Hypocrite Hillary Clinton Lies About January 6th as Minneapolis Burns | Ep 154

June 05, 2021 James Lane Episode 154
Hypocrite Hillary Clinton Lies About January 6th as Minneapolis Burns | Ep 154
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In episode 154 of the American Reveille podcast, Hillary Clinton lies about the events of January 6th, claiming Trump supporters murdered a police officer. The only murder that took place that day was Ashli Babbitt! The hypocrisy of it all is that right now, Minneapolis is besieged by armed Antifa and BLM thugs. The Left wants January 6th investigated but the entire summer of HELL forgotten and that's just not going to fly! 

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, this is Episode 154 of the American Reveley podcast and Guess who's back lying off her ass again. It's Hillary Clinton, ladies and gentlemen, Hillary Clinton lying, saying that an angry mob at the Capitol killed a police man. All right, she is railing against the fact that Republicans shut down the January six commission talking about a fake death. All right, pretending that somebody died a certain way Now am I saying a fake death isn't nobody died? No, this police officer did die but he died of a stroke later on. All right, God rest his soul. All right, rest in peace. The officer I pray for his family. But folks, this is a real life. This is a problem. This is a problem especially when they are not calling for the investigation of looting and rioting. Not only that happened last summer from Black Lives Matter and an Tifa. But the writing that's happening right now as we speak. All right. Minneapolis, burns tonight and last night and the night before because the same cycle is repeating But no, they don't see that. All right. Hillary doesn't see that. Not from her. Not from her ivory tower in her gated community. No, all she sees are the January 6 riots. Ladies and gentlemen, this needs to be exposed and we will expose it next on the American Revolution podcast.

Ladies and gentlemen James Lane here and like a bad case of oral herpes. Hillary Clinton just won't go away. Oh, and it burns when you see her and you got to get the Nevermind. You don't want to know listen, ladies and gentlemen, Hillary Clinton is back and she is lying her butt off yet again. Using emotional manipulation to raise money to influence people to literally try and steer the narrative in only a way a Clinton can only the way a Clinton can. No people haven't suicided themselves yet though. We have a running list of people like Dr. Fauci and hunter Biden. That could one day kill themselves. Hopefully they don't but we'll have to see what happens. I hope these people are brought to justice. That's what I hope happens. But Hillary Clinton she has a magical way of snapping her fingers and making buildings fall on people kind of like the Wicked Witch of the West. But you know, opposite. She's not under the building. She's throwing them anyway. Listen, this stuff is crazy. 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Alright folks, listen to Hillary Clinton spreads fake news. angry mob at the Capitol killed a police man. All right. We know she's lying. You know she's lying. I know. She's lying. I think she knows she's lying. I think she does at least would be pretty scary if she didn't. Somewhere around half of this country doesn't even know if she's lying or not. The other half of this country thinks she's a some sort of Saint though it seems the young people may be falling off the bandwagon as the politicians become a little less popular and anarchie seems to be the theme of youth in 2021. Listen, guys, we need to read this article because we're going to show you a contrast between what she has to say and what's actually going on in Minneapolis right now. This is Breitbart. Hannah blue came out may 29. Listen, twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shared fake news on Friday, the day Senate Republicans blocked a bill aiming to establish a commission to investigate the January 6 protests and riots at the US Capitol, asserting that the angry mob that rushed the US Capitol that day, killed a police man know an angry mob from inside the Capitol. In fact, an angry officer from inside the Capitol killed Ashley Babbitt, an unarmed woman, ladies and gentlemen and unarmed American patriot Ladies and gentlemen, no way to do any damage against a man with a gun that shot her in the head. But no, Hillary Clinton asserts that an angry mob rushed the Capitol and killed a police man, quote, an angry mob attacked Capitol Hill lawmakers and our law can't do I have no idea how to do her impression. So you get what you get. They kill the police man. And the Republican leaders would rather we all not know more about what happened. Clinton said yeah, that's BS. an angry mob attacked our Capitol. Our lawmakers in our election they killed a police man and Republican leaders would rather we all not know more about what happened. Oh, why Oh, why would we hide it? Oh, why would what the right do such evil things? Why would the left not allow an investigation of the summer riots as well? Hmm. There's always two sides of the story. Clinton is referencing Officer Brian signac as the establishment media originally advanced the narrative that he was fatally wounded by a fire extinguisher. That however was not true. The medical examiner found no evidence of blunt force trauma. In fact, the DC chief medical examiner ultimately ruled that sickness suffered two strokes and died of natural causes. That is how out of touch these rich elites are. These Hillary Clinton's are the ruling released Monday will make it difficult for prosecutors to pursue homicide charges in the officers death. Two men are accused of assaulting sickness by spraying a powerful chemical irritant at him during the siege, but prosecutors have not tied to that exposure to sickness death. That's right ladies and gentlemen. Nobody killed a police officer but people died a plenty during the riots over the summer. Nobody talks about that though. All right. Nobody wants to investigate that do they? All right. The Republicans said if you're going to do a January 6 commission we also want you to investigate this other stuff. The left said no, we're only investigating January 6 are nothing and so the right said screw off. And now the left is bitching and moaning. None of the deaths that occurred among participants were found to be caused by violence. Except for Ashley Babbitt, who was shot as she climbed through a broken door into the speaker's lobby. The bullet struck Ashley Babbitt in the left shoulder. She later died from her wound at Washington Hospital Center outlet reported Clinton's remark Oh, I thought she was shot in the head. I guess she wasn't I guess it was shot in the left shoulder

that I wonder I wonder how long you know, stay had to wait to get her to some sort of medical treatment, right to die from a shoulder wound. Right. Like I know it. Look, I get it. There's an artery and there's, I get it. But I really really, really, really, really would like to know how come police right. Police here they're expected as soon as they shoot somebody a criminal to render aid. Did they render aid to Ashley Babbitt right away? Do we know that somebody let me know in the comment section below. Because it's just sickening to me. When this this this elite like Hillary Clinton, she can just sit there and she can lie her butt off. She can sit there and say, Oh, these thuggish maga aids killed policemen. It's a blatant lie. Do you never leave your mansion in the freakin Valley. It's the the radical left that does what you're saying. And Tifa assaults and kills police officers BLM assaults and tries to kill police officers and tries to do the same to civilians and regular people.

It it's not the right. It isn't Not at all. This is a witch hunt. It really is. Clinton's remarks came the same day Senate Republicans blocked a bill formerly known as hr 3233. The national commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol Complex act aimed to investigate the riots and protests that occurred in the nation's capitol January 6, with some referring to the desired investigation as a politically motivated witch hunt. With multiple investigations already underway, I do not support the politically motivated January six commission led by Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi Senator Ted Cruz said in a statement, six republicans voted to advance the bill. Of course, Lisa Murkowski Of course, Susan Collins, of course, Ben sasse, of course, Trump hater Ben sasse. screw off Ben sasse. Bill Cassidy. Yep. Oh, Mitt Romney. Yep, blue old Mitt Romney and Rob Portman of Ohio. Screw all of those people. You know what to do in 2022, though, Trump is saying some very cryptic stuff about August. Alright, if you know anything about that you let me know in the comments section below because that would be a hell of an interesting thing to happen. But listen, guys, what's even more sickening about this? All right, is Hillary Clinton is literally crying out in outrage against the right about angry mobs killing policemen and investigations that need to happen. And look what's happening right now. Right now. This is from June 5. Ladies and gentlemen today, looting riots break out in Minneapolis after police return fire and kill a wanted felon. It's a wanted felon now Meanwhile, all right, two kids from like a halfway house in Volusia County in Florida the other the other day right 12 year old and a 14 year old. They have a shootout with police. They have a shootout with police shooting at the cops from an from inside of a house. Right to white kids. 14 year old. All right. And don't you talk to me about foster care and all that I know all about what happens to kids and child abuse and the system and you don't have to Alright, I'm involved. I've Trust me. I grew up a certain way. We will talk about it another time where you can go watch the first 10 episodes or listened to him. I don't have video for the first 10 episodes of this podcast. I'll explain a couple things. But listen, the system screws kids up. All right. The juvenile system screws kids up tremendously, tremendously. This 14 year old after these cops did everything they could the sheriff's did everything they could to end this peaceably. They had to shoot this 14 year old girl. All right, three times she's in the hospital. I don't know if she's alive or dead at this point. But she's in the hospital. I remember the other day fighting for her life in critical condition. All right. That's no nowhere on the news. All right. Police did their job there. But if you change the skin color, because of what the leftist policy state what the leftist elites want what the radicals are doing to manipulate the narrative. That would be a headline and all eight of those cops would be in jail. all eight of those cops would be in jail. All right. There's a huge double standard here. That's sickening. And it's hypocrisy. And it's literally a smirk meant upon our country. All right, everybody around the world is laughing at us right now. All right, looting riots break out in Minneapolis after police return fire and kill a wanted felon. Ladies and gentlemen, Do you have kids? Do you want these piece of crap criminals living around and walking amongst your kids? Go look outside. Are you in a not so red state, maybe a half and half state maybe you're in a blue state? How many homeless people are walking around outside? How many methods are walking around outside? How many people that have prior criminal records for molesting children are most likely walking around outside? Because five years ago, there wasn't this many 10 years ago. There really wasn't this many 20 years ago. This was a different world. Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a left wing hellhole created by left wing policies go look at what Obama did to our beautiful nation. You should be furious. And that's why we're exposing these things. That's what we're exposing these liars on the American revelry podcast. All right, this is by Bob price. It's Breitbart looting riots break out in Minneapolis after police return fire. Kill wanted a felon guys like this podcast share this podcast subscribe hit the notification bell leave a comment hit that five star rating if you're on Apple podcast Just do me a favor keep sharing keep listening keep watching go into the description section below follow all that social media that's down there, follow it, follow that social media please, please with a cherry on top follow the social media, follow the videos, follow the audio give me suggestions, suggestions of what you'd like to see next James Lane at American ar e v i l l e and we are going to read burning. rioting and looting broke out in Minneapolis on Friday night after deputy shot and killed a wanted felon who fired on them. Deputies assigned to the US Marshals fugitive Task Force attempted to take a man wanted for being a felon in possession of a firearm into custody. police officials in Minnesota say the US Marshals fugitive Task Force attempted to arrest 32 year old Winston Boogie Smith on June 3 for a warrant for being a felon in possession of a firearm. I am totally going to to name like my next cat that Winston Boogie Smith. Winston Bhagat Smith,

stop. Get your paw out of the plant. Nope, no, don't. Don't stop. What don't don't. Oh, Winston Boogie Smith slapped the plant off the counter again. Dammit. Dammit Winston Boogie Smith. As Sheriff's Office deputies assigned the task force approached Smith's vehicle. He reportedly refused to comply with orders and pulled a handgun. That's smart. Huh? I wonder what happened next ladies and gentlemen. officials confirmed Smith fired at least one shot from inside his car. Let's see what is this Twitter post say from Rebs Bremen liquor store currently being loaded with people trying to take an ATM. Oh great. So they tried to take it okay. A statement from the marshal service that Smith was in a parked vehicle and produced a handgun resulting in taskforce members firing upon the subject. Smith died at the scene from wounds from two deputies shots. The Minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension reported that state investigators found a gun in Smith's car along with a spank cartridge indicating Smith fired from inside the vehicle the AAP article states following the shooting on Thursday, rioters marched in the streets setting the city on fire and began to vandalizing and looting businesses. Police arrested nine people on charges following the night of violent activity. Are you ready for this one? independent journalist Brendan Gooden Shraga. Oh yeah. Brendan guten Chaga. I would I would totally interview you on this podcast just so I can say goodbye to you again and again and again. Brendan got tweeted a video showing multiple fires set by writers on Friday night. Alright, think smoking Ziad as dumpsters burn in Hennepin in Lake streets in Minneapolis this Friday night. Brandon glutens fogger June 5 21. That is totally his narration voice sorry. In addition writers also set trees or what did the trees do to you? He set the trees on fire. That's what you know the leftists they love saving the trees right. Photo journalists Rebecca Brandon tweeted, trees being set on fire tonight Minneapolis, along with other fires. Rebecca Brandon, June 5 2021. I think I said Rebecca. Anyway, rioters protesting the shooting of the wanted felon who allegedly fired at agents attempting to arrest him began shooting a T Mobile store. Brandon tweeted, the BLM protests in Minneapolis devolved into looting overnight, a large group smashed their way into the T Mobile store. Exceptional video by Rebs Brandon, Rebecca Brandon. Oh wait. Rebecca Brandon. Nope. Andy no tweeted that. Never mind. Andy. No, that's not Andy knows. NARRATION voice narration by Andy No, definitely doesn't sound like that. But listen, regardless of my my goofy inferences here. This stuff is not good. This stuff is what's really happening. All right, this stuff is happening across the country. All right. You have cops that were fired upon by a felon in a car with a gun. They had to return fire, because that's what you do when someone shoots at you first. All right. There's no magic freakin foam. This isn't some movie where you can throw a pill into the car and it goes poof and styrofoam explodes everywhere and the guy's like trash. Like foam like I can't shoot cuz I'm stuck in magic instant fight for styrofoam. Like that doesn't exist. It's not real. It's not real Ladies and gentlemen, there's no way to stop crazy. All right, sometimes crazy get stopped with bullets. And this crazy guy got stopped with bullets. All right another video retweeted by Brandon shows someone performing CPR on a person who was allegedly shot during the riots. Someone was shot tonight on East Lake Street over by the old third pre Oh, that's good. Right? That's great. Let's kill more people in honor of the guy that was trying to kill the cops that got killed by trying to kill the cops. Great job. Whoo. Real, real, real smart, real smart guys.

It's not clear from the tweets who shot the person, or what if they survive, another person was seen being treated on the street for another unknown injury. It says someone's been hurt. Not sure how and is believing being attended to currently, that's an Tifa. Watch. I'm so glad that we have somebody called an Tifa. Watch. That is probably from an Tifa letting other an Tifa people know about people from anti fur with injuries so they can help themselves. because nobody's coming to help anybody else. No innocent persons getting helped. All right. They're organized even though they pretend like they're not and the government seems to support them, guys. All right. Look at the contrast how more simple how much more simple doesn't need to be Hillary Clinton, angry mob at the Capitol killed police man, the evil Republicans. Nobody's going to investigate January. So well, who is going to investigate this? Who the hell is investigating Minneapolis is investigating Chaz in Seattle who is investigating Portland, hundreds of nights in Portland, who's investigating Denver who's investigating? I think they had some in Miami. They had some I think in Austin, New York City, of course, major riots across the country and every major democrat city over the summer people dead, dozens of people dead. The left doesn't want to investigate that. They want to let you think that you are prey. They want to let you believe that the right? They want to grind you down and let you believe that the right is guilty. The right did something wrong. All right. There's a small group of people that did something wrong on January 6. All right. There's a lot of people that didn't do anything on January 6 that are being punished for January six. All right, the left. The left is showing their true colors. They've always shown their true colors. They are hurting people, they are hurting citizens. They are lying to you. If you aren't awake, yet, it's time for you to start considering the facts. It's time for you to start considering the truth ladies and gentlemen. All right, the left does not have your best interest. These elites want to keep in power, keep their family's wealth insured on your blood, sweat, and backs. That is the truth. And that is Episode 154 of the American revelry podcast folks, I really hope you enjoyed the episode. Do me a favor, subscribe to the newsletter. Subscribe to our social media. Subscribe to wherever you're watching this. Alright, hit the like button subscribe. hit the share button. Leave a comment send me an email Say hi, how are you leave a donation you could do that. We take cryptocurrency safe room, I'll take that blue coin. You want to play Dogecoin I'll take that. If you don't believe in crypto anymore and you want to give it up. Give it to me. I'll take care of everything you need to find me is in the description section below. Alright, check it out. And again, please check out our sponsors. Ancient life oil calm and Civ anti life oil calm. use promo code James FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING for only the best, highest of quality seed oil. Folks, thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you on episode 155. The American revenue podcast.

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