A Silver Lining Grows Amid the Constant Chaos of Biden, Fauci, and Obama | Ep 177

October 25, 2021 James Lane Episode 177
A Silver Lining Grows Amid the Constant Chaos of Biden, Fauci, and Obama | Ep 177
Show Notes Transcript

Over the weekend I came across an Alzheimer's warning signs pamphlet and couldn't help but notice how much many Joe Biden examples fit the bill, so I made a segment out of it. Hey! Did you know that Dr. Fauci gave away half a million dollars of our tax dollars to torture Beagle dogs? Also, Obama gets in front of a podium in Virginia, parents in Massachusetts stand up against modern segregation, will a national divorce work? Plus so much more!

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Coming to you from deep down underground in the American Revolution compound, the only host to be shadow banned by the establishment before anyone even knew who he was hosting the only show prescribing the correct dosages of modern conservative red pills, the big papa Patriot himself. This is American Reveley. And here's your host, James lane. Good morning. Good evening, and good afternoon. I bid you greetings, I bid you salutations from deep down in the underground compound. I'm James lane, and this is American Reveley. So, how's everybody doing today? Wherever you are, whatever you're going through, we do the best we can. And always put one foot in front of the other. Someone most likely depends on you. Right. So keep your head about you keep it together, march forward, always march forward. We've got a great show for you today. Patriots, as always, I find and write the most original content next probably Glenn Beck, I'd say I'd love Ben Shapiro in there too. But he doesn't really count. He just does these ad segues that he takes some kind of sick personal pleasure. And as he sneaks in the transitions, you really can see it on his face anyway. No, no hate their banner. I love you, man. Anyway, over the weekend, I came across an Alzheimer's pamphlet. While I was at the car dealership. You heard me right and Alzheimer's pamphlet while I was at the car dealership. And while I was looking through it, I couldn't help but notice how I had a ton of examples for each and every Alzheimer's warning sign. And it gave me a great idea for a really cool segment that I put together giving you some comparisons between that Alzheimer's pamphlet and Joe Biden. Anyway, we have some breaking news about Dr. Fauci, the NIH and our taxpayer dollars. This is confirmed as 100% True. Dr. Fauci, the NIH and the US government use taxpayer dollars to torture animals in other countries. That's right, torture animals in other countries, but the way that they did it was especially cruel, and unusual. We then take a trip to Virginia, where ex President Obama is doing what he usually does, talking smack about Americans just like you and me, and pretending that critical race theory doesn't exist and pretty much living in an alternate reality, full of menial, backwards conservatives. That's what Obama does best. And then finally, we end up in Massachusetts, where parents group is suing the school district for segregating students based upon their political beliefs and then punishing them even going so as so far as to punish them for their parents belief. So if they're not political, right, they're getting punished anyway, just in case their parents happen to vote for Trump. Listen to me closely. All right. These Democrats, students, they're literally attacking and beating up other students. All right. Not even conservative students. Just what I just said, just students whose parents may be conservative, and what's the school doing? Supporting the bullies? Of course, what else would you expect from people with such wildly different core values? So before we go into the first segment, let's do a couple of headlines that caught my attention this morning, right? I was looking through, I saw these headlines and they really jumped out at me, and I wanted to share them with you. All right. Check this out. The New Zealand Prime Minister admits she wants to create two classes of citizens based upon a vaccination status. Creepy. This is from Breitbart News, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admitted she wants to create two classes of citizens based on Chinese Coronavirus vaccination status Go figure. During an interview with the NZ Herald on Friday, a reporter asked Ardern if her goal is to create two classes of citizens with New Zealand's traffic light system, which Ardern unraveled excuse me unveiled Friday morning quote. So you basically said you probably don't see it like this, but two different classes of people if you're vaccinated or unvaccinated. You have all these rights if you are vaccinated. New Zealand Harold's deputy political editor Derek Chang asked Ardern that is what it is. Yep. Ardern replied. That that's that That was it's that simple, right? So really, basically, he just said so you have two different classes of people. You created this crazy system based on the Chinese Coronavirus, vaccination status. And the Prime Minister of New Zealand just yeah, pretty much. That's what we did. So there you have it, folks. A world leader saying it out loud. They just don't seem to care if if we know anymore, they really don't they just don't seem to care. If we see what's behind the veil. They don't. What else do we got here? Oh, I love this story. Let's see. Father's the father's over here. They begin supervising students at Louisiana High School to put end to frequent brawls. Fathers in Shreveport, Louisiana have begun taking shifts to supervise students at Southwood high school after 23 students were arrested for fighting over three days last month since the group dads on duty arrived on campus. The school has not had a single fight. Wow. 23 students arrested for fighting over three days last month. That's insane. I feel like these dads must be walking around with like their leather belts in their hands, right? Just walking around with leather belts making that that slapping sound right? pulling it tight, real fast. Just scaring the crap out of these kids. I'm just kidding. Let's read this. Some more dads on duty is comprised of about 40 fathers who take shifts at the school. According to CBS, they greet students in the morning and carry an air of relaxed authority, which helps to preserve a positive learning experience for students the outlet reported, because not everybody has a father figure at home or a male period in their life. So just to be here makes a big difference. They told CBS. And you know what? I really agree with that. You know what, folks, you just see it, you know, you just see this good in what they're doing. It just goes to show the importance of a father in a child's life. It's amazing how many mothers out there not all mothers just some All right, don't realize the importance of the relationship. All right, the relationships between dads and their children. All right, these dads went to that school and gave some of those kids something they really needed a father figure. It's a truly beautiful thing. A great way to get the show started to get the show warmed up. Alright, I think these dads don't get enough credit. But maybe I'm biased. Maybe I'm biased because I'm a dad. You know, parents in general, don't get enough credit. It really is a hard job. But it's a super important one. You know, we're saving this country for our kids we are, so why wouldn't we take care and how we're raising them. Right now. There are forces working hard in this country to make sure your children turn against you. And where's the President when he should be making sure this doesn't happen. He's busy having an ice cream cone with his imaginary friends. We'll get the show started right after this. Hey everybody, James lane here, and I'm the owner and founder of American Reveley, LLC. Now, as a conservative company, as you can imagine, we are under constant attack by big tech and the radical left. So do me a favor. Do your part right now, do your part by fighting back and you can fight back by heading to www dot American That's American ar e v e i l l And bookmark the site right now. And while you're there, do me a favor, hit that tab that says newsletter. Alright, hit that newsletter tab and sign up for our weekly recap. That is the only way that you can ensure you'll never miss a thing. The sensors are always out to get me all right. If you sign up for the newsletter, you'll know exactly what's going on. When it happens at the American Revolution. There's only one way to beat tyranny, folks one way, and that is with information. Don't let them take that from you. Don't let them take away your ability to know what's happening. Do me a favor, sign up for the newsletter right now. It's easy. It's fast. And best of all, it's free. 100% free. Alright guys. do me that favor. Remember WWW dot American Sign up for the newsletter. bookmark the site. That's our Eazy E. Ll Let's get back to the show. All right. All right. All right. So listen, I came across this pamphlet from the Alzheimer's Association over the weekend. Like I told you I was at the car dealership and get into that another time. But over the weekend I came Across this pamphlet, it says 10 warning signs of Alzheimer's and immediately and by the way, I'm going to butcher the word Alzheimer's probably 10 times and do the best that I can to keep it consistent. But it's just one of those words. All right. So this 10 warning signs of Alzheimer's, I took a look at it, and almost immediately, almost involuntarily, I thought of Joe Biden, I just couldn't help myself. I said to myself, how hard could it be to find a correlation between this pamphlet and the President of the United States? So I decided to spend a few minutes of my time skimming through the pamphlet, I thought that at the very least, I'd learned some warning signs to be paranoid about it three in the morning, when I'm thinking about stuff and can't sleep. As my skimming turned into reading, and my interest turned into intrigue, I realized something, I realized that I literally, I literally could write an entire 10 Page segment on the show, dedicated to the things Joe Biden has said and done, proving that he's the poster boy, for the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer's pamphlet seriously. Now, I'm no doctor, not for another couple months at least. But it doesn't take a doctor to see that something just isn't right with Joe Biden. Let's go through some of this pamphlet. And I'll show you what I'm talking about. But first, let me say one thing. Yes, I am using a legitimate Alzheimer's Association pamphlet pamphlet to demonstrate some of the obvious mental deficiencies of the so called President, I believe that it's absolutely possible. Excuse me, I believe that it's absolutely possible 100% percent possible that he's rapidly deteriorating, and should be medically evaluated. I'm not taking away from the horror of Alzheimer's, right? Simply I'm simply emphasizing the obvious truth, something is terribly wrong in Washington, D. C, so right at the top of the pamphlet, alright, right at the top of the pamphlet, it says that currently 50 million people worldwide live with dementia. All right, that's including more than 5 million Americans. So ask yourself a question. If 5 million Americans have some form of dementia, isn't it possible that Joe Biden does too? Just a question, right? You can't kick me off the platforms for that Kenya. I'm going to read you some of the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer's. Alright. And again, if you or a loved one is living with someone that has Alzheimer's or you yourself is suffering from some form of dementia, this isn't meant to hurt you. It's not meant to hurt you at all. It's meant to shine a light on the truth. All right, the truth is that something is not mentally right, with the most powerful man in the free world. So the first warning sign of Alzheimer's disease is memory loss that begins to affect your daily life. And who can't think of something that Joe Biden hasn't forgotten? How many times has Joe Biden forgotten people's names? I'm not talking everyday average Joe's like you and me. I mean, he forgets the names of his Cabinet members of foreign leaders, and even the characters he talks about in his tired made up stories. We don't have to go very far back for his latest spell of memory loss, though, I wouldn't doubt it if he's forgotten many things since that, that I haven't heard about yet. So this is from us sun. This is back on September 16. Speaking about Joe Biden it reads, the latest gaffe came during the nuclear submarine announcement, with Britain and the US agreeing to help the Australian Navy amid growing fears of Chinese aggression. The orcas defense alliance will share nuclear secrets to give Australia its first fleet of vessels. Mr. Johnson said the partnership between natural allies and shared interests and values would be increasingly vital for defending our in our interests in the Indo Pacific region. And as Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave a short speech about the move. When it was Biden's turn he made a fatal blunder. The US president did not name Mr. Morrison when thanking him and said this instead I want to thank I want to thank that that fellow down under. Thank you very much, pal. Appreciate it. Mr. Prime Minister, I, I did the best I can with my Biden impression, but it's terrible either way. You're the president. Okay. The President of the United States of America. And you can't remember the Australian Prime Minister's name that Man Down Under. Come on, man. There's plenty of examples. Alright, plenty more. We could literally do multiple hours just on this pamphlet alone. And if you want that, let me know. Let me know seriously, shoot me an email at James lane at American Revolution calm. That's our AV E I L L But for now, let's skip to number six new problems with words in speaking and writing. Alright, this is something that he has definitely experienced. All right, with this one. I probably have hundreds of examples, literally hundreds of sound clips, snippets and articles demonstrating Joe's inability to use his mouth properly. Let me read you something from an article. All right in the Des Moines Register. All right. This is from someone that actually knew Joe seriously. Beyond the slurring, stuttering, whispering and mispronunciations. People notice that Joe Biden is not the same person he used to be. I mean, just look at him the other day when he couldn't seem to put his arms down for like 12 minutes straight. It was something like that. Let me read you something. All right. Let me read you this. This is from the Des Moines Register opinion. Joe Biden isn't the person I knew in Congress, he should get cognitive testing with the result made public. In March 1997, Congress held a bipartisan retreat for families in Hershey, Pennsylvania, in an attempt to heal wounds over bitter congressional fights on welfare reform and balancing the budgets. Pulitzer Prize winning author, David McCullough gave a remarkable speech on respect and decency, members ate together, dance together shared stories and got to know better the members of the other party and their children. My wife and I were joined at our table for lunch during the retreat by Senator Joe Biden, and his wife, Jill, we had a delightful time getting to know each other. Biden was witty and charming, with no stuttering or incomplete thoughts, our wives shared professional experiences, we were impressed with them. It pains me greatly to see a decline in President Biden. And it worries me. He was 54 years old, then and he's 78 years old now. People age differently. My own mother, she's 93 and still sharp, but younger friends have mental deterioration. That is significant. Why am I concerned about Biden's mental acuity? Well, during the campaign, he said, I think we can win back the house when it was already in his party's hands. Super Tuesday, excuse me, Super Tuesday became super Thursday, he forgot the words of the Declaration of Independence. We hold these truths to be self evident. All men and women were created by the you know, you know the thing. He even misstated. What office he was running for in South Carolina, quote, My name is Joe Biden. I'm the Democratic candidate for the Senate. He repeatedly got confused about which state he was in. He called his son, the Attorney General of the United States, and confused a British Prime Minister, Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher. You know, Joe really has trouble saying words, remembering names, knowing where to go and now colleagues are calling for his public evaluation. These are all things that we the Patriots have been saying for years. These are all things we were called conspiracy theorists for. Well, where's the conspiracy? Now? Where's the conspiracy? When the President of the United States lives in never, never land likes to sniff people and disappears before sunset so he doesn't turn into a pumpkin? The truth is that there is no conspiracy. Number 10 in the pamphlet is changes in mood or personality? That is is a big one and Joe Biden. He's lost in space, very confused and extremely short. tempered. Biden has snapped at Veterans. All right, he's snapped at them. He snapped at factory workers, reporters, and even said he could physically beat up Donald Trump back in 2018. You remember that, don't you? He consistently looks down on us little people and acts like he knows what's best for the working class when, truthfully, Joe Biden hasn't worked a day in his life. When someone pushes back, he throws a tantrum, and seems to revert to childlike behaviors, which is highly indicative of some type of dementia. It's sad to watch someone deteriorate in front of your eyes. But it's extremely terrifying when that someone is supposed to be the President of the United States of America. Scary, scary, scary stuff, guys. It really, really is scary stuff. All right. It's time for a short break. We'll be right back. Hey, folks, it's me again. I just want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for taking the time out of your busy day to listen to my show. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please head to the website, www dot American That's American Reveley, R EV E, Ll bookmark the site, then kindly hit the tab that that says contact there, you can message me directly. Speaking of American Reveley calm Did you also know that we're a digital publication, American Reveley works hard to bring you enlightening, empowering and entertaining blogs and articles from across this great country and across the world. If you would like to become a part of the American Reveley, family and you think you have what it takes to come up with consistent thought provoking content for publishing, please head to www dot American That's our Evie, bi ll Fill out the content form and let me know that you're interested in writing for us. Thank you guys. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart patriots. Now let's get back to the show. Welcome back from the break everyone, James lane here and for those just joining us, this is American wrestling. I want to talk to you about something I want to talk to you about how hypocritical the left is for a second. I can't tell you how many times I've been talked down to by a vegan Democrat just for the apparent sin of enjoying a good burger. I can't tell you how many times one of these climate conspiracy theorists has pointed to people like you and me for the extinction of some ancient Marmot door rare purple spotted caterpillar. A hunter in Texas actually saves lives and bolsters the natural environment by hunting down overgrown populations. Yet, the same hunter gets crucified by some LGBTQ vegan bunny lover with no education in regard to what saving life even looks like. The left is made up of the largest group of Grifters, jailhouse lawyers and gas lighters that I've ever laid my eyes on. They are more lost than any of us could ever even imagine. These folks actually believe that people like Dr. Fauci and the current administration have our best interest in mind. They believe that by destroying this country and its morality, they can transform it into the dystopian Disneyland if our nightmares, folks, if they're willing to experiment on us, excuse me, experiment on us, socially, psychologically, and medically. Just imagine what they're capable of doing to dogs. You like dogs, right? I love dogs. I have two Chinese butters. And Mr. Chou Chou. That's their names folks. You know, who else really really likes dogs? Apparently, Dr. Fauci and the NIH take a look at this horrifying news. The white coat waste project, a taxpayer watchdog group has provided the Gateway Pundit with new examples of Dr. Anthony Fauci, facilitating cruel and unnecessary taxpayer funded experimentation on dogs, this time in Tunisia. documents uncovered by the organization found that the National Institutes of Health Division that is led by Dr. Fauci shipped part of a $375,000 grant to the lab in Tunisia, to infest beagles with parasites. You know those cute little doggies, the beagles? Yeah, not the beetles, the beagles parasites, eating them alive. Think I'm kidding. Keep listening. The grant money funded a study published last month that detailed the horror inflicted upon the unlucky dogs and nobody messaged me and asked me to do a deep dive or review of that study. I don't want to read it all right, there's no point of me reading it. One of the tortures. Alright, one of the tortures that the beagles were subjected to included locking their heads in mesh cages filled with infected sandflies so that the parasite carrying insects could eat them alive. You heard me correctly, I said, eat them alive. Beagles are often used for these tests because of their gentle nature, even towards those who harm them. That is awful. That's so awful. There's a photo of the test, which is sure to haunt anyone with a conscience and oh, yeah, I'm looking at it. Oh, yes, I'm looking at the photo. I'm looking at this horrible picture of these poor dogs. And I promise I won't show it to you. I even took a picture for the cover art without these pictures. All right, just so you don't have to get surprised. And look at these poor dogs. You don't want to see it. You really don't because just like the article said, is pretty messed up. All right. According to their paper, the scientists starved the sand flies, they literally saw starved of these bugs. All right, in order to make sure they were hungry enough to attack the dogs. Quote, The sandflies were then allowed to feed on the sedated dogs. And quote, the report explains the nightmare for dogs did not stop there. The experimenters locked beagles alone in cages in the middle of the desert, isolated for nine consecutive nights to use as bait to attract more infectious sandflies. There's also a photo of the of course there's a photo Oh my gosh. Oh man. Wow, folks, just wow. I'm sorry. But these demons are sick. All right. Dr. Fauci is sick. The entire NIH is sick, their entire budget needs to be audited to the decimal. Alright, straight to the decimal. And these programs need to be shut down immediately. Because you know where there's one. There's always more when it comes to government funded programs, and experiments. Fauci his dog testing debacle is now an international disgrace. Not only is Fauci paying for Beagle abuse here at home, but he's also shipped our tax dollars overseas to have beagles eaten alive by insects in an African lab with no oversight from US authorities. You know, didn't something like that just happened in Wuhan, China. Just asking. Just wondering, just thought somebody should, you know, maybe bring it up just saying, just saying anyway, it says taxpayers shouldn't be forced to foot the bill for this government waste and abuse. Congress must take action to investigate the full extent of Fauci his dog testing debacle, Mackey, Burr, Director of Digital and grassroots development at the white coat waist project said the articles funding statement confirmed that it was given money by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and that NIH funding was given to the lab in Tunisia. Let me ask you a serious question. Do you really think he is going to be held accountable? Do you really think anything is going to happen to Dr. Fauci or anyone else at the NIH for that matter? No, at this point, I don't die either. Look at the kind of money they were moving around for no reason whatsoever. Just look at it. Listen White Coat waste project using the Freedom of Information Act using a foil act recently revealed that Fauci spent 424,000. To commission another study, in which healthy beagles were given an experimental drug and intentionally infested with flies that carry a disease causing parasites that affect humans, man oh man, Dr. Fauci is really frickin double dipping, huh? He really, really, really was looking for the plague to wipe out the universe. I mean, come on, how many bad ideas can you possibly fund? How many? How many? I think one is way too many. It says that. The researchers are developing infections in 28 beagles and allowing them to suffer for three months before being euthanized. Oh, how merciful. The organization also noted that the experimenters admit this Investigational Drug quote has been extensively tested and confirmed in different animal models such as mice, Mongolian gerbils, and rhesus macaques. How do you say that? macaques, macaques, macaques? I think those are, that's the type of monkey rhesus macaques, meaning that this is painful torture is completely excuse me, meaning that this painful torture is completely unnecessary. So let me get this straight. Dr. Fauci and the US government took $424 out of our pocket, out of the taxpayers pocket, and then blew it so that monkeys durables, and beagles could be eaten alive by sandflies. I can't even pay certain bills every month folks, but the Tunisians get a cool half mil to document the Volkl cries of pain coming from man's best friend. Get out of here with that garbage I'm done with these people. The left doesn't value life or liberty. The left doesn't believe in God. The left uses our taxpayer dollars to torture animals while gaslighting animal conservationists and conscientious hunters. These people are all snake oil salesmen shysters and the worst kind of frauds. Listen to this. In a letter sent to Fauci last week, Congressman Scott Perry and 14 colleagues cited their investigation and demanded answers about the project, including how much money has been spent to date, how many dogs have been killed, and why the NIH commissioned the deadly dog testing when the FDA said it wasn't required in the first place. The letter was signed by Rep. Andy Biggs, Rep. Ken Calvert, Madison Cawthorne. Rodney Davis, Louie Gohmert, Diane Harshbarger, Yvette Herrell, Fred Keller, Brian mast, Bill Posey, Greg Stobi, Glen Thompson, Randy Weber, and Daniel Webster. So I have another question for you now. Why are there only 14 signatures on this letter? Where's Oh, I don't know. The rest of Congress, at the very least. Where's the rest of the Republican Congressmen? Where's the outrage? People have service peacocks and therapy tarantulas now and we can't stop these monsters from benefiting from the cruel and unusual torture of animals. Washington is set up in such a way that you can tell who's funded by what interest just by what way they sign or don't sign a letter. So we then have to ask the question, who's getting paid? And who's going home? Well, regardless, we know one thing's for certain everyone's going home. Because no one is getting in trouble for this, at least not anytime soon. We'll be right back. You know, I understand how it feels to be frustrated. I understand how it feels to be forgotten. And I understand how it feels to be silenced. Like many of you, I wanted to fight back, but I didn't realize that I could. You know, when COVID first hit, I realized something was very, very wrong. And as I peeled back all of these different onions, I began to understand more and more The importance of never ever backing down and always fighting back. Fighting back doesn't mean we have to sink to their levels. There are creative ways to make our voices heard. When my voice became heard, big tech panicked and shut me down, just like they shut down. Many of you, no rhyme, no reason. No justice, no peace. Now, for the last nine months, I've slowly crawled through the muck and the mud and the slime and now, now I'm in a position where I'm fighting back again. And you can join me too. So how do you join me? How do you fight back? Help me become the voice of the people by calling up your local talk radio stations, and asking to hear American Reveley with James lane. That's how we can fight back. Also, do an online search for your local talk radio stations and look at their staff or context section, find out who their program manager is, email their program manager, tell them I want American Reveley with James lane, and I want to hear it now. Folks, you have to understand something. Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, George Soros, Joe Biden. They can't control the radio. That's how you beat the censors, folks. You go around them. Look, we can't be defeated. We can't be repelled. And we can't be stopped. We're more than a number. Where an idea and ideas live for ever. Let's get back to the show. Okay, folks, this segment is really important to me, because it kind of plays off the Loudoun County episode I did last week. And if you haven't heard it yet, you can easily go to www dot American That's our Evie E I L L And hit one of the two green buttons right at the top. They're big, they're green. They're right at the top ones for listening to the American Reveley, the others for watching the American Reveley, the choice is yours. So some of you may have heard by now but Oh, some Obama was in Virginia campaigning for critical race theory Fanboy and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and his tight race which could serve as a predictor for the outcome of the 2022 and possibly even the 2024 elections. I talked a lot in this episode about the left's ability to gaslight everyday Americans and every which way they can, and at every chance they get, well, Obama is the mack daddy of the gaslighting. The amount of gaslighting flowing forth from Obama can only be compared to the amount of gaslighting in a poor 16 year olds, Honda Civic. You've got to remember, Obama has a history with the entire progressive agenda, starting with his relationship with Bill Ayers. Alright, Bill Ayers, excuse me. The convicted terrorist pardoned by Bill Clinton. Bill Ayers literally invented Common Core, the framework our public education system uses Are you starting to put the pieces together yet? These aren't just coincidences. Last year, I interviewed HG Girnar excuse me, HG Girnar, the unfortunately undiscovered author of United States Socialist Republic, a book that literally explains much of what's happening in our schools and institutions today. The book included a really good amount of information on Bill Ayers, Bill Ayers, excuse me, his name is spelled a y ers. So when you read it, you want to say errors like a frickin pirate instead of errors. Bill Ayers and it was an easy short read. His book was easy to read. It was very informative. It wasn't too long. It got to the point and it really, really gives you some information you may not be privy to. So if you have a few dollars to spare, go to Get yourself a copy. I have this wonderful signed copy that I've studied in detail. Alright. It's called USSR United States Socialist Republic and it's written by HG Girnar. Alright folks, and if you can't find it, email me directly. James lane at American revenue comm I'll gladly get you in touch send you the link so that you can purchase the book. Alright, I'm not being paid to tell you this. I'm not I'm really recommending this book to you, because it made sense to put it in this segment. That's it. I liked the book. I read it. I found it informative, and I think you'll find it valuable as well. Alright folks, so listen to how outrageous This is. Listen, it's like I keep saying, we're now two different tribes with two different sets of core values. It's literally like Barack Obama lives in an alternate reality, where none of the stuff that's actually happening seems to be happening. Though one could argue that Obama is so rich that he actually does live in an alternate reality. So this is from national former President Barack Obama delivered a campaign speech in support of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe on Saturday, as the state's razor close gubernatorial race enters the stretch. Obama decried Trump's rhetoric while also denouncing phony culture wars as a distraction. The former President's comments were seemingly in reference to the backlash against leftist initiatives in public school, namely critical race theory. Quote, we don't have time to be wasting on these phony trumped up culture wars, this fake outrage that the right wing media pedals to juice their ratings. Wow, Obama said that to a crowd in Richmond. He then chastised GOP challenger Glenn Younkin, for not talking about serious issues that affect serious people who hear that folks, phony culture wars 1000s upon 1000s of fired Americans due to vaccination status, phony 1000s upon 1000s of Americans losing everything to inflation and going hungry, phony, hundreds of backup ships, skyrocketing gas prices, no food on the shelves, phony at least it's phony in Martha's Vineyard, right. And just like the superintendent of schools for Loudoun County, Virginia, said to Steve Smith, the father of a 15 year old girl, brutally raped by an LGBTQ student, phony, phony, phony, phony. So here's a little more of Obama's phony alternate reality. His statement was given not far from Stonebridge High School in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a young girl was raped to by a boy wearing a skirt in a girl's bathroom. The attack was initially covered up by the school superintendent Scott Ziegler, who denied it happened at a June school board meeting. The June school board meeting and reference initially went viral. A large crowd showed up in protest of leftist board initiatives, including emotion on transgender bathroom issues. The event was eventually declared an unlawful assembly and two protesters were arrested. The incident was then used as an example of the suppose it threats of violence against the school board members, which ultimately resulted in the creation of that FBI Task Force. You know, the one that's talking about going after parents as terrorists. Yeah, they use this, though not known at the time. One of the two protesters arrested was the father of the girl who was raped, Scott Smith, who was ultimately dragged out of the meeting. He had hoped to address the issue, but he was never allowed to speak. This prompted Ziegler to deny the assault, and then accused the protesters of creating a straw man in order to justify their opposition to the proposed transgender policies. And for those who haven't heard the entire Loudoun County story yet, it's absolutely important that you do these extreme incidents are beginning to sprout up across the country, wherever evil woke policies have taken root. All right. I mean, think about it. Could you have ever imagined a boy and a skirt being protected after brutally raping a 15 year old girl? How is this acceptable? What reality do lefties live in? Where they think that this is okay? Please tell me, please, please tell me now. What would have happened to the boy in a skirt? If this took place? When you or I were in high school? I want to know, let me know. Tell me, it says all right. It says that Obama, alright did not specify either Loudoun County or school board developments across the country. He didn't reference it. He didn't specify it. But it was implied In line with left wing talking points, proponents of CRT and other leftist initiatives on school boards deny the issues even exist. All right, they deny it even exists, often masking them with euphemisms like like equity. This is done despite high profile incidents, such as Loudoun County and CRT themed lesson plans and districts across the country. Obama's Virginia stump speech comes as Joe Biden's poll numbers continue to sink to new lows Biden campaign for McAuliffe in late July, but has since seen his approval ratings slip to 38%. According to an October Quinnipiac poll, the current president is currently not scheduled for any events in Virginia. Before the election, though McAuliffe campaigned with Jill Biden in Norfolk on Friday. And you know, alright, you know that that is an important election for the GOP. And look, saying that Obama did not specifically reference Loudoun County, at least to me, is like saying that Biden parading around that handicap man named Brandon had nothing to do with the NASCAR stadium chance, or any of the other college football or other sports stadium chance of let's go. Brandon Wright, it had nothing to do with it. what soever it's all smoke and mirrors. It's all cries. It's all lies. Obama gave a speech that was pretty much down the road from the Loudoun County incident to talk about woke ideology, while throwing away the truth and replacing it with what replacing it with equity, who you don't have to put a little sign on a turd that says turn in tiny brown letters for everyone to know. It's a turd. Alright, folks, look, these elites have no respect for you. They have no respect for you. They have no respect for me. They have no respect for anyone. They all believe that they're part of some manifest destiny to change the course of history. They want to give this social and we'll excuse me this socialism wheel spin. A great big spin. As if no one's ever played this game before. Well, you know what they say? play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I appreciate you guys hanging out with me today. The final segments coming right up, followed by the close of the show that will tie this whole thing together. All right, so stick around, because we'll be right back after a few short words. Hey, everybody, James lane here. And I'm the owner and founder of American Reveley, LLC. Now, as a conservative company, as you can imagine, we are under constant attack by big tech and the radical left. So do me a favor. Do your part right now, do your part by fighting back and you can fight back by heading to www dot American That's American ar e v e i l l And bookmark the site right now. 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And it's time we did something about it, isn't it? Our kids folks, our very own children are at risk every day that critical race theory and a woke ideology are allowed to exist in any school or Institute. In the United States, and with that being said, getting rid of this pestilence requires two simple things, nationally repairing the family unit and coming together as parents and patriots to choke out CRT in the court of law. And in one Massachusetts court district. All right, one Massachusetts school district, excuse me, parents, like you and me did just that parents like you and me are fighting back. Check out this article in The Epic times called parents group sues Massachusetts school district over racial segregation and abuse of students. All right, like I said earlier, this stuff is happening all across the country, all across western civilization. It's spreading, like the bubonic plague spreading like a virus like an actual real pandemic. Information is power. And like I've said many times, don't let them take away your right to be informed. Also, don't take the right away from yourself, by choosing to remain uninformed. It's our responsibility to save this country. And it's time we start acting like it folks, because stuff like what I'm about to read you is actually happening. Regardless of how many times Obama screams that it is and closes his eyes and wishes the news story away into the cornfield. This stuff is real, and it's happening right in your backyard. It says that a national parents group filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against a public school district in Massachusetts for allegedly violating the US Constitution by racially segregating students into affinity groups and imposing a student speech code. The lawsuit comes as parents in the education establishment across the United States are battling over critical race theory and the systematic excuse me systemic racism that leftists argue plagues the nation the article continues. Under the guise of racial equity WPS sponsors and organizes racial affinity group meetings that welcome some students but exclude others based solely on the race and their ethnicities of the students involved. This racial segregation policy runs afoul of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and title six of the Civil Rights Act. The complaint states, WPS released a five year equity strategic plan in 2020 that committed the school district to pursue justice for historically marginalized communities continuously examine systems of privilege and bias, work collectively to disrupt and dismantle inequity in all its forms and achieve racial equity. Good luck with that. 1234 How many times are they going to hit on that keyword for socialism, that keyword for hate that keyword for racism? You know the word, you know what word I'm talking about? Equity. It's a fake word. It's a fake word that the left made up to describe some matrix like reality where everyone is magically getting along where everything is magically fair, nobody owns anything, nobody wants anything, and everyone's apparently happy, you know, the snake oil potion that those great reset folks like to sell those dumb people over there. To accomplish this equity. The district announced it would create affinity spaces for students with shared identity in order to nurture and affirm positive racial identity development. Under what the district called its new racial Affinity Group Policy, racial affinity groups and affinity spaces were formed. The policy is inherently exclusionary the complaint states according to WPS, a racial affinity group is an opportunity for people with an identity group to openly share their experiences without the risk of feeling like they will offend someone from another group and without another groups of voices. And if you thought that that was bad enough, listen to this one. WPS also punished a student's speech that it deems bias, which includes any student speech it considers offensive has an impact on others, treats other persons differently, or demonstrates conscious or unconscious bias. The speech code, according to the legal complaint violates the first and 14th amendments, as well as the Massachusetts students freedom of expression law. So did you catch that students are punished for conscious or unconscious keyword unconscious bias, meaning that anything the school decides you're doing wrong, even if you don't know you're doing it is a punishable offense. They are so insane, that they're literally saying that they will make everything fair for everyone. By treating everyone unfairly. It makes absolutely no sense. Again, we're two different tribes with two very, very different sets of core values. To me, this is child abuse. I mean, don't you think? So? If you're listening to the show, you probably do. But wait, there's more. The complaint provides examples of harsh treatment of students thought to hold conservative opinions. You've got to be kidding me. If this was any other point in modern American history, any other point? I just wouldn't believe it. This article continues with the startling truth that children of a person identified as parents see, are afraid to speak freely in class. One of those children is said to have been held by a teacher after class because the child mentioned that the parent was a conservative. The teacher lectured the student about why the parents views should change. One of the same parents children was reported to have been physically assaulted in a school hallway by classmates after the assailant discovered that parents see had voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election. a guidance counselor said to dismiss the child's concerns because the perpetrators were minority students. Privilege. Other students routinely yell at and berate a fellow student whenever the student expresses conservative beliefs or speaks in support of Republican politicians, students teacher is present. While this occurs, but does not intervene and appears to agree. The teacher agrees with the aggressor students who Wow. So kids are getting beat up to getting their butts kicked. Kids are being humiliated. Kids are being viciously shamed. And kids are being told that their parents are liars, that they're evil that they're wrong, that they're crazy. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here? For years and yours? The left acted holier than thou as they continuously gaslighted everyone around them. Everyone who isn't a new age liberal, a progressive soy boy, or an illegal immigrant is undesirable. They're an undesirable blemish in their socialist utopia, fantasy world. There's their their socialist, Dreamland, their ShangriLa of socialism. It's, I just, I can't even believe that this stuff is real. I really can't. Like we're going through it, right. We're being strong. We're fighting. We're doing what we have to do. But at the same time, it's so surreal. It feels like a movie. It feels like a movie, never in my life, and never in any of your lives. Have we ever been through anything like this? It's crazy. It's crazy. Over the years, the left has continuously cried out. They've denounced body shaming and culture shaming and all kinds of shaming and all kinds of violence and what they consider bullying. But the truth of the matter is that the most notorious bullies, the most notorious shamers, haters, humiliated liars are all Democrats. And that's a fact Jack. There are parents movements sprouting up all over the country, and in every state, from Virginia, to Massachusetts and beyond. Parents from sea to shining sea are sick and tired of being sick and tired for real, and they aren't taking anyone's crap any more. And neither should you. I'm telling you, I'm not I'm not going to take any crap anymore. And what's stopping you? Tell me what's stopping you from forming an alliance of parents working together to fight off wokeness and critical race theory in schools in your area? Hmm, what's stopping patriots like you and me from pooling some of our resources together and maybe effecting some real change in this country through some local, local and legal processes? What's stopping us? Why can't we take the system back and change it for the better? Look, the left doesn't want you to know this. But the truth is that we can change the system from the inside out. And all we have to do is work together, work hard, believe in the truth, believe in justice and believe in the American way. And the American way, means that you overcome all obstacles, no matter the cost, you preserve our way of life for our kids, for our grandkids, and for ourselves, period. We'll be right back to close the show in just a minute. Stay tuned. Hey, folks, it's me again, I just want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for taking the time out of your busy day to listen to my show. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please head to the website, www dot American That's American Reveley, our AV E, Ll bookmark the site, then kindly hit the tab that that says contact there, you can message me directly. Speaking of American revenue comm Did you also know that we're a digital publication, American Reveley works hard to bring you enlightening, empowering, and entertaining blogs and articles from across this great country and across the world. If you would like to become a part of the American Reveley, family and you think you have what it takes to come up with consistent thought provoking content for publishing, please head to www dot American That's our Evie, di ll Fill out the content form. And let me know that you're interested in writing for us. Thank you guys. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart patriots. Now let's get back to the show. So at the end of the day, folks, it's pretty easy to feel like things are just straight falling apart. But there's a silver lining in all this, there really is. It seems that more and more people are waking up every single day. And I'm not just saying that I'm not just trying to keep you motivated. It's the truth. More and more people are standing up every day and saying, Enough, is enough. And it's time for a change. From concerned parents standing up at school boards to hundreds of employees walking out of companies to protest the vaccine mandates. People are getting fed up. And you can feel the tension in the air. It's thick, the air physically feels thick with tension. Beyond all of you, wonderful patriots standing up for what you believe in. There's still a sinking feeling, though, there's a question that seems difficult to answer. Yet the answer is fairly easy to come by. The question is simple. How do we come back from this? It seems that America has been split into two very different sets of tribes, two very different sets of core values. How do you change someone's literal internal core values, their programming, what they believe in? What guides them in life? How do you change that? It seems impossible to me because I know for a fact that I wouldn't change mine. So if we've truly split into what could be considered two separate people, how do we come back together under the same banner and share the same core values? I'm usually very perceptive as to what comes next. But on this one, I just don't know. Many people talk about some sort of peaceful divorce some way to split up the country and give the left their own socialist blue topia while we build up our own country and economy, but I don't think that might work either. I don't know if it would work. I just don't think we sustain it. You know, after a while, someone would need some source some sort of resource or material and something would happen that upset the belief system of one group compared to another yada yada yada then kaboom. Either way, I believe we've had a great show today. And I just want to thank you guys for spending some time with me. I really appreciate it. I do. You know a lot of you have stuck with me for the last two years. And I'm thankful from the bottom of my heart. And I know we're going to keep pushing forward and grow, grow, grow, folks, I want you to remember what I said earlier. All right, I want you to remember that we beat the censors through information. All right? We can't let them hijack our right to be informed. All right, we can make the best decisions for ourselves and our families. 100% Do me a favor, make sure you pass this information on to your fellow patriots make sure they know that they can take care of themselves that they don't need the government telling them what to do about everything. So I want to thank you again, my friends. Thank you for joining me. And if you'd like to request any topics or send me some feedback, please email me directly at James lane at American revenue, comm or use the contact form at www dot American That's our AV E I L L And in the meantime, I hope you guys have an amazing week. And I pray that good fortune smiles down upon you and yours, and you find what you're looking for you go forth, be happy. I'll see you next time on the 170/8 episode of American Reveley with James lane. 

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