American Reveille

Juneteenth: President Trump Did it First!? | Ep 160

June 21, 2021 James Lane Episode 160
American Reveille
Juneteenth: President Trump Did it First!? | Ep 160
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Guess what?! Juneteenth was in the works already, courtesy of the boss himself, The Real El Presidente, Big Donald Trump! In the 160th episode of the American Reveille Podcast, we offend everybody by revealing once again that President Trump did it first and the Democrats are liars!

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 160 of the American Revolution podcast on this episode, I wanted to give you an example of Trump did it first or at least it was Trump's idea, this whole Juneteenth stuff which I support. All right, it should be a federal holiday, the freeing of the slaves, I think that's important to recognize I have nothing against that what I have against it is the hijacking of the event and manipulation of the narrative to support the left wing radical cause Joe Biden didn't come up with the idea of making Juneteenth the holiday the black community did then they pass that idea on to President Trump, who thought it was a fantastic idea and tried to make it a reality. But it happened to fall upon senile dementia Joe All right. And he happened to do it in the left wing has used their amazing gaslighting tactics, control of the media and control of the internet, basically, through Google and Facebook and all the social media platforms to skew and twist the narrative into some left wing or radical psycho babble, and we're going to talk about that next on the American Revolution podcast.

Ladies and gentlemen, Episode 160. Of course, we knew we'd make it this far. Did you did you know we'd make it this far, even on fumes Ladies and gentlemen, even when we ran out of gas, I strapped this puppy to my back like a mule, like the catalyst and mule that I am and one foot in front of the other is great. And I scraped and I stepped at a step and I dry to the American Revolution. And here we are still pumping still taken well over a year later. All right, kicking butt fighting back the censorship as best we can. And it is all because of you like the Ultimate Warrior.

I pull, I pull apart the strains of the warriors. No, I don't I pull upon the strength of you. And you've all stood by me. You've stood by the American Reveley, you fought for me, you've worked hard, and I appreciate it. And I'm just gonna ask you to keep doing it. Keep doing what you're doing, Share, share this podcast, talk about this podcast. Let everybody know that the American Revolution is coming, ladies and gentlemen, we're coming. And we're going to be coming to a city near you with a sticker competition that is coming soon. But I do need some help to get this thing up and running. email me directly James Lane at American if you would like to pass out some different things in your city for the American Revolution, or, or if you've got some special skills that can help us We need people for the web, we need people for social media. We need idea people we need all kinds of stuff. Some people that have some skills that would like to volunteer a little bit of their time, I really could appreciate I really would appreciate it. And I would also appreciate it. If you're a good writer, you're a good blogger. You're looking for an extra platform you'd like to be a contributor to the American Revolution. We have spots available so email me directly with a writing sample James Lane at American and I'm coming to you with Episode 160 Episode 160 to give you a Trump I told you so well, maybe not I told you so But Trump did it first or Trump's idea. It was Trump's idea that type of episode because it was alright. Joe Biden might have made Juneteenth the holiday. Okay, which again, no issue. I think that's a good thing. I think that deserves to be a holiday. If anything deserves to be a holiday that deserves to be a holiday, but the hijacking of the holiday for the radical left evil purposes they're devious, deviant, a dirty and dastardly how many D words Am I going to come up with? Those douchebags they the Democrats, they have hijacked hijacked, hijacked hijack Juneteenth and turned it into an evil woke cult like thing to taking it away from the black community who deserves to have that as a celebration. All right, they've skewed it for their agenda, which I think is is just evil and disgusting. All right. This is June teeth Trump proposed propose Trump proposed Trump proposed a national holiday and platinum plan for black America. Alright, this is Joby Pola from Breitbart President Joe Biden signed Juneteenth into law on Thursday as a federal public holiday. But President Donald Trump had proposed doing so last year as part of his Platinum plan for black Americans. All right, and I want to see this plan happen. But unfortunately, the radical left they have a plan to control and shackle the black community, not empower them. Not like Donald Trump wanted to empower the black community. All right, Donald Trump on it.

Real, real equality, all right into that community real money, real opportunity. All right, he tried, he tried. But the racist radical left hijacked the movement, all right after he left office and are doing nothing but poisoning people in the black community, poisoning them with the evils of socialism with the evils of equity with the evils of racism, and make no mistake, and I'm talking to the black community right now, you're leftists? All right, your leftist leaders are slaves and pawns to the far woke radical left, the Democrat Party are racists plain and simple, unlike Biden, and the Democrats, all right, who aim that America is be set or claim. Why did I say ame? who claim that America is beset by systemic racism that requires state intervention to achieve equity? Do you see that they created a fake problem? All right, and now they have a fake cure equity. And the only people that can inject you with that cure is the government. That is a step towards turning this country into Communist China Ladies and gentlemen, that is more than a step. That is a matrix like, like leap from rooftop to rooftop. Trump's plan focused on creating opportunity for black Americans and fixing government services that fail the black community. These were called the four pillars. And the four pillars of Trump's plan were as follows. This is very important. This was Trump's plan. This is what Trump was doing. All right. This is what was coming for the black community until Biden stepped in. All right, unknown racist known to associate with former kkk members, Joe Biden canceled this for the black community opportunity by achieving historic employment levels for black Americans as well as increasing access to capital for new businesses. President Trump has been committed to ensuring all black Americans can achieve the American dream security. By signing into law the celebrated first step act. President Trump has brought common sense criminal justice reform to the American people for the first time in decades, while ensuring our streets and communities are safe for Families and business owners. What has happened to our security, ladies and gentlemen, take a look around thank the government for that thank President Joe Biden, for the crime, hate and death in your streets prosperity, as the first president to provide long term funding to historically black colleges and universities. This administration continues to seek immediate and generational advancement for black Americans he gave decade loans out decade funding out all right decade, decade long funding already to these historically black colleges. He gave them

the correct amount and he deviated All right, he deviated from the traditional plan of the far left the democrat plan and and even from the right, though george bush's the elitists, he deviated from them. All right, and he stopped screwing the black colleges, which is what our government had been doing for years, and President Trump empowered to them. And what has Biden done? What is Biden done, besides cause more division, more hate more poverty and more destruction in our communities, all of our communities fairness, as demonstrated through his actions to initiate investment in the opportunity zones, as well as address health disparities, wage gaps and necessary education reforms. President Trump works every day to advance a fair and just America for the black community. And what did he do? He put fair, conservative judges all over the place? All right, what happens? You know what the big secret is? This is something I actually I want to bring this up. This is a little off topic, but on topic. All right. The cities are traps for minority communities and people who grew up poor, alright, that maybe aren't in minority communities. Look, I'm a white person who grew up in poor community and grew up poor, and it's a trap, you're trapped. You can't get out. Okay, you can't get out. All right, I clawed and scratched and fought and bled and sacrificed to just get to the point where I met, alright, and I'm a 36 year old man and l one through l five on my back, every single one of them are herniated. Every single one of them, I can play this. You hear that? That's me cracking my knuckles a million times because every single one of my fingers have been broken. Okay. It hasn't been easy, but it's not based on color, like CRT and all these other things like to make you think it's based on wealth and your education and what you're taught and these elite classes don't teach the poor and impoverished young people. They don't allow the laws to go through to teach them the right thing how to recover wealth.

How to do your taxes, how not to spend all your money, all these things I had to learn on the way up fighting pleas making mistakes, being in debt, losing everything time and time again, being homeless. I had to do that again and again, there are a bazillion black people that go through that to a bazillion white people that go through that and figure their way through. But there's also a bunch of people who don't figure their way through. And that's fixed through education through fairness, security opportunities, Prestbury, all these different things that Trump was trying to do, that Joe Biden took away so that he could re enslave digitally and psychologically enslave people in this country, not based on color, but based on money based on money. All right. There's all kinds of evil going around, folks. Joe Biden's wonderful. All right. Trump made concrete promises including the pledge, including a pledge to devote $500 billion in new investment in black communities in school choice to free black children from failing public schools. He also pledged symbolic achievements like Juneteenth. The plan promised to make Juneteenth a national holiday marking the emancipation of slaves in the Civil War. And I remember the other year when we were all talking about this, and everybody on every podcast, including my podcast said, this is a good idea. This is a great idea, and it needs to be done. And all of this was going to happen in Trump's second term. But the left seems to have had their way the left seems to have had their way. The plan promised to make Juneteenth a national holiday, marking the emancipation of slaves in the Civil War, though embraced recently as a left wing cause Juneteenth has long been a regional holiday with patriotic themes. The official flag of Juneteenth, created in 1997 by Ben heighth, the founder of the national Juneteenth celebration Foundation, the nj CF alludes to the red, white and blue of the American flag, as well as the Lone Star of the Texas State. You see that right there. Trump worked with rapper Ice Cube on the plan. Remember that when Ice Cube went to the White House and complimented Trump, and the mainstream media really quick swept it under the rug, and we didn't hear any more about it. There were amazing things that were happening amazing things they had record low African American unemployment record low minority unemployment, and people in the poor communities were building up and becoming slowly becoming middle class citizens and our middle class was getting stronger the way we need it. We need a very strong middle class. All right, with opportunity to go up into the middle class if you're from the lower classes with opportunity to fight your way into a better way of life. All right. But Joe Biden and the left they're destroying the middle class, they're destroying the middle class. All right, it seems it seems like

it just seems like the elite, alright, the elite from around the world just seem to all be in cahoots, just seem to all be in on this great reset crap to all be in on something some way somehow they have to manipulate every good thing we could possibly have to pit us all against each other, so that they can slowly take over the world. You know, our parents and grandparents.

And even some of us depending on the age, we all preached about the NWA the New World Order and everybody thought they were crazy. Everybody thought we were crazy. Everybody thought that no, you there could be no all seeing all Illuminati, lizard people. You're all out of your mind your conspiracy theorists, that's what we were all told.

And now you look at some of these leaders like far right. Boris Johnson out of the UK, he doesn't seem very far right? at all anymore, does he? It seems that the elite club is more important has more influence and more to do with the direction of history than any of us peons ever do, or ever will. So don't accept it. Don't accept the far left insanity. Don't accept what they say about you as a Trump supporter, or as a right winger, don't accept the narrative. Take hold of the narrative take control of the narrative. This is your country. This is your world. All right. It can't be hijacked by his people forever. We have election cycles, we have different things you can stand up against the voting acts, you can stand up against the acts that put transgender kids in the bathroom with your daughter, you can stand up and fight. You can use your words you can open your mouth. Okay? There's gonna come a point where if you're too scared to lose your job, or to speak up or to do anything, because of the consequences of the far left, we will run out of opportunities to stand up and speak up. And then what in the EFF Do you think comes after that?

We have to avoid that at all costs. Ladies and gentlemen, all costs. Open your mouth. Speak up. June teeth. All right. Juneteenth is a good thing. But don't let the left manipulate it for what it is. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, did the right thing and freed the slaves. God bless Abraham Lincoln, and thank him for Juneteenth. Alright,

plain and simple, plain and simple. The Democrats need to stop and the only way they're going to stop is if good American patriots of all colors of all races of all religions. I'm Jewish, of all communities of all classes. rich and poor. Stand arm to arm the way Martin Luther King described it, open their mouths and speak up against tyranny, folks, it's Episode 160 of the American revenue podcast. I hope you liked it. If you really enjoyed it, do me a favor. If you haven't yet, hit that Subscribe Like button, hit that comment button. Let me know what you think. Do me that favor. All right. I really appreciate it share, share, share, check out our sponsor, life change t go to get the Get yourself some life change t use promo code James on the way out for free shipping and handling. Or if you'd like to donate to us directly, you can do it in the comment section below American underscore readily on all social media and all video hosting platform. If you're not seeing me come up that much on YouTube. It's because I'm shadowbanned. Go into the description section below. Follow me on gab TV, or rumble or Odyssey or any other platform but stop following me on YouTube. If you're wondering why you're not seeing in the description section below. That's where it is. guys. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all of you and I'll see on episode 161 of the American revelry podcast. Bye.

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