American Reveille Podcast

Black Illinois Father Stands Up to Racist Critical Race Theory | Ep 159

June 20, 2021 James Lane Episode 159
American Reveille Podcast
Black Illinois Father Stands Up to Racist Critical Race Theory | Ep 159
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In episode 159 of the American Reveille Podcast, we discuss a black father in Illinois who is bravely standing up to Critical Race Theory in the public school system. In fact, people of all colors and creeds are standing up to CRT across the country. This pattern is accelerating!

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here this is Episode 159 of the American revelry podcast on this episode, I'm going to bring you an article about a black man in the United States of America bravely bravely standing up against critical race theory. This is a topic that isn't highly covered on the mainstream media. They definitely definitely definitely don't seem to like to bring people from these communities forth and show them standing up and doing what's right. Show them demonstrating patriotism, demonstrating the American way and fighting against this insane, radical leftist critical race theory. Well, I'm going to bring it to you here on episode 159 of the American revelry podcast. Stay tuned.

Ladies and gentlemen, how are you guys doing today? Episode 159 of the American Revolution podcast covering an interesting topic a topic on a road less traveled by other podcasters this black father came out in a ripped critical race theory I wanted to talk about that today. Before we talk about that do me a favor, hit the subscribe button hit the like button. Alright, we cover a variety of different things here. Alright, this is entertainment. This is empowerment. This is enlightenment guys, for those that are new to the channel. All right, this isn't a hardcore news station. All right, we do all kinds of different things here on the American revenue podcast but my main goal is to entertain you while empowering you with the truth. That's what I do here. That's what we do every we have articles on the website, blog posts, all kinds of different crazy awesome things come and sign up for the newsletter in the description section below to get a weekly update a monthly update on the company a weekly update on the different content we put out some good stuff some good stuff, and I really really really would love it if you would join our patriotic community guys Other than that, do me another favor if you're listening on Apple podcasts hit that five star rating leave a written review we really could use that lets us go up the algorithm on Apple podcasts and more patriots get to see what we do. All right. It really depends on you. We're behind the censorship wall. They're kicking the crap out of us but we're fighting like Rocky. We need you to share we need you to talk about the American Revolution. If you'd like to support us you can of course go into the description section below. Hit the Donate tab or support our wonderful sponsor life change t go to get the Get yourself some life change tea This is this amazing cleansing detox tea All right, this thing literally removes all the waste from your lower intestines without any drama. There's no nuclear Hellfire no Hiroshima on the porcelain God, listen, it's gonna be easy and it's gonna be great if you have tummy issues like I do. life change t get the promo code James, get you free shipping and handling. All right, if you can't really afford to do anything, it's okay. All I really want you to do is follow along. Alright, you can do that easily. Go down below into the description section. Find the video hosting platforms you like find the social media you like and follow along please please please your support it really means the world to me, and we survive off of it without you we can't do the show. Alright, and the censorship wall it's putting the screws to us real bad they've been putting the boots does so we depend on your help to get us through All right, we're going to keep fighting and I believe by the midterms. The American revelry is going to be a force to be reckoned with but we have to get through the storm we have to keep improvising we have to keep pushing forward alright guys contact me directly James Lane at American revelry comm if you're a writer if you like the blog, if you have any good ideas if you've got some skills you'd like to add we need some social media help we need some web design help different things like that different things like that anything you could think a small business looking to go national with a message about patriotism could use you send that email James Lane at American other than that, Hey guys, how you doing today? I missed y'all. It's been a busy, busy, busy week. Alright, like I said, I'm still writing chapter three dissertation, this chapter three methodology section to my dissertation and it's kicking the crap out of me. I'm doing that I'm working extra trying to make my just like you are just like you are trying to do everything I can to bring in that extra money. The inflation's killing me. Everything's killing me. All right, I am not some wealthy person here. I'm not even in the upper middle class, I promise you doing the best we can just like you. So every thing you do helps. Alright guys, thank you so so so much and for what we're doing, you know, with this, with the business with, with my dissertation trying to get my PhD done with with busting my hump at work, it doesn't mean that I'm going to neglect

You guys, like you've seen I've stepped up with the newsletter, like you've seen. We've got new writers, we've added new bloggers. We're trying to get everything done, but it's still very difficult. All right. I'm pretty much one of the few people working things on the back end here. All right. It's not like my writers come through and update my website. That's all me. Alright guys. So any help any ideas, any contribution you'd like to make? Even if it's some of your time? If you're like a WordPress wizard, or anything like that, let me know. All right, if you'd like some street teams to have, look, I need to rebuild the street teams. All right, the censorship has killed me. I have all kinds of stickers. I'm ready. I'm ready to get this sticker competition up and running. But I need people across this country that are willing to distribute these envelopes, these stickers, these different things out so people can enter in the competition. So like I said, if you'd like to help, James Lane at American Revolution, calm, guys, I've talked your ear off enough. I want to get into this article. I want to talk about a little with you. Let's go. Black father rips critical race theory. How do I have two medical degrees? If I'm sitting here oppressed? That's a good point. A lot of people are thinking that this is Breitbart. This is from Dr. Susan Berry, a black father ripped critical race theory at the local school board meeting in Illinois, asserting the Marxist ideology deliberately seeks to teach children to hate each other. What do you know, I think we've been saying that here for well over a year, haven't we? Haven't we go back to any episode from a year ago? I'm sure we're talking about it. He said, How do I have two medical degree degrees if I'm sitting here oppressed, as Ty Smith, in video obtained by Fox News, watch this parent absolutely obliterate critical race theory at the Illinois School Board meeting. That is the that's at Benny Johnson. That was the Twitter posts. Let's go below that Smith, who also hosts cancel this with Ty Smith. On FM talk station cities 92.9 told a pack the board meeting about his own personal situation. And I think you guys want to hear this. I'm going to tell you about it. I'm going to read it to you. I'm not going to play the video or pull it up or anything like that. But it's important that you understand that this came out of the mouth of an African American gentleman, an upstanding citizen, just like anybody else. All right, demonstrating that doesn't matter what color you are, what creed you are, this is America. And this is the land of opportunity. He said to medical degrees, no mom, No dad in the house, worked my way through college, sat there and hustled my butt off to get through college. You're going to tell me somebody looks like y'all white folks helped me from doing it. Are you serious? Alright, kept me from doing it. Excuse me. He said, Are you serious? Not one white person ever came to me and said, well, son, you're not going to be able to get nowhere because you know, the black people. But guess what, what's sickening about this whole thing? What's sickening about this whole thing is that what y'all doing right now is already something I do in my community right now to speak out against this stuff, because black folks are getting told by other black folks quote, oh, you know, you ain't gonna be able to do nothing out there in the world, because then white folks ain't gonna let you get know, the white man. The white man gonna keep you down. Quote, well, how did I get where I am right now if some white man kept me down, Smith asked the crowd, how am I now directing over folks that look just like you guys in this room right now? How? what kept me down what oppressed me. He referred to critical race theory as a lie. And it is a lie. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Marxism in a box. It's the destruction and hostile takeover of the United States of America in a theory and it's not even worthy of being a theory. It's a lie. It's racism. It's literal bigotry. It's literal hatred. It teaches hatred, quote of this. The reason why black folks can't get ahead because of white folks. Are you kidding me? This is what we've come to. He's asked. I don't Excuse me, I can't believe we even talking about this right now. Smith continued CRT, peddles an ideology. That is the opposite of what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. And it's true, it is the opposite. And we've been saying this for over a year. You've been saying this you are not crazy. I'm telling you right now. Congratulations. Your justification is here because people across the board of all communities are starting to finally stand up across this country. This isn't an isolated incident. People across this country I'm sure you've seen are standing up at school board meetings and speaking out against critical race theory and we need you to continue Good job but we need you to continue quote. Alright, quote Martin Luther King said he wanted his kids to grow up in the world where they are judged by the contents of their what he asked the attendees at the meeting at the meeting who immediately responded with character, their character Smith, emphasize not their skin. If

They're letting this stuff go on right now. It's absolutely going THE COMPLETE REVERSE OF what he's doing. Referring to Martin Luther King Smith said critical race theory is only going to hurt children and told parents they need to protect their kids from it. He pointed out other black people he talks to are also opposed to critical race theory. And this is important for everybody to hear. There are black people and people of minority groups and communities across this country of all different wealth, and all different levels of poverty and all different levels of everything that are finally starting to wake up to the psychotic crap they're putting kids through in our schools. All right, they're waking up to it. People across the nation. Listen, 10 years from now, if this stuff goes on, whose fault is it going to be? Whose fault is it going to be? Who are we going to look back on and blame for this? Because this is the stuff we're talking about right now. This stuff is going on? Right now, guys, it's just like the article that we put out earlier about the new Biden campaign. I forgot what it's called, what if you see it, say it or something like that? where you're supposed to snitch on your family and friends, if they've become too radicalized? Well, what does that even mean? What does that even mean? a Trump supporter, huh? When are they going to start taking people away? When is the government going to start taking people away? All right, this stuff is crazy. It's crazy. So it says, this stuff is the stuff we're talking about right now. I do this stuff on a daily basis, because I'm in the hood. I'm in the communities. I'm out there with folks, I'm in their face. I've been doing this stuff since I was 18 years old, talking to black folks. And you know what, none of them are buying this nonsense, none of them. But if you want to implement this into the school system, I guarantee you to the day that I die, I'm going to be the very person right there debunking this stuff, tearing stuff down, letting them know they can do exactly what I did and get exactly where I am by putting themselves to work and getting there.

It says an audible here not one white person's ever going to keep any of them from getting there. So this critical race theory stuff, it's bullshit. It's bs guys, that's coming from an African American gentleman. And there are people across this country that feel the same way people are standing up. You need to be one of them, too. I'm standing up I'm making this episode. This is probably a controversial episode. They will never let this episode go viral watch it won't have over 50 views on YouTube. I'm shadow banned his shadow banned AF on YouTube. Let's just put it like that. I'm Public Enemy enemy Numero Uno. All right, right after all the viral people trust me. They've cut my cut my rise off many times. And that's just fine. I'm fine with that. All I care about is getting you this information. It's important. Smith later told Fox News's Martha McCallum those at the board meeting who were pushing CRT had nothing to say in response to his comment. Sometimes silence speaks louder than anything, quote, I've never seen one of their faces come to my neighborhood trying to help out. But they do all this talking on on the outside, they're marching and they got their fists up, and they say we're with you. But when it comes down to being with us personally, none of us are ever there. He said about the CRT supporters. You know, BLM or CLT supporters should probably ask Briana Taylor's mom how she feels about BLM. And I think a lot of you know about it, folks, folks, I hope that message meant something to you. I hope you understand that it's not hopeless, that people are waking up, that there are places around this country right now banning critical race theory like Florida, there's multiple other states that have done that as well around the country. Listen, they're banning the transgender infiltration of female sports, so that they can't besmirch the fairness to women in sports. All right, they're there. They're literally standing up to all this radicalization. The left is crying, hate. They're crying, bigotry. They're crying oppression. But they're literally gas lighters. You know how the left operates? They're trying to shove it down their throats. They're punching us in the face. It's like they're literally punching us in the face. They're raping us crying, rape. Don't rate me don't read me Stop while they're raping us. Their gas lighters. They're liars. The radical left is lying. All right. And liars can't keep up lying forever. The truth will set us free. The truth will set everything free and fruit will come to bear. The price will be paid. All right. And those on the radical left who have made their beds will have to lie in them. That's what it is. We can see it happening right now. As you see. All right. It's not so silent anymore is it's not so silent. Alright when black men and women are starting to stand up for their communities as well. All right, and Bravo. Bravo to them or

Because no white person is going to help anybody or keep anybody down. The black community has to do these things for themselves they know it, but BLM isn't the way because of their Marxist views. It isn't equality is the way not equity equality This is a very important thing for people to hear. I want you to do me a favor if you enjoyed this episode if you got some value out of it, go below hit the like button hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell leave a comment. Alright, if you're listening on Apple podcast Give me that five star rating I appreciate that too. If you'd like to help out, we always accept your donations and put it towards the American revelries cause do me a favor go to the description section below hit the Donate link hit the newsletter link alright that's where you're gonna get all the news we put out all of my all of the episodes that come out all the different articles that come out that you may have missed all the upcoming things that company is doing we're restructuring all the newsletters so I promise you you're gonna get a much better experience coming up very very soon. I would love to hear from you if you'd like to email me directly with feedback James Lane at American revelry calm. And of course, please follow me on social media. Alright, American underscore Reveley, everywhere you go, that's RT vi Ll, or like I've said a million times, go into the description section below. All the links are there. I want to thank you guys so much for checking out this episode of the American revenue podcast. It's Episode 159 in the books, we've got 160 coming next. And please please please, if you'd like to support this show in a different way, please support our awesome awesome sponsors life change t get yourself some of their amazing cleansing teeth. I highly recommended I've got a pack of it right here. I drink this stuff on a daily basis and I've lost like 20 pounds so far. It's really really good stuff. Get the promo code jeans get you free shipping and handling. I love you guys have an excellent excellent day and I'll see you when Episode 160 of the American revenue podcast. Bye.

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