American Reveille Podcast

Democrat “For the Cheaters Act,” Defeated in the Senate | Ep 162

June 23, 2021 James Lane Episode 162
American Reveille Podcast
Democrat “For the Cheaters Act,” Defeated in the Senate | Ep 162
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In episode 162 of the American Reveille Podcast, we discuss HR1, the "For the Peoples Act" which would have literally legalized Democrat cheating during elections. Senate Republicans came together and stopped this phase of the radical takeover. Make no mistake, this is a big win for the real people, but we aren't out of the water quite yet. 

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 162 of the American Revolution podcast and a great great great episode indeed because this is the one where I tell you about how the turtle actually came through. That's right turtle neck. mcgillicuddy Oh, Mitch McConnell pulled the republicans together and Woody, you know, we some how stopped the four of the people act. That's right ladies and gentlemen, the act that it would have passed would have made sure that nobody on the right ever held any position of power ever again, an act that would have institutionalized cheating forever in the United States of America. It is d O, a dead on arrival, ladies and gentlemen, dead on arrival. Thank God. Let's talk about that next.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here Episode 162 of the American Revolution podcast. What's up guys? How you guys doing? What is going on? I am I'm doing my thing. I don't know what to tell you. I'm a little hungry. I had a CT scan the other day. We'll figure out what the hell's going on. I've been nauseous for a while. My doctor thinks I have that hiatal hernia, that rolling hiatal hernia. What? What? Yep, that's what I'm talking about. We'll figure it out. In a couple days. Other than that, I'm just rolling man like a steamroller, doing my thing, trying to blast through that wall of censorship. And if you want to help me, blast through that wall of censorship, I'd really, really appreciate it. You know, you can do something really, really easy. It's as simple as liking this video, sharing this video. It's as simple as making sure you're subscribed, making sure you hit the notification bell and making sure if you're not seeing us in the feed. If you've done that, because of the censorship, the censorship rolls down, and even if you're subscribed, some folks complain they can't see our episodes or hear our episodes. Do me a favor, go into the description section, subscribe to the newsletter, you'll get a convenient recap weekly, bi weekly, you'll get some good stuff from us. And that's also where we announce any contests. And eventually, in the very, very near future. Within the next month or two, we will get that sticker competition up and running. Like I said, we've just been getting a lot of roadblocks that I've had to plow through plow through plow through plow through Ladies and gentlemen, do me a favor. All right. Like I said, Share, Like Subscribe, notification bell, leave a comment. If you're listening on Apple podcast, give me that five star rating. write a review. Guys. I can't get through the censorship wall without you. So I need you to share the American Revolution. I need you to talk about the American Revolution. I need you to help me build this community. All right, I'm not the best at that. I need help. I need your help guys. I'm counting on you. So please, please, please look at mitch mcconnell. Look at this picture. He's literally he looks like what was that was that the first x men movie where they gave that dude, that vaccine or whatever, and he started melting. That's what mitch mcconnell looks like. He literally looks like Alex Mack melting into a puddle. That's what he looks like. He's a turtle. He's I think maybe his skin is so thin on his neck, that it blows up like a balloon, almost like a bullfrog. And that's how you know that's how you know mitch mcconnell is looking for a mate. He gets up on his balcony and he's or her I can't do any I don't know. I don't know. I tried I thought in my head when I just came up with that joke. That I'd be able to do some sort of like like there that's what I that's the noise I was trying to go for. He gets up on his balcony and

I think it fills up with air I think it's some sort of self defense or meeting call thing I don't know. Probably not a mating call. That's not that probably hasn't worked for years. It really Dear God, that's probably why his hands were purple that one day. Listen, guys. All right. Do me a favor, and Mitch McConnell should do this too. All right. Look at him. He looks like hammered. dogshit. All my veteran brothers and sisters know what I'm talking about there. Mitch McConnell looks like hammered. dogshit. Maybe he's a little too stressed. Maybe he needs something with some anti aging benefits, something to help his joint pain, something to help the stress. Well, ladies and gentlemen, have I got something amazing to tell you about Mitch. You should listen up, folks. I don't know how that affects your security clearance. But listen, CBD oil. All right. It's all the craze. It's been all the craze because it works and my sponsor ancient life oil. It is amazing. It is an amazing CBD oil. 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And I really really, really, really, really, really, really think you should trust me on this one and try a bottle out it's not expensive and it really really works ancient life oil, ancient life oil calm. promo code Jas, free shipping and handling. The Senate blocks the democrats election power grab bill, folks, this is on Breitbart, Sean Morin wrote this June 22. Guys, this is a reason to be happy. This is a reason to celebrate. This bill was going to literally lead us into the Gulag in a couple years. And now it's literally been put off for how long I don't know but long enough to crap at least get through the 2020 do freaking. I mean, we got to take back the house. We got to take back the Senate. All right. There's a sign of things to come. And this country, the people of this country, you and I our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, we are sick and tired of being steamrolled and a van boozled run over lied to be asked and screwed over crossed and crevassed crapped on by the left, they insult our intelligence. They look at us and they lie to our face. They smile with a dagger behind their back and enough is enough, and it's time for change. Ladies and gentlemen, let's read Senate Republicans blocked a signature democrat election bill that would radically transform America's electoral system and grant the federal government more control over the country's elections. The Senate voted 5050 failing to meet the 60 vote threshold needed to advance the debate on s one the for the people act. This prevents the senate from voting on the legislation. The legislation would federalize America's electoral system federalize America's electoral system, which has drawn strong opposition from Republicans. All right. Are you ready to remember Ladies and gentlemen, this is what the for the people act did it federalized control over congressional elections, therefore, the states rights dissolve and the big government becomes King and conquer of the election system. All right, states rights go by by declare. All right, it declares that the standard state and local maintenance of election systems such as purging and eligible voters from voter rolls limiting vote by by mail, requiring voter ID and establishing rules against felons voting would erode the right devote to that means Okay, that a you no longer would be allowed at the state level to investigate or maintain the election machines. All right, no more the government does that. It then says such purging and eligible voters from voter rolls. Alright, so voter roll purging, meaning if people die, people move, people leave the state, no longer you can no longer change the voter rolls. All right. You can no longer do that having extra people in the voter rolls leaves it open to fraud, it makes it so people can pretend to be those people and put a vote in all right, if they're on the voter roll, who cares? The vote counts, even if they're dead in outer space on Elon Musk's rocket, or wherever the hell they might be in, you know, Australia finding themselves with the giant spiders and Wallabies and stuff. Who knows it's crazy. Listen, requiring voter ID. All right. That's no longer going to be allowed in any state. Doesn't matter what state you're in. Doesn't matter if they allow it now, limiting vote by mail. You can't do that anymore. The government will mandate vote by mail. All right, rules against felons voting. All right. States cannot say anything any more about felons voting. All right. And it would

it's it's ridiculous. It would require all challenges to the law to be filed in the federal court. In Washington, DC, all right, these are dominated by judges appointed by Democrat presidents. All right, so no longer Could you go to the local court. If you're an alabamian, you'd have to go to Washington DC. How well would that do? That wouldn't do very well at all now, would it? No, you get the point I'm trying to make I know it's harsh, but you get the point I'm trying to make establish online and automatic voter registration, no matter what baby, big government, Big Brother, you are in the system protect illegal immigrants from prosecution if they vote. All right. So if somebody jumps to the border, and comes in votes for Biden's second term, when they have, you know, when they've put all the formaldehyde in him and done the Weekend at Bernie's Voodoo spell on him, they cannot incarcerate that illegal immigrant. They can't even go after him. He is free to run amok. Ladies and gentlemen run amok, establish same day voter registration. All right, so no checks. It's got to be done in 24 hours, miners get to vote. Ladies and gentlemen, children with undeveloped brains in the 21st century staring at social media all day. They get to vote mandate early voting. Oh, well, no, everybody's got a vote early. Now. Ladies and gentlemen got to give more time for the cheating. Establish nationwide vote by mail without a voter ID. Oh, then, you know, we're not able to verify anything, but verification is racist. Well, kworld allow ballots to be counted 10 days after the election. What's the point of an election if it's counted 10 days after that just destroys the integrity of our elections. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said again, I said ahead of the vote, that reactionary state legislatures election integrity bills, amount to voter suppression. So Chuck Schumer there, he's saying ahead of the vote, he said reactionary state legislatures, election integrity bills amount of voter suppression. What that means is he doesn't like states having rights. He doesn't think that states should be able to say anything about who does what with voting. He thinks that the federal government should control that Ladies and gentlemen, no state rights big government is a democrat government. This is Schumer on the voting bill. We have an A backslide here in the 21st century. We go into that reaction, every state legislatures drag us back into the muck of voter suppression. Are we going to let the most dishonest president in history continue to poison our democracy? Oh, look at look at E Lu. Still blaming everything on Trump. Oh, it's gonna come back to haunt you. Schumer D Schumer D shoe. Oh, what are we going to do? You're gonna shut up and sit on your butt and do nothing because your whatever? Listen, guys, guys. All right. He's dogging states rights. All right. That's all you need to know dogging states rights communism.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor ahead of the vote that the legislation legislation would serve as a Democrat power grab. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said in a statement ahead of the vote. The for the people act is another Orwellian named bill that has nothing to do with voting rights, but everything to do with consolidating democrat power and control over government and our lives. Republicans want to restore confidence in our elections by making it easy to vote but hard to GTE. Right simple concept, don't you think? It seems like democrats primarily want to make it easier to cheat just like I said, Why else would they propose eliminating voter ID laws requiring ballot harvesting and Dropbox is making the FEC a partisan agency and making it harder to maintain accurate voter files, they would also force taxpayers to help fund the campaign's of candidates they oppose. And accurate name for this monstrosity would be the for the democrat politicians activists true, it changes our taxes to make it so we have to pay for their elections. And you know, when they talk about voter IDs and people in minority and poor communities, having trouble getting IDs, I'm going to tell you as somebody from a poor community, once upon a time and still in a semi community. Those IDs if you're below a certain income, they're free Ladies and gentlemen, it's not hard when it's free, but they don't want you to know that folks, they don't want you to know the truth. Are you enjoying this so far? Are you having fun or at least having a laugh? Are you at least enthralled by the interesting pattern and tone at which I move my mouth and spread the word that is coming through these clips. Remember all listen, if you are hit that like button, hit that subscribe button, share, share, share, talk about the American Revolution, tell them they got this host that rambles on and on. And sometimes he makes some real amazing points and then sometimes I'm staring at the screen going, what the hell am I listening to? It's all part of the magic. It's all part of the magic. Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in magic in, in a in a in a young republicans heart, do you? I believe in magic and I believe that you should magically hit the like and subscribe button. Alright, listen, listen, I'm done. I'm done whacking. whacking the dog's tail here and talking to a bunch of crap. Ahead of the vote. Senator marsha blackburn said the bill would perpetuate a democrat majority and would serve as an incumbent dream. Although the vote was expected to fall short of the 60 votes necessary to clear the closure rules. Schumer held the vote anyway, Blackburn told Breitbart News that he held the vote to placate Democrats, leftist base. Blackburn said this is about positioning for him. In my opinion. He's concerned. He's concerned that he's going to have a primary challenge from AOC. Oh, that's scary. He's watching very closely what's happening on his left flank. They're trying to keep the left. Keep that the left is really in charge of the Democratic Party right now. A senator Joni Ernst said in a statement after the vote as a former local elections Commissioner in montgomery county, it's clear as day to me that this radical partisan bill isn't about democracy. It's about changing the rules and tipping the scales to favor Washington Democrats. This partisan attempt to take over America's elections would force Iowa taxpayers to pay for politicians campaigns, eliminate popular voter id requirements at the polls and put washington dc bureaucrats in charge of America's local and state run election systems. We added she added we should call this what it is a power grab. And we should fully reject it guys. I know they're talking about this a lot now. All right, but if you go back in our catalog of American Reveley podcasts, like 20 3040 episodes ago I literally went through and read like dozens and dozens and dozens of pages of the for that people act Alright, we did a whole deep dive a big three hour deep dive on the for the people act that's right ladies. And when we were talking about this first here, almost I mean months and months and months and months ago when they were banning us and shadow ban and telling us we were crazy for saying we were talking about this and now it's here now it's been taken off the table but you should know more about it because it could come to rear its ugly head in different ways. It could but for now it's been stopped the democrat power grab at least on the for the people act is over. I'm I'm scared of the bill HR five, the one that allows transgender kids to go shower in my daughter's locker room

that disturbs me as well. I'm glad the voting thing is taken care of for now. So now we need to crush the left in 2022. We need to absolutely decimate them in the polls. I know I know people are demotivated because they feel like oh, well, they're cheating Listen, then we need to overwhelm the system that needs to be so many votes that their cheating mechanism breaks. Ladies and gentlemen, we have to regain power we have to regain control. And we have to get this ship back balanced before we crash into a woke leftist iceberg Ladies and gentlemen, and the Titanic that is the Americas, the United States of America to be exact sinks to the bottom of the ocean. And then later on there's a movie made where an old lady throws a diamond into the ocean that'll be America, the United States of America the dream that was America, our American dream, our future our children's children's children's future, represented by the Hope Diamond, that that old lady should have never thrown off the boat that she should have at least take into an appraiser gotten tons of money from and left to maybe her grandkids or something cuz she's a greedy Spanish but oh wait, did I say that out loud? Don't listen to what I have to say. All I'm saying is if you don't want this country to sink to the bottom of the ocean, alright, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. What a waste, right? If you don't, you need to stand up, get involved in local politics, start looking at this stuff, sharing this stuff talking about this stuff. Know what you're talking about and defend this country from the radical ideas of the left. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much. This is Episode 162 of the American Revolution podcast If you enjoyed it, if you enjoyed how I took ridiculous crazy analogies and points and somehow weave them together to make sense at the end. Trust me there's a method to my madness. Please do me a favor go down into the description section. And if you've already liked and shared and done all that, if you can Hit the donation tab. I would really really appreciate it if you could give a couple bucks us. We only use it to benefit the American Revolution to get new equipment to upgrade our systems to fix our websites to hire help. That's what we use it for. It never goes in my pocket. I don't spend it on groceries or anything like that. It gets put into this movement and we need your help to make it grow. Like Rita repulsa from the Power Rangers Ladies and gentlemen, make this monster. Oh, I need your help to do that, folks. All right, if you can't donate and if you're in need of some CBD oil, check out the sponsor. Like I said before ancient life use promo code James that's free shipping and handling, where on all the alternate social media platforms and all the regular social media platforms, American underscore Reveley, that's our Eb di LL. e. And of course, you can always reach out to me directly for anything James Lane at American Thank you guys. I'll see on episode 163. Bye.

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