American Reveille

America Hating Celebs Proof of Class Structure Manipulation! | Ep 158

June 19, 2021 James Lane Episode 158
American Reveille
America Hating Celebs Proof of Class Structure Manipulation! | Ep 158
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Actor John Cusack is so out of touch he actually believes he is defending democracy by hating America! Twisted right? This is a perfect opportunity to bring up the American class structure and explain just how and why certain people easily fall prey to the Woke brain worms!

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 158 of the American Reveley podcast. And far left actor john cusec, has come out trashing America. Another time. He's done this a bunch of times before, there's a whole list of elite Hollywood celebrities that are out of touch that are woke that took a bunch of crap about this country. But this time, this time, it sparked a little something in my brain. And it made a correlation for me. And it made me realize it made me realize that not a lot of people understand how class structure works in America, all right, especially the people that occupy those class structures. And I think that it's a good information. It's really empowering. And so if I can explain it to you while using this article as a basis, this one we found here, actor john kusik trashes America, we aren't great, were effing awful. Which, which is ridiculous. It's a ridiculous premise. But if I can use this article to springboard, a conversation about class structure, about understanding how people perceive data, perceive information, how that data gets to them, and we can talk through this a little, maybe we can come to a little bit of understanding and maybe we can expose these frauds for who they really are, folks pay attention next.

Ladies and gentlemen, change lane here, Episode 158 of the American Reveley podcast talking today about class structure talking about these jackass Hollywood celebrities, these elites as people like to call them, these people that that millions and millions of folks around the country and around the world look up to for some reason. unbeknownst to me, we must be surrounded by silly silly silly people. Ladies and gentlemen, do me a favor. All right, if this is the first time watching the American Reveley podcast listening to the American Revolution podcast, hit that like button, hit that subscribe button hit the notification bell, that's very important. We really, really appreciate it, I would like it if you do that, it doesn't matter much on some of the way some of the sites like YouTube and and

even even rumble to an extent just because you have to bring exterior sources you have to bring people from the outside to stimulate the algorithm to actually monetize your videos to actually be put into the rumble so that people actually see them so unless I'm bringing 100,000 extra people to their site, I'm somewhere on the bottom of the totem pole it's a it's an uphill battle for us little guys out there but we do the best we can so please please please support us however you can like us, follow us Subscribe, comment, talk to us interact with us join the community go in the description section below. Subscribe to the newsletter. Check the website out. We're everywhere right American underscore revelry on all of the social media sites, especially the alltech sites, the Gabs the parlors, the Mi wheeze of the world American underscore Reveley, I would really, really, really appreciate it, I would personally appreciate it, if you would follow along and be a part of this community. Guys. I want to talk about class structure today. I want to talk about this. And even though we're going to use this article as a basis, this john cusec jackass,

I guess I already cursed as a as a basis. The real thing I want to talk about is class structure. You see, there's a lot of layers, alright, in this country, it's a very, very, very tall stacked sandwich. In fact, people don't really drill down to this level. But if you think about it, if you base it say on, on the amount of money people make, right, and the the type of lifestyle they live, and how they, how they basically

how they basically exist on a day to day basis. People don't understand.

Alright, the lifestyles of other people people don't understand. Depending on what part of this class structure totem pole, we're going up. People don't understand each other. All right, people become much more susceptible to BS to garbage to nonsense to propaganda at the higher levels. That's why we notice all of these wealthy wealthy people, these high class people woke these middle upper class young people woke the people that don't actually live in the neighborhoods, the people that don't actually struggle for money, woke.

Have you seen a poor woke person lately? The people burning cities? All right, those people those are like middle class white kids, all right. They don't know any better that were raised in a ridiculous world of social media ridiculous world of families, having the script

Rats for a living and sticking their kids in daycare. 24 seven. All right, when you let the world raise your kids, this is the product. What I'm talking about is in poor neighborhoods. All right? When you look in the hoods, or when you look in just mixed race neighborhoods of impoverished people of all levels, people making $35,000 a year and less crap in today's world, $50,000 a year and less. And that's only going to get you a small apartment at that rate. Guys, those people aren't woke. I haven't met one. I haven't met one. Maybe some of the kids have those people. But I haven't met one person in a certain tax bracket. All right, the one that I'm talking about, I haven't met one that's spouting out this wolken nonsense. In fact, a lot of them critique it, they hate it, they speak up against it, or they're scared to speak up against it because they don't make enough money to risk losing their job. That's, that's another big deal that nobody talks about. So you look at somebody that makes 40 or $50,000 a year. All right, that person's living in a one or two bedroom apartment, not in the best neighborhood. And remember, it depends where you're listening from. Alright, I'm going to give you another newsflash, you don't know already. If you're living in Middle America, your cost of living is going to be cheaper. All right, every state is like its own little country, I want to put something into perspective for you. All right, Germany's like the same size as Georgia or something like that. It's a couple little states, alright, make up the size of like, people don't know the size of countries the size of states anymore. They don't understand the reference. They don't know global geography. They don't know where what you can watch these Kate safespace videos of her walking down boardwalks asking kid where this country is, where's that? Could they have no idea? Nobody knows anything. Everybody's too busy staring at their phone. So you have to understand the sizes of these countries that we're talking about. All right. So you look at our country, you look at how every single state has its own economy, its own minimum wage, its own everything. You you take that into consideration when you look in and talk about big government versus small government and stuff like that. But you look at what these states do, you see that? That they have their own economies, okay. And you see that they have their own effect on people, and you have to put it together or you're just as bad as the left, alright, because they like to play with words and realities. But you're smarter than that, you have to understand that somebody living in Georgia or somebody living in Kentucky or rural Alabama, is gonna have a lower cost of living in a different type of lifestyle than somebody living in say, San Diego or San Francisco or, or conservative living in New York, trying to make a living doing what they're doing. They're stuck in these wretched places with these wretched rules. They can't get out. People get trapped. All right. It's hard to believe I have a lot of friends in some of the flyover states. All right. And I love the fly or say I'm trying to move over there. Trust me, I'm trying to get the hell out of Washington State. I trust me. Trust me, we're just in some taking care of some legal stuff. But guys, you have to understand you really do that we are trapped in these blue states. All right. They, they they have a stranglehold on people. And people get trapped in their class structures. And people then don't understand each other. All right, it creates these huge language barriers. So say you've got these people we make 2030 4050 $60,000. Right, we kind of get each other. We have different levels from the trailer park to the two bedroom apartment to the tiny house in the bad neighborhood. Alright, look at today's house prices. You know what BlackRock is doing? Look at today's house prices. Do you really think somebody making 50 grand a year can afford a house? No. They can not? No, they cannot. So then we move up. All right, and you look 75 100,000 a year. All right, you're still seeing it, you still go to the store, you still pick up your groceries. This is the same all the way up to like 200,000 a year. Alright guys, what if you're making 200,000 a year you have a nice house? You're living in a suburban neighborhood somewhere most likely or a decent apartment in the city or however it is. All right. You probably have a decent position of power. Right? There are any jobs that pay $200,000 a year. All right, that aren't executive positions or some sort of chief engineer or something like that. All right. So that's a different lifestyle. altogether. Listen. Alright, I make in the 50 to 100k range, right? It's taken me a long time to get there. I've tired rooves I've done landscaping. I've clean bathrooms and toilets. Trust me. I've done everything so I've busted my ass to get to this point.

All right, there are people I work with in my industry. All right, that make upwards of 200 $250,000 a year. If I explain my struggles to them, they look at me puzzled. How many of you work in an environment? How many of you are our receptionist, or or or say, a technician, or just something like that, where you would be in a position where you're doing decent, but you're working with people that do way better? And you're looking like, man, I want to get over to that side. Look, I've been there. I'm there right now, right? You're doing that. Those people, they don't get it. And you sit there sometimes like, man, they just don't get it. That's where this whole idea of privilege is playing off of. They're playing off of the different class structures, right? They're playing off of the different class structures and pitting them against each other. Oh, it's bull crap that they don't understand my struggles. That's not fair. Why do they have this and I don't, and they're doing that on every rung of the ladder, they're doing that on every rung of the ladder, the person that makes $200,000 a year, they don't get how the person that makes $50,000 a year lives, they kind of get the $100,000. But at the same time, they're much closer than the millionaire. Alright, the millionaire that hasn't had to drive a car for themselves in a long time. All right, or well, even the billionaire, that who knows what they even knew there's probably somebody that wipes their butt for them. All right, there are so many different classes. All right, john, q sack at this point is, is a D list. frickin guy. Nobody cares about him. But he's amassed a fortune. He's amassed a fortune, and he has a lot of influence. And we got to see during COVID how insane these elites are. They're out of their mind. They're insane. Okay, but they aren't. They aren't people that should be respected. This is the confusing part about this. For a lot of people. They look up to people like this, like, like his opinion means something like, like he he's super smart, or anything like that. He's not he just belongs to a different class structure. Alright, so you get to see how people like this. They're out of their minds, because they had no movies, they had nothing to do. So they all got on Twitter and ran their damn mouths. They ran their mouths, and people got to go home man, john cusec, out of his friggin mind. All right. And is he? Is he out of his mind? Or is it just the class structure? I want you to understand? He's made 50 $60 million?

Do you really think he's seen a hard day and a long time? Do you really think that that he's lived in a bad neighborhood? Or he's lived in an area with a lot of racial tension between people? Do you really think he's talked to those people? Do you think he's had to wait on line for anything? Do you think he's had to worry about his bills? Do you think he's had to pay for anything that really affected him in any way whatsoever? in a very long time? If ever? Do you really think and here's where your minds gonna get blown? Do you really think he gets the same news as you and die? Do you really think his social media ads are tailored? Like they're tailored to you? And I or do you think he gets ads for diamonds and jewels, and things that spark is he can afford a yacht, you don't think he gets a yacht ads on his Facebook compared to you and I, guys, there's a lot we need to learn and a lot we need to spread information wise that people don't talk about. The person that makes $100,000 a year gets different commercials on their phone than the person that makes 30,000 a year. The person that makes 100,000 a year gets different commercials on their phone than the person that makes 150 that makes 202 5300 400 500,000 bazillion million dollars. All right, guys, every couple frickin zeros changes. All right. It's crazy, but it's true. I might not be saying it in super technical terms, because I'm trying to speak to the layman. But I'm telling you, I'm telling you, john q seconds different news than you do. All right. If I make 70,000 a year, and you make 40,000 a year, and I can afford, say a used car, but maybe you know like a pickup truck, like a nice pickup truck just used and say you make 30,000 a year and you can afford a hoopty you're gonna get an ad for you know, car truck, big Joe's tow lot. You know, the people that if you don't pay their loan, they're gonna come break your legs are the bat and I'm going to get a weird carmax ad my credit is gonna get screwed and it's gonna be a horrible loan with like a 26% APR, you know, but I'm not going to have to go to the sheisty place. So with

That being said, What makes you think that you get the same news that you get the same information? All right, this is how the left is winning this information war, since they control the media and they control big tech, and they control all the outlets of information. They are feeding. All right, and this is true look it up. They are feeding incorrect and different data, manipulated information, tailored information to different people. This is to every buddy, it's based upon your,

your profile, your effort, they have that AI, alright, that basically decides how to best to figure out what you're thinking how to best figure out what you're doing to how to sell you stuff using their ads. Alright, if they know you make $100,000 and they know your neighbor makes $50,000 Guess what? You're getting different news guys. You're getting different news. You're getting different ads, you're getting different everything. Wake up. That is the secret. That's the secret sauce. Alright, guys, I want you to really think about that. Think about that for a second. Do you have any idea? Don't even think Millionaire? $622,000 a year? All right. What do you do for a living right now? Huh? You work at the Walmart auto shop? I've worked at an at a Walmart auto shop, I can say that. I have no shame in that. Do you work in retail? Do you do online sales? Are you in marketing? Are you an engineer? Are you a doctor? What are you? What do you do? I want you to think about that. If if you're doing something different than somebody you know, I want you to think about their life, their experiences, all right, and compare them to yours. I want you to try to pick out the differences I want you to think about even better, even better. Next time you hang out with somebody of a different class structure. Nothing wrong with with with this. This is this is I'm speaking in technical terms. All right. I know people are gonna freak out when they hear speak with somebody of a different class structure. I'm looking at it scientifically, I'm not like looking at your buddy like he's of a different. All I'm saying is we all get to these different points of our life. We work hard, at least some of us do. Right? JOHN cusec, maybe maybe not. All right, and we land in these places, it doesn't mean that we can't be friends with each other. Because we have friends of all different plays, I have friends that make a ton more money than me. And I have a friends that make a ton more a ton less money than me. All right, they, this is how it goes. So if I'm looking at that, if I'm looking at some of my friends that make more, if I'm looking at some that make less next time you're around them, take a look at their phones, see if you guys can do a little experiment. Alright, scroll through the same sites, alright, look at each other's phones, you know, hang out with each other, look at each other's phones, crack a beer, take a while and just test. Just test the differences. Take a look at the differences in what's being advertised to them, where they're redirected to what the what the the search results are on their phones, I promise you, you're going to be shocked with the results you really are. It's crazy. It's crazy. But I want you if you didn't know that before, I want you to know now a lot of people when I tell this, their minds are blown. They they really start freaking out about the big brother aspect of this and things should, you should, you should be worried that these corporations know so much about you. And they're manipulated by the Democrat Party in the radical left. And they can literally manipulate entire classes of people. The ramifications of this, the real thing that I'm saying here is that under the control of the democrats and of the radical left, big tech, all right, and the media have literally radicalized these people. They've made them woke by using our class structures against each other, so that they can infiltrate, and hopefully eventually destroy our class structures to bring forth the Marxist socialist utopia. All right, that's what this whole great reset crap is all about. That's why they're trying to make us a nation of renter's. That's why they're trying to make you eat plant based food and do what the government tells you to do is a very ominous plan, folks, there's a very ominous plan. Does your stomach hurt yet? Is this stuff making you stressed out? I want to tell you real quick, check this out. I got a new flavor of life change. Do you see that right there? That's pomegranate. Alright, I've been peddling this life change tea for a while now. But because of because I like it because it works. Because it works. Ladies and gentlemen. That's what I'm going to tell you this life change tea is great. I've been drinking the mint flavor. I've been drinking the regular flavor. I finally ordered I didn't even want something for free. I literally paid the money. I paid the money. I used my promo code.

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defund everything that happened over the summer. And just that January 6 thing where nobody died except for Ashley Babbitt. Right. I'm not talking, I'm not counting the police officer that had a stroke. Okay, I'm sorry. I'm not. I'm not rest in peace, God bless sickness family officer segment, but he had a stroke. Let's get the story straight. His family even wanted to get that straight. This guy is a radical. They preach freedom at baseball games. But back insurrectionist coups and the overturning of elections, ABC the party that would take away black and brown Americans right to vote, yet they get to wrap themselves in a flag. He has no idea how black and brown people vote, he has no idea how white people vote. He has no idea anybody votes because somebody probably votes for him. I'm not saying like they have his mind brainwashed, and they vote for him that way. I'm saying he's so rich, he probably has a way that somebody votes for him. That's what I'm saying. He is so out of touch. That an ad about loving Americans supporting America freaked him out and pissed him off. Because he hates our military. That's literally what that means. That's literally what that means. If this is had enough, yet, he continues in response to a Twitter user who described Boeing as supporting highly inflated lucrative government contracts and corporate welfare. Boeing supports highly inflated lucrative contracts and corporate welfare. And then he wrote a pleat that and that was that was the response. That was the response to this guy. They preach the freedom at the baseball games, but back insurrectionist coos Shut up, just shut up john cusec. That is a different class structure. All right, john cusec is a idiot that just makes a lot more money than you and I. And that shelters him from the news that we get john cusecs. Probably never ever, ever seen footage of what an Tifa did in Portland, because it just doesn't appear on his phone. And he's too busy, and he's too rich to give a crap. And when he spews his opinion, it's based on nothing because he lives in a sheltered world, just as the person who makes 300,000 600,000 900,012 1.2 million 1.8 million. They all live in their own bubbles. They don't know what each other do. All right. I'm not saying this to say down with the class structures. I'm trying to explain to you why they're all idiots. They're all idiots because they're there. They're insulated. Their cash insulates them. Now I agree with capitalism. I'm not using that as an ad to say, Oh, that's why greed and money is bad. No, it's not bad. Sometimes some people are just dumb asses. Sometimes it's as simple as that. That's the answer. It's as simple as some people are idiots. Some people have a lower IQ than other people. Quote, let's call the USA what it is decadent on the fast track to autocracy living on the latter mystic fumes of world war two generated of the world world war two greatest generation. What is that? tvr? Si Si. I don't know what the hell this person is. They're idiots actually took on fascism and beat it down. We can't even open arrest. We can't even arrest open criminals in the GOP Norn mentally ill white supremacists, lawless thug, he continues see he's just talking crappy still. I hate Trump. I hate Trump, rah rah rah rah rah. What are you talking about? Why can't we arrest the N Tifa people? Why can't we arrest the black lives matter? People that burn cities and assault people? Why can't we do that? Oh, those are okay. That's okay. That's okay. That's okay. But we we can't, we can't love our country. We can't be free. We can't require that people have an ID or come in this country legally. What's wrong with that? What do you mean? How is it oppressive? If the IDs are free, how is it oppressive? How is enforcing the law oppressive? JOHN cusec has never had to deal with the law because of the amount of money he has. Plain and simple. All right. What I'm asking people if that amount of money to do is to wake up and educate themselves. JOHN cusec obviously has not he has no idea about class structures. He thinks that you and I living in a world where we can barely afford to pay our bills, live and work and breathe the same air he does eat the same food does shit in the same toilets that he does know my friends. I've never felt the gold plated porcelain on my ass. Have you folks? He says we aren't great. We aren't even mediocre. We're effing awful full of cowards and corporate whores bowing gets to take out tax dollars parade our soldiers wrap themselves in a flag well financially backing fascist see continues. We have no leaders. No so just greed. He wants to like

sit in a circle and eat freakin Kashi and sing Kumbaya. Oh wait, you can't say my lord in that song anymore because you might offend somebody. This guy is a coward. Does that mean he's supposed to be brave? He's What is his? What does he want to do? Become the the fascist, become a Hitler to enforce some sort of psychotic mindset that these woke people have spread like a virus through social media and through our institutions. Listen, john cusec doesn't know anything, just like many of these other people don't know anything. All they know is what they're told. And he is told, all right, he is told.

He's told that the left is righteous. And the right is the devil. This is literally like, like Bobby Boucher, a, you know, the waterboy

You shouldn't hang out with all right, because the right is the devil. Well, I don't want to hang out with the left anymore. And I like the right. They show me the movies. And I like them too. That's a Hey, don't get mad at me. If you've never seen the waterboy that's me making fun of a line from the waterboy. I didn't just go off and have like a seizure and come up with something random. He says, let's see.

God, this stuff just makes me it makes me want to headbutt my computer screen. cusec claimed, with no specific specificity that Boeing has been giving money to anti democratic forces, open secrets reveals the company donated more than candidate Joe Biden. 123,186. Precisely, then the former President Donald Trump. Additionally, he gave $628,472 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and 280,445 to the democrats Senate Majority Pac cusec has not attempted to hide his his political opinions, essentially identifying nearly a third of Americans as Nazis during a Twitter rant last year. This is another perfect description of somebody who has been radicalized. Who's in a different class structure. This is somebody that has all the time in the world. Look, I'm busy. I work I go to school, I'm paying my bills. I have a family. I'm fighting every day. I don't have time to think about this shit. Right? Just like you. All right? Maybe a little more because I'm trying to do this show. But do you think about this, he has all the time. Idle hands. Ladies and gentlemen, idle hands are the devil's playground. He has all this time to say if Republicans enable a Nazi that makes them what that makes them effing death cult. And he's put three K's like he's comparing it to the KKK. He said if Republicans enable a Nazi, he's apparently comparing Trump to that. That makes us all of us. What a death cult. He's ridiculous. He says he didn't say to reconcile with Nazis, just Republican. What is he talking about? So john cusec things were Nazis. There's entire classes of rich people that think the right are Nazis. All right. These are people that have been brainwashed Jews and Gentile alike. rich and poor are like more rich than poor. Because the poor people see the writing on the wall as folks under a certain tax bracket. Know what this smells like. Alright, this smells like autocracy. This smells like brainwashing. It smells like propaganda. It definitely doesn't smell like Teen Spirit.

Sorry, I'm a dad. That was my dad joke.

I hope from this episode, that you get a little bit of an idea of of my ramblings and ravings in regard to this class structure thing, all right. You wonder why they don't get it. You wonder why you can't convince them. Otherwise, you wonder why they stare at you. Like you're insane when you try to explain your views to these people, other people on the left that make more money that just don't get it. It's because they have absolutely no frame of reference. everything and everyone in their life, including the advertisements on their phones, have told them that the left is the best and the right is the devil, everything, everything in their world. You make no sense to them. It's like you're speaking Egyptian to them. It's like you went through the Stargate and you're trying to speak English to those people on the other side. They just don't get it. So stop wasting your time trying to convince those people of what's true and what's not true and continue to better yourself. Continue to inform yourself continue to wake people up who are worth waking up and ladies and gentlemen, that's Episode 158 I really hope you liked this episode. I really it was loosely planned guys loosely put together sometimes I bullet points. So

Sometimes I don't, this one's a little bit there and there but I think I put a point across that makes a lot of sense that that some people may not have realized or thought about before. All right next time you're talking to these people think about the different class structures and how you have to speak to that class structure to influence them to wake them up to tell them the truth. Alright guys, again, don't forget to check out the sponsor life change t go to get the promo code James, could you FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING like I said, I'm really looking forward to trying this pomegranate flavor. Also, check out all of our social media weren't gambling parlor on me. We were on Twitter, we're shadowbanned everywhere as well. American underscore Reveley. org, go in the description section below, and click the link, sign up for the newsletter. Please, please, please, if you can, if you enjoy what we do and you find value in it, go into the description section below, click the Donate tab, we could use your help. And of course, please Like I said a million times share like subscribe notification bell, leave a comment five star rating if you're on Apple podcasts. I appreciate you love y'all. And I'll see you on episode 159 of the American Revolution podcast. Bye.

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