American Reveille

Is Communist China Responsible for Global Genocide Due to Covid-19? | Ep 155

June 06, 2021 James Lane Episode 155
American Reveille
Is Communist China Responsible for Global Genocide Due to Covid-19? | Ep 155
Show Notes Transcript

In episode 155 of the American Reveille Podcast, I cover a piece Wayne Root wrote about the greatest genocide in the history of mankind, the possible intentional release of the Chinavirus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The world is waking up and a reckoning is coming!

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here Episode 155 of the American revelry podcast and as you've seen over the last couple days, the veils coming down the walls are shattering the lies are being revealed. We're finding out more and more about Communist China more and more about Dr. Fauci his involvement funding the Wu Han lab, where most likely COVID emanated from folks. Wayne Rooney wrote this great article into basically what we've all been saying what we've all been thinking for over a year. It's not just the influencers, not just the celebrities, not just the dannemann Geno's in the Ben Shapiro's that called this we the people called it to and now we're going to talk about it next.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 155 of the American revenue podcast, we're talking about Wayne routes new article he put out in the Gateway Pundit. It's called I know what China did, it's time to call out the most evil act of mass murder since Hitler, Stalin, and China's Mao's a Dong. And we've all been saying the same thing for a long, long time. Now we're all part of the same group of folks that have been censored, banned and blacklisted, all across the internet, some of us to various degrees and levels, I'll put it there because, you know, there are those people that voice their expressions, their opinions, their beliefs, and they're innocent, they're harmless, they're normal in the range of, of sane opinions, and there are other people, there are other people out there that they voice, their opinions and SWAT team show up. So we don't want to be associated with those people. We want to be associated with just the hardworking Americans that that are really fighting for our independent freedom and rights not not to prove that the lizard people are coming out of the caves in Antarctica. If they are, that's fine, show me the body and and we'll go from there. But until that point, we'll have to keep this in, in a certain realm of possibility in the realm of possibility is still terrifying. It's still frightening. It's still on the realm of it, or in the in the league, excuse me, of Hitler of Stalin. You have to understand, Xi Jinping is not a good person is not a good person, you should understand. When you see people like Dr. Fauci standing up for the Chinese Communist Party. You see people like Eric swalwell, sleeping with Chinese spies, you see a

hell, john cena apologizing in fluent Mandarin shinjang, Hong Kong to to the Chinese Communist Party that wasn't to the Chinese people, the Chinese people don't care. It's the Chinese Communist Party that murders the Chinese Communist people that cares. And behind every Chinese business, is a Socialist Party member. Behind every Chinese person is another watcher ready to report. It truly, truly, truly is a gulag archipelago in Communist China. And that is something we've been calling out. All right. It's not just Wayne Rooney, it's all of us. We have on the American revelry podcast a lot of the other independent folks have and all of you have, you've all been screaming it at the top of your lungs. And what has the mainstream media done, what has the left on what has our families done? What have one of our friends done? They've shunned us? They've looked down on us they've called us conspiracy theories, theorists, they've called us crazy. And now look how the cookie is crumbling. Look what's happening. It's not just Alex Jones was right again. We were all right. Again. We are the voice of reason, ladies and gentlemen. Never ever ever Shut your mouth. Never Shut your mouth. Keep it open. Keep it open so you can order and drink life change tea. That was the segue right there. Listen, ladies and gentlemen, do me a favor. Check out the sponsor of this episode. It is life change tea. These folks are great. I drink their tea every day twice a day. Alright guys, I've lost like 20 pounds so far. This stuff cleanses your system gets the toxins out. it gently, gently gently removes any excess waste that's been stored in your colon. You don't want that around. I don't feel heavy. I don't feel full. I feel nice and empty. It's really easy to make you go to get the tea calm, get the T t use promo code Jas get free shipping and handling. And if you'd like you could stick around for an extra minute or two after this episode is over. There's a little clip

Put together about life change t it's a great product. It's put together here, right in the USA and I wouldn't have it on this show if I didn't use it myself. So go get the promo code James. Free Shipping and handling guys. How's your Sunday doing? I'm tired. It's like five something in the morning. Do me a favor, hit the like button hit the subscribe button. Alright, leave a comment. If you're on Apple podcast, leave a review. All right, do me a favor and share. We can't get past this censorship wall without you. You need to share for me tell people about the American Revolution. Tell people you enjoy what we do what we talk about and spread the word if there's any way you think you can help you can email me directly James Lane at American revelry comm you can donate to our cause everything is below in the description section right in the description section right below this video. Some platforms, it's above the video. Alright, but right below this video on most platforms. In the description section, you can find where to donate, you can find our social media, all the different platforms to watch a lot of the different platforms to listen, there's a lot more obviously if you need a custom link, you can email me directly James Lane at American revenue, comm I'm really accessible. And don't forget to join the newsletter because when we finally get the sticker competition out with the $200 Grand Prize, all right, that's where we're going to put the information. It's all in the description section below, folks, I want to get into this, I thought he put out a great article, Wayne route, put out this opinion article on the Gateway Pundit, but it's not really an opinion. It's based on all the facts we've been screaming for over a year and now hearing coming from the mainstream outlets like it's just Oh, like a fairy appeared and poof. Now there's all this evidence that the evidence has been here the whole time. It was just there. evil and hate of Trump, their hatred, they're just blinded by this, this fear, this fear of Donald Trump, and of all of us patriots this, this disgusting.

gluttony for power that they have, they're going to lose their power. Oh my god, it's so bad. The elites want their power so bad. They're willing to sell their souls for critical race theory and turn this country into a socialist shithole into a nightmare into a gulag Ladies and gentlemen, for your children's children's children's children. And we're not going to let that happen. We're going to call it out on every corner and every turn like we have Wayne roots calling it out here. He does plug his show at the beginning of the article. And I do feel obliged since this is his article that I'm basing this podcast episode on to plug his stuff for free. I'm not being paid for this or anything else. But if anyone young is listening, remember there's a thing called courtesy out there. Respect is given respect is due. And if I'm going to use somebody's material, and base a show upon it, right, which isn't plagiarism, I want you to know that because I'm reporting it. I'm getting the word out. I'm helping spread this news. What I'm doing all right, is I'm showing the courtesy showing the respect to this gentleman to build that pathway, build that network, plug his show, right. And in the future, one day, when things are bustling things are bigger Hill, remember that. That's a network. That's how you build things. That's how you set foundations guys. All right, if anybody is wondering, yep, I do stuff in business, too. I got to throw some tips out there once in a while. Boy, listen, Wayne route. I know what China did. It's time to call out the most evil act of mass murder since Hitler, Stalin and China's Mao Zedong. Folks, let's read. I don't mean to say I told you so. But I told you so and we can say we told you so right. Check the records, check the archives of my national radio show, radio show, Wayne Allyn Root, raw and unfiltered on USA radio network. Check my hundreds of newspaper columns and online commentaries. I say from day one from early March 2020. As we knew a deadly pandemic was headed our way that this China flu was manmade, in a Chinese bio warfare lab in Wuhan. And I think most of us believed that most of us said that. I've been saying it since March of 2020. As well, at least this podcast has been on the air since what, April, April or May something like that. I've been saying it since at least then, at least then well over a year. Alright. And I know that a lot of my fans which make up you guys, the people I'm talking to right now, you guys email me, you guys message me you guys talk to me directly and tell me this stuff, the stuff that I'm reading to you right now. So we've all been privy to the knowledge we've all been in the know. It's just finally finally we're getting some recognition in the mainstream and what for and why. And what does it matter? What does it matter, there's a reckoning coming

Ladies and gentlemen, that's what matters. That's what matters one day, there may even be a tribunal there will be countries holding China accountable for war crimes for genocide, not just for the wiggers. But for millions and millions of people that didn't have to die around the world. Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for my segue back to the reading. I also reported it appeared likely. Dr. Anthony Fauci had used american taxpayer money to fund the creation of COVID-19. And I predicted we were experiencing a massive cover up by China, the Chinese Communist Party, the who Dr. Fauci and the CDC simply because they'd all be on the hook for 10 trillion in damages. They were all in on it. And we've all been saying the same thing. We are all in the know we are all privy to this knowledge wane. Suddenly, everyone is admitting this deadly pandemic is most probably man made from a Chinese bio warfare lab. Welcome to my world. Welcome to our world. waim. So since my gut about the origins of the China flu was right on the money for 15 months now while everyone else was blind, deaf and really dumb, what else am I right about? Is it possible my second prediction is on the money to wane? I get it. I get it. But we were all with you. We were all in the know as well. It was a think tank of conservative libertarian and Republican minds, feelings, thoughts. And people, we the people who brought this up as well, because I've said all along, this was no mistake. This was no coincidence. This wasn't bad fortune. This was from day one, a purposeful attack on the United States by China. In my opinion, there are only two possibilities to why and how this pandemic happened. Either way, China's guilty of the worst act of mass murder since Hitler, Stalin and China's Mao's a doll. I actually agree with that statement. A lot of us share that sentiment. All right, Donald Trump shares that sentiment, and we the people believe it as well. The CCP must be brought to their knees held to bear held accountable and

punished. To say the least punished is a light word for what I'm thinking. First behind door number one, it's possible the China flu virus escaped out of a Wu Han bio warfare lab. But that's not an accident. China develop this as a bio warfare weapon of mass destruction, even if it got out by accident. They are responsible for the death of millions. I agree with that. I do agree with that. 100%. I also believe that any American government officials, any American bodies, and entities in the government that we're funding this should also be held accountable to the same extent, if not worse, than China. They should be charged with treason, ladies and gentlemen, but it's much worse than that. Once it was out, and Chinese officials knew they made the deadly decision to let 1000s of infected Chinese fly to America and other Western countries to spread the pandemic worldwide. They clearly believed in rahm emanuel his famous saying, never let a crisis go to waste. It seems a lot of Democrats believe that lately. Look at Chuck Schumer using these crises to craft a bill that's supposed to help us compete with China when it actually sells out Americans American jobs and this government and this country and our freedom to Communist China wow never let a crisis go to waste right but that's for another podcast all together. Ladies and gentlemen, if you're enjoying this one so far again, do me a favor, like subscribe hit the notification, but leave a comment, share, share, share, guys I need your help at the very least go down to the description section and sign up for the newsletter. Alright guys, it's important you follow me the censorship wall is real. And if you don't follow me on as many platforms as possible, I promise you you'll lose me I get emails every day from people wondering why I quit where I've gone what I've done and it's because the censorship is keeping me from them and they can't see what I do. These companies are taking out all of us up and comers. Alright guys, so you have to do your part and follow us as best you can. The newsletter is a great way to keep to keep up on what happened in the previous week. But wherever you can, social media, all of these video platforms even if you're audio only and you just want to listen on Spotify or tune in or even audible Alright, follow us where you can American underscore Reveley on most platforms any kind of custom type contribution custom type

affiliation, any type of thing you want to talk to me about direct email is the best James Lane at American Guys, let's keep reading. But the choice between door number two is even more evil to China purposely send this bio warfare weapon of mass destruction to America to end the trade war. And as a bonus destroy us our economy and President Trump all in one. My gut says look behind door number two, I believe this was a purposeful attack upon America. I don't believe it was a mistake or coincidence. Look at the timing. Look what China achieved. This pandemic just happened to wipe out Trump's economy, the greatest economy in modern history. Overnight, America went from prosperity to what amounted to a great depression. The stock market collapsed, millions of small businesses were closed. Millions of Americans lost their jobs and a large portion of their life savings. We had a trillions in debt to pay for the stimulus, bailouts and welfare needed to prop up the economy. And that's no joke. How many of you lost everything I almost lost everything. I'm still struggling. I'm in a deficit right now looking for side work. And I know a lot of you guys are in the same boat. A lot of you guys are unemployed. A lot of you guys almost became homeless. Some of you did. And I've been there and it's no fun. It's not right. And who is to blame and who's perpetuating it? Because joe biden's still perpetuating it. He's still continuing the effect of it almost as if he's in the pocket of Communist China. You may want to follow the money there. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure a lot of you have already. But folks, it is an attack on America. We all believe it. We've been saying it. We've been calling it Why else would they do it? Alright, they have plenty of reason. They have plenty of reason. And they did. Ladies and gentlemen, they did. It's time to start admitting it to yourself if you haven't admitted it. Already. Many of the structural problems from the China flu pandemic remain supply chains are destroyed. Massive hyperinflation is here. Gas prices, food prices, home prices, ammo prices are through the roof. The middle class is decimated. America's famous work ethic has been destroyed. We have a massive worker shortage under Trump, we'd reestablished our economic dominance in the world. Now. It's all reverse. And guess who's back in the driver's seat. Ladies and gentlemen, China, China and Joe Biden are back in the driver's seat. And what they're saying about gas prices is true. food prices is true. Home prices are true. I can't move I was looking to finally buy a house. 36 years old, I've never lived in a house Ladies and gentlemen, never lived in a house folks.

I'm going to tell you

when I go and find a three bedroom, and that three bedroom is $800,000. And listen, if you're in a small state, I'm not lying. When you're in the blue states 800k for a three bedroom house on no land, not even a quarter acre folks, not even a quarter acre, the prices are skyrocketing. It's almost as if we're heading to another bubble, right? Like before the 2008 crash. If you remember, when inflation and everything shot through the roof, and everybody was was trying to make as much money as they could. And all of a sudden kaboom. All the markets collapsed. What if that happens again? We have to think about this. We really have to think about this. All right. I was doing great. A couple months back. I'm not doing so great anymore. The middle class is decimated. It is decimated. I can't get out of a two bedroom apartment. Ladies and gentlemen, we've been stuck here now for over a year or two. It's not it's not any better for anybody else. It isn't. All right. There are gas lines. It seems that pipeline states are being punished. It seems that gun owners are being punished. It seems that middle class Americans and low class Americans are being punished.

And the mindless drones that make up ignorant folks, all right, because there are a lot of ignorant folks in very poor neighborhoods. And I know this because I grew up in poor neighborhoods. All right. So deal with it. It's a fact. They're easily controlled by the government. They're easily controlled by propaganda, easily controlled by Joe Biden and socialist radicals easily controlled by BLM and an Tifa. That's what they're looking at. That's what they want to make a society of mindless impoverish Joe Joe

that depend upon the government. They like the China model, you have to understand that China found a way to take some sort of quasi capitalism, put it into their market while keeping everything controlled with socialism running the government. All right? It's this hybrid method. All right, and it gives the government so much more power and control. And our government, a lot of people in our, in our government in high positions of power, they see this and they drool. They go weak and have all the benefits of capitalism while being slave masters to the people. Sign me up. That is what the left wants, ladies and gentlemen, they want us to be China. Number two, they want to jump on board the China model. All right. This Marxism is no joke. It's real. That's what's happening. It's a battle between capitalism. All right. And Marxism. That is really what is happening in some of the core of this. All right. Many, many of the structural problems from the China flu pandemic remain. supply chains are destroyed. Massive hyperinflation is here. Gas prices, food prices, home prices, ammo prices are through the roof. Again, I say and I repeated it for emphasis. The middle class is decimated. Do you see anything different? Let me know in the comment section below. The China flu pandemic changed everything and allowed Democrats to cheat Reagan steal a presidential election with millions of mail in ballots, no voter id no signature verification, ballot harvesting and ballots counted days after the election was over. Suddenly, Biden was president a man I believe is clearly owned lock stock and barrel by the Chinese Communist Party. His first day as President Biden showed his cards, like banning the use of the word China flu. Really, suddenly the trade war is over and forgotten. The borders. They're wide open and China's making hundreds of billions of dollars on human trafficking, sex trafficking, the manufacturer of fentanyl and opioid smuggled across a porous border. That is true. 100% true. Look it up. The US military's number one objective now is protecting gay and transgender rights. Blm flags are flying at us embassies across the world. That is true. If you don't know that you are sleeping. That is true. They are flying the Black Lives Matter flag in Embassies all over the world, US embassies folks, the State Department has pledged allegiance to BLM and that is public knowledge. Look it up. Seriously. Look it up.

This debate is over. Of course, China developed COVID-19 in a bio warfare lab as a weapon of mass destruction. The question to investigate now is did they send it our way purposely?

Either way, I believe China's guilty of the worst act of mass murder. Since Hitler, Stalin and China's Mao Zedong. You have to understand guys, all right, this is going to all come to a head at some point. It's all gonna come to a head at some point. This doesn't just go away. These are historic times. Ladies and gentlemen, these are pre World War Two times pre Civil War times, ladies and gentlemen, pre major conflict times. These are easy times these aren't times to forget, these aren't times to brush aside. This is history or living in at some point China will be held accountable. And then what happens? Will we go to war, traditional war will a worldwide body of countries come together hold tribunal and hold China accountable.

Xi Jinping is a maniac ladies and gentlemen. War may be coming. That's what I believe. But other than that, you need to at least at the very least open your eyes pay attention. If you've been saying this with us, then you know the truth. You know what to do keep soldiering on us your first amendment rights keep spreading the truth, ladies and gentlemen. All right. They say the truth will set us free. Listen, we will never win this conflict. We will never win this battle this war. We will never win this ideological this cultural struggle. In less we maintain the righteous high ground. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, you we do this, we do this right. We do it honorably. All right, we do it correctly, and we win the day forever. If we steep to the levels we sink to the levels we we stoop to the levels of scum of slime of heartless, spineless, hateful left wing activists. I wouldn't even call them

Activists I wouldn't even call them anarchism, I'd call them left wing hypocrites. I'd call them left wing maniacs left wing, lunatics left wing anti American treasonous scum. Ladies and gentlemen, we don't act like that. We use our first amendment rights. We use the power of the people, ladies and gentlemen, we are the people and we are right. And this will come to light. The walls are coming down, the truth is being revealed. And the truth will set us free Ladies and gentlemen, that's Episode 155 of the American revenue podcast. Thanks Wayne Allyn Root for writing this article we can base this episode on and I'm glad we could get this information out to you and let you know that you were right all along we were all right all along for the people hearing about this the first time you have some Duck Duck going to do I don't want to say googling because screw Google even though they own like everything. But guys do me a favor, please like this, please subscribe to this please share this. Please tell everybody about the American Reveley podcast, do me a favor, go into the description section, sign up for the newsletter, sign up on all our social media, find us on all those video platforms, all those audio platforms and find us there sign up for it's there everywhere you can so that you can get past the censorship wall. They're coming for my handle, ladies and gentlemen, and I need you guys to keep the duct tape around my neck secure and tight. So keep talking about the American Revolution podcast. If you could find it in your heart, please go down to the donation section. below in the description section. Click the link and donate to the American Revolution podcast to the American Revolution LLC. And I'll make sure it goes right into upgrading our hardware. Listen, I need a new video card for the computer. The rendering is getting slower and slower my equipment and gear is breaking. We need to be able to get mobile go to different states do different things advertise I need your help. So please donate if you'd like to help us in a different way. You can always support our sponsor or sponsor this episode is life change t they're fantastic. Go to get the get the T t use promo code James FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING you won't find a better deal anywhere else for the best cleanse in the United States of America. Get the ladies and gentlemen thank you so much. I will see you on episode 156 Bye.

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