Top 10 Woke School Stories, Antifa Shoots Samoan PBoy, Today in Racist Dem History, + More! | Ep 170

September 05, 2021 James Lane Episode 170
Top 10 Woke School Stories, Antifa Shoots Samoan PBoy, Today in Racist Dem History, + More! | Ep 170
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In episode 170 of American Reveille with James Lane we take a quick look at the stunning Virginia Tech crowd from Friday and the message it sends to the Left. Also, we discuss Leftwing hypocrites like Rex Chapman, the top 10 woke school stories from the Daily Wire, the racism and violence of Antifa and the shooting in Olympia with comments from Gavin McInnes, Geraldo Rivera reveals something we should all understand about the Left, Yes, the military and state department did abandon a bunch of dogs in Afghanistan, and this day in racist Dem history.

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Ladies and gentlemen, 10s of 1000s of people at the Virginia Tech game had a message for Joe Biden and the progressive left in regard to lock downs and mask mandates. Look at the size of this damn crowd. Take a look. Take a listen folks.

College Football is really bad when a jam packed lane stadium

to Enter Sandman

is big.

Look at that, folks. 1000s of people jumping up and down. You got football players.

You got mascots running around.

I don't see any masks. No social distancing.

I'm not a big follower of football, military personnel jumping up and down. People are excited.

It's like the 90s

This doesn't feel like lockdown America.

This feels like what America should be. America looks back in this video.

That's cool.

That that's cool.

You don't have to be a football fan, a college football fan to appreciate that.

With all the crap that the left tells us

crazy crazy. That's an army ladies and gentlemen. That's an army. Let's start the show.

Coming to you from the underground stronghold here in Washington State. This is Episode 170 of American revelry. I'm your host James Lane. Oh my gosh. Did you see or at least hear that crowd no masks? No social distancing? go f yourself big government go f yourself. liberal left wing oligarchy tie radical dinosaurs of hate. I don't know that sounds like a band name for a punk band from the 80s I do the best I can. Alright guys, I do the best I can. But I want you to know, new episodes of this show come out. 4pm ish. 5pm ish. Every Sunday. That's Pacific Standard Time. Pacific Standard Time. That's about 7pm. Eastern. Yes. 7pm. Eastern. Please subscribe. Please share. Please leave a comment. Please talk about American Reveley. Right now we're looking at all different ways to distribute what we're doing here. All right. If you have any knowledge about am radio, about local television, give me a holler. Alright, holler over to my email, send me an email James Lane at American Revolution calm, we could use your help.

or looking into that heavily. We feel like that might be an untapped place where we can get past the censorship. There's a lot of folks that still enjoy am radio, myself included. So if you know how to work into that industry, please, please, please, please shoot me an email. Like I said James Lane, American That's American Reveley. REV. II, ll James Lane at American Anyway, folks, my gosh, I still can't get over that crowd made me. Look, I'm not a college football fan. It's not that I don't like it. I just never followed it. But seeing all of those people together, hearing those cheers, hearing those chants. That energy, it made me feel invigorated. It made me go man, that is the America that I remember. That's the America that I remember. There's a lot of opinions out there. Alright. There's a lot of people talking. And there's a lot of folks that that that don't get heard that maybe should be heard. All right. And there's a lot of news out there that you might not be aware of, if you hop over to American That's American Reveley, r e v, I ll We also do articles guys, we've blogs and articles. We've got a bunch of new stuff up. We've got the debt ceiling is about to crash down in America and we're paying for it by dt Osborn green climate policy promoting poverty, all kinds of stuff meme warfare. Alright lions, led by donkeys Kaboul is far worse than Saigon. And here's why. Folks, it's not just a podcast, it's not just a show. It is an entire experience. It's a publication. Yeah, the websites a little bit shoddy but we're doing the best we can

I've been pouring in 1000s of dollars doing everything I can to get this up and running and i do what i what i can i don't have that much money. Trust me your donations have been generous and they have helped but I still need help getting the website up to date. We have a brand new website that's like 90% complete, but I don't have any help to get it updated and to get it running over on WordPress. So we're stuck with this for now. So please support us every way you can go to the website, American Revolution, comm our EVI Ll There you'll find the articles there you'll find the latest podcast, you can listen to an audio you can watch it video, just like whether or not you go on other platforms. You can see it everywhere else but you can also go to the website. Look, I make it convenient for you. It's a bargain, alright, you can go anywhere, everywhere. Whatever your convenience may be, you'll find the American Revolution. You see that even rhymes wherever your convenience maybe you can find me American or Reveley. Alright, anyway, I'm gonna step off my high horse there, look, the simplest thing you can do, head over to the website, you see that green button right there, that's a sign up, that will sign you up for the American Reveley free speech publication. And that will give you at least weekly, it'll give you a newsletter that I send out, that shows you everything you missed, it's free, there's no advertisements, there's nothing on there, that's going to cost you any money. It's just going to show you the articles and the podcast that came out. I would really, really, really appreciate it if you would sign up for that, so that we can grow our audience and spread the free speech word across this nation. Of course free speech is not hate speech. We don't condone hate speech. But we do support free speech. So look, we talked about Virginia Tech. All right. I think Virginia Tech, that whole thing, this big crowd coming out, showing their support, showing their their spirit for their team in the 1000s in the 1000s. With all this COVID nonsense all this COVID garbage going on now. Don't Don't get me wrong. I don't discount the deaths, but I do discount the hysteria. I do think that the madness, the fear mongering, the insanity the left has brought upon us. That is too much. That is nonsense. Ladies and gentlemen. That is nonsense. I feel that crowd is like a giant peaceful protest. They say Where are the 1000s of people that need to come out? Well, there are 1000s of people that came out. They staged a peaceful protest. They showed their support for their team. They made all of the Hippocratic hypocrite democrats puke in their mouths, even though they were far worse when the doors are closed. And we'll talk about that a little more later in the show.

You know, the the crowd made me feel like time had been turned back. It really did it. I felt the energy. And it made me feel like we were back in the 2000s back in the 90s. Before all this craziness started creeping up. When all the Marxism the socialism the insanity was hidden behind closed doors. As cipher in the matrix says, ignorance is bliss. But unfortunately, Pandora's box has been open. The cat is out of the bag, the monster is free and we're fighting every day Ladies and gentlemen, every day, we are fighting it. And of course, of course the left they want to take those good feelings, the good feelings we have when we see this, those wins those little victories that we have against this socialist monstrosity, and they just want to poopoo all over it. They want to crap all over it. So on today's show, on today's show, we're going to hit back a little bit we're going to talk about the top 10 woke education stories. We got that off daily wire. We're going to talk about an Tifa shooting a proud boy in Olympia, Washington, geraldo rivera apparently banged the Canadian Prime Minister's mom and why that's relevant and it is it really is, trust me. And also Yes, the State Department did. They did abandon a bunch of dogs in Kabul and in this day in history, more proof that Democrats are selfish and racist. That's right, selfish and racist. But first, but first, ladies and gentlemen, let's take a look at this jackass on Twitter Rex Chapman, this articles from folks, Rex Chapman, outraged by COVID bowl crowd at Virginia Tech. I love how he calls it the COVID bowl. Nobody mentions Obama's birthday super spreader bash. Nobody mentions the little parties that Chuck Schumer spends dancing at while Afghanistan burned to the ground.

It's It's It's a total HIPAA critic.

It almost puts you at a loss for words. It actually does.

put you at a loss for words, right? They get away with murder. They get away with literally murder. The left the Democrats, the elites, this this this Twitter celebrity Rex Chapman he's outraged by the COVID bowl. Even though they themselves

they commit the acts that they condemn the right for doing. They're hypocrites. They're liars. They're there. They're con artists. They're snake oil salesmen, the gas lighters, they're they're literally wolves in sheep's clothing,

trying to usher in some sort of great reset some Marxist takeover.

Some terrible, terrible future while pretending to be holier than thou. It's disgusting. It's absolutely disgusting. But let me get off the soapbox. Let's read the article Rex Chapman outraged by COVID bull crowd at Virginia Tech By Dylan go in, professional offended guy and it seems to be his full time job. Rex Chapman took to Twitter on Friday night to voice his outrage over the large crowd at the Virginia Tech North Carolina game, calling it the COVID bowl. The Hokies welcomed the Tar Heels Friday night for their season opener, and it seemed like the whole university was in attendance as the crowd started rocking to Enter Sandman. That's when you know you've gotten old. I don't know how old you guys feel. But I was rocking to Enter Sandman when I was a teen Enter Sandman was awesome. And now they're rocking to it at football games. Like it's a classic rock mega oldie. And it is and that's that just makes me sad because I'm getting old. But anyway, back Take a look. Look at this guy's look at that crowd. There has to be 1000s of people there. That looks like for those listening. There's so much red, right? Everybody's wearing red, holding red signs. It looks like fire ants. But it's 1000s of people. It's 1000s of people but it looks like fire ants. It's absolutely insane. Says however the scene of fun and frivolous and frivolous it did not go over well with Chapman who quickly did his apparent job of Pooh poohing all over people who are trying to enjoy their lives and Rex Chapman's tweet right here it says, Oh my god, the COVID bowl, and it shows the crowd of fire ants that I described before. But of course, the internet is forever and it is undefeated, which is bad news for Chapman because the Twitter receipts quickly begin flowing in and showed that Chapman is only concerned about social distancing, and mask wearing at sporting events that he's not attending. One particularly damning image showed a maskless Chapman in the middle of a masculist crowd of fans at a phoenix sun game. Take a look. Look at this bald guy. Look at this guy with his blue glasses that make him look even more ridiculous and harmless. No mask not following his own protocol rules for the but not for me apparently. What makes a maskless sporting event a super spreader is whether or not Chapman has tickets. the DNC his favorite Tweeter, then got caught taking a very close and personal maskless photo with a very maskless Kyler. Murray. Take a look right here. Look at this guy.

All these folks care about all these leftists care about is their own selfish gain. All right, that made him feel good. He feels great to be there. That's his little party. His little powwow people are happy to see him. He has no mask on he's in control. He can do whatever he wants. He's part of the elite class. Oh, but wait, social media has a double edged sword. Social media has a double edged sword the left loves to forget that all right, social media is a two way mirror. Ladies and gentlemen, you can't go and talk about something like it's bad and then do it yourself and not get called out on your crap. And the left is starting to find out more and more that they can't get away with that so so this guy is Rex Chapman guy that none of us know about. He's got a million followers on Twitter, this Twitter celebrity guy the Squawk Box for the radical left. He's sitting there condemning condemning that magic condemning that energy condemning that peaceful protest against mask mandates against a social distancing against a vaccine mandates. Virginia Tech putting the their their middle finger their proverbial middle finger in the face of Joe Biden and the radical left. This guy has the audacity to come out talk crap, we'll talk crap and you get the SmackDown laid back on you sometimes son, you've been called out on your crap just like we're gonna call out the left throughout this entire episode today. Ladies and gentlemen, this entire episode, we're going to talk about

These folks they've come from our school systems. They've been created. They've been created in this country. They're hypocrites, the woke culture is hypocritical, critical race theory is actually racism. All right, this wokeness this this horrible stuff would have been squashed years ago if it wasn't for this this intravenous guttural growth tumor. That is social media. That is your cell phone that's literally made communication instantaneous. That's a double edged sword to my friends. That's a double edged sword to the cell phone and social media abuse. Combined with Marxist infiltration. This Marxist infiltration of our entire public education and college system has fueled psychopaths like this to run rampant through all of our institutions. And to show you how broken our schools really are. I want to do the top 10 education and sanity stories from the daily wire. We're going to talk about what's happening in schools and colleges, folks, we're going to talk about all of the stuff that's going on lately in this country, at least in the top 10, at least in the top 10. If you didn't know that some of this woke craziness is going on. If you didn't know.

Then you're about to be in for a very rude awakening. Because an Tifa that starts in the classrooms radical left ism woke ism that starts in the classrooms. It does, it really, really does. They want you to report for COVID they want you to get vaccine, they want you to report your traveling. They want you or your kids to wear masks. They want people to be controlled for the benefit of others. And that's all this is social redistribution so that other people can be in power. And if you think the people are going to get the power. That is a lie. You have another thing coming, folks, this is the top 10 stories of the week from the daily wire education insanity. Welcome back to education, insanity, a weekly column updating you on the most insane events taking place in our nation schools. Here we'll delve into the growing presence of critical race theory, the ideology that claims that America's irredeemably rooted in racism and woke culture and we all know that critical race theory is actually racist racism. We know that the left is racist, we know that the democrats are actually racist and they're gaslighting and trying to pin it on the right all right, are there Nazis out there? Are there pieces of crap out there? Yeah, they do exist and they're on the left. They're not associated with the maga movement. They're not associated with the right at all. Anti Semites, all those crazy freakin Nazis that are out there, the real ones that are out there, they're not on the right. The things have shifted and Tifa and Black Lives Matter have more in common with neo nazis than anyone on the right ever did. And that's the truth. We're gonna go down this list folks. We're gonna go down it before I take us down into the rabbit hole number 10 number 10. New Mexico State University Professor This is the top 10 stories of the week New Mexico State University professor says he's barred from classrooms. After bucking the school's mascot policy. This is the last crucial I think that's how you say it less crucis are less crucial. Just say Las Cruces sun news. New Mexico State University Professor David Clements was removed from his classroom after posting a video to rumble claiming that he will not abide by the school's COVID restrictions including the school's mascot mandate, quote, as you can see, I'm not wearing a mask. Clemens said, Why is that? Because I haven't lost my mind. That is why I will not wear a mask and he is barred from the classroom. He's a professor at a college. He's not teaching at some Institute for people that are sick unless you consider Marxism as being sick, which I do so I guess he is teaching at a mental institution. But I digress. Number nine Christian university commissioned pro LGBTQ pro democratic murals for dorms This is in campus reform. Not that I have anything against LGBTQ I'm a little more socially acceptable people do what they do just kind of stay off my lawn.

This is a Christian University. Right? So I don't know the religion and LGBT thing mixing together I didn't realize that that mixed I don't know. Maybe I'm I'm behind in some way but I think this is a bad deal. A local artist and allume an alumnus at Atlanta's Emory University painted a mural.

democratic politicians and LGBT Pride on a residence hall the mural feature slogans such as we're here, we're queer. Get used to it. It also includes two prominent democratic politicians native to Atlanta, the late Rep. john lewis, and former Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams, so a radical insane person and a civil rights legend. pinned with we're here, we're queer, get used to it. These leftists have no idea what their slogans mean, they have an army of mindless, brainless people that don't know history. They don't know. They don't care. They have their own definition, their own idea of what history is, trust me, if you went back to the civil rights movement to john lewis and to Martin Luther King and all those folks, if you painted a we're here, we're queer, get used to it sign next to them. I bet you they would beat the shit out of you. I'm sorry. It's the truth number eight. University hosts welcome BBQ intended for people of color. The University of Wisconsin Madison hosted a welcome barbecue intended for self identifying people of color. That's more that woke stuff right there self identifying people of color. You can be a white person and just say you believe you're a black person and then you can go to that barbecue. That's, that doesn't sound mentally deranged at all. The barbecue is hosted by the school's center for cultural enrichment, where their stated mission includes embracing all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender expressions, I expressively believe I am the gender of a pineapple today, religions, classes, abilities, or any other aspects of identity we hold Well, what if that religion doesn't believe in some of that, you see, this is very oppressive, they pretend it's one way but it's really, really not number seven. Number seven, Cambridge University to add signs contextualizing the whiteness, we need to be told further the whiteness of its Roman and Greek statues. I can't even Cambridge University's Archaeological Museum will reportedly install signs that explained the whiteness of the statues in a move aimed at appeasing students over the numerous Roman and Greek sculptures in the museum. According to reports, the white statues may give students a misleading impression that there was a little diversity or sorry that there was little diversity in the ancient world. So they're trying to say that the history is being taught that that Roman Greek they're telling people they were too white. And so they need to put disclaimers on the statues letting people know like, hey, these people weren't as white as you think they may be more stuff shaming white people, you know, white people, our culture too, there are people too, there are all kinds of people. Everybody deserves respect, including white people, white people, black people, Indian people, South American people, all kinds of people. brown, white, red, yellow, any any color, you want to think the colors of the rainbow. Everybody at least deserves a little bit of respect. But But this critical race theory, this wokeness it's to destroy and overthrow any sense of actual equality with equity. And as we all know, equity is racism. Six DC prep schools embrace diversity. There's that word again, Equity and Inclusion from the city journal, the top five DC area private high schools, including Sidwell Friends, Georgetown day a Holton arms and the National Cathedral School in St. Albans, committed to a diversity Equity and Inclusion strategic plan. The plan will require every classroom in a given institution to demonstrate commitment to anti racism. This will include chemistry class, athletic departments, and even the Board of Trustees. So the top five, Washington, DC, private high schools, those are the rich kids, the rich kids go to that school. And this is what they're being taught. You see, they're going to replace the elites with these Marxists. They're teaching them, they're indoctrinating them. They're indoctrinating the wealthiest kids, the people that are going to take over this country. They're being indoctrinated so that our children will have to fight a Marxist takeover. You see what's happening, right? If we can't let this happen, we can't let this continue. We have to keep standing up and yank education back to patriotism, folks, the Pledge of Allegiance has to come back Ladies and gentlemen, people have to respect God again. It has to happen Ladies and gentlemen, five Fairfax teachers when 32 point 7 million

dollar bonus for extraordinary work during the pandemic. Wow. Wow, can I have some money? Virginia is the Fairfax County Public Schools the FCPS district shelled out 32 point 7 million in bonuses for teachers who made extraordinary contributions and sacrifices. During the co Coronavirus pandemic. Nearly all teachers within the FCPS district worked from home and many teachers lobby to keep schools closed. Even after data showed it was safe to reopen schools. Democrats buy in more votes, buy in more votes, stay home, get paid And vote Democrat Hey, for Virginia Education Department instructs teachers to avoid teaching about Muslim extremism on 911. coming straight from the daily wire. Virginia's Department of Education hosted the speaker who instructed teachers to exclude the role Muslim extremism played when teaching about 911 you see, that's what they're trying to do, folks. They're trying to make it all gentler. They're trying to say that the Taliban are nice. Al Qaeda is nice, let's work with them. They're friends. They're a new loving, peaceful, fuzzy, happy, gay unicorn, the Taliban, now they're going to blow people up Muslim extremism is alive and well. There's all kinds of extremism that still exists in this world. And Muslim extremism is one of them. You have to teach it. Lest we forget the lessons of the past. We are doomed to repeat them. And it looks like we are repeating them. God rest of the souls of those folks that have died over and in Afghanistan, especially our service members. Ladies and gentlemen, this is sick. The presentation reads in part school and classroom 911 common commandment torium our sites for increased anti muslim racism, the school and classroom 911 commemorate commemoration. I don't know what the heck I was saying before commemorations, our sites for increased anti muslim racism. This year's 20th anniversary commemorations will likely result in heightened risks of racist discord, threats and violent targeting Muslim students in schools and society. So they're worried about violence targeting Muslim students. But obviously nobody's worried about Muslim terrorists coming in through our southern borders and bombing us on the anniversary of 911. God help us and hope that doesn't happen. I really do. educators are well positioned to disrupt these risks by centering the socio emotional needs of Muslims in their commemoration plans. Nobody remembers nobody cares about the the people that died on 911 anymore. That's the truth. That's what that tells you. That tells you that all of the people that died on 911 911 and all of their spouses loved one sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, family members, brothers, sisters, everybody that still remembers them. They have been forgotten. It's a sad day in American history. Number three, California teacher tells class to pledge allegiance to the gay for a pride flag. That's a fantastic. I really hope that you're asking and investigating what your kids schools are doing. Kristen Pittston in Orange County school teachers under investigation after she posted a video admitting that she encourages her students to pledge allegiance to the LGBT pride flag in place of the American flag, which she removed from her classroom quote. Okay, so during third period, we have announcements and they do the Pledge of Allegiance. Pittston said, quote, I always tell my class a stand if you like it. Don't stand if you feel like say the words if you want. You don't have to say the words. Of course. Of course, a left wing teacher in Orange County would have the kids not pledged the American flag, pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag. And they would distort American culture, of course, but it's possibly happening in your school district as well. We can't trust that it isn't. We have to find out for ourselves. We have to stand up to these people. What these what this is, is child abuse. Plain and simple. It's child abuse. Number two la teachers union president there's no such thing as a learning loss. so silly my art crews. The president of the united teachers, Los Angeles, UT la stated that students received a sufficient education via online learning despite a slew of studies that rebuke this claim, quote, there's no such thing as learning loss. My crew said our kids didn't lose anything. It's okay that our babies may not have learned that their timetables they learned resilience they learned survive.

They learned critical thinking skills. They know the difference between a riot and a protest. They know the words insurrection and coup. These people are insane. I consider that child abuse as well, and they're trying to make a generation of idiots. They're trying to make the movie idiocracy into a documentary. It's terrifying. It's terrifying. These people should all be imprisoned. They should be imprisoned. Please, please, please stand up and find out what is happening in your kids schools. One. Sacramento Sacramento teacher admits he admits he bribed students with extra credit to attend an Tifa events to attend an Tifa events now viral video Sacramento area Sacramento, I don't know why. I keep you know, I should just keep saying that. I keep saying Sacramento. It is a frickin mental place. It's full of insane people. So we're just gonna call it that from now on. In a now viral video, Sacramento area teacher Gabrielle geib admitted that he bribes the students with extra credit to attend and Tifa events in the community. Guy admitted to having an Tifa flag and a mouse a Dong poster in his classroom. Quote, I have 190 days to turn my students into revolutionaries. guy said I scare the fuck out of them. Great. Great. Absolutely. Fan tastic. Fantastic. So

an Tifa the violent group that pretends to hunt fascists, although they use fascism to catch fascism.

This group, which is actually a racist fascist, a Marxist group that likes to terrify people with violence, in the name of a cause, a false cause with false definitions.

All right, they have more in common with neo nazis. Although they say they're against neo nazis. What you don't realize is they've changed the definitions. They've changed the definitions. And I don't know if you know this. I don't know if you know this. But an Tifa shot a proud boy member in Olympia, Washington on September 4, you probably don't because the mainstream media covers for an Tifa it's all hypocrisy. It's all rules for the but not for me, ladies and gentlemen, and Tifa. They're a wing of the left wing Democratic Party of the progressives of the liberal army of the extremists of the people that want to watch our values our country burn of the people that want to watch racism evolve into some terrible tyranny. They are the racists. It's the ultimate hypocrisy. And we're fed up. We're fed up. I know I'm fed up. Are you fed up? It's absolutely too much. The people that are doing the violence, they get a free pass. They get a free pass. Look at all the people from the Summer of Love or the riots from the left from their burning our cities the other year. They all got out of jail free. So many of them did at least so many the majority got a free pass. Well, the right is blame the rights called terrorists. Well, well, dozens of people. If not, I think it's like 100 people are still behind bars. for January 6, there were no weapons.

There were no

violence that took place. Unless you want to talk about Ashley Babbitt getting killed.

Should they have done it? No. It was out of control. It was a riot. But to say that that would have caused the overthrow of this entire country is absolute insanity. You know it, I know it plain and simple. The left, wins the cake, and has all of the points if you want to talk about violence, because they've committed so much so much violence. They've scared so many people, whether it's the mainstream media, talking about COVID scaring everybody half to death, creating a huge divide that I don't even know how we come back from. How do we come back? There are people that that we just don't even talk anymore. We don't trust anymore. We blame look. every democrat voter who voted for Joe Biden just because they hated Trump has blood on their hands or Afghanistan. How do we come back from this? It's a lot of stuff that needs to be talked about. And there's one person that's talking there's one person that keeps exposing the truth. And that's Gavin McGinnis. He's the founder of the proud boys.

calling a spade a spade. And he's putting these racist left wing democrats and an Tifa members in their place proud boys founder Gavin McInnes responds to shooting in Washington says anti far white kids with guns, shooting people of color, and I agree. 100% proud boys founder Gavin McInnes, as responded to the shooting of the men social club member to sutala tiny Tosi being shot in Olympia, Washington, the proud boys and other right wing protesters had been facing off with members of an Tifa, who showed up to antagonize a medical freedom rally. tozi was reportedly attempting to chase them off when he was shot. Though it is currently unclear who shot him reports have been rolling in tons of reports that it was an Tifa though tozi is a Samoan, but that has not stopped far left activists and media from portraying him as a white supremacist. And we've talked about this before Ladies and gentlemen, white, they have definitions under lock, right they've changed these definitions right under people's noses, so they're confused. They can call people racist. It doesn't matter what color you are, what ethnicity you're, that doesn't matter that doesn't fit their definition of racism because to them. Racism is a concept that has nothing to do with skin color. It has to do with institutions and systems and hierarchies of power. And it really lines up with Marxism. Really, really, really really does. It's a Trojan horse. It's a lie. It is garbage. They are the racist you can obviously see how I feel about this. Let's get back to the article. Quote, the narrative is that proud boys are dangerous Nazis even when you have an Tifa shooting people of color. McGinnis told the Gateway Pundit quote, this isn't the first person they've shot and it won't be the last. When are people going to wake up? indeed a total of four people were shot at the Capitol Hill occupied protest shop in Seattle. To the victims died all four were people of color look where the facts point folks look where the facts point. Proud boys are diverse men social club with many members who are black, Asian and Latino including their current leader, Enrique tario and Tifa are violent white guys who regularly shoot people of color and gays. McGinnis continued, they hunted gay Patriot, J Bishop and assassinated him in cold blood. I remember that was terrible. The ideology they pretend to support as a front. They want to murder innocent people and destroy America because they are mentally ill. Yes, yes, yes. And yes. Aaron J. Danielson, better known online as Jay Bishop and we did a podcast about that back when it happened, was shot and killed by an empty familia tent in Portland last year. Quote tiny of the proud boys has been shot here in Olympia, Washington. The shooting took place point eight miles away from the state capitol. After proud boys pursued an Tifa Black Bloc who showed up within a square block of a medical freedom protest. leftist photo journalist Jeremy Lee Quinn tweeted with a video.

This is like terrible. Here's more videos. notorious proud boy to tusitala tiny toes he has been shot on live stream while chasing in Tifa members in Washington, the camera man refused to show the wound for fear it would be used as propaganda. Yeah, terrible stuff. The left causes all of this violence, all of this mayhem, all of these shootings, and yet, they're never ever held accountable. People at the seams of the tozi was shot in the foot or ankle. He appeared to be awake and alert in footage showing the shooting, the Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available. I showed you that to prove a point to get a point across about this violence. I don't see violence coming from the right. I don't see conservatives being violent. I don't see a libertarians being violent. All right. I don't see anybody being violent, but people on the left so somebody please enlighten me. How many more people have to get shot before people wake up and realize that the far left and the democrats have an agenda? How far does the violence the stupidity and the hypocrisy escalate? How many more articles have to be written proving that the dems and the lefties are actually racist, sexist hypocrites? Look, they're not hard to find. Here's another liberal liberal who's holier than thou

and their attitude, their attitude and the things that they say do not match the words that are coming out of their mouth. They

The things that have happened in the past don't match what they're putting forward today. And you know him because he works for Fox News. His name is Geraldo Rivera. His name's Geraldo Rivera, and he's been doing some twisted stuff behind the scenes for many, many years, while acting like a honorable, middle ground Democrat, some sort of of

pariah of information, some sort of trusted figure, geraldo rivera has been this good, honorable guy. While in fact, he's been nothing but a themed nothing but a fiend. somebody with a lack of self control over their animal instincts, somebody

who rides the bandwagon of me too, and wokeness and, and the good deeds of the left.

While in fact, being guilty himself, being guilty himself of hypocrisy. This really, this really fits in it plays in we want to go through the story. It's really, really interesting and stupid and ridiculous.

But, but it's informative, and it'll take us to the next point, because the point I'm really going to try to make about this the point that I'm going to get across is how crappy democrats really are. how crappy the left and selfish the left really is. So you need to hear this. You need to hear this to drive the point home. Pretty soon geraldo rivera has been accused of sexual misconduct, admitted to degrading group sex and an affair with Justin Trudeau his mom, yes, Geraldo Rivera. He is a banging Geraldo Rivera, his banging or has banged or has banded. There's some sort of past tense there or post tense or or middle tense. The geraldo rivera is banging the Prime Minister of Canada's mom story

to show you how low how far down how deceptive how snake like how dirty democrats really are. This is by Patrick Holley from National liberal Fox News personality geraldo rivera confessed his own memoir to engaging in rampid workplace sex and actress Bette Midler has accused Rivera of groping her Oh my god, these massive revelations about Rivera's personal conduct raise questions about Fox News management does Fox News parent company which has joe biden's former Chief of Staff, as its government relations official in Washington DC, feel that Rivera's liberal establishment politics compensate for his own admitted, degenerate behavior? And think about that for a second, folks. I'm being honest with you. I know we like Tucker Carlson. And I know we like a Greg gut field and all of that. But who can you trust? Who can you trust when Fox News's parent company has joe biden's former chief of staff as its government relations official in Washington, DC? Here's the passage from Geraldo Rivera's 1991 Auto biography. All right. This wasn't written yesterday. It was written 20 years ago, and nothing has happened to him, exposing myself in which Rivera This is the name of his autobiography exposing myself Hmm. geraldo rivera exposing myself in which Rivera describes his tryst. trice tryst, however you say that with the married wife, a former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, who also happens to be the mother of current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Please put the cheese curds on my fries. That is disgusting. They even have a picture of the book here. geraldo rivera exposing myself Gosh, national file you think I can borrow some of your researchers? You guys are digging up the heat. Here's Geraldo smiling with Fidel Castro from his 1991 book. How do you think Cuban American viewers of Fox News might feel about this? Look at him right? They're all young, holding a weapon smiling at Fidel Castro. In 1977, that dictator interesting news are black and white photos. You can tell it's the 70s because of the clothing, the bandanas, the loose t shirts, the button up it is very nice.

70 ask a young woman reportedly consented to fornication with Geraldo and his roommates who took turns fornicating with her and Rivera admitting that quote, today, I will be filled with rescue fantasies for this creature. Then, all I wanted to do was outperform my roommates, I announced I would be first up leading the girl into my bedroom and silently marveling at the good fortune that had smiled on our home. Later that evening, when my turn came up, I took some time to talk with her, Pat. I think her name was Pat. She was a little on the slim side. Something about her reminded me of the daughter who loses her baby near the end of The Grapes of Wrath. It was demeaning, degrading and dishonorable. And I was in the middle of it. Any man of conscience would have tried to talk some sense into this girl, but not me. Not that a stiff dick has no conscience straight out of Geraldo Rivera's mouth, a stiff stick with no conscience. Rivera also states referring to workplace sex page 195 that, quote, I discovered the room on an impulse born of necessity. I had two cute and smart young women working for me at the time, college coeds from out of town who were infatuated with the television news business and their proximity to the local star of the day. They were attractive and dedicated and after a short time, the infatuation became mutual. On one unusually slow news day, things heated up to where all indications suggested an urgent need for privacy. Well, we found it in the boiler room, and from that day forward, the three of us would regularly disappear there. All we had in the way of furniture was a chair, which made our entanglements daunting and creative, but we were always up to the challenge. I think they

I think that anchorman Ron Burgundy, and geraldo rivera have something to talk about. Look, people get into weird situations at work, right? People have slept with people, they've met on the job, things happen. We're adults things happen. But he's talking about this narcissistic,

selfish, disgusting desire, he has to engage in the badness of this. That's what it feels like. It feels like he's sexually aroused by the fact that it's bad. It's wrong. And he's not supposed to do it, and not actually enjoying his moment. It's not a mutual thing. It's a power thing. So bad dude. It's a representation of the left. They're about power. They're about selfishness. They're about control. Quote, I met most of my young ladies at work River Road on page 47. He adds, despite my saintly professional calling, I moved through women with ravenous delight. romantically this was a sloppy time for me, find them, fuck them, forget them. But I computed My Divine balance sheet against my daytime heroics and still came out. Again. You see that? He knows he knows what he's doing. He knows what he's doing. And he is okay with it. it's beneficial for him. He enjoys the demonic pleasure, it brings him

on page 46. Rivera describes taking a woman to get an abortion in 1968, relying on his connections to the mafia to find someone who would illegally abort the child. Quote, Sally wanted to move on and keep flying. And I wanted nothing to do with a wife and child. Abortion was the only alternative. Say using abortion. All these pro abortion movements, all these people protecting the woman's right to 60 to a million babies have been murdered through abortion since Roe versus Wade Ladies and gentlemen, this is a pandemic it's a genocide on babies. And there is a lefty using it as birth control because they wanted he wanted to keep banging chicks. That's literally what this is saying. Trouble was in 1968 it was also illegal. pal Joey stepped in to bail me out. He arranged for us to use an abortionist favored by his mob cronies, a gypsy from the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. He helped me pay for it. There was no way I could afford the $300 fee on my own. We just aborted your son Sally told me on the long, quiet subway ride back to Manhattan. He literally had a gypsy from Brooklyn.

Do an illegal abortion because he wanted to keep banging chicks great stuff. Great stuff. Actress Bette Midler, who I'm no fan of responding many years later.

All right, sorry many years ago to Geraldo Rivera, his autobiography autobiography. Sorry. It's bet Midler. So, autobiography. Geraldo Rivera, his autobiography, allegedly that Rivera and his producer in the 1970s, she said, pushed her into her bathroom, they broke two poppers push them under her nose and proceeded to grope her. That shouldn't happen to anybody, whether I like them or not. It's disgusting. It's disgusting. And that's like the same stuff like Cosby was doing like putting stuff in ladies drinks they're putting poppers under chicks knows it's gross. Quote, although I recall the time. At bet Midler has alluded to much differently than she that does not change the fact that she has the right to speak out and demand an apology for me for in the very least publicly embarrassing her all those years ago. Rivera wrote on Twitter bet I apologize. These elites get away with anything. They want the hunter Biden's of the world the Jeffrey Epstein's, the geraldo rivera is the bill clinton's the Hillary Clinton's the Obamas, the Biden, the list goes on and on and on and on. It's so frustrating that there's no accountability. We all feel the same about it. We all feel how much these dems suck. And they literally it feels like they're spitting in our faces like they're laughing at us like they're looking down on us and slapping us in the face and saying we can do all these horrible things. We can hurt people. We can take advantage of women, we can take advantage of men we can take advantage of the law we can never get arrested. We can shit all over the little guy and the little girl

and nothing will happen to us. Haha. What are you going to do about an American people? What are you going to do about it middle class about to be poor, poor who are about to be homeless. This is punishment for the maga movement. The left is punishing all of the little people. But we're coming back. We're coming back in a big way. Ladies and gentlemen, whether you're maga whether you're right wing, whether you're conservative, whether you're libertarian, whether you're an independent, we are done. We are sick and tired. We are looking for balance. We're looking for balance in the right way stuff that actually helps people, the American people, and doesn't just help the rich elite, leftist insanity. We're not trying to bring forward the great reset. All right, we're trying to bring forward the great balance. It says here from Geraldo Rivera, hearing crazy talk on cable TV right now, folks, about folks having the constitutional right not to get vaccinated. Yes, they may be dopey, but they do have that right. We too have rights to deny the unvaccinated access to our home school or business. geraldo rivera said that July 19 21. He literally said that we should make sure that people that have no vaccinations should not be allowed in homes, schools, or businesses. But

it doesn't seem like he believes that women have the right to avoid his devilish charms, whether their charms or whether he forced himself on these women is yet to be determined. But we can determine the truth. And the truth is that nothing will happen to him. like nothing ever happens to anybody else. Which is a big reason why we have to stand up. Why we have to stand up, why we have to open our mouths, and why we have to hold these jackasses accountable. We don't want to live in this world. We want to expose this world the democrats suck. They're selfish. They're racist, they suck. They want to hurt people. And we have to save it. We have to talk about the truth. And the truth is that the corporations, the elites, the Democrats, they've all merged into a super monster. All right, they've become this maniacal, uncontrollable, demon, this robot demon. hell bent on destroying capitalism, breaking the back of the middle class and driving poverty to extreme highs, they're going to kill you with inflation. They're going to do whatever they want, and they're going to laugh all the way to the bank.

They want to make money off of our backs. They want to make money off of our backs through some new tire, radical Marxist form of government and whether that takes two years, or whether that takes more indoctrination in the next 50 years. They're already doing it to our kids. They don't care about anyone. They only care about themselves. And even though they tell you that they care about everything, we know the truth and they'll tell you, you know the lefties

They'll tell you, oh, we care about the animals. Oh, we care about the environment. Oh, we care about space. Oh, we care about starving babies. We care about women's rights. What about the women in Afghanistan? My body my choice? How could Texas do this? How could the Supreme Court do this with the abortion law? My body my choice? What about vaccinations? No, you're evil. These people don't care about anybody. They don't care about anybody.

And like I said before, they don't care about animals and some of

that propaganda that they use that PETA propaganda, those animal rights groups, that is a huge, that is a huge left wing

industry, it's part of their bread and butter. And there are a lot of some people on the right that love to save animals. And there are lots of people on the right foot, believe on the right that believe in conservation. And there are all kinds of people that help. But the big left wing groups that are all supported by the left those animal rights groups.

They don't even care about animals. They don't care about animals, because they are working together. to screw animals. It's all about the power. Why are they working together to screw animals? They're working together to screw animals, because Joe Biden State Department really didn't get those dogs out of Afghanistan. What am I talking about? You remember the other day when we heard about the democrat State Department leaving a bunch of dogs behind in Afghanistan? Then they said the story was fake and it never happened? Well, it did happen. It really did happen. And it's confirmed from Breitbart. The US military confirms regulations blocked Afghanistan, dog rescue, after activist pointed to the C, D. C. So PETA, who is normally all about the left. They got told that these dogs got screwed.

So what's going to happen? Nothing. Nothing is gonna happen because they're all on the same site, and it proves they're bad people. They don't even care about the dog use. They don't care about women's rights. They don't care about consent. geraldo rivera definitely doesn't care. We talked about that. They don't care about violence, they'll commit violence and Tifa shooting a proud boy member.

And they don't care about puppies. They don't care about the doggies, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA received a response from the US Army on Thursday to its request for assistance with working dogs and companion animals left behind in Afghanistan. You remember they told us this was a lie. This wasn't a real story. It's real. It's right here. JOHN Hayward wrote this and army spokesperson told PETA the US military did not leave any dogs in cages Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, but also wasn't able they were unable at all to help Animal Rescue teams evacuate more than 150 stray Afghan dogs. That's what they called them stray Afghan dogs due to regulations governing evacuation flights. The International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals the SPC AI on Tuesday blamed the US Centers for Disease Control, it's all falling apart. Do you see all these organizations pointing the finger at each other?

They blame the CDC for enacting policies that were a terrible improvement to rescuing dogs from Afghanistan. As PCA I said its application for an emergency exemption from the CDC is July 14 policy suspending the import of dogs from countries at high risk for rabies was denied. Even though Congress reprimanded the CDC for issuing the inflexible directive. So they said on here the ASPCA put on Twitter. We are Isn't that crazy? We have to get our news from Twitter. I'm serious. I we can't find some of this in the mainstream publications you actually have to go right to their freakin social media. We're prioritizing the safety and security of the animals and staff involved and cannot share specific details at the time. While we may not post about the rescue efforts every day Rest assured we will provide updates as they become available. They also said we are also happy to report that be the sweet pup in the video who Charlotte carried out of the airport is happy and doing well. All puppy, quote these dogs were not permitted on military evacuation flights due to regulations. But then qubole small animal rescue claimed to have arranged a chartered plane to rescue the animals. Unfortunately, that plane did not arrive leaving no options to evacuate the dogs. The army spokesperson told PETA on Thursday that plane probably didn't arrive because there are reports that the State Department has kicked out tons of people that were trying to come in. All right, while the military was still there. Tons of people in

Dependent private companies coming in taking animals taking people taking Americans out to safe places to countries to get vetted. The State Department we're telling those countries telling those people No,

that's very strange, huh? I wonder why. I wonder what the whole deal is and I again, again, dems don't care dems don't care dems are racist dems. don't give a crap about your perception of them. They know the cats out of the bag, and they're just giving us the finger, giving us the finger. The US military decided the only reasonable and humane course of action was to move these dogs to a former Afghan National Army compound on the airport grounds with appropriate supplies of food and water. They put a bunch of food and water on the ground and abandoned the dogs working tirelessly through the night of August 29 and into the morning of August 30. Dedicated US soldiers transported more than 150 dogs and crates down the airfield to the compound no easy task under the best of circumstances, but particularly challenging during the hazardous final stages of our withdraw the response sent to PETA explained.

The US Army sheds light on allegations that nearly 150 dogs were left behind in Afghanistan. Do you see the dog here? It's thanking it's letting everybody know this is PETA, letting people know what happened with the dogs. These dogs were moved from one side of the airport to the other side of the airport in crates and then led out in a room with a bunch of food and water. And then adios the military left. I don't know why they're praising themselves, because there's probably a bunch of dead dogs somewhere in the airport. If the Taliban hasn't taken and sees them already. The army spokesperson said Charlotte Maxwell Jones, owner and operator of Kabul small animal rescue was notified that the dogs had been moved to the relatively self contained former Afghan military compound and released. So this woman is a woman All right, she runs the COBOL small animal rescue if she is in COBOL. She's hiding for her life right now. They were moved to the self contained compound. So they're trapped in an area. They were given some crates of food and water. When that runs out, they're dead. Or they're you know, they're gonna get hunted and eaten by starving people eventually or Taliban will kill them or the Taliban will use them for reasons because these aren't stray dogs who say they're stray dogs. These are dogs with skills dogs that were being used by the military, at least a lot of them or at least a lot of Maher. The statement said Maxwell Jones acknowledged that our forces had exercise the only option available at that point and indicated that she intended to return to the airport in the coming day is to gather the dogs and get them on a charter plane to forever homes outside of Afghanistan. I have no idea how the hell she thinks she's going to do that. And how mainstream media will even sell that story. It's never going to get anywhere none of this is ever going to happen. The left is covering for itself because these dogs are left plain and simple. It's our sincere hope that she is successful in that effort. The army spokesperson concluded yeah hope because it ain't gonna happen. PETA said case are confirmed most of the details in the army statement, but added that it staff was trying to get animals out and needed more time, which was not granted Of course, the network for animals that update Kaboul Afghanistan look at a cute puppy. Oh, the poor little puppy please bear with us. As we investigate and cooperate the information from the ground in order to share it with you is a sensitive situation and we don't yet have further updates to share. We're working tireless tirelessly on this and appreciate your patience. PETA said case our remains committed to the welfare and safety of the many dogs in its charge and is continuing to work on the situation. concern for the dogs left behind in Afghanistan Pete when photos were posted online showing piles of empty animal cages and scattered supplies of food and water, which gave the appearance of animals callously abandoned, rather than carefully relocated to relatively secure facility. As the army described above. Voila, folks, they were literally just released out into nowhere. If they were even released, there's no food, there's no water, they're screwed. And this is just a cover. I have no doubt that there are some good people that work at PETA, some good people that work at these organizations that really do want to help animals, but the puppet string pullers, the elites, the mob, the Democrats, the far left psychopaths, the global elites that fund these things, the billionaires that can pump money into saving these things. They did nothing because they don't care. They don't

Care tellement Taliban. I was gonna say salamander's Taliban commanders said on Wednesday, they are hunting for release dogs. They're indicating they believe some of the animals at large and cabal are not true strays, but trained service dogs with skills that could be used by the extremist regime. So great, absolutely great. Do you think the Taliban is gonna eat the dogs? Or maybe use them to somehow find and torture? All of those American hostages in Afghanistan? Make no mistake about it? We know one thing's for certain. We know, one thing's for certain no matter what happens, the dems, the libs, the rhinos, and Tifa, BLM AOC, Geraldo Rivera, and everyone else, the list goes way on. None of them. None of them will care at all. I feel like it's important to remind people who the left really are and what they really stand for. I think a lot of folks forget our history and it's a shame because the argument of the side of which side is good, which side is good in this fight and which side is evil? Which side is evil? Which side is good and which side is evil? It should be a no brainer. It should be a no brainer. The left are gaslighting self serving self righteous racists, you heard me, I said it, they're racists, they are actual racist, not this woke boo boo pretend game they like to play. My audience isn't stupid. So I'm sure you already knew this. And in order to drive the point home, after all the excitement about Virginia Tech, Rex Chapman woke education and Tifa the proud boys are all doing how crappy the left really is. We should end this with a little history lesson. So from the Gateway Pundit, we're going to do this day in history using Saturday, September 4, as the day in history. What were the democrats up to September 4, this day in history? Hmm. 146 years ago, this day in history, Democrats murder for former slaves, and five republicans at Clinton out of Clinton, Missouri picnic, then go on to slaughter another 50 to 100 blacks in the following week. Wow. Democrats did that. Let's read about it. Let's read about that. 146 years ago today, Democrats attacked a republican barbecue in Clinton, Mississippi, excuse me, I said Missouri, I'm at Mississippi, murdering four former slaves and five white Republicans. Democrats then in the following days, slaughtered another 50 to 100 African Americans. For some reason you don't hear much about the massacre these days. Here's more on this historic massacre via the Mississippi encyclopedia. Friedman first began voting in Mississippi in 1867. And the 1875 election promise to continue the incorporation of black men within the state's political process. Remember, this is 1875. This is past the Civil War. All right, well past the Civil War. I believe it ended in 1865. Don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure 1865 with polls set to open on November 2, the Mississippi Republican Party planned political rallies on September 4 at Utica and Clinton in Hinds county and Vernon in nearby Madison County in Clinton, which is located less than 10 miles west of the state capitol Jackson Hole families of black republicans gathered at moss Hill, the site of a former plantation destroyed by Union troops during the Vicksburg campaign of 1863. Estimates of the attendance that day range from 1500 to 2500, nearly all consisting of freed people and their families who gathered to enjoy an afternoon of picnicking and politics. There were also approximately 75 white persons present at least 18 of whom were armed and intoxicated white liners, essentially a paramilitary unit of the Mississippi Democratic Party, made up of ex Confederate soldiers and their descendants aware of racial tensions Republican Governor adelberg Ames was initially scheduled to speak to the crowd But Captain ht Fisher, a former union officer and editor of a local republican newspaper spoke in place of the governor in the spirit of open debate and to educate newly and franchised voters on the election process. Hinds County Republican leaders issued an invitation to the local democrat party to send a speaker of their own to address the crowd first. Amos r Johnson, the Democratic candidate for state senate spoke for an hour without incident. However, when Fisher took the platform next, he was heckled by white liners from Raymond republican

Organizers including black State Senator Charles Caldwell from Clinton made several appeals for peace. Yet the events of that afternoon quickly escalated into violence. Eugene wellborn and other rally organizer testified the white liners, fell into formation, brandished weapons and trained them upon the crowd. The thing opened up just like lightning, he recalled, and the shot rained in there just like rain from heaven, fatalities that day number three whites and at least five blacks, two of whom were children. All right. People are asking for peace. People are asking for people to not harm each other.

But the left the democrats they couldn't resist on that day, back in the 1800s. Sadly, the violence of September 4 merely served as a prelude to the racial massacre that was to come. Amidst false rumors of an African American plot storm the town, Clinton's Mayor called for assistance. Hundreds of white liners traveled by railroad to Clinton, and their numbers quickly swelled to several 100. before nightfall, they the white Liners wellborn, grimly recalled, just hunted the whole country clean out just every black man they could see they were shooting at them just as the same as birds. Sarah Dickey, a white educator from Ohio, who had moved to Mississippi to educate African American women and children later described the scene in a letter to President Grant, my favorite president. I was at the republican mass meeting held at this place. The Democrats who were on the ground went there for the express purpose of creating a disturbance and killing as many as they could you hear a great deal about the massacre at Clinton, but you do not hear the worst, it cannot be told. While the violence following September 4 resulted in no additional death of white Democrats. The African American death toll was estimated to be between 35 and 50. This my friends, is your Democrat Party. It's your Democrat Party, folks. This is who they are. This is BLM. This is an Tifa. This is Nancy Pelosi, this is Chuck Schumer, this is President Obama, the former president and the harboring of tons of this socialist agenda. You should read about that. There's a lot of good books out there, including United States Socialist Republic talks about his ties with Bel Air from the Weather Underground. But seriously,

all of these folks, these lefties, these Democrats, these aocs that have promised the world they're all wolves in sheep's clothing. They're all Trojan horses. They are all racists. They are the party of the people who do the things that I just read to you about. And it's time we stood up and expose them. It's time we talked about it. It's time we put as much intensity, as much vigor and as much power into what we believe as they put in to theirs. And that's what I have to say about that. And I want to thank you all for tuning in. If you're watching or listening on the internet, please subscribe and share. Don't forget that American Reveley releases great articles multiple times a week from American patriots just like you easiest way to read these articles is by following me on social media at American underscore Reveley on most platforms, get her gab, Twitter, Facebook, all of those platforms. Just look for American underscore Reveley, me we, we are easy to find.

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