The Left Fights to MURDER BABIES and We Aren't Doing Enough to Stop Them! | Ep 171

September 12, 2021 James Lane Episode 171
The Left Fights to MURDER BABIES and We Aren't Doing Enough to Stop Them! | Ep 171
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In episode 171 of the American Reveille Podcast, I talk about how the Left twists the truth in their fight to murder more babies! I reveal the truth about the Texas Heartbeat Act and how it actually protects women while punishing lefties who use abortion as birth control. The Church of Satan joins the Democrats as they fight for ritual child sacrifice through abortion and the leftwing mainstream media machine covers for them. I'll show you why we are not doing enough to stop them! 

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Ladies and gentlemen, in Episode 171 of the American revenue podcast, we talk about a touchy subject of abortion. I'm going to reveal the truth about the Texas abortion bill and the people who oppose it. radicals, Democrats, Satanists and activists, they've all banded together in support of murder under the guise of women's health and fake slogans like my body, my choice. These people have been brainwashed for years by advertising algorithms and mainstream media. They think they're fighting for a righteous cause. But they've been lied to and they're lying to you. Just before the bill passed, Texas abortionist aborted one baby every 15 minutes until the bill became law, the truth. The truth is that the vast majority of abortions are due to surprise pregnancies, and an education system that sells murder as female empowerment. We have a culture to fix folks next on the American revelry podcast.

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In a child court case a child custody case. Usually a young child has what's called a guardian ad litem. It's a lawyer that directly represents a young child. So again, who gets to make decisions for the baby if the baby doesn't get to make decisions for itself?

And the mother wants to abort the baby then I believe that is murder. So if before six weeks, there's no heartbeat. Technically, scientifically, we could say that something isn't alive. Therefore we can say that to not murder. There's a lot of people I know that believe different, but that's Oh, okay, if there's a heartbeat.

There's a life. All right, if there's a heartbeat. There is a life. Oh, you're a guy. You don't get it. Screw the patriarchy. Well, screw you, too. I don't care. I want to apologize for my belief. This is still a free country. Last time I checked. I know it's dwindling away. But last time I checked it to free country. Oh, what about rapes and incest? You don't care about innocent victims. I do care. I do care. And if you've been in a horribly traumatic incident, such as a rape, you can go to a woman's Care Center and confidentially make medical and mental health determinations and decisions. And we should educate people in these situations to seek health or seek help excuse me, within this period of time instead of advocating for a Golden Corral buffet of abortions. All the pro abortion advocates they're now freaking out including one left wing ally we don't hear about very often from national file written by Andrew white St. tannic temple says satanic abortions are protected by religious liberty laws. Texas abortion laws violate our religious rights. The Satanic Temple has joined in alongside democrats condemning the Texas abortion ban as an assault on their rights. What do you know, the democrats and this satanist have joined forces yet again? So many people give me emails. People talk crap to me. They they say I'm a conspiracy theorist, bringing up Satanists and democrats so much. But hey, stop writing articles linking Satanists and Democrats. And I'll stop reporting on Satanists and Democrats. Until then. There seems to be a lot of stories about Satanists and democrats working together and the Texas abortion ban. What do you know? It's no different. The Satanic Temple thinks that they have religious rights for abortion sacrifice. Great. Let's read as the Texas six week abortion ban takes effect, satan worshippers condemned the new law as an attack on their religious liberties. According to the Satanic Temple, quote, satanic abortions are protected by religious liberty laws. The new Texas law banning abortions after six weeks has caused widespread outrage among Democrats, liberal voters and now devil worshippers who are arguing that the law violates their rights. In a September 2 Twitter post, the Satanic Temple said quote abortion laws in Texas violate our religious rights and TST The Satanic Temple has taken legal action. If Texas judges abide by the Constitution and legal precedent then those who share our deeply held beliefs will be exempt from the state's inappropriate efforts to restrict access to abortion services. The Satanic Temple regularly claims that it exists to promote a separation of church and state and to stand up for a woman's right to kill unborn children. The Satanic Temple stands ready to assist This is a quote any member that shares its deeply held religious religious convictions regarding the right to reproductive freedom accordingly, we encourage any member who resides in Texas and wishes to undergo the satanic abortion ritual within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy to contact the Satanic Temple so we may help them fight this law directly to one D four weeks of pregnancy. Four weeks that's one month, eight weeks. That's two months. Last time I checked. 12 weeks, that's three months.

16 weeks. Alright. 16 weeks, that's four months. There's four fingers up. All right. 1620 weeks, that's five months there's five fingers up ladies and gentlemen.

24 weeks, six months. All right. Look, my grandmother is a extreme democrat and it's a pain in the ass to argue with her. But if you look at her directly if you get her away from all of the crazy hoopla and the brainwashing and you just ask her Are you okay with a boarding a sick

month old baby, she would tell you, you're insane. That's not what what a woman's right to choose means that's not what we're talking about. But that is what they don't understand the definitions have changed. The Satanic Temple here is fighting for satanic abortion ritual sacrifice for six month old unborn babies. And you wonder why we want a six week timeframe. You wonder why people are so strict. All right.

This isn't a about a small group of people who've been in horrible situations that are trying to get an abortion because of some terrible, terrible thing that has happened. And it's within a reasonable time period. No, we're talking about people that are murdering children as a form of birth control. We're talking about people low income who can't afford to take care of babies, so they choose to murder children. We're talking about people who want to sacrifice children to Satan. It's right here in the article. All right. So when you get these people away from the flock, and you talk to them one on one, they would say that's disgusting. That's horrible. That's satanic. Why would anybody abort a baby at six months? Well, I don't know Mr. Democrat, Mrs. Democrat, lefty Lu lefty. Lucy. Why don't you go ask your ally over at the Satanic Temple who wants to sacrifice babies to Satan? SB eight does not allow for lawsuits or enforcement of penalties against a woman seeking an abortion instead, SB eight is a cynically designed to avoid judicial review of the law and creates enforcement mechanisms against the Satanic Temple and its lawyers who dare challenge the law. We will not be cowed into silence by an unjust law or a Thai radical state government. God they love to gas like these lefties love to Gaslight it's so infuriating. They're literally calling the state government Thai radical when the left are the ones being tyrannical on a national scale, culturally, politically, all the things that end with the letter why the the left has has infiltrated All right, listen. Abortion laws in Texas. they violate our religious rights. The Satanic Temple has taken legal action if Texas judges abide by the Constitution legal precedent than those who share a deeply held beliefs I hate how everything's on Twitter now. We'll be exempt from the state's inappropriate efforts to restrict access to abortion services the Satanic Temple at satanic underscore temple has said on Twitter, I hate again how everything is on Twitter now it's ridiculous. It's like a mind control agent. It's it's crazy everybody is glued to their little tiny box. The devil worshippers practice that they refer to what they refer to as their religious abortion ritual. The ritual may be performed by our members as a way to fortify self worth instill confidence and provide spiritual comfort according to the temples organization, read more neo nazi satanic Sect Leader outed as FBI informant since 2003, was paid over 140k by the US government. I actually mentioned that in the podcast we did two weeks ago about satanic neo nazis on gab. You should check that out. Look at it, look it up. Go to the library. Whether you're listening or watching you can go and look back a couple episodes you will find it we go through that whole article. Let's keep reading, along with the devil worshippers how speaker Nancy Pelosi decreed the Texas abortion ban to cut out condemning excuse me, condemning the supreme court for their cowardly decision to uphold a flagrantly unconstitutional assault on women's rights and health. Speaker Pelosi has also signaled her support for Congresswoman Judy choose woman health production act Protection Act excuse me to enshrine into law reproductive health care for all women across America. They really really love they love doing that whole government overreach thing right solidify this make this edict for the entire nation, the king must put forth Biden came out he put forth the vaccine mandate for all companies with above 100 employees, you got to put out the vaccine mandate, they've got to take the shot or they've got to be tested every week that test can come out of the pocket of the employee who probably can't afford to pay for it. If this doesn't happen. The company will be fined 14k per incident. I didn't know the government was allowed to do that. Now they're asking the government to state that women's reproductive health free fate basically free abortion, basically the right to kill your baby up to birth nine months. All right now

heartbeat nine months. That's what they asked for. They asked for entire pre birth abortion. All right, you corner somebody's corner, grandma corner mom corner dad corner, your democrat friend and say, Are you okay? With the murder? All right with the abortion of a baby just for the hell of it. If you chose that eight and a half months pregnant big baby bolts big bump on the belly to say I don't want this stick up the vacuum and suck it out of me. Is that okay? If they tell you yes, they have no conscience. And you should pick better friends. Plain and simple. You should pick better friends. All right, sorry to say it like that. But it's the absolute truth because they are just as bad as the people for from the Satanic Temple, alright, that are looking to abort their babies, because of some ritual and are fighting. The Texas abortion ban is really not a bad thing. It really isn't bad. We're going to talk about it a little later in the podcast, we'll go through it or read about it. All right, I'll tell you why the left is full of crap. But until then, I've got to ask you a question. No, seriously, I have a question to ask you. Is it possible? Is it possible that society has devolved into like a factions or tribes based system? Well, here's what I mean. Once upon a time, in the United States there, there was a family. This family adhered to a structure, the father worked, the mother stayed at home and religious values were taught to children contributed to a more well rounded, contributing citizen, it helped create people with a healthy respect for their country, their family, and they're flagged maybe but possibly on the other hand, maybe on the other hand, there was a lot of bad things happening behind the scenes, right? There was a corrupt churches, corrupt synagogues, some some some some places that operated like businesses that shouldn't have operated like businesses unfair and disgustingly abusive conditions for many women at home, and an understandably callous and rigid attitude that was opposed to change. And maybe it may be in an effort to change this. Some of these movements they arose to fight for, for free thinking women's rights and a fair existence for all these, these are good things, these, these are not bad things. It's good to fight for those things, right. But I'm gonna say this out loud. And many of you, you'll agree with me, all right, but some of you will be afraid to repeat it out loud. And others of you may just cuss at the speaker that you're hearing me through. But at some point, maybe back in the early 2000s, maybe before maybe after things were a little more fair, things were fair than they had ever been. Equality was a reality. People seem to agree on more things than disagree for the first time in my existence. And then these movements, movements, they seem to be hijacked. And maybe it was just the first time I had noticed some entity, some group, some shadowy figure took hold of feminism and turned them into feminazis. people wanting equal education all of a sudden began demanding safe spaces. They demanded that women's rights activists become pro abortion activists, the divorce rate skyrocketed as women became unsatisfied with marriage due to false expectations possibly taught in public schools, run by the left an entire generation or two of people who swipe for sex. And it's only getting worse. Somewhere along the way, the equality and the balance train derailed and it crashed somewhere in the twilight zone of equity. And we all know equity is racism. I believe that people they may feel much better with a little old school family structure. But maybe it needs a new school twist. Maybe it needs some things changed about it's old school ways. Maybe it doesn't have to be the wife staying at home raising the kid. It could be reversed now. I mean, it is 2021. But maybe it's important that your kids aren't shoved into daycare seven days a week while both parents or one parent because the divorce rate being so high slaves away at work.

Slaves away at work robbing your children of valuable time damaging them mentally Believe me. I know. Trust me if your response to this is anger. And you say that this is impossible.

This is impossible. My response to you is to stop advocating for murder.

And abortion and fight for the left to cut spending and work on lowering inflation so that maybe you could afford to things better. But that won't happen. Murder is easier murders easier, folks. In fact, they may have hit a record in Texas before the new law came into effect. This is from the western journal by Isaac Cox, abortionist single handedly murdered one child every 15 minutes before the Texas heartbeat law was implemented. At midnight on Wednesday, a Texas law went into effect that effectively bans most abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Like we said earlier, heartbeat it's alive. All right, a heartbeat means living. All right, when you slaughter an animal, right, so we can eat it. Like turn it into a steak. They say you kill the animal to slaughter it, right? Okay, so you don't want to use murder so you're slaughtering unborn babies. I don't know what to say. At midnight on Wednesday, the law went into effect.

abortions are banned. After a fetal heartbeat is detected. That's mostly six weeks while pro abortion pundants hysterically cried that this was an attack on women's rights. abortionists in the Lone Star State were scrambling to perform the procedure on babies with heartbeats for as long as it was still legal. Yuck. That is medical professionals rush to murder as many unborn babies as they possibly could, before that law came into effect before the law protected many of them. Ladies and gentlemen, whole women's health in Fort Worth was the site of the sickening murder spree as reported by the pro abortion outlet the 19th quote, it was 8pm on Tuesday when marva Sadler looked at the patients waiting in the lobby as the lists of patients waiting to return at even more patients waiting outside and cars surrounded by protesters and realized oh my they might not get to everyone. Sadler Hall women's health Director of Clinical Services had calculated that to beat the deadline her clinic needed to perform eight abortions an hour with only one doctor on duty, an octogenarian who had been working since 7am. Imagine being a doctor and using your mental energy to work out how many babies you can kill in less than 24 hours without noticing there's something despicable about the work you're doing. One of the unborn lives that the clinic workers were unable to snuff out in time was the child of a woman already 12 weeks pregnant, who was a drug user headed to prison under pre existing Texas law, she was already subject to a 24 hour waiting period before she could abort her baby. This one was one case that particularly grieve Sadler, who said she thought about this woman who already had three children on her way home. When the clinic completed its final abortion. It had knocked out a total of 67 abortion procedures in 17 hours, which the daily wire note is roughly four abortions per hour. The 19th noted that a whole woman's health had also seen 60 people who had taken medication to abort at home to confirm that yes, the process was complete, and they wouldn't be left in limbo. sickeningly, the pro abortion outlet said the clinics workers had been able to savor the work they had done despite regretting that they weren't able to destroy the lives of more unborn humans, who had heartbeats thanks to the new law. The Pro abortion lobby often points to the supposedly righteous work of the abortion doctors and clinicians do a work that excuse me that abortion doctors and clinicians do by underscoring the heartbreaking circumstances under which some children are conceived, such as a drug user who's headed to prison, and already a mother three times over. This was also planned parenthood founder Margaret Sanger is reasoning when she championed her vision for women's health and provided insight into how the United States could limit the populations of the problem of problematically fertile Hispanic and black populations. Again, if you don't know, the founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist, a real racist, a real racist. The reason that Texas has sought to severely restrict abortion and why millions of pro life Americans adamantly oppose abortion is because it's wrong. Not out of callousness for women facing crisis pregnancy. Sometimes doing the right thing is arduous, yet it still must be done. How does it say how

does it serve a scared woman who is unsure what her child's life may be like to not only encourage her to snuff out the sacred spark of divine creation that has been conceived within her, but to tell her that it is empowering to her and compassionate to the baby being destroyed. That's right, our system that tells women it's empowering, it's righteous, it's correct to murder an unborn baby. This is twisted, it's sick. being faced with a crisis pregnancy is no doubt harrowing, for many women and expectant mothers are both scared and vulnerable when facing an uncertain future for themselves and their children. And this is why there are so many there are 1000s of pro life crisis pregnancy centers around the country that have served millions of women by supporting them, loving them and providing them with resources and guidance and offering them an option that does not involve killing their child. The bottom line is that just because a baby comes into this world, it's less than ideal conditions do not mean that it is morally right to kill it. All right, it is not right to kill a child just because the parent is a piece of shit. That's what that says quite the opposite. There are cosmic repercussions for how we treat our fellow man, whether we like it or not, human beings are created in the image of God, which is why it is his followers who fought adamantly for slavery to be abolished for racial segregation to end and who now will fight for the humanity of unborn children to be protected and preserved. It doesn't matter how, justifiably, the pro choice movement makes abortion sound, it is still fundamentally and will be eternally regarded as evil. All right. And we talked about what I said earlier, how a child in a case who can't defend themselves. They have a guardian ad litem who is the guardian ad litem for unborn babies who like this article says, who will protect the unborn babies, it's up to you and me, folks, it's up to you and me. So we see the left screaming at the top of their lungs about women's health and oppression and all the other hypocritical and nonsensical things they yell about. But none of them are yelling about the truth. That's right. They're being lied to. And they're lying to you. It's plain. It's simple, and it's true. The Texas abortion bill does not do what they tell you. It does. Okay. It is not this evil thing that's meant to crush women and destroy their rights and completely

bring us back to pre Roe versus Wade and it No, it doesn't do any of that stuff. It doesn't. We're gonna we're going to talk about it. I found a great column on the epic times that really, really clears it up. This is from the epic times Rob Natal son, abortion, the truth about the Supreme Court's ruling on the Texas heartbeat act. This column examines the Supreme Court's recent ruling in whole women's health verse Jackson, and why the left is so upset about it. In whole women's health, the court opted not to suspend the Texas heartbeat act immediately, but to wait for a hearing on the merits. All right. In addition to agitating the liberal media, the decision has annoyed progressive academics. If they teach in law schools, they often belong to an outfit called the American Constitution society, the ACS a group that is positively beside itself over the court's order in whole woman's health. The ecss reaction illustrates the absurdity of the left's response. To be sure, ACS has a record of uttering exceptionally stupid things. Last year, the head of the organization claimed repeatedly that President Donald Trump's nomination of Amy Kony Barrett was legitimate and would steal a Supreme Court seat because Trump nominated Barrett in an election year. It's funny, they can say things are legitimate. They can say things are frauds, but we can't. It's a really funny double standard, isn't it? In fact, as I pointed out at the time, the Constitution requires the president to make nominations in a timely matter, and contains no exceptions for election years. And so, in a recent circular email, ACS proclaimed that the right is trying to undercut our democracy by urging the packed and stolen Supreme Court to reverse the 1973 abortion case of Roe versus Wade, a follow up email announced that the court's order in the whole woman's health effectively overturned Roe versus Wade overnight. It did not to understand how

Ridiculous these statements are let's examine the relevant facts. You know that thing left forgets to us all the time facts. First, Roe vs. Wade has nothing to do with democracy. It was an autocratic diktat that effectively voided democratically adopted abortion laws in all 50 states reversing it would return the abortion issue to the democrat process. There's a lie. Second, what I'm saying is there's a lie that they tell you, right. I'm not saying that it's a lie that this will happen. That came out wrong. Now I have to explain myself, right. It's not saying that I'm saying it's not. I'm not saying let me back up. I'm not saying right, that they're lying to you, where Roe versus Wade has nothing to do with democracy. I'm saying that this article, what it's saying is true. Roe versus Wade has nothing to do with democracy. It was an autocratic diktat that effectively voided democratically adopted abortion laws in all 50 states, reversing it would return the abortion issue to the democratic process. What I'm saying is this is true. And the democrats lie to you by saying that going against abortion going against Roe versus Wade is against democracy when in fact, that's all b s. That is a big Gaslight. It's a smokescreen, it's a lie. Second, now that we're past that. Second, the Texas heartbeat Act does not resurrect the law, as it existed before Roe versus Wade before Roe, Texas like other states made abortion a criminal offense unless necessary to preserve the life of the mother. By contrast, the Texas heartbeat act permits all abortions, all abortions, all right, before detection of fetal heartbeat. That is to say roughly until the sixth week of pregnancy. It permits abortion after that time, if a physician believes that medical emergency requires it. experience shows that health exceptions like this operate expansively. It permits any abortion were prohibiting it will impose an undue burden on that woman or that group of women seeking an abortion, a concept derived from the Supreme Court's row line of cases, it prohibits enforcement of any state or local official, but instead permits only civil, not criminal suit by private parties and only against the provider, never against the woman that actually protects the woman. I believe this is a fair law. It's a fair compromise. But remember what we talked about earlier in the podcast, it's not about that this isn't what we're taught in the schools. It's taught to be a competition. It's taught to be a fight. It's not taught to be equality. It's not taught to be rights and freedom and liberty. It's taught to be a fight of domination, it's taught to be a fight of supremacy, all or nothing, no compromise, no balance, all right, there has to be balance or this country will perish. All right, things are falling apart, look around you. Things are falling apart more and more every day. And the only way we reverse this, the only way we reverse this is by finding compromise something the left has no interest in doing and the right needs to wake up and realize this. Thus, we're reading again. Thus, upholding this law would require the Supreme Court merely to constrain not abandon its right to abortion. Third, the court's order in whole women's health did not overturn anything. Although three of the dissenting justices wanted to declare the Texas heartbeat act unconstitutionally, effectively overturning it. The majority merely abstained from ruling on the subject quote, We stress that we do not purport to resolve definitively any jurisdictional or substantive claim in the applicants lawsuit. In particular, this order is not based on any conclusion about the constitutionality of Texas as law, and in no way limits other procedurally proper challenges to the Texas law, including in state courts, courts often refuse to suspend a challenged law before a final decision. Obamacare, for example, remained in place for years, while cases against it were litigated. Fourth, in whole women's health, the plaintiffs hadn't even sued the correct parties in lawsuits, you're not allowed to make demands until you bring your true opponents into the suit for the court to suspend the democratically adopted statute, where the proper parties are not there to defend themselves would have been an abuse of judicial power. Therefore, they would be breaking the law to be making a ruling on it. They would be breaking the law to do anything in favor of whole women's health. the right people were not there to defend them.

So why are progressive so upset by such a narrow, tentative and entirely justified order? I think there are at least three reasons. One reason is that abortion is very important to them. It's the blood sacrifice, blood sacrifice right in their pagan religion. legalized abortion was once defended on the grounds that procedures should be safe, legal and rare. You remember that old school lefties do remember that safe, legal and rare? Open your eyes wake up to the lie that they've been telling you the kool aid that you've been drinking, it is no longer safe, legal and rare. Okay, it is murder on a rampid scale. And it is widespread as birth control. It is not rare. The people using it for life saving the people using it in those terrible situations like rape. Those are the minority of people using abortions. And you can look that up. That's a real fact. That's a statistic look it up. All right, when they go oh, you're against people under age people, people have been raped people have in horrible ancestral relationships. Oh my god. That's all BS. It's all garbage. Don't listen to their lies. Look up the statistic. The big, big big majority is people using it for birth control. So it is a blood sacrifice. legalized abortion should be safe, legal and rare. But that is not the case anymore. Wake up, wake up. It's not called the American Revolution for nothing wake up. In addition, the Texas heartbeat act rips a page from the progressives own playbook for years. They've pushed Congress and state legislatures to pass statutes allowing private parties also code called private attorney general's to sue to promote leftist causes such statutes typically award victorious, nor even non victorious plaintiff's attorney fees and costs from their victims. awards of costs and fees have been a bonanza for some left leaning organizations. And now, pro life planted plaintiffs will be able to collect costs and fees in a similar manner. progressives must find this very disturbing. So for years, it's been an unfair playbook, the left the progressives, they've been able to sue against anything they wanted that went against their causes, and collect legal fees and more and maybe affect change in their progressive agenda, their evil, murderous agenda, the right hasn't been able to do that. So now with this law, the right is able to the playing field has been evened out, Fire For Fire eye for an eye, tooth for tooth and the left is pissed. That's the real thing. It's a power thing. It's not about women's health. It's about power, evil and power. Finally, ever since Roe vs. Wade, the courts have privileged pro abortion litigants in various ways. One way is by putting pro life laws on hold before the challengers have proved their case. In whole woman's health, the Supreme Court finally declined to privilege a pro abortion litigant. Instead, it applied the sort of common sense standard, it would apply to any other legal dispute that the court did. So maybe the true significance of this decision. And what that saying and what the truth is, is that the court is usually biased and favors the left wing organizations, the psychotic pro abortion rulings before once, just for once, that something finally gave in something good to happen for people trying to protect unborn babies, for people trying to protect the sanctity of life and the left is pissed because for once they didn't win. How does it feel? You're normal, just like everyone else. Well, normal, at least for once in the eyes of the law in real life. As people, you're out of your frickin minds. So the court does the right thing and the progressive left heads collectively explode. But why do they even have the right to be mad? Why do they have the right to be upset? Ask yourselves the question. Why do they have the right to be upset? The answer is entitlement. They feel self entitled. They are a product of our education system and our culture. After years of left wing domination, the left runs the media the school's Hollywood music technology, and we let the left run it all and now we act so confused as to what happened. What happened to all of these generations of people. Why are they so crazy? Why do they seem to have these socialist beliefs? Why do they want to murder babies? We act so

Surprised but these entitled broken people, they were innocent kids. They were being brainwashed by the media, by television by early internet and public education. And now they've grown up and now they run companies and here's just one of those many, many, many companies. So take a look at this folks, the company Salesforce, there's a company Salesforce, and I'm pulling this off of CNN because I'm going to make a point after this a CNN business, Salesforce. This is from ramie Shah maroof from CNN business sales force said it will help employees leave Texas due to abortion law, Salesforce announced that it will assist its employees and their families if they want to leave Texas after the state passed the nation's most restrictive abortion law. In a slack work message obtained by CNBC, the cloud computing company told its 56,000 employees that they stand with all of our women at Salesforce and everywhere. With that being said, if you have concerns about access to Republic, reproductive health care in your state sales force will help relocate you and members of your immediate family. The slack message said Salesforce took no position on Senate bill eight in the statement. The company has 16 locations in the US, including one in Dallas, you see where it says that they put out a statement saying they stand with all of their women at Salesforce and everywhere. They stand with women everywhere. This big lie the big lie they tell you is that all women want pro abortion they they're anti pro life. They they are for the murder of babies. My wife is pro life, anti anti anti abortion, there are so many women that are anti abortion out there. millions of women are against murdering babies. But those women are shunned. They're not talked about they they they're wished to the cornfield. People pretend they don't exist. Those women are spit on by the left. And so the left comes out here and parades around like they own the title women like they own all women. It's disgusting. It makes no sense to me. All right, those women exist. There's a whole world of women out there that think aborting a baby is disgusting. All right. You have to recognize their existence and they will be heard. Let's keep reading. The Texas law, which prohibits abortion providers from conducting abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, essentially bans the procedure as early as six weeks into pregnancy. Under current federal law, the procedure is legal, but many states have restrictions such as waiting periods or a ban after a woman has been pregnant for 20 weeks. The law took effect on September 1 after the Supreme Court and federal appeals court declined to rule on attempts to block it effectively outlaws at least 85% of abortions sought in the state, according to opponents. Now think about that. 85% of abortions, that means those 15% member I told you earlier, it's the minority of people that have problems, the minority of folks that have been raped the minority of folks that have gone through horrible, traumatizing events, the minority of folks that actually have something meriting and abortion happened to them. That sounds about right 15% left. So yeah, it effectively outlaws 85% of abortion sought in the state. It also punishes anyone, not just medical providers who aid or abet or restricted abortion. That would include health care providers, family and friends or anyone who transports a person to her from an abortion clinic. Good. Yeah, no abortions. The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Texas over the abortion law Thursday. On Friday night Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff tweeted ohana if you want to move we'll keep you exit Texas or sorry, we'll help you exit Texas your choice. Benioff and Salesforce have long championed social causes. And corporate recent the responsibility. The company Salesforce acquired slack in December for more than 27 billion shares have risen more than 6%. And we've talked more and more frequently, but we've talked many times in the past about corporate social responsibility and how companies instead of budding out of the social world, get involved in all of these political things and all of these social movements and women's reproductive health and all this other crap so they can increase their profits. They don't really give a crap they make more money because people think they care which effectively turns their companies into living breathing entities, giant social justice Nazis, that are now companies and they've all aligned you've got crazy social justice companies working with social justice warriors working with lefties working with they're all in cahoots working with the Democrats.

They all are working together to turn this country into a socialist hellhole hellhole and they don't know any better. They don't know any better because the frickin left wing progressives that are in power that wrote our freakin school system, right? That run these cut they trained all these people since they were kids the culture trained the children, and now the children are adults now the children run companies listen to this, quote, business is the best platform for change. Business is the best platform for change. Business is the best platform for change. My role is to help CEOs see that they can change. What are you a cult leader, Benioff said in an interview he said this would cnn business in December's business is the best platform for change and his role. He believes his role is to help CEOs see that they can change. What is this change he's speaking of? It must be that woke Kool Aid. He's forcing people to drink. It's like an infection. he stabs them with a needle and they go

and they're all of a sudden, like, What's wrong with me? I've been biased forever. Ha they literally, they literally are being infected with this. It's like a digital influenced a virus. It's like a smart disease. This is not the first time. All right, this is not the company's first time criticizing a controversial state law. Salesforce. Salesforce was an early corporate voice against sweeping election bills in Georgia, which critics said was clear voter suppression. Atlanta is home to Salesforce towers, the company's regional headquarters, which has 1300 employees 1300 Deep Blue voting employees in Georgia, quote, a person's right to cast their ballot is the foundation of our democracy. Salesforce tweeted in March, after Georgia's House of Representatives passed a bill that called for voter id less time to request absentee ballots, sharply limited access to early voting and even clarified that no one can offer water to voters waiting in line. That's another lie. It's another lie. That's not what the law did. But let me ask you something. Why? Why are the same people that say that it's evil for people to require voter ID that it is racist that it is discriminative against minorities? Why is then vaccine IDs COVID vaccine IDs? Why is that not? Why is that not discriminative? towards minorities? Why? Hmm, sounds like hypocritical, racist nonsense, because that's what the left loves to do. A person's right to cast a ballot is the foundation of our democracy it is and they hijack this stuff. They twist the words they turn it into nonsense and then they Gaslight you they're liars. George's Hb 531 would limit trustworthy, safe and equal access to voting by restricting early voting and eliminating provisional ballots. That's why Salesforce opposes Hb 531. As it stands, the company said, Now listen, all of this stuff, this hypocritical stuff, you see, all right, it isn't because they're dumb. And it isn't because they're out of their mind. It is proof that companies are doing this to chase dollars. And here's what I mean.

They post something against voter id A while back. And then they don't do any research in between they don't look back. And then they support things like COVID voter id they look they go against the the abortion bill. They do things hypocritically right, they make hypocritical decisions, and they don't care what happens and that it is hypocritical. They're counting on you not to know they're counting on you not to remember, because this is a business decision. It's a decision based upon polling, social polling. Where are the winds blowing if we support this racial justice thing if we support this pro abortion thing? Well, more of our customers will more of those millennials that grew up with more of those people that came after the millennials that were brainwashed by social media, by big tech by the culture by the teachers that wrote our public school system. Will they who work for these big tech companies buy more of our crap? Well, they who work for these companies now and run these companies buy more of our crap, will we buy more of each other's crap? If we support what each other believe in? And unfortunately, those those entitlement kids? Those trophy those participation trophy kids who run things now who buy things now who worked for multimillion dollar companies now are running the show and

It's an endless cycle. It's an endless cycle of kissing the butt of whatever social issue is happening now to try to profit and make more money, more money. And involving more and more people in this hurricane, this Cyclone of brainwashing, they may not see it as brainwashing, but it is brainwashing facilitated by technology and technological devices, social media, and telephones, all of this stuff, it happens. And you can see it it is there. Trust me in hundreds of years. All right, they're going to I you know what, let's take it even further. A couple 100 years from now, aliens are going to land here and there's going to be a ruined, just ruined civilization, we're all going to be extinct. We all killed each other. And they're going to look under the rubble and the aliens is going to pick it up and go, what is this and it's going to be a cell phone and the other alien, the leader is going to shoot it out of their hand to go, Ah, get back to the ship. They invented social media and handheld devices. Oh my god, they didn't know it destroyed their world. It was the virus, the virus from soy or whatever. I know I'm ranting and raving and going on and on. But that's really, really what this feels like. It feels like information is delivered so fast. Even the psychotic information, it gets delivered so fast companies leverage it, people try to make money off of it. Things happen. And then you get an army and army of millions and millions and millions of drones of zombies of people pliable people that will vote in any way you want them to. You'll make your money. These people will be brainwashed, and the country will continue to crumble until something cracks until something gives until something breaks. I'm going to get off my soapbox now. Let's keep reading. While corporate America has taken public stances on last summer's racial justice protests, and the restrictive voting laws filed or enacted in different states. Corporate America has largely stayed silent on the Texas abortion law. Exceptions include privately held Bumble in the match group CEO which both announced last week, they were creating relief funds for people affected by the Texas abortion law relief funds Ladies and gentlemen, relief funds like they need it. Bumble is women founded and women LED and from day one, we've stood up for the most vulnerable, we'll keep fighting against regressive laws like SB eight, the company said on Twitter again, I'm so sick. That Twitter I'm so sick of Twitter being the place where everybody gets their news where we have to go for the truth, Twitter and Lyft CEO Logan green tweeted that his company created a legal defense fund to cover legal fees for any of its drivers who are sued under SB eight. Uber then followed the laws broad wording could make drivers liable for helping someone receive a restricted abortion by transporting them even unload unknowingly see what's happening. Remember what I said corporate social responsibilities company companies virtue signaling, trying to do these things to make more money. Look, one company did it and another company did it and another company did it. They're trying to say, hey, my package is bigger than your package. My social responsibility is bigger than come use us. We protect people more no us us. We protect people more. They're just facilitating the cyclone. They're just making the hurricane. Bigger, ladies and gentlemen. So how do we stop it? How do we stop it? No major company has announced its leaving Texas. Big Texas based corporations such as Hewlett Packard in Houston publicly came out against the state's restrictive new voting law. But other cities they're capitalizing on the state's controversial new laws. The city of Chicago will run a full page ad in Sunday's edition of Dallas Morning News listing reasons why the Windy City is a great place for nobody's going to go to Chicago Who the hell wants to go to Chicago who wants to go to Chicago? Don't go you can get abortions in Chicago, you can get murdered and get abortions in Chicago. Hundreds people get shot in Chicago like every month. And you can also get abortions come to Chicago homeless. It's like Sacramento like la Chicago, Seattle. The abortions are plentiful. Come get murdered in our streets. Everything smells like piss the homeless people that are feed everyone doing heroin. meth is good for you. If you have no teeth, and you won't have to spend money on brushing them, and you'll be able to do better financially. I don't know. Look, screw Chicago screws screw these liberals cities, and I support Texas. I support Texas 100%. But there really is a problem. There's a problem that nobody wants to face. That problem is that all these woke people these products of the education system of the culture of the left wing ran everything that have now grown up and run everything. All right.

They are woke. They're woke. They support murdering babies

And they are running this country. Look, you heard the pro baby murdering woke CEO from the article, quote, business business is the best platform for change. I said it like four times before I'll say it one more time. So that's like five or six business is the best platform for change. Open your eyes. What do you see? It's not a cultured personality. You see 1000s of businesses across this country, choosing battle lines and favoring political ideologies. Rather than taking care of customers. We see entire segments of society being ostracized as the evil others, when in fact, the left is evil itself. So now I want you to ask yourself another question. What are we doing about it? You saw the Salesforce article and how insane that was. But what you may not realize is that's just one of 1000s of articles that the left has produced that the left wing army, the army of publishers have produced to digitally burry conservatives and the right. Look, I want you to take a look. Take a look at this. So check this out. If we go to DuckDuckGo Alright, I'm not going to use Google for this. I'll just use Duck Duck go so we just get unbiased results, and I type in abortion. All right. And I go to the top bar here that says news. I want you to look at all of these articles behind the Texas abortion law. A persevering conservative lawyer. All right, that might be one I don't know if it's good or bad. It might be in the middle. It's New York Times a near total abortion ban. Tough voting restrictions. permitless carry how Texas conservatives could shape the 2022 elections The Boston Globe here progressively getting worse they're going to try to frame people on the right to something bad. Let's keep going ABC Roe vs Wade where Roe vs. Wade stands after Texas abortion ban allowed to go into effect. French abortion drama The Texas abortion laws unconventional because it had to be. Texas abortion law offers a roadmap for states to restrict other rights. across Latin America abortion restrictions are being loosened anonymous hacks Texas Republican Party website after state annex anti abortion law abortion debate dominates topic of last week's most read letters, texts, abortion law creates a kind of bounty hunter here's how it works. Texas wanted to be the tech haven of the US its new abortion bill and other measures are causing workers to re think their move. Oh my god, they're gonna leave Texas. It could soon be safer. The Indianapolis Star is reporting it could soon be safer to get an abortion in Mexico. You know, that southern border where 1000s and 1000s of 1000s of illegals are rushing across including terrorists each day where COVID is coming across rapidly or nobody's checking for anything. The explosion at the southern border where women and children are being molested and murderers were coyotes and drug dealers are killing people. It's safer to go there to get in a book. Look how, look how the propaganda grows. This just keeps going. Folks, if you're watching, you can see me scrolling. I can just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, how cartoonists are taking on the Texas abortion law, scroll? There's barely a thing here. Barely a thing from conservatives. barely anything. It's just article after article after article attacking conservatives attacking people protecting babies and supporting the murder of on born children. What does that tell you? What does that tell you? Folks, we have a major problem in this country, a major political problem, a major moral problem, a major cultural problem? What are the young people learning? What are the young people that grew up teaching the young people What is happening? You see all these articles I showed you all of these articles defending abortion, condemning the right, condemning people that are trying to protect the sanctity of life, even while it's in the womb. So I'm asking you, I'm asking you, what are we doing about it? What are we doing about it? Like I said, you just saw a ton of pro abortion articles, many lying, many of them lying, misrepresenting, skewing and just straight out, not telling the truth about the Texas heartbeat act. And what you didn't see what you didn't see were many right wing articles defending it. Like I said, the few that I read for this podcast are practically all that there is on the subject. So what the hell are we doing to defend conservatism in this country? What are we doing to defend the rights of unborn babies in the United States of America? The answer

is not enough? The answer is not enough. We're not doing enough. What are we doing? Tell me what we're doing somebody tell me what we're doing. Somebody show me somebody offer a solution, let's do better. Because I'm convinced we are not doing enough. At some point, the fight for equality became a factions based tribal war of ideology, where those looking for equality are now those looking for domination. And I'm afraid that there's no rewind button on this VCR Ladies and gentlemen, and maybe, maybe it never was a fight free quality. Maybe the left wanted this the entire time. Maybe they've always been affiliated with devil worshipers and baby murder. Maybe that's the truth. But all I know, all I know is that this doesn't get any easier. From here.

I don't see this getting better anytime soon.

So until next time, I'm James Lane. This was Episode 171 of the American Revolution. podcast. Ciao.

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