Biden’s B3W Plan is a Woke, NWO, Great Reset, Trojan Horse Meant to Trick You! | Ep 156

June 12, 2021 James Lane Episode 156
Biden’s B3W Plan is a Woke, NWO, Great Reset, Trojan Horse Meant to Trick You! | Ep 156
Show Notes Transcript

In episode 156 of the American Reveille Podcast, James Lane comes to the startline realization that Joe Biden's B3W Plan was created to usher in a woke New World Order (the Great Reset) and not to fight back against the Chinese Communist Party. Instead of protecting American interests and protecting humanity, the global elites have found the perfect opportunity to enslave the world first, before the CCP does.

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here Episode 156 of the American Revolution podcast and Joe Biden. He's gone to the g7. He plans to propose a $40 trillion bill back Better World plan to apparently compete with China. But I have a theory that it's much more sinister. You see, I think that this is the great reset disguised as capitalism, folks, this is horrifying. And I want to unpackage it for you next.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 156 of the American revenue podcast How you guys doing? It's been a crazy, crazy week. I know that there's been a couple days in between podcasts Lately, I've been writing chapter three of my dissertation. It's the methodology section, where I've got to get a bunch of studies put out there, I've got to get a bunch of

surveys put out there, check the data, put the data into table, I got to do all kinds of stuff to write this chapter. It's very, very tedious. It's taking a lot of my time. I've had a lot of extra stuff to do at work. Yes, that's right. I don't make any money from this. So I am working as well. So it's it's been a little hectic, I've been trying to get a lot of articles edited and published from our writers and bloggers. I've been trying to update as much as possible. But you know, we've all got to do what we've got to do right now. These are definitely interesting times, but I'm gonna do my best to get you as many podcasts as I can this weekend and over the upcoming weeks, I expect to put out at least four or five podcasts by Sunday night. I know that's a lot in the next two days, but I got to get it to you the way I gotta get it to you. And if it's got to be in one lethal injection, then that's what it's going to be how you guys doing? I missed y'all. Oh, it's it's just been man. It's been hectic. I went in, I got my second MRI done. Apparently my L one mile two mile three mile four and mile five. I have herniations and bulging, maybe not hurting What is it called like when they're pushing and they're moving out of place. They're not fully herniated that I've got, like three of them on the way to herniation. But not yet. They said the worst was l three and l four. Like right in between there. The disc is like pushing right against my nerve stem, or nerve column. Whatever they called it. It isn't good, but it explains why I'm having tingling in my hands and, and weakness and tingling in my leg. All kinds of this. Just this you don't want to wish this on your worst enemy. Trust me, guys. But the good news is the doc thinks that I could try a lot of different things without surgery first, and because I have a I have a very interesting cartilage condition I was born with that makes my cartilage extra spongy. Yeah, I know. Well, anyway, apparently, because of that, I might have an extra special ability to get my back right in the right back where it's supposed to be, I guess you would say and pop things into place. And hopefully avoid surgery. I don't want back surgery. I'd rather be in pain and be able to play with my kids. Then risk 5678 910 back surgeries, eventual fusion and walking around like a robot. You know, I just I know too many people that decided for back surgery first and they got screwed. So I'm going to wait till the last absolute minute to get back surgery guys. But enough about me enough about me. We're here to talk about Joe Biden. We're here to talk about a man that looks like he could pass communism right through his colon and eat it again. And speaking of passing things through your colon, do me a favor. The sponsor of this episode is a life change tea. I drink their product every day. It's helped me I've lost like 20 pounds so far. And I feel like I feel empty. I feel just a lot better. I really do. I really do. I wouldn't put it on the show. If I didn't believe it. All right. It's this amazing, amazing daily cleanse, you can drink. It's all natural, right? It anything you have stored in your gut, any kind of toxic poop you might have in your intestines. it flushes it right out. Now this is really really good stuff. It's gentler than probiotics. It's nice. It's easy. I really, really really believe it's made a difference in my life. Go to get the Get yourself some life change T and right now if you use promo code James J m e s, you'll get free shipping and handling guys, I can't. I can't swear by this product more. Right. They sent it to me as a sample I told them before they became my sponsor. I told them if you're gonna

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was said out loud with Boris Johnson something to the effect of Oh, I love it here. I never want to leave. Yeah. Well, please stay Joe, stay, do us all a favor and stay as far away as possible. I got this article here. Joe Biden goes global with $40 trillion build back better for the world infrastructure plan. So one interesting fact not a lot of people know before Joe Biden used this whole build back better BS. It was the slogan and still is the slogan for the World Economic Forum's great reset their plan to basically turn the entire planet into a socialist mud ball. That's right, the entire world. gulag city Ladies and gentlemen, gulag globe, hashtag gulag glow, but that is what Joe Biden once, it may be hard to believe, for some people. And it may not be quite obvious for most, but the signs are there, ladies and gentlemen, he is promoting a $40 trillion infrastructure plan for the world, trying to compete with China, trying to pretend to compete with China. I feel like this is being labeled, this is being branded, I'll say it in 2021 speak. This is being branded as like the new competition, the new Cold War, like if you remember, when you read about it in your history books, or for some of you that were living through it, the Cold War when we went to other countries around Russia, and we tried to spread capitalism while they were spreading socialism or communism, excuse me, all kinds of listen.

The problem is this. I believe that this is Joe Biden's Trojan horse to the world. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a woke Trojan horse, a Trojan horse carrying all the tenants of the great reset, they're going to try to sell it to people on the right. They're going to try to sell to the world. They're going to try to sell it to Americans and say we have to do this to defend our country. They're going to try to trick you, ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden's already starting the trick. Right. Now. We need to read some of this. I'm going to talk about this as we go through it. And some of this is going to shock you Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I'm warning you right now. If you like what you're hearing so far, again, hit that like button, hit that subscribe button notification bell. Leave a comment, guys. I need your help. Let's go. President Joe Biden will announce during talks with world leaders at the g7 summit on Saturday, a global $40 trillion infrastructure plan to build back better for the world. Where's it getting this $40 trillion guys. During their meeting world leaders at the g7 summit plan to meet about the importance of a fair, sustainable, there's a key word that's a red flag key word. If you ever hear the word sustainable, we have some woke problems ladies and gentlemen inclusive global economy. Remember, they've redefined the word inclusive as well, including a discussion about China. The White House previewed the initiative in a call with reporters promoting a plan that would compete with China's Belt and Road initiative. A White House official branded Biden's build back better for the world proposal as B three w as opposed to China's be our AI and the Belt and Road initiative has been China basically going to a lot of different poor countries around the world and paying for big huge

infrastructure upgrades in their country investing in those countries in return, right in return for their silent loyalty and complacency, ladies and gentlemen, they're buying the world leaders. That is what China is doing with the Belt and Road initiative. Now, Biden proposing something similar with capitalism. I use quotes in the air for a reason, ladies and gentlemen, because it's not going to actually be capitalism, it would normally be something good, we would say, Hey, we can fight them using capitalism, we can go around the world offer better things, right? fight off China, bring them back down to their knees through tariffs and other that, no, we're not doing that. We're going to try to spread socialism, it's very scary. It's very weird. It's so odd. But you'll start seeing the cracks in the machine, you'll start seeing

what they don't want you to see, as I read through this a little bit more Ladies and gentlemen, Biden's plan would offer a different option for the world, the official noted, competing with China by offering a plan with the highest labor and environmental standards. So they would offer something different than China, right? Because China has weaker slave labor, which is disgusting. China has no regulations, they abuse the planet, even to the point where deep conservatives and republicans on our side would say, hey, enough is enough. You know what I mean? We don't want that right. But But Biden's plan isn't an inclusive plan that includes the opinions and viewpoints of scientists, and professionals and just common Americans from all sides of the table know, his plan is developed by the radical left and the great reset, it smells just smells of the great reset folks, it really, really, really does is about providing an affirmative, positive alternative vision for the world, alternative vision for the world. Another key phrase there, ladies and gentlemen, that is presented by China and in some similar ways, but also in some different ways. Russia, the White House set or the official set, excuse me, the White House stated that Biden would work with Congress to increase overseas infrastructure, financing, and coordinate funding from other g7 nations in the private sector to help fund infrastructure for low and middle income countries. Hey, what about middle income families here in America? What about low income workers here in America, look what's happening with gas lines with food lines with poverty, the middle class is being crushed in the United States of America right now. And it's all for the great reset, ladies and gentlemen, it's all for this socialist change. They cited and they cited a needed $40 trillion investment estimation by the World Bank, the World Bank through 2035 for their price tag, we're aiming for an ambitious, incredible scale and official said one official noted that the g7 nations will also discuss the problems with China's practice of forced labor in Xinjiang province. Yeah, good. Good luck with that, guys. Good luck enforcing something that's, that's by a body. That's basically only because look, it's saying here, right? It's saying that the g7 nations will also discuss the problems with China's blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. China owns most of your leaders. Most of the g7 nation leaders look at Biden prime example. The point is to send a wake up call that the g7 is serious about defending human rights, and that we need to work together to eradicate forced labor from our products. That's not what they're doing. They should be doing that they should be bringing China to their knees, Communist China to their knees with tariffs. Alright, with every means possible. Besides war, at this point, every means possible to destroy their economy and force them into submission to stop their human rights violations. Zhi Jing Ping is another Hitler, ladies and gentlemen, that's what people don't seem to get. We have another Hitler on our hands. All right, he is growing in power exponentially, and the world's lust for change and greed for socialism and their vision of some perfect corporate world. Some Stepford Wives world that they imagine.

It's more powerful to them, it's more enticing to them. It's, it's it's literally the devil in the diamond. Compared to doing what's right and fighting off the communist Scourge. Our leadership is distracted. They're distracted by some socialist utopian dream, thinking that it's somehow different from this communist nightmare coming to us at a million miles.

Now we're like a tidal wave straight from Communist China.

The point isn't to send a wake up call the points to send a Trojan horse to the world and say capitalism's here to save you. But at night when you sleep

out of the horse, the socialist Inferno will burn us all alive. And if you think I'm kidding, if you think I'm wrong,

we're not done with this. We're not done with this yet. We're not done by a longshot guys, American underscore Reveley, that's ar e vi, l le American underscore Reveley all over the place Twitter. Yeah, they shadow ban me there, but if you're on Twitter, why not go find me there Facebook, I got another 20 days of Facebook Jail, so you won't see me too much there either. But if you go to gab, alright, if you go to parlor, if parlor even works, it's mostly gab if you go to me we meet he's getting better me If you look up American underscore Reveley, you will find everything. That's where we post, that's where all my updates are. And if you don't want to get into this social media nonsense, you go in the description section below, and you click the link for our newsletter. And once a week, I will update you with what is going on. All right, last week, we had a little issue, the newsletter didn't get out. I didn't get to it. And that is my fault. I'm sorry. But I figured it was so late that I would combine it with this week's newsletter. And I would give you guys a much, much better showing of the content we put out in the last two weeks Plus, I was gonna write a personal descriptive update of where we are with the American Revolution and what we are doing to change the face of the narrative in this country, guys. So show some support, head down to the description section and support us however you would like. But I'm going to support you right now, ladies and gentlemen, because I'm one of you. I'm one of you. I'm your biggest fan, folks. I'm your biggest fan. And I want to tell you the truth. And the truth is that these leaders are full of s they're full of sh I cross if you know what I mean, ladies and gentlemen, because look at Boris Johnson, the famous fake conservative,

Boris to the g7 we must build back better in a more gender neutral, more feminine way. There's a picture your boy right there, Boris Johnson looking like Charlie Brown and Dennis the Menace grew up looking like Biff from from Back to the Future. His great great great great great grandson looking like he man

had sex with Drew Carey and had a baby anyway, look, look, look. Listen. This guy. All right, this guy has been the ultimate flake and fake for

going across the pond right there. All right, for the United Kingdom. People don't like him. They thought he was going to be conservative. They thought he was going to be like Trump, he ended up being more like Lori Lightfoot than anything else. All right, so Biden's there to announce his little great reset plan. And Boris, he's touting the same stuff build back better, build back better, the whole world's on board to build back better and a more gender neutral, more feminine way. What's that mean? That means we're going to export Ladies and gentlemen, the American of the American continent is going to export something to the world again. That's right. Trump was trying to get us to export metals and and oil and and and tangible products that would make us money and fill our coffers and make us the most powerful country in the world again, but But no, no, that's not going to be our main export folks. You see, our main exports going to be woke ism, our main export is going to be critical race theory, the poison, the poison destroying this country is going to spread across the globe, ensuring that the global elites rule this world forever and bring forth 1000 years of serfdom to the free peoples of the world and everyone else because all the people supporting them all the people supporting this great reset all the people supporting these woke movements they're gonna get swallowed to they just don't know it yet. Guys, you need to hear about this Boris to g7 we must build back better in a more gender neutral, more feminine way. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told fellow world leaders that they should be building back better in a more gender neutral perhaps more feminine way at the g7 roundtable fresh from comparing himself and 78 year old US President Joe Biden.

Winston Churchill and Franklin row you kiss as as you both don't hold a coin. Alright, maybe to FDI Look, I'm not a Franklin Roosevelt fan, I'm sorry. Anyway, planning the reconstruction of a post war world, and I am a Churchill fan. But Boris, you're comparing yourself to Churchill, God help us. If we go to World War Three, God, help every single one of us You better kiss your children, you better hug your wives and husbands, you better kiss your doggies and hold your property tight, folks. Because if we go to World War Three, and Boris Johnson is Winston Churchill and frickin Joe Biden is FDR we are full of fun.

That's the nicest way I can say that. And that is true.

Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt planning the reconstruction of a post war world in 1940. Yeah, you haven't had the war yet guys. You haven't had the war yet? Calm down, calm down, sit down and have a crumpet alright Have some tea and have some tea and crumpets with the Queen he shut up just shut up. Geez Prime Minister Johnson reiterated his commitment to the build back better agenda. What the BBC described as a fireside chat of world leaders in Cornwall in his woke is to speech to date ladies and gentlemen is woke his speech to date. What the people are countries now want us to focus on is beating the pandemic together and discussing I will never have a repeat of what we've seen. But also that we're building back better together and building back green and building back fairer and building back more equal and

in a more gender neutral and perhaps a more feminine way.

Said Boris Johnson. How about that? Oh, ah. So here's Boris Johnson, the fake conservative leader, okay, of the UK, they're okay, saying build back gender neutral, build back feminine, build back greener. Alright. All we need now is the word sustainability and to tell us to go repent for being white. We're done. We're done. You can go join in Tifa. Now Boris Johnson Good job. Good job with that. This is scary. So how much more feminine? Do we have to get? All right, take a look around you. Take a look at the guys around you lately. I just want you to do that. I want you next time you go out of your house. Just take a look at the guys and the girls. Between the ages of 16 and 26. Something like that. Just glance around pay attention. I want you to pay attention to how they sound, what they're wearing what they're saying. Just pay attention. And you'll see what I mean by we've already gone to feminine. There's no balance. I have no problem with feminine femininity. I have no part. Listen, I can cry during the movie Independence Day. Okay, I'm in touch with my feminine side, I promise. But there's a yin and a yang. Okay. All right. You know, you go to the deli in Jersey or New York or in Florida or wherever they have those black and white cookies, one sides, white one sides, but they're cut down the middle because they're equally divided because there's a balance. You need balance. Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't balance. This is the great reset, plain and simple. The notionally conservative Johnson has been portrayed as a Trump like leader of a hard right government by many in the mainstream media, or hope to be won by many ordinary conservative leaning voters. But as woke pronouncements of the g7 are just the latest evidence that has that this has never really been the case and it hasn't been the case. He has been a disappointment from day one. And I have been told by dozens and dozens and dozens of people from across the sea. Okay, folks, that he is a giant floating blond turd. Plain and simple, plain and simple. While Johnson has been prone to the odd, politically incorrect remarks in the past and back to Brexit in 2016 EU referendum late and with much hesitation, he was previously a strong supporter of EU expansion, even arguing that the bloc should take in Turkey, a majority Muslim state located almost entirely within Asia Minor rather than Europe to reunite the two halves of the Roman Empire east and west. Wow. Wow, that sounds pretty. Pretty scary. Listen, did you know that there's places now over there? There's places now. overseas in Europe Yeah.

England in UK somewhere I've heard that allow Sharia law because it's fair. That's what I've heard at least let me know if that's true or not tell me in the comment section below. As mayor of London he also skewed strongly left liberal on some of the issues most important to British conservatives. For example, by backing an amnesty for illegal aliens, have you he persisted with as Foreign and Commonwealth secretary in the Theresa May administration and which he initially continued to voice support for on becoming Prime Minister. He was also also strongly critical of Donald Trump, despite the erroneous comparisons between the two, branding the American clearly out of his mind and unfit to hold the Office of the President of the United States, when he suggested a temporary ban on Muslim immigration following a succession of radical Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States in 2015. There's nothing wrong with what Trump did. There's nothing wrong with what Trump did. There was a sharp spike in terrorism and Trump was trying to stop that listen, guys, plain and simple, plain and simple. Russia said something the other day it was Putin. He said that Trump was a brilliant outside the box thinker type of guy, something like that. I'm sure I butchered it. All right. Now saying I put a lot of credit into what Putin says. But you've got to be a pretty genius person to stay in power as long as he has, I'm sure he's seen a thing or two. And he calls Biden a company, man. I think that's the thing. I think all these people are company, man. Right? They're all career politicians. Look at Boris Johnson. Look at Joe Biden, look at these world leaders have their own community, you have to understand we all live in these separate class structures. These people are in the Millionaire's club. They have contacts all over the world. They have an old boys club, right? An old boys old girls club, a world leader club, right where these

blue blood company men and women, right? They live in that realm. They talk to each other. The boys are back. The boys are back in town, Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, their company men, they want to do what's best to line the pockets. Right? And to make big chest moves, they don't care about little people. Donald Trump cared about the little people. That is where he made his mistake in the eyes of the world leaders. All right, right now the best way to enslave us all is through woke ism and critical race theory. And according to

Boris, there's nothing wrong with being woke. You see that right there. There's a picture of Boris Johnson there's a picture of a man in some sort of dress with makeup on and daisies in some Daisy bouquet hair thing and there's you know, Mr. Woke Boris Johnson right there guys, guys, this stuff. This is what they're gonna compete with China with. There's a picture of Boris Johnson next to a gay man, I'm guessing or a transgender man or cross dressing man who's now whatever he is, because I'm just making an assumption based upon a picture I'm looking at. But that is what they're going to fight China with. That's what we're going to fight China with. Folks. This isn't about fighting China. It's about pretending to fight China. So that y'all as an american taxpayer, sign off on it.

So that we can make the world woke so that the elites can rule us for a millennia. That is it. That's what's happening. This has nothing to do with fighting China. This is the great reset, done, sealed, signed, world closed this crap. You want to talk about conspiracy theories, you doing this and covering this stuff makes you a concern. I can understand why alex jones drinks probably tons every frickin day and he's all freaking paranoid and everything like that. This business made him like that. When you watch all your your views go down. You watch what the government does. You see the censorship while you start talking like this? Because your voice is hoarse, because you're yelling some guys. It's right here. It's right here. It's clear. It's not a conspiracy. It's not a conspiracy. All right. Joe Biden,

the elites of the world, alright, the Soros is of the world, they've all gotten together. And they're going to deliver a $40 trillion package under the guise of competing with China, so that you'll sign off at the American taxpayer. You'll cut your thumb and stamp it in blood

under the guise of fighting China, but instead they're Trojan horsing all of us. Because when we all go to sleep, thinking everything's fine, and we're going to compete with China. The Horsell

busted open, and the woke parade will march across the world. You want to talk about conspiracy theories. This is the New World Order. Ladies and gentlemen, that's Episode 156 of the American revenue podcast let me know what you think in the comment section below let me know what you think you can always give me feedback James Lane at American Revolution, comm you can donate on our website, American Revolution, comm which is where you'll get most of our updates. We've got new website coming soon, I'm still doing work on I know, I've been promising and promising and promising. I can't afford to hire anybody right now. If you can help me with the website, I'd appreciate it. James Lane at American revenue calm, but if not, then it's all on me. And you're gonna have to deal with it. Because I'm also like I said, writing my chapter three methodology for my dissertation, and I can't fall back in school, okay, I can't I'm sorry. So I have to balance everything. It's all about balance. So if you'd like to help, I could use your help. There's always things for everybody to do. Whether you're a writer, whether you're a blogger, whether you're a coder or web design, or whether you're a social media person, whatever it is, whether you're an investor investor would be nice. Anyway, I digress. I really appreciate you guys listening. I really appreciate you guys watching. I worked really hard to put these out and get these out for you guys. And I know that sometimes they're scarce during the week, and I'd love to come up with a better schedule. Oh, my phone's ringing. I'm not even going to edit that out. Let's go silence that. That's Adam. That's my friend Adam, Adam, Matthew for calling me dirt. I'm going to publish this and it's going into history forever after you add them for calling me in the last three minutes of my podcast episode guys. Thank you so much for watching. All my social media links are in the description section below. American underscore Reveley everywhere and don't forget again, don't forget to check out life change t It's amazing. Get the promo code James FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING after a week or two. You're calling me twice. After a week or two. Adam, I'm gonna slap you. After a week or two a life change t you will seriously email me and thanked me. I promise guys, thank you so much. And I'll see you on episode 157 of the American Revolution. podcast. Bye.

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