American Sodom and Gomorrah | Ep 175

October 10, 2021 James Lane Episode 175
American Sodom and Gomorrah | Ep 175
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In episode 175 of American Reveille with James Lane, the United States devolves into further chaos as the elites begin to further reveal their vision for the future: An American Sodom and Gomorrah, in line with the values of the Great Reset. Weak minded Americans and their unfortunate children and being trained to destroy all remnants of family, religion, and morality. Americanism is being culturally exterminated and we are running out of time.  In this episode, Gavin Newsom forces all toy stores to have a gender neutral aisle, Bill de Blasio cancels NYC gifted programs, Madonna makes us all sick with her disgusting behavior, seven-year-olds in pole dancing class face registered sex offenders, and a demonic veterinarian goes to prison for sexually abusing dogs and collecting kiddie porn. 

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The year is 2021 Gavin Newsome only popular with the mentally deficient signs a law mandating toy stores to maintain gender neutral aisles for brain wash children. Whoa, whoa, oh no, Bill deblasio also popular with those special individuals lacking brain cells proclaims that being smart just isn't fair and equitable enough. So what's he do? He cancels the gifted program for children, while the school systems and social media train our children to become good little peons to replace us with the remnants of cable television teach them that sin is in, as Madonna puts on a disgusting and absolutely disgusting display for all the world to see. Meanwhile, at the pole dancing class for seven year olds, you heard me correctly, folks, the pole dancing class. For seven year olds, the owner hides a dark secret. Her husband is a registered child sex offender. And it only gets worse from there. As a Florida veterinarian is sentenced to over 21 years in federal prison for what? For raping dogs, and collecting child pornography. Listen to me when I say this, folks, this country is going to hell in a handbasket. The United States becomes Sodom and Gomorrah next on the 170/5 episode of American Reveley with James Lane.

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I could have done this week's episode on anything, literally anything. But instead, I chose to use this week's episode to teach you something. And I'm going to put my business management hat on for a second to do it. When a company Are you listening? When a company becomes very large think Walmart, think Boeing, you name it, it becomes much more difficult to manage the output of products. All right, you want to turn out a consistent product? Well, when you have 1000s of employees, that becomes nearly impossible. Naturally, the company standardizes its practices across the board and begins training new employees to robotically follow standardized processes and procedures. Now, I'm not saying that having some rules, regulations and processes is a bad thing. What I'm saying is that it eventually becomes the only thing for many of you who worked or currently work for large companies. You watched as your carefully honed craft became a standardized procedure. And you were further pushed to the wayside as everyone slowly became a number. Mike, john, Sally, Dick, Rob, Jennifer, they became employee ID number 334678 910 and 11. Look, it makes sense. The elites are supreme executives, the rich business managers and we the people is how they profit create a sinful, disgraceful, subservient race of numbered people. Instead of free thinking moral and righteous individuals killed God, kill the family, kill ambition and kill all opposition. That is the mantra of the progressive elite. The rulers over the mainstream media, Hollywood, social media, public schools, big business and scariest of all, the US government. How does one be

Common number and not an American subservient employee of the progressive elite. Well, the same way it happens in a big company. It starts with training and socialism demands, you start them young. Take a look at this folks from and Joe Polak Gavin Newsome, signs law, requiring gender neutral aisles in toy stores. This is the article I was telling you about earlier, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a host of bills into law on Friday, including a b 1084, which requires, quote, gender neutral retail departments in toy stores, so that shoppers will not be encouraged to buy some toys for girls, and other toys for boys. The bill authored by Assemblymember Evan Lowe declares that differences in products that are marketed to girls or boys are unjustified, and that it's inappropriate to imply that they should be used by one gender instead of another. And see this shouldn't matter. This is petty little stuff. But we have firstworldproblems here, and the leftist elite, and the progressive crazies, the lib tardes. They've made this their number one issue, they've nitpicked all the little things so they can separate us, confuse us and confuse our children. As such, the bill provides the following a retail department store that offers child care items or toys for sale shall maintain a gender neutral section or area to be labeled at the discretion of the retailer in which a responsible selection of items and toys for children that sells shall be displayed regardless of whether they've been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys. This section shall apply only to retail department stores that are physically located in California, of course, and have a total of 500 or more employees across all California retail department store locations. This section shall not apply to retail department stores that are physically located outside of California. Well, I'm so glad that bill in California is letting the rest of the country know that we don't have to follow their rules for now. Oh, okay. Thank you so much, California. Thank you so much Assemblyman Evan Lowe, beginning on January 1 2020. For a retail department store that fails to comply with this section is liable for a civil penalty not to exceed $250 for a first violation, or $500. For a subsequent violation, which may be assessed and recovered in a civil action brought in the name of the people of the state of California by the attorney general or a district attorney or city attorney in any court of competent jurisdiction. If the Attorney General district attorney or city attorney prevails and an action under this subdivision the court shall award to the Attorney General district attorney or city attorney reasonable attorney fees and costs just squeeze in the money. Just squeezing the money out of people in businesses stores can still maintain a boys and girls section as long as they create one gender neutral area. Though the legislations unclear whether retailers could be punished for selling the same toys in gendered and gender neutral sections of the store. It's California. I bet your damn, but they'll be punished for that. I bet you're damn but so what are they gonna have Greg in my little ponies? Are they gonna have? I mean, they already have sexless Barbies. If you take the pants off the Barbie doll and the Ken doll, there's nothing there. Maybe they should just shave their heads make them look the same and give them different names. Maybe they should just make them look like minions. I don't know gray minions. There we go gender neutral. This is ridiculous. And all it does is hurt our children. Lo he told the it sounds like I'm saying lo and behold, lo told excuse me, the Los Angeles Times. Part of it is to make sure if you're a young girl that you can find a police car, a fire truck, a periodic table or a dinosaur. Why would you consider a periodic table a male toy? I've seen periodic tables and pink and blue. Low said that. It makes no sense. You can find them in any section and what's the big deal about going to another section? Nobody cares, unless you've taught them to be sensitive unless you've taught the parents and the children to be sensitive and soft. It's ridiculous. And then similarly, he wrote, if you're a boy, if you're more artistic and you want to play with glitter, why not? Why should you feel the stigma of saying oh this

be shamed and going to a different location. I don't know about you, but I played with glitter when I was a little boy. And it didn't matter. I think the glitter we got from the craft store, we didn't even get it from the children's section. I don't even know if it exists in the children's section back then. But even if it does now, what is the big deal about walking from one place to another, it doesn't mean anything. And yet, these people literally see signs in the cornflakes. They literally see crop circles. They're reading freakin tea leaves, they're making stuff up. Look, having a gender neutral toy section is a direct attack on normal family dynamics. And it conditions our kids to be even more confused as they become young adults. It's all part of that programming I talked about. We're all the same pile of human excrement to the elites, men and women don't matter. Parents don't matter, families don't matter. All that matters is that we're good little obedient numbers in the system. We're great, perfect, obedient little cogs in the wheel. I said on a previous podcast that I believe a militant sect of the LGBT community is controlled by the progressive elites, these militants, they're not fighting for the rights of the LGBT community. No, they're fighting to wipe out our entire belief system and replace it with theirs. I'm a modern conservative, and for the most part, I don't care what you do with your life, as long as it doesn't affect me or my children. As long as you're not a child molester, or a serial killer ubu over there, all right, in your own space, and I'll be over here, being me. In my own space. It's that simple. But when you come into my space, and tell me, I can't be me anymore, and I now have to be you. And you tell my children, they have to be you. Well, bucko, we have problems. That's the simplest way to put it. They come after us. They come after our children. They need us all in on their wicked, evil ideology. They need us all to be the same. And the only way to do that is to keep us stupid. To keep us stupid. That's what equity was invented for. So for a sample of what's to come across the US, we go to build the Blasio in what was once the great city of New York, check out this article from the epic times by Tom osmek NYC to cancel accelerated learning program for gifted kids. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced plans to cancel the gifted and talented accelerated learning program for schoolchildren, drawing praise from those who call the scheme discriminatory and condemnation from those who say it harms hardworking students. Starting next fall, New York City will stop testing kindergarteners for entry into the gifted and talented program, which was the subject of a lawsuit that claimed the screens were racially discriminatory and fueled racial segregation in the school system. The error of judging four year olds based on a single test is over. De Blasio said in an October eighth statement, every New York City child deserves to reach their full potential and this new equitable remember that word folks equitable model gives them that chance. The gifted program, which faced criticism for enrolling low numbers of black and Latino students will instead be replaced with a new framework called brilliant NYC Ooh. That will leave students identified for accelerated instruction in mixed classrooms, but it will provide them with extra attention. I wonder what that will look like. During an appearance on w NYC on October 8, with schools Chancellor myesha Porter de Blasio proclaimed all of this stuff, he promised that these students would get extra attention and I don't know about you, but I am a product of public school and there was no extra attention and I doubt any extra attention to gifted kids under this program will not be beneficial to them. Quote, the kids who have those special abilities for accelerated learning will be getting a lot of attention, I'm sure a lot of opportunity to do it. But there'll be learning with all the other kids de Blasio said, adding that brilliant NYC scheme would reach 10s of 1000s of more kids with accelerated learning. In fact, I think it's going to cause horrible bullying, but that's just my opinion. Porter said that

Under the new program teachers would be provided with additional training to identify special ability learners and provide them with targeted individualized instruction. A parent calling into the W NYC praise the move saying the gifted program created a two tiered world that I think needs to go see the democrats the leftist the liberals, they sell these common people they sell the the uninformed voter, the democrat voter, they sell them this world, this critical race broken world where there's some double system out there, but the truth is that that's all BS. It's all a lie. But the people still drink it up. They still vote for Democrats, they still call in to W NYC praising the move, saying the gifted program creates two tiered worlds that need to go charleen ang, a mother of a student enrolled in the gifted program on the upper weds on the Upper West Side. admonished the Blasio his decision. It is abominable that de Blasio is in his final months in office, dismantling one of the few successful education programs in New York City adversely impacting a swath of children. She told The New York Post de Blasio was nearly eight year tenure as mayor ends in less than three months. democrat candidate Eric Adams, who's widely expected to replace de Blasio has proposed a different framework with chalkbeat reporting that he plans to keep the admissions test and expand the number of gifted classrooms across the city republican mayoral candidate Curtis Scylla excuse me slower, something like that, who has vowed to fight to preserve the gifted and talented programs criticized de Blasio his decision to phase out the current arrangement, citing a range of benefits and arguing it should not be diluted, nor should it be discontinued. The gifted program faced criticism for enrolling low numbers of black and Latino students. According to chalkbeat, a news organization that specializes in public education coverage, more than 70% of spots in the gifted program, go to Asian Americans and white students who make up less than a third of New York City student population. Let me ask you a question a Since when were Asian Americans not considered minorities, and B, if Asian Americans combined with white students make up 70% of the spots in the gifted program. But they make up less than a third of the entire population of New York City student population. Tell me who is actually in the minority. Huh?

give you a hint. All right. I'll give you a hint. Let me let me whisper it. It's the light and Asian folks. All right. Now that that's been said conservative commentator ben shapiro framed de Blasio his move as pushing mandatory mediocrity in a bid to force equality of outcome. Pursuing equity as the chief goal of policy means in practical terms, pursuing equity of outcome through mandatory mediocrity. That's what Shapiro wrote in a tweet. Some democrats also took aim at De Blasio his decision that's interesting, that took me aback for a second, some Democrats also took game. Democrats usually don't attack each other. But as you've seen as of late, they have been, they've been imploding all across the country and nothing is different in New York City words as some Democrats took aim at De Blasio. His decision would state senator john Lu, who chairs a panel a New York City Schools, taking to Twitter to express his displeasure. gifted and talented programs have been an integral option for generations of school kids. Lou wrote in a tweet, Bill de Blasio promised intensive public school engagement about it, but now he wants total elimination, public engagement exclude excuse me, not public school engagement, asked on the W NYC program about his message for parents who might choose to leave New York City public school system or the city entirely if the gifted program has done away with de Blasio said, I bet you a lot of parents are now going to look at this plan and say, This is the reason to stay. You know, this guy's a narcissist. He's He's crazy. He's out of his mind. He was literally dancing. He was dancing, right? Do you remember that? while everything was locked down, he's literally out of his mind. He thinks socialism is the cure for everything. He like everybody else. He goes, Oh, look, you're gonna say my plan is great. And he fails at a bunch of things. He keeps repeating himself, and he just hopes and Beth's that you're going to forget like a goldfish. You're going to forget his promises. Forget his existence, and you can go on his merry way mucking up the country. Well, the city

At least that he's in, hopefully not the country. I know we had presidential prospects and if that ever happens, I'm moving back to the Philippines. All right, literally. Moving back to the Philippines. Let's keep reading the gifted program would be phased out, with kids entering it between now and next year allowed to continue in it until completion. Porter said that parents still have an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposal, which still

may be tweaked calling it a blueprint for the plan that we intend to implement and our vision for New York City. For the sewer that is New York City, the crime infested sewer. All right, guys. Listen, this is crazy. The whole thing is out of control. The city has fallen apart. back before Giuliani was the the mayor of New York City. All right. It was a crime infested cesspool and guess what? It's back to being a crime infested cesspool, if not worse than it ever was before Rudy Giuliani cleaned it up. It says Heather Higgins Chair of the independent woman's network said in a tweet, Bill de Blasio his latest plan to harm hard working students and parents, ending New York City's accelerated gifted and talented program is only viewed as a good idea by the stupid by the jealous. And by the vindictive. Remember, I told you earlier, what equity is harming others taking away from others to benefit somebody else. All right, nobody earns anything. Nobody tries hard. You're just taking from somebody and giving to somebody else. All right, that is the person who gets hurt you and me. All right. Some things in life just aren't fair and build the Blasio thinks he can make it fair for everybody by ruining the opportunities for our children, and brainwashing them to be socialists. So now that you know that it's racist and unfair for our kids to be smart, I have to warn you, the rest of the show is a little bit infuriating. So prepare yourself. They tell you that it's racist and wrong to be you. They tell you that you're privileged, regardless of your color, they call you privileged because of your frame of mind and belief system, not because of your ethnicity. Your kids are taught that religion is evil, that religion is racist, that history is racist that the entire American system is racist, and that if they aren't completely suffering and dependent upon the government, they're privileged. It doesn't stop there. They're taught that because their privilege, they owe a debt to society, they owe a debt to the planet and to the universe. They're taught that in order to make the world a better place, we all You, me, your kids, everyone, all of us, we must be forced to change if we won't go willingly to the elites, and the brainwashed God has died. And he's been replaced by social media. If God is killed by social media, and progressive elites, and American Sodom and Gomorrah is a small price to pay for a generation, or two or three or 10 of eternal power and wealth off the backs of the broken and brainwashed Ladies and gentlemen, as our children's eyes are replaced by cartoons, swirls, and some of our friends and family members disappear into the cornfield, out of touch celebrities worship vanity, and attention as God and Savior. Take a look at this. Oh my god, Becky, look at that.

If you're listening, if you're listening, and you're not watching, there's a picture on the screen of Madonna's 63 year old rear end and I think I'm going to be sick guys from Breitbart. All right, from Breitbart, written by Alanna maskin jello All right, I hope I said that right? masteron jello. All right, sorry, a lot of I didn't Madonna 63 grinds on tonight show desk flashes butt cheeks while plugging in documentary. I don't think they should keep butt cheeks and plugging in the same sentence. But hey, why not? It's Breitbart pop star. Madonna was roasted by the tonight show viewers after she crawled across Jimmy Fallon's desk. During Thursday's show. She flashed her buttocks to the audience before returning to her seat while Fallon freaked the EFF out. The 63 year old singer was promoting her new documentary, Madame x during an appearance on The Tonight Show where she channeled late writer James Baldwin stating artists are here to disturb the peace. These people are out of their mind. They live in a frickin fantasy world, quote. And so I hope that I have disturbed and not only you

Your piece this afternoon but people's peace while they watch the show. I mean that in the best way Madonna added to which Fallon responded by stating, yeah, you get in good trouble. Good trouble Madonna repeated before lunging forward and salaciously climbing onto the late night hosts desk pushing aside his coffee mug and showing off her figure as she lived there for a moment. While the crowd cheered. They cheered it's disgusting. All right. No, no, no. Why would you Madonna Madonna stop stop stop it Fallon proclaimed before taking off his suit jacket and attempting to cover up the pop star was, which was to no avail. Madonna then got off Fallon's desk, and reassured the hosts that no one's going to see anything. My God, the Grammy winner added as she turned her back towards the audience to return to a seat and lifted up her dress to expose her rear and clad in cheeky black underwear for all to see. And this is what they show our kids. This is what our kids get to see what why. Why is that empowering for a 63 year old woman to do that she didn't do anything classy. She just acted like a Whoa, I said it and it's the truth. She acted like a 63 year old Whoa, begging, begging for attention. All right. Do you think it's smelled up there on stage? I'm not saying listen, look older people. All right. Some people especially when they're going to fancy events when they're older, right? They use a lot of baby powder. They use a lot of cornstarch. Alright, certain people kind of have that mothball smell. And I wonder I wonder if when she jumped on the desk and flashed her butt cheeks? If Jimmy Fallon got a big whiff of that 63 year old math ball sent him. Oh god. Oh god, what are you doing? All right. Look, these people worship, they worship vanity. They worship their cell phones, what people think of them on social media. They worship the tech know, God. Plain and simple. All right. I just don't find that to be appropriate for a 63 year old anybody, man or woman. All right. I just don't. viewers watching and jumped on social media, and called Madonna stunted train wreck. And apparently, everybody else thinks that she shouldn't have done it either. Fallon. He then proceeded to behave in a frazzled manner before Madonna said, life is not just about interviewing kiddies, okay? Don't you want to talk to an adult? Let's have an adult conversation.

Are you talking to an adult right now? Fallon asked to which the singer said, I'm not sure. I feel like you're in some kind of conflict right now. Madonna told Fallon before asking. Have you been to a therapist? I went once or twice the host answered. It just wasn't my thing. Fallon then asked Madonna if she goes to therapy to which the pop star said she doesn't, adding that she writes and she finds the practice therapeutic. Over the summer Madonna made a surprise appearance at a pride party in Manhattan, where she was seen lying on a bar caressing her leg before standing up and singing one of her hits hung up in another video, the songstress could be seen grinding on an unidentified and identifiable object, excuse me, while the crowd cheered on folks, I bet you, I bet you that Madonna is one of the saddest people. All right, the saddest, most depressed, unhappy people you could ever meet on the planet. And I think we should all just pray for her, we should pray for her sanity, and we should pray that she finds a little bit of humility. All right, a little bit of humility and selflessness in her later years, you know, a lot of people see what Madonna did as either a publicity stunt or a sad cry for attention. But I see the bigger picture, I see the pattern. I think when you're super rich and famous for a very long time, you tend to lose touch with the streets and the struggle. That's right, the streets and the struggle, if you ever were in touch with them to begin with that is, I told my wife the other day that if I ever became super rich and started to lose touch with reality that she needs to tell me so I can cut myself off and put myself in a one bedroom in a low income neighborhood for like six months. That way I could get hard and humble again, I'm coming up with these one liners all day right streets and struggle hard and humble. But that's how you have to be folks. You have to be hard and humble to maintain and manage that success. These Hollywood elites and brainwashed liberals, they cry for rights, but they have no idea what they're actually crying out for. They say let trans women and women spas, what's the worst thing that could happen? And then little girls are harassed by predators. These trans women, they flash their peepees at these little girls that happens. I happened in Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. They say put trans women in women's prisons what's the worst thing that can happen?

And what could happen, then we have to pay for as taxpayers we have to pay for an epidemic, an epidemic of AIDS and pregnancy. in women's prisons. What you know, they say that little girls and boys, they shouldn't have genders. They shouldn't have rules. They shouldn't have families, at least families as we know it. these teachings have consequences Ladies and gentlemen, major consequences. Remember pole dancing. First there was pole dancing and strip clubs. Then the liberals said that pole dancing only in a strip club was sexist, and that pole dancing could also be considered as cardio. Okay. It's it to me, you know if it's non sexual, do aerobics on a pole, non sexually ended non sexual attire and you know what, fine, I'm okay with that you're an adult. Do it. It's fine. Aha, though. But there's a catch. There's a catch. There's always a catch with the libs. According to the woke ideology. I'm not allowed to consider any attire a woman wears as sexual without her first proclaiming that it is sexual. So therefore, I cannot consider pole dancing or pole aerobics sexual in any way whatsoever, no matter what the woman is wearing. By the way. She's not required at all to proclaim if it's sexual or not even saying she is a she is considered wrong in their crazy bass ackwards ideology, it's complete bull crap. It's complete bullcrap. Because it's assuming, all right, that she prefers to be a she, without her, telling me, which makes no sense whatsoever. All right, she's not required to tell me. So no matter what I do, I'm screwed. All right. So what's that tell us? It tells us that their ideology is complete bs it's nonsense, because they've created a completely non disputable system. All right, it's not disputable. If you cannot question the system, then it's not a system at all. You know what it is? It's a religion. And to the woke their teachings are God. Try just try to argue with a leftist tell me they aren't in a religious cult after you've tried. Give it a shot. See, what happens. Am I really wrong? You know, I'm not, you know, I'm not wrong at all.

It's this exact thought process that gives way to things like seven year olds in pole dancing classes. This episode is called American Sodom and Gomorrah for a reason, folks. And when you give up your morality, and you allow your seven year olds to participate in pole dancing classes, you're an idiot. If you think bad things can't happen. Bad things happen all the time. So like I've been saying throughout this episode, there are consequences to these stupid liberal decisions. And this is one of them. Folks, this is from Gateway Pundit. And by Cassandra Fairbanks, husband of Indiana, a woman offering pole dancing classes for seven year old kids is a registered child sex offender. According to reports, and if you're watching Take a look at this picture. You see this girl's long hair that's like from Tangled, right? That's Rapunzel from the tower. They're literally coaxing kids to come in and do pole dancing. It says kids pole to it's sick. It's absolutely sick. We've got to read it though. In Indiana, in Indiana. And Indiana business is offering pole dancing lessons for children as young as seven years old. All right, seven years old. I said that like 100 times in this episode, but I have to because it has to sink into your subconscious because it's sick. It's literally sick and the left thinks this is okay. Alright, feminist news reports that according to a private criminal record search conducted by truthfinder Maxwell Garrett Huebner was charged on March 11 2009 of sexual misconduct with a minor. According to the report, Huebner was convicted of an offense under Indiana code 354249 a sexual offense against a minor less than 16 years of age, but at least 14 years of age. So she we know that she was at least 14 or 15 years old. Huebner would have been approximately 21 years old when the offense was committed. Okay, that's disgusting. I don't give a crap how close you think it is. or what kind of excuse you have a 21 year old should not be with a 14 or 15 year old In fact, nobody should come do that with my daughter and see what happens to you. This guy looks

Like a POS with a little thick neck tiny head tiny brain smiling for the camera. I hate sex offenders and I hate even more child sex offenders. All right, the post millennial reports that they were able to independently cooperate the arrest record by checking instant checkmate calm Huebner deleted her new dance studios Facebook page as the gateway pundants article on the classes went viral on Friday and frankly I think her studios should be locked up and condemned. Alright because I think pole dancing for kids is child abuse, don't you? Tell me let me know in the comments below. Email me let me know however you can. Whether you believe pole dancing for kids is child abuse. I want your opinion on it. I do email me at James Lane at American readily calm if you can't get ahold of me or use the contact form at American Reveley, ru VI, ll All right, but we have to keep reading this. Her husband also deleted his entire Facebook page, as reports came out about his previous arrest. I wonder why he was trying to hide it. Maybe he shouldn't have been around children. A disturbing flyer for the classes feature a likeness of Disney's Rapunzel. Like I said in the beginning of this article hanging upside down on a pole in what appears to be lingerie, and it really does look like lingerie. And look you see the chameleon on the pole. There's like a tiny little chameleon lizard. That is from Disney's tangled. My daughter loves tangled. Alright, I know all the songs from Tangled because I've watched it 1000 times if you think that's not to coax children, all right? If cigarettes can't have cartoons smoking anymore, right? The big tobacco companies, why does this

woman here, all right, get to teach pole dancing to children, with illustrations of kids in lingerie with little lizards and long flowy blonde hair smiling and happy. And why do parents even give her money and drop their kids off? What is wrong with people? It's insane. All right, it even says on the flyer six plus. So maybe they had seven year old clients. Maybe nobody went as low as six yet. It's horrifying. It's absolutely horrifying. Without even her husband being a registered child sex offender. This is terrifying, right? People are paying 240 All right, for two hours a week or 340 for three hours a week teaching these babies, these young children how to pole dance. Tiffany has not deleted her own personal Facebook account, which features photos and videos of what appears to be her young daughter or stepdaughter using a pole in one case alongside herself in a revealing bikini. And this is actually pretty freakin disgusting, folks. If you take a look at this, right? All right, you've got these two women in their bikinis, which is whatever it's not my my business. But then there's this little girl wearing a tiny swimsuit, and she's actually climbing a brass pole. All right, with her legs spread. All right. It's disturbing. It's absolutely disturbing. And I believe that this is child abuse. These people should be investigated for child abuse. It's absolutely horrifying. It's absolutely horrifying. In a Facebook post prior to deleting the business page Huebner wrote, thank you to those who have shown your support for my kids pole classes. I know that it's going to take time for everybody to drop the stigma of it's a stripper pole and understand that pole is an international sport now. I have patience and hope for a future generations of pole Olympians and want to share an example with the public of what an international pole sports competition for kids looks like. The post included a video of a nine year old child pole dancing to defend her decision. Wow. Wow. So Wow. In Russia, right? That's nice. I can't read those letters there. It says pole sport kids nine year old on the club approve of it. I can't read that. Because it's in Russian letters and not English. She shared this to defend herself. Although nothing is defensible. Because her man diddles kids and is a registered child sex offender. Do not pass go do not collect $100 All right, this woman and her man should be arrested. Quote, it is an excellent combination of dance and gymnastics. teenagers and adults can be taught in this same style and my pole sport classes and we also have flirty flow for adults who want to learn a sensual style of poll. But the two styles are kept separate and age appropriate. Although a bunch of different women's crutches, spend time on that poll, I'm sure, folks, it's not appropriate. It's not right. I don't care what people say. I don't care what women's groups come after me. I don't give a crap. I'm a father. I have daughters. Kiss my lily white butt cheeks.

We're not done yet in another post screenshotted by the Gateway Pundit, the instructor who also invited people to stop by and check it out. Referring to the children's pole dancing class. All right, the instructor invited people to just come and watch. All right, come and watch children's pole dancing classes. There's a nice little picture of a girl and tiny shorts and a tiny bra. Stretching herself spreading herself out on a pole. They're selling it as fitness. They always, always, always sell it as fitness. And is it fitness? Are there are there forms of poll? That could be considered fitness and 2021? Sure, but they damn sure don't involve seven year old little girls. All right, try me justify it, see what happens. And now deleted posts from tifs. pole fitness also said that they've deleted posts because the shares and views have extended far beyond our community and area. I didn't anticipate that it would go viral, it would begin to go viral. I just want to protect the privacy of my students. I want to protect our small community. No, you want to protect your own ass because now it's exposed, that your husband's a disgusting, pervert. All right, go to jail. That's where you belong. So I know that none of us none of us would ever send our children to a pole dancing class. So please, don't think I'm referring to you. I've got nothing against strippers and pull dance cardio people. What I have a problem with is the normalization of the sexualization of our children. Plain and simple. Alright, plain and simple. The elites, they seem to love children a lot more than they should don't they from Epstein's pedophile island to Joe Biden's sniffing hair to Alex Jones, exposing the elites burning child effigies to the hundreds of 1000s of children who are sex trafficked in America each year. The elites really, really seem to have a sick interest in the kids, regardless of the reason why they normalize the sexualization of children. And I'm not okay with that. You're not okay with that. And it's time we speak out in defense of our kids. We can't allow this to become normal. Our own government looks at parents standing up for kids writes at school board meetings as domestic terrorists, so how long until they find a reason to investigate the rest of us? All right, how long until parents are stripped of all their rights for the betterment of the system itself, and the easier programming of our children. And as faith, family, morality, and righteousness fade away, the American Sodom and Gomorrah grows even bigger. Every day, people start to become demons walking among us. And our last story of the show is about one of those demons guys, and if you've got kids in the room, or you're sensitive to graphic material, please please please fast forward. All right, or check out a different episode. But for the next couple of minutes, we're going to talk about a sensitive subject. This is from from Nick Gilbertson, Florida veterinarian sentenced over 21 years in federal prison for the sexual abuse of dogs and for child porn possession of Florida veterinarian was sentenced to more than 21 years in federal prison on October 8, for recording and sharing videos of himself sexually abusing dogs and possessing child pornography. Prentiss came Madden 40 was a licensed veterinarian in aventura, Florida, and has been sentenced to 272 months in federal prison. Madden recorded himself sexually abusing dogs. He shared the beast reality videos online and collected online child pornography. a press release from the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida states. All right. Madden also accessed images of child pornography through the use of a cloud storage service Dropbox. He had 1000s of images of child pornography on his phone, and was the recipient of child pornography images and videos in social media chats. The release states this is absolutely disgusting. Like I said, there are demons walking among us. The whole point of this episode is to tell you and show you how they're brainwashing our kids. They're making us dumb. They're making us into multiple lumps of numbered clay. All right, while literally supporting violence while promoting sex. All right, with underage kids with dogs, the normalization, the normalization of literal sexual activity with children. It's absolutely disgusting. These are the things that thrive

That absolutely thrive in a country that's devoid of morals, righteousness, religion, and family. These are the things that our left is going after that the progressive elites want to kill. They want to break our backs and bring us down. They want us all to be sinners. They want us all to be subservient. They want us all to become serfs. Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to destroy a country, this is how you do it. This is how you do it. Alright, I'm glad they caught this guy. But the fact that people like this exist is a testament to just how screwed up everything is becoming. According to the US Attorney's Office on July 29, Madison pleaded guilty to five charges are already mad and pleaded guilty to three counts of receipt of child pornography in violation of title 18 USC section 225 to eight to one count of child, excuse me of possession of child pornography and violation of title 18 United States Code Section 2252, a four Bravo and one count of creation of an animal crusher video in violation of title 18. United States Code Section 48, a two Bravo, a federal statute that punishes acts of animal torture, including v scality. And this guy should have gotten the life I don't think 21 years is enough. According to WSVN, the investigation into Madden began with a cyber tip. He was arrested for the despicable acts on March 16. After federal authorities raided his home on February 24. WSVN reports the raid led to the discovery of the collection of child porn and the animal crush film. Madden worked at caring hands animal hospital, and was terminated before his March 16 arrest. How appropriate, his caring hands and what he did with those caring hands is despicable. Here's a statement from the former employer. The former employer quote we carrying hands animal hospital are appalled by the nature of the charges against Prentice Madden. We immediately terminated Mr. Madden two weeks ago upon learning that he was under investigation for these heinous and unthinkable crimes. The animal hospitalization excuse me, the animal hospital said in a statement back in March PR Seven News, Miami, quote, this is never who I planned to be, or thought I would be. That's what Madden told judge Jose Martinez at sentencing per the Miami Herald. He said it does not represent who I am. As a person will tell me Matt and who are you as a person? You filmed yourself screwing a dog that's what I'm guessing or doing something tortures and horrible to a dog. All right. And you collected received and distributed child pornography. Those are children. Those are babies I have children. So how does this not resent represent you as a person? Did you? Did you just use the woke ideology to to say that you don't identify as the same person anymore? How are you going to pull through this one? I don't think you are. You are a demon among us. And you're now locked away and you should be locked away for much longer. All right, you should be locked away for much longer. Think about this. It's absolutely horrifying. And strings. strings of things like this have been popping up and appearing in the news every single day for months and months and months and months now ever since Joe Biden took the presidency. The population has been devolving into a worse and worse and worse D evolved group of individuals. It's absolutely frightening for many people, people don't know what to do or who to trust. And how could you trust anybody after hearing stories, like your local veterinarian is molesting animals and collecting child pornography. You remember what he said? Right? You remember what I just read to you, right? This is never who I plan to be, or who I thought I would be. That's what Madden said. This is never who I planned to be, or who I thought I would be. It's almost as if he was possessed. But then again, how many people have turned to evil out of convenience, it's easier to turn a blind eye to a changing world and in the changing world with no consequences. It's easy for the weak minded to give in to demonic urges. So while states and cities across the country attempt to dumb down and poison our children, the elite and dim witted run rampid with sin. Look, I'm not super religious, and I'm definitely not perfect. But I do try to lead an honorable, hardworking and God fearing life to the best

of my ability like most of you do, like most of you do, was I always like this. Of course I wasn't and a lot of you weren't either. I learned a lot of hard lessons in life before humility, and some selflessness set in. So as someone who's seen both sides of the coin, the progressive elite jigsaw puzzle is pretty obvious to see through. They want to destroy the American individual Listen up, they want to destroy the American individual.

By destroying our children.

They want to destroy God, by normalizing sin, over self improvement. And most importantly, and the entire reason this is happening in the first place. They want to become exponentially more rich and powerful for generations, not years or decades, but generations, hundreds of years, for generations to come. And at the end of the day, it comes down to black magic,

and Money, money, money. So until next time, folks, that's the end of Episode 175 of American Reveley with James Lane. Again, if you enjoyed the show, please do me a favor, like subscribe, hit the notification bell, rate, comment and share this episode with as many people as you can. And if you want to hear me on the radio, call up your favorite conservative am talk radio stations and demand that they carry American readily with James Lane. Please don't forget that American Reveley LLC is also a digital publication with even more cool and exciting projects to come. And please, if you didn't, when the show started, head to www dot American right now, bookmark the site, join the newsletter, and please take the time to tell me what you think I answer every single email and if you're interested in writing for us, reporting for us being an on air talent working social media sponsoring us or even partnering with us, please email me directly at James Lane at American Reveley. com that's James Lane at American Don't forget bookmark the website, www dot American Reveille, R E V e i l l And if you need to contact me for any of the reasons I just stated, James Lane at American and for all of us here at American Reveley, I want to say thank you, thank you so much for your continued love, your continued loyalty and your continued support. I do what I do, not only for my children, but for every single one of you. So thank you for sticking with us, and I can't wait to see you next time. Bye.

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