Dr. Rand Paul vs. Dr. Anthony Fauci's Messianic Complex | Ep 153

June 05, 2021 James Lane Episode 153
Dr. Rand Paul vs. Dr. Anthony Fauci's Messianic Complex | Ep 153
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In episode 153 of the American Reveille Podcast, we discuss Senator Rand Paul's validation of "we the people" as he reveals even more shocking evidence of the happenings at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. How does Fauci respond? By basically declaring himself the Jesus Christ of science. Disgusting.

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here in an episode 153 of the American Reveley podcast. Dr. Rand Paul, that Senator Dr. Rand Paul, I guess he's senator, Doctor, Doctor, Senator Rand Paul, however you want to say it. All right, he comes down hard on Dr. Fauci his support for and funding of gain of function research throughout the world throughout the country. And of course, at the Wu Han Institute of virology in Wuhan, China, where the virus has allegedly come from where the outbreak began. Listen, apparently, apparently, these viruses had 15% mortality rates that they were experimenting with. And this was a risk that Fauci was willing to take. Dr. Rand Paul exposes it on hannity. There's some stuff to talk about there. And there's a lot to talk about with Dr. Fauci because he seems to be a narcissist. He seems to be out of his mind. He seems to have a mess ionic complex, I think between you and me. Dr. Fauci believes he's Jesus Christ. Well, we're gonna have to talk about that more next.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane

here, Episode 153 of the American Revolution podcast talking about Dr. Rand Paul talking about Dr. Fauci talking about these two doctors duking it out mentally, with that political chess game going on in Washington, where we all know the fraudster the liar, and just the the modern day terror. That is Dr. Fauci and his incompetence, his bumbling incompetence, when it comes to COVID-19. And most likely everything else he's ever gone through with Listen, listen, Rand Paul, blast Fauci is gain of function research support. He warns that the Wu Han lab experimenting with viruses, were experimenting with viruses that had 15% mortality. Alright, that is a half species ending, guys, that's hundreds of millions of deaths, if something like that were to release, so why can't we investigate? Why can't we look? Why can't we dig and the further we dig, the deeper we dig, the closer the closer we get to nothing? We get roadblocks, we get Dr. Fauci literally comparing himself with a science literally saying, if you go against me, you go against the nature of science itself. bow down before me your God, Jesus Christ, Fauci himself, terrifying, terrifying and God forgive me for saying that I meant only to to enunciate the seriousness and enunciate the the literal insanity of a man with a power trip. Raised into this position, where he can literally plague God. plague God around the world. It's horrifying. It's terrifying. It's troubling to say the least. Guys do me a favor, support this show. Check out our sponsor. All right, this episode is sponsored by life change t you go to get the you can get yourself some life change t use promo code James. 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Alright, we need your help to spread the word about the American Revolution. I can't do it without you. And I can't stress it enough. The censorship wall is real. It is huge. And it is heavy, guys. So help lift it with me. All right, and just get out there and talk about what we do here. All right. It's not just a podcast, we have blogs, we have articles. We have projects we're putting together for the future. We are working on spreading this across the country. All right, we are putting a sticker contest together, the new website is coming very soon, don't worry, we've got some kinks that we had to work out but they're getting worked out. Alright. And this is still launching forward whether the times are tough and the famine is is is real, right or whether it's time to feast and and the word is getting out. The revelry still rolls on the same I'm still as dedicated the same to pushing out entertainment that is fact based that truly truly gets the the opinion and beliefs of the people out. That represents the the true soul of what we're trying to do here represents the American patriots standing up for their rights in this country, and truly represents us and what we believe in. All right, what we the people truly want in this country. So whether there's five people reading it, or 5 million people reading it, whether there's 10 people watching, or 10 million people watching the American Revolution podcast, it is for you. It is all in our hands, and I thank you for your help guys. So listen, Rand Paul, he's blasting Fauci. All right, I put together these two articles, they they're coming out of Breitbart. It's really going to show you this contrast of what's been going on. And it's truly terrifying. It's truly terrifying. Rand Paul's gonna lay out this gain of function research. Alright. Rand Paul blasts foul cheese gain of function research support, warns the Wu Han lab experimenting with viruses that have 15% mortality. And you know that Fauci is denied these things. And you know, by the emails that have come out, that is a lie. The fact that there isn't an investigation on Fauci is proof within itself that corruption is deep within our government. Ladies and gentlemen, let's start reading Friday during an appearance on fn C's hannity, Senator Rand Paul criticized White House Chief Medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, for his reported support of so called gain of function research. According to the Kentucky Republican lawmaker Fauci, his trust in Chinese scientists was misguided and said that the impact of the globe's current bout with COVID-19 could be minuscule, minuscule compared to the other viruses, the Wu Han laboratory of virology was allegedly researching and really quick guys, what's really, really crazy about this is that Fauci has such a blind trust in the Chinese Communist Party in the Chinese government in the scientists doing military experimentation, and oh, yeah, they were doing military experimentation in the Wuhan Institute of ideology. It is insane to think that Fauci himself might not be a compromised agent of the CCP. Oh, yes. Oh, yes, I'm going there. All right, they censor you and screw you enough. You start becoming an Alex Jones, you start feeling like a conspiracy theorist, ladies and gentlemen, I'm feeling like Mel Gibson and conspiracy theory putting frickin bottle of beer on my door to see if anybody's jiggling the doorknob. This stuff's getting a wild, I'm going to tell you, I'm going to tell you, for all I know, for all, you know, for all we know, Dr. Fauci is a member of the Chinese Communist Party who is funding him who is personally putting up money into his own bank accounts. Is there a trail? Can we get his tax records? Can we look at his deposit slips his bank statements, because I haven't seen any of that money. So let's follow it. Let's follow the money because I don't trust Dr. Fauci. I don't and he's telling us to trust the Chinese Communist Party, a party that lies about things like Tiananmen Square saying that it What did they say about Tiananmen Square the other day, they said that it was some sort of way. They didn't mention the massacre, right. China put their spin on it, saying that it was like a proof case against capitalism or something like that. Not capitalism, democracy. All right. Listen, I probably got it wrong. I probably got it up. My memory isn't perfect, but I'm going to tell you, the Chinese Communist Party's use proof every day that they're genocidal homicidal maniacs, ladies and gentlemen A canon surpassing the likes of Adolf Hitler. Alright, just because we don't hear German doesn't mean it isn't happening and no offense to Germans. I'm just making a world war two reference. All right history is history, ladies and gentlemen, and we don't need to forget any of it. Listen, we need to keep reading this, you know, this is a quote, you know, there's been no more prominent scientist in favor of gain of function research than Dr. Fauci. Rand said, he still hasn't backed off that position. He believes that it's okay to take animal viruses, make them into super viruses to infect humans, even if a pandemic should occur. He says, oh, the research is worth it. But you know, there's a host of other scientists in this field, and they say it's not worth it at all. And we haven't learned anything. And all we've done is put ourselves at risk doesn't just sound like the script of a movie, ladies and gentlemen, it sounds literally, literally like somebody wrote it to be a sci fi movie, alright, like the movie outbreak, or just some other ridiculous virus movie. All right. We shouldn't be researching these things. But here we are, in 2020 2021, probably for years now, decades now, literally creating, as

others may say, super viruses, super viruses. And he's absolutely right to ask what the hell would happen if a super virus with a 15% mortality rate got out? COVID doesn't have a 15% mortality rate? COVID mortality rate is like way under 1%. way under there somewhere. I mean, maybe like point nine, something like that. I don't know. But we did not experience anything the likes of which we could have if what this theory is proving to be proves true. All right, the evidence is definitely piling up, Rand continued. But even after all of this evidence, points towards the Wuhan lab, this last week in committee, Dr. Fauci said that he's still trust the Chinese scientists. And the thing is that a very naive notion. Oh, excuse me, it's not that is. And the thing is, that's a very naive notion, Paul continued. That's how we got here. But there are worse viruses. This is a bad one. This has about a 1% mortality. All right, I was a little off. Three and a half million people have died. But they've been experimenting with some viruses that have 15% mortality, that would mean 50 million deaths right now, that is a big, big number. So this kind of research needs not be funded by the US taxpayer. And so I had an amendment this week that passed, actually unanimously, saying no more funds for this Wu Han lab. So we'll see what Dr. Fauci has to say. But he really doesn't have the judgment to be in the position he is in and as you've seen, in the past couple days, Rand Paul has been calling for Fauci is firing, in fact, plenty of people, Kevin McCarthy, Tom Cotton, all kinds of influencers and radio personalities, even people on the other side of the table. They've all been calling for Dr. Fauci either to be investigated or to step down. It's pretty funny, all of the things we talked about last year, that they called us crazy for. They're all coming true, right? And so how does Dr. Fauci respond to these things? How does he feel about these attacks? Well, these attacks aren't really against him know that these attacks are against science itself, because Dr. Fauci Oh, hail Jesus Fauci. He is literally the embodiment the entombment, the spirit of science itself, according to Dr. Fauci, at least the prime narcissist and borderline personality disorder, to say the least candidate

he is out of his mind. Look Fauci recent attacks on me really very much in attack on science. What kind of deflective tactic is that? You psycho path? What a crazy person guys do me a favor again? Like, Subscribe, share this podcast, talk about this podcast, email me James Lane at American ar e v i l l. e, if you have a skill set that you think could help us out. We always are looking for bloggers you can send me a writing sample. We need social media people we need all kinds of folks that can help me build this up. Alright. It's a it's been definitely a challenge. It's been a journey, this last year plus building this thing. And I'm always always always looking for talent. So email me James Lane at American somebody was not looking for talent, Dr. Fauci, somebody who's just looking for a communist payout. He thinks that the attacks against him are attacks on science itself. Alright, listen on Fridays broadcast of Ms. DNC is Rachel Maddow Show, White House Chief Medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that recent criticisms of him are really very much just an attack on science and, and the thread going through what's happening now is very much an anti science approach, a really flipflop host Rachel Maddow added, am I building you up to be thicker skinned about this than you are? Are you actually worried about this new sort of re upping of attacks on you? Fauci responded, quote, well, I, I'm concerned about that more, because it really very much. It's an attack on science, I think, great. So he then discussed Sorry, I had to do I have to, I have to feel the character. He then discussed his conflict with AIDS activists in the past and stated that those activists were fundamentally good people, they would not anti science. What is the thread going through? What's happening now is a very much anti science approach. So so that's a big, big difference. I mean, it is what it is I, I'm a public figure, oh, I'm gonna take the arrows in the slings, but they just fabricated and that's that's just what it is. Oh, the failure gain of function research is all fabricated your support of the Chinese Communist, it's all fabricated. No, Dr. Fauci your career, your expertise, your credentialing, your literal history seems to be fabricated. It seems that all of these things about you all of these things you're built up to be are all a facade for the tiny, little short, statured, angry man that you are full of lies full of hate, and full of deceit and treachery for the United States of America, because you've obviously sold out to the Chinese Communist Party. Fauci later added that the origin of the virus is an important question. But it's being approached now in a very vehement way, in a very distorted way. I believe by attacking me. Oh, okay. All right. Dr. Fauci obviously has a god complex is a messianic complex. He thinks that He is the Savior of this country. He thinks he saved the world once with the AIDS epidemic. He thinks he's saving the world now, by telling you to wear masks, not wear masks, wear masks, again, maybe wear masks, don't wear masks, wear masks once on Tuesday, twice on Wednesday, three times on Friday, then burn them all on Saturday. Then put the ashes back together, sew them up, soak them with water, put superglue on them and make a completely new material for a mask that you breathe and get cancer later so he can sell you a pharmaceutical and make money. Oh, excuse me. I went way too far. Way too far. But listen, listen, guys. Rand Paul's right Fauci is wrong. And I have a feeling Fauci is heads on the chopping block. All right, they may defend him. He may be doubling down, but I think his days are numbered. All right. As I've said before, I think London Bridge is falling down. Joe Biden's administration can't figure out their head from their asshole Ladies and gentlemen, and it seems that their asshole right here thinks he is Jesus Christ and people who think that way and feel that way. Always, always, always meet a political career professional, personal and and they meet and they don't last in the public sphere. People don't like it. People don't want people hate it. And they push it away and Dr. Fauci you are being exposed.

All right, we set it a year ago, we've all known the truth. And now the world is waking up to your lies. I salute Dr. Rand Paul for his work. He might be annoying at times. Steven Crowder finds him to be way more annoying than I find him I just find him to. He's kind of like house. But a little weirder. I don't know how else to describe it. He really, I but I mean, he's smart. You can argue with Dr. Rand Paul, and he did a bang up job exposing Fauci keeping the pressure on and I think Fauci V is just on the way out, folks, you let me know what you think in the comment section below. All right, let me know what you think. And if you'd like, please go in the description section. Check out the part that says please donate to us help fund the American Revolution. Click that link and please donate to what we are trying to do. I fund this whole thing myself and I could really use your help guys. So if you put it in, we're gonna make sure it goes right to what we are doing right to our Our marketing right to our equipment, right to our American Reveley, ladies and gentlemen, never in our pockets, folks. So please, if you can help out, check out our sponsors. That's a different way you can help out life change t get the All right, use promo code James that's free shipping and handling guys. And I will see on episode 154 of the American Revolution podcast. Bye.

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