The Progressive Elites are the True Enemy of All American Citizens | Ep 173

September 26, 2021 James Lane Episode 173
The Progressive Elites are the True Enemy of All American Citizens | Ep 173
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In episode 173 of American Reveille with James Lane: Hunter Bidens' "laptop from hell" is finally confirmed by the MSM as real, new emails put Hunter negotiating with Libya while Joe was VP, 135 Republicans vote to take your guns away, the common Left and common Right unite against vax mandates, and Democrats need to wake up to a likely Trump 2024 victory. Next, on American Reveille, with James Lane!

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The progressive elites are in control. They're in control of the media. They're in control of big tech, big business, Wall Street, the military, they're in control of the government. I hate to say I told you so. But, you know, after being shadow banned on most platforms, censored beyond recognition, called a conspiracy theorist, and even losing my sponsors, I think it's safe to say, I told you so.

You know, the hunter Biden laptop story, it's been confirmed again, but this time, it's actually being covered so, so what's happening? The elites, they're frantically searching their assets to plug this wound this invisible wound that we're not supposed to see, but there's a problem. And the problem is that too many people have woken up. In Episode 173 of American revenue with James Lane, I take you on a magic carpet ride behind the veil. So what's happening? The hunter Biden laptop is 100% confirmed by the mainstream media. New emails reveal a shocking hunter Biden Libya connection while Joe was still Obama's number two guy 135 republicans are voting to take your gun rights away. Why? A black anti capitalist group extends the olive branch to the working class right and reveals unexpected common ground. And finally, Democrats need to recognize the very real possibility of a Trump 2024 victory. So the longer that we exist in this alternate American timeline, this woke elitist Chinese matrix, the longer we won't be free, open your mind to the possibility that the elites who pretend to have your best interest simply don't. They prosper off the backs of we the people, and we the people need to choose not to take it anymore. So as the progressive elitist worldview develops a crack working class, people of all backgrounds, and all ethnicities begin to put their differences aside and rise up as the true enemy shows its face. Next on American Reveley with James Lane.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here this is Episode 173 of the American Revolution podcast and how are you guys doing coming to you from the underground compound up here in the Pacific Northwest trying to catch a ticket on the

choo choo train out of this horrible commie state Ah, but we still have a little bit of a ways to go do me a favor guys hit that like button hit that subscribe button wherever you're listening to this or watching this there's some sort of like or subscribe button some way to review if you're listening on Apple podcasts. Give us the five star review it helps we've been censored beyond belief but you know what, until we can get on some am radio stations and spread our influence through some sort of underground fashion we're gonna have to still keep begging you to please please please leave reviews comments hit those like buttons, subscribe hit those notification bells, do everything you can to bypass the censorship algorithms and get the American Reveley wherever you are listening or watching from for everybody that's been following along for the past what is it almost two years now I really really really appreciate you I thank you guys so much and I wanted to let you guys know where we stand so before we get to the hunter Biden labtop stuff and the the the anti capitalist group and all the different things we're going to talk about on the show today, I really want to let you know where we stand as a company. I know a lot of you have wondered where we've gone are wondering how we're doing and I want to let you know that you haven't been seeing us because of the censorship if you subscribe to the newsletter, and you're wondering why you don't get the newsletter check your spam folder, it's probably there and as most of you know, we put out a once a month status of the company type of report to let you know where we stand so that you can see that we're still growing that even though they kick the crap out of us, you know they've got millions of dollars, big tech, the sensors all those folks. They've got lots and lots of money and we have basically when I make it my day job, cuz the American Reveley once again does it. Make

Anything, we will make stuff soon Don't worry, we will we will and that stuff will be green. And that green isn't referring to AOC and her agenda that greens referring to dolla bills so that we can fund more patriotic efforts. But until then we're going to just keep doing what we're doing, guys. I want to give you a little insight information. It may seem like I'm rambling, it may seem like I'm going on and on, but I want to give you some inside information. So before we get to the show, take a look at this, folks, if you go to American revenue, COMM And you subscribe to the American Reveley newsletter, you'll get yourself the American Reveley end of month reports. They show you where the company stands, I send out a thank you letter. I let everybody know the new website was complete. I let everybody know the podcast hit 50,000 listens, the website hit 30,000 visits for the year, we began sending show kits to am talk radio stations in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, we're looking to recruit to new writers bloggers, for the month of October, there's so much information you get to let you know what we're doing behind the scenes to grow this freedom based Patriotic Movement called the American Reveley, right now, a radio show, while trying to be a radio show right now a podcast and a publication, check out the new website, www dot American Here's a free preview. If you're watching, take a look at that it looks fantastic. There's all these different categories here. You can listen or watch the podcast right on the top. You can see it all it's very organized, very clean, looks just as good as any of the big dogs out there. Tim cast, Bond genome daily wire any of those folks, all right, you also get a weekly newsletter. And if you've been wondering if you signed up because we have 600 700 people that are signed up to the newsletter, but only 50 or 60 see it. So if you're signed up and you've been wondering where the hell is my newsletter, check your spam folder. I've been sending it out for months. If you're watching, look at this clean and beautiful male publication. You can see we showed the presentation of the Maricopa County election audit results on the website. We had some great articles come out last week taxing the poor through inflation the democrat master con job why Americans must not comply with COVID vaccine mandates. We had all kinds of stuff if matrix resurrections is woke we Riot I wrote that one myself. Wink, wink, listen, this is a great thing to have. We don't bombard you in the mail, you get five things during the month, you get one weekly publication. All right, 1234. So you get one every week, it shows you what we did. And then you get once a month, you get to know behind the scenes what we're doing to make this company grow so that we can fight the leftist agenda. Folks, I really appreciate you taking your time out of the show to just listen to me and take a look at the things we're doing. Take a look at the new website, www dot American Finally, after almost a year of talking about it updated, upgraded and ready to rock and roll, folks, thank you so much for listening. So folks, last year, maybe even before that we heard about the hunter Biden laptop, we heard about the hard drive from Rudy Giuliani and all of the horrible things on it. And I saw crazy pictures. I saw Asian hookers. I saw what could have been Malaya Obama, I saw that picture. I know that 1000s of you saw that picture. saw the picture with his relative or nice or whatever. I think he's a disgusting person. But we saw all kinds of things that the media swept under the rug. We heard about the emails we heard from Tony Bobby Alinsky. We heard all of these things, and we were called crazy. We were called conspiracy theorists. People told you, they told me they told us that we were out of our minds. All right, that we were obsessed that we were in some cult that Donald Trump had hypnotized us. We were told to shut up. Lots of us were threatened to lose our jobs. Lots of us lost our jobs. People were intimidated by the general public. People were intimidated by Democrats. People were intimidated by the woke left and it just fizzled away. The news barely covered it. The New York Post was censored. They were condemned for even revealing the hunter Biden laptop story and it all went away and then poof Guess what?

It's now confirmed it's confirmed by the main stream media. What a coincidence. Isn't it amazing how all the things they said we were crazy for all the things that they said that we were out of our minds for. They now quietly, like a thief in the night with a whisper. They now silently confirm our conspiracies. Well, what do you know? The hunter Biden labtop is confirmed the New York Post is responding to the confirmation saying colourise shocked This is coming out by the New York Post editorial board. I want to read you this article. In his new book, The Biden's inside the first families 50 year rise to power. Political reporter Ben Shrek anger says that evidence points to hunter Biden's laptop as being legit. While we appreciate the support the truth is the posts reports always have been true. And it's only because the media wants to protect Joe Biden and they keep referring to the laptop as unsubstantiated. Shrek anger notes that a person who had independent access to hunter Biden's emails confirms two of the emails the posts published, including one about a potential deal with China with the line 10 held by h for the big guy. That is Joe Biden. But hunter Biden's former business partner Tony Bobby Alinsky had already said those emails were authentic. The email excuse me, the media just ignored him. Shrek anger ads that the emails released by the Swedish government also match emails from the laptop. Hunter had gotten into a kerfuffle when he was staying in a Swedish Embassy building. That's also been reported. Look at that right here. If you're watching, there's the famous hunter Biden smoking a cigarette in a bathtub, a fancier bathtub than you or I could most likely ever afford. For those who doubt we're reading again, that hunter would forget a laptop at a repair shop. Shrek anger notes that Biden's son abandoned another computer at the home of psychiatrists. Keith ablow fed sees that machine when they read it ablow over abuse claims. Hunter eventually got it back. Quote, I wasn't keeping tabs on possessions very well for about a four year period of time hunter said, Hey, remember the other week? I mean, I think it was three, four weeks ago, maybe a month ago. I don't have a producer to remind me Excuse me. But there was a report that hunter Biden lost another laptop and there was a video where he was complaining to a Russian hooker that he had left I think a third laptop, I believe at a Russian drug dealers house or another Russian hookers residence somewhere somehow maybe a gambling thing. The the the Russians have another hunter Biden laptop full of incriminating information. It's amazing how much electronic equipment hunter Biden carries on him. And misplaces just like I lose my keys all the time, and my wife yells at me to look in front of me and try to find them. Instead of asking her where everything is. Hunter Biden seems to lose laptops in the same way except he's rich enough to not get yelled at. I do not have that luxury. All of this information is out there. Yet the time still called the laptop unsubstantiated last week until it was quietly corrected.

And even as Politico credited its reporter, it added. While the leak contains genuine files, it remains possible that fake material has been slipped in what part the pictures of hunters smoking crack shrieking are called the White House to check whether, as reported Joe Biden met hunter for a dinner in April 2015. That included burisma advisor, vet him, pazar ski, I should have practiced that guy's name. Before I did this, Biden's team pointed him and you can't blame me. I did the best I could. You don't have a lot of time to prepare when you're putting these things together. Biden's team pointed him to a Washington Post fact check, which noted that Biden's team had at first said there was no record of such a meeting until they finally conceded that yes, Joe did drop in on that dinner. The fact confirmed, the writer still concludes heartily, that there's less to the story than one might imagine. It's the perfect example of how democrats weaponize fact checkers to deflect criticism and enlists

Social media to sensor articles. Nothing to see here. See the Wu Han lab theory. Oh look, there's a picture of Tony Bob olinsky consider the level of skepticism brought to bear here. Biden's team lied to us but we'll take them at their word that nothing of consequence happened at this dinner. email after email picture after picture are proved authentic from the laptop. But hey, maybe some of its fake. The laptop is unsubstantiated because the media doesn't want it to be substantiated. We figure that won't change but thanks mr. Shreck finger for at least bucking the trend. So it's been amazing. After all of this after everything you just heard me read has been reported. Biden, his son may still get away with everything. Biden Jr, their little Hunter. He's making ridiculously disgustingly stupid looking art paintings that look like the rainbow fan on my computer. All right, the rainbow led fan if you don't know what that is, Google it. You'll see what it looks like. RGB rainbow led fan. He literally makes these idiotic paintings. They're like finger paintings. All right. And he's making $500,000 just Lottie Dodd doing what he wants to do, showing more and more how the elites Get Away with Murder. How we're divided. All right, we've been divided by this horrible woke culture, this progressive left agenda. All right. Regardless of what people believe in this country, we've always been able to find a way to look past that we have a 50 state system, because people from California don't always get along with people from Nebraska and people from Nebraska don't always fit in with people from New York. And people from New York don't always fit in with people from Florida. Unless you're in Broward, Miami Dade County, then they might be the same exact thing. But the reason we have states the reason our government set up the way that it's set up is because we have a huge amount of land. And we have different cultures across the land. We're not supposed to be one giant

culture, we're a mixing pot, we share the American culture. But to tell you the God's honest truth, different people have different ways that let that they live their life in different geographic locations in different parts of this country. Different parts of the city are different, different parts of the country are different, different parts of the regions across the country are different. It's different everywhere. It's just like some places say it's Cola, some places say it's pop some places it says soda, it's soda to me, because I'm from Florida. But what I'm getting at is that people are different, everywhere. And the true folks that want to keep us divided. The true folks that want to destroy our ideology that keeps our different cultures loosely tied together in unity, are the elites the hunter Biden's the joe biden's the Nancy Pelosi, the folks that pull the puppet strings, and the folks above them that pull their puppet strings that are destroying the fabric of this country for their own gain and the gain of their long term, basic agenda to destroy our way of life, folks, you have to look past you have to see what is going on. And as time goes forward, more and more will be revealed. In the meantime, the elites can't plug the leak. They can't do anything to get the bad news to stop raining out of the sky falling from the clouds, literally pouring acid rain upon Joe Biden, the puppet president, the puppet of the elites, his son Hunter. All right, is in another world of crap that I hope something's done about it, but probably nothing will be done about it. New emails from Hunter Biden business associates reveal he asked for $2 million retainer plus success fees to help them unfreeze $30 billion. That's a billion Dr. Evil style in Libyan assets while his father was vice president. emails from democratic donors are Sam Zhao Hari and Sheikh Muhammad Al Rabbani indict indicated not indicted that a hunter Biden had offered to help free frozen Libyan assets Joe Hari was frank about the kind of access they believed hunter Biden might have, as well as issues involving alcohol and drug use. What do you know his habits are world renowned. The two were working to unfreeze billions of dollars and assassinated Libyan president president Momo

Gadhafi is foreign assets for the new Libyan Government. They stood to gain 5% of whatever they were able to free up for Libya, which could potentially mean hundreds of millions of dollars, folks, I have a really simple way that if you're not sure, if you haven't made up your mind yet, how you can tell that the elites in this country, all right, the wicked elites, the progressive left elites, there are some elite voter, some Donald Trump, like folks out there that have a lot of money that have their views, but kind of do the right thing by the people. All right, I'm not saying that I trust a billionaire per se. But I am saying that there are people with a wicked agenda and then that there are other people that believe in free or system for all. And these left wing folks, these hunter Biden's these Pelosi is their children,

their parents, their brothers, their sisters, their nephews, uncles, cousins, sisters, former roommate, whoever, listen, all of these folks, they're corrupt, these elites are corrupt, they pit us against each other, the working class of this country, regardless of what we believe, whether we're capitalists, whether we believe that capitalism is bad, whatever it is, they pit us against each other, so they can prosper off our backs. That's what they do. That is what they do. And it's time we recognize the distinct and big difference between us. And them. I don't believe in what

extreme folks believe in I really don't. But I do see the writing on the wall. I'm not dumb. You don't have to be an extreme person on the right, to see the writing on the wall. All right, you can do small things to do something about it. You don't have to be a part of that group. When they point at you and they say you're a Thor, right? You're all right, you're this, you're that you don't have to accept that you don't have to acknowledge that you can be a stable, normal person that does good in this universe that works hard and has conservative values, but isn't a wackadoodle for believing the truth because it's right in front of your face. They literally call us idiots. They look at you. They look at me, and they say you're dumb. You're not elite. You're not a part of the super, super rich, affluent upper class that controls everything about society. You are one of us. You don't belong. We make the decisions. You sit down, you shut the hell up. They're doing that to us right now. We all see it. It's right in front of our face. So don't be afraid to say something about it. All right. They do it right in front of us these new emails from Hunter Biden. They're revealing that he's doing stuff in Libya. This guy's a crackhead. All right. Hey, I knew people that were crackheads. They did not negotiate for the freezing or unfreezing of $30 billion yet $30 of any foreign government, any person's bank dealings for that matter. So why does hunter Biden get this? Get this prestigious, possible job offering because he's joe biden's son, because he is dealing all right with people who want access to Hunter Hunter to Joe Biden, excuse me his 50 year Black Book of political connections in Washington. Meanwhile, they're destroying destroying our country, and what our founding is all about. If you want to know a lot more about that a great blog post came out on the website, I just want you to take a look really quick, really quick, just an intermission go to WWW dot American revenue calm. It's called Leviathan, the true progressive agenda by Michael Craig. It's a good little 15 minute read there. But it gets into some deep, deep and deep inside information about what the progressive left and their agenda is, and has always been that has led up to this monstrosity, but folks, I want to start reading this. We need to get into it. And we're going to go right now a pair of emails from business associates of hunter Biden revealed he offered to help them unfreeze Libyan assets for a $2 million retainer plus success fees. While they also discuss their misgivings over his drug and alcohol abuse. Sex success fee sounds like some mafia stuff doesn't it? Doesn't it? Like if I complete the job, I want an extra amount you know, you get 150 upfront 150 after the deed is done, that's what it sounds like. To me. The email exchanges were between

mid level democratic donors Sam Joe Hari and Sheikh Mohammed Al Rabbani, who in 2015. were both working on behalf of the new Libyan Government to free up $30 billion in state foreign assets. They had been frozen by the Obama administration under the deposed mo Moammar Gadhafi regime in 2011. Excuse me, the emails are unrelated to those on his laptop, which outlined a number of his other business dealings. The computer was found at a repair shop in Delaware. In their first email dated January 28 2015. sent by Jowhar, Rita al Rabbani, and obtained by Business Insider, Joe Hari discusses what he believes the younger Biden might bring to the table in their efforts. He outlines the number of connections hunter has, including his role as chairman of the UN World Food Program, and the relationship he has with then Secretary of State john kerry and his then vice president father, which in turn could provide access to Obama's file on Libya. How in the hell

does hunter Biden have or had a role as the chairman of the UN World Food Program? in his time, smoking Parmesan cheese? Is that what it is? He's experienced with smoking Parmesan cheese, thinking that it's crack after days and days and days of crack induced benders? Is that how you get a UN World Food appointed position? Is there a special hat for that? Does he get to wear cheese hat? No, since he travels with Dad, this is a quote. He is connected everywhere in Europe and Asia, where mq moammar qaddafi and Li a Libya Investment Authority had money frozen Jari rights, adding that Hunter was also hunter has also said he has high level access in China, and that he can help there. So the laptop is confirmed.

And it is said it is written it's in the email that johari said that hunter has high level access in China. There's a lot of stuff going on in China. A lot of stuff going on in China involving Biden, involving hunter Biden, a lot of stuff in China involving a little thing known as COVID 19. How deep does this rabbit hole go guys? How deep Do you really think it goes? China, at the time had been blocking the release of roughly 15 billion and qaddafi's assets that Obama ordered frozen amid a bid to increase its influence in Africa. Jo Hari wrote that hunter wanted $2 per year retainer and success fees Excuse me. $2 means $2 million. It says it right here sources familiar with the effort told Business Insider that two meant 2 million and the Jo Hari and his associates stood to gain 5% of whatever Libyan money they were able to free up that sounds so mafia it sounds like they watched some casino some some some Sopranos and made some decisions there. So hilarious, Frank, however, about how hunter might post problems for their endeavors. Quote, his negatives are that he's an alcoholic drug addict kicked out of the US Army for cocaine chasing low class hookers constantly needs money, liquidity problems, and many more headaches he wrote. Hmm, that sounds like everything we've been talking about for well over a year. In the second email dated a little more than a year later, on February 26 2016. talks with hunter Biden over his role in the Libyan project appeared to still be ongoing. in it. JOHN sandag, a lawyer who served as Obama's Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement since January and our baani report on his talks with hunter according to Business Insider, that's great. I spoke with HBS team yesterday. They are interested in the project but emphasize that for them to get involved the team lobbyists lawyers and PR would need to be a small group of folks have to have a they have a tight relationship with each other. Listen guys, why would hunter want a small group of people to be in the know about this unless he had something to hide unless he had something to hide? There's a picture of Moammar Gadhafi right there.

They do not want a large group involved. They only want people with whom they have a close relationship with due to the sensitivities surrounding their involvement. Sandwick wrote the talks came as Joe Biden was weighing his run for president in both emails. They were

Port hunter had requested secrecy over his involvement. Ultimately, Joe Hari ended up hiring neither Sedwick nor hunter to help with the effort to free up the funds, but Sandwick confirmed to insider that he had been in contact with an associate of hunter Biden, they indicated that they would consider it and pass the message back. He told the outlet look, folks, I believe anything of this point, in regards to hunter Biden, there's been so much sneaky, shady stuff, I'm just waiting for the Hiroshima bomb have information to explode. The elites are going to do everything that they can everything in their power to hold back the floodgates. But we the people, if we keep fighting, if we keep working together, if we keep spreading the truth, those floodgates will burst open, the dam will be broken and a flood of information will come out. And we will see the true face of the bad guys here. The elites will be revealed. That's just how this works. That's just how it's going to be. Sometimes it's slow. Sometimes it takes time. We have to be patient, but you have to keep pushing back on their agenda. Hunter Biden won't get away forever. He won't get away forever. But it starts with you. It starts with you. electing the right? People. It starts with you paying attention and local local government, local politics. What are the people in your local government being influenced by what company is what people dig? Folks dig? It doesn't make you a conspiracy theorist. There are some crazy things going on out there that aren't true. But there's a lot of things that you've heard that actually are. So you should question things you should check out what other sorts of sources of information have to say and then you should make a decision. your self. That's how this works. For instance, most people don't know. They don't realize they don't realize that people that you trust, people that seem to support Trump, people that seem to be supportive of an America first agenda are also supportive of taking your gun rights away. Folks, check out this article. We're not going to spend too long on this. But I want you to see this. This is from the National file it says read the names 135 republicans vote with Democrats to advance a red flag gun confiscation bill. As part of ND a. a, it says republicans fall for classic democrat trick to include controversial legislation in a bill to fund the truth. The troops, not the truth. Excuse me, this is by Tom pepper. All right, guys, take a look. I want you to listen to this. This is very, very important, because people you would never expect are in this list. And I have a question for those people that will reveal at the end of this article. This morning, the United States House of Representatives voted to advance legislation that will allow police to confiscate firearms of individuals believed to be a threat to themselves or others known as red flag laws that become highly controversial. They became highly controversial, excuse me during the Trump administration, due to the fears that they would be abused. This anti Second Amendment Bill, which soared through the US House and will now head to the Senate had the bipartisan support of 135 republican representatives. All right, folks, really quick. The issue with this isn't that psychotic people shouldn't have guns, it's that you can abuse this, if you give the government the right to just blame. blankly take away

gun rights from folks and confiscate their weapons based upon the accusation, or the belief that they're out of their mind, or they shouldn't have those guns. How far does it go? If my neighbor who doesn't like me or wants to hurt me or wants to rape my daughter or steal my possessions, calls the government calls the police and says, My neighbor, I hear him at the night howling like a wolf

and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. I hear his wife screaming, I hear him out of his mind. I heard he's a veteran. I heard all of these things. He has guns too. And I see him playing with those guns. He's just making them up. Let's just say he's making all of these things up. Will they then come and take my firearms away? if this passes, they just might. That's a very, very, very powerful in the hands of the wrong people. So why is it being voted for? It's very strange. Well, many of those who voted alongside democrats would are not surprising to many others portray themselves as America first candidates who seek to real

Why is President Donald Trump's agenda? Among these are reps Matt gates, Madison cawthorne

Elise stefanik Devin Nunez, Ronnie Jackson, President Trump's former White House, Dr. Greg Pence, the brother of former Vice President Mike Pence, as well as House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy. Why? Why? I wonder who else voted for this. Other Republicans who voted for the red flag law gun confiscation bill include many of President Trump's opponents, including those who voted for impeachment. Among these are reps, Herrera Bueller, Dan Newhouse, Fred Upton, Peter, my her may her my her. JOHN katko Dave salado, Adam kinzinger. And Liz Cheney. That's that group. Liz Cheney wanting to take over the Republican Party get rid of the Trump Republicans. So are these Trump republicans the Kevin McCarthy is the Mike Pence is the the Greg Pence is the Devin Nunez is the Madison cawthorne the Matt gates of the world. Are they just covering their butts just in case Liz Cheney does wind just in case somehow, some way the mug the mogga movement is crushed, and the left retains power and the right reforms itself, cleansing its palette and removing all of the maga eights from its ranks, with Liz Cheney leading it as a service of sorts, some sort of snake some serpent with Liz Cheney at the head, if she leaves the party are these folks Matt gates, Madison cawthorne, Elise stefanik, Devin Nunez and so on. Are they trying

to make sure that their political careers survive? Or are they playing politics? Are there other reasons? What are the reasons I want to know why? why they would vote to give my neighbor the power to play God with my second amendment rights.

As is typical for democrat president, the red flag law gun confiscation legislation? That's That's such a rhyme right there. The red flag log gun confiscation legislations, the red flag law, gun confiscation legislation, it's a new schoolhouse rocks was folded into the often controversial National Defense Authorization Act bill for 2021. Which funds the net, the United States Armed Forces, typically, Democrats use this bill, which is politically costly for Republicans to avoid assenting. to, to ram unpopular legislation through the house. One thing I don't understand, right, because that's why these Democrats, excuse me, these republicans is pro Trump Republicans, they're going to use that as a shield, they're going to say, Hey, we did this because the military, our woke as military wouldn't be funded. Without us voting for this. Well, maybe just maybe the republican party should have some balls for once they should have a spine, a backbone, they should stand up and say, Fine, we're not funding anything. At some point, the left has to give, don't you think? Why can't I never see this? Why can't a republican stand on a soapbox in their town with a camera on them and say, Hey, we know this is going to hurt the military. But we're doing this because they want to take your guns away. And we're trying to make sure that you I mean, we're not dumb. We're not dumb politicians. lefties are not dumb or smart. The American people are smart. They can come to us, they can say, Hey, we know this is gonna suck for a bit. But we have to do it because of this. It's in our best interest to do it because of this and that. If we stand up, and we don't allow the funding,

we have more time to negotiate the removal of this program, which takes your guns away. Why can't they say that to us? They don't, they're too scared. They're cowards. They're afraid that they'll lose their political career. That's why I wonder, I wonder who's whispering in the ear of the young Madison cawthorne. He's fresh. Isn't Matt gates giving him advice? Who could it be? Is it Devin Nunez? These people that we think are our friends, our allies, our politicians that we look up to? Are they do we really believe in them? I'm not saying I'm not saying that they're bad. I'm not saying that they're even doing this. I'm not saying that. That they

Even have ill intentions. All I'm saying is that you should question everything. In 2012. Many republicans face similar outcry from voters after they voted for Barack Obama's 2012 NDA, which Obama signed into law in December of 2011. The 2012 NDA legalize the indefinite detainment and detention of American citizens,

which you're seeing right now. With some of the January six protesters just want to bring it up, just making a point, just saying, All right, just saying the 2012 NDA legalize the indefinite detainment and detention of American citizens and made it illegal to protest an event where Secret Service was present. Many republicans defended their vote by claiming it was necessary to make sure active duty troops would receive their pay. The ACLU slammed the Obama regime for the law at the time, but it became law nonetheless. And like I said, it's because republicans don't seem to ever have a spine. They don't do anything about anything. Stand up for what you believe in, stand up for what you believe in. So tell me, why do you think 135 was that the right number? 135? Yes, right there. 135 republican representatives, why do you think

why do you think they voted to allow your neighbor to have so much power to allow the left have so much power to allow your guns to be taken away based upon accusations? Did they do it to save their own skin later on? Did they do it because they were ignorant and they didn't read the bill? Did they do it because they thought there would be political fallout for not defending the military but defunding the military in protest? which eventually they would have gotten funded. You can't have a country without a military. All right.

Are they actual elitists? Or Matt gates, Madison cawthorne. Devin Nunez, Greg Pence, Mike Pence, his brother, Kevin McCarthy. Are these people to be trusted?

Are they really for maga for America first for Trump's political agenda? Are they just saving their own skin? Here's what I know. While the elites are scrambling to save their own skin. While they're scrambling to pull their act together. While everything is falling apart around them. Unlikely things seem to be happening. I told you last week on American Reveley, Episode 172, about Nicki Minaj, becoming an unlikely figure and unlikely person standing up for free speech Well, now now, opposing points of view, people from the the apparent left what's supposed to be the left, I guess, people from the socialist side of things, and people from the right the mogga crowd, all right, people that were standing up for their bodily autonomy for their rights, to not get a vaccine

are standing side by side, it's very strange how these groups have come together over something that happened with Nicki Minaj. But it just goes to show how there's possible ways possible ways Hear me out, that the United States could start to unite over a common bad guy, a common enemy, and who is that common bad guy. It's the elites that have further corrupted the US government and don't want to work towards a solution that would bring true peace and equality across this country, not equity. That's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a quality and in the true sense of things, my enemy, or the enemy of my enemy, excuse me, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We don't always have to see idi, we don't have to have the same ideologies to stand side by side as Americans against something. And that's a pattern that has historically repeated itself over time in the United States. And it seems to be happening again and again. And again. And I wanted to go through this article, I wanted to talk about it, it seemed to be very interesting. And it seemed to be informative of what's actually happening in the United States behind the scenes beyond what the mainstream media tells you, in the streets, and in the neighborhoods across this country. How real people feel. We all know that a disproportionate amount of African Americans don't want to get the vaccine. We know that the news that the Biden administration that we know they're all lying, we do. We know that they're the ones the democrats are the ones being racist, all right. And these groups, they have their own belief system, all right, but we all have our own different cultures and belief systems and I

can respect a group that actually sticks to what they believe in, even if I don't believe in what they believe in, because this is, at the end of the day, a free country. I am okay with people coming together, organizing, having a belief. All right, and pushing those ideas because that's the American way. I am not okay with a government being tyrannical. All right, and and hurting the American citizens to manipulate the direction of a country. All right, we control the government, the government does not control us. All right. And that is something that is something that some of us all agree in regard agree with, regardless of our differences. All right. We've heard again and again, oh, well, why is the left if they say that vaccine mandates are good, why don't they believe in voter id that's hypocritical? And I agree, I agree. It mostly is hypocritical. What isn't hypocritical, is when one or two or some of these groups come out and say, Yeah, you're right. We don't agree with voter ID and we don't agree with Vax mandates, vaccine mandates are a violation of our constitutional rights. And I go, Oh, that's a little confusing, because I don't agree with what you normally agree with, I don't believe in in some of the things you believe in. I think some of your concepts are crazy, but you think the same way about us. But we can both agree that the government has no right to tell me what to put in or not put in my body. All right, plain and simple. Whether you have it or you don't have it, respect each other, respect each other. This is America. So let's get into this article. Let's take a look. Let's read and get through the concept because I'm building up to something we're talking about this in Episode 173 of the American Revolution podcast this this episode that really talks about unlikely, unlikely alliances. It really talks about a different way to look at things that tells you who the real bad guy is. And it's the progressive elites that are running the country that are running the world right now these great reset people, these progressive

folks that believe they know what's best for the destiny of the civilization of humanity. All right, they don't know what's best. And we, the people run this country group that protested CDC in support of Nicki Minaj invites Trump supporters to join them for demonstration this Friday at CDC headquarters, says CDC employees threw things at them. This is by Cassandra Fairbanks. It is from Gateway Pundit and it's from September 23. The group that protested in support of Nicki Minaj and against Dr. Anthony Fauci is planning another demonstration outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Atlanta this Friday, and hopes Trump supporters will join them. The front of Fauci Friday protest will be taking place this Friday, from 5pm until 7pm. And every week until what they hope to be their biggest on November 22. There's a picture of the guy right there running the show. The protest was set up by the anti capitalists, black hammer organizations, Commander in Chief Ghazi cadeau, who might be code so I don't know who spoke to the Gateway Pundit about how they hope to put political differences aside to fight together against the vaccine mandates. kado told Gateway Pundit that quote, this is such a human issue, that we can't let things that used to separate us continue to separate us. A real core value of our humanity is literally being ripped from us the ability to say what goes inside our own bodies. I can agree with that. Quote, if we do not make that choice that this administration tells us to make, we are no longer capable of working kado continued he said he is willing to stand with anyone who is willing to go side by side with me to fight for that core value. According to kado while he is a fan of Nicki Minaj just music so am I. So am I the reason for protesting was because they believe in what she was saying. He said that the iconic performer was aware of the protest and that she was liking tweets from other people about it. Quote, she did catch wind of what we were doing. She liked a few tweets kado said he said that there is a lot of pressure on her and that the liberal media has been trying to create scandals surrounding her because of her refusal to bow down and play ball if you remember correctly. Last week, like I told you Nicki Minaj she got canceled. Well, she got a small banned from Twitter. They slapped her

For having her own view on the Vax the vaccine for having her own view on what she puts in her body doesn't put in her body for telling a story about what happened to somebody in Trinidad, how their testicles swelled up, whether it's true or not, it could be it might be probably is, I don't see why she would lie about it, and how she's never gonna be on Twitter again. And now she's standing up, she's fighting for free speech, she's saying the right things, and people are following her on it. And that's good. She has 22 million followers. So we want Nicki Minaj to be on our side. But, but if you wanted to know what he meant a refusal to bow down and play ball. That's what he meant. kado said that the way people attacked Minaj for agreeing with Tucker Carlson is part of an effort from the liberal media to make people subscribe to this belief that the right is totally evil Nazis, people that you can't talk to agree with or be around. It's just a really vile place that they've created. And he's not wrong. He's not wrong. We have differences. But this is the modern civilized world. And if we can do this, if we can fix this, without being in the streets, and having a civil war with each other citizen to citizen, it would be better, it would be better for all of us. I'm a father, I have kids, I don't want violence. I want communication and I want cooperation. What we really do have is a woke problem in this country. And then the latest problem in this country, and I can put my differences aside to work with somebody that might have differences with me. If we both believe in America, if we both believe in America, we can have conversations the left the the crazy progressive psychotic left, the the the elites in this country, they don't want to have a conversation about how to reimagine anything about how to make things right about how to restore things constitutionally restore states rights, they don't want to talk about any of that. Because if it just gets worse, the more they profit, they make more money, the crazier things are in this country. What happened in Minaj, resonated with kado because he like Minaj had been censored on social media for posting a story about a relative who had an adverse reaction to the vaccine. He said his posts were deleted, and he was placed in Facebook Jail for daring to discuss it and ask questions. Quote, I'd made a post asking for prayers for my aunt, who was having side effects from the vaccine. It was taken down, he explained, even on Instagram, I couldn't go live for a week. I can't voice my opinion online. So where else do I do it? Other than outside the CDC gates. So he doesn't, he doesn't lie there. I'm In Facebook Jail every 30 days. All right. If anybody's wondering why American revelry hasn't been posting anything on Facebook, I'm In Facebook Jail again. All right, for literally making a comment about a video from a bouncer video, a video literally about a drunk person in front of a nightclub in England. And I was a bouncer for a long time. So I had a professional opinion, and boom, I'm banned again. I'm banned, again, off Facebook Jail all the way as many of you are. It's part of the censorship. So I believe him. When he says that the algorithms, they censor everything, talking about a subject, all right. It's not just people on the right. It's anybody that goes against the leftist elite narrative. They all get censored, there is no mercy. There's no mercy. If there was Nicki Minaj wouldn't have been hit plain and simple, plain and simple. The highly animated and charismatic organize Asian leader continued on to say that I've had these liberals, these leftists and communists who talk about the rights of the worker, literally threatening me saying, How dare you protest with trumpers? How dare you protest with them and not with us, but they are pushing the vaccine. And that's something that he's revealing that people need to understand. Alright, there are all these crazy leftist groups out there that we don't agree with, but most of them are under the control of the government. All right, most of them follow what Biden says what Fauci says what the CDC says, what the government tells them to do. They're not actually following their beliefs. They don't actually stand for what they believe them. If I don't agree with cod's, oh, that's okay. If he stands for what he believes in, even somebody that I don't agree with even somebody who may be an enemy, whether we are not that I don't know, I've never met the guy I don't think we are. But if he was, there's a such a, there's such a thing as respect for each other still, you can respect your

Enemy, you can respect a neutral party, your neighbor, you can respect somebody you don't agree with, you can respect each other and not like each other. That's okay. I can respect somebody who stands for what they believe in. And these elites do not stand for what they believe in. And these subgroups, alright? These these BLM groups, these antiva groups, they don't believe they're different chapters across this country, and they just Tow the line for Joe Biden, this is from Cod, so quote, all these socialist organizations, all of them, they're pushing the vaccine. I mean, they were even pushing it back in the day, when only old people could take it, he explained, they're telling me that it's okay for Joe Biden to say that my people can't work. If we do not take the vaccine. If you can't agree with me that my people have the right to decide what goes in their body, and that if they make a choice, you disagree with me, and they still have the right to earn money and be able to eat. If you can't agree with me on that. There's nothing else for me to talk to you about. I don't care about Marx, I don't care about your hammer and sickle. You don't want me to have a right not to have an injection into my body. Even with all the politics that I believe in, like anti colonialism and the white power system. I do not agree with white people not being able to feed their children. I don't want that type of world. If you say you're a freedom fighter, how much more to the base of freedom can you get with that issue? All right, how much more to the base of freedom can you get? Then this issue? cadzow continued with that statement. cod's have said that when they were outside the CDC, they were praying and singing with their signs not being aggressive, or causing any trouble. But that employees from the agency were being highly confrontational, confrontational and disrespectful towards them. Some console says we've been throwing things from their luxury vehicles, I don't have one. Quote, the people that work at the CDC started flicking us off and started trying to get out of their cars to attack us. Homeland Security came and they were protecting us from the CDC employees, it was wild. So again, again, I can agree with that, you know, this country, America, the United States of America, it was founded on being able to have your belief, being able to have your own cause to fight for freedom and do it peacefully. All right, Martin Luther King did a lot of things did most things, did all things peacefully, he wasn't Malcolm X. All right. And this guy right here is promoting a Martin Luther King type way, if he wants to get his point across whether I agree with it or not, if he does it peacefully, it's allowed by our Constitution, and I have to respect it. And by him calling out all of these other left wing organizations by him calling out the socialists, calling out all these folks and saying that they don't represent what they stand for. I can at least respect that. All right, I can start with I can work with that. All right. He doesn't have the power to control my mind. He doesn't have the power to control my life, my property, my family, my beliefs, all right. But the government the tyrants in the government, they do they can they can they can come and take everything from us. They can come and take everything from us. konzo said that homeland security agents had to tell CDC employees that the protesters were not doing anything wrong or breaking any laws, the diverse group who had gathered including a Trump supporting nurse and a scientist, he said, but the media did not report on that aspect of it. I was there asking questions. We've done nothing but be their slaves for 18 months. We've had to do whatever they said for 18 months and nothing has changed. But they're surprised where they're, you're surprised people are upset with you. cod's codes have said of the CDC employees that were angered by the protesters presence. The organizer said that while his group wears masks, he does not understand why people get mad those who choose not to. He pointed out the Dr. Fauci had originally said that masks do not work, but then kept changing his story quote, Fauci never went back and said, You know what, I was wrong. And Fauci had to go on TV and tell everyone each time he was wrong, he wouldn't be America's doctor anymore. kado said, gods have asserted that these days, it seems like the unelected Dr. Fauci is the only one who is actually running this country and calling the shots. He also noted that the doctor had originally claimed that there would not be any kind of vaccine mandate placed upon the American people, which was obviously untrue. You remember that? I remember that. He said, he didn't see that coming. It's not gonna happen. But here we go. Here we go with Joe Biden being a tyrant and breaking his constitutional oath. by acting like King sh II. You know what plain and

Simple, plain and simple, ever since Joe Biden This is a quote, has been the president. He has been a puppet for whatever Fauci says. Dr. Fauci is the freakin president. I don't know what Kamala is doing. Every time you ask her questions, she's just giggling konzo said, adding that every issue she tries to fix she just seems to make worse. When asked if there's anything else kaza would like to say to Gateway Pundit, read read readers, excuse me, I got stuck there, skipping like a CD player with no anti skip from 1999. When asked if there was anything else kado would like to say to Gateway Pundit readers, he urged people to keep asking questions, do not let this propaganda machine tear you away from your core values. kado said, and you know what, folks? It's true. It's true. It's not it's 2021. Folks, it's 2021. We can disagree on other things. We're evolved. We're human beings. All right. We're not a cockroaches. All right. We're all human beings. We can disagree with some things and agree on other things. All right. There are people in this world who aren't completely poisoned by Trump derangement syndrome or are completely poisoned on the other side by some hate, or some sort of racism that doesn't exist. But in small, tiny pockets around this country that the left has blown up into some crazy story. There exists, differences, yes, cultural differences, music differences, food, likes, weather, all kinds of political differences. But once upon a time, we were able to put those things aside and talk about things agree on some things, move the political process forward, move forward in a good way, you don't even know your neighbors, do you? Do you tell me? What's your neighbor's name. If you know to have your neighbors, who are your neighbors, I don't know my neighbors where I live, we have to get back to some old school values with maybe a new school facelift. But we can't get anywhere without talking without communicating without respecting each other. And if he can respect me, I can respect him. And we can meet at a table and we can talk that is the American way. That is the American way. And don't ever forget it. If you hope to retain and maintain the righteous high ground, you have to be able to do what I just said, plain and simple. You have to be able to do what I just said. And let's see who these folks are. Let's do a little experiment. Let's take a look at their website, black hammer. org. Let's take a look at their website and see if there's anything on it we can agree upon. Boom, right here. Look at this sellout. AOC dropping jaws and dropping bombs. That's their top article. All right, AOC. They don't seem to like her very much. They don't seem to like her very much Haitian migrants whipped on horseback while trapped. We know that that's been disproven. We don't agree with that narrative. But this is an anti white group. They're an anti white, black anti capitalist group, right? So hey, we're not going to agree with the things that they're talking about. Right? We can agree we don't like AOC, right? We know that the Haitian migrant whip thing has been debunked, right? The elites, the elites in this country, they're trying to hang on to that woke narrative, and manipulate folks through it, trying to manipulate folks through it. But I can agree with not liking AOC. They have all kinds of stuff on here. They don't believe in the COVID shot, they are doing their own thing. All right. I'm not a part of their group. I don't agree with their group. But you know what, again, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? You've heard that before. And the elites in this country, they have the power to destroy this country. They have the power to take this country away from them from us from everybody to take our rights away from us. Look what they're doing right now look how they're screwing this country up, look how the elites are screwing the world up. So if we can put our differences aside to work together on little things, we can settle our differences later. And you know what? I have something to say about this. I have something to say about what I think would be helpful for this. Alright. states rights. states rights are a thing I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, you can put it in the comments section below or send me an email James Lane at American revelry calm, but I believe, and one of the federalist papers that talks about how the electoral college doesn't have to meet in Washington, when it's time to elect the president because they believed it would cause too much fighting. Because America was so big, it was so vast or some kind of thing where they believe that all the cultural differences of all the different states would lead to problems in Washington, D, C, so they send that stuff in and it

made me think it made me think about how this great big country of ours, it's huge, it's gigantic. You have no idea you really need to Google how big this country is. You don't want to Google use DuckDuckGo. I use DuckDuckGo a lot. But folks, this country is so big, that there's literal cultures, there's literal, different ways of life across this country, this huge, huge country of ours.

There's room, there's room, it's huge. Have you ever driven across this country, I've had to drive across this country multiple times. It's a gigantic country. So by giving the power back to the States, let there be states that make their own laws and rules and regulations, let the federal government mind its own business and butt out. Let's get rid of all of these overreaching federal policies. And if California wants to be a woke crazy paradise, let them be. And all the freakin people that want to live like Oklahomans move out of California and move to Oklahoma and vote like Oklahomans. And if you don't want to be in Oklahoma, and you want to be in Chicago, get your ass to Chicago, but get your culture right, let the states have their own culture, their own laws, their own beliefs, their own rules, their own rights. Let's figure it out. There's obvious things. Look, I'm not telling you to repeal amendments that protect people that protect the rights of people that give people citizenship that give people voting rights. That's not what I'm talking about. But I'm talking about the federal government coming in. All right, and telling you what you can do what your body telling you what you can do.

with with with your citizens, I don't think that's right. I think there's a way that people in this country with different beliefs can come together in every state and find some sort of common ground, there really has to be a way it's 2021. Folks, get your crap together, really get your head out of the sand and get your stuff together. There has to be a way there really does look, the reality of things. The truth is, and you've all heard it, at least many of you've heard it, if you've never heard it, and you're hearing it for the first time. I want you to understand its truth. You can look it up right now. All right. It's absolute truth, hesitancy, vaccine hesitancy, people who don't want to take the vaccine. All right. Most of them are black.

Black people don't want to take the vaccine. All right. So a lot of people that don't want to take the vaccine, I'm not saying this to single out black people. I'm just telling you a statistical fact. I want you to know this fact, so that you understand how the mainstream media and how Joe Biden and his

group there, I don't want to call them administration because they don't do anything. But his party of folks. I guess you could call it his party a good dude, I guess. I don't know, I guess you could call it the sakya dude kind of looks like when they lie to you. They all lie to you. They lie to me. They lie to you. They think you're stupid. They tell you to get the vaccine, and they tell you that everybody wants to get the vaccine, they tell you that evil Trump supporters make up all the folks that don't want to get the vaccine. And that's just not true. That's just not true. The truth is that it shouldn't matter who does or doesn't get the facts. All right, it's your own choice. All right, it seems that some groups, all right, some groups that we don't see eye to eye with most of the time, we can at least agree with that concept. All right, that the government doesn't have the right to tell us what to put in our body. And we don't, all right, we don't

or shouldn't be, I guess I should say, we shouldn't be persecuted, we shouldn't be punished. We shouldn't be subjugated. Or we shouldn't be put in invisible chains for not getting the vaccine. Alright, there's a thing called respect. I've talked about it before. And we should be able to respect each other and what each other do what we believe, hey, if you don't want to be near vaccinated person or an unvaccinated person or a math person or a non math person, stay the hell away. But the government doesn't have the right to tell me that my two year old needs to wear a mask on an airplane. How the hell does that work? And my local government doesn't have the right to tell me that I can't go to KFC. If I don't wear a mask or if I don't have a vaccine like in many places around this country. They're starting to sprout up their vaccine cart Bs, their vaccine card nonsense. Alright. And some groups, some BLM groups, they're protesting this they're showing the public. You have cnn you have other mainstream media organizations telling people saying saying that black people love to get vaccinated love it want nothing more than a vaccination, but the facts

are on video. The facts are on picture. This is 2021 social media as a thing. And as this says this is a website hot air calm, inevitable BLM to protest restaurant over Vax passport policy. All right, I want to show you just to backup all the things I'm saying just to backup the last article we went through in the show the one that was talking about the black hammer organization, I want to show you how these groups some of these people, all right, some of these Americans that don't see eye to eye with us, all right, at least believe in basic American principle. All right, which is a big government, stay the EFF out of my business. Alright, listen, just because I'm agreeing. I'm gonna say it again. I've said it 100 times so far in this podcast, but I have to say it so people understand where I stand. All right, and don't lose faith in James Lane just because they think I mean one thing, but I really mean something else. Just because I agree with one thing that they believe in, doesn't mean that I agree with or stand for believing their core values. We do not share complete core values, though some of them may be the same. But like I said before, and like I'll say again, I can respect somebody, even if there's somebody I don't see eye to eye with. Even if there's somebody I consider my enemy. I respect somebody who is at least honest, and sticks with their beliefs, and doesn't twist what they believe in doesn't twist definitions doesn't twist the truth to gain advantage. All right, if they're going to stay honorable, all right. If they're going to keep to the rules of war, let's just say let's just use that. Then I can at least share some common ground with somebody I don't share core values with because I am a human. I'm an adult. All right, and it's 2021 that's just how it works. That's just how it works. We don't have to bash everybody over the head with a frying pan. Alright, let's read this guy's enough chitter chatter enough jibber jabber, as Mr. T would say, after a disturbance. Beep maracas after a disturbance. Come on. You better know you better. No, this podcast has been going long enough. And I've made enough goofy references over the last 170 plus episodes for you not to know if you're young for you not to know what the a team is and who be bureaucracies and how you shouldn't get them on an airplane. And if you don't know, figure it out. After a disturbance. Let's get back to this. A car mines restaurant in New York City last week that led to several people being arrested for assault. A new angle has been brought into a debate over immunity passports and vaccination mandates and bars and restaurants. Three women who are visiting from Texas arrived at the restaurant and were seated last Thursday. But when a group of men arrived to join them, they refused to show the hostess their CDC vaccination cards or any other acceptable immunity passport, and were refused service. This led the women to assault the hostess while unfortunate. We've heard similar stories before but as I said, this one has a bit of a twist. The women and the men were all black. Now the New York chapter of Black Lives Matter is entering into the fray and they'll now be protesting the restaurant over accusations of racism. going one step further. They're declaring that the entire vaccine passport plan is racist that comes from the daily wire, quote, Black Lives Matters Greater New York chapter plans to protest Carmen's restaurant in New York City following reports that a hostess tangled with a group of black women over COVID-19 vaccination cards. The group is also claiming that the city's vaccine passport is racist. Fox News reported that a 24 year old hostess was assaulted Thursday at car mines by the three black female tourists from Texas after the hostess requested to see their COVID-19 vaccine card cadia Mackenzie Rankin 44 tianni cache arranque and 21 and Sally Rochelle Lewis 49 were arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief. Later reports seem to indicate that the women were seated but ended up in an argument with the hostess after men who were supposed to join their party refused to provide the hostess with their proof of COVID-19 vaccination. See look. Like I said before remember states rights. I've talked about states rights before these people. All right. These Americans obviously have a very Texas outlook on things. vaccine. passport, hell no. That's what they believed and they got into a tussle. A BLM spokesperson released a statement saying he believes the city's immunity passport mandates for indoor activities are being used to keep black people out of spaces. He further claimed that if the passport system isn't cancelled, police will use vaccination vaccination status as an excuse to harass and arrest our people. Look police

under the control of Joe Biden under the control of the mayor of New York City, Bill deblasio. Under those folks under the left's control, they probably will. Will this keep black people out of spaces? Yes, it probably will. Does it? Yeah, probably does. Is it a conspiracy to keep black people out of space as well. Democrats are racist, at least Civil War Democrats, Democrats, even beyond that they have a track record of doing things that cause a disproportionate

abuse or disproportionate neglect to happen among African Americans. It comes from the left, it doesn't come from white people. It comes from the left, plain and simple. So I kind of agree, I kind of agree with this. And this squashes, certain things. We've talked about it before. But the left always cries about how vaccinations are good. But voter ID is bad. Those are the leftist elites, the progressive left that wants to control black people. That's the folks that want to control black people. Look, I agree with voter ID. I don't agree with vaccine passports, vaccine passports, is something that isn't just racist against black people. But it's racist against all people who want to choose what's best for themselves as individuals. Plain and simple, plain and simple. Honestly, I'm shocked. We hadn't already reached this point by now. And this is going to make for some awkward, uncomfortable moments for liberal media figures who cover all of the vaccine mandate battles on a regular basis. When it's a group of mostly white people showing up to a protest, protesting vaccine mandates. It's easy enough for the liberal mainstream media to lump them all together as disgruntled Southern Trump supporters who refuse to follow the science and are endangering everybody else with their fake science, right? This is the left's fake science they're talking about. They aren't following any science. They're following what's best for themselves what's best for the Democrat Party, what's best for the woke liberal progressive movement. When we don't follow that science. They say we are endangering everybody else. But now, the New York chapter of BLM is applying the same rule to the vaccination mandates that they do to everything else, with most of the media happily singing along with their choir. If anything ever impacts people of color, disproportionately, they claim that the thing in question is racist, no matter what the underlying cause of the disparity may be. That's what they're doing here. But what BLM is tactically admitting here is something that we've already seen in all of the national vaccination statistics. Since the doses were first rolled out. vaccine hesitancy is much higher among the black and Hispanic Americans on a per capita basis. That pattern has held up in New York City all year. And when you start requiring vaccination passports to engage in public life, you're bound to be hitting black patrons disproportionately. Most of our media mavens have been happy to blame the unvaccinated for everything, including the kitchen sink up until now. But will the hosts of CNN be willing to step up and blame black unvaccinated tourists for their own inability to go out for a meal and say that BLM is wrong about this. Up until now, the press has been able to happily blame a bunch of conservative rednecks, and point out how ignorant and unscientific they are to resist being vaccinated, the shoe is going to be on the other foot. Now however, I can't wait to see how they plan to spin this situation, which they can't, all they can do is stop talking about it, which is what they will try to do with it's what they're trying to do with everything. But as Joe Biden fails and fails and fails, as the left wing psychotic, progressive movements fail and fail and fail, and as they eat themselves,

the pile of failure will become too big, the floodgates will burst open, and they won't be able to hide it for forever. All right, they won't be able to hide it forever. And when they can't, when they can't hide it when they can't hide it anymore. When it becomes so much of a gigantic growth, a tumor on the back of the American people, the American working class from all walks of life, the left will then have to ask themselves, the question, the left will have to look in the mirror, they will have to say oh my god, what are we going to do again? What will we do? Again? If Trump wins, which leads me to our final article, it leads me to the final thing we're going to talk about before we drive the point home and it comes from a place a surprising place. The Irish Times the Irish Times of all places. I didn't know there was Irish Times. I don't know. I don't even know. I don't think that was very Irish. That was like dying, Shrek look

We're not here to talk about my horrible impression. We're here to talk about the Democrats, the progressive left the crazy, crazy elites that are trying to take over everything that had taken over everything successfully for a very long time who have been exposed, we're talking about them losing even more control even more power, the Democrats should recognize the possibility that Trump might win in 2024. And this is from the Irish Times This is coming from Ross, do that. Is it or else do you thought? I don't know. That was Scottish again, Ross do that what has gone wrong for Biden is a combination of bad luck and bad choices. All right, just like I said before, all right, the pile of failure has become too big. The elites have exposed themselves, all right, the whole thing the floodgates are gonna be blown wide open American citizens with different views. Alright, people that are openly socialists that openly didn't like white people before that openly stood against Trump are now standing with Trump supporters against vaccinate vaccine mandates against

tyranny against far left crazy tyranny. People are realizing that we could share some American core values while having other values that we don't necessarily believe and don't necessarily share. But the American way is that we figure stuff out we find a way to work together and make things fair across this country, we find a way to reduce government power restore states rights, we find a way for people to coexist and for cultures and belief systems to be spread to different states across this country in the way they're meant to be by people in those states deciding these things. Plain and simple. Not the federal government, not Joe Biden, not George Soros, not the great reset. Not the Tsar of Russia from from back 200 years ago. Not Chuckie cheese, not nobody. But the American people. That's how it's supposed to be so democrats need to wake up and smell the roses. They need to smell the chocolate, smell the coffee, smell the burning bag of poop, because Trump may run again in 2024. We all know he probably will and Trump will most likely win. Let's read. We just had a good week for anybody enthused about re litigating the 2020 election. First there was new evidence reported a new book about the Biden family from political writer Ben Shrek anger. We talked about that earlier in the episode. And in an insider story about the abortive Libya related influence operation. We talked about that earlier in the show as well, suggesting the famous hunter Biden emails were real and indicating how much his influence peddling dependent on proximity to his father, the Twitter and Facebook decisions to censor the new york post election season version of the hunter Biden story looked partisan and illiberal at the time and now they look even worse. Then, along with that spur to conservative frustration, there was a new revelation for Trump fears. The exposure of the entirely insane memo that conservative legal scholar john Eastman wrote, explaining how Mike Pence Mike Pence, Excuse me, could supposedly invalidate joe biden's election quote, the more pessimistic take recognizes all the places where Biden's own efforts have gone astray. This was presumably the basis for Donald Trump's futile demands that pence do exactly that. And it is understandably grist for the coup next time fears that already attend Trump's likely return to presidential politics. But sometimes looking backwards can obscure where we are right now. And that is a place where few democrats expected to be when Biden took office with his party and control of government vaccinations ramping up in hopes of economic boomlet growing. We all expected it you remember all of us here, all of us conservatives that were screaming on social media before they silenced us, of course, all of us who were saying hey, we can see it, we can see the cognitive decline. We can see the puppet strings we can see the elite Old Guard we can see Hillary Clinton in the background with the invisibility cloak over her cackling through Kamala Harris.

We can see them we can see the demons were like Constantine, we see them all around us. But the people, all right, the people on the left the people that had been brainwashed, the left wing progressive machine, nobody would listen. Nobody would listen, the courts they'd all been infiltrated. The culture had been infiltrated. The people brainwashed, stuck in their cell phones not paying attention while things were being swept under the rug. Nobody would listen. And Biden took control. Biden took control but we saw it we all saw it. I want you to be validated. I want you to know that you saw it that I saw

We all saw it. And now we're here dealing with this craziness. Now we're here dealing with this craziness. All right, they didn't expect Biden to what lose his mind. Right in the middle of enacting the psychotic globalist agenda. The crazy agenda that actually hurts minorities more than helps them the racist left wing progressive agenda, the democrat agenda. And we know where that party stood since the Civil War. The Democrats were the bad guys. They've always been the bad guys. This isn't a north and south thing. This isn't a north and south thing. It's not just that the president's approval rating is dropping towards Trump like levels and falling sharply among the minority voters who surprised liberals with the republican shift in 2020. Trump's own approval may be rising. A recent Harvard poll suggests to a point where Americans think at least as favorably of the ex President, as of the current one,

along with any worries about Trump stealing the next presidential election, then Democrats should recognize the possibility that he might just simply when it what has gone wrong for Biden is a combination of bad luck, bad choices and inherent weakness, weakness we all saw. patriots like you and I we all saw. The bad luck is mostly about COVID-19 itself whose Delta variant surge, no president could have easily controlled that may be the most important drag on Biden's approval rating, which started to decline in earnest around the time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention restored a mask recommendation, you see that the American people don't want your mandates. They don't want to hear it. They don't. This in turn, points to the most optimistic optimistic, excuse me take on Biden's situation that his political fortunes are simply tied to the Coronavirus and will recover rapidly when death rates finally drop away. The more pessimistic take though, recognizes all the places where Biden's own efforts have gone astray. He's done popular things in competent. The retreat from Afghanistan was overdue. It was popular it had the public support. But the administration's manifest unpreparedness for the Taliban sweeping the power meant that Biden ceded any political effort, any political benefit, excuse me, he might have gained from pushing the withdrawal through. He has also let liberal confidence lead him somewhat astray on key issues. And we could do whole other podcasts on Biden's incompetence in Afghanistan, including the deaths of those brave servicemen and women. But we have to continue quote, it would be really helpful. By the way, by the way, just just really quick. I thought it was awesome. How Trump the rally and Perry that he had the other day, how we had 13 seats set open for the service members who lost their lives and Afghanistan under that corrupt tyrant. Under his orders. Under joe biden's orders. They had to die for nothing. And if Trump was president, they wouldn't had to die. But Trump had the foresight, Trump knew what to do in Afghanistan, and they just didn't listen. The left Biden they just didn't follow the plan. They had their own idea. And then people had to die. So at least Trump, God bless him, kept those seats there showed the respect and paid courtesy paid respect paid.

The dues paid forward the dues that those folks deserve, for sacrificing their life, unnecessarily, unnecessarily. May we never forget them. But Joe Biden, he has nothing for the remember he was checking his watch. He was checking the time while they were supposed to be respecting respecting the coffin. The families of those service members hate Joe Biden. They hate Joe Biden. Alright, plain and simple. Quote, it would be really helpful if Biden had a vice president who balanced his weakness and reaffirmed his strengths. His big initial economic stimulus has turned out to be little more than inflationary and a less little less stimulative than many of his champions expected, raising stagflation, specters that were definitely not in the democratic game plan. specters excuse me, it's not spectras but I was reading doing the best I can, and his beleaguered See, that's a bigger word than specters his beleaguered border policy has demonstrated that just promising to be more humane than Trump is inadequate to the constant challenge of migration waves. And as many of you saw my orcas Alright, the borders are, he has already admitted that over 10,000, maybe 12,000 maybe maybe even more than 15,000 Haitian migrants have already been released into our population across the United States and he

Won't do a thing about it. And his excuse is that that's not the policy of Joe Biden. And we follow the rules, laws and policies put in place by the government, basically thrown his hand in the air and say, just doing my job man, just doing my job man. And while he is passed one key test of governing document getting Republican votes for his infrastructure bill. He's failed several others, letting his administration's COVID-19 messaging dissolve into dissonance and watching his own party's internal negotiations get snarled by squad versus cinna Mansion disputes.

In general, Biden seems to do best on issues that require neither spine or simple glad handling, folding firm excuse me holding firm against the generals who wanted to stay indefinitely in Kaboul keeping republicans at the table for an infrastructure bill, or deal. But worse, the more that success depends on a mastery of strategy or minute detail, or a careful negotiation between hostile factions, which should not be surprising, since Biden's inherent weakness is that he is an old man suffering from some manifest deficits relative to his vice presidential self in a job that devours younger politicians. It's a very nice way of saying that he has dementia and he's losing his mind. That makes a change of luck seem like the best hope for recovering his presidency. That's all he could pray for a change of luck, because it requires the least of him. If COVID-19 diminishes, or vanishes, inflation becomes contained or temporary, temporary, once economic normalcy returns is somewhat becomes contained. The immigration wave ebbs for cyclical reasons, Democrats maybe get their act together legislatively or don't, but it's a political wash. It's a s Show, either way. Whereas what should worry democrats most are scenarios that require a lot from this president. adaptability, finesse, a skillful use of the bully pulpit, Biden can definitely float back up, but I'm less sure that he can claw his way back as Bill Clinton did after his early presidency stumbles. Here it would be really helpful if Biden had a vice president who balanced his weakness and reaffirmed his strengths, who seemed more energetically engaged with policy and congressional pot licking or politicking. I don't know why said pot licking,

while others extending his normalcy and moderation brand should be required to inherit it. There should be accountability. I'll leave it to the reader to decide whether that describes the Kamala Harris, vice presidency to date, or whether Harris offers more reasons for Democrats looking towards 2024. to fear, not just chaos, but defeat. And they do they have ultimate defeat to fear, they have ultimate defeat to fear. And here is why because at the end of the day, when you do this a lot like I do when you read the news all the time, when you watch the news all the time, when you deep dive when you study this stuff, when you read the laws, when you read the legislation, you start to see the patterns, you start to see where the chess pieces are being moved, basically. And you see through the articles that we've talked about through the different things that we've gone through, that the elites are being exposed. Right, that Joe Biden's losing his mind that hunter Biden is an out of control, drug addicted madman who likes to launder money, we can see all of these things, we can see that there are Republicans trying to save their own tail, we can see that some of those republicans masquerade as Trump supporters. Right, we can see that there are groups that don't see eye to eye with what we agree with, with mogga with America first. But maybe they agree with a little bit of what we believe in maybe there are ways to put some of our differences aside. Maybe there are ways that the people of this country can settle their own differences, instead of relying on an elite run progressive left dominated, radical, tyrannical government. All right, maybe just maybe, instead of looking at each other, we need to stand next to each other and look at the elites in the eye and say, we're not going to take this. We're done. We're restoring this country back to the way it needs to be. And you can either stand with us, you can stand against us, or you can step out of the way but we the people of all colors all Creed's all that all backgrounds, all beliefs.

We run this country we run this government. We

Different states, different cultures, different regions, different beliefs for a reason, we are different. And there's something beautiful about being different. And being able to find and maintain a balance. Nobody gets to destroy this country. Nobody gets to take over this country. We own this country and the elites. It's time that they step back. It's time that they are exposed. And it's time that they are held accountable, plain and simple. It's time that they are held accountable and 2022 than 2024 is only just the beginning. It's only just the beginning. All right, and we're going to talk about this more and all kinds of other topics on the next episode of American Reveley, that's going to be Episode 174 Alright folks, but before we go, the point that I'm trying to make, the point that I'm trying to make is that the elites don't have a place in the future of freedom any more. They don't plain and simple. They don't folks do me a favor if you haven't already please hit the like button hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell, leave a review if you're listening on Apple podcasts like like like share, share, share, do everything you can to get the word out about the American Revolution. We are going we are doing everything we can we put the reports out in the newsletter go to American revelry comm r e v, I ll Get subscribe to American reveries newsletter. That way you'll get weekly updates and you'll never miss a thing. You'll see all of the blogs and articles that come out in our publication. And you'll see all the podcasts that come out we come out every Sunday with a new podcast around 4pm Pacific sometimes give or take a few hours. We do the best we can but it is well worth your time folks. It is well worth your time. Check out the new website WWW dot American revenue. com. It shows blogs articles, we have all different categories, politics, memes, we have great great, great content and we are looking for more writers. We are looking for more bloggers. We need your help. All right, we really need your help you guys. You've great great fans out there you are the bread and butter of this movement. We are sweeping across the nation, whether we have to go through am stations whether we have to go through the sensors on the internet, whether we go through television, we have to find these different avenues to beat back the leftist propaganda machine. And we are you and we are fighting together. American Reveley stands for that it stands for hope. It stands for the conservative movement, working together with all kinds of people from all walks of life, to do the right thing and read this country of the crazy progressive left wing agenda and let you know to expose the elites and let them know let you know let everybody know that the world will not be run by them. We will not be puppeted by some rich, wealthy class of elites that want to do harm. Alright, we are capitalists, we are pro America first. And we believe in the freedom of every individual to choose their own path and be happy American citizens plain and simple. That is what we believe in. So check out the site, check out the newsletter, do everything you have to do to spread the word. I really, really, really appreciate you guys. And I thank you for listening to Episode 173 of American revenue with James Lane and we will keep updating you we will keep bringing you the news we'll keep bringing you some entertaining stuff and we will keep putting the narrative together for the right bye

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