The FBI and Satanic Neo-Nazi Connection, and | Ep 169

August 29, 2021 James Lane Episode 169
The FBI and Satanic Neo-Nazi Connection, and | Ep 169
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Is the FBI working with Satanic Neo-Nazis? Is the FBI targeting White only January 6th protestors? Something smells fishy in Washington D.C. and it's not just coming from AOC's office. In episode 169 of American Reveille, James Lane asks if the FBI, Satanic Neo-Nazis, Far-Left extremists (BLM, Antifa), and Democrats could be working together towards mutual goals? James then heads to to expose real Neo-Nazis and Antisemitism. In the process, James Lane proves that Nazis absolutely hate Donald Trump and the MAGA movement for supporting Israel. Could Neo-Nazis actually be a FAR-LEFT extremist group? Find out, NEXT!

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Are satanic Nazis working with the FBI? And is the FBI specifically targeting white? Only January six protesters Find out next and Episode 169 of American Reveley with James Lane.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here. This is the American Revolution, Episode 169. How's everybody doing? This fine Sunday. I know we're coming a little bit later than 4pm. Today I did the best that I could, but you know, stuff happens, things get backed up. I'm only one man on a mission. One man on a mission Ladies and gentlemen, and my mission today is to expose this neo nazi conspiracy, this satanic neo nazi conspiracy. They're working with the FBI. The FBI is targeting white, only January six protesters. It's very strange, very strange. Indeed. It makes me wonder if there's some sort of connection if this whole white supremacy threat is created by the FBI. Well, I have a gab account folks. And I found a whole bunch of these POS neo nazis on gab. And they and I had a conversation would you say maybe a confrontation either way, prompted me to write a hell of an article on it. You can find that article on American or And it's right there on the top. Look, take a look right here. I'll show you. Trump supporter exposes Nazi underworld on gab calm, you can go there and check it out. Or you can just wait because we're going to go through it at the end of this podcast. But before we do that, I'm going to go through some court docs on national file comm talking about neo nazi satanic sect leaders outed as FBI informant since 2003. They were paid over 140 grand by the US government. Beyond that, you've got deputy Ray in a scandal. He's admitting that the FBI ended it's a black extremism category and replaced it with a program targeting the white January 6 protesters. I am confused, ladies and gentlemen, I am so confused because I don't understand if they are working with Nazis, satanic Nazis, well, then why are they targeting white people? Unless none of these definitions mean anything anymore? If the FBI doesn't have any self respect, or honor, which we know they don't, and you know, the neo nazis, they're just a bunch of bags of hot wind. So you can't take anything they say seriously. I mean, they get beat down by an Tifa, half the time and an Tifa. And them and the Nazis, they're, they have so much in common. They really, really do. And we're going to talk about that a little more, a little bit later. But this crap right here, this FBI Director, all right, changing the words to target white people. What it makes me feel like it makes me feel like the FBI, or some sort of government agency propagates, keeps funded keeps these groups alive, keeps these white supremacy cells alive as a scapegoat. Right. We know that there are way bigger threats, especially with what's happened in Afghanistan. Now with the rejuvenation and rise of al Qaeda of ISIS, ISIS, K, whatever you want to call them, of the Taliban, of all of these terrorist harboring groups, and you've got the southern border wide open. Tons of terrorists pouring in already here waiting for the call. Trust me. All right, trust me, as you'll find out later in the show. The white supremacists on gab are out of their minds, they're out of their minds, but it's still very worrying that our Federal Bureau of Investigation may be working with neo nazis, satanic neo nazis, and you'll see it's crazy. These Nazis, they pretend they hide behind the veil of Jesus Christ. All right, they sit there and they say they're soldiers of Christ. They believe in God. They believe in the Bible, but white people and white dominance and Jews, they're all the devil. Just like Bobby Boucher, his mom would say in the waterboy it's it's crazy stuff. It's crazy stuff. You'll see. We'll get there Do me a favor first guys. please hit the like

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Jim Martin at press publishes order of nine angels texts and has radicalized countless youth in Neo fascist satanic practices. He has that affer mentioned oh three conviction for trying to sell a firearm with an obliterated serial, Winston explained. The promotion of the Satanic Temple of blood ideology, according to journalist Jake Hanrahan has connections to a series of murders in Great Britain. This is potentially massive. It's been confirmed in court documents that Joshua Sutter, one of the atomwaffen leaders, and one of the biggest oh nine a proponent is an FBI informant. Great. So the FBI is working with satanic cult leaders. All right, so I wonder why. I wonder what good does. Are they trying to do something good? Are they trying to stop satanic neo nazis or are they funding? Are they propagating? are they helping neo nazis? Whatever it is, the outcome is probably something much more sinister. The FBI was paying Sutter as he was doing this kind of shit. It would be interesting to know if the 200,000 Plus he was paid contributed directly to the promotion of his totalitarian occultist ideology. Great. Open democracy reported that Adam Washington's required reading materials includes the work LIBOR 333 and iron gates, both of which were authored by Sutter and released by Martin net press. Bottom line is this Martin net press has been essentially bankrolled by the feds pumping out a steady stream of extremist literature. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Mark, net press is run by atomwaffen. Gosh, that's so hard to say. Say that 10 times fast at them laughing at them laughing at them often.

These guys are crazy. Martin at presses run by atomwaffen member Joshua Caleb Sutter, a former member of arion nations, he and his wife Gillian hoy lead Temple of blood and esto, an esoteric satanist group that has defied or deified excuse me, many of the world's most brutal and murderous authoritarian dictators. Temple of blood is an affiliated sect of an international umbrella group known as oh nine a, excuse me not 009 A the order of nine angels. oh nine a was started in England in the 1960s. This stuff goes way back man, the Enigma, the enigmatic satanic occult groups most extreme adherence promote human sacrifice, Nazi ism fascism and arion myths. And it has reportedly praised Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Ladin. You see, these people have so much more in common with the left than we all realize they really, really, really do. I'm not going to play this video because I'm not going to show you or propagate or promote or watch a bunch of satanic people chanting that's what this video is. It says quote LIBOR 333 is a satanic manual, which guides neo nazis who fantasize about evolving into a new form of vampiric arion predator and openly calls for infiltrating entities with sinister potential such as the military, the police, religious or right wing groups while iron gates is sci fi gore that tells the story of a blood thirsty death cult and contains contains graphic descriptions of rape, torture and murder. That's disgusting. According to the court filing a legit FBI informant and Dave devout Satan satanist Excuse me. FBI alleged FBI informant and devout satanist Sutter earned more than 140,000 while working for the US government.

Associate Editor for Chronicles magazine, Pedro Gonzalez said quote Thank you, FBI. Very cool of you to have mo lacor shippers on your payroll in reaction to the developments. That is horrible. It's true. It's disgusting. But the government is paying devil worshipping neo nazis. That's where some of our taxpayer dollars are going to going to the pockets of pathetic, pea brained devil worshipping most likely Democrats, but devil worshipping neo nazis. It's terrible. The revelations raised questions concerning the nature of FBI undercover operations as they seem to be funding satanic cults and literature's apparently influencing and involving themselves with individuals who commit acts of evil in the name of satanic neo nazi ideology.

logical extremism, as was noted by the splc, Sutter and T o B's texts help turn the atom Waffen division toward a more sinister direction in fighting ensued through 2018 with some members leaving in disgust over the group's welcoming stance on Satanism, template flood and the turn towards violence as an end in itself. So we have direct connection between Nazis, satanic cults, and the FBI. creepy creepy dp dp disgusting stuff, ladies and gentlemen, disgusting stuff. But it goes even further. It goes even further because when you know, right when you know that the FBI is working with devil worshippers, devil worshipping Nazis, all right, I'm starting to sound like Alex Jones. But this stuff is true when they're working with devil worshipping Nazis, and then they're targeting Trump supporters. Right? The FBI is targeting Trump supporters, it makes you wonder, it makes you wonder what the real truth is, you see the left they love, they love to try to say and put together some false narrative that the right is full of Nazis that the mogga movement is a bunch of Nazis. But that's farthest from the truth. You see, these Nazis, these devil worshipping Nazis, they have so much more in common with the left than most people realize. And like I said, I will expose that I expose it in the article that I wrote, and we're gonna read through it at the end of this podcast. But what you need to know is that these people parade around as Christians, these Nazis parade around as Christians because deception is in the satanist playbook. So you've got the FBI working with satanic neo nazis to target actual white people from January six. Alright, to actually target people that are being oppressed from January 6. I'll say it. Nobody had a weapon on January 6. Do I agree with what happened? Do I agree with the storming of the Capitol? No. But do I agree with the murder of Ashley Babbitt? Hell no. Do I agree with hundreds of people getting arrested and never being charged with what is it like 100 people trapped right now with no charges filed against them in prisons. They had no weapons, nothing happened. It was a bunch of freaking dumb people parading around All right, I'm only gonna call them dumb people because at the minimum they would have known they would have gotten charged with federal trespassing. But there's a lot of crazy stuff that goes into this. A lot of the videos were cops are letting the people in, where where there was nothing put in place. Nancy Pelosi was in charge of the security there was no security. They were underprepared. And the FBI crazy enough. We've heard this before time and time again. The FBI had warned and had information that something could have happened on January 6, so what the hell is going on behind the scenes? Now that you know that the FBI works with neo nazis? Alright, neo nazis that are satanic that have a lot in common with the left. It makes much more sense that they would be targeting white people because they're not actually white supremacists. They're anarchists they're destroyers. They're devil worshippers. They want to see everything burn down. And for some reason our government seems to as well. This is also a national file. Deputy Ray, excuse me, Deputy Ray in sorted scandal admitted that FBI ended its black extremism category and replaced it with program targeting white January 6 protesters This is by Patrick Holly, and we take a read below. Gil see Tyson a top deputy FBI Director Christopher rea, who played a key role in getting re confirmed to the FBI is top post admitted that the FBI totally deleted the entire quote, black identity extremism category for domestic terrorism after consultations with the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement also known as noble, an organization funded by what you know Coca Cola and Walmart, among others. The FBI then replaced the category with a new label racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism RM V, which refers to people that Tyson refers to as, quote, extremists who advocate violence in furtherance of a perceived superiority of the white race and quote, according to Jill c Tyson's letter of democrat congressman Bennie g Thompson sorry letter to demick

Congressman Bennie G. Thompson, chairman of the committee on Homeland Security and democrat congressman Cedric Richmond. Tyson wrote her 2020 letter to the democrats just four days after George Floyd's death at the beginning of a nationwide black riot, excuse me, nationwide black riots when an FBI quote black identity extremism program might have come in handy. That is quite a coincidence that she'd get rid of the black identity extremism program right after George Floyd's death and right as these riots were going on, you see, white extremism does exist, but black extremism does as well, all kinds of extremism exists. And it goes across color and creed. Ladies and gentlemen, when you remove one, and put another and put it in these terms, where she defines it as a superiority of the white race, it basically puts in the FDA, FBI, his Codex in writing, it says that white people are racist and can commit these these hate crimes can commit these extremist acts of terrorism, but no one else can. Alright, that's because she called out white people.

I'm not defending white extremism. I'm condemning all extremism. And that's what she should be doing as well. That did not happen. The rMv label is now being used to target January 6 election integrity protesters from the US Capitol, according to a report funded by the Department of Homeland Security that urges Congress and the federal government to create crimes of domestic terrorism in response to January 6. So who is Jill C. Tyson. The woman who revealed the FBI is anti white policy. jlc Tyson has raised Deputy Director for Congressional Affairs. She previously worked in the DOJ Legislative Affairs Department and on Capitol Hill, and she is seen as an instrumental force who lobbied for raise confirmation to the FBI Director job.

Jill see Tyson stands accused of having an inappropriate workplace romance. A summer 2021 report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz concluded that the assistant director was engaged in a romantic relationship with a subordinate and failed to timely report the relationship which is in violation of the FBI policy. The Horowitz report also found that the assistant director allowed the relationship to negatively affect an appropriate and professional superior subordinate, excuse me, let me read that again. The Horowitz report quote also found that the assistant director allowed the relationship to negatively affect an appropriate and professional superior subordinate relationship and to disrupt the workplace by interfering with the ability of the other FBI employees to complete their work, and that the assistant director participated in a hiring or organizational decision involving the subordinate all in violation of FBI policies. So there goes her credibility. Here's Jill Tyson's letter to the Homeland Security Committee. Quote, this responds to your letter dated December 17 2019, to the Federal Bureau of FBI of investigation regarding racially and ethnically motivated violent extremism. We apologize for the delay in responding to your letter in late 2017. The FBI discontinued using the term black identity extremism. As a result, the FBI consolidated strategy guide for fiscal year 2020 does not use that term, and the only reference to the term in the fiscal year 2019 consolidated strategy guide is a footnote indicating that the term is no longer utilized by the FBI. as detailed below the FBI has updated its terminology and currently uses the term racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism. The FBI continually challenges reviews and evaluates intelligence to ensure the appropriate identification and categorization of each threat. This is an IT narrative process based on analysis of threats impact and mitigation efforts and is refreshed annually during the annual review in 2018. The FBI is counterterrorism division elected to revise the categories of domestic terrorism threats emanating from those who use or promote violence to further one of many ideologies rooted in racial bias. The term racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism came about as a result of intelligence analysts identifying similar characteristics in the driving factors of the threat actors involved across ideological lines, discussions with special agents in charge, and subject matter experts from the FBI field offices across the country. Combined with input from

Management at FBI headquarters ultimately led the FBI to this decision. As such for the last two years, the FBI has described domestic terrorism threat actors motivated by an ideological justification for violence related to race and ethnicity as rMv ease the FBI has considered and continues to consider violent extremism motivate motivated by any racial bias, a high priority. In fact, this threat is one the FBI considers among the most serious terrorism threats posed to the United States of note in early 2019, the FBI engaged directly with the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement executive board to explain the FBI his internal review process that resulted in the terminology change and to request their feedback as critical law enforcement partners. One of the FBI senior executives later spoke at a noble conference regarding these updated threat categories. The FBI also offered to provide a similar briefing to the Congressional Black Caucus in early 2019. The FBI believes rMv is an appropriate term because it focuses on violence and motivation in order to label the threat rather than any first amendment protected activity. You see, they don't mention race there, that shows that she's excusing herself for saying that this is all about white people. There can be extremism, again, extremism can come from any race, it goes across race, it goes across creed. extremism is about hate. All right, and hate can come from any race, any color. And even though rMv sounds like that she herself has specifically stated that it is only intended to be talking about white people. All right, do I agree with the removal of a black extremism division? Sure. But I agree that it should be removed only if rMv. Alright, only if rMv applies across the board to every race, religion and creed. All right, true equality, not this equity crap that the left talks about not this biased judgment that spews from the left, which is no wonder why they work with satanic neo nazis because they're just like the left you'll see, trust me. They're just like the left. That's why the FBI works with neo nazis. Look at this look at this behavior. I think there's a hidden motivation. I think there's a secret agenda that these neo nazis have. I don't think it's white supremacy. I think that it's all pretend that white supremacy nonsense is a front at some sort of government created plague to blame stuff on it's a scapegoat. So what is the real motivation? All right, what we can put some clues together they hide behind Christ. They they hide in the shadows and spew hate and blame others. They blame Jews. They blame black people, they blame all kinds of people for their misfortune for their misguided, psychotic beliefs. I think it's all about Satan. I think these neo nazis are Satanists. Maybe the FBI is full of satanist. Maybe the left the neo nazis, the FBI, they're all Satanists. I think that's highly plausible. That's something we should be talking about something we should be thinking about. Analysis and records demonstrate that the vast majority are racially or ethnically motivated a violent extremists who advocate violence in furtherance of a perceived superiority of the white race. That is what she's saying. She's saying the FBI executives and subject matter experts have noted in congressional briefings in hearings that more than half of the FBI is domestic terrorism investigations are rMv cases. And she's saying that the analysis says that these are all coming from white nationalists. But if they're funding the white nationalists, who's really creating the problem again, they're one in the same, the same as one working together the FBI, the white supremacists, these Nazis.

Is it all just to propagate the left's false narrative that mogga movement Trump supporters and white supremacists are the same? Because that's BS. All right, mogga movement, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, whatever it is, whatever it is, maga movement members, Trump supporters, they are not racists. They are not white supremacists. They are not Nazis, Nazis and the FBI in the left. They're all

We're working together the right we're not working with Nazis. So they're literally gaslighting again literally creating a false narrative again on the left, literally doing something themselves and then blaming it on the right saying that the right are racist, the right are Nazis. Trump supporters are Nazis. They say that all the time, while they have their hands in the pockets of the Nazis. They they're literally puppeting the Nazis on the left. The left wing FBI is dancing with the devil. Ladies and gentlemen, they're dancing with the devil. It says that all threat categories, the FBI continually assesses and evaluates trends in the motivations and targets of like minded threat actors that they are funding it says in the first quarter of 2020, half of the FBI is domestic terrorism. Like I said before, they were racially or ethnically motivated, violent extremists. They're saying it's coming from the White Race well, who is funding these white supremacists? The FBI seems to be it says This keeps the FBI agile in the critical effort to identify domestic terrorists and their mobilization to violence, and helps the organization to look beyond the current threat with the goal of preventing future threats. Preventing all actions of terrorism against the homeland remains the FBI is number one priority. The FBI commits to continuing to confront the threat posed by all terrorism from any place by any actor with determination and dedication to the FBI, his mission to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Thank you for your support of the FBI, its mission, and its people. That's what I call a shit sandwich. Ladies and gentlemen, if you've ever worked in a management position or been in a leadership position, they say in order to get something harsh for somebody to swallow some kind of critique, some sort of write up something through, you put something that seems nice at the top, you put the bad stuff in the middle and something that seems nice on the bottom, it's a shit sandwich. When you read through her letter, it talks about how the FBI is all about making this fair across the board so that we can go against extremism, rah rah, all extremism is bad. And then when you get down far enough, all that extremism comes from white people. Hmm, well, what happened all the other extreme ism, don't worry about the other extremism. Don't worry about the terrorist pouring through the border. Don't worry about hate crimes that go black to white or black on Asian hate crime. Don't worry about hate crimes against Jews from other people. Don't worry about any other hate crimes, just worry about white nationalists attacking Black Lives Matter.

That doesn't make sense, because most of these Nazis, I just see them hiding in the shadows. They never come out of the bushes. They're terrified to be confronted about their psychotic ideology. But now that we know this ideology is funded and paid for by the left and by the FBI, we can see that they're one in all one in the same, it seems that the FBI, the US government, they're all protecting. They're protecting some ideology, some vision they have for the future, by only attacking certain people, while protecting others and some of the people they're protecting are vile and terrorist in nature. All right. They're protecting extremist terrorists from the Middle East. From far left groups, like an Tifa and Black Lives Matters. You should go after all extremists. You should go after neo nazis you should go after white extremists you should go after Catholic extremist Jewish extremists. Al Qaeda extremists extremists go after them.

But it's not just one. Alright, it's not just the white race and it's okay to say that that doesn't make you a white nationalist. white nationalists, these Nazis these these these satanic Nazis, they're disgusting people. They hate everybody. They literally hate everybody. That's different. That is different than saying that things should be fair across the board. All right, and you all need to have some balls, put on your big boy and big girl pants and panties and, and little underwears, your whitey tighties and you need to express the truth to the world. express the truth to your neighbor. express the truth at your workplace as best you can. You need to spread the mogga movement. Ladies and gentlemen, this stuff is a distraction. All right, when the left uses this as ammunition against us, never apologize. Give them the finger and fight back. All right. This is just a bunch of horrible, horrible

stuff here. All right, it's a bunch of horrible stuff. There's a connection between the FBI and neo nazis. All right, the left they like to say that Trump supporters and people on the right are neo nazis. But that's impossible. That's impossible. It wouldn't work. Because the neo nazis, like I said before have much more in common with the left. They have much more in common with the extremes of the left with the AOC is the rasheeda Talib and the squad's. Alright, when I was trying to get away from the censorship, I went on the platform gab and I found a bunch of neo nazis there, I found a bunch of them and I wrote an article called Trump supporter exposes Nazi underworld on you can go to American Revolution calm or Evie I ll e right now. And you can find it right on the front page where the articles are Trump supporter exposes Nazi underworld on I just find it interesting, because talking to these actual Nazis proves the articles that I just read to you true. Alright, fighting with dealing with and being having hate spewed upon me by these actual neo nazis on gab made me understand how the left how the FBI how the government could be working with such vile demons because they're all vile demons. They're all truly walking with Satan. Ladies and gentlemen, truly, truly, truly Alright. So this is Trump supporter exposes Nazi underworld on gab, calm by James Lane CEO and head Jew for American Reveley, l l. c. As a fiscal and social conservative, I found myself in a pretty interesting and unwanted position around the 2020 November presidential elections. I'm a Trump supporter, and I own a free speech publication that allows many different people to express their feelings, beliefs and opinions. This publication, and my promotion of it did not sit well with the oligarchs holding the levers of free speech. My accounts were shadow banned. My views on YouTube removed, my distribution on Facebook eradicated and the list goes on. Like many of you, I went on an exodus from mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, searching for greener pastures, a place where I could speak freely and not find myself shadow banned. Remember, I told you I run a free speech publication. But let me make something absolutely clear. I promote and support free speech but I do not condone hate speech. They say the grass isn't always greener on the other side. In this case, the other side, I discovered is the social network gap. There's a social network out there that promises a safe haven for free speech. Yet, if you dig deep enough, you may just come to find it's a dirty underwear drawer. This is a deep seated infestation of modern neo nazis hiding behind a fringe belief that they're doing Jesus Christ's work. That's right, you heard me correct, just as BLM and Tifa and the collective left manipulate history, definitions and religion. So to do these yab Nazis, they're only somewhat opposed to each other and operate in a much similar fashion. See, two and two starting to come together, you can see how the left, how black lives matter how empty for how neo nazis are similar in nature.

The goal of this article isn't just to expose the miles of hate speech I've experienced as a Jew on gab, but to paint a clear differentiation between all right neo nazis. And I put big quotes on that because that's what the left calls them. And Trump supporting conservatives, libertarians and the like.

bombarded by Nazi hate on gab. I haven't I've learned excuse me, I've learned a few things that are not expressed through mainstream media. Number one, actual neo nazis, white supremacist do not support the mogga movement, or Donald Trump because we support Israel. Nazis obviously do not support Israel to actual neo nazis twist facts and have written their own version of history they use to try and shut down conversation on their twisted belief system. they distribute this propaganda through memes and underground videos similar to the extreme progressive left and three actual neo nazis have more in common with AOC rasheeda Talib and the far left squad, they're pro Palestine. They're anti Israel. They're pro violence, pro socialism and they base their construct of reality.

on critical race, the far left uses their warped view of academia to as their basis for justification, whereas the neo nazis used their warped view of Christ and the Bible as theirs. All right, the problem on the right stems from mainstream media control over the distribution of communication. They control and manipulate the narrative and have spent countless time and money on convincing everyday average people that Trump supporters are Nazis. This is the farthest thing from the truth. And as I mentioned above, neo nazis are not Trump supporters. They hate Donald Trump with a passion and they loathe the mogga movement. I said this before I'll say it again, Trump and Trump supporters support Israel. So no Nazis can be Trump supporters. No Nazis can be in the mogga movement because they do not support Israel. They hate anything that supports Israel, plain and simple. I'm going to show you some of this hate and some of this proof look, five soloists at psycho pump. Alright on gab. He mentioned me tagged Kamala for Prez and the Kira 6968 and add a which is Andrew torba. All right, he is the owner of gab. Wait, wait, wait. The mogga crowd is anti semitic. They worship a guy who shills Israel non stop and Lodz the fact that he married his Gentile daughter off to a Shabaab do. Most of them consider the Jews to be God's chosen and also spend their day off in Zionist churches being good szabist goyim did you actually think that the responses to this idiot that you were reading were from the maga crowd? lol You pour unenlightened full Hell, I wish that all the maga pedes acted and believed this way. He's showing us as a Nazi that they hate the mogga movement. These are real Nazis. maga movement members support Israel, they are not a part of the neo nazis. You may be wondering how I got all this information on neo nazis in the answer is quite simple. I called out Andrew torba at a that's he's the CEO of gab. And I called him out for what I considered hypocrisy in moderation practices. The optics on this don't look very good. The perception that I called out the big boss and his underlings attacked me. So here's what happened. The other night, Andrew torba, began preaching about how moderators take a strong stance against fed posting and the threats of violence. While I agree with this sentiment, I found it largely hypocritical as gab has a history of selectively moderating while claiming to be a free speech platform. So what did I do? I responded in a comment stating that I've been threatened multiple times by anti semitic Nazis. And while they shouldn't be moderated, maybe they need their own corner on gab since they spread harmful hate speech and violence. Now, I will say that my gab profile mentions that I will block expose and Doc's anti semitic Nazis now do I Doc's people for real No, not at all. But I do find that this helps ruffle their little Nazi feathers. And since they like to attack and mass, I find it to be a fair defensive statement just to rile them up a little bit. When fighting Nazis all is fair in love and war. Here are a few of the many examples of hate speech I encountered. I encountered excuse me as hundreds of Nazis came to the defense of Andrew torba and attacked me for being a Jew and a Trump supporter. I put a parental warning on here and I'm going to say it out loud. These posts are extremely hateful and explicit, and they're not suitable for children. It applies to all the posts in here forward. I'm going to read them I'm going to read them in their explicit in their, how would I say that explicity or explicitness? Either way it's pretty gnarly stuff. You wouldn't want your boss or your kids to hear it. So I'm going to warn you now I'm going to be saying these words out loud. Alright, so this is from Starr profit at our seven booster from gab, tagging subtle energy over 9000 and of under Frank and Proust. What a garbage article and you spammed it to every group. You people are cancer. What did you expect from grifting vampires like at American underscore Reveley? And the look, look at these if you're listening, you won't see him. I'll describe them to you. He's posted all of these different people as Nazi vampires. All right, not Nazi vampires, excuse me as Jewish vampires. I think of the Nazis as vampires. So that was the first thing that came out of my mouth, but he's literally put vampire teeth in these folks. He's got a satanic vampire looking depiction of a Jew. It's pretty racist stuff.

Nuclear hunter killer sub at nuclear hunter killer sub posted this tagged a bunch of people. Were you born a Jew Kuk When did you transition? That's nice. vp Hagar at early anthro he mentions a Shut the fuck up Jew. No wonder you were getting death threats. You are an insufferable little bitch. I hope someone follows through. Very very nice VP Hagar. Very nice. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Americano? Well, he probably does because he sounds inbred Americano. He is at Sanctus Crusader. He mentions you can't be white and Jewish. You're just a Jewish piece of shit that will burn in hell for being against God. If you're listening and you want to see the proof I've put them all on this article you can go to American revelry comm r e v, I ll E. and look for the article there. You can come watch on on. I'm going to literally post this on gab itself. It'll be on rumble. It'll be on YouTube. It'll be on bit shoot. It will be on Facebook video. It'll be all over the place. You can come here and you can watch and you can see all of these posts and see that they're real. And they're unedited. This is from Trevor. Good child at Trevor. Good child. That's so weird. I've been on this platform for over four years. I've never seen a single anti Semite. We do seem to have a bunch of whiny oven dodging cakes however, excuse me, of in dodging cakes. However, it's funny. I haven't been called a cake since grade school. But these people keep it fresh and alive. These hateful, hateful, sad people I almost feel bad. I almost feel bad for them. Because how, like life has to be so miserable, and depressing and alone and alone. To have this type of feeling to feel this type of hate towards something. You must be so far away from God. You must be so down in the dirt that the heaviness of this of this life must feel like a plague upon you. You know I feel so bad for these people at the same time. They're pretty evil pieces of shit to anti lochsa superstar he mentions. Oh no. The the inbred anti white Jew is going to write an article about people he doesn't like on the internet. shit like this is why people are anti semitic. No one is afraid of you faggots anymore. Put me in the screencap faggot Well, sir, you are in the screencap Denise the Celt, a woman mentions you are not white. You are a kike a genetic demon. Whoo big words. big words. That's Denise the Celt at Denise the Celt. She's replying to me at first faction at Bix, nude Redux and at a Nordic Wolf, a bunch of Nazi bitches that are attacking me at American underscore Reveley on gab, calm, Joey clairvaux, at trend enthusiast, trend enthusiast. He says, You don't get to call yourself an American, you fucking kike great big, educated words from great, big minded educated people there on the left, because after reading about the FBI, working with satanic neo nazis, and reading about what the FBI is doing, how they're targeting white people, I believe that these Nazis are actually working on the left, they're lefties. They're far left extremists. They might have some different end goals in mind, but I don't think that's their real motivation, like I said earlier in the podcast. As you can see, the amount of hate contained in the sad, misguided smeagol like individuals is astonishing. Even more astonishing is the false connection that the mainstream media has built between the 10s of millions of proud maga Trump supporters and the small pathetic fringe groups of neo nazis that reside in the pocketed anus of this great nation. They literally operate on a made up history based upon made up facts and are no better than the terror organization BLM but they have much less funding. Of course, modern neo nazis are practically Live Action roleplayers larpers, sitting behind a keyboard and hiding behind their version of Christ.

Black Lives Matter is famous for taking historical data and twisting the facts in their favor from police shootings to the definition of racism, and even the entirety of US history. Blm find some way to misrepresent and misconstrue the truth to their own benefit. gab Nazis. They do the same thing. They're just way inferior at doing it. This is from wonders choice at wonders underscore choice on gab, bullshit white

folks didn't invent it didn't invite all these non whites into our country to hate us because they couldn't keep up. In a society built for high IQ Europeans, Jews did. The heart cellar act was a Jewish endeavor. And the media is owned by Jews that spew hate against whites every day. If they reported things correctly, all of the black on white violence things would turn around quick enough fuck off with your anti white narrative he tagged at lodhi Silverado and that nine to five schlub and that shotgun mouthwash, and posted memes, memes and hate websites as actual factual data and historical knowledge. So again, like I said before using memes using non non factual history, using a bunch of hearsay to try to support their own psychotic narrative. This is Nordic wolf. Whew, it's Houston trail at Mr. Turner diary, National Socialist, were conservative, liberal, reasonable and honorable. What they call conservative and liberals today are all left wing extremists Jew COC washers, also known as Stockholm Syndrome, caused by 75 years of Holocaust lies. That's out of somewhere in the twilight zone. There's a holocaust denier right there. Wow. Cincinnatus. I wonder where Cincinnatus lives. Cincinnatus at Cincinnatus underscore 77 says, cake. I know you Jews like to protect that constantly. Oh, excuse me project that constantly but according to genetic studies, genetic studies. Now, I want you to know that the website that he used to cite his data is from Jewish genetic so you know, it's legitimate. Wink wink. But according to genetic studies, whites are not inbred. In fact, they have very healthy genetics, you kikes on the other hand, are highly inbred. Your people as lame as a lame attempt to preserve bloodlines in effect destroyed those bloodlines through constant gooeyness marriages cousin fucking, which they engaged in for eons. You cakes know this about your people, which is why you try to project it onto the southern whites, but it's a farce read below for details. Look at this huge list of recessive incest, you disgusting. Ashkenazi are from a tiny group of cousin fucking retards as described in this article and then and then he cites the left wing LA Times. Huh huh? So for the Jews run the LA Times. Doesn't that make you working for them by using their own article to promote your false narrative again, they're twisting stuff they're just like the left like BLM like an Tifa. Like all of these extreme left aocs Rashida to leaves. They are the same. This is from nr rascoff and rascoff at NRS cough. All right, this one's Great Bear Bear with me because James, you are another James lame, who I haven't heard that since grade school. And because American Reveley wake up the world wakes up against the Jewish lies in general like imagine this person like on the toilet like

clenching with rage. The world wakes up against the Jewish lies and genocide, how I possibly no one. Okay, you're ready. The Holocaust was invented by the Jews to blackmail for money, steal money, and properties and advance in pharma and media positions to George Soros invest mainly to kill whites proven fact. I hate George Soros. We hate George Soros on the right. But because you hate George Soros, the left then gets to pretend that you are somehow involved with us. We do not support George Soros. All right. We don't care what he's into. He's a piece of shit. So George Soros, he doesn't have to be in this conversation. And if you put them in this conversation, you're just finding more ways for the left to try to link us which is probably the left's plan and your plan anyway, because Nazis and lefties are pretty similar. Three, and because the stop and because to stop the wakeup process, an American president signed an executive order to protect the Jews and their lies and manipulations. So what could possibly go wrong for Trump, and then they post the Trump White House archives, where President Trump signed an executive order protecting Jews which maga supports maga supports President Trump protecting the Jews. So through their Bs, they're just proving more and more that I'm right and they're wrong. They're proving more and more that they have a connection with the left

connection with the FBI. They're proving more and more that they have a connection with the people that were against Trump and approving more and more that people in maga have nothing to do with the scumbags. Plain and simple. As you can see, just like BLM, these hateful neo nazis used memes, bogus websites and made up or twisted facts to justify their hateful agenda. It's blatantly disgusting and provides the left with ammunition to use against good Republicans, conservatives and libertarians. And now for my favorite article, hiding behind Christ not article but I'll call it the section hiding behind Christ. The most frustrating component of this Nazi infestation is their constant referencing of Christ in the Bible. The reason it is frustrating is because they are not true Christians. You're not none of you, none of you Nazis on gab. None of you white supremacists on Gabs you anti Semite Fox on gab that messaged me You are not true Christians, you do not know Christ. It is not in your future to be saved or to go to heaven. You are Miss construed you are are misinterpreting things you are brainwashed you're controlled by the left.

You are controlled by the left neo nazis shown through the cooperation of the FBI and the Nazis in the first place in the first place. These people are heretics in the sense of Sodom and Gomorrah, and per biblical standard would not be welcome into the kingdom of heaven. They subvert God by acting as righteous judges. The fact that they masquerade as Christians allows the mainstream media to build a false comparison between Christian Nazis and true Christian Trump supporters. This is how narratives are built and used against the mogga movement. And here are just few just a few of the examples of this hypocrisy. This is coming from at Nordic wolf he's posting from to at Imperial SAR. Yes, God created all life on Earth. Edward and Jews are not human. They are whatever they are and I am not white. I am Scandinavian. I am not German. I'm not this love. I am not Sami. I'm not Finn. I am not the Bosque. I am a fucking Scandinavian damn fine. Fuck you are a Scandinavian dumb Fuck. Fuck any god that tries to kill my people and they're human as Wow, this is from Imperials are no God created whites.

Sorry, no, he should have put a comma. God created whites while he created humans but fallen angels mixed with them and became an abomination. Whites he created as people with simple instructions to not mix the race, as we can see, as Summa fornicator why he took two Canaanite wives he raced mixed is so his offspring are the present Jews and we hate them. And he put a bunch of little freakin memes here to prove his point. Wow memes and pictures good job at cotton friend this is n tower developer says American Reveley. If there were an honest nose the world over he used nose to refer to Jews, you'd have been a Christian 2000 years ago get with the program, you will confess you will confess to King Jesus in the end like it or not, now check out this based as fuck solo and he's got a guy playing the trumpet with a Nazi banner and a little kid wearing a freakin Auschwitz uniform with a frickin star David on his chest. It's disgusting. Look, here's Tabby. She has a swastika on her profile. She looks like a young girl. Her tag is at gamer Nerdist Let me read this to you and make it clear to any lefties listening or any people on the right that think there are Nazis that have infiltrated they haven't they work with the left. I'm an anti Trump Christian, constitutional conservative. She doesn't even know what she is. She's not a Republican or a Democrat, anti feminist, anti MGT o w male feminism, anti PLM anti anti anti alphabet people anti mask, anti COVID vaccine pro white, I love hunting, fishing, gaming SpaceX and NASA. Do you see this? They make themselves appear very similar to people on the right. But in fact, this is all lies. This is all bullshit. These Nazis are left wing lovers. They are left wing lovers. They are distributors of hate. They are distributors of division and confusion. They don't even know what they are. And if you look at any one of these dozen people that I showed you and there were hundreds there are hundreds of people trust me you can just go and find them. It never ends. All of them. All of them mentioned Christ mentioned there Christians mentioned there protect

The Word of God, which gives the left the opportunity to take the narrative and lump them in with the good Christian men and women, the good Jewish men and women, the good Catholic men and women, the good Muslim men and women, the good men and women in general, that reject tyranny, and just want to be free. Just want to make America great again, just want Donald Trump to come in, crush the left crush the extremism and let our frickin normal lives come back. And let us go back to existing in a free fun, fair society where we actually give a shit about each other as Americans and we are wrapped up in this whole critical race nonsense. We want Wolk ism to go away. We want far left extremism to go away which includes an Tifa which includes BLM and to me with all the connections that I see should include neo nazis should include they can claim their far right crazy people all they want. They're leftists. They act like leftists they smell like leftist, they complain like leftist, these satanic neo nazi devil worshipping fucks are leftists. In the end, my hopes for this article are simple. Show the world where the cockroach infestation is and provide a differentiation between them and us. Donald Trump received over 74 million votes in the 2020 election. And if you count the fraud, likely much more. Out of those 74 million. Considering the evidence I've presented above, there are zero Nazi representatives in the mogga movement. The Nazis have more in common with the left their extremist groups like BLM and Tifa and the squad. They exist to spread fear and chaos, distribute false propaganda and divide blacks, whites, Christians and Jews. We are above these people. We're better than these people. And they do not represent our shared Judeo Christian values that bring us together as Americans. Maybe there's a deeper meaning behind Dan been Geno's disregard for gab CEO Andrew torba. Maybe Andrew has a secret that we should know about. All I know is that time reveals all and only time will tell. I have shown you the rat's nest folks. And now the rest is up to you, folks, we've established a connection between the FBI and the Nazis. You know who the FBI works for, you know, they protect Biden, you know that they protect these radical left extremists. And now it looks like either there's a bunch of confused Nazis out there, or they willingly work with the left. Either way, understanding seeing it coming to a conclusion. That's up to you. I'm just presenting you with this information so that you can take it and figure it out for yourself. Guys, do me a favor, subscribe, hit the like button, leave a comment, share, share, share, visit all the social media you have. I'm American underscore Reveley, that's our e vi Ll e everywhere you can go and get her calm American underscore Reveley, Rumble, I'm on YouTube, I'm still on Facebook and Twitter even though I'm shadow banned to hell, so I prefer that you would find me on one of the alternate platforms. We'll see how long I'm on gab, calm. Maybe Andrew torva will kick me off after he finds out how honest I was in my article about his little group here. Folks, please, please, please help us out. Support us go to American Revolution, comm sign up for the for the newsletter, donate if you can push us forward. If you have any skills, if you can finish up our WordPress site. That would be frickin helpful. We're always recruiting more writers. We're always always always recording recruiting more talent. If you have a podcast or work on a show that's up and coming. And you want to work with us. Let us know James Lane at American And I will see you on episode 170 of the American revenue podcast next Sunday at 4pm. Pacific 7pm. Eastern. That's every single Sunday. Thanks for watching guys and let me know what you think about the episode in the comments below. Bye.

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