American Reveille | Taking Ownership of My Mistakes and Adjusting Course

November 02, 2021 James Lane
American Reveille | Taking Ownership of My Mistakes and Adjusting Course
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I'm James Lane, host of American Reveille and owner of American Reveille LLC. We had an amazing start two years ago and went up against major censorship but unfortunately, I made some major tactical mistakes that I have to own up to. What I thought were improvements destroyed the personal relationship we worked so hard to build. Today that ends. No more scripts. This is how we are going to fix American Reveille and then take on the left, together!

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Wherever you are listening, wherever you are watching, thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for tuning in. How are you doing? How are you? I'm saying, Hi, this is me coming from a legitimate place. If you've been watching, if you've been listening for a long time, for a while, you can tell that the show's been a little bit stale. It's been a little bit stale. So I wanted to take a moment in the beginning of this show, to kind of explain to you what happened, explain to you kind of where we're going, and really rebuild that connection between you and I James lane, Big Daddy Patriot here to inform you here to entertain you here to empower you. But I wasn't really doing that was I? I wasn't really informing you entertaining you empowering you. Maybe I was informing you definitely informing you. I've never lied. I've always told you the truth. But we've been doing this for about two years now. I've been doing this for two years. I incorporated American Reveley LLC almost two years ago. All right, right. When all of this pandemic garbage first started, you know, I'm sitting at home, like a lot of you where everybody got sent home from from work a lot of people did, at least for a short period of time, I had to go right back in a few weeks, but I was home, I didn't know what to do with myself. And I had all this free time. And I thought, man, stuffs really messed up. And I felt this calling inside of me something, something I've been hearing my whole life, something that said that I needed to talk, I needed to say my piece, maybe just maybe I mean all my life, right? I've been able to talk to people like you, I've been able to talk to people like you, you and I could get together. And for some reason, you'd open up to me, you tell me your life story. We'd sit there for hours, and we both walk away feeling good about it, right. And that's what I thought I was doing. That's what I thought I was doing. I thought I was building that connection. And for a while, for a while we were for a while you and I were the best of friends until the censorship started. And that's, that's kind of where I made a very big mistake. Right? The censorship started. And the feedback stopped coming. You see, I I'm trying to view this from an entrepreneurial lens, right? If I just go gung ho, if I just go patriot, you know, hardcore to the wall foot pedal to the metal, rocking and rolling, I'm just going to disappear, right? That's what they do. I'm not going to make a difference. I'm going to sound like a crazy person, and nobody's ever going to get their point across. Nobody's going to ever have a conversation. Nobody's ever going to hear anything. Because I'm going to be discounted as a crazy person. So I thought to myself, well, the censorship hit the censorship hit, right? And what am I going to do about it? How can I make this better? And I thought to myself, at least this is what I've been telling myself. This is what I've been telling myself. I said, James, you talk too slow. Well, not slow. Excuse me, You talk too fast, right? So you need to slow it down a little bit. Maybe people aren't understanding maybe you're ranting and raving, you know, maybe you come off the subject a little bit. But I couldn't, I couldn't see that I just kept blaming the censorship. I kept saying we have to fight the censorship. We have to take out Facebook, Zuckerberg, all those people that put me in a box that put me in a corner, and nobody, nobody puts baby in the corner. But you know, I was fooling myself. Now there is an element of censorship. I have all the analytics, it shows where the hits went, it shows that we went from 10s of 1000s of awesome patriots living in loving the American Revolution to barely anything, but there was still there was still enough people to where if I had done the right thing, if I had been honest with myself, and I'd been honest with you, we would have hit some gold. And that's my fault. We didn't because of my insecurities, my lack of ownership. And I'm going to explain that to you really quick. And we're going to do this for a couple minutes before we get into the segments. Alright, but this is very important. So just just stick with me understand how important this is because it's going to set up the future episodes of American revenue with James lane. It's going to set up the future of how we attack the censorship how we get one over on the left and how we win this game. Right? That's what that's what We're going to do so here's my issue. All right. I can write my butt off. I can talk my butt off. Alright. I have a lot of experience. I've been around the world I've lived in many different places. I've had many interesting conversations, right? Just like many of you, just like many of you. I have a problem though. I've really bad add. How many of you have really bad add? Just me and you? I'm looking at you right now. Eye to Eye man demand man to a woman. However, whoever is looking straight at me right in the camera, or listening to me, just imagine my big, bald, beautiful face staring deeply, deeply into your eyes. I have really bad add. Do you? Do you understand? Do you know what that's like? I get very scatterbrained. I'm gonna explain this. I could be going on and on about a topic, I could be rambling about the most interesting things, the most informative of things, I could be giving you some sort of piece of knowledge that I've stored deep inside of the cockles of my heart. That could be very impactful to the way you do business to the way you operate to the way maybe you view the left. And then bla bla bla bla, I'm talking and bloop. It's gone. It literally like a sock in the dryer. Stolen by the underwear elves. My thought can go poof. And literally, literally, I don't, I have no clue where I just was, which causes problems. Because if you're in the entertainment industry, which I'm sitting behind the camera, I'm sitting behind the microphone, I'm talking to you. So I am in the entertainment industry. Right? That's a bad thing. It's a bad, bad thing. So to cover up for my insecurity, using censorship as the scapegoat. I started scripting my episodes, dozens and dozens 5060 episodes fully scripted on and off. You'll know which ones aren't scripted, there's no format, it's just me going Ba ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba. And you know which ones are scripted? Because I sound like John McAfee leading the deep dive expedition of the Titanic, enough to make you fall right? Asleep. I thought I was doing the right thing. But instead, I damaged the authenticity of this show. I damaged the reputation of the show. I damaged our relationship. And I'm here to tell you that I'm a professional. But I'm also human. I made a mistake. But I've learned I learned from that mistake. I faced the music and now we're going to fix this together. That's right, you and me. We're going to fix this together. All right, let me explain. You see, I came up with a secret weapon. That's right. I have a secret weapon to infiltrate to break through the cracks of the evil censorship that the big tech oligarchs and the government have crushed down upon us with I have the secret. All right. I gather inspiration, from very odd places, very odd places. I was born in the 80s. Some of you are older than me. Couple of you are younger than me. A lot of you are right around my age range. All right. 36 years old. I do what I can. Listen. I get my inspiration from weird places. A movie that was really near and dear to my heart growing up was the movie Independence Day. Now if you've listened to the show for a long time, you know, I like that movie. I like watching sci fi movies about killing aliens. Why not? Who doesn't? Who doesn't want to watch predator who doesn't want to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger shooting up now? Let me back that up two seconds. And I'll say this real quick before I go. Totally off track. I'm talking Arnold Schwarzenegger. 1979 1985. I'm not talking Arnold Schwarzenegger. Full on socialist with a donkey in his living room. 2021. All right. I don't know who that Arnold Schwarzenegger is. I think he's going to the same dementia Doc as Brandon over there, if you know who I'm talking about. But I digress. I came up with the secret weapon while I was watching the movie Independence Day. Now there's a scene in that movie. And if you remember the premise, you got the alien out boiler alert, not that I really care. I the movies out in the 90s. If I spoil it for you, and you email me and complain, I'm going to laugh at you. I really am. But aliens are coming mothership is here. They have static interference. Nobody can communicate with each other seem familiar. Nobody can communicate with each other. And why is that? Well, because they've jammed our satellites. As Jeff Goldblum says in the movie as he flips the laptop around. President. They're using our satellites against us, and the clock is ticking. Let's fast forward. Fast forward, fast forward, we get to a part of the movie, where they figure out how to take down all of these spaceships, they figure out how to blow them out of the sky. You know, that's of course after Russell case, says Hello boys back and flies that fighter jet right up the tailpipe of that giant spaceship. That was a great, great part of the movie. But after he does that, they have to get the word out. They can't talk to each other. They can't talk to Israel, they can't talk to Russia, they can't talk to anybody and tell them how to bring down the bad guys. So they have a great idea. What do they do? They use Morse code. That's right. They're sitting there, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap. They use Morse code. I'd like to think, and you can tell me if you agree with me or not. All right, let me know. Tell me if you agree, you're gonna let me know. If you're watching this as a podcast, you can let me know in the comment section below. You can let me know through email James lane at American revenue calm, but I want you to let me know what you think. All right, tell me. What do you think about a FM radio? Being the Morse code of technology being the Morse code of audio technology of broadcast technology, right? If podcasting is live streaming, if Netflix if Facebook video if, if if all of these things if online radio stations are the pinnacle, the peak 2021, big tech, the huge chimichanga of technology and its pivotal advancement toward broadcast excellency, then am radio has to be Morse code. The left is blocking our signal, they're blocking our communication. We can't talk to each other, we can't organize with each other. So we have to find another means of communication. And the only thing I can think of is getting on am radio. So what did I do? What led me to this discovery, what led me to realize that my show sucked. And that I was doing you, my friend that I was doing you a disservice? Well, like any good boy, any good girl, any good business minded individual who wants to succeed who is motivated to succeed, excuse me, who has children who look at those children and say, I have to do something, I have to make a difference for this world. I have to be successful for these kids. And I have to save this country for these kids. When you look at that it is highly motivating. Right? You look at that you're in that situation. How many of you are in that situation, looking at your children and going I've got to do something about this country? I know that I am. So what did I do? I started making lists. All right, you can't see it. But right over there on the wall. All right next to my big calendar, if you're watching, if you're listening, I have this nice big desk here. It's a green screen behind me. I have to upgrade some equipment. We'll get into that in a second. But there's a big map of the United States with pins all in it like a crazy person with pins and all kinds of stuff, mapping out all of the different radio stations. That's right, hundreds and hundreds of radio stations that I had listed out and solicited across this country. I took Excel, I opened a spreadsheet and I put every single person in there. I put them all down, okay. And I got responses. I did. That's what happens when you solicit that's what happens when you talk to all of these different people. I got responses. Okay. And what did they tell me? What did they tell me? Well, some started with some kind. Good advice. Some nice words some encouragement. I'm not a kid. I could smell that I could smell it in the air. It smelled like poop. And I know that I didn't poop myself. No, it was my show. They were kindly telling me how bad it was. And then, and then I had a meeting. That's right. I had a meeting with a radio station executive. And that radio station executive told me, James lane, you've got the name. You've got the talent. You've got the chops. You've got the raw talent. You've got the ability. But you're boring. You're boring. Do you hear that? Boring? You're boring. Your shows terrible. You're doing something wrong. You don't know. And that drove me crazy. It drove me crazy. I didn't know what to do. I started messaging people all over LinkedIn. I message station managers, I asked for advice. I bought books. I bought books. I've got one here called the radio producers handbook, the radio producers handbook, it lays out how to write for radio, how to format radio, how to produce for radio, I bought textbooks, I bought all kinds of things. I couldn't figure it out. Until one person on YouTube left a comment that made it go, boom, it made my head explode. Not in a bad way the light bulb came on, my head exploded because I couldn't realize how dumb I had been. Alright, I couldn't realize how dumb we had been. I couldn't, he left a comment that told me to speed up my recordings by at least 30%. It was the nicest fpu I could ever get at least 30%. So they still get quality information. There are people out there that still listen to the show still enjoy and love this show. And they want the quality information. He said he wants the information still. But if I speed it up, maybe he'd be able to get through it without being bored. And I felt sick. To my stomach. I knew I had wronged you guys. I knew that the only way I would successfully get this show on national radio, the only way we can break through the left the left stranglehold on big tech on social media, the only way would be by sneaking in through the cracks. And I can't do it without a partner. So I'm asking you look me in the eye. Listen to me. Put your handout I'm asking you. Take my hand. Come with me. Be my partner, be my partner. And let's take them on together. Plain and simple, folks. We can't do this alone. We need each other. And I need you. I promise from here on out. No more scripts. No more garbage. No more nonsense. All you get is nothing but raw energy, raw intensity, the truth. But well planned, well planned. Like I said, No scripts, I got bullet points. Now we're going to do this the right way, like a real real radio show. Alright, plain and simple. Let me take this drink really fast, guys. We're not doing any more editing. We're not doing it ever again. You see, in a couple weeks, we're going to start putting new equipment in here. That's right, I'm going to start putting new equipment so we can go alive. That's right, you see the Sunday morning shifting work and people don't like it, we're going to want to go live, we're going to want to do probably a late night show, maybe a little earlier, we'll see how it plays out. It won't be on Sunday, we're going to try random days, we're gonna see how you folks like it, we're gonna see how you and I go together at different times. And then we're going to take it from there, we're going to put new equipment in, we're not going to have to edit anymore, I'm not going to be doing any post production, we're gonna come straight out live and once we get used to that, and once we get used to this new format with the bullet points with different things like that with the articles with some highlights different stuff, but the right format right the piece of the puzzle, the mathematical equation to putting a show together. Once we get our timing right, once we go live will start mixing in the soundboard will start mixing in all of the different live sounds for a couple months. We may even add callers I may even do an open call or our screened of course. But we're going to turn this into a real well produced well oiled machine of a show. It's going to be raw, it's going to be uncut. It's going to be you and me together, taking on the left 

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