Are Americans Trapped in the Chinese Matrix? | Ep 172

September 19, 2021 James Lane Episode 172
Are Americans Trapped in the Chinese Matrix? | Ep 172
Show Notes Transcript

In episode 172 of American Reveille with James Lane: Taliban terrorist's paddleboard with bazookas, Nicki Minaj (Young Money Capitalist) and Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) have more credibility than the President of the United States (Dementia Joe), a public school teaches gay pedophile porn (mom is pissed), 11 businesses enforcing Biden's vax mandates, and the only armed J6 protester is an undercover agent! Why is everything so upsidedown and who benefits from a woken broken America? Find out next!

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As I sit here looking at this photo of Taliban fighters on paddleboards, floating atop a beautiful Crystal Clear Lake grinning from ear to ear in what looks like terrorists Disneyland while gripping their bazookas, I just can't help but wonder about what alternative dimension we've somehow slid into. Did we create this alternative reality ourselves? Was this always our fate? Are we doomed to follow this timeline? Or is there some way out event? In Episode 172 of American revenue with James Lane, I bring you some snippets of unbelievable insanity, and some eye opening realities you may not have seen coming. We've got Young Money capitalist Nicki Minaj. Now a spokeswoman for free speech after Twitter blocked her for going against the COVID narrative. We've got Dave Mustaine, famed singer of heavy metal band mega death, also standing up for free speech. Interesting, interesting, interesting. A pissed off mom reads her 10 year old son's school book and makes a shocking discovery. We've got the 11 companies, there's a lot more but 11 we're going to talk about enforcing a Biden's tyrannical Vax mandates. And of course, of course, it turned out this way, the only armed person at the J six rally Saturday turned out to be an undercover agent. So in a world where we trust the opinions of celebrities, over our so called elected officials, where the left teaches our children under age gay pornography, and says it's normal and Okay, where we're forced to give up our own bodily autonomy. And we're undercover agents seem to be lurking around every corner. You have to ask yourself the question is everything that's happening, everything that's been going on? Is it all one big coincidence? Or is this broken woke world we find ourselves living in by design? Find out next on American Reveley with James Lane.

Ladies and gentlemen James Lane here this is Episode 172 of American revelry with me, James Lane coming to you from the under ground compound up here in the Pacific Northwest hopefully not forever looking at Oklahoma got my eyes set on the cells ladies and gentlemen we need to get the hell out of this blue state. How's everybody doing today? Tonight this morning this afternoon whenever wherever you are listening to this I want you to take a look if you're watching we've got listeners all over from Apple podcasts Spotify and hopefully soon across am radio but that is something for another story but if you're watching Take a look at this right over here on the screen we finally got the new website done that's right ladies and gentlemen. It's just as good if not better than all of the rest of the bond Gino coms the Tim cast talk comes. We look good. This is pro as hell. All right. We've got all the different categories for a publication. American revolution has, you know, has its own publication. It's not just a show. We've got blogs here pod politics featured economics, latest health, crime, international legal, business tech entertainment means we've got woke news, education, news stuff about the climate folks. We are set up. We're growing every day. We're growing every day and we appreciate your support. Everything you guys have done so far sticking around, watching what we're doing, watching us grow watching us go through bumps in the road. It has not been easy, especially especially facing all of the censorship that we have been up against. We've we gained 1000s and 10s of 1000s of fans. And then we lost 1000s and 10s of 1000s of fans. And people couldn't find us all of a sudden, but we're doing different things to get ahead. I built this website. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I did all of this myself. I had to teach myself how to do it. It was a royal pain in the butt. It took months to figure out but we are here. We hope you enjoy it. Head to American Revolution calm American REVE II, l l And just check it out. Let me know what you think.

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Things were not this extreme.

So I have to ask, Who is benefiting? I'm under the impression.

And this is just my opinion. But is it possible? Ask yourself the question, is it possible that China, they released COVID to press the fast forward button on their economic growth in the world, and possibly even use it as as maybe the Super Nintendo cheat codes, the Sega Genesis cheat codes, to get ahead to skip the levels and overtake the United States as the world's superpower.

They've definitely aided in infecting our country with critical race theory using woke ideology against us. They seem to pay off the swells of our government, Joe Biden, his son they all seem to be in the pocket of

Even bigger big guy, the communist Chinese party. So it seems they benefit the most, it seems they benefit the most. So we've slid into this new reality, this alternate timeline. If we were in a time travel Butterfly Effect type movie we've slipped in, here we are. And we have to ask who is to benefit, it seems China benefits the rich elites of the world benefit.

The New World Order stuff, you hear about the great reset that you hear about

this engineered future that the so called conspiracy theorists of the world have talked about.

It might be true, ladies and gentlemen, it just might be true.

We're going to read through some of these new stories, we're going to talk about this wacky world, this wacky woke world we're living in,

with catastrophes happening at all sides of the spectrum at all four corners and beyond.

We're going to discuss a little bit and we're going to try to drive this point home, I want you to think about during this whole thing, I want you to think about the chaos that we're going through the world that's changed over the last few years, since COVID has come and everything is turned upside down. And the veil was pulled. It was pulled back. And everybody got to see the naked villainy of the government. The Naked villainy of the left, the evil tyranny

of Joe Biden. People got to see it.

And now we seem to all be stuck in an alternate reality like like we're in the matrix like we're in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Literally, this moment in history is like, it's like that scene from the movie Independence Day when Jeff Goldblum flips the laptop around and you see the timer ticking down. And he says to the President, Mr. President, they're using our own satellites against us. And the clock is ticking. That's what it feels like. We've been infected. We've been infiltrated by critical race theory by woke bs science by Chinese communist academia, if you want to call it that,

the Chinese helped implant the Chinese helped implant this, this culture, this infectious disease, of social justice.

This generation these multiple generations of of participation trophy getting safe space needing soft individuals. They weakened our our infantry infrastructure, they they weakened our hard walls, they they got the giant dragon that is the United States to expose its soft belly, its soft underbelly.

And then it struck. And then it struck and now we're here. Now we're here.

being hit from all angles. I really feel I really feel like China benefits and all of these elites benefit they change the world, in their wicked vision on the backs of you. And me, ladies and gentlemen, you and me, which brings me to my first article.

Only an incompetent buffoon like Joe Biden could enable this to happen. And we actually see a picture actually over here in the corner, and ad came up that's showing some trending stuff. This is on the New York Post. see a picture of Gabby petitto here that was the the young blonde woman who disappeared. The boyfriend was hiding at the parents house and he wasn't hiding at the parents house. Now they're looking for him when they found her body in Wyoming. The FBI at least believe it's her body. So we don't know what happened yet. We don't know what craziness went down But whatever it is, she probably didn't deserve to get murdered. Hopefully. There's some sort of explanation but at this point, I can't see how there is but let's get to this armed Taliban fighters seen riding pedal boats. This was the picture you saw on the intro with the bazookas armed Taliban fighters seen riding pedal boats on Lake in Afghanistan. And yes, there are lakes in terrorist Disneyland Afghanistan. There are lakes in Afghanistan and the Taliban is floating on their floaties

sipping on

gin and juice without a care in the world courtesy, courtesy of Joe Biden and the U. S, government. All of these things they somehow they put money in the pocket of China. They do all of these things, this incompetence, it puts money in big business, the people have to clean up this mess. And in the pockets of the elites, people like Joe Biden benefit from Joe Biden's incompetence. Is it intentional? Is it dementia? It could be either, because either they're both plausible answers. I always I always joked for years now, last year, two or three, that Joe Biden, he's not actually senile. He's pretending so that when all of this comes crashing down and the feds or whoever, because we don't even trust the feds anymore.

Whoever comes into arrest him.

He can be like boo Woods jello pudding day

and not go to jail, because he's lost his mind when in fact, he didn't lose his mind. Maybe that's what it is. Maybe he's pretending so they didn't keep themselves out of jail. But now he's probably out of his mice probably pooping in a diaper. That's when he stuttering is dead. He's pooping at that moment. But I digress. Let's do a little reading. This is by Jackie Solow, New York Post armed Taliban fighters scene writing pedal boats on Lake in Afghanistan. They're taking their favorite weapons out on the water. More than two dozen Taliban fighters armed with rocket launchers and assault rifles. We're seeing writing and colorful Swan themed pedal boats at band de Aamir National Park in the eastern Bamiyan province of Afghanistan Saturday. In one of the photos shared to Twitter by reporter JP Hanrahan, a Taliban fighter appears to be aiming a rocket powered grenade. The Deep Blue lakes in the heart of the country had been considered a relative safe haven before the militant groups takeover last month quote, this park serves as an icon for the identity of the Afghan people for essentially a beacon of stability for three decades of chaos that they went through. Alex Degen, formerly with the wild Conservation Society excuse me, the Wildlife Conservation Society told CNN back in 2019 James Wilcox, founder of the UK based tour company, untamed borders said that it once been safe enough to bring visiting groups Look at that. Look at that those those paddle boats that they're on. They look like they have like little Swan heads in the front. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what that is. If they're made to look like swans this looks like terrorist. Disneyland seriously. Every time we take people to Bandy Amir they have a great day we'll cut Wilcox told CNN at the time most people's impression of Afghanistan is that it's dry desert full of just war and terror and misery and fundamentalism. Whereas all those things exist but lots of other things exist as well. The general sort of banality of life doesn't happen on the news but it goes on all around us this picture this clear blue water it actually looks really nice. I'd love to swim in there not with with those armed terrorists in there, Swan boats but and there's a pink and there's yellow ones. There's white and pink ones. There's blue ones. It's so cute. It's so cute. They can get a nice day out on the water, relaxing. You know screaming Allah Akbar while shooting their assault weapons into the sky.

Taking a load off from their their difficult day terrorizing courtesy of their sponsor Joe Biden, Afghanistan's new rulers have seen growing conflict even with the even more extreme ISIS k which are

which have a stronghold in eastern Nangarhar province. Explosions on Saturday in the city of Jalalabad left three dead, at least some of whom were Taliban members. protests are also occurring across the country. In response to the Taliban's new ban on girls returning to school, there's that picture there it is and their little Swan bow. Allah Akbar Gianni with his bazooka aim toward the sky.

No, not good. Not good at all. We shouldn't be looking at this picture. It is really sick and twisted, but it's part of the bizarre alternate reality The Twilight Zone, the episode of sliders that we are all currently stuck in

Folks, that's what it is. We're stuck in it. We're absolutely stuck in it. We live in a world folks. We live in a world that's been turned upside down. 20 years of effort in Afghanistan, turned up, side down the border turned upside down.

national security turned upside down. Our military has gone woke. It's been turned upside down or reputation upside down. Our allegiance to our citizenry, our government's allegiance to the citizenry wasn't even ever there. That's a good question.

Our relationship with our allies turned upside down

our relationship with our enemies even worse, we've become submissive puppy dogs, while a new Axis of Evil between China, Iran and Russia develop and we can't even take we can't even take

our president seriously, our leaders seriously. Our secretary of state or defense secretary, they're all shysters, scam artists, snake oil salesmen, they're all full of scheisse. You thought I was gonna say the other one, didn't you? Listen, listen, we take celebrities more seriously. We take celebrities more seriously than we do our leaders. And when celebrities say something that goes against the narrative, and the establishment, the elites, the government, they all freak out. You have to ask yourself another question. Are those celebrities onto something?

Are they on our side? Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj?

That's a that may be a digital crush of mine, but my wife would murder me so let's just pretend it's not But listen, Nicki Minaj somebody you wouldn't expect. I may listen to her tunes once in a while while working out in the gym. You know, sometimes on the Stairmaster you got to bust a sweat to bar meetings. But listen, folks, listen, I digress from my awkward music habits. And they go on to something serious, I go into something serious. In an upside down world A world heading towards populism, a world that's heading towards what the larger group what what tribe what what click

has the most popular idea with the most momentum behind it. While we compete with each other while we have warfare in the classes, and new groups that are made division instilled upon us.

We don't trust our leaders, and we trust celebrities, we trust Nicki Minaj, even though she's on our side with this one, even though she's on the side of free speech, we trust Nicki Minaj. More than we trust our leaders. In the case of Joe Biden, in the case of Joe Biden, I would trust a homeless man's shoe. That's right, a homeless man shoe is brown, dirty cartoon shoe, you can picture it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I would trust that shoe.

to not have crack rocks in it, I would trust that shoe. I would trust that shoe to not have a hole in it.

a homeless man shoe depends what neighborhood we're talking about. All right. There's different things in different shoes. But I would trust that shoe more than I trust Joe Biden. So it's no surprise that we trust these celebrities. But we've found ourselves again, in this alternate reality in this environment. In this environment. Did it start with MTV votes? Do you remember back in the 90s? When we were all pissed off when we're like, What the f does Aerosmith have to do with my vote? What the f? What the f does Collective Soul? I don't know I'm rattling off 90s bands that might have been on MTV. What the hell do they have to do with politics? I don't want to hear. I don't want to hear what I don't know Destiny's Child has to say about my vote back in 1999. Did that have something to do with it? I don't know. I don't know. Maybe it was

actually must have been social media. Because social media has given everybody a global platform and expanded the celebrity of these people buy 100 times it has to be 100 times. People like Nicki Minaj wouldn't have had the same traction that they have now. 10 2030 years ago. You know

I know it's the Absolute Truth. But anyway, regardless, I'm not going to talk too much crap. I like Nicki Minaj I got nothing really bad to say, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, all those people, they all seem to be on Trump's side anyway. And they're all about making money. They're all about capitalism. So I really, I really think that it's not a bad thing. It's not a bad thing. I mean, if Hollywood is going to all be good, if everybody is going to be on the far left, if all of these celebrities are going to drop a hate, and bombs and try to cancel all of us and silence all of us, if a couple of them come to our side and say, Hey, free speech is important. Hey, why the hell? Why the hell are we not doing the right thing? By allowing people do express their ideas and opinions and then when the establishment rains Hellfire from the sky, rains down a fire of hell from the sky, and buries them with it. buries them absolutely destroys them with it.

Well, maybe this just maybe, maybe just maybe we'll get a Nicki Minaj using her vast, millions upon millions upon millions of dollars, that thing that you and I both don't have.

And use that as a weapon against the left. We can only hope that the celebrities get so angry. So disgruntled so pissed off at the establishment that they aim there. Well financed legal teams, right? at big tech, the mainstream media and the u. s. Government. All right. That's a rant. It's a long winded rant. It is what it is. But Nicki Minaj herself, Nicki Minaj herself is saying that you need to open your effing eyes to COVID censorship. The Twitter ban is making me think that there's something bigger going on. This is from the National file. This is jack Hadfield coming from the National file. All right, it's a good resource. It's a good website, but Nicki Minaj is telling you to open your effing eyes. She wants you to open your eyes to the COVID censorship and you have to ask yourself when the President is holding something like remdesivir and we look, we know ivermectin seems to be doing a good job. We know hydrochloric Queen seems to be doing a good job. There's a lot of studies that show that it works. Joe Rogan took this stuff, it seems to work, but remdesivir also works. It's just more expensive. It just makes them richer. But remdesivir does help help a lot of people just like the other things.

And Joe Biden's restricting it to Florida to try to force Governor desantis to bend to his evil will.

So if the President can literally murder old people in Florida by restricting treatments from them, just to get back at Governor desantis, who's slowing down, slowing down the President's

evil takeover his evil socialist takeover of the country.


then I think Nicki Minaj may have a point. I think she may have a point. Let's find out a little bit more about what's going on with Nikki. I got to ask myself if I should do the Nicki Minaj accent, which is probably really bad. I'm really not good at it. But if I should read her lines in, you know, like, I think she's got like that New York accent I don't know. After being temporarily suspended from Twitter for questioning the COVID vaccine. popstar Nicki Minaj encouraged Americans to open your effing eyes. I guess that's I don't know if that's close to the censorship. I think that might be closer to what's her name? I might be thinking of that. of that. Oh, what what's the one? What's the lady's name? She's a stripper.


cardi B that's the one that talks like this. She she basically is the female ghetto equivalent of this accent right here. Anyway, Nicki Minaj encouraged Americans to open your effing eyes to the censorship currently happening in the West, adding that her ban made her think that there's something bigger going on Minaj the Trinidadian born popstar has made global news in recent days for tweeting in support of medical freedom, explaining that someone she knows became impotent after taking one of the country's

verschil COVID vaccines and then urging her followers to pray and weigh the benefits of getting vaccinated. In response, globalist media outlets became enraged at the star with only Tucker Carlson and other pro freedom outlets defending her. On Wednesday evening, Minaj even tweeted out a clip of Carlson defending her, causing an even greater backlash from Pro vaccine defenders. Shortly after posting the clip from Carlson show defending her tweets on the COVID vaccine Minaj was temporarily suspended from Twitter, in a post to Instagram stories. Minaj said that just as she was about to poll, or just as she was about to post a poll on the site, she realized that she had been put in Twitter jail, because they didn't like what she was saying over there. In an email to national file Twitter claim that there had been no enforcement action taken on our account, casting confusion as to why Minaj was not able to post Minaj proceeded to go live on Instagram, slamming the censorship from Twitter just for asking questions about the COVID vaccine. Quote, you can't speak for the fear of the mob attacking you Minaj said, saying it should give people chills up and down your effing spine, comparing what happened to the oppression of Christians across the world and other authoritarian regimes. You should be able to ask questions about anything you're putting inside your body. We ask a bunch of questions about the most simple things, but you just can't ask innocently. Ask a question about something going in your body. I remember going to China and they were telling us You can't speak out against the people in power there. I remember all of us thinking Oh, okay, well, we understand and we respect the laws here. And that it's so different where we live, don't shell see that we are now living in that time where people will turn their back on you. People isolate you if you simply speak and ask a question, and that's some real truth. Nicki Minaj I don't care, whatever you think of her. what she's saying is really, really true. They're really true. And that's a picture of Nicki Minaj. Well, hello, Nikki. Anyway, in what may not be a surprise to some Nicki No, sorry, that picture was distracting me again, in what may not be a surprise to some Minaj added that many other musical artists feel the same way as her. But they're afraid to speak up for fear of the same backlash happening to them, quote, I will never use Twitter again. She added, noting that her banned from Twitter was making her think that something bigger is happening with the censorship in general around the COVID vaccine. I kept on seeing all these people with all these conspiracy theories. And I was like, oh, what please. But what in the world scared y'all that made y'all disable my F and Twitter? I have not put out anything that I that that I said was a fact about anything. I simply said, we should be able to ask questions and speak. It's scary when they start telling you that you can't ask questions about anything. Listen to me. Please, open your effing eyes, open your eyes. That's all this story fits in. Well with the American Revolution. As you know, Reveley is a wake up call. It's a wake up call. She's saying open your eyes, part of waking up is opening your eyes. You see how I did that? I put it together. The left likes to do that with news. They like to use crazy logic to relate things together and make things happen. But that's not what's happening here. Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj is making a great point. And she's speaking up for free speech, and the leftist trying to bury her for it. But she has a platform with 20 million fans, young people and people around our age group alike, who will learn from it who will defend her and might just change their point of view, which really is what the left is scared of. They're less, they're afraid to lose their grip over, over basically pop culture in general. When somebody like Nicki Minaj defects from the leftist narrative, something is to be feared something is to be feared. And speaking of something scary, well, not to everybody. I like heavy metal but heavy metal, you know, mega death. You know, Dave Mustaine he's the singer of Megadeth they got that song sweating bullets from back in the 80s or 90s Hello me meet the real anyway. I'm not a just don't even don't even get me started as part of a song. I don't know if you listen to that type of music, but Dave Mustaine he's a heavy metal singer. He's the frontman of mega death. He says max masks and lockdown to the Thai radical and we have the power to change things. And he is right look at the celebrities all standing up. For months and years now all we've seen are basketball stars, you know

I'm talking about, you know who I'm talking about that big POS LeBron James. We've seen people like him. We've seen all of the far left wing Robert De Niro's of the world, standing up for justice and peace, well destroying this country. And now we got Nicki Minaj. We've got Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, stepping up, stepping up, doing the right thing.

And supporting free speech supporting our right as Americans our rights, to individual liberty to the pursuit of happiness, all of the things that the left wants to destroy the elites, the joe biden's the green New Deal supporters, the socialists, the great reset proponents, the Davos crowd, China, they all want to destroy our way of life, but Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, says fpu to all of them, Dave Mustaine front man of the metal band Megadeth, slammed mask fans, and locked down advocates during a concert in Camden, New Jersey, New Jersey last week, noting that the tyranny right now is he doesn't sound like that he probably sounds like the tyranny right now is in the schools. And that tyranny is in the medical business. It really is when ivermectin costs pennies, and remdesivir cost 1000s. Mustaine also lauded the festive atmosphere at the concert and said, we're not freaking out. We're not yelling at people. Where's your effin mask? But I just want to tell you how great it is. Look around guys. Look to your right, look to your left and look how wonderful this is. Mustaine said after noting he was having a great effing time to thunderous applause to thunderous applause. Where, where's your effing mask? Where's your effing mask? You loud cow. That's what he said. He said, we're not freaking out. We're not yelling at people. For their mask. Where's your effing mask? Where's your effing masculine cow? He's asking. He's saying

he's making a statement. He's saying look at us together. We're gathered peacefully, we're having a good time. And we're not destroying our brothers and sisters by demanding that they wear their effing mask.

Quote, See, the thing right now that's going on is tyranny. Mustaine continued. This is called tyranny. Look it up when you get home. Look it up and tyranny isn't only in government. tyranny right now is in the school's tyrannies in the medical business. We have the power, especially as heavy metal fans. We have the power to change this we all do. Whether you're Nicki Minaj fans, whether you're heavy metal Dave Mustaine Megadeth fans, we all have the power to change this. But just like I said, in the beginning, we're in this Twilight Zone, we're in this weird dystopia. This psychotic, upside down world we found ourselves in where celebrities

are controlling the narrative and our leaders are powerless because they're psychopaths

trying to destroy our way of life.

Joe Biden

is literally trying to destroy

our way of life. So we talked about the Chinese in the beginning, we talked about how they have the most benefit how the elites have the most benefit. The Davos crowd, the great reset crowd, the joe biden's the Nancy Pelosi is the the wealthy elites that seem to be pulling the puppet strings. We asked, Is this by design? Is this a coincidence? With all these people benefiting?

And this bizarre world we find ourselves in this this unrecognizable, bizarre, alternate timeline that we all seem to be living through? We've seen how they've infiltrated Hollywood, the mainstream media, how they've infiltrated our schools, how they've infiltrated everywhere, our elected officials.

And then a virus all of a sudden, is released. The world goes crazy. And China's credibility, their credibility skyrockets while America disintegrates, so who has the most benefit? Who has the most to benefit?

I say it's China. I say it's China. I say, this really feels like it's by design. I told you we were going to talk about this mom. That's going to read what the school was putting out to her son, her 10 year old


that's part of this.

Whoever is benefiting from this had a hand in programming our kids. We know that common core that our public school systems, they were designed by Bill errs, you're endorsed by Obama, they were changed. They were filled for years. Now, decades now. They've been filled with Marxism,

with anti semitism, with hate for America, with hate for our culture, and with the seeds, of classism, to help destroy the brotherhood and sisterhood of this country. Our school system has been filled with it. And now, the left is so brazen. they infect. they infect our schools with filth, and they expect parents to be so locked into their cell phones so locked into their own little worlds. They're not paying attention to their school, their kids school.

So they're not going to notice the filthy, absolute disgust that's being trained into our children's minds. We wonder why there's an epidemic out there a pandemic out there. Right, a pandemic of transgenderism, a pandemic of woke ism, a pandemic, of destruction of the nuclear family of roles. And it's 2021. When I say rolls, anybody can be in a role. But we need to have marriages, we need to have things that are done correctly. Right, you can have a mom and a dad, and the dad can stay home and take care of the kids. The mom can bring home the bacon, who cares. But there has to be some way

that a husband and wife can work together to better their family. But instead, these values that have been taught through our school system. They're meant to destroy our families. They're meant to destroy our families. I don't care what you think of me. But it is the truth.

It is the truth.

We sucked each other's beeps. I'm not gonna say it. I'm trying to clean up my language. Like I said in the beginning of this, I'm working on getting on am radio station. So get more affiliates and more exposure and get past the censorship if we can't beat them through the internet. Let's do it the old school way. So we got to clean up the cursing a little bit. But that doesn't mean we're not going to be hard hitting. We sucked each other's beeps mother reads sexually explicit school book to board members. This is from the Gateway Pundit by Jordan, Conrad's. And, guys, this is literally what's happening in schools across this country. And brave mothers and fathers are standing up and fighting. But we're not winning everywhere. And you have to hear this. It's absolutely psychotic. It's absolutely psychotic and stunning that it would even be a thing. But it is a thing. It's absolutely real. And it's gonna blow your mind. A concerned mother brought a book, a school book, to a school board to address the sexual harassment and vulgar language that is being pushed on her children. There's the mom right there. Nice lady, right reading off this paper. This specific book References 10 year old fourth graders, engaging in homosexual actions. And using language like quote is little salamander between my fourth grade fingers rapidly in gorging with blood and quote, ah, her children might be a little older. And the book itself is under age, it's about young kids. That's still very sick. It used the word, the F word 44 times and the S word 41 times before page 66. According to the mom, now we're adults, we don't care about these f bombs and s bombs. But when you're teaching young people, when you're teaching young people about it, there is a problem. I don't think it builds discipline. I don't think it builds normal relationships. I don't think it's helpful in the upbringing of kids to flood them with with with material full of cursing. It happens, right? We're all human. We all curse in front of our kids. Once in a while, right? Things slip. Not everybody's perfect, like some people Slack, right, but we all try. At least some of us try. Right? I try you try to not get upset when we maybe bang our finger. Right or bill comes in. That's really expensive. Shit.

Oops, oops, oops, oops, you know what I mean? You try not to say it but it happens. But 44 times, right. 44 times in the F bomb 41 times for the S bomb.

This is my son Cameron. This is what she says. He attends Leander High School. Okay, so her son is in high school. her son's in high school. I'm gonna have people that don't sit through this whole podcast that know a little more of this story of when they send me angry emails. You sent a son was a 10th grade 10 year old. And now it turns out that he's and I look, it happens. It absolutely happens. It's still bad. Why would you want your son in high school reading about fourth graders doing these dirty deeds? Let's talk about this. This is my son Cameron. He attends Leander High School, and I'm going to explain to you the book that he received. But Mr. McKay, I pray you are a man of your word. Last week, I asked my children if I could check the books that they've picked up from the school. My son picked up this brand new book from the shelves in class, lawn boy, he was under the impression It was about a kid that ends up with a gig mowing the grass at Disneyland. I hope it's not a terrorist Disneyland like we talked about in the beginning of this episode, I'd like to share a few quotes with you.

On page 19, quote, not that it really matters in fourth grade at a church youth group meeting out in the bushes. I touched Doug gobles D. And he touched mine. In fact, there was even some malice involved. Next one page 91 What have I told you I touched another guy's D. What if I told you I sucked it. I was 10 year old 10 years old, but it's true. I put Doug Goebbels D in my mouth. I was in fourth grade. It was no big deal. He sucked mine too. And you know what? It wasn't terrible. PAGE 174. He talked about all times at the church but never mentioned our penises are the fact that he never had 10 words to me after our little foray in the bushes. Not a single reference to holding or tugging or sucking of DS. All I can think about while he was chatting me up was his little salamander between my fourth grade fingers rapidly in gorging with blood page 230. Why won't you admit we suck each other's DS. We shared a Hershey's bar, then you showed me your D. The next thing I know it's in my mouth. We sucked each other's DS and you're pretending it didn't happen. What sort of diversity? Are you intending to teach my child with material like this? In addition, I'll share with you the exceptional quality of vocabulary I stopped counting on page 66 after 44 f bombs and 41 s bombs. The depravity of the content on the shelves in our schools cannot be mitigated with policy. At this point, I need you to know that according to policy fH, local sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances sexually motivated verbal nonverbal conduct or other conduct or communication of a sexual nature. When the conduct is so severe, persistent or pervasive that it affects a student's ability to participate in or benefit from an educational program or activity or otherwise adversely affects a student's educational opportunities or creates an intimidating hostile educational environment. What sort of educational environment Do you think the plethora of sexually graphic books selections excuse me sexually graphic book selections create for my children or for any child, for that matter. I won't go into my fourth grade daughter, but we don't.

This is not a thing for fourth graders who normalizes sex acts between fourth graders. I'll tell you who? pedophiles. So it's fortuitous that you invited the Leander police department to visit tonight. So we can talk about it. And then the board member passed on and said all right, we have speaker number 23 they moved past it. Do you know what this content does?

This content is made to normalize homosexuality

in young people now here's the thing. If somebody is a homosexual, or somebody wants to be in the transgender community, I tried to make that not my business, right? I tried to do the best thing and make that not my business.


you can't push that culture on to young people. Let them make that decision later. Let them make that decision later. That's my belief on it. That's my belief on it. I know there are some young people out there that feel it. They've always felt it and look, I went to high school and you knew you knew who was a homosexual in the LGBT community and they they didn't know it yet. Let's just say that you knew it. Everybody knew they were homosexual. They

themselves, they did not know yet. So look, I get it, people out there exist, but it's not everybody, this gigantic uptick, all right, in people in the LGBT community. And I'm convinced that there are plenty of people in the LGBT community that just want to live a life and be left alone and do their thing. And then there's like a militant side, this trans, young militant side that seems to almost be attacking the LGBT LGBT community itself, to force it to become more radicalized. Those folks in conjunction with our school systems, they are literally normalizing and teaching, not just that it's a part of our society, but that it's more positive to be a part of that group, than to just be a regular, you know, heterosexual, male, female, you can't say that there are two genders. I'll say it, there are two genders, but the schools, they are teaching something different, and it's all part of the brainwashing. It's all part of the indoctrination. It's all part of making citizens that are good, little compliant.

Cowards, cowards, I was gonna use the B word, but cowards. That's what they are. They're hkex, they're submissive. And they want just these feminine, left wing people that just do what they're told so that the elites of the world can have the great reset. China can rule and the rich, stay rich, the poor, stay poor, the world is changed. And, you know, basically, the crown gets to stay on the heads of the elites forever. That's what they're trying to do. That's what they want to do. That's my assumption. That's my assumption, at least, especially, especially when it comes to mandates. Look, look what's happening. You see Joe Biden getting out there telling us that we're in a pandemic of the unvaccinated putting out mandates like he's a king, right? Like he is the emperor of the United States. And his expectation is hope, the hope of the great reset the hope of China, the hope of the Davos crowd, the elites across the world is that eventually we'll have a citizenry that just boughs and does what they're told.

They just want that 1984 world's so bad, so bad. Alright, guys, look, we have a lot of power. Alright, we have power as Americans, we have power citizens, we have power. In a capitalist society. Well, it's still a capitalist society,

to do our best to not give our funds to the companies that are supporting

this outrageous tie radical mandate put forth by Joe Biden, the 100 employee rule, the 100 employee rule, the rule that's going to lead to the firing of millions of people, it's going to lead to the bankruptcy of millions of people. Because if you're forcing them to pay for their own tests, and they're already skimming on bankruptcy, already skimming on poverty, come on, look around you how many people are just barely making it. And with the rising inflation, we're being crushed, we're in a vise, and then they're going to squeeze us to pay for COVID tests. It's up to you whether you want to get a COVID test or not. But what about the folks that have a disability? What about folks that that that have a disability were getting a COVID shot might be harmful to their health? What about those folks that are employed, go by ADA standards, all that folks that maybe have a mental disability folks that have a HIPAA thing, and they have the right to work, but are in a very special employment category? Do they all get fired? It seems like they do. So what happened to that? Don't those people have rights anymore? It seems that COVID Trumps all, but we all know that COVID was released and COVID is being used as the vessel as a scapegoat as a as a as an enema

for this tire radical power grab by the elites.

And if these elites, these American elites and these elites across the world, if they get their pay off if they get their goodies if they get to get power, if they get to have their ignorance is bliss cipher from the matrix moment where where they get paid off by the elite by the epic machines by the power of the world, right. It's like Xerxes from

from, from 300 remember, he's standing over Leonidas Lee Unitas, I will give you riches. Join me that's like China, standing over Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and all these wealthy aristocats. Yeah. Listen, folks.

We're not dumb. They want us to be dumb. They teach our kids these things to be dumb.

They do everything in their power to make us dumb. But you and I, we're not dumb. We see through it. So we're going to use our collective power to do everything we can to expose the companies that bow down and kiss the ring. So I'm going to show you

these 11 businesses, one of them might not be a business, but you could call it a business. But we're going to show you these 1011 businesses that are already stepping up to kiss the ass of President Joe Biden vaccination mandate. These businesses penalize unvaccinated employees. workers have been suspended or are facing health care surcharges. Look at that. They're not just following, Mr. Biden. But they're even cracking the whip as his as his taskmasters. On every day employees like you and I. This is by Lawrence Richard, this is coming from Fox Business. Some employees returning to work are receiving separate benefits depending on whether or not they're vaccinated against the Coronavirus sounds like discrimination. Several airlines and some major companies are instituting health care penalties or suspensions without pay if workers choose not to receive one of the widely available free vaccinations. Fox Business is tracking some of the companies enforcing the non vaccination penalties. So let's go down the list. We've got Alaska Airlines Ah, and they were my favorite to fly to the sucks. Alaska and horizon airlines sister companies under Alaska air are looking closely at a vaccine mandate for their 23,000 employees and they're even offering $200 to any employee who can show proof of vaccination. Conversely, unvaccinated employees will have to follow a new testing protocol face additional layers of masking and social distancing guidelines be required to undergo a Vaccine Education Program. They will no longer receive special pay for Coronavirus related leave. Look at that. They have a special camp for the unclean. Wow. They have a camp for the unclean where they'll learn about Vaccine Education. Look at that. That sounds very 1930s Alaska Airlines. We believe that having as many people as possible vaccinated is the best path for protection against COVID-19. And we will continue to strongly encourage our employees to be vaccinated. The airline told Fox Business in a statement. As of today, 75% of Alaskan horizon employees who have shared their vaccination status are vaccinated as we have throughout the pandemic. We'll continue to adjust our safety protocols as we learn to statement concluded I feel like these companies out there right. What they do is they make these incentives to try to to

manipulate employees to get vaccinated manipulate them into making certain decisions that they may not want to make. Because what's happening isn't fair. They're not getting the benefits. It's Bs, but it's true. American Airlines which I hate American Airlines, American Airlines have sucked for years now. They really, really do. You can't get anything look I've got some some issues, right. And I'm a veteran. And because of some of my issues with with hips, with knees, things like that. I've asked them before if I could board the plane early, I've been told off for being a veteran for trying to just board the plane that's my seat, so that I'm not in pain. I've been told that they don't

care about that sort of thing anymore. And it's not important. Trust me they've got some real pieces of crap working for that company. They really do. American Airlines will similar similarly, and pandemic relief aid for unvaccinated employees who contract the Coronavirus beyond October 1 employees who are not vaccinated and have to miss work due to coronavirus, infection or exposure will be required to use earned sick time or medical leave for any time missed. Quote. We've heard from the many team members that the full approval of the Pfizer bio and tech vaccine by the FDA gives them additional peace of mind when they were previously hesitant to get vaccinated. Listen guys.

It almost feels

with American Airlines, like

they're taxing their employees, it almost feels like they're, they're literally taking money out of their pocket. What if one of their employees has a disability? What if one of their employees has multiple comorbidities? And something in that vaccine could give them a blood clot? It's rare, right? But it exists.

What if that person is in a low paying position? And now they get sick with COVID have to fight for their life, and American Airlines penalizes them, does their pre existing condition? Does HIPAA matter at all? Does Ada matter at all anymore?

Why is this narrative? Why does this narrative seem more important than the lives of you and me? Why somebody tell me Delta Delta Airlines will require unvaccinated employees to pay a sizable surcharge each month starting November 1 employees who refuse to get inoculated and are on Delta's health care plan will be forced to pay an additional $200 for their health insurance. That's pretty frickin messed up. United Airlines. They're penalizing employees who failed to receive at least one dose. A new policy, which will take effect October 2 will place any pilot flight attendant or customer service agent who is not inoculated on temporary, unpaid leave, according to a memo sent to employees by Kirk Linacre, United vice president of Human Resources. Folks, listen, you're not hearing much about this right now. Because it's still the middle of September we still got 10 or so days to go before October hits when all these different companies have their unpaid leave policies and termination policies come into effect. They've given people some time there's a countdown, there's a hostage situation happening for bodily autonomy at the company's next month, you're going to hear about mass layoffs. The unemployment is going to spike in this country.

economies are going to start crashing even more inflation is going to rise even higher. We are going to have problems of massive proportions in the next few months. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Broward County, Florida Hey, that's where I'm from. I was born in Broward County, Florida. It's a really really crappy blue place. It really really really really is. Broward County, Broward County, Broward County. Government employees have been offered a one time bonus of $500 if they can show proof of their vaccination status, but those who remain unvaccinated will have to pay. unvaccinated employees will seemingly foot the benefit as they will have a $20 surcharge taxed on each of their paychecks along with a weekly Coronavirus test. County Mayor Steve Geller announced Wednesday. We're trying to walk a tightrope Geller said regarding the program's intent to boost vaccine rates, but those who have chosen to endanger the community.

You know,

the problem with this is that there are many people where $20 will make or break them, believe it or not, trust me when I was growing up, I was one of those people. I grew up in a family where $20 would literally put us out would literally cost us days of shelter and food $20. Literally some people live off $20 for days. All right, we certainly did. So any additional financial burden to be used as an incentive to put something in your body, which you may not medically be eligible for, regardless of rushed approval or not.

is unconstitutional, insane? Thai radical and everything wrong with the United States today Indiana University Health, a health care system. All right. That is one of the largest employers in the state of Indiana, of course, Indiana University Health they issued a health mandate requiring or requiring all employees to receive at least one dose of the Coronavirus vaccine by September 1. ploys that refuse to receive the vaccine or missed the deadline have been suspended from returning to work. MGM resorts Las Vegas MGM resorts international has discontinued paid time off for the unvaccinated employees that have to quarantine after infection or exposure to the Coronavirus. None of this is fair, since you can still get infected again even with the vaccine

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York, the MTA will also be penalizing unvaccinated employees in an effort to boost vaccination rates. The MTA announced that it would be pulling the 500,000 death benefit, the $500,000 death benefit for unvaccinated employees. Conversely, surviving family members of vaccinated workers who die to the virus will receive a lump sum payment and three years of health insurance benefits. Take a look at this. Don't you see how they're pitting the narrative? They're taking all the benefits away all of the things away from anybody who's unvaccinated. It's a Weaver's them, right? They're trying to make it seem like everybody without a vaccination is evil. And everybody with a vaccination as good as holy as righteous. This is going to cause violence. This is how people get in horrible situations in societies where people are literally killing each other in the streets. They're literally pitting society against each other. The vaccinated versus the unvaccinated are Schnur health employees at national health in Louisiana, the state's largest health care system have been tasked with getting a vaccine by October 29 or facing termination. They'll be suspended for 30 days. Oh, you get time to think about it. They'll get an opportunity to be able to get vaccinated Get it? Look, if you don't have a vaccination by the deadline. They give you a 30 day grounding 30 day time doubt you're grounded Tommy, get in your room and think about what you've done. And if you don't bend to our will in 30 days, a fire plain and simple. They'll be suspended for 30 days look at an opportunity to get vaccinated. If not if they haven't met a religious or medical exemption, then they will be fired peacehealth as of August 31 peacehealth employees in lane County, Oregon who did not receive a Coronavirus vaccine were placed on on paid administrative leave August 31. It's September August 31. It's September 19. Folks, that is 20 days. So far, it's been 20 days, those people have been put on unpaid administrative leave, they're not receiving any money. Their families could be hungry. All in the name of the super flu. Some of these employees have had the option to work remotely. But those who do not have that option like medical assistant, Christina Williams, they've been forced to use their limited paid time off hours. How much PTO do you have? All right, if you even get any, how much PTO do you have? If you were forced to use a bunch of it?

Would you be able to get through this year and not get fired? If you got sick with something like an actual thing that needed surgery?

If you had to use up all your sick hours

it wouldn't work out and there's a lot of people in this situation. And of course the last one the US Army alright like I said, not really a business but if you want to look at them in terms of the military industrial complex.

The US Army is quite the business soldiers enlisted

in the US Army. My screen blipped up this whole thing reloaded and so there's one thing I hate about looking at Fox Business articles is the page resets itself the thing comes up with a video. They want to get your attention they got the money to do it. So we're back here at the US Army soldiers and listed in the United States Army are also facing punishments if they refuse to get vaccinated, according to a new plan announced Tuesday in response to the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who needs to resign his order requiring all service members to be fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus. Penalties would include discharge or relief of duty. Quote, while soldiers who refuse the vaccine will first be counseled by their chain of command and medical providers continued to fail. Continued failure to comply could result in administrative or non judicial punishment to include relief of duties or discharge. US Army Surgeon General Lieutenant General excuse me, US Army Surgeon General. See that's a tongue twister right there. US Army Surgeon General lieutenant general surgeon general Lieutenant General AI Surgeon General Lieutenant General our Scott Dingell said soldiers have until December 15 2021 to get fully vaccinated what kind of big uproar could you possibly see in the military Look, this is what they have to say quote. This is quite literally a matter of life and death for soldiers, their families and the communities in which

We live case counts and deaths continue to be concerning as the Delta variant spreads, which makes protecting the force through mandatory vaccination, a health and readiness priority for the total army. Yeah, but you can still get Coronavirus, whether you have the vaccine or not, it just doesn't make any sense.

But it starts to make sense when you look at it in a different context. When you say

somebody, something some force, some beneficiary, perhaps the country that benefited from COVID, perhaps the elites, perhaps the organizations in which they run, perhaps their engineering this whole thing perhaps this is the matrix perhaps this is by design.

If it is by design, right? If it is, by design, then we have to look for the clues the glitches in the matrix, we have to ask ourselves, why are Taliban fighters pedaling on on Swan boats in the lake holding bazookas? Why? Why is Nicki Minaj giving better advice on free speech than the sitting President of the United States? And why do we even hear about Dave Mustaine from Mega death? Metal heads are jumping for joy. Oh my god, Dave Mustaine got some press. Why should it even matter?

Right? Why are schools

distributing books and literature talking about fourth graders

engaging in sexual acts with each other homosexual sexual acts with fourth graders?

Why are we allowing that to be taught to our children? why our business is firing people, whether they're the handicapped, whether they're old, whether they're young, black, white, and different? Why are they firing people over bodily autonomy, over putting something in your body that you may or may not trust that you may or may not be eligible for?

And why. And this is what we're leading to? Why

when the left built this narrative, when they're using all of these things, when you see them getting mad at Nicki Minaj, when you see them, unleashing their mainstream media Arsenal,

against somebody who they thought was on their side, you have to start asking yourself, is something funny going on? Is this engineer to something happening behind the scenes, our intelligence agencies controlling these situations? And who's controlling these intelligence agencies? Is it the elites, the Davos elites, the great reset people, the New World Order people? The joe biden's? The mitch mcconnell's? The Clintons? Who is it?

Who is it? And who's controlling them? Who benefits? Who benefits from COVID? Communist China? Is it possible? Is this the lineage is this What's happening? Remember, I said we have to look for glitches in the matrix. So when the left wing narrative comes up, and they say that a crazy amount of hundreds and 1000s of psychotic far right, neo nazis, and I'm going to tell you right now, these are the actual neo nazis out there, and I'm Jewish, I've had to deal with them. They're pieces of crap. The neo nazis out there, they have more in common with the far left and they have to do with anything on the right. I'm going to tell you that that's the truth. This woke world we're living in this racist woke nonsense, trust me, it aligned perfectly with neo nazis. They're just as racist as the far left. But I'm going to tell you, when I say glitches in the matrix, we have to ask ourselves

if there's a beneficiary, if they had agents like in the matrix agents out there infiltrating pretending to be things, they're not watching watchers in the system, right? watching our every move, engineering, which way things may or may not go, controlling the narrative. Remember, all these people, they're going to come to DC, January six protests, this whole horrible thing, there's going to be mayhem anarchie all the riot police came out none of the things they ever pull out for an Tifa or BLM. When they kill people, rape people murder people burn down entire cities. That's okay.

It's in the name of fighting racism, coincidentally, with racism, even though they're not actually fighting racism, they're just racists at anyway. We have to remember the Democrat Party is the party of racists. They always were they were in the Civil War. And they are now but how come the only armed person at the January six protests the protests that


the holding of these dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of January 6, you want to call them protesters rioters whatever you want to call them. They deserve due process like everybody look, murderers get due process in this country. So all the people that did the silly stuff on January 6, they deserve due process as well. But the left they've sold it as this giant terrorist event. they've sold. Everybody on the right everybody that supports Trump as just as bad as the Taliban. They've normalized the Taliban and said Trump supporters are terrorists. It's become a psychotic nightmare. So please tell me, right? when when when we have a glitch in the matrix, the black cat walks by Wow, the black cat walks by the black cat walks by when we have deja vu when we have a glitch in the matrix.

And a black cat walks by and they find an armed person the thing they were warning everybody about at the January 6 protest the protest protesting what happened to the people on January 6. All right, the J six protests from Saturday.

They say hey, why do you have a gun?

Me flashes a badge breaking armed person detained at j six rally. His undercover agent pulls out badge says Christina Laila gateway pungent there was a heavy police presence at the US Capitol on Saturday. In anticipation of a rally in support of the January six political prisoners. Demonstrators will show support for the January 6 political prisoners on Saturday. Hundreds of non violent Trump supporters are currently in jail awaiting trial for walking through the Capitol on January 6, but it was all a setup. There were more police reporters and undercover intelligence agents than protesters in Washington DC. The only armed person arrested on Saturday. They were an undercover agent themselves. Reporter Ford Fisher caught the whole thing on video. Police surrounded a masked man who was armed with a firearm. The masked man told officers where his gun was and pulled out a badge quote without disarming or handcuffing him. Police extract him from the event. They aren't even working with the cops. They're planted. This is a plant this is somebody that was in there watching waiting for a cue. Is this some sort of Manchurian Candidate? I mean, literally, we're living in a world where we thought we would never see any of this craziness we're celebrities are literally giving orders to the general public about what they should believe and the general public is listening. They're following them. They're following them the Taliban's on freakin floating a river rafts with bazookas. They look like swans. They're on a lake in Afghanistan having a great old time terrorist, Disneyland. All right. We've got literal gay, fourth grade pedophile porn being handed out to high school students and parents are mad. What do you know, I'm a parent, I'm mad too.

We've got vaccine mandates and companies bending the knee and people getting hurt, and their families losing money and food being ripped from the tables of their children. And in the midst of all this craziness, while we're looking for a sign while we're screaming to the heavens, and we're wondering what the hell happened to our beautiful United States of America a glitch in the matrix, another undercover agent at these events, working for an agency run by elites who have infiltrated the government in the world, the Davos crowd, the Chinese bought and paid for a crowd. And speaking of the Chinese, they seem to be the only people benefiting from COVID-19, which leads me to believe that China is dishing out the big bucks. They're helping the elites and the elites are putting us in chains. And the power grab and shift is being engineered. That's what it seems to be. These are only my opinions, folks. I'm not saying that this is actually what's happening. I'm not some secret agent. This is what it seems to be. Look, I'm rolling the bones, right? You shake the bones up, you throw them out on the table and you go, huh, these two bones look like world war three. And this bone looks like Kamala Harris. And this bone looks like is that is that Scooby Doo? Really ripping off joe biden's mask. And what's underneath it is Kamala Harris. And she goes and I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you dumb kids now

You bet, Doug. And then what do you think's going to happen? Then what happens? None of that's going to actually happen, folks. But unfortunately, we live in a dark, dirty world, where money, greed, death and destruction, make the world go round. And all these people promising to fix it, the socialists, these Marxist, these far left psychopaths who come out there, they call themselves progressive, and they promised you the world, they promised you everything. And they said, Please follow us. And we'll fix it all. They are just as dirty, dark, corrupt, and greedy as any other person. It's human nature. And we're defined by how we fight against the evil within each and every one of us and how we use our capabilities for good in this world to better our communities better our neighborhoods, better our society, not because we're forced to under threat of persecution, under threat of imprisonment under threat of violence, but because we want to, because we're good, righteous people who love our friends, families, and neighbors. And as long as the left keeps destroying this country, as long as the left keeps poisoning this country, that dream is dying. Folks, listen to me close. When I see at every single event, every single thing that happens, where the right is blamed where something horrible happens. And the right is to blame the right or the bad guys, the right. Everything associated with the right is the devil.

Why do I see an undercover agent or 10? Why does it come out later? Why does it get revealed that someone working for a federal agent and the government had something to do and oopsy Daisy?

How come everybody seems to forget all of the evil that's being perpetrated by the elites. How come everybody seems to forget? Right? Oh, all the people died in Afghanistan. Oh, all the soldiers. Oh, they had to get sent back by Biden because Biden screwed up. I have some people die. 10 1112 they died. Right. But no, the news isn't gonna play that anymore. Nobody cares, right? Nobody cares. I care. Veterans I know care. A lot of people care conservatives care, maybe not the elected rhinos. They don't give a shit. Oh, I slipped. There's my first curse word of the episode. Good thing with the episodes wrapping up. Listen, guys. All right.

They sent a drone out, shot a missile and blew up a guy and said it was a terrorist.

Hey, yeah, we got a little when we got some justice for the 11 1213 service members.

You know, we want you to forget that we left 1000s of Americans behind in Afghanistan by distracting you because we killed this bad guy who is really not a bad guy actually was the an engineer or scientist or something a bunch of kids died. There's a good guy, an aid worker helped the United States, we killed our friend. And then the media passed it off as a win. And then you see nothing about Afghanistan on TV anymore. Let me tell you the truth. People are still suffering crying and dying over there. And they will be for a long time. So we get lied to we get deceived. The elites laugh at us. They literally go on vacation. They play golf, they ride bicycles. They laugh in our face. The inflation rises, we lose our homes, we lose our families. The divorce rates skyrocket, the suicide rates skyrocket, people lose hope.

While people like hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi laugh all the way to the bank,

which happens to be owned by China. So folks, you have to do yourself the favor of asking a question.

Who benefits? Is this all by design? Is this all a coincidence? Why does it feel like we're living in the matrix? Why does it feel like we're living in an alternate reality?

Once you figure out the answer to that question,

then you'll know the truth.

Folks, do me a favor, wherever you're listening to this wherever you're watching this. Make sure you follow along. You hit the subscribe button. You hit the like button, you leave a comment. I am censored to hell everywhere. Whether it's on YouTube, or anywhere else you're watching this. It's been a real

Pain in the tushy to get the word out about American Reveley, but we're trying we're doing everything we can and it starts with you talk about American Reveley, spread the word, follow along and share, share, share. If you're one of the people that see this through Facebook, and you're wondering where I disappeared to. I'm, of course, banned again on Facebook for 30 days. Let me tell you what happened. I was a bouncer for years in South Florida. And there was a video. All right, there was a video on a group called doorman diaries, and it was in Britain. And it was about drunk intoxicated woman, literally hurting people attacking people being violent, being crazy. And in South Florida, years ago, over a decade ago, you could choke a woman and drag her out of a building. That's a joke man and drag them out of a building. If they're being belligerent and intoxicated. The job of a bouncer is not to hurt people. It's to remove somebody from a situation so that the patrons inside can continue enjoying their time and spending money. We're all there to make money not cause a big bar fight. Well, anyway, I literally posted the comment, saying if I was the bouncer working there that night, I would have choked her and dragged her out of there, you know, choked or grabbed her and a choke and dragged her out of the facility grout dragged her out of there and had the cops arrest her. A quarter of the way through the video. I just made a little comment. Nobody else was involved in the comment, just me and the video. And I was immediately banned from Facebook again for 30 days for breaking their community standards by facilitating violence. You can't even speak an opinion. You can't even have a professional opinion. If you were a bouncer. If you were a doorman, and you were in that profession. You can't say anything if you're the owner, and founder of American Reveley, the censorship is real ladies and gentlemen. And like I said before, we are working our butts off, we're cutting demos of this show, and we are fighting to find am radio affiliates across this country that will pick up American Reveley, we don't have a lot of money, we're trying to get them to do it for free. I can't afford to pay for airtime. If you would like to see us get some airtime quicker and you'd like to make some donations, you can head over to our new and improved website, American Revolution comm r EV Ei l le, and head right over to the Donate tab. And you can see through there exactly how to do it. You can reach out to me directly for any questions. You might have James Lane at American Reveley calm or you can fill out the contact form. Again, folks, we've updated the website. It's nice and beautiful now just as good as Ben Shapiro's website tambon Geno's website all these folks, it is the bomb diggity Dude, you can find a button right on the top to listen or watch our podcast, you get all of these different features blogs, politics,

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have some connections that would like to help facilitate that again, go to the website, American Revolution calm or vi le and hit the contact tab, or just email me directly James Lane at American Reveley Comm. We've been doing this for a while now and I really appreciate every single one of you. I appreciate you sticking with me and getting over this milestone, we finally got the new website out. And you know, we've lost a lot of people. We gained some people, we had some employees, we lost some employees. We had some interns, we lost some interns. We did everything that we could and we've survived this long and we're only going to get bigger and better. So as we keep adjusting and we keep growing and we keep shucking and jiving and evolving as the American Reveley, you will come along for the ride with us, and we will end up on top with every other guy out there. The Ben Shapiro's the Dan bungee knows all those folks, you will see American Reveley right up there next to them, and even surpassing them, but these things take time, Dave Portnoy

From barstool sports, he literally gave out newspapers for like 10 years in the Boston subway before anything came of it. So you know what these things take time. And I'm like a turtle, ladies and gentlemen, I'm like a big old land tortoise. I've got nothing but time and I'm humbled and I'm grateful that you're all coming on the ride with me. So with that being said, question everything. Think about what we've talked about today on episode 172 of American revenue with James Lane. Think about it. Think about this upside down world we're living in, and the possible manufactured nature of it. Think about these glitches in the matrix. We've talked about, think about these undercover agents and what that might mean. Let me know about it in the comment section below. Talk about what we're doing here, share the website, sign up for the newsletter, get our publication, and more power to you. Free Speech prevails. In the end, the conservative movement prevails in the end, and a new age of freedom, a new age of unity, and a new age of righteous justice is coming for the United States. I'll see you all on the top bye