The Elites are Changing the United States by Targeting Our Children | Ep 166

July 13, 2021 James Lane Episode 166
The Elites are Changing the United States by Targeting Our Children | Ep 166
Show Notes Transcript

In episode 166 of the American Reveille Podcast, I discuss how the Left plans to win the long game... through our children. The elites own the unions, the unions own the teachers, the teachers are turning our children against us. Please pay close attention.

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In Episode 166, I'm going to talk about how the left is trying to win the long game. They're trying to change the country from the inside out by targeting our culture, our careers and our kids. The left pits different groups against each other by targeting their individual cultures and didn't fix them with differences and divisiveness. The left shuts up any opposition by silencing them online. And to make matters worse, the left has infected many major corporations with a woke ideology. So if you speak up, not only to disappear from the internet, you possibly lose your ability to earn a living and feed your kids, your kids while you weren't paying attention, the left's trained them to turn against you, if you dare whisper a crumb of the truth. Maybe you can talk to their teachers. Oh, wait. They're the ones that brainwashed your kids in the first place. You wouldn't want to lose your kids. What do you mean, either? So your hands they've been shackled your mouth? It's been duct taped, shut. Wake up.

I'll say it again. The elites own the unions. One more time. The elites own the US. So what does this mean? This means the elites bone, the employees, the elites owning the unions equals elites owning employees. You know, the same way China manipulates entire countries by making their politicians and business leaders very powerful and wealthy by manipulating their decision making. The elites of the world they own union bosses. They've made these union bosses, very, very powerful, and very, very wealthy. So the union bosses control the unions. And the unions offer special protections and benefits to the union members, the employees and the union bosses that run the unions are owned by the elites, meaning the elites own the unions, meaning the elites own the employees membership of the Union, if you know, I know. It's not usually voluntary. Now, whether China owns the elites or the elites own China, or if they're the same damn thing now, that's a good question. And if this is starting to feel like the mafia, like some big shadow shadow we'd done with lieutenants and underlings, forcing people into believing they are necessary. Well, you may not be far from the truth. So we've all seen the Godfather. We all know what consequences come with the offer you can't refuse. So besides the obvious question of where critical race theory and the mass brainwashing of Americans, especially American children came from, how about we ask a different question? How about we ask the question of how, how was this poison? delivered? The answer seems simple. This poison that was injected into our culture slowly, and with care. The pusherman did their jobs. They did it very, very well. The hot topic of the day seems to be how the hell critical race theory gotten our schools and if you would like to know more about that you can always read United States Socialist Republic by Hugo Garner, that's USSR. That's a very good book. I read it. We've got a couple interviews out there. You'll be shocked to learn all about the weather underground bill airs, brock obama, and their connection with the Clintons. So definitely check that book out. Remember this, though? I said it before I said it in the beginning of the episode. The elites own the unions. The elites, only unions, the elites own the unions. I have to get this into your head. It's important. Let's say it again, the elites own the unions. The unions own the teachers Since the teachers teach our children and we are eventually erased, don't believe me. feel safe in your red state. Your governor passing laws preventing CRT from being taught. You're not safe. Your kids, they're not safe. I want to tell you about all the teachers who have pledged to break the law to teach your kids to hate you to hate themselves and to hate their country. Next. Hey folks, how you guys doing? Just a couple quick suggestions here.

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it to you guys. I think it's going to be important to tie everything together at the end. So let's get started. More than 5000 teachers have signed on to a pledge at the Zim education project that states they vow to teach their students the concepts of critical race theory, even where it's banned by law, making the claim that bans on teaching students America's racist, sexist, oppressive, it's a horrible country, it means they will be taught lies. Instead, the zoom education projects pledges states the following lawmakers with at least 26 states are attempting to pass legislation that would require teachers to lie to students about the role of racism, sexism, heterosexism, and oppression throughout US history. Do you see how they twist it folks? You see how they twist the English language to fool the people that have money that donate to these causes the low information decision makers with all the power. Let's keep reading a project claims the laws, quote, aim to prohibit teachers from teaching the truth about this country. It was founded on dispossession of Native Americans slavery, structural racism and oppression. The structural racism is a defining characteristic of our society today, and quote, they have such an outlook such a horrible, horrible negative outlook of our country. It's a bunch of babies a bunch of victim mentality babies, quote, how can one teach honestly about the nature of our society without examining how today's racial inequality is a systemic legacy of this country's history. The Zinn Education Project asks and continues. From police violence to the prison system to the wealth gap to maternal mortality rates to housing to education and beyond. The major institutions and systems of our country are deeply infected with anti blackness and its intersection with other forms of oppression. To not acknowledge this and help students understand the roots of us racism is to deceive them, not to educate them. This history helps students understand the roots of inequality today, and gives them the tools to shape adjust future. It's not just a history of oppression, but also a history of how people have organized and created Coalition's across race, class, and gender. Quote, we the undersigned educators refuse to lie to young people about US history and current events, regardless of the law. The project urges teachers to write their state legislature and it hopes to achieve the goal of 6400 students or not students 6400 signatures Excuse me. Here's the issue. police violence, if there's any taken police violence, first off, most of its in blue cities, go take a look at the numbers on that. Just go take a look. It's not pretty police violence, if any of though poor training, low budget, increase the budget, get more training, get more help watch police violence go down. prison system, a lot of laws out there put in place by democrats that put a lot of people for nonviolent crimes in the prison system, the wealth gap. You want to see the middle class, even close the wealth gap. Why don't you start opening up in your blue states, at least the ones that are still locked down? Why don't you start promoting people coming back to work instead of giving tons of extra money to freeloaders. Just watch that wealth gap. If you

really want to help the middle class and really want to close the wealth gap. Stop the inflation. Oh, wait, Joe Biden destroyed the economy. So that wealth gap is just going to get worse maternal mortality rates. You know, in this country, they don't just define more maternal mortality rates as the death of a woman during pregnancy, they also, they also talk about 42 I believe it's 42 days after an abortion, if a woman dies within a 42 day period of abortion, that is considered maternal mortality rate. So, or contributing excuse me to the maternal mortality rate. So, why don't we do a little more for our babies, our unborn babies who have the right to life? Why don't we do a little bit more to to push back against the planned parenthood's in the pro abortion clinics of the world the pro choice folks of the world that don't see an unborn child as as life, even though most of us including myself, see it as murder. Listen, listen. You restrict abortions a little bit more. You teach healthy contraception, you teach abstinence in certain cases, you teach healthy sexuality to young people, and you get the parents involved with the kids. Right? You start changing the minds of certain people, you start changing, folks that make bad decisions, they stopped relying upon certain things as contraceptives that shouldn't be relied upon as contraceptive. This is, these are all facts. I'm not saying everybody does that. But I'm saying that there are sections of people that do this for all different reasons. It's not just in the movies, you know, or a fantasy land where some horrible situation happens and some young person crying in the corner. Oh, what am I going to do? This is an epidemic abortion is an epidemic do something about abortion, and maternal mortality rates drop. All right. We could keep going and going and going with this, but it's all debuggable. They mess with the English language. They mess with facts. All right. They mess with our minds. And then they try to sell us this big ghastly lighted lie. This big b s story. It's not infected with anti blackness. It's infected with wokeness. All right, this isn't history. This is your history, your belief what you want to teach our children, not facts. All right. This is all a class based emotion based. It's not fair. Gimme, gimme gimme mentality. It's not history. Not at all. The Zinn Education Project, is a campaign inspired by radical leftist Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States. The project aims to indoctrinate America's students in identity politics, and the organization of social justice movements, including the teaching of critical race theory, a Marxist cultural ideology that embraces the concept that all social issues should be viewed through the lens of race. And that claims white people are oppressors while black people and their victims apparently, apparently, were all bad, and they're all all victims that need help. All right, this makes no sense. There are plenty of black people in this country that are way more capable, smarter, wealthier, powerful than I ever will be. During its virtual representative assembly that convened at the end of last week, the National Education Association, the NEA the nation's largest teachers union, resolve to promote the teaching of CRT in K through 12 schools and to oppose any bans on its instruction, as well as on the teaching of the widely discredited New York Times 16 and 19. Project. The NEA also announced its plans to join with black lives matter at school. That's an entire organization folks in the zoom education project to call for a rally this year. On October 14. George Floyd's birthday is a national national day of action to teach the lessons about structural racism and oppression and oppression. You really want to know what this sounds like. Go read a little bit about Mao Zedong folks,

former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the left's attempt to push a radical 1619 project and critical race theory propaganda. I just want to read you this quote there attack The central understandings that we've shared together for 245 years, it's an attempt to divide the country. It's true. The teachers union added this Listen up, folks. The association will further convey that in teaching these topics. It is reasonable and appropriate for curriculum to be informed by academic frameworks for understanding and interpreting the impact of the past on current society, including critical race theory. critical race theory is not taught in K through 12. Schools, the rights culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race racism, or discrimination as such, to try to make it toxic. They're bullying teachers and trying to keep them from teaching the truth. That's Randy or Weingarten. That's the president. I believe the President of the nation's largest teachers, Union, folks, teachers are controlled by the unions. The elites own the unions. The nation's other large teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers has denied CRT is being taught in K through 12. But in the shadows, has invited academic activist Ebro x Kendi. To speak at its teach professional development conference this week, folks, that guy is toxic sewage, he broom, Kennedy literally teaches people to hate each other and hate themselves. Terrible. The Biden Education Department referenced candy in April when it proposed a rule to establish priorities for grants in American history and civics education programs that incorporate critical race theory based criteria such as the 1619 project, quote, as the scholar is, Abraham x. Kennedy has expressed, quote, an anti racist idea is any idea that suggests the racial groups are equals, in all their apparent differences, that there is nothing right or wrong with any racial group. The Biden Education Department stated during his discussion with members of AfD Kennedy said, quote, to be anti racist is to admit the times, which were being racist, to be racist is to constantly consistently deny, deny, deny, like Donald Trump. Wow. Did you see the trap at the end there? To be racist is to deny, deny, deny? Do you see there's no way out. If you truly are not a racist and deny being a racist, it does not matter. CRT teaches that you should be viewed as a racist regardless of your personal views and be treated as such. These these are horrifying and racist viewpoints and ideologies that are infecting schools and fixing companies and our bloated federal government as well. So face the truth, the government is trying to hold people accountable who stand in the way of this hostile takeover via an infectious virus like ideology. Schools are teaching our kids to hate themselves and rat out their parents to the government. So be careful not to offend your co worker or the corporate diversity and equity squad may come make your job disappear. Unless you bend the knee and kiss the ring. Of course, the mainstream media is lying to your friends and family calming them telling them everything's going to be okay. They look at you strange, they repeat the mantra Hey, calm down, you sound crazy. Everything's going to be okay. movies, television, social media, brands and bands. They're convincing multitudes of kids to question their sexuality, their gender, their parents, and even their God. Somebody runs the mainstream media folks. Somebody runs the movie production studios in the television studios. last podcast we talked about the crooked kings of big tech and social media. Not every kid falls for it. Not every family falls apart. Not everyone gets fired or disappears. But a generation goes by and and another

and maybe even another for enough Patriots are stubborn. So the years now 2060 for our rights. They've slowly dwindled year by year by year as future Generations just forgot the old ways. You've seen idiocracy. Freedom is forgotten, because it's been redefined. So in this history, I'm 79 years old. By watching horror we watch in over, the United States elects its first real dictator into power. Those elections soon fall apart the Congress, the Senate full of his or her or its disciples begin enacting laws and dissolving rights, our precious constitution is destroyed. And whatever hope of freedom we had left is gone for ever, a world of suffering awaiting our children's children's children. So my friends all over the United States, especially those in the safe, deep red flyover country. If you're not already, we need you to start opening your mouth. We need you to keep opening your mouths, we need you to keep pushing back locally, your representatives count in the big fight. We need you to elect Congress people and senators with the balls to put everything on the line and literally fight evil. We need you to become active participants in the online community and spread conservative values and lessons. We need you to mentor young people. We need you to question your children's school and find out exactly what they're teaching our kids. And even more importantly, we need you to actively talk to your children and ask them about what they're learning. We need you to hold your local government, your state government and state legislatures accountable. You have that power. Do not assume that someone else is writing the letter making the phone call asking the questions or holding anybody accountable. If we all peacefully stand up, they all fall down forever. The fate of this country rests in our hands, folks. Our children are counting on us to do the right thing. Will you do the right thing?

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