American Reveille Podcast

CCP Tortures Animals in the Name of Fake Woke Science! | Ep 161

June 22, 2021 James Lane Episode 161
American Reveille Podcast
CCP Tortures Animals in the Name of Fake Woke Science! | Ep 161
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In episode 161 of the American Reveille Podcast, we talk about how the CCP took hundreds of rats, sowed them together, implanted a uterus, and tried to make babies. Why was this disgusting Franken-Science allowed and what does it mean? I think it's the prelude to fake woke science meant to confuse our low attention span children, friends, and family. Remember, they play the long game.

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 161 of the American Reveley podcast, and the world has deteriorated to such a point where we're now doing stories on Chinese communist Frankenstein. That's right, the Chinese scientists, Chinese communist scientists, ladies and gentlemen, they're claiming to have impregnated a male rat. That's right, bringing hope to extremists among the LGBT community across the country. What do I mean by that? Well, nobody's saying this now. But I personally believe that the Chinese Communist Party they do experiments like this and they create papers like this to further Stoke division in the United States to further weaken our position in the world by making people believe that a man can get pregnant All right, listen, I'm very libertarian and my social views you do you write you do you but science is science. All right. And just like they said, in the Kindergarten Cop, Alright, boys have penises. Girls have vaginas. A woman gets pregnant, a woman gives birth to a kid got a problem with that? change the channel.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane, Episode 161 of the American revenue podcast. How you guys doing? Wonderful. How you doing today? Hey, before you do anything else, go and hit that like button, hit that subscribe button. Hit the notification bell if you're listening on Apple podcast, give me a five star rating. Please do your part. Leave a Comment, Share, share, share. The censorship wall is real. It is a thick, it's thick. It's heavy. It's almost impenetrable, but the only way all right the only way we can get through is with your help. So please share the hell out of the American revelry podcast guys Chinese scientists are claiming to impregnate male rats sorry people saw this they saw the headline for this Some people put two and two together and realize that the the trans community now I'm not talking about like traditional trans folks. I'm talking about like the militant activist trans community when they see this. They go oh look scientific proof that there's 7000 genders and you can identify as whatever you look like I said in the intro, I'm very libertarian in my views All right. The only judge in this world is God when you die. I'm not a judge. I'm not a jury. I'm not an executioner. So you you do you on your lawn? Alright, but not on my lawn. Does that make sense? As it should make sense, right? You want to go hopscotch but naked in the forest. You go hopscotch but naked in the forest over that way. All right, but not over here on my property. That's that's kind of how I see it. The problem is, is certain things are spreading scientifically like like trends. All right, things are spreading across this country, through social media. They're infecting our young people's minds, these poisonous ideas. And this just gives birth to a slew of articles that further that further infect our young people's minds. Why? Because young people today they don't want to take the time to read or research or anything. Let's look let's do a little experiment. How many of you when you saw this article, most of you saw this article today? Or in the last couple days you saw the headline Chinese scientists claim to impregnate male rat something like that, but you scrolled by it, you went oh my god, that's crazy. The Chinese people, the Communist Party, they're there they're doing the the chi matters as Alex Jones would say, the human human big guy Maris. That's how you get to orcs. You know, things like that. But, but, but you know,

not many people stop and read it. So how many of you did how many of you stopped and read it? I stopped and read it. I stopped and read it. And it's gross. It's disgusting. It's It's It's anatomy classes worst nightmare. What is it anatomy physiology one of those whatever they do to make you dissect like frogs and stuff. That's what I'm talking about. All right. Look, I didn't go to a very privileged High School. So I didn't dissect many things.

I dissected I dissected and quantified the ridiculousness of my childhood in my own little space in my mind, while everybody else was freaking out. Listen, guys, you have to understand that you have to read these things. Alright. I know a lot of you did. If you're listening to the show, and you've been listening on a consistent basis. I'm pretty sure you're smart enough to

read more than the headlines. But then again, you may be listening to this just to just to actually get through maybe you don't have time. Look, I don't know I again, I said, I'm not anybody's judge. Nobody's jury. I'm nobody's executioner. I'm just making comments just because a lot of the people that I talked to, they just don't know anything about this.

They just go What the hell? But again, if you look down look the line look down the barrel. Look look into the future, these studies are going to be used against people, they're going to be used against the the normal, you know, to gender model that that that you know the only model Yeah, exactly. Guys, listen, the Chinese culture, it's been around a long time alright. China's very very ancient. Alright, they're ancient and you know something that is also ancient but not from China. It's the sponsor of this episode. They may not be ancient, but in their name their ancient ancient life oil. Guys, guys, it's stressful to listen to this, isn't it? It's super stressful to listen to the Chinese Communist Party spreading pot propaganda that's gonna poison our children's mind while they simultaneously try to take over the entire world. And it seems that our country and everybody else is in a world called lala land and doing nothing about it. It seems hopeless. It seems like the dark cloud the shadows of Hades are looming overhead and suffocating us to death. But again, again, ancient life oil is there for you stressed I'm stressed to guys ancient life oil CBD is 100% pure CBD oil, no hallucinogenic effects. It is THC free, it doesn't have any effect other than chilling you out naturally. And what do I mean by naturally again? I mean, naturally, it's a naturally occurring plant based product. All right, that's been around for 1000s and 1000s of years humans have been using it for 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years and it has amazing anti inflammatory benefits. Amazing distressing benefits all right, nothing crazy. It's completely legal and you need to look into it ancient life oil calm a and c i e, n T. Life oil, calm use promo code James get free shipping and handling guys. I ain't kidding. Look, I got a bottle it right here. Look.

Here, boom, boom, right there. It's great stuff. Guys. I use it every day. You should to ancient life oil, calm ancient life oil, calm, ancient life oil, calm promo code Jas gets you free shipping and handling. Folks, I'm going to start reading this. Alright, we're going to get into this Chinese scientists claiming to impregnate a male rat. And the further we go into the article, the more you're going to realize what a sham This is. All right. But again, putting two and two together knowing that a lot of young people, a lot of folks in this country don't like to read past the headlines. It's going to be used as propaganda. It's going to be used to manipulate young people into believing men can get pregnant. They're not even going to read the context. They won't even read the abstract. This is by john Hayward. It came out June 21 2021. Let's read a research paper submitted by two Shanghai based scientists on June 16th described how they were allegedly able to impregnate a male rat and guide it through the delivery of 10 healthy cubs that sounds like he or not even like lifetime Entertainment Television. You remember the lifetime channel? It seemed like every single like every single movie was like a man beating a woman or every single movie was just a ridiculous thing. Even like the sci fi channel. This sounds like a sci fi channel. Non movie theater movie, a rat. A rat just just guided. The only reason I say that it would be on lifetime. All right, because it sounds like a soap opera or a telenovela. It sounds. It sounds not like a sci fi horror movie though the premise of a male rat giving birth is freaky deaky. It sounds more like look, I'll give you an example. Let me let me let me do it like this. a research paper submitted by to Shanghai based scientists on June 16. described how they were able to impregnate a male rat, this male rat, Julio, his name was Julio and he was a kind rat, a good rat. We guided him through the delivery of 10 beautiful, healthy cubs. It was it was very confusing for Julio, I mean, a male rats never given birth before but I mean, after all of the stitches and the recovery and the colonoscopy, and anyway, listen, it just sounds like a drama. Okay, it sounds like a drama. Look, I'm out of my mind. I'm sure you figured that out by now. All right. So if my mind took this paper and turn it into a drama on Lifetime Television for at women, I don't care. This paper currently in pre publication status and not yet peer reviewed is entitled A rat model of pregnancy in the male para beyond. I guess that's how you say that. China's a state run Global Times summarized how scientists were able to induce a male rat to give birth. Are you ready? Get ready, folks. All right, screw your tummy on for this one.

Male pregnancy is a unique phenomenon in Zynga Natha de which refers to embryo or fetus incubation incubation by males. However, whether male mammalian animals have the potential to conceive and get pregnant remains a mystery. So the paper first the scientists conducted a surgery to produce a heterosexual pair of biotic pair by joining. Are you ready? A castrated male rat and a female one? All right, you hear this word para biotic, do you remember?

The movie venom? Right? Where they have the symbiote and the host keeps dying because they can't find a good pair. They can't find anything that

is is what is it para? What's the word again? They can't find the right one that is

para biotic. That's the word para biotic, they can't find something that's going to be in sync something that's going to, to live right. So they have to do this surgery. All right, where they literally have to like get, it's almost like if you have a dog, right? And then you bring a new dog home and you got to put a dog ate up and let them like live in separate rooms for a few days, but right next to each other before you can let them in, you know, because if you let them in right away, they might fucking tear each other's heads off. Just because dogs are like that. It's the same thing. Like you can't just implant this kidney into somebody if it's not the right blood type. It's not going to work. They had to figure a way to put a uterus into a dude rat and get that uterus to stay alive and wanting to stay alive and that dude rot without dude rat without being rejected. That's what they're going to talk about. Listen. First, the scientists conducted a surgery to produce a heterosexual pair of biotic pair by joining a castrated male rat and a female one. After eight weeks, uterus transplantation was performed on the male. So listen, again, let me put this together. They took a castrated rat and a female rat. They went chocolaty, chocolaty, and they sewed them together. All right, and made Franken rat the two headed wonder. All right. This is this is where this is going. Then after eight weeks of the rats going, ah, what the fuck? Ah.

You know, because they have no idea what the hell's going on the chopped open the male side of the of the rat couple there. All right, and shoved a uterus inside of him. Okay, I mean, then then they stitched him back up. They basically transplanted it says blastocyst stage embryos to the grafted uterus of the male parent belonged and the native uterus of the female. Alright, so they put this uterus into the male, alright, and they put eggs in both the male and the female uterus on the sewed together freakin Siamese, a science abomination twin. Later they performed a Syrian section on embryonic day 21.5. All right, the success rate of the entire experiment was very low 3.68%. But 10 cubs were successfully delivered from male caribbeans by Syrian section, which grow to adulthood. A pair of beyond means two organisms fuse together. So they share a common blood stream, you know, a Siamese twin. That's basically they're making lab grown Siamese twins Ze Frank in their adult lives, it lives as babies.

In other words, the scientists stitch the male and female rat together, kept them alive in that state for eight weeks transplanted the uterus from the female to the male. Once the results of that surgery were stabilized. They moved embryos from the female's natural uterus into the one implanted in the male. Yucky. According to the paper, this process was repeated with 163 pairs of surgically fused rats. Listen, what a crappy job that must be. You know, that can't be like this. I don't think it's the scientists doing that. Like they wouldn't get their hands dirty with that part. I think there's like a poor lab technician, right? And they're like Mike and he's like, well watch and they're like, we need you to follow this pq s or follow this instruction here. You know, because that's how it works. You get the worklist at work depending on what kind of lab or large company you're in. You have some sort of checks and balances system some sort of computer system that gives you the step by step on what sort of thing you need to do as a technician. I'm sure it's no different. And this poor guy here, Mike, john, Joe, whatever his name was Chan Lee, whatever his name was. He was responsible for working overtime. two weekends in a row sewing together 163 pairs of rats. Come here. Come here. Stop squealing Oh god, this is Oh, this is gross. Square.

Did me and the dog fighting and fighting You know, this poor guy, and it's Communist China. So you know, they didn't pay him overtime. You know, they didn't pay him overtime. Imagine that, like six of the males became pregnant and a total of 10 pups were born surviving into adulthood. So he just, you know, it's like they had another dead one throw the rats away into a bucket. So the other ones together. That one clings barely alive. Oh, beep beep beep Come on. Come on Cat Dog. I named this one Cat Dog. Come on, you can do it be

another one in the garbage. We got to Did you know six of them lived six of them lived and gave birth and yeah, now there are creepy Franken baby rats running around. Cuz What else? What else do we need out of Communist China right now that we know about Wu Han and the lab leak theory and where that's going. You know, what else do we need? What else do we need out of China? You're gonna make orcs. You're gonna make orcs. That's what's gonna happen then we're gonna have to do Lord of the Rings type crap. And we don't have hobbits. We're out of hobbits. Alright guys, I think they went extinct. According to this paper. The process was repeated with 163 pairs of fuse surgically fused rats. All right, Mike, the lab tech put those rats together. He was not happy about it. But he was scared to complain because in Communist China if you complain, your social Credit goes down, and then they show up at three and put a black bag over your head and drag you away to a week or concentration camp. So Mike happily happily worked on the weekends for no overtime and sewed together 163 pairs of rats. But

the authors of the paper saying are wrong Gaea have a second Military Medical University and Lu Han of Chang hai hospital anticipated their achievement may have a profound impact on reproductive biology. Why confusing more young people? Look while they're doing this research and releasing it into the American mainstream media. All right, China's banning like critical race theory and wokeness from their country and making their freakin young people going to masculinity programs. You really don't think this is a long game invasion of the United States. Come on, wake up. This is just more gi dung, more scuttlebutt, more crap, more candy, more sugar for the frickin teeth to rot out your gums. It's garbage. absolute garbage. We shouldn't be doing experiments like this. none of this matters. It doesn't matter. These aren't things that should affect our society in a positive way. And look, they don't have Have you seen ask yourself has anything positive come out of this movement? out of this I identify as a pineapple movement. You let me know you let me know if identifying as a freakin Cana Campbell Soup has helped any young person Okay, listen. The South China Morning Post reported Saturday that heated debate has erupted on the internet in China over the experiment a hashtag related to the paper on weaboo China's version of Twitter swiftly racked up 330 million views. Most of the feedback appears to be negative ranging from members of the public who found the experiment horrifying to scientists who questioned the conclusions and methodology of the paper and they should they should question the methodology in the paper. It's a free gas paper. This is against the laws of nature. What is the significance of this kind of research one commenter wrote right Yes. What is the significance of taking 163 perfectly good rats there was probably more right it's like double that 163 16 632 326 something like that. So it was like 326 rats and they had to do a little choppy choppy stitch the stitch at you know chop it to to stitch it dude boopity boopity boo. You were once a rat but now you're to bippity boppity boo. Oh, another one's dead. toss him in the bucket. Mike stop killing the rat Kai miras, the rat on rat k Maris, whatever you want to call a rat on rat on rat triple R. The the the rat centipede?

You remember the Human Centipede quote? This process is quite cruel. It's like turning both the male and female rats into incubators another person said G. champ

g g chair professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Macau said the claim that the researchers had created offspring and males was totally wrong and misleading it is because it's not possible genetically. All right, shopping an organ and putting it into another thing and then planting things that there's no natural occurrence here See, there's no movement to the they literally just implanted impregnated embryos into an or the real feet they they see here is somehow getting an organ of a

A woman to live inside a man for a certain period of time. And it wasn't even a man it was like a rat man. All right, rat man. Not the best of superheroes by the way. If Batman is a rich wealthy republican superhero rat man is is is like a like a 350 pound. I would say internet troll working for the radical left Okay, not well funded, but very crafty very crafty in deed g went on to explain that even with all these surgical alterations the female rat in each pair of bionic pair did all of the work including nursing the embryos until they could survive being extracted and relocated to the surgically implanted uterus in the male rat body, quote, animals they used in the study are actually females. Although the carriers are a male body. The embryos were obtained from females developed in the transplanted females uterus and supported by female hormones through the connected circulatory system. The study has little impact on reproductive biology. It's creepy, creepy, creepy, gross, gross, icky, icky, icky poopoo he added, oh, gee added, excuse me, it's confusing that while the experiment did not really prove anything about male pregnancy, it could have some helpful ramifications for in vitro fertilization, serving as a proof of concept for the possibility of connecting a mother's body to an external artificial uterus. Emily McKeever, science policy advisor for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, not people for eating tasty animals know People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. So no redeeming qualities. In the experiment, she denounced the paper as a vile Franken science, as opposed to Frank and berries, to the UK Daily Mail noting that the rats have nervous systems just like those of humans. It's true. So the test subjects were subjected to incredible torment for no good reason. That's exactly what I said at the beginning of this episode. The rats are like, Ah, what, what, you know, they're stitched together. And it's, I think that's really is a really gross experiment. It really is. I know I've been humorous through this one, I'm trying to make light of it. But it's just really, it's really, really gross. Alright, quote, these shocking experiments are driven solely by curiosity and do nothing to further our understanding of the human reproductive system. Animals deserve to be respected and left in peace, not bred in laboratories experimented on and treated like disposable objects. MacGyver said, I agree with that there's, I don't see any good reason as to why these rats were experimented on. All I see it is a tool for the Chinese Communist Party to us and launch as a digital weapon against our youth in this country. They will reference articles like this, and then fight the right and say, see men can have babies, see you there we go, they will go to the Supreme Court. And they'll say, Oh, you got to overturn this, or this or this, because guys can have babies. Look at this evidence right here, as put forth by this science experiment and peer reviewed paper from once upon a time in China. And that might hold merit down the road, nobody will read it, they'll go, oh, that might be a thing. Maybe we should rule differently. There are ramifications for allowing propaganda like this to spread and for allowing unethical, disgusting, dirty experiments to go on. But then again, why wouldn't we allow things like this to go on? I mean, the dirtiest doctor of them all, experimenting on the Americas experimenting on the world by funding a Wu Han laboratory himself. Dr. Fauci I mean, he runs the NA ID. So why should we be surprised? We shouldn't, we shouldn't be surprised. But we should at least be aware, ladies and gentlemen, be aware. And be aware that you should read the headlines you should know about these things. When you pass this on the Breitbart website. It's not just some kooky articles, an important article, you need to look into the future and you need to think about the ramifications of what this could be come folks so now that you're informed I appreciate you guys like I said at the beginning of this episode, do me a favor hit that like button hit that subscribe button hit that notification bell, please support our sponsors, ancient life oil go to ancient life, oil in life promo code James FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING on the best American made CBD you're going to get folks is truly truly good stuff. And if you'd like please, please, please support the show by donating. You can head in the description section below. There's a link down there to donate. There's also a link to sign up for a newsletter. It's very important that you do so you always catch what we're putting out. We get censored all the time. So you'll be wondering why haven't they put something out in a while and you realize we put stuff out every day you just don't see it because of the wall of censorship. So the newsletter that's a big one, please subscribe to it.

The newsletter and guys follow me on all the social media. We do the pledge Monday through Friday. I put out things all throughout the day. I'm on me, we gab. I'm on parler. I'm on Twitter. I'm all over the place, American underscore Reveley. It's the same to find me on all the alternate video platforms like Odyssey like gab, TV, like bit shoot all of those American underscore revolution. All right, guys, I really appreciate you. Episode 161 the Communist Chinese crazy Franken doctors, taking rats sewing them together. All right, creating Franken rats, and then putting freakin embryos and uteruses in them. And then claiming that there's male rats giving birth. That's that's nothing but sick, twisted, nonsense. And unfortunate. We have a generation of young gullible people in the United States of America. We're going to eat it up and try to use it as a weapon against us. So be prepared, ladies and gentlemen, be prepared. I hope you have an amazing, amazing day. Amazing evening, whatever time it is. And I will see you on episode 162. Bye.

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