this is. You're basically coming out here and crapping on you're taking a big hot steamy dump on other people's beliefs. All right. I don't even go as far as to believe this stuff. I've said it again. I'm Jewish. Alright, but I respect everybody's right to believe what they want to believe. That's what this great country is supposed to be all about. respecting each other having enough space to live in our own areas if we want Hey, man, you don't want to live around a bunch of freakin conservatives go live somewhere else. This country's huge. This country's huge. I don't know if you've seen lately. California, Washington and Oregon are practically THE HAVEN OF THE LEFT build a wall around it. Have your own country to shut the EFF up. Leave us alone. Alright, stop screwing with everything. Now you got to eff with Christmas. Now you got to screw with Jesus. Now you got to screw with our kids minds and tell them to go dance on a stripper pole. They're literally dancing. All right, and the lady is trying to show Mary Magdalene and everybody how to spin on the stripper pole. For Jesus. Shake it like a rattle. But that's not aimed at our kids at all, is it? It's not aimed at our kids at all. And look in the background here you can see in the tivity scene. You can see holy pictures. It's wrong. This frickin idiot is spinning around a stripper pole decorated like a candy cane. shaken her you know what and grinding screaming praise baby Jesus. All right. Look, I was in the Navy. I'm a sailor. I'm not a saint. I've been to plenty of strip clubs in my time. All right, but there's a time and a place for everything and stuff. Alright, stuffs just got way too blurry. It's gotten way too blurry. All right. All right. There used to be a porn section in the back of the Blockbuster Video way back in the day you go behind the curtain, you request to go back there. There used to be a difference. All right, between a stripper. Alright. And, and a mom. There used to be a difference between, let's say a murderer All right. And somebody's executing their constitutional right of self defense. There used to be a lot of these differences, but all the lines have become blurred. All the lines have become blurred. And everything is crazy. Not everything is sex violence, drugs, excess, excess excess. All right, and it's going to lead to devastation. Absolutely. Look, I'm not a bible thumper. I'm not. I'm not a holy roller. All right, I have my own connection with God, I do the best that I can. And I strive to be as good as I can just like you on a daily basis. But this isn't acceptable. That's not a funny joke. All right. When was the last time SNL was funny? Alright, comment down below. Let me know send me an email. Do what you can to reach out to me. I want to know you tell me what the funniest SNL skit was when it was funny. Alright, because this, this is nonsense. You shouldn't ever watch SNL you shouldn't ever let your kids watch SNL and we should all be writing letters and boycotting these companies. These shows these institutions all right. SNL Make no mistake, it's an institution. It's been around for decades and decades and decades. And we don't find it funny because it's not for us. It's from our brain washed children. That's who it's for are brainwashed children. And if your children aren't brainwashed, like my children aren't brainwashed. Kudos to you keep doing a hell of a job. But if you haven't been paying attention, they're shoving this down your sons and daughters throats. They're shoving it down their throats. That's what it is. Plain and simple. All right. They're attacking. They're attacking us from all angles. They're attacking our children. They're attacking everybody. And we know they love children. Lien No, they love children. You look at Biden sniffing the children. You look at all these elites, you look at Jeffrey Epstein, what He's going away for and his connection with the Clintons. Well, not what he's going away for he already went away away. But Jillian Maxwell, what she's going to be going away for you see them coming after the elites for all of their sick, twisted satanic pleasures. The Chris Cuomo shows the Andrew Cuomo shows. Alright, these predators. There's plenty of them. I could just go on and on and on and on. We could pull up the list from social media and just talk about all these blue checkmark leftists that are sick, twisted predators that support these what are they called? Maps minor attracted persons. And speaking of minor attractive persons, who would you know, CNN producer raped a nine year old girl while her mother watched solicited girls nine to 16 for sex and for virtual sex training sessions. These are the people that CNN hires Andrew Cuomo was on CNN all the time with his brother Chris, you had the tube and doing the little whacking off right there and getting his job right back you got people leaving people getting fired Don Lemon, Don Lemon, not only reaching out to juicy small lay the guy that's going to go to jail hopefully but we all know that the elites never punished themselves so he'll probably get off but but you've got Don Lemon also embattled in a sexual or was it sexual assault or inappropriate touching some sort of sexual dispute where he's gonna end up possibly going down? CNN is on Hellfire right now. CNN is falling apart, the left is falling apart. The Democrats are falling apart. They just gaslight us so much and control so much of big tech, the media, social media and everything else. They want us to think the sky is falling, but the truth, the truth is that they are following their fault. And it's only going to be a matter of time. It's only going to be a matter of time before people like John Griffin. All right, people like John Griffin, bring everybody down. Because people like this. He's the true face of the Democrat party. This guy John Griffin, Senior Producer at CNN, raping nine year olds. That's the true face of the Democrat elite. John Griffin, a senior producer for CNN has been arrested and charged with using various social networking sites and apps to solicit girls as young as nine for sex. I have a two year old I'm a five year old. held your kid. This guy was going after nine year olds for sex. All right, the senior producer who's bragged on LinkedIn about working shoulder to shoulder with fired and disgraced CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. He's now been charged with three counts for criminal activities involving nine to 16 year old girls. It is absolutely disgusting. Remember, Jeffrey Epstein. Remember. Julian Maxwell, remember Pris. Prince Andrew, remember the list the huge list of people that were on Epstein's plane? Remember all of the elites that are brought down all around the world, the sex trafficking rings? Remember, hundreds upon hundreds and hundreds of 1000s of children go missing every year. Where do they go? The leftist elites are shaking in their boots. The law is coming for them. The constitution will not have this and as you see, the Constitution has been winning judges across the country ruling in favor of a life ruling in favor of the right and putting leftists in their place. Meanwhile, while CNN hits an iceberg and starts sinking, like the Titanic, ideologues and brainwashed Marxist shills jumped ship and join the boat parade. All right. They're honored to join child molesters. They're honored to join people like Don Lemon, who inappropriately and sexually harass people who sexually assault people who spew lies who spew sin. Chris Wallace is honored to join CNN. He's delighted to kiss the ass of Jeff Zucker. Plain and simple, plain and simple. All right, Chris Wallace. He's going to be joining CNN as an anchor. And I'm not going to take this time from your life to spend 10 minutes, 20 minutes, five years on talking about this idiot. We all saw what he did. During the debates. We all saw what he's done for years and years and years. He was never a Republican. So I say good riddance. He can go down with the toilet. Alright, he can be flushed down the toilet. The unpleasurable piece of shit. That is CNN. Going straight down the drain. And please, thank you, Chris Wallace. Bye, bye. That's all I'm gonna say about Chris Wallace. Alright, because I'm sick and tired. I'm sick and tired of these leftists pretending to be on the right. They've already added a bunch of people on the left that were running for political positions in 2022. There was a couple stories about that already. All right, where people pretended to be on the right. But they had a history of spewing leftist doctrine, leftist propaganda. It's not going to happen. They can't gaslight us anymore. They can't. Alright, they pretend that we are criminals. They pretend that it is our fault. And that people are underprivileged, that white people are killing black people across the United States. And it's all a lie. It's just a stoke fire stoke race wars. So we stopped paying attention to what's happening behind the curtain. All right, we got black people that kill white children in the name. All right, in the name of the leftist cause, but it never gets to the news. It never gets to the news. But anything, alright, anything involving somebody that even seems white. It's plastered all over the news. Alright, but it's just a lie. Because black people or white people love each other. They get along. Alright, 99.9% of all black and white people I've ever met all Hispanics, everybody. You show respect to each other? Everybody's good to go. Alright, I don't know what world people are living in. Maybe it's everyone over 100k lives in lala land, or but I grew up poor. Alright, I grew up shitty. Alright, and when you make less than a certain amount of money, it doesn't matter what skin color you are. You're all in this shit together. You know it, and I know it. This race crap. It's a lie. And you have con artists and cowards that take advantage of those lies. Con artists. Cowards, little bitches. Little bitches like you like you hawk. Hawk Newsom, the leader of BLM New York City. Hey, my parents were from New York City. Wow. He believes in that critical race garbage. And you know what he likes to do? He likes to shove it in people's faces. He likes to use it as a crutch as an excuse. But the real thing the real secret is that it was taught to him by white Democrats, white Democrats who were truly racist white Democrats who created the ghettos. White Democrats that put these thoughts in his mind put these thoughts in his parents mind. Those are the real white privileged people. They just have their story screwed up. This is a case of ignorance, and this man's been brainwashed his whole life. All right, and he was smart enough to get to this leadership position, which means at some point he recognized that was all bullshit. It was all a lie, but he can make some good money. Fucking his own people, because that's what BLM does. The group, BLM fucks its own people and profits off it, and then convinces them that they're standing up for black liars. Just because the group does a couple good things in a couple places to mask all the bad things they do for their own people. That's a shame. That should be exposed. That's been exposed, but it constantly gets hidden by the left the Democrats, the mainstream media, the elites, because preying upon black people, the classic, the classic Democrat move, alright, preying upon black people is profitable for them. That is modern day slavery, that slavery of the mind. I saw a meme that showed a white guy. All right, and it said something to the effect. It was Edward Norton from Fight Club, just normal white guy that said something to the effect, when when a Democrat finds out you're a black conservative, and then shows him slowly transforming into the character he played from that movie he was in what was that American History X was about the neo Nazi guy, that screwed up movie. You know, and a lot of people have used it for a lot of bad things. So we're not going to go into a lot of it, but it's a true definition of the left. All right, those Democrats. Those Democrats are real racists. The Democrats were the slaveholders folks. Nobody ever switched spots. All right, the Democrats were the ones causing the separation of black and white people the segregation, they were causing those problems. All the times in our country's history, where black people have either been freed black people been given the right or black people have been restored to equality where they should be. All right. All of those times it was a Republican fighting racist Democrat policies. It's unfortunate, but your grandma's grandma's dead. Your grandma's grandpa's dead. Everybody that knew the truth is dead. And they've been rewriting our history for years. The left is evil. And there's unfortunately a huge amount of people that are good people and they've been brainwashed they've been taught since they were little kids that sin is in. It's good to murder babies, and black people are screwed and we'll never get ahead. The truth is that there are plenty of black people out there that kick ass and do awesome things and work their ass off and get ahead and there are a lot of black people that get screwed because they're living in screwed up fucked up places that were put together and built by white leftist Democrats don't blame all white people. All right, the small part of the black community that gets mad that wants to be infuriated, that wants to burn ship down that wants to freakin hate white people. Don't hate all white people. Use your noggins and be specific. The Democrat people, the Democrat leftists, those white old school folks, the Joe Biden's of this country, put you in that position. It's all left wing policies in Chicago, in New York, in San Francisco, in Los Angeles, all over the country. Left wing Democrat policies fucked your family. They should be paying reparations. If we want to talk reparations, they should be kissing your ass and giving you what you need. They should be coming up with better things, but instead they fucked you for years. Don't blame all of us. It's the lefties plain and simple. We are on your side. We want to see quality. We want to see all races all minorities, everybody lifted up and given the same opportunities in this country, but it's never going to happen as long as Democrats keep their foot on your neck. Plain and simple. Earlier today, there was a segment on Fox News. All right, Martha McCallum she's an anchor on on Fox News. She came out and interviewed this coward this con artist the snake oil salesman this pussy Hawk Newsom alright. And he couldn't take it. He couldn't take it. He was emasculated by her. He showed his true chauvinist colors is true woman hating colors. All right, he showed that he is a coward. He showed that he is a victim complex. He had to virtue signal to cover up for his own insecurities, his own insecurities and if he hears this and he actually gets mad. That's the proof that he's insecure. If he feels a rage build up deep inside of him. I'm talking straight to you Hawk if you feel that deep inside of you building up if you feel that, that my friend is called insecurity, it makes you an incomplete, man. And if you're wondering why you're incomplete, if you're wondering why something happened, where you betrayed left behind, things are hard for you and the people around you. It's not because of people like me. It's because of Democrats. That fucked your shit up for generations. And then gaslighted you to believe it was up that believe it was us. Their policies screw stuff up, plain and simple. All right, you want we can fix police, we can make things better. All right, but the laws that are in place, put the police into those. You see you have to fix all the problems from all the different angles. It's not just black and white one and zero on and off. It's not so simple. All right, you don't know what you're talking about, because you've been lied to hawk you've been lied to. So wake up and join the Reveley or fuck off. Alright, let's watch this video. Let's watch McCallum school. Absolutely school this guy. If I can find the video there will be right there will be fire and it will be blood chain. I am not threatening anyone. That is a natural response to aggressive old question. People will react. So when he says that there will be riots, fire bloodshed? What if a bunch of white people went out and just started burning down buildings and looting like I'm Jewish? Alright, I get attacked by Nazis on gab all the time. There's a lot of great people on gab too. But it's a free speech place. So there's a lot of shitty asshole Nazis on gab. And they call me a cake. They call me a dirty Jew, they say all kinds of bad things about me that are very, very hurtful. So if a bunch of Jews went out, started burning buildings down, would that be considered a natural response? No, we'd all be in jail. This has nothing to do with a natural response. It's about tribalism coming from all angles. And this woke leftism, this BLM nonsense. It's tribalism. It's hate. It's racism. It's a redistribution of wealth. It's not fair to be me. So give me everything you have. And if you don't, we're gonna fuck everything up and burn it all down. We're not going to be held hostage. We don't negotiate with terrorists. And that's what BLM is. And that's what this man is. You hawk. You're a terrorist, a shitty cowardly terrorist. Black Lives Matter of Greater New York co founder Hawk Newsom last month after meeting with New York City Nerolac Eric Adams about his plan to crack down on crime by returning the plainclothes officer unit to New York City streets. It was disbanded in the summer of 2020. So Adams is a retired NYPD captain. And he reportedly fired back with this quote, We are not going to surrender to those who are saying we're gonna burn down New York, not my city. So remember, this is a Democrat mayor. All right. Remember, this is the guy taking over for Bill DeBlasio, who's literally destroyed New York City it is a crime infested sewer now run by delinquents, and criminals. Everybody should be put in prison. Alright. Hey, BLM people, all right. Why don't you actually do the right thing and fight for the reform of these different systems in the right way work in a bipartisan manner? All right, but no, no, because you're not actually after a change. Alright, people like Hawk, they're Marxists. They're after the destruction of the system. Remember, take a look right there. The Biden administration isn't incompetent, and they aren't economically illiterate. They're sabotaging what's left of our free market because the structure has to collapse to build back better. You can't have a socialist utopia. Without the complete destruction and collapse of New York put enough crime, death and destruction in the streets. Eventually, the system will collapse. You are not smart Hawk, you are not going to destroy the entire city. You're not actually helping just because, Oh, you do a little here and there doesn't mean you're actually seeing it from the big picture. You have been lied to by the left. You've been lied to by Democrats, start putting your head together with smart people and start listening. Instead of talking, talking, talking, which is what you're going to see him doing this video. He said, He heads up is standing by with his response. But first, let me bring in Hawk Newsom to respond to that heart. Thank you very much for being here. When you listen to the words of air cat, look, this guy's wearing a shirt. First off, he looks exasperated to be talking to a white woman. Critical Race Theory is American history. That's what he says, No, you've been lied to. It's BS. All right, that is a white lie that's been sold to the race traders that are screwing you over the black people that have pushed this movement, the broom candies, they're not smart people. All right. They're not smart people. All right, but they've lied to you. They're making money off people like you. Plain and simple. And I know we covered the meeting that you had with him not that Long ago, what goes through your mind? What's your response to him on that? Well, the mayor is engaging in a political circus. And my parents didn't raise a clown. So yeah, they did play these you are a clown political games with him. I will say this, the mayor, when you come off the first part of your conversation, and say my parents didn't raise no clown that is covering up. And trust me, I've taken psychology 101 that is covering up an insecurity. Alright, that has been you your whole life walking around feeling like people look down on you and thought you were stupid. thought you weren't intelligent. So you have to say, my parents didn't raise no clown. They did. Because you are stupid, because your ignorance has led you to be brainwashed by Marxists. And that makes you stupid. Your took a trip to Africa, which wasn't covered by the press. His appointees wasn't covered by the press. So he threw my name out there so he can get into media. Look at what happened after we engaged in his back and he threw my name out there. So he could get his name in the media. You're propping yourself up for clout. You're saying Look how important I am. This mayor was nothing. What do you mean, he just won on a pro police forum? He's more famous than you'll ever be. Nobody's knows who you are. They only saw your face. When you threatened to burn down New York. People know who you are. Because you're a terrorist. You're on the one hand list. That's why people know who you are. You don't like this guy. Because if you keep doing what you're doing when this guy's mayor, you're going to J or plain and simple. For he was on Colbert. He was on Anderson Cooper. He was on Bill Maher. I made him famous, right? I made him famous, right? You need that validation. I made him famous, right? She didn't even agree. Look at the look on her face. Like what the heck this guy is literally a fraudster. He's a good talker, a silver tongue snake oil salesman. You don't know me, though. I'm a Jew from South Florida with parents from New York. I can talk circles around you, son, Mr. Hawk. You look like an asshole. If the mayor truly cared about what's best for the city, he would have talked about the things we agreed upon in that meeting. But he didn't want to discuss that, Martha. Well, here's what he says. He says he wants to bring this unit back. Listen to what he said. He said I was elected. And this is what I ran on. And I'm going to follow through on that because that's what the people of New York City have asked me to do watch it. I said I was going to reinstate to an anti gun unit and plainclothes voters voted on that. They're going to have the body cameras on on every interaction. We're going to use precision policing to identify the gang members. We removed the precinct level plainclothes unit. That was a bad decision. So since that unit, there was a bad decision. That unit was responsible for taking out gun violence, taken out gang violence, but they got rid of them and what's happened, murders have skyrocketed, disbanded. We've seen homicides, almost double in New York City. So he's saying I want to save city and and a lot of New Yorkers respond to that really positively. They want to save city, they want to be able to go out into the streets. They don't want people breaking the windows and stealing stuff. They want to see children be through the streets. What is wrong with anything that he just said there? Well, here's the problem. The man does not he tries to come off smart at first, but you'll see he gets unhinged. Here's the problem. I have a plan. He's about to be the if he doesn't have a plan, he's gonna wait, what? He goes, he doesn't have a plan. She literally just played a video talking about the plan. The topic is about this unit. This anti Crime Unit is playing close unit. But he he's not focused on the picture. See these Marxist these BLM leaders, these Antifa folks, they can only talk rhetoric, they can only they use the tendencies and the skill sets of transformational leadership where you would talk inspirational, and they use big words and they pontificate but it's all about BS and it's made to screw with people with low IQs. It's made to brainwash folks that don't understand how that they're being manipulated by the English language. So when she tried to focus on a topic, He zoomed out and expanded and she goes, Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, no, no, they do have a plan. He does have a plan. He's going to put this unit back and this guy goes Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, let me finish. Now. See, this guy just wants a platform to spew hate and nonsense and brainwash people. And she's not letting them she wants him to stay on target. And he alright doesn't like two things. One, he's being put in his place. He's being controlled through this because it's her show. And anybody on white, black, purple man woman, they would have to be led because this is her show. Second is a white woman. All right. And this guy is feeling emasculated by a white woman. All right, a woman is telling him and leading him and questioning him on this topic. He's being interviewed on this show. He thinks he's God's gift to Earth. He thinks he's famous. He thinks he's Jay Z. But no, no, he is just another person. He's a terrorist spewing rhetoric and he wants to get his rhetoric out to the public. She's not she's just not letting it happen. All right, she's stuffing out his fire. And he doesn't like it one bit. Listen to this. Wait, can you listen, I listen. Are you gonna yell at me? You're gonna let me make my point. Just talk. Don't do right. Okay. Don't do that. All right, because I can make a statement. Go ahead. It's not about making Uh, let me make a statement and he rolls his eyes, like a bitch like a bitch. Oh, man, like a bitch. I wonder how many people have slapped him? Probably not many people have slept this guy. Alright, not many people have given him the backhand. I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about just somebody on the streets. Because anybody that's actually taken a weapon in life wouldn't be so disrespectful and talk to people like that. Whoever it was. I wouldn't talk to a middle aged black woman the way he talks to a middle aged white woman like that. I would show respect to a black woman. I would show respect to a black woman of any age. All right, I would show respect to any woman of any age, but he has no respect for that. He only has respect for his garbage is nonsense. His mantra his lie is that he's spreading to convince more people to join his cause, but his cause is shit. And what did President Trump say? Everything woke turns to shit. Okay. Did he's saying this the things that he's saying? Precision policing? Yep. Focusing on gangs. These are all things that de Blasio said, crime isn't just up in New York City. What do you mean de Blasio got rid of all of those units de Blasio made it basically a socialist hellhole and allowed criminals to run around which is why murder is up its Democrat policies across the board Chicago Democrat policies murder skyrocketing San Francisco Democrat policies murder skyrocketing murder, rape crime skyrocketed Los Angeles Democrat policies skyrocketing Seattle skyrocket everything skyrocketing Democrat hellholes and this man is lying. It's around the country. So what is he going to do? He's telling you he's back on the street. What's he gonna do? What power does he have? He hasn't even taken over yet. You're ignorant de Blasio is still in there spreading his comic sauce to New York City detective. Let's take turns here. Okay, I let you answer. Let me ask you. And then I'm going to let you respond. Okay. I spoke with the New York City detective when that unit was disbanded, he said so his actions are defensive, right? Because he's being put on the spot about things he knows nothing about. It's made to cover up his insecurity. It's very easy to read people, folks, it's very easy to read people. He's talking over her because he can't go back and forth. Because if he allows that to happen, she's going to stump him, and he's going to look like an even bigger idiot. So he has to keep talking until his time runs out. So that he just looks like an obnoxious fool and doesn't look like a dumbass obnoxious for. You mark my words. They're gonna be kids dying. This is gonna be really bad. Let me put up on the screen. 21 children have been killed in the streets of New York, mostly in gang violence. The purpose of this one one children put back on the street. This is his plan. You asked what his plan was, was to clean up illegal guns, violence and hard drugs on the street. So I'm asking you what is wrong with putting this unit back on the street if it keeps children of York City and adults safer? Okay, there's this thing called the Constitution. And the Fourth Amendment protects us against illegal search and seizure. Right. Secondly, this unit has been responsible for the most high profile depth in the city. He isn't saying what he's going to do differently for your journalistic integrity, just ask the right questions. So he's saying ask the right questions for your journalistic integrity. He's calling her an idiot calling her out. He's basically saying that this unit goes around and murders people, but he's not mentioning what those people were doing. When things happened. He's not mentioning what gang violence was happening. She's saying that innocent bystanders of the gang violence 21 Children, innocent babies, most likely from the black community have all died because of gang violence. He's protecting the gangbangers. He's not protecting black people or the black community. He's not protecting good black families that want to raise their kids and raise them in safe neighborhoods. He's not protecting good white families, black families, Hispanic families, any families, he's protecting his own ass, and he's placating the gangs. He's placating the violence. He's sucking the teat of the Democrat Party, who is taking their orders from the global left wing elite, plain and simple. This poor poor man, I will pray for you, Hawk, I will pay pray for you. I will I hope your soul is saved. I hope you see something different. I hope you find a new perspective. I hope the Lord comes down and blesses you with foresight tonight while you're sleeping, because you are fucking your own people. All right, these policies is critical ratio, all of this, it's all made up socialist nonsense pushed down on you by white left wing Democrats. The truth is that if we find a way to meet in the middle, alright, we make things safer. And we make things a little better. And we we sweeten the deal for everybody a little bit. All right, we'll all want to work together, we'll all make things better. All right, we have to hit this from all angles, we have to change the Democrat policy that put black people in ghettos in these cities, we have to change the Democrat policies that make crimes, easy to get away with that make things dangerous, that could screw the police and don't allow them to police properly. All right, we have to train them better. We have to give them the money to make them more compassionate officers when they need to be and make them be them hard, frickin mofos when they need to be too. It can't just be one or the other and they can't be abolished. We have to work together to find inroads. All right. We have to make community safer to bring money in to create jobs to create wealth for people and families have to come back to being families again, we can't screw each other. We can't abandon each other. We have to come together. We have to work together as families as brothers or sisters, black, white, Hispanic, anything, it doesn't matter. But we can't drink this Kool Aid. All right, when you're lied to, for so long, you become an insecure victim, you become a coward. And it's not hawks fault. It's not his fault that he was brainwashed his whole life by a Democrat party that told him he was a victim that told him he couldn't do anything special. That's not his fault. What becomes his fault is that one moment when he realized that he was being lied to and he said, I don't care. I want to make my money too. Because for him, it's what it's about. It's about the money. All right. That's what it has to be about. And if it's about something else, if you really have that feeling Hawk, if you want to come out and have that feeling and you want to say man, I want to do good things for my community. Do all those good things that you do for your community, but also do things to fight for the right laws, fight for the right rights, sit down at the table and have conversations with people and debate until our ideas all work together and mesh together in this great freakin soup this goulash of brotherhood and diversity where we can solve our problems together. But you can't separate people you can't go haves and have nots and say that you're all screwed and Everything's fucked up. We know things are different for people around this country. Alright, but we also know that we've destroyed racism in this country that most supremacist are such a small fringe group of idiots. All right, that they're freaking not even paid attention to. All right. Other things need to be changed and reformed, but not the way you're saying. But unfortunately, people like you propagate the lie even further. And you just recruit more people, you recruit folks into believing their victims believing they're screwed, and you don't let them grow. You steal their futures, this Democrat ideology, this victimhood ideology steals people's souls, screws, their futures. And when they finally wake up and go, What have I done? It's too late, but it's not too late for you, Hawk. It's not too late for you. What is his actual plan? He's just talking and drumming up news stories so that we can get this back and forth going to get between two black men instead of talking about the things which was feeding people which was feeding people good food, right. But you want to talk about us being and feeding people good food. Again, you're deflecting, you're deflecting, the whole problem is gang violence and stray bullets hitting children. And you're talking about the fact that you don't have good food, streets. We have a school where we teach kids how to be safe. Every single you have your own school where you teach kids how to be safe every day. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Today I spent the day looking for lost 11 year old I don't get paid by the city to do this. What is him see now he's going on a rant all day. ffensive I do this guy has saved a kid we teach children he can't handle it is shattering his confidence. Everything is shattering. He's melting down on public television showing how weak his arguments if he watches this video of himself, it should be proof to him that the Democrats have lied to him and brainwashed him and that his policies, his ideas, his whole religion that's based upon the cult like bs of people like Abram candy and BLF. It's a lie. It's a lie. It's a good thing. You know what? Just one last thing, Martha. One, one last thing, okay. Nobody wants communities to be violent. But there are other ways to do it. He's not saying what he's doing differently. Though. The Democrats have been talking about body cams for the last four years, people have poor you just reported that inflation is up. People don't have money. People are starving. He's right. He's not lying. Hawk, you're right. But your way of doing it is wrong. Read a history book, go read about the Bolsheviks go read about socialism. Look at the similarities, read it, just read it take a couple days and just skim through some stuff, what you're trying to do, alright, getting all these freebies in to take care of people, without the other part of the plan, what you're trying to do, alright, without working on changing things from all these other different angles by just blaming it on racism, and creating different classes of people. All you're doing is what you've been brainwashed to do by the Democrats, which is follow through with the fulfillment and the prophecy of bringing Marxism and socialism to our great country. It will feel like a fix for a short period of time, but then they will come to claim their prize. All right, nothing is free. Nothing is free. For a moment, you'll get relief, your words will turn to ashes in your mouth, and the Democrat whip crackers will come. Alright, and they will collect their bounty. You're just empowering, rich, white leftists that's what you're doing. Your policies are wrong. Your policies are wrong. I'm telling right now. It's not because your policies are not going to hell out and helping black people. I want black people to be helped. I want white people to be helped. I want all poor people to be helped. And trust me, I grew up as a poor white kid, around a lot of other poor people from all different groups. All right, and we're all the same under a certain amount of income. I get it. I get it, but but my friend, you are wrong, and your policies are wrong. All right. There has to be a balance between things. There has to be a balance between things to restore communities, restore neighborhoods and restore our families. All right, you are right. People. All right have been screwed. There are a lot of people ignorant and in shitty conditions. Blame the right people. You want to blame some white people. That's fine. Blame the right white people. Alright, blame the leftist blame the Democrats don't blame us. Don't blame people that want to see everybody uplifted because we do. All right. I want to see your community reach the highest level and I want to see my community reach the highest level two. All right, I don't come from much. But you can't do it with virtue signaling. You can't do it with selfishness. You can't do it being self entitled having low self esteem, being a victim being emasculated by people. Nah. This life is about networking and respect and working hard and working together. And community. You have a community we have a community our communities working together. Alright. Some people have done some bad stuff. But it's the left. Let's do it the right way. Let's do it the right way. Have those constructive conversations, but don't be a coward and an insecure little you know what they need to know that when they go out into new jobs in opportunity, absolutely. Do what you can to keep the kids and let the police officers and have jobs and opportunities if the streets aren't safe. And keep those same kids safe because they're dying at the hands of gangs who are doing you don't know what it's like you don't know what it's like to be pulled see? And then he pulls out the card pulls out the racism card. You don't know what it's like when thrown up against the wall. I know that you call with your friends as a college student. I didn't even get to go to college bro. Hmm. I need to go much later. From a place of white privilege. White Privilege say you come from a place of white privilege. White Privilege is a myth. The only people white privilege or rich leftists that Who has white privilege, rich white Democrats that have been rich white Democrats for generations and want to see your people in my people put into chains for their own profit. Those are the people with any type of privilege celebrities like The Rock who praises Joe Biden, who wants to destroy this country celebrities like like Alec Baldwin, crying on television, fake crying to violins. That's white privilege, celebrities, rich leftists that's privileged brother, you don't know what privilege is, you have no idea what these hands have gone through to get where I've gotten in my life. And it's probably not much further ahead or behind you, my friend. All right. And that is from hard work. It takes many shovels, many calluses, many bloody hands, to claw our ways out of poverty and out of garbage. And maybe it should be a little bit easier. But this, this thing that you're displaying, dude, this stuff that you're showing this cowardice, you're showing, it doesn't make you look strong, you look weak, and that doesn't get a movement going, that doesn't draw attention. Burning Down cities just eventually gets a mob to come after your mob stopped doing that. Alright, actually be in a man began strong, taking action in a responsible political way, trying to be bipartisan, seeing both sides of the issue, working hard with people to come together and find solutions that will better your community for a long time, not just for a short time, give us money. Let's do socialist stuff. No, no, no, no, no. It'll be good for a few months, and then the left will come a call and they'll want their cut. They'll burn you to the ground. Just like they burn us to the ground. Just like they burn everybody to the ground. Get it right. No, who's on your side? All right, because the right is more on the side of the black community than the left ever will be an ever was. They put you in chains. We freed the frickin slaves. The Republicans freed the friggin slaves. They didn't want slavery. They didn't want any of this. All right. They fought. They fought and died to free the slaves. And we've come for hundreds of years fought fought for equality. You guys fought Martin Luther King fought for equality. You want to make a statement get 300,000 people together and walk armed arm no violence. That'll make a statement. God bless what Martin Luther King jr. did. And God damn what you're doing. Plain and simple. don't really understand how they treat us in New York City. You know what? Every background on the street is that that is not what is happening since this unit was disbanded. All over the country. They didn't care about your black lives matter. Just came back. I do this in Houston. I do this in Atlanta. I help black people all over the country like he's virtue signaling how much he helps people because he doesn't actually help anyone at all. He's got a guilty conscience. He's got a guilty conscience. Hmm, Mama didn't raise no clown, huh? If mama knew your real intentions and what you actually do what you do behind the scenes, I don't think she'd be very proud of you, Hawk. Black Salvation Army. All of these communities. What are you doing? On the last kid today? What are you doing? He feels attacked. Look, what are you doing? I found a lost kid today. What are you doing? Wow, you needed somebody to pat you on the back for that. I won't ever tell you who I've helped what I've donated to, because it's for me. And it's for them. You need to tell the world because you have a desire and a need to feel special. Somebody's got to praise you. Somebody's got to kiss your ass and tell you that you're special. It's soft, it's shiny. And you'll never ever, ever, ever be the bad guy. But people like you who hurt their own race who hurt their own people, and a lie to them straight to their face, and tell them that they actually care that you actually care about black lives. You don't care about black lives. The only life you care about Hawk is your own. And I would like that child to be able to grow up safely. And we don't have the kind of support that we need because we have diminished these officers and we have put them in a situation where they can't protect that little 11 year old that you just saved today. And like I said, good for you for the work that you're doing. Poverty doesn't understand because it can't comprehend it. Even in cities where the police precincts weren't defunded, crime is up. How do you explain that? Democrat policies, Democrat policies you don't have to defund the police To change the laws, you don't, um, is up across the country. Okay? You say, the police. And no, it is absolutely true. Well, there's a number of factors with that. But when you look at the increases in homicides across this country, what you're seeing is places where police have been diminished in their ability. What are they? What are they? What are they? What are they? When when my when my wife has lost an argument, all right. And I'm trying to explain something. She cuts me off and goes, What? What are, what are well, that's just a tactic. Alright? I'm not saying anything bad about my wife. I love my wife. Everybody's got their thing, but that's one of my wife's things, right? That's from somebody that might have a hard time admitting certain things. I have a hard time admitting certain things. And hawk has a hard time admitting certain things. Hawk has a hard time admitting when he's wrong. He's wrong. Look at him look in his face. He looks nervous. He looks sweaty. He can't believe that he wasn't catered to. He's used to people listening to him, praising him telling him that he special giving him a trophy for things he's never even done are accomplished. And here, some middle aged white woman schools him has totally emasculating He must feel like he's got the tiniest set of balls and pecker on the entire planet. And that makes him feel shitty inside. And so what does he do? He's gonna lash out so he can feel better. That's a child. That's not a man. That's a child. But you know, they praise this stuff. The Democrats praise this, this sort of thing. They think that it's great. They think that it's good. This is what they want. And it's not true. All right, it's not true. But meanwhile, the mainstream media propagates, nobody will show this interview, they'll show this guy helping a child which maybe he did help a child and if he did good for that child, all right, but at the same time, helping one child doesn't vindicate you from screwing over 1000s of other people under the guise of some false movement. All right, Black Lives mattering is a very different concept than the group Black Lives Matter. All right, plain and simple, plain and simple. But this is all a distraction. It's all a distraction, while you're not seeing this, and you're seeing BLM and, and people like that being put on a pedestal being told how wonderful and how great they are, and how necessary they are for change. All of the people in a certain demographic are being sold, that Joe Biden and all the other elites are fantastic. You've got Jimmy Fallon, having Biden on The Tonight Show, and he tells him what well, crime is up and all these cities across the country, when crime is up everywhere, just like Hawk said, Biden's doing a fantastic job. In fact, he's bringing bringing class back to the presidency. But it's all a distraction. Because there's real stuff going on behind the scenes. All right. The Democrats, like I've said this whole time are running scared. They're running absolutely scared. Alright, but in a second, we're going to talk about that. I'm going to be right back. I've been holding in the biggest P for like the last hour and a half. I'm superduper sorry, you're gonna have to wait a second edited out. I'll be right back. Alright, folks, I'm back. Sorry about that. But, uh, I don't know talking about that Hawkeye, reading all that stuff, listening to all that stuff. It made me have to pee. Maybe it was that or maybe it was the giant drink of purple stuff that I've been drinking for the last hour and a half. But whatever it was, I couldn't hold it anymore. I'm getting old. I have the bladder of a nine year old girl apparently, whatever deal with it. But the point that I was trying to make the point that I was getting to is while all this horrible stuff is going on while they brainwash our kids, while BLM burns down cities across the country will maths looters, smash and grab everything. And people like Hawk get on the television there and tell you how Life's not fair and how they should get more free stuff. We're being bombarded in the media by a mainstream organization, a big tech organization and industrial complex of technology and insane communications that are transmitted and pumped into our phones into our lives. Jimmy Fallon and everybody else kissing the ass of President Biden and all the elites but why are they kissing so much ass lately? Is it because they deserve it? Is it because their asses smell like roses? Peaches and Cream and champagne? No, their asses are just a stinky and nasty as yours and mine. Well, I just showered so excuse me, but if you haven't, they're just as bad if, in fact, I don't know if he even remembers to wipe at this point. But what they are doing, what they're doing is they're covering up for the elite. Alright, they're trying to make you think everything is rosy while things are breaking behind the scene. Alright, we talk about Julian Maxwell behind the scene. We talk about these court cases across the country. We've talked about Roe v. Wade possibly being overturned in the next couple months, we talked about all of these things. But the big thing, the big thing that happened the other day was Julian Assange. That's right. It was Julian Assange, Mr. WikiLeaks himself, the founder of WikiLeaks. Alright, and before we do this, let me pop into this real quick, I want to talk about a couple things that Julian Assange revealed. Alright, and why he's been in hiding why he's been in London. All right, why he was arrested there, why he's been fighting extradition to the United States. All right, he revealed the army manual for Guantanamo prison, he revealed all of these things that were happening, these standard operating procedures, these these torture mechanisms that were going on all of the messages, the 911 papers, that the video was of helicopter shooting down civilians, he practically helped reveal the fraud of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, all those documents, but the real big fish, all right, the real, real big fish here, the thing that shows us exactly what is going on. That's these two here on the bottom, the State Department cables and the stolen 26 emails, the 2016 emails. Who do you think that relates to? Who do you think this goes back to what was happening in 2016? Besides Russia gate besides the DNC, Hillary Clinton and people funding the fake Russia dossier, the fake document that they use to impeach Trump on the things that they use? They spied on the Trump campaign, they did all of these different things. It started with Hillary needing to go to jail. And what did she need to go to jail for? For all of the illegal and horrible things? She did? How do you want to count you want to talk about Benghazi? Do you want to talk about how she got into politics? What do you want to talk about? Look at this State Department cables, November 2010, to September 2011. Here's the leaks more than 250,000 unredacted US diplomatic cables dating from December 1966. To February 2010. They were released into what was referred as cable gate. And here's the revelation from it. Okay. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the release and attack on international communities. The documents included verification, all right that the US had conducted secret drone strikes in Yemen, alright, secret drone strikes in Yemen, illegal activities, he exposed illegal activities, details of US efforts to get information on UN representatives, a push by Saudi Arabia's royal family to have the US strike Iran and a description of Russia under Vladimir Putin as a virtual mafia state. All right, he uncovered all of those things which greatly embarrassed Hillary Clinton. They embarrassed Hillary Clinton Bill and Hillary famous for the murder or disappearance, the mysterious circumstances around dozens of people that have worked with them or crossed them or wronged them. They've mysteriously led a short walk off of a even shorter plank. Alright, Hillary Clinton was embarrassed and you don't embarrass Hillary Clinton, the presidential hopeful of 2016. In fact, she did some shifty stuff to be that presidential hopeful because if you don't remember, Bernie was winning. Bernie was going to be the nominee, and the left couldn't have that he might be a socialist. All right. But these leftist this dynasty, you might call it of Democrat people, these dinette look like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama, right. All of these folks, the bushes this corporate this disgusting corrupt this elitist group, right, this elitist group, you really want your mind blown. George HW Bush, right. He was actually I believe a CIA agent, a high level CIA agent, CIA agent, and he was involved in the investigation on JFK, his murder, but that's for another story for another day. You might want to ask me about that in the comment section below. But this this right here, this whole group, this dynasty, like I said, of these preordained, pre selected elites to further the build back better globalist agenda to further the new world order to further the great reset before it was even called the Great reset. They've been doing this for years. And what did Julian Assange do? He helped throw a wrench in it. He helped pave the way for people like Donald Trump, which is exactly why they want him dead. But we'll get into that in a second. Here's another leak July 22 2016, WikiLeaks released nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails On October 7 2016, it released another 2000 emails from the Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta. Is your memory being jogged yet? Are you starting to see what is happening? Here's the revelations. The emails, which US intelligence later determined had been stolen by hackers working for the Russian government appeared to show that the DNC had favored Clinton over her rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. And among the damaging information in Podesta's emails was the news that the DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazil, had given the Clinton campaign, the debate questions in advance. Again, Hillary should be in jail, all of this server deletion. She had that masterclass. You remember, I saw a Twitter comment when it showed her in her master class people actually pay to hear her read her want to be presidential speech, I should have been the president and it was so funny. Somebody said What is she teaching a masterclass and wiping a server is that's that's really, she's an idiot. She has literally been given rich, privileged permission into the political sphere, and then gained tons of power with her husband through their nonprofits, their phony organizations, all the different things they've used to steal launder money. They're just as bad as the Biden crime family. All right, but we could talk about that for another two hours as well. Julian Assange. All right. Yeah, he did some stuff. He's guilty. He technically is guilty of these crimes. But these crimes revealed major problems within the US government and even more so revealed major problems within the Clintons. And that's right. That's the issue right there. He's upset the Clintons, alright. He's revealed things. He started a lot of these whirlwinds of accountability that are coming towards the elites. And the other day, the UK ruled that the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, he can be extradited to the USA, he can be tried for espionage by the Biden regime. All right, that is what they ruled in the United Kingdom. All right, and this is what it means. The High Court in the UK has ruled that the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can be extradited to the United States to face charges of espionage. This ruling by the High Court overturns a ruling from a lower court which said that Assange could not be extradited to the United States due to his mental health. The United States has accused Assange of violating the Espionage Act by publishing classified material and diplomatic documents saying that this put the country's national security at risk now. All right, he is basically going to be held accountable. They want to extradite him back. But here's the problem. All right. If he comes if he stands trial for something he could talk, right. He could talk. He has evidence that he hasn't revealed there's a security there's a reason why they haven't taken him thus far, because if he presses the right button, documents will come out. All right, and heads will roll. All right. I truly believe that he has access to information, much more information on Jeffrey Epstein, Julian Maxwell, all of these elites, and if something happens, if something happens, then this information will be released. But something did already happen. How convenient. Alright, you remember when they caught up steam, they found him hanging soon after? Well, now. All right now they said he could be extradited back. And listen, I want to say this real quick. Listen, the US government has had these top secret these high level meetings talking about even kidnapping Julian Assange. That's how crazy it is kidnapping him and making him disappear kidnapping him from the jails in the United Kingdom. Are they capable of that? Did that happen? Well, it's very strange. It's very coincidental. And you know what Mr. Bannon says about coincidences? It's such a coincidence that Julian Assange has stroke in British prison as the courts, okay, his extradition to the United States Julian Assange. This is right after they announced the extradition had a stroke in Belmarsh prison in the United Kingdom and His fiancee, Stella Morris suggested it was triggered by stress generated by his ongoing time in jail. It says Assange, the 50 year old Wikileaks founder is being held at the maximum security jail in London. During the trial, the High Court ruled Assange can be extradited. He was unwell, and the prison still forced him to go to the prison video room even after the judge excused him during the hearing. All right. He's had a stroke. He had it on the morning of his latest hearing. All right. So let me ask you a question. I need to ask you this question. All right. Do you think he really had a stroke? Or do you think that the United States tried to kill him? Do you think if they extradite him back to the United States, he'll be able to stand trial? And if he stands true, do you think he'll reveal secrets? About the left reveal secrets? Possibly about Hillary Clinton? We already talked about the US, the CIA, the FBI, all of the different groups who are conspiring to kidnap him and make him disappear. So why couldn't they be possibly doing the same? Or with the tensions lately between the US and the UK? Is this a, an EMI six type thing? Do you think he's okay? Do you think possibly the the British government, the UK, they're trying to help him disappear? Maybe to come out later with some secrets. Maybe just maybe he did actually have a stroke. Or maybe just maybe the stroke is being orchestrated to get him to safety, or maybe, and unfortunately, most likely, though, I have no sources to verify this. Maybe the FBI and the CIA, tried to make it so that he would be able to come to the US, but he wouldn't be cognitive enough to spill the beans on whatever secrets he has left. But one thing's for certain folks. One thing is for absolutely certain Julian Assange terrifies Hillary Clinton. The right our whole movement, terrifies Hillary Clinton, because she knows the law and accountability are coming for her. She knows that in 2022, we're going to win. She knows in 2024, we're going to win and she knows we're going to drain the swamp. All right. Hillary Clinton is so scared. She's so scared that she's come out and literally said if Trump wins in 2024, it could be the end of our democracy. Bang, she just hit the red break glass in case of emergency button pulled the crank down or re re re alarms going off everywhere. The Dems are running for their lives. The elites are terrified because Trump is going to come back in 2024. And Trump is going to win Clinton said, If I were a betting person right now, I'd say Trump is going to run again. And you saw Gorka even came out the other day and said he knows Trump is gonna run again, we all know Trump was gonna run again. And half the people that didn't vote for Trump before or didn't want to vote for him again, at this point, what what the left has done to our communities, to people to children, with all of the stuff that's been exposed with the elites, how many people do you think are gonna just vote for Trump suck just just so they can watch the best sequel that they've ever had? Just so they can see the entire leftist machine burn to the ground? Because if one person can do that, you know, Trump can, you know, he will, I think he's much smarter now that he's gone through the rodeo, he knows what to expect, folks, a reckoning is coming. And Hillary Clinton, she scared, very, very, very scared. It says that he seems to be setting himself up to do that. That's Hillary Clinton saying Trump's gonna run again, he seems to be setting himself up to do that. If he's not held accountable, and he gets to do it again. All right, she's saying that then he gets to do it again. She's already predicting him winning in 2024. She knows he's popular. She knows the people want him. She knows that the people are out trumping the power, the old guard is falling, and law is coming. That's what she knows. She said that this could be the end of democracy as she knows it. Because the elitist democracy will fall and the true Republic will be restored to its original ideas and principles and found true equality will spread across this land. That's not profitable for an elite like Hillary Clinton. She said not to be too pointed about it. But I want people to understand that this is a make or break point, if he or someone of his ilk, or once again, to be elected president. If especially he had a Congress that would do his bidding, you will not recognize our country. Yeah, probably because we've all been lied to for years and years and years. Black communities, white communities, Hispanic communities, all communities, families, we've all been lied to, because everybody that knew of a better time is dead. All right, they're dead. But Hillary, you're an old old woman. And one day, all of the people of your ilk will be dead. And it will be people like me running this country. And hopefully, we won't recognize our country like this anymore. Hopefully, we will see a restored beautiful union where we can find balance and bipartisan agreement and if we can't Well, while our American core values are much better than yours, and I do don't believe that you have the wherewithal, and your people and your ilk and your moral compass of decrepid, Sodom and Gomorrah like sim, your sick, sick world, your Democrat world will never ever be able to win will never be able to upstand will never hold true, we'll never be able to hold the gates against the righteous people of the United States, the free people of the United States because we Hillary will not be your slave, black, white, Latino, Asian, American, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, whatever, none of us will be slaves to Democrat policies and Democrat hellscape any more? Never. Again, never again. And if you think I'm kidding, you should listen to what Matt Gates and Steve Bannon have to say. Take a listen. Follow. So what I'm saying is that, you know, stage craft is state craft, people didn't like the Donald Trump raised his voice, but sometimes you got to raise your voice to raise a ruckus and to raise an army of patriots who love this country and will fight for her. And if we get more of them in Congress, then that is exactly what we're going to do. We're going to operationalize the performance to go right after the people who are imposing the vaccine mandates who are enriching themselves and who are selling out the country. So for the truth, the starting with the the joy and read the Crusades, the Rachel Maddow, the brains of the operation over there for the Democratic Left, understand, this is a this is a theory of governing. Right and it's fresh and it's new. This is Trumpism in power. That's what we went to the to the to the to the 4000. Shot truce we have to have this is going to demand the government and get them ready now. Right? We're going to hit the beach and you had the landing teams and the beach teams, all that nomenclature. They use what when, when when President Trump wins again in 2024, or before, right? You hear that or before? You remember I saw a meme the other day that actually showed a true process. Imagine if Trump ran for Congress in 2022 for a district in Florida, right. Then they impeach the president. Right? Then they impeach not Well, hold on. Let me start over. He runs for a seat in the house in 2022. Then they elect him speaker of the house. All right, then they impeach the president and Comala. And he is made the president again gets to fulfill the rest of Joe Biden's term and then gets to run again. And hopefully, well, definitely the be reelected to make America great again, again, make this place better again, again, fix all the corruption again, and save us from this sinking ship of socialism. Again, that's what could happen. But, but that's a long shot. That's a crazy fantasy. You never know. But I want to see how this plays out. It's really fun to think about because man, that would be such a great movie to watch, wouldn't it? What a comeback? What an underdog story. Trump gets elected to Congress, Trump becomes the speaker that was Trump becomes the President then becomes the president again. Ah, maybe DeSantis is vice president, then DeSantis could get elected again, then DeSantis could get elected for a reelection again? And then what do we got? 2024 To 2028 Is Trump 2028 to 2032 is to Sanders 2032 to 2036 is DeSantis. And you're damn right Hillary Clinton, people like you will never recognize this country again. Because it'll be a beautiful place of peace, love and strength and strength, that thing that people like you don't possess, you're going to have those as the 4000 political appointees on Capitol Hill, you're going to have Gates and others that and no more. Trey Gowdy is no more No more powderpuff Derby, this is going to be hardcore accountability at every committee. Yes. And we are going to go after this administrative state. And we're going to start at the Department of Justice and the FBI. That's the job I want, you know, sent send me over to the Judiciary Committee, and their sphincters will tighten because they've been doing a lot of corrupt things over there. The FBI and the Department of Justice have become the enforcement wing of the Democratic Party. Is that your is that your priority? And I've argued for years now, even when I left inside the Trump administration, before Breitbart, and then after I left, you need a you need a commission like they had back in the in the night Church Committee to go through the CIA, all the national security apparatus, you would actually do it from Capitol Hill, you would say, Hey, we're gonna get to the bottom of the national security apparatus. And by the way, I don't need a new committee. I just need a gavel you and you don't and you coming from Pensacola and your district, a super patriot. It's not that we're anti military at all, not whatever this is devolved into. We're anti what this is right. And this has got to stop. Well, I mean, we are doing this to vindicate the patriotism of the people who wear the uniform and who serve our country in a variety of ways in law enforcement and really throughout our society, and those people feel betrayed by what is going on in this town. You know, Matt gates is a true soldier. I'm telling you, Matt gates is really a blessing. But But Matt gates. If you remember a few months ago, there was that whole scandal, right? And he came out and he said, they're trying to blackmail me. And then it all disappeared. Nobody's reporting on it. But just remember Matt Gates was vindicated. He was justified the people that were scamming him, I believe they got arrested. That's why Matt gates is still there. All right. People say oh, look at Matt gates. He's a bad guy. Meanwhile, Eric Swalwell is banging Fang Fang. And he's the head of the, or at least the high ranking member, one of them of the Intelligence Committee. All right, massive corruption in our government. But people like Matt Cates, people like Steve Bannon, they give us hope. They tell us that we're gonna fix this government that we're gonna see in our lifetime, a government for the people and by the people that actually represents the people and holds these people accountable. And that's why people like Hillary are terrified because of this, because Matt gates is coming for you. All right, because the new blood of Republicans are coming for you. Alright, can you hear that? Can you hear that? That that noise? That's a sump pump. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The Swamp is being drained once again. And that's the whole point. That's the whole key I told you about these current events. I told you about these headlines. I told you about the evil that they're teaching our kids. I told you, all right, about the Department of Justice. Going after CNN and showing that this producers into child porn, raping kids, I showed you how all these elites are raping kids. I've told you and talk to you about Jeff Epstein, about Julian Max, about Alec Baldwin about all of these people. I've shown you how BLM New York City and other groups attack people how they've been brainwashed by the left, how they're led by cowardice leaders that portray their own people because people at the top white rich Democrats have lied to them and have created policies for years and years and years to destroy their communities and turn them against good people. All right. I've talked about that. I've shown you that I've shown you how scared they are while they're propping up Joe Biden. Meanwhile, in the background, Julian Assange has a mysterious stroke. And you need to tell me in the comments below what you think about that, whether you think he did that intentionally, whether you think it actually happened or whether the US government's trying to kill them. I want to know what you have to say about that. You've been watching the ticker on the bottom, you know how to get a hold of me. And if you are listening, you can get a hold of me at www dot American you bookmark that site, because I'm censored everywhere. All right, you go to American underscore Reveley on most of the social medias, you'll find me Alright, you go to Apple podcast search American Reveley podcast, our AV e i, L L, E. And as always, you can email me directly if you'd like to write for us because check it out American revenue comm we have a whole publication we have a whole team of writers putting out the perspective putting out the truth, putting out the word of we, the people from the street, people like you and me, people have calluses on their hands getting the word out, we need you to go American RTV I ll E and bookmark the site. We're doing amazing things. We're doing amazing things. But the biggest thing we're doing is helping wake you up getting the word out showing you the truth. And the truth is that we've got the left scared, and the elites are terrified that the hard strong arm of accountability is coming. The size of the law is gonna cut them down. And oh, yes, baby. It's coming. And it will be glorious. It will be glorious. And we have to end this episode on a high note. We have to end it with a feel good story. One that I thought you would love one that people that are into justice into karma into people getting what they deserve, one that we're going to like and one that you're going to appreciate, folks. Let's end this on a good note. Car crushes catalytic converter thief to death Sheriff's Office says a North Carolina man was crushed to death by a car on Wednesday evening while he was attempting to steal a catalytic converter. The incident occurred at a residence in the 3900 block of West Unionville Indian Trail road, the Union County Sheriff's Office the UCS so stated in a Facebook release the deputies and crime scene investigators and detectives responded to the residents at 5:45pm and discovered a man underneath a Toyota Prius. Now that my friends that's poetic justice right there. That's irony right there. Ah, a Toyota Prius your electric car, doing exactly what it does best. Being a piece of crap falling off and crushing a man while he was trying to steal the catalytic converter. Oh, what a beautiful day it is. When the car mug comes and smacks you down and the car falls on your face. That is the great thing. Anyway, folks, I just want to say thank you again, thank you for listening or watching episode 180 of American Reveley podcasts, we're still pushing get on the radio, we're still pushing to get all over the place. We are on platforms among platforms on platforms, from YouTube, to rumble to Odyssey from Apple podcast, Spotify to iHeart. Radio, we're all over the place, but we are strongly censored. Just like I've said time and time again, take a look right there, head to www dot American revenue calm again, bookmark the site and pay attention throughout the week for more episodes, more goodies more drops, we're still settling on a new schedule, still trying to figure it out. And as you can see by the new ticker, and different things, we're working on getting closer and closer to a live broadcast on a consistent basis. Friends, we are just working out the kinks. And then we are going to present you with something amazing. And if you've enjoyed this format, leave a comment below or contact me. Let me know that you liked it. But I want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You guys have been great. You guys have been awesome. This was a killer episode. We're going to rock and roll. We're gonna have an amazing week. And I'm going to see you guys on episode 181 of American Reveley with James lane. Have a great week and I will see you next time one of the only fucking things you left in place no cross the bear no responsibilities just chocolate chocolate chip the ease your mental instability, I would say the bloods on your hands but that's a lie because you don't even know where the fuck you are happening. 

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