TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Covid-19 Pandemic Increasingly Linked to Wuhan Institute of Virology! | Ep 149

May 29, 2021 James Lane Episode 149
TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Covid-19 Pandemic Increasingly Linked to Wuhan Institute of Virology! | Ep 149
Show Notes Transcript

In episode 149 of the American Reveille Podcast, it seems Dr. Fauci has some explaining to do as Sen. Hawley and Sen. Braun's bill passes the Senate. This bill will force Biden to unseal all evidence linking Covid-19 with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). This means that all of the funding Fauci provided the CCP will be revealed. That means Trump was right, we were right, and accountability is coming. 

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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall when All the king's horses and all the king's men, they couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Fauci is rapidly are rapidly becoming Humpty Dumpty out on that wall. And ladies and gentlemen, sooner or later, that wind is going to blow and whoops, Dr. Fauci is going to fall. It seems everything we've been saying for months, and months and months is turning out to be of course, as everything else has turned out to be true. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Fauci knew about where the funding was going into Wuhan. He knew about the labs in Wuhan. In fact, we funded parts of those labs in Wuhan, the Intelligence Committee, the community they know, the people are starting to wake up to the facts and the facade, the lies, they are crumbling down right before our very eyes. This is Episode 149 of the American revenue podcast. On this episode, we're going to talk about how the walls are coming down.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 149 of the American Revolution podcast and guess what? Looks like we were right. We've been right about a lot of things, haven't we, ladies and gentlemen, we have been right about a lot of things. It seems we're criticized were ridiculed, we're buried, were fired, were made to be homeless were made to be impoverished. And then a couple months later, the left comes out and goes Whoopsie Daisy, you were right. We were wrong, but you're still screwed. The little guy seems to always get screwed in this scenario. Ladies and gentlemen, the Senate has passed the Josh Hawley Mike Braun bill, it requires Joe Biden to declassify the intelligence on COVID origin, the veil is coming on done the ribbons and the wrappings are becoming very just sheer their sheer. They're like pantyhose, they're ripping apart. They're tearing apart in the wind, they're literally disintegrating. Alright, like like the roof on a Lincoln Mercury, after you were driving it through the 80s through the 90s. And then into the early 2000s. The roof, you know, the the headlining the lining, it starts to come out and then all that nasty, brown, fuzzy, dirty, disgusting, that glue from the 1970s starts raining on you every time you drive. That's literally what is happening to the COVID-19 narrative and what's going to happen when we find out the dirty dark truth, the dirty dark truth that China lied, the CCP lied, Dr. Fauci the NIH, they funded the lies. They were hidden from the American people hidden from Trump hidden from us all and now, people are going to have to be held to account. All right, a lot of you are jaded, a lot of you don't think it'll happen. But I truly believe at some point in the future, whether it's in six months, six days, or 60 years, there's going to be a trial of the Chinese Communist government, a neuro Nuremberg Trial of sorts, if you will, since Zhi Jing Ping himself is a dictator, all the deaths around the world 95% of them could have been prevented. If the CCP released data and cooperated from square one they did not. People knew about it. Dr. Fauci obviously knew about it. And now heads are going to roll. We have a lot to talk about in this episode. It's stressful. It makes your tummy hurt, but you know what's better for your tummy? Alright, what's definitely better, at least than Pepto bismol definitely better at least then Tums better at least than any type of over the counter tonic that you can get life change. T Ladies and gentlemen, they're the sponsors of this episode. Not only are they the sponsors, but I drink them. 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Make sure you hit that subscribe button, hit that like button, hit that share button, leave a comment and leave a message if you will, if you could, with any friend and family that you know any trusted coworker any business that has not heard of the American Reveley, American Reveley, podcast, American Revolution, LLC, everything we're trying to do to empower, enlighten and entertain patriots across this great nation. I need you to bring it to their attention. Bring them the message, be my patriot carrier pigeons. Be my patriot carrier pigeons, folks, I need your help. So like share notification bell, subscribe, and tell a friend tell a neighbor, tell everyone about the American Reveley podcast guys, we've been talking, we've been blabbing. Let's start reading. This is an article I found from Breitbart. Okay. Senate passes Josh Hawley Mike Braun bill requiring Biden to declassify intelligence on COVID origin. This is Christina was on May 27. The Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed a bill proposed by Senators Josh Holley and Mike Braun requiring President Joe Biden to declassify intelligence related to any potential links between the Wuhan Institute of virology and the origins of the covid 19 pandemic. Just wait till they find out if that and by the way, I was gonna say just wait till they find out it's not a pangolin but let me give you some backstory. Do you know what these lefty idiots want us to believe? They want us to believe that from 1000 miles away a creature called a pangolin. All right, it's like a cross between a duckbill platypus and a friggin armadillo. Okay, at some point in history, they did it and they made some babies and we got a pangolin apparently an infected pangolin it made a 1000 mile journey south from somewhere in like the hills of Mongolia, or some craziness. And it been a bat or a bat bidet or something, some kind of interaction happened, where one of these creatures been another creature and spread some weird mutant virus, which was eventually eaten in the Wu Han market. By the purchase vicariously through the purchase of some infected it's the most ridiculous it makes the idea of somebody literally leaving a lab with a virus like an idiot. Much more plausible because the friggin cover story is ridiculous. The virus Institute where they do gain a function research where they make super viruses is like five minutes from the wet market. You could come out of the wet market with your pangolin and your bat soup and be like oh you know cuz there's the frickin virus Institute like all right, they're like you're out Oh, cool, wet market. Hey, look big building smokestacks weird experiments. It's it's really that it's, I can't even it's frustrating because they sold us a BS and 90% of the country ate it up. But us patriots has 80 million plus patriots. We know the truth. We know what's happening. I think we know what happened. And this just literally validates everything that we thought, listen, not everything we think is true. Not everything that they come out with, it has come to pass or is correct. All right. There's a lot of conspiracy theorists that float around on the far right and far left extremes of this of this, you know, what, what do you want to call it? virtual battlefield? Right? It is like it's pretty much a battlefield of currency, a battlefield of brands a battlefield on social media, right? It's at this point, you've got leftist terrorist groups attacking all these little small areas of government, right, pressuring Biden pressuring the left pressuring the radicals in Washington to act. At the same time. They're committing acts of violence against the right and nobody's holding them accountable, which is causing a fire to burn, it's causing people to get very, very upset. We need to cool the fire. We need to stand up tall and do this honorably, because the left's story is falling apart. That is what is happening. Okay? patients, my friends, patients, the fruit can only be eaten when the fruit is ripe. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, that's one of the best lessons you will ever get in life, quote, the American people deserve to know about the origins of COVID-19. They deserve to know how this terrible pandemic that has ravaged the globe and our country. how it got started and what China's role was. In starting it. Holly said on the Senate floor Halim, who first called for an international investigation into China's role in the spread of the virus in March 2020 noted that there's been an increasing speculation from government officials on the possibility of the virus originated from the Wuhan Institute of virology? Well, I think it's time that the American people got to decide for themselves. It's time that they actually get to see the evidence that the United States government has collected on this issue. He said, Ron called for his support for the bill, an easy one, he cited a recent Wall Street Journal report. That said three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of virology became sick enough in November 2019 that they sought hospital care according to a previously undisclosed you, as intelligence report, excuse me undisclosed quote, the intelligence communities in our own country are storing information that needs to be revealed to the American public. It needs to be revealed to anyone who can look at it and make sense out of what happened and what happened to a lot of those doctors working in Wuhan. What happened to that doctor that came out and blew the whistle on the CCP. They've all disappeared. Ladies and gentlemen, the murderous Uighur exterminating Hitler, ESCA, Zhi Shan ping, and the Chinese Communist Party shows no mercy takes no prisoners, and is bending the Biden administration and the American people over with no Vaseline Ladies and gentlemen, it's painful. It's annoying. We could stop it. But apparently we like it. At least Joe Biden, his administration like it because they're all aligning their dirty little pockets. It's disgusting. who disagrees with transparency Braun said it makes sense, right? Well, the whole left has been disagreeing it just seems that some of them are waking finally from their woke slumber. It seems that some of them are speaking up to save their own skin at the last minute as they feel the democrat ship sinking into the abyss. The bill would have to be passed in the House before being sent to the President. The bills unanimous passing in the senate came a day after Biden ordered US intelligence agencies to do a 90 day investigation into whether COVID-19 came from the Wuhan Institute of virology after his administration excuse me said for weeks it would defer to the World Health Organization the corrupt, CCP infiltrated and manipulated bought and paid for communist run World Health Organization for answers democrats and mainstream media figures had previously criticized Trump's administration officials for suggesting the virus came from the Wi Fi accusing them of trying to avoid blame for the handling of the virus in the US and what happened to any of us. When we brought this up. What happened on facebook you tell me what happened on Facebook when Mark Zuckerberg his cronies got a whiff that you posted one little thing about the Coronavirus that wasn't on narrative. We all got banned. We all got shadow banned. We all got put in jail, Facebook, jail, Twitter, jail, every kind of social media jail you can imagine how many hundreds of 1000s of people have been ripped and removed from the internet. How many 1000s of people have lost their jobs, lives wives and careers. Ladies and gentlemen, this is no joke except that they are treating it one sided rules for the but not for me. We on the right are being punished And the left is gloating. The left is smiling and the left is growing weaker by the day without noticing because this ultimate power is corrupting them Ladies and gentlemen, it is corrupting, controlling and corroding the left, folks, they are withering, they are growing so hard and strength so much in power. Listen, you ever see Guardians of the Galaxy, remember how one of them couldn't hold the Infinity Stone it would start rotting them away. So they all had to come together to have as much power as they could to hold the Infinity Stone so it didn't kill them. Right? Listen. The Democrat Party has the most volatile Infinity Stone of them all and no amount of radical leftist psychopaths can hold it in their hands together without eventually eroding away into dust, death, demise and destruction. It is over and they don't even know it. Their lives are falling apart folks. There will be accountability one day I promise there will be a count ability do me a favor. All right. Have you checked us out on social media yet? 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Let's read Why did the Biden administration suddenly reverse course, and order the US intelligence community to investigate the origins of the covid 19 pandemic, especially doing this policy backflip less than 24 hours after the White House spokeswoman jen sacchetti insisted that any investigation should be done in an international organization. It can only mean one thing. New intelligence has emerged confirming what many in the intelligence community knew last year. What many of us knew last year in the spring of 2020. friends in the ice told me that the covid 19 pandemic was the fault of the Chinese Communist government. I subsequently wrote about this on 13 April 2020. That's coming from Larry Johnson, the author of this article and what he wrote this is a quote from it. Apart from the complaints from both Chinese leaders and us politicians in which each side blames the other for the outbreak and spread of Corona the simple horrible truth, the global spread of Coronavirus. COVID-19 was a deliberate conscious act by the Chinese Communist government to weaken the West, especially the United States. Now, whether it was intentional or not, it was taken advantage of by powerful left wing radical entities across the globe. If you think problems are only occurring here in the United States, you need to start watching some other news stations around the world folks because riots destruction, socialist chaos and anarchy sweeping the land, hoping hoping capitalism will fall and socialist Marxist communism can arise from its ashes, fulfilling the Marxist dream that utopia, the Marxist lie, the lie that will destroy our plan. Maybe that's why the frickin aliens are watching us, apparently. Well, you'll wait till June for that. We'll have a fun report on that once the government declassified all that nonsense. We'll see where that's going. But folks, we were talking about in spring, we said we were discussing this folks, patriots across the country. Were saying what the hell happened Trump was discussing. Trump brought it up, and we were ridiculed. We were banned. We were poisoned and destroyed and smeared in public. The President was eventually removed from Twitter. And now what they come out later, oh, we were wrong. But you're still all screwed. You're still screwed. Your tax bracket in general just doesn't have the right to, you know, do better. I think that's what the left thinks for everybody that makes $100,000 a year and less all the way down to zero. Your tax bracket just doesn't matter to us unless you're a democrat with voting power. Let's keep reading. President Trump was hearing the same thing from the IC. He knew that some icy briefings as did Secretary of State Pompeo, excuse me he knew from some icy briefings as did Secretary of State Pompeo that COVID-19 was not the result of infected meat. From the Wu Han wet market. It was created in a lab under the control of the Chinese military. But Trump's repeated attempts to warn the American people were thwarted by many in the print and electronic media who conspired wittingly or unwittingly with the Chinese Communist government to quash the truth. They labeled Trump's claims as a baseless conspiracy theory and we were all laying labeled as conspiracy theorists, don't you remember? We're still labeled as conspiracy theorists, they still think we're crazy. But millions are waking up every single week, folks, it was not just the media, we're reading again. key members of the IC also pitched in to sabotage Trump's credibility on the matter by leaking to the media info intended to debunk Trump's claim about COVID-19 Chinese origin. Remember this? Now this is a statement from the past as well. President Trump contradicted a rare on the record statement from his own intelligence community by claiming Thursday that he had seen evidence that gives him a high degree of confidence. The know the novel Coronavirus, originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, but declined to provide details to back up his assertion. The comments undercut a public statement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued sorry National Intelligence issued just hours earlier, which stated no such assessment has been made, and continues to rigorous rigorously examine whether the outbreak began through contact with infected animals the pangolin like I told you about, or if it was the result of an accident at a lab in Wuhan. You know, it's funny. Let's just look at this simplistically, like simple blue collar cave men and women. The pangolin was apparently 1000 miles away. The Wu Han lab from the wet market was just like right up the road, right, same city guys, same city. It's much more likely that some doofus accidentally brought the frickin virus out on their shoe or some not so doofus he unfortunate Seoul ordered by the Communist Party had to bring it out purposely. Either way, it's a much shorter distance from the lab to Wuhan, because the lab is in Wuhan. Then the pangolin that's 1000 frickin whatever so stupid. Go watch the South Park episode. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous that the the South Park episode if you've seen it, and if you're heavily religious or you don't like shocking cartoons, don't watch the South Park episode about COVID with the bangle and but if you've seen it, if you have traversed that bridge, and you've seen it, the premise the comedy premise of that adult cartoon is more believable than the actual pangolin story itself. And if you don't know about it, you can email me directly if you've got a strong stomach James Lane at American revelry calm. I'll tell you about that South Park episode. This is the truth No matter how you'd like to slice it. All right. There are people when this first happened that supported China, there were people that didn't support China, there were people that had America's best interest in mind. There were people who didn't have America's best interest in mind. None of them could agree on anything. None of them could work together about anything. Everybody was so busy hating Donald Trump, that the truth was just buried in our government. At the same time the Communist Party did everything they could to bury the truth in their government and hide everything they could from us when they knew that we were locked down and unable to move unable to flex unable to make any sort of decision because of Washington gridlock. Plain and simple. were dumb, hairless apes, ladies and gentlemen. Washington is full of dumb, hairless apes, plain and simple human beings. That's what I'm talking about. All human beings were hairless apes. So everybody in Washington, they're a bunch of dumb, hairless apes that can't get their own heads out of their own ass is long enough to protect our national security. If you want the simple gist of it. That's the simple gist of it. Biden's request we're reading again this week for the ice to launch a deeper investigation presents a new dilemma for the intelligence community if they admit that the Chinese government is responsible for the creation and release of COVID-19 they will be confirming that the CCP and China committed a cassis belly I don't even know how to say that cases belly I keep learning new Latin every time I read one of these. Let's look it up real quick. Let us look it up ca su s ba l l i How do you pronounce that? Is there like one of those word things for idiots like me? A cassis belly? How do you can you say it needs to be said like cooler? You would expect there? You know what I'm talking about when they have like the little thing that tells dumb people like me how to read it. Maybe if I just click it and don't Oh, there it is. cosas Bella, I think that's how you say cosas ballet or cases ballet, an event or action that justifies war. Okay. Okay, listen. All right. It's a good article. It is all right. What's his name? Larry Johnson. I love you. You wrote a great article. I appreciate it. But you could have just said China committed an act of war. Anyway. Anyway, let's keep reading not just against the United States, but the rest of the world and there will be great pressure to retaliate. That's what I've been saying. That's what I've been saying since the beginning of this when I said a Nuremberg type tribunal. zetian pings a dictator, the CCP, the Chinese Communist government has world domination in their sights, regardless of how they have to do it. And when the world finds out the truth, the unequivocal truth of China, the CCP, their dirty, diabolical communist hands, their grubby little hands are in the mix, killing millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of people around this world because they didn't open their mouth and share information with the world because they were protecting the genocide of the weekers protecting their evil communist ways. Folks, there will be hell to pay hell to pay it's going to take everything in this world's collective power to not fall in to World War Three. That is the absolute truth. You can quote me on it. And if you hold me to it, I'll be famous in two years from it. Just kidding. Just kidding. Nobody wants to be right about that type of stuff. But unfortunately I am. And so are all of you, ladies and gentlemen. So are all of you. What if the IC decides to whitewash the manner that'll be difficult to do with the credibility of the IC now on the line given the DNI is previous denial COVID originated in the lab, the IC the individual agencies that comprise the IC remember intelligence community are not likely to cover for each other. any effort to suppress evidence will likely be resisted furiously, so all of the intelligence communities are going to sell each other out to save their own asses. You know how when you go to work you live by See ya. Cover your ass, right? You do what you got to do to make sure your butt is taken care of and your job is not at jeopardy. That's what every single person in the IC is going to be feeling and going to be doing. They're going to cover their own ass and sell each other out, it's going to be one of the greatest downfalls of intelligence in our history. What kind of evidence may emerge from this new investigation, we're now in a position to examine whether or not the virus was manmade. If the COVID-19 virus shows clear evidence of being synthesized, then that rules out the wet market hypothesis. Once you establish that COVID-19 was created in the lab, that's going to raise another question who paid for it? Hmm, Dr. Fauci who did pay for it? Well, any evidence emerged showing that Anthony Fauci his operation sent money directly or indirectly to an organization that conducted gain of function research. That's just one question that the intelligence community ought to answer as it launches a more in depth investigation of the origin of the spread of covid. Folks, the ultimate issue will be the question of accountability. What persons or institutions facilitated the creation and subsequent spread of the dead virus. Once identified, they must be called to account with millions dead, it's likely to be an expensive bill to pay. And let me just put this out. Let me ask this one question. Let's put two and two together for a second, Dr. Fauci is known for gain of function research. In fact, he's like the czar, the king, the original Oh, gee, the O g, creator of gain of function research, yet he has nothing to do with it. He controls the funding, and there's paper trails, there's evidence that shows plenty of funding went from his department to the Wu Han lab in China. I want you to think of a serial killer, I want you to think of somebody like a Zodiac Killer of a BTK killer john Wayne Gacy. One of those guys, when you see a psychotic person, a serial killer, a personal somebody that has like borderline personality disorder, major narcissism,

the traces of psychopathy, psychopaths, or however you would like to call it all right, I'm not Jordan Peterson. I do the best I can. Listen. Where do you find them? They're always sending a letter to the cops. Haha, you can't catch me. They're always showing up at the scene of a crime. You've seen those crime movies, where there's some guy they're like, oh, what happened here? Oh, that's a tragedy. Are you guys close to catching the guy? And they're talking right to the police. And they're the actual murderer. Dr. Fauci, ladies and gentlemen, in my humble opinion, in my humble opinion, ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Fauci is like a serial killer at the scene of the crime, putting himself in the best position possible. All right. He's the one that initiated all this, I believe he's going to be revealed to be one of the smoking guns that blow this entire thing out of the water. It might not be tomorrow, it might be in a year or two or three, it might take a while. But I think Dr. Fauci is going to go down in history. All right, in a history as a psychopath that literally sat in a seat of power right at the head of where the crime was committed by the serial killer himself, and the serial killers. initials are a F. Ladies and gentlemen, that's Episode 149. of the American revenue podcast. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you think Fauci is guilty. Let me know if you think we funded it. Let me know how you think the United States should be held accountable alongside being held accountable with the Chinese Communist Party. I mean, we don't want to punish ourselves. We weren't involved in it. But how does the government pay and how do we make out in the end, I want to know your opinions. Put them in the comment section below so we can have a conversation about it. Remember to like folks like this, share this, save this, talk about it, tell everybody about it. I need you to comment. I need you to hit the notification bell. 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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here and I want to tell you about life change D That's right. life change t i have a pack of it. Right here. Listen, as many of you know I've been working really really hard to get back in shape. Okay, I was thinking lately right? And you should probably be thinking about it too. Without crazy everything is without unstable the government seems with all of these socialists all this leftist insanity, you would just call insanity. Who knows when the hell I'm gonna have to run or what I'm gonna have to. I don't know, save my family from something I don't know. So I was getting fatter and fatter and fatter feeling crappier and crappier and crappier my diet was junk. I started by cleaning up the diet. I've been working out more and more, but I was still bloated, I was still gassy. I was still feeling crappy. And I finally decided to pull out an old trick in the book. Alright, something that I used for weight loss in the past and I was thinking about a cleanse, right? Maybe take something that would help me evacuate my bowels a little bit if you know what I mean. But you know, what I found what I found was something different. I found life change t All right, www dot get the I found this life change T. And instead of a seven day or a 14 day cleanse, a three day cleanse what they were offering was a daily tea like a daily delicious iced tea not not some kind of weird hot tea or some kind of nasty tasting thing and no, this was a health supplement. Alright, I started reading about it. And they were talking about all these herbs these ancient herbs, right this look at this organic blesseth ficil herb malva leaf, organic marshmallow leaf. I didn't even know what the heck a marshmallow leaf was. Apparently, it's for anti inflammatory and antioxidants and stuff. I look some of this stuff up. It's crazy. Milk Thistle extract that cleans your liver and kidneys. I mean, there's all these different things in here. But I was happy I was attracted to it because it was all natural. It was put together in the US, right? Obviously, they've got to get spices from these very special places, not spices, but you know, these, these special herbs, they got to get them from special places around the world. But it's all done here. It's packaged, put together and blended accordingly right here in the USA. All right. And I tried it and it was delicious. Look at this. I'm old school. I fill a jug. You see this big jug right here and for those listening over there on Apple podcast and Spotify and everything like that I'm holding this big gallon jug that used to be full of water. See those tea bags floating in the bottom there? This was full guys. But I've been drinking it every day, twice a day. eight ounces. Take a listen. Pour it in the glass. Oh yeah, that's not a sound effect. That's real. Yes. Cheers, ladies and gentlemen, and Mabu. Hi to all my Filipino friends out there. I have the mint flavor. It's actually really good. I really like it is yummy. Look, this stuff's good. I can take that right now. I'm going to do two hours of podcasts recording after this is not like me drinking that's gonna send me running to the but it's gentle. It's good stuff. All right. So it's got all these herbs, they cleanse you out. They make you regular again, they clean the toxins out of your system. They help you clean the extra waste that's been stored up in the colon the stuff that's not healthy for you not good for you. It keeps the bloat down. I don't feel so swollen. You know, you feel like swollen sometimes your fingers. You don't feel like that. It's gone. It's absolutely gone. So it's good stuff. Guys. Listen, you have to go to get the GTTGT www get the www. Get the promo code Jas folks, promo code Jas that'll get you free shipping and handling. It's not expensive. It's good stuff. All right. It helps maintain your health. It cleanses your body from all kinds of toxins, all kinds of things that can cause colds and flus and different things like that. It keeps the bugs out real good. It helps your digestion. Alright, just like I've been saying my bloating, I feel so much better. Guys. I feel so much better. And just in this journey that I'm taking to get back in shape. I really feel like it's helping me immensely. It really is. I really think so. So try it out guys. life change tea. You just saw me drink a bunch of it. You just saw my almost empty jug. That's by the way like the third jug. Alright, that's not the first jug. Not the first jug at all.

Trust me. It's good stuff, guys. You're not going to be disappointed. You're going to thank me. All right. www get the www get the get your life change to use the promo code James. Free Shipping and handling. Thanks, guys.

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