American Reveille Podcast

Chicago "DYKE MARCH": A Festival of Anti-Semitism, Racism, and Hate | Ep 163

June 24, 2021 James Lane Episode 163
American Reveille Podcast
Chicago "DYKE MARCH": A Festival of Anti-Semitism, Racism, and Hate | Ep 163
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In episode 163 of the American Reveille Podcast, we discuss the Chicago "Dyke March" and its connection to antisemitism, racism, and hate.  There is a big problem in this country and it involves causes. Instead of just being about the LGBT community, this march is about hating America and hating Israel...just look at the propaganda they put out. This is what our children are learning. They are getting drawn in by a cause and then indoctrinated into a cult of hate. 

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, this is Episode 163 of the American Reveley podcast. And now apparently, since the LGBT community is radicalized, it's absolutely okay. At the Chicago dyke March Don't take me off YouTube or banned me off the internet. That's what it's called. I'm reading it from their flyer, the Chicago dyke March. They are promoting women burning Israeli and American flags, because that has to do with LGBT rights. Right? Yeah, there's a problem in this country. The problem is, is you're mixing liquor. All right. All right. You're mixing liquor. And you know what happens when you mix liquor, you get sick. There's a great comedian, jim breuer that has that old comedy bit about the bouncer in the stomach and mixing all the liquor and getting kicked out and then you're throwing up, that's what's happened to this country. All right. There are people that legitimately just want to forward LGBT rights. But now they got to go and deal with the burning of American and Israeli flags, you know, and if you're not part of that, then you're not part of the click. Ladies and gentlemen, there's a lot of shady, dirty, dark manipulation going on. It makes me sick, and we're gonna talk about it next.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 163 of the American revelry podcast have Lori Lightfoot Chicago wasn't bad enough. The Chicago dyke March promo features women burning Israeli and American flags. Dun, dun, dun, did you ever think that there would be a time in this country where you would see American and Israeli flags being burned and stomped upon all over this country, not just by pro Palestinian martyrs, but look, these are people in the LGBT community. These are young men and women, some very, very established in in what they know to be true about their sexuality. And some just confused statistically, I'm correct. I'm not dogging anybody, not everybody knows who they are, what they are and what they want at any given point in their life. Straight gay lmnop QRS D, whatever you are. All right. Look, I'm very socially libertarian. All right. I really don't care what you do with your life. Just stay off my effing lawn. Plain and simple. But here's the thing when you go when you marched through cities, and you pretend that you're doing it for LGBT rights, okay, but you're burning Israeli and American flags, what you're really doing is tricking low information people, people that think they're coming to support a cause to further the movements that may help lessen discrimination for LGBT folks. Right? Right. There are some folks out there, they just want to live their life and do their thing. And hey, I respect that. Enjoy. All right, there's this world is a huge place, and everybody deserves to be happy. But the problem is, is people are shoving their belief system down our throat. Alright, so we have to say, Hey, we support the LGBTQ community, right? We have to say that apparently a lot of people have even at your job. It's been required for a long time. God forbid you come out and say anything against that. Even if it's your religion, you'll probably lose your job. It's been like that like a decade. But here's the thing. There's no room for details for separating the details and doing it in a scientific way. Because I can't say hey, I support LGBT rights. But I don't support you know, burning Israeli flags. Oh, that's BS. You're a racist. You don't support the movement if you don't pledge to everything to rNr kissed death freakin cult. If you don't pledge to the burning of America to support LGBTQ rights, then you must be a racist bigot white privileged cisgendered I have no idea. I've run out my my us are coming out. All right, that is a chain a human Caterpillar human Caterpillar, a human centipede like chain of us, because I am out of descriptions for this person. I'm out of it. I'm a that looks like a militant Smurf. She looks like a militant Smurf holding a Red Rocket popsicle. That's what she looks like to me guys. If you're being a good boy and girl. All right, and you are enjoying this show. Alright, and you'd like Santa Claus to come down your chimney this year and give you a gift and not put coal in your stockings. I have no idea why use a North Pole reference but why not do me a favor. Could you please hit the like button? I'm trying real hard. Hit the like button hit the subscribe button notification bell please. share, leave a comment, talk to me be a part of this community. Let's build it. This is the American Revolution. We're trying to do the best we can here, follow along. All right, we have a huge wall of censorship that we are fighting to get through and we need your help. So share talk about this. All right, do everything you can do to press forward the American Reveley movement. let your friends know your family know tell your goldfish. Tell your journal. If you have a ferret that's trained to go out into the wilderness and spread news tell that news spreading ferret that the American Revolution is here and here to stay all right. Hey, this is my show. And in my fantasy world of news spreading ferrets exist. They exist and it's good enough for me Listen, all right, if they can be whatever they want. I can be a mythical ferret herder in my in my fantasy world, since we all apparently live in Narnia Now, listen to me guys. All right. Take some CBD oil.

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one bottle ancient life oil AMC iemt life oil calm promo code James. Free Shipping and handling Alright, you've given me the five star rating if you're on Apple podcast you've shared you've liked you've hit that subscription button that notification bell right you've looked at what we have to offer you go on to the social media American underscore revel You followed me everywhere. you've subscribed to the newsletter, you better subscribe to the newsletter. You've done all that. Alright, you're ready for the Reveley to rev on guys. Let's read Chicago dyke March promo features woman burning Israeli and American flags. When I show you this cartoon, you're gonna vomit in your mouth. It really, it really it looks like it smells like a Turkish whorehouse. Let me breed, the Chicago dyke March, which in 2017, came under fire for kicking out Jewish marchers. Oh, all the way back to 2017. Guys, red flags, is promoting its upcoming gay parade. With a cartoon showing a scantily clad woman burning the Israeli and American flags. That is lovely. That is so good for kids. Gosh, I just want my children to look at that and think to themselves, I mean, what would Churchill think? I mean, gosh, I mean, what would MacArthur think? I mean, I mean, I just can't Oh, my God. I mean, I don't understand. I don't understand what the two things have to do with each other. What does Israel have to do with LGBT? q? lmnop? writes, I don't know. And I don't it's I don't even care. I know, I can't care because it's not logical. There's no reason whatsoever, you should mix the stuff. Alright, fight for your own struggle so that when people think they're supporting you, they know that that's what they get. Not all the crap written in the small print. In the fine print guys. They kicked out Jewish martyrs in 2017. Like I said, red flag. They're promoting their gay parade. They're promoting it with a scantily clad woman burning the Israeli and American flags. The image posted on the organizers Instagram page, in a promotional ad showed the cartoon woman waving and burning the flags atop a car that's also a flame. That is a really bad description. I'm going to describe it when we go down Instagram removed to the post for violating its regulation against hate speech or symbols and warned that it would delete the group's account. The allgemeiner reported Oh wow, look, Instagram doing its job. Look at this frickin flyer. Let me zoom in guys. How disgusting and that's everywhere kids see this? Chicago dyke March abolition now. Look at that. That looks like Kyle's mom from South Park who's Jewish with Oh, that cellulite pockmarked, but that says ACB that stands for all cops are what bad or bastards are bitches or something like that. That's some left wing ridiculousness look the burning flags. And that is Burning cop car Ladies and gentlemen, flat tires and a crashed hood meaning it crashed and it's on fire. And the dyke March, participants are claiming victory to the death of the police. It says Chicago PD on the side and the burning American and Israeli flag. If you have LGBT kids, if you're accepting of that, in your walk of life in your community, if your children are young enough, if they are in their teens, or even in their 20s, this is what they're supporting. Do you think they know they're supporting that? There's a lot of people that think that they're just supporting people's right to do what they want in the privacy of their own home and be left alone. But unfortunately, that's the big lie that they peddle. to average hardworking Americans. People will go oh, you know, the the LGBT community, they just want to be left alone, let them do their thing. But you see, there's a lot of folks among that community. All right, that besmirch any peace loving people, they radicalize things, they make things difficult, you can't be just associated with with the rights and freedoms of an individual to do what they want in this country. No, you have to be associated with that plus, dominating and taking over the patriarchy plus stripping whites of all their rights plus, blaming things spreading propaganda plus what's happening in Israel Plus, you know, free the freakin whales plus the climate Plus, it just it's all in one package. That's why we're so divided. You can't separate anything. You can't debate anything. It's all or nothing and this frickin flyer sums it up perfectly. That's the left right there Ladies and gentlemen, the left is a 300 pound woman with her tits out facing in the other direction with her big cellulite but that says all cops are bastards on her ass burning an American and Israeli flag while twerking on top of a burning Chicago PD car. That is your future with the left wing policies and lawlessness of the Biden administration. That is your future. If you kill conservatism, folks. It's about balance, not about domination. And right now they're looking for war. That's what they're looking for. All right. The group then responded by calling followers to capture a screenshot of the post and share to prevent any attempts by Zionist and Instagram to censor our account. Are you sure this isn't the Iranian dike march in Chicago, the dyke March posted another post with images of a yellow and orange flames superimposed on the two flags. According to the report, a third post asked if readers were tired of social media censorship, and announced that the design will be printed and wearable on this year's t shirts. Rules for the but not for me. were censored for everything were censored for sensitive for questioning. COVID were censored for asking about h CQ or ivermectin were censored for talking about the rights of religion of Jewish folks of Catholics of Christians were censored for believing in same sex marriage or for sorry for believing in heterosexual marriage. And for believing in in in anti abortion beliefs. were censored for everything that goes along with with with anything between libertarianism and conservatism, anything on that spectrum? All right. My wife is pro life. She can't talk about that she'll get censored. So get censored. It's but they can talk about anything. They can say Zionist and and talk about putting this on T shirts. They can sit here and say that they're tired of censorship. I've watched posts upon posts upon post views just be erased from my page. By YouTube. I've literally watched my audience get cut in half and more by censorship. They can I get emails all the time wondering why I quit. I didn't quit. I do this every day. They can't see me. But God forbid if I was talking crap about Israel, everybody would see it. Everybody would see it. They are trying to manipulate and condition and brainwash our young people. Ladies and gentlemen, these are red flags, a wider bridge, a nonprofit connecting American and Israeli LGBT communities said it was outraged by the promotional posts. Do you see that? They connect LGBT communities. They're LGBT groups that literally are peace loving and don't want any of this garbage. They want to be left the hell alone so that they can just have the right to live their life and be happy without persecution, or people freaking judging them and in whatever way, you know. And I get that people want to live their life that's a libertarian and me I get that. All right. I'm not overly religious. I get it. But it's not my business. It's not me. to judge the Bible, the Torah, it all says God's the judge, jury and executioner. So I don't judge that ain't my job. I feel that that's the greatest sin of mankind is us judging each other. The problem is they take that on the left, and then they cross it with all these other things. So if you don't judge this or you don't judge that or you're doing that, they expect you to go in some crazy, radical direction. They lump everything together. You can't do that. That's not how it works. It ain't black and white and ain't one and zero. It's a spectrum. It's a rainbow Ladies and gentlemen, it's a whole conglomeration of different things. All right, they have to be pieced apart, and you have to talk about them separately. LGBT rights have nothing to do with the struggle for Palestinians or for Israelis in the Middle East has nothing to do with that. All that has to do with is radicalism. All that has to do with is anarchie chaos, destruction and death. That is an excuse to burn down this system. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what they are doing. All right. While those symbols have seemingly since been removed, the message remains the same, unless we hear Otherwise Otherwise that dikes who wish to attend the dyke March must choose between their identities, the group said we refuse to choose. In 2017 the Chicago dyke March rejected three participants, one of whom was then a regional director for a wider bridge for carrying flags featuring the Star of David over an LGBT rainbow. The dyke March is supposed to be intersectional. I don't know why my identity is excluded from that.

I feel that as a Jew, I'm not welcome here. Iranian Jew, Eleanor, Shani Anderson, one of the Chicago marchers. She was kicked out she said that at the time, the market responded by saying that it is explicitly not anti semitic, we are anti Zionist. See, they muddle up words. They muddle up stuff. Oh, we're not against Jews, but we're against the make believe concept that Jews run the world. Yeah, you're full of it. You're idiots. They're they're racists. They're anti Semites. It's the same thing. They got to stop pretending they use big words and try to confuse people all right, they were anti semitic. This Chicago dyke March collective supports the Liberation of Palestine and all oppressed people everywhere. from Palestine to Mexico border walls have to go that is ridiculous. Okay. All right. Good luck with your socialist utopia, New World Order. wet dream of world unity, you dumb son of a bitch. The algemeiner quoted Arthur slepping, then executive director of a wider bridges saying the response, at least as heinous or Li or even more heinous than the original exclusion. All right. It's even worse, guys. This is freaky. It's gross. It's repugnant. All right. I respect your right to believe whatever you want to believe about the LGBT community. All right. And and and and that's completely fine with me because everybody in this country has religious freedom and viewpoints and different things like that. What I have a problem with are militant sects of any group. All right, there are militant radical psychotic LGBT folks out there right now doing bad things and giving normal LGBT people a bad name. And I'm sure many LGBT members of their community would agree to that. Alright, folks, listen. I think that even the name of the March I think all of this stuff, it sounds radical to even begin with, I think that they're looking for a fight, they're looking for trouble. They're looking to burn things down. They're looking to make the statement. And until we strengthen our judicial system, strengthen our policing again in this country, which I doubt will happen in Lori Lightfoot, Chicago, where dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of people getting shot every week. But one could hope. Listen, stay away from these things. Let these people look like idiots themselves. Keep fighting. keep spreading the good word, keep opening your mouth, keep participating in local politics. All right, if your town isn't into this sort of thing, get together with local politics and make sure it doesn't happen in your town. All right, or if if people from this community are hurting good people from from from a minority community, or from an LGBT community in your town, you can also speak up and call out the other sex you can call out the hypocrisy Ladies and gentlemen, that is something we're missing in this country. Nobody's calling out the hypocrisy call a spade, a spade pointed out. All right, this person, this cartoon person that looks like Kyle's mom from South Park with her with her torque suit on and her titties out, her belly bulging, and her frickin and her ash. Shaking on top of a burning Chicago police squad car with a burning American flag and Israeli flag. This person is a ridiculous human. All right. And in the end, all right, God will judge these people.

God will judge these people. That's not our job. Our job is to fight for our beliefs, fight for freedom, and do it by getting involved in politics by opening our mouth by being a voice for the people who are afraid to speak people are waking up across this country. It's your turn. It's your turn. Folks, this has been Episode 163. Now you know about the Chicago dyke March a thing that I bet most of you didn't even know existed until I brought it up and that most other places aren't really covering. I like to cover a lot of the stories that other people won't touch. I'm not Ben Shapiro. I'm not Tim. Tim Poole. I'm not a alex jones All right, I'm my own flavor stuff. And I do the best I can to bring you unique content and other things that you don't see on the the bigger shows if you enjoy what I do do me a favor, please go down into the description section. And consider given me a donation that donation goes right into the American revenue LLC. And I use it to upgrade our equipment to do promo stuff to expand the company. I'm really trying to take this national and to make the American Reveley a big deal and make it a big entertainment media company for the right something we can really use to take control of the narrative and shifted into the right balance direction that we need to guys I need your help share this. Talk about us. If you can donate please and I appreciate that. But really share talk about it hit the LIKE SUBSCRIBE button, give us the ratings do everything you can to spread the word about the American Revolution podcast, I'm not quitting. I'm not going anywhere. God willing, we will make this thing huge and you will come along for the ride if you want to support us in a different way. Like I said before, ancient life oil is the sponsor of this episode, go to ancient life oil calm, get yourself some of their amazing, amazing CBD oil. Alright guys, and use promo code James for FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING, folks, American underscore Reveley on all of the social media. I'm on every single pretty much every single tech platform and all video platform Odyssey rumble bitch shoot gab TV I'm everywhere American underscore Reveley. Thank you guys so much for watching this episode, and I'll see you on episode 164 of the American Revolution podcast. Bye.

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