American Reveille Podcast

The Brittany Spears Saves the Country Prophecy | Ep 164

July 04, 2021 James Lane Episode 164
American Reveille Podcast
The Brittany Spears Saves the Country Prophecy | Ep 164
Show Notes Transcript

In episode 164 of the American Reveille Podcast we listen to Aaron Lewis's new song "Am I the Only One?" and I take you on a journey back to 1999. I tie everything in with Brittany Spears and what could happen if she testifies before Congress (including the "Brittany the Uniter" prophecy). The question we come away with at the end of this episode is a very serious one. Are you truly free this Independence Day in the United States of America?

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Ladies and gentlemen there's a country singer that used to be a rock singer that's now a country singer go figure Hootie and the blowfish did that to various Rucker but Aaron Lewis for those who don't know him, he made a song wrote a song and it's a very good song not everybody likes country music and I'm not asking you to enjoy country music but I am going to ask you to listen to the lyrics I'm going to play it as the intro to the podcast I'm demonetised everywhere and YouTube refuses to monetize me so it's not like it's gonna get pulled from monetization since I'm not expecting to make any money so I would at least appreciate you guys appreciating me putting my neck out there by taking a couple minutes and listening to this song before we hit the intro and we go into the podcast Happy Fourth of July guys.

Am I the only one, here tonight
Shakin' my head, thinkin' somethin' ain't right
Is it just me? Am I losin' my mind
Am I standin' on the edge of the end of time

Am I the only one? Tell me I'm not
Who thinks they're takin' all the good we got
And turnin' it back, hell, I'll be damned
I'm turnin' into my old man

Am I the only one, still willin' to bleed
Or take a bullet for bein' free
Screamin', "What the fuck!" at my TV
For tellin' me, are you tellin' me
That I'm the only one, still willin' to fight
For my love of the red and white
And the blue, burnin' on the ground
As a statue's comin' down in a town near you

Watchin' the threads of Old Glory come undone
Am I the only one?

Am I the only one not brainwashed?
Makin' my way through the land of the lost
Who still gives a shit, and worries 'bout his kids
As they try to undo all the things he did?

Am I the only one who can't take no more
Screamin', "If you don't like it there's the fuckin' door"
It's not the freedom we've been fightin' for
It was somethin' more, yeah, it was somethin' more
I'm not the only one, willin' to fight
For my love of the red and white
And the blue, burnin' on the ground
As a statue's comin' down in a town near you

Watchin' the threads of Old Glory come undone
I'm not the only one
I can't be the only one

Am I the only one, quit singin' along
Every time they play a Springsteen song

Am I the only one, still sittin' here
Holdin' my... holdin' back my tears
For the ones who paid with the lives they gave
God bless the U.S.A
I'm not the only one, willin' to fight
For my love of the red and white
And the blue, burnin' on the ground
As a statue's comin' down in a town near you

Watchin' the threads of Old Glory come undone
I'm not the only one

I can't be the only one

So, I don't think I'm the only one either that gets a little teary eyed listening to that song. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Episode 164 of the American revenue podcast. And I know, we can all relate to that feeling like everything is coming apart, ladies and gentlemen, but I have good news for you on this glorious Independence Day, we are far from falling apart. In fact, we have just begun to fight.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are as the song put it, coming undone the poison of critical race theory and the power of the elites that seek to benefit from the destruction of the individual American have crept into every crack and crevice of the American society. This fourth of July, I aim to enlighten you in exchange for a little bit of your precious time, your most important commodity and to be clear, buy most important and most valuable commodity and currency we are talking about, again, your time. This is Episode 164 of the American revenue podcast Happy Independence Day. I'm James Lane, and we're going to have a little bit of fun with this episode are closing in on a very, very, very serious note. And before we do that, I want to just say real quick for those who are our longtime listeners.

If you are wondering why I sound different, I've been ill and sick for like 10 days. That's why we even that podcast coming out. That's why we haven't had a lot of announcements. I've literally been in bed for 10 days. And because I was sick and it wasn't COVID. So get off me. But because I was sick. I'm not trying to extend my voice. And so that gives me a chance to try out some different methods and see if people like it a little bit better. So with that, I want to talk about the song that we played before I rolled the intro. And so for some context, that was Aaron Lewis, and I'm going to blow your mind. If you're getting old like me, and I'm 36 I want to take you back to the family value store from Biloxi, Mississippi, back in good old 1999. And did you ever think you'd miss 1999 I didn't either. But that was Fred Durst from limp biscuit. You know, the guy who did it all for the cookie and Aaron Lewis from a band that plays in the soundtrack of my first year of high school stained. And if you don't remember him yet, and only know him from the country music scene, and sit back and enjoy the trip. Because if you are anything like me, you're about to time travel. I want you to check out this music video and if you didn't remember before, this is really going to jog your memory and then you're going to go What the hell that guy became a country singer and is now influencing pop culture today. beating out Taylor Swift on the charts as of today with the song that you heard playing on the intro that is not a lie. That is the truth. Look up. This is Aaron Lewis from stained and the song is out side.

I feel old already.


I can say,

say to come

inside you

can see.


Okay, again, I've got to stop this with Fred Durst talking. Look, not everything was perfect 1999 especially not Fred Durst, limp biskit stained or, or who creed who.

But, man oh man, it sure was a hell of a lot better than today. It really was, you know, I had a conversation with my best friend the other day and I asked him point blank, if you would have ever thought it would be our generation that would have to save the country. And at many other points in history, we would have laughed at the very notion of something so egotistical and self righteous, but at this point in history, his laugh was that of a kind of nervous agreement. And, you know, I want to put out a couple bullet points from 1999 just for shits and giggles. So those folks a little bit older than me remember y2k and everybody with a few dollars panicking, panicking in 1999. I kind of remember that too. I didn't have many dollars, but I do remember and this is going to be a little silly but I do remember watching the debut of why to Jay Chris Jericho in the World Wrestling Federation. And while everybody was watching who wants to be millionaire I, I was watching everyone around me become blink 182 fans blankly wondering what's my age again? Oh, I wrote that in there too. In one of my first acts of rebellious freedom, I made sure to download as many Metallica songs as possible through Napster just to spite Lars alrik. Some people know what I'm talking about. Many of you did the same thing. This is 1999 I'm talking about and why do I mention so much pop culture? I just I feel like pop culture defined that year. I feel like as that as that stage of my life was happening. Those were my worries. And I don't think I'm alone in that feeling. At least in my age group. Remember I said I'm 36 so things were not perfect in the world. things were happening. Bill Clinton was acquitted during his impeachment. Oh and heart died falling off the rafters in Kansas City, Missouri. So look, Pro Wrestling was really popular in 1999. At least in my house, it was corn you remember corn limp, biscuit, steamed, old school m&m, not this new woke m&m, the Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears, you know, used to wonder about the miracles of the future. And now like many of you I I long for the past. So in the spirit of the past, and inspired by individual liberty, I decided to stop being a lazy jackass and actually write the Fourth of July episode that you're hearing now that you're watching now because I believe it is important to not because I didn't believe the others weren't important. I've just been so friggin busy that maybe, just maybe I lost sight a little bit. But I believe ladies and gentlemen that the future is in our hands. So I have a strange long shot theory, something that has a point 00000001 chance of ever happening, but I figure with everything that's transpired over the last few years. I wouldn't be surprised at this point. If the Loch Ness Monster was real, and aliens run the government. If we wait a couple more years, it will just be illegal aliens running the government and that will come true. But anyway, I'm going to read you an article about Britney Spears. That's where we're going with this. And then I'm going to try and convince you of a teeny tiny possibility that through her struggle, alright, that through her struggle, this is a small possibility. She could somehow wake up this country and help cleanse the rest of the Washington swamp. Though I do not expect this to happen. I did find it fun to think about and at the end, this will all lead to a greater point. So I call this next section of the show. Brittany, the uniter

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from Fox five Ladies and gentlemen, it's reps green AND gates invite Britney Spears to testify before Congress about conservatorship. Alright, this article is important. It means something when we talk about this theory I have next it's going to tie in and you need to hear about it even if you think you already know you don't. So let's read and then let's go forward. All right, this is by Fox five Atlanta. This was published the other day, ladies and gentlemen, for members of Congress, including rep Marjorie Taylor green of Georgia and rep Matt gates of Florida. I've invited pop icon Britney Spears to testify before Congress, quote, you've been mistreated by America's legal system. We want to help reads the opening letter. All right, it reads dated June 30. Its address to Spears posted to the Florida republicans website, quote, the United States Congress should hear your story and be inspired to by partisan action. What happened to you should never happen to any other American Congress can make things better, and you can inform our policy decisions. If you will speak to Congress. We're ready to listen. Did you ever think that you would hear about Britney Spears being invited to Congress? It's a very strange thing that's happening, isn't it? It's a very strange thing that's going on in this country, but it's something that I have been predicting, and it's something we'll keep talking about after we read a little bit more Spears on Wednesday, she lost her battle to have her father removed from his role as conservator of her state. despite widespread public support and an impassioned plea to the court last week. Spears court appointed lawyer that's problem Sam Ingram asked the court to replace Jamie Spears with the Bessemer trust, currently a coke conservator. According to TMZ, Ingram had hinted at the move last week after rare public remarks from the singer who asked if her statements to a Los Angeles courtroom could be shared publicly. In the address to the court she described her father, Jamie Spears, as abusive as bullying. I shouldn't be in a conservatorship. This is a quote, If I can work and provide money and work for myself and pay other people. She told judge Brenda Penny quote, it makes no sense. Does that make sense? Does it make sense that if you can pay people, you can make money forced to make money paid people make a living, and other people are living off that living and you have no choice in the matter? If you are 100%, disabled, and you are considered so incapable of making decisions, someone else has to make them for you. How are you allowed to work? I don't think that makes much sense. And so Britney Spears doesn't either. She said she currently works constantly. She's surrounded by an entire staff on her payroll, but isn't even allowed to control her own fortune. What state allows people to own another person's money and accountant threaten them in saying you can't spend your money unless we do what we want you to do. She asked the judge and I'm paying them. Right so so she's saying that she's being forced to follow certain rules, and to go along with certain things and to do certain things or she will not be allowed to touch her money. Spend time with our kids. Trust me. There's all kinds of crazy stuff going on here. Says Jamie Spears has been in control of his daughter's $16 million fortune since 2007. She also accused her conservators of preventing her from removing a contrast or a contraceptive device. Whatever happened to that my body my choice stuff, ladies. Everybody should be up in arms about this. Jamie Spears has since contended in court papers filed late Tuesday. That Spears comments in court last Wednesday, quote made a number of serious allegations regarding how she has been treated during the conservatorship and raise serious concerns about her ongoing care. Asking for court to review the paperwork and this is a copy digital copy of this letter that was sent to miss Britney Spears. This is a big deal. All right. And the letter continues. Alright, this letter like we said from Matt gates, from Marjorie Taylor Greene from Burgess Owens, Randy Biggs, it continues with quote, we've been following your conservatorship battle with deep concern. We can see the struggle and torment that you were enduring. We could see the obvious financial, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of your conservatives. quote the federal courthouse

was close to you, and to too many Americans. Your story is so powerful, and the admiration of your achievements so great. And perhaps only you can blow that door wide open, giving hope to millions. Your life, liberty and happiness have been taken from you. Please take advantage of the empowerment that public congressional testimony can unlock. Quote, you owe nothing to anyone. You deserve to live a life of freedom and to choose your own path. Many others have used their fame to advocate social sorry to advance a social, political and criminal justice reform. We hope you'll choose to accept our invitation to express your interest in speaking to Congress and to America. For the sake of the justice you and many Americans deserve. Your life story. And tremendous performing talent has continued to inspire people all over the world. We stand ready for your reply. We hope that you will express interest in sharing your story, quote, We stand with you Brittany, whatever you decide hashtag free Brittany, no, it doesn't say hashtag free, Brittany, but this is very serious. This was signed again by Representative Biggs, Representative Owens, Representative green AND gates. It says no word from Spears, or the representatives on if Spears plans to accept the invitation. But folks, she really, really, really should. You know, I was joking around with a friend the other week. And I said, wouldn't it be funny if Britney Spears went to Congress with her case and somehow brought sensibility back to this country? What do I mean? Many of us don't agree on many issues yet. Most of us agree that at the very least most people should be allowed to pursue happiness, how they want as long as it's in their own space and mine, not yours. The big disagreement between cultures in this country can literally be broken down in a very, very simple way. who gets what percentage of pursuit of happiness in this country compared to another? At least that's what the elites want you to think. The truth is that there are so many people in this country at so many different income levels that the media and big tech have a very easy time manipulating you manipulating cultures manipulating subcultures against each other, based upon their belief of what or who gets what percent of freedom and happiness. Lately, people of all income levels, people who do not normally they don't normally relate to one another, they found it very difficult to disagree about the individual rights and liberties of Britney Spears. Now, Brittany, is not someone who seems educated on politics, and she's been known to spout off pro left wing talking points from time to time. But that isn't the point. You have to ask yourself a question. Which if you don't agree with the answer, means you may be a socialist. So the question is as follows. If you earn $16 million, and happened to be a little eccentric, or even a tad bit crazy, and you make money, and you pay people and you work,

to the same people of the world, the same people do they get to come force you into modern day serfdom? Did they get to come tell you what to do to come take your money, your freedom, your life?

This is a question that affects the entire spectrum of the right from libertarian to conservative and even speaks to the few moderate democrats hiding out in the shadows, folks. So again, if you don't believe in the importance of these questions, and you don't think or care about it happening to you, and you're most likely a socialist, or radical, more radical socialist, look, things are starting to get very confusing for regular people. This is true. Everything I'm about to say is true. Biological male athletes identifying as females and ungrateful America haters. They're allowed to compete in the Olympics while a toke of weed to get you disqualified, even if you just found out that your mother passed away. Radical trans males attacking women in front of a Los Angeles spa for women. Apparently, it's okay now to hit a woman if you identify as a woman, but are ma'am. Elected democrats calling for the death of Israel. gas price is shooting to over $4 a gallon if you're in the flyover states. I'm not lying. I'm in Washington State and I paid well over $4 for regular just yesterday, folks, just yesterday, Bill Cosby goes free, opens the door to Harvey wine

Steam going free opens the door to galane Maxwell going free, all kinds of things are going to come out of what happened with Cosby and how it was prosecuted. I mean, you can only spray paint a turd and call it gold for so long. People are starting to see the bullshit for what it is. And what it is, is that stuff is falling apart, literally falling apart. Did you know that apparently Britney Spears dad used to parade around the house proclaiming I am Britney Spears after he was awarded conservatorship, they force her apparently to work seven days a week, 10 hours a day under the threat that if she doesn't, she won't be allowed to see her children or her boyfriend. To know that this could happen to someone in the United States is something that's so shocking that it wakes people up to the reality that patriots like you and I have seen for a long time now. So as an exercise in Visio visualization I want you to imagine for a moment Britney Spears accepts the invitation and speaks before Congress. Mr. beers then proceeds to give a riveting speech, which reminds people about how delicate their freedoms actually are. constructs of wokeness and critical race theory across the United States begin to crumble as people decide they won't put up with it anymore. They're just not going to take it 2022 rolls around. And the democrats they lose the house. They lose the Senate to dozens and dozens and dozens of new fresh faced patriots ready to do the right thing for the people of the country ready to fight. The moms and dads speaking out at school board meetings they multiply exponentially. Some companies facing bankruptcy amid mass boycotts, they begin to abandon their woke ways while others go down with the ship. Bye bye. Yes, things do get a little tense for a bit as the elites pulling the strings turn up the heat on us cybercrime is going to increase, riots increase inflation increases. A big crash could even occur with millions fleeing from traditional currency to gold, silver, and crypto once again, at least once again for gold and silver crypto, the new frontier, something talked about on another show all together, states across the country solidify their local voting laws, ensuring accuracy, ensuring accountability, ensuring integrity. 2024 rolls around, and lo and behold, the story gets even stranger. We've held them on we've held them off long enough. And ladies and gentlemen, the new and reigning 47th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, and also take Ron to Santas, we'll have to see what happens anyway, he comes in and fires every head of intelligence out there, you're fired. All you you're fired, you're fired. You're fired. eff you all you're all fired are no more playing around this time, the big agencies are cleaned up and the heads of an Tifa the heads of BLM the heads of all these Marxist organizations that are arrested as the organization and a woke nightmare fizzles away into the memories of a dissident American past. We see fox breaking news coverage one morning of a raid a raid on the clinton estate. And there's subsequent night vision arrest what grand means we will have Okay, everybody Wake up Wake up. could this happen? Sure. Am I saying this will happen? No, no, no, not at all. It's just something to imagine something to fantasize about something to think about. I just wanted to take you on a trip and I took you on this trip back to 1999 and enlightened you to the plight of Britney Spears using the song Am I the only one by Aaron Lewis played at the beginning of this podcast to set you up for a question? A simple question, ladies and gentlemen. And that question is, Are you free? I'll say it again. Are you free? On this Independence Day? Are you free? Think about it. Let me know. Hey, folks, can you do me a favor? I'd really appreciate it if you'd head over to me. We that's me w And you can find me there at American underscore Rivoli that's right at American underscore Reveley. It's very, very simple. That's our Evie II, l l, e, that's me and You can find it below in the description section. I'm really trying to get you guys to get

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