American Reveille

Hunter Biden is Trolling the Entire World! | Ep 157

June 15, 2021 James Lane Episode 157
American Reveille
Hunter Biden is Trolling the Entire World! | Ep 157
Show Notes Transcript

In episode 157 of the American Reveille Podcast, Hunter Biden is now an artist with paintings for sale up to half a million dollars! If I painted a masterpiece I would get 15 bucks! The double standards are so ridiculous that it is beginning to feel like Hunter Biden is screwing with us for kicks. He gets a job at Burisma for millions, no accountability. A liar author, no accountability. Now he's an artist?! I need to throw up.

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 157 of the American Reveley podcast. Quick little intro here, guess what, folks, while you and I are chugging along, trying to do the best we can in a Biden economy full of inflation and tax hikes and all kinds of terrible terrifying things that creep and crawl in the night to come out and kill the responsible and hardworking American in this country know, while we're trying to survive. Joe Biden's son here who went from whatever the hell he was in the Ukraine, and nobody that made a bunch of money to a nobody that made a bunch of money in China to a nobody that made a bunch of money selling a book about a life that nobody cares about. Well, now hunter Biden is an auditor taste. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, his paintings, he is painting and his paintings are going to go for up to half a million dollars. What a frickin joke. It's all a joke. This this, this world is hilarious. God is playing a practical joke on us, ladies and gentlemen, because hunter Biden shouldn't be worth anything. He's literally a bum that jumps from job to job to job that tries to use his daddy's name to make money. And he's done some dastardly dirty and illegal things. And nothing ever happens to him. So you know what, in the spirit in the spirit of hunter Biden and his paintings, and in the spirit of the intro to this episode, I'm going to draw a painting. I am going to take a second here, and I'm going to use my wonderful artistic ability to draw a painting of hunter Biden himself. Oh, yes. I'm doing really good here. All right. I'm getting his likeness. Oh, right. His likeness is is there. Huh? Okay. Okay, hold on. Let me look at the contours of his face. Hold on. Oh, all right. Okay. Hopefully this won't get me. Well, you'll have to see for yourself. Well, let me get a little more of the shading. Lower right, a little more shading. A little bit more. Hold on one second. I have to add a little more detail. you're really gonna like this. Please. Just hang on. One second here. That looks about right. One.

Yeah, I think we've got something here, ladies and gentlemen. Take a look. What do you think? I think this is a perfect likeness of hunter Biden. What do you think you see the crown? That's right. He's not just any dick. He's our oil, Dick. And we're gonna talk about him next on the American revelry podcast.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 157 of the American Revolution podcast. I hope you enjoyed my artist's rendition of of hunter Biden. And if you're if you're Uber conservative, I do apologize. I know that was a little bit much it might have burned some of your eye sockets out. But don't worry, I'm on your side. All right, socially, libertarian fiscally fiscally conservative. It's a weird realm that I dwell in. But I like to think that I'm somewhere between a triangulation point. All right. So if you took Steven Crowder, you took Tim Poole, right, and you took Alex Jones, and you put them in like a perfect triangle. Alright, and let the beams intersect. Alright, and then they, and basically, they've got to come together. Like these creatures. I think they're called the selkies. What was it? The dark crystal those bird like creatures that came together and they hold all the different tones, and it's summon something or whatever. You get those people together, they summon me. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. That's right. I delve into all realms. I'm not quite milk toast. I'm not quite believing in the lizard people. But you know, if the lizard people show up, maybe we'll talk about it. I'm not out of the realm of asking questions. And I've gotten a lot of questions to ask to me, ladies and gentlemen, I have a lot of questions to ask about hunter Biden because I feel I'm gonna be honest with you. I feel like we're being trolled at this point. I feel like we're being told to look at the picture of this schmuck. Look at this schmuck. Look at him with his paintbrush, and his little his little freakin What are those his little bracelets? They're like, you know, hippie bracelets, you know what they you buy them at like road shows and stuff little, little pull offs in, in special areas of this country where people sell things on the side of the road and like, what else would they sell their flowers made of paper? You know, things like that. gems, tumbled rocks. And hunter Biden's bracelets. I bet he spent like $3,000 on that bracelet. It's like a Gucci. It's like a Gucci Navajo bracelet. Something like that. Listen, this guy is a shithead he's such a shit. And he's trolling us. He's screwing with his look. Again. He's like Bob Rossing us right there. I'm waiting for him to rick roll us. I'm never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Gonna do Whoa, the crack I can find. Listen. This guy. This guy. All right. Got caught using the N word. Nothing happened. Nothing happened. All right. He was on the board of directors for burisma in the Ukraine. Making a bunch of money on daddy's name. Nothing happened. banging hookers in China Air Force what nothing happened. Now that I feel like it's a sport for him. Right? Like like this is his addiction. Now he doesn't do crack anymore. What he does is he tries to make money and rub it in our face in the shittiest douchiest and dumbest way possible. And see what he can get away with without 100,000 person Riot forming. Because if there was a definition in say the Encyclopedia Britannica I guess it wouldn't be a definition it would be a story about it. But let's just let's you know, let's go to Webster's if we went to Webster's screw Britannica, Britannica is the wrong reference. If we go to Webster's and we look up rules for V and not for me, there is going to be a picture of hunter Biden holding that paintbrush was a little tchotchke bracelet right? But on top of that paintings is going to be just a mountain of crack. Just he's gonna be freebasing cocaine

or rubbing it on his gums. Alright with naked, naked Asian hookers behind him and listen, listen, that's not me. All right, all the pictures of him where he's not doing dirty things with his family members or his deceased family members, freaking widows. All right. They're all with Asian hookers. I'm not saying that and I'm not coming up with any racial. It's the truth. They are Asian and they are hookers. I mean, it's not like you go to the Communist Chinese homeland. Homeland homeland. Right. And and you're hunter Biden and just randomly, just randomly these lovely sweet Chinese women off the street. Just what the? Are you kidding?

That's funny. My alarm just went off. I'm not even gonna stop the podcast for that. My alarm. Just, you know, that's God telling me Whoa, whoa, this episode's going way too far. James, get off the subject of Asian hookers. All right, that that clock. That clock there was like a little power flicker earlier. So it's been off and just flashing you know. So it just randomly went off. I don't know why it went off. But apparently, maybe that that's a little a little note to me going. All right. All right, a little too far. reel it back in a little bit. So we're going to reel it back in to Oh my God, but it's so hard to reel it back in because look at his face. Look at Hunter Biden's face. All right. It just stresses me out. It really really stresses me out all right. If it stresses you out, do me a favor. Check out the sponsor this show ancient life oil that's a and c i e and T life It is the number one CBD oil. I have at least found so far. They sent me I tried it. It did a great job. It did everything CBD oil was supposed to do and if you don't know anything about CBD, Be the oil you should google its benefits all right, but if you need to relax, you're a little bit tense. You've got some issues plaguing you some anxiety, a little bit of you know what you need to go away some bone pain, some body pain, some joint pain, CBD oil is for you. You will be a changed man or woman. I am telling you ancient life oil calm promo code Jas get you free shipping and handling. That's right. We got our own promo code Big Dot Ladies and gentlemen, promo code James. Free Shipping and handling. That is the best CBD oil you can get in the United States. Ancient life oil, folks, folks, do me a favor, hit the like button hit the subscribe button. Hit that thumbs up, hit that notification bell, leave a comment, share, share, share and share again, the censorship wall is real. I am still freakin banned on Facebook. I got another like three weeks. Alright, so nothing's coming out of there. I'm shadow banned as hell on YouTube. What can I do? What can I do? Gonna try to get around that gab TV has been really great Odysseys been good We're also on rumble. We're on bit shoot. look me up American underscore Reveley. We're on all the social medias, we've got somebody actually even building a subreddit for us. We'll see how that goes. Okay, we'll probably be banned off Reddit. And you know, I won't be surprised if this video gets us a strike on YouTube probably showing a phallic object that I drew on a piece of paper. If you are listening to this podcast and didn't see what I did in the beginning, drawing a penis. That's right, I said it a penis on that yellow scratchpad over there with a crown on it. And saying that it's my depiction of hunter Biden as a royal dick. might get me in trouble with YouTube. Listen, if I was drawing a picture of a penis and then talking about what to do with it in terms of the LGBTQ community, my video wouldn't be banned in fact, it would be moved to the front page of YouTube. I should probably like for the first 15 minutes of any video. Just like that's how we can get past the censorship wall guys. I really think I think we should just take 10 minutes the first 10 minutes of every episode we'll just pretend that we're lefties right and we'll just be like yeah, we're coming on here to support abortion. Yeah. And then when we is the coast clear, have they all all the lefties they moved is like the what are those the squeegees the the little robots from the matrix, right? They had to be quiet, or the robots would come destroy the Nebuchadnezzar. That's like this. We got to be quiet. We got to pretend we're lefties and then the lefties will.

Sorry, that was another hunter Biden impression. No, the lefties will sniff around and they'll go Oh, this is safe and then they'll leave and then we could be like, is the coast clear? good hunter Biden today. He is he is looking at this corruption concerns amount as hunter Biden's artwork to go on sale for up to a half a million dollars per painting. I can't get like $10 All right, I can't get $10 for a frickin like an in the box Amazon Echo Okay, like I can't get I can't get 20 to I have a master's degree I can write things you know, I write things for this show. I make but nobody pays me for this guy. This guy sucks. He sucks at everything he sucks at life but he's Fantastic. Fantastic at mooching off the tip of the world through daddy's last name is down he didn't even want to be here. Isn't the g7 kissing all the the the Europeans asked God I don't ever want to go back to America please. Please Joe stay stay in Europe. Stay we don't want you coming back here effing it up even more. Just let Trump finish it out Come on. Come on let's get back to normal here Okay. All right. I get it we all get it the republicans get it we you're spanking us. We feel it. It hurts. All right, but but you don't have to turn the United States of America into the universe that Mad Max was filmed in just yet. All right. Give us a chance to fix it because you're failing. you're failing just like your son failed at life. He failed at life. Guys, this is not a good guy. This is not a good guy. So you've done that you've done it for me. you subscribed you've checked our social media you've shared shared your light. You hit the subscribe. You did all that stuff. You did it. You did it. I'm just double checking with you. If you're listening on Apple podcasts, you need to give me a five star podcast if you don't. Hunter Biden's gonna literally come to your house. He's gonna knock on your door and Ask if he can go through your carpet for six hours looking for crack rocks. They do that they really do. Do that. Do me a favor make sure you do it. Listen If you like what you hear so far, if you like what you're watching, go down below, subscribe to the newsletter and if you could, if you could, I would greatly greatly appreciate you leaving us a small donation. Everything goes to the American Revolution to the American Revolution, LLC trying to spread the word across this great nation of ours waking these patriots up empowering these patriots with a knowledge giving you a laugh, giving you some entertainment and giving you the power to fight back use your first amendment rights doing all that good stuff, American Revolution, doing it that way the only way the American Revolution can and we can't do it without you. So please, please maybe give me that donation down below guys. I've been jibber jabbering long enough, brought it in, brought it out, brought it in, brought it out. Oh my God, I've been writing on my mouse pad with this marker the whole time I've been talking That's lovely. I thought the cap was on. Let's see. We're gonna start reading anyway. This is by Hannah blir June 14 2021. President Joe Biden scandal plague son hunter Biden is reportedly now engaged as a full time artist, and is working with Soho art dealer, Joe Jason to hold an exhibition in New York in the coming months, with prices for hunters artwork ranging from 75,000 to 500,000. According to art net, somebody handed me the rope. Amid years of scandal, the 51 year old hunter Biden is apparently now laying low in his Los Angeles home while working on his artwork, but his dealer Let me read that again. In all seriousness, very j his dealer. Or one more time, on Thursday, his dealer. I got it plans to host a private viewing for Biden, in Los Angeles this fall, followed by an exhibition in New York bojay told autonet that the prices for hunters work will range from 75k for works on paper to 500k for large scale paintings. What do I know he's got an expensive habit but Jesus Christ, I don't paint from emotional feeling, which I think are both very ephemera. Biden said of his work for me, painting is much more about kind of trying to bring forth what is I think the universal truth, Hunter. My God. I I don't

I honestly think my ears are bleeding. And I read what he said. I feel dumber. He says, For me painting is much more about kind of trying to bring forth what is I think the universal truths of painting is much more about trying to bring forth the universal truth. Okay, so he doesn't paint from emotion or feeling. He's using his third eye to peer forth into the being and fabric of the universe and through him. God comes out on the canvas. Oh my God, what a narcissist. Listen, listen, your painting. All right. Is it worth a four piece? mcnugget it's not. It's not hands off my doggies hands off my nuggies Biden. According to the New York Post budget has some ties to China. Of course he has ties to China. Right. The art dealer reportedly regularly features work by Chinese artists and told a Chinese network that he was keen to open other art art galleries in Beijing and Shanghai. Back in 2015. Virginia has lavished praise on China's role in the art world and 2014 birthday told the Chinese state owned media outlet China Daily. The questions that I always had was, how's China changing the world in terms of art and culture? I'll tell you guys how China's changing the world in terms of art and culture, besides all the other crap that's going on in China and everywhere else in the world amid the COVID and Coronavirus, all of this different thing. China came out with a statement the other day and they had stated something to the effect that they were miraculously up hundreds of percent. Don't directly quote me. All right. I'm not perfect with my memory, but they were up hundreds and hundreds of percent since 2016. In regard to drastically increasing the rate at which Chinese people donated their organs. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the Chinese Communist Party states that voluntarily just in the last couple of years, millions of people have decided to become organ donors and handover their precious livers clarys to the Chinese Communist Party government, yes, those are the people you want to deal with.

Meanwhile, a million Uyghurs disappear but who knows where that kidney came from? Who knows? hunter Biden's newfound venture does little to distract from the ongoing concerns that he could perhaps be trading on his family name, and he and other members of the Biden family have been accused of doing so in the past Biden's brother he does real estate I believe in Iraq. Oh, how does that work? hunters entry into the art world follows the years years of his endeavors in the world of international finance, where he's been criticized for engaging in business ventures excuse me with countries at a time when his then vice president father was negotiating US foreign policy with those countries. One of the most well known examples of this centers around Hunter's involvement on the board of burisma Oh, I just scrolled. And it got all wacky. What am I doing with my hand here? Look, I drew a penis in the beginning of this podcast episode and now I'm grasping this microphone. Very ruggedly. Very ruggedly. Let me fix this. Here we go. Hunters entry into the art world follows a years of his endeavors in the world of international finance, where he's been criticized for engaging in business ventures with countries at a time when his then vice president father was negotiating US foreign policy with those countries. One of the most well known examples of this centers around hunters involvement on the board of burisma, a Ukrainian oligarch owned oil and gas company, which paid him 10s of 1000s of dollars per month, despite his lack of experience in the energy sector, or Ukraine in general. At the time hunters then vice president father was the point person negotiating US policy with Ukraine. After leaving office, Joe later bragged about how he threatened to withhold us assistance to Ukraine, unless Ukrainian officials fired a prosecutor who had launched a corruption investigation into the company that had hired Hunter. Don't you remember him bragging about that? But it's okay. Nothing happens to these people. No one's ever held accountable. The only people who are ever held accountable are you and I. That's it. We don't ask for equity? No, we ask for equality, equality in the rules, equality and accountability. We aren't asking to be excluded from the rules. No, we're demanding. We're demanding that elites like Joe and hunter Biden are included in the rules they're included in the accountability. Whatever would happen to me in this instance should happen to Joe or hunter plain and simple Don't you agree? Let me know if you agree. comment section below. Tell me tell me what you think ladies and gentlemen hunter also came under criticism for his lucrative business dealings with state owned entities in China. As Breitbart News, senior contributor and secret Emperor empires author Peter Spicer had reported in detail quote, in China hunter travels with his father in December 2013. Nepal to Air Force to sorry his last name his face I have to while his father's valleys father's meeting with Chinese officials hunter Biden is doing. We don't know that. But the evidence becomes clear because 10 days after they returned to Washington, his small boutique investment firm, Roseman sanika gets a $1 billion deal. The Government Accountability Institute president explained this during a 2019 appearance with Sean Hannity quote, that's 1 billion with a B, later expanded to 1.5 billion that deal is what the Chinese government he explained. It's a deal that nobody else has in China. Goldman Sachs Bank of America Deutsche Bank, nobody. She faces suspects hunters latest venture could potentially be another form of pay for play with the Biden family. And this happens a lot we've seen this. We've heard the stories of Biden, introducing Papa Biden, I guess you'll say, baby Biden and Papa Biden, big, big daddy Biden, whatever the hell you want to call moneybags Biden, bitch Biden, I mean, you know, whatever you want to call them. Joey boy. All right. We've seen the text. We've seen the stories. We've Heard the audio of hunter inviting and introducing his daddy to all these different corporate and company folks from different parts of the world in different parts of the world, and nothing happens. Nothing happens. They're in the business of doing favors, ladies and gentlemen, they're in the business of using names to build power for people who pay to play and names in specific last names being the Biden, last name. There's a lot of power that comes with that, unfortunately, money laundering, money laundering in the art world has been identified as an issue as detailed by bipartisan senate investigation last year. We get to that for a second, we forgot a quote from above about the pay for play, quote, Hunter Biden was repeatedly hired and given details by foreign entities that he was clearly not qualified for in the hopes of getting favors from his father. Schweitzer told Breitbart News, it's not a stretch to believe that foreign entities will pay for or commission his works of art at inflated prices to do the same. And of course they will. Of course they will because hunter Biden is unknown. He's a known I don't know you wouldn't call him a Patsy.

What would you call him? you'd call him a gateway. Right? He's the door. The door that gets to Joe Biden, right, the door that that opens the corruption or opens the the gateway the the by frost, the Pandora's box. All right? the Minotaur at the gates, per se, I don't know what you would call it. Maybe maybe you would call him the fall boy, maybe. especially knowing that another Clinton person has apparently killed themselves. Maybe, just maybe hunter Biden's not going to kill himself. I don't know. We'll have to see what happens. But it just seems it just seems like he's effing with us. Like I said earlier, he gets these jobs. He does these dirty deals, he gets favors from all over the world favors from us pops by by allowing these people to mooch power off of his last name to mooch manipulation to to get a little bump to get a little push from Papa Biden. And what does what does hunter get? I know, I know. There's been stories of him getting his cut. He's got to give a cut to daddy. Right for using his last name. There's a lot that goes on. So why wouldn't this follow over into the art world? All right, it just either this guy is the most monumental f up on the entire planet. Or he's a genius money launder. You know, getting into books getting into to energy, getting into all kinds of little things with no experience using his dad's name, manipulating his way to fame and fortune. I don't know how he hasn't haven't had an overdose yet. I honestly don't know how he works his way through the toilet paper in the morning when he's trying to wipe his hiney I just I honestly don't know. And his father's know better, but I don't think his dad has to do that his dad wears a diaper most likely. The Senate report. We're going to talk about this report for a second about money laundering in the art world. The Senate report details how a pair of Russian oligarchs with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly seized on the secrecy of the art industry to evade sanctions by making more than $18 million in high value art purchases. Quote, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Investigators for the permanent Subcommittee on Investigations told reporters on a call. The art world is considered to be the largest legal unregulated industry in the United States. According to the Senate investigation, the rottenberg example and many other investigations details highlights excuse me investigation details highlight the fact that unlike selling stock or making routine bank transfers art sales through auction houses are not subject to anti money laundering provisions in the Bank Secrecy Act. When artists sold according to the report, sellers are not required to confirm the identity of the buyer nor to make sure the artwork isn't being used to launder dirty money. And if you don't think that happens, think again, folks, these rich people live and operate their dirty deeds on a scale we can't even fathom and if there's a loophole there it is being taken advantage of Believe you me quote, secrecy, unlimited anonymity. Yeah, they put this word in their anonymity. on and on. And on many I always mess that word up secrecy, anonymity, and a lack of regulation create an environment ripe for laundering money and evading sanctions. The Senate report found Meanwhile, Hunter Biden, explaining his art told art net quote, the universal truth is that everything is connected. And there's something that goes far beyond what our five senses and that connects us all. The thing that really fascinates me is the connection between the macro and the micro and how these patterns repeat themselves over and over. Biden has taken so much DMT Oh, my God, he added, explaining that art is not a tool that I use to be able to, in any way cope. Rather, Biden said, it comes from a much deeper place. Oh my gosh, I can't. It's so pretentious. It is it's so pretty. He's not even like, it's therapeutic for me because I have problems. He's like, I don't have problems. I'm

perfect. I do this to express how divine I am. How amazing My thoughts are now connected to the higher power they smell that it's my poop and it's delicious. That's what he's he thinks his shit don't stink. Or Jesus praised hunters work. And it holds as it holds an authenticity that he personally loves, quote, a lot of these issues that are thrown at hunters what makes them produce really great work, the art dealer said that's really all he could come up with. That's all the art dealer could come up with. This is this is terrible. I was so hard to even get through this article and keep reading it to you without wanting to stab myself in the eyeball 17 times, guys, I can't I can't I can't hunter Biden. My the calluses on my hand throb. When I see hunter Biden, I, I he says we're all connected, not where you and I were not connected Hunter. If everything in the universe is connected by divine spiritual energy, you ain't on there. You ain't on there because my spider senses aren't going off. So no, you and I were not connected. What? so ever. The only connection that I have to you is that I mentioned your name when I'm talking crap about you. Plain and simple. And you know, when I'm having explosive diarrhea and some mornings, I ate an entire pizza the night before. I might go, Oh, god, I'm having a hunter Biden. Oh, my dear, dear Lord, ladies and gentlemen. I can't I can't I can't I can't. I said that 1000 times. I'll say it again. The Royal dick that he is has has put me at a loss for words. I've I've used them all. for this episode. I wanted to bring you this. I wanted to frustrate you and entertain you at the same time. As you can see, I'm agitated having reported it to you. All right, again. I'm going to scroll up and just look at this picture of hunter Biden. All right, with his salt and pepper, short beard and his little frickin virtue signaling bracelets. And his paintbrush. Oh, staring at let I just oh my god, I want to throw oh my i might gonna Oh my God, I might actually throw up under Biden's gonna make me throw up either that or it's the it's the it's the hernia in my diaphragm. It could be that listen, guys, I did the best I could. I wanted to bring you this. I thought it was keyless. I hope your blood pressure's up a little let me know in the comment section below. Let me know if I made you throw your plate across the room and your and your your wife or husband is now not talking make sure you check out the sponsor guys if you need to calm down after this and you need some CBD oil amazing amazing product THC free 100% has no kind of side effects whatsoever besides working besides actually working go to ancient life oil calm a and c i e n t life oil calm. Get yourself some ancient life oil Amazing, amazing CBD oil made in the USA and use promo code Jas for free shipping and handling. Remember to follow us on all the social media that's American underscore Reveley. You can find all that in the description section below. Subscribe to us like us, share us leave a comment. Don't forget to talk about the American Revolution. And please if you can leave us a small donation and go in the description section below or go to American Revolution. Calm and hit the support us tab. Guys, I am out and I will see you on episode 158. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for sticking with me and supporting the American revenue podcast while we try to wade through this censorship swamp that's killing us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you keep talking about us. And we'll see you next time. Bye.

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