American Reveille Podcast

9 Major Reasons Why the RIGHT is WINNING! | Ep 148

May 29, 2021 James Lane Episode 148
American Reveille Podcast
9 Major Reasons Why the RIGHT is WINNING! | Ep 148
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In episode 148 of the American Reveille Podcast, James Lane covers the 9 major revelations revealed in Alex Marlow's new book (Breaking the News) and how they translate into big strategical wins for the Right. Some of these wins include pinpointing just who the new George Soros is (Laurene Powell Jobs) and uncovering Hunter Biden's 23 private flights into Andrews Airforce Base (building the case against Hunter). This episode is eye opening and empowering for the fellow patriot!

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here this is Episode 148 of the American revenue podcast and deep inside Breitbart editor in chief Alex Marlowe's New York Times bestseller breaking the news are apparently nine major revelations. Well, I look deep into these revelations I did the studying, I did the digging, I did the research. And folks, I believe that these revelations are actually nine major reasons why we the people, we the right, are winning against the left, folks, you're not going to want to miss this next.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, this is Episode 148 of the American Revolution podcast How you guys doing today? Oh, my gosh, I'm tired. I've been working my butt off on the backend trying to get the website updated, trying to get a bunch of other things done doing some extra publishing, doing some extra research on how we can expand the business different ways to build partnerships, build contracts, bring in some revenue, so that we can actually expand this across the country get past the censorship wall, still with the plans for the $200 sticker contest, which basically depends on me getting that website launched and updated. So it kind of comes hard because you're you're you're trying to do the podcast, you're trying to get articles and blogs published, you're trying to get content out to the social media. And at the same time, you're having to do all this stuff on the back end that nobody can see. So to a lot of people, it seems that we disappear for a few days here and a few days there. And that's not the case. We're just trying to get everything launched so we can get back to a normal schedule. It's just a pain in the butt. It's hard to find people you know, there's good people that are helping me and there's you know, a lot of people that turn out to be flaky, what can you say? And you do the best you can you do the best you can to get these things done. We had a lot of great help building the website up. But we've had a lot of problems finding somebody to work on the back end and kind of bring it up to speed. So that's something I'm trying to focus on here and there. And you know, at the same time, I'm doing my dissertation, you know, at the same time, I work full time and we're just trying to bring in money, we need to bring in extra money. So I'm doing a lot of extra stuff on the side to try and make money. So as you know, we're gonna do the best we can and plug it out. But you know, I'm a man of little sleep and a man of high energy. So if anybody's gonna figure it out, it's gonna be me. I'm not worried about it. We're blasting through. I ask that you support this show. If you love what we do here, please subscribe, please hit the notification bell, whether you're on YouTube, whether you're on rumble bitchu whether you're on gab TV, any of them Odysseys, it's on lbr why od I really, really love those folks. They're like YouTube 2.0 they're like everything good about YouTube, except they don't suck and nobody bans you for stupid reasons, especially the shadow banning that gets old on YouTube gets old my videos getting like 60 hits on YouTube. So 60, I could put something on gab TV 10 minutes later, there's 1000 people that saw it, gab. They're doing a great job. But YouTube they they shadow ban anybody with a conservative following and a conservative point of view. So whatever you can do to support us, all right, the best thing you can do is to like share, hit the subscribe button, hit the notification bell, talk about the American revenue, talk about what we do, and all the different platforms, whether it's social media, whether it's the video platforms, whether it's the audio only platforms so you can find us. That's that's Apple podcasts, that's Spotify, tune in Deezer. Were all over the place. I'm on Audible, you can read a book and then you can listen to my podcast right on Audible, all of the links are in the description section below. I mean, it's it's a real big deal. Alright, and if you'd like to support us further, or you can always donate you can always hit the support us tab on our website, American revenue comm or just go in the description below the description section has all the links and there's a link there for the newsletter a link there to donate, we could use your donation, we're hurting but we're gonna make it through we're rocking and rolling. We're depending on awesome patriots like you to weather the storm with us. But you can also do something else. You know, like I said in the beginning, if you can't do any of that share, like word of mouth. All right, talk about what we're doing. We have to get the word out about the American Revolution about the American revenue podcast But folks, you can always support our sponsor. All right, this episode is sponsored by life change tea life change tea is a super super super awesome product. I drink it myself. It's all natural. And instead of just kind of rattling on about the the proprietary blend of herbs and this and that. I want to read a quick

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I even did a podcast episode about one of them. I'm going to tell you the truth. This looks like wins. To me. It looks like we're winning. That's what it feels like. That's what it sounds like. That's what it smells like from a strategical perspective. It sounds like the left is being exposed All right, and they are falling apart in their lives. So that is how this works. I want to read through this article. I want to go through these nine revelations I want to talk about how they are wins guys how they are wins. Remember folks again, hit the like button hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell, Share, share, share, talk about what we're doing here at the American Revolution. Thank you so much for tuning in. Here we go. This is by Hannah blue. This came out may 27 Breitbart News editor in chief in New York Times best selling author, Alex Marlo has uncovered several little known revelations and previously hidden bombshells in his bestseller breaking the news exposing the establishment media's hidden deals and secret corruption, exposing the inner workings between members of the radical left and the establishment media blowing the lid off their incestuous relationship folks, this is a big deal. This is becoming a mainstream thing. People are waking up across this country people are waking up across the world to the insanity that has been happening and people like Alex Marlow has been breaking these stories and people are finally paying attention that in itself is a huge win. That should give you some hope, some inspiration, some optimism to see that regular people people that didn't even give a crap about politics before they are

Waking up Marlo whose book landed on the New York Times bestseller list and USA Today's top 150 best selling books list on Wednesday has highlighted key revelations made in breaking the news in the early days of its release. The following are some of the revelations in Marlowe's year long, investigative blockbuster. And folks, this is important. All right, these are nine wins for us. I'll tell you how their wins. Even if they're a little vague, even if they're highly detailed, they are still wins number one, win number one, former New York City mayor and democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg and his top associates at his powerful news conglomerate Bloomberg LP have close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. They regularly met in Beijing with top CCP officials discussing topics such as cooperation in the field of media, the introduction of Chinese stories to the world and the strengthening of media cooperation between China and the US, showing the bridge between US media corporations and wealthy elites and the Chinese Communist Party. This is very important for exposure as you see in the news now people are questioning the Chinese Communist Party People are questioning the genocide of the Uighur Muslims, people are asking why the CCP has such a hand in American infrastructure and American energy and American everything. And there's nothing Joe Biden can do to stop it. If anything this rips the scab right off, rips the band aid right off and opens the floodgates as people get more and more concerned about the infiltration of Communist China in the United States. That is a win. That is an intelligence win for the people, folks number two, and we did a podcast episode on this. Let me take a look real quick on gab TV here here was let's see Episode 143. On Episode 143, we did an episode about Laurene Powell Jobs, I'll make sure to put a little link either up there or at the end of this that'll show you that episode. You can click on it and check it out. But guys, Laurene Powell Jobs This is number two. The widow if you didn't know of Apple billionaire Steve Jobs is effectively the new George Soros funding a whole host of left wing media and political causes primarily through her shadowy philanthropic entity the Emerson collective. As one of the 10 richest women on earth jobs has become a secret superpower behind a vast network of left wing media outlets, organizations and politicians. According to Marlowe, her philanthropic endeavors also include funding media outlets like the Atlantic axio smother Jones, and pro publica. So now we know who one of the main components of this puzzle are, who the main bad guy in the great reset may turn out to be at the end of the day somebody helping bridge the gap between the international cabal of evil elites and their left wing radicalization and socialist overthrow of the world, with media, with companies with rich wealth, vast power and influence in the United States of America another intelligence when we know where to target our telescope, folks, we know where to look. Number three, NBC is Chuck Todd was actually senator Amy Klobuchar chars landlord, he never disclosed the connection despite conducting numerous interviews with Klobuchar during her 2020 presidential campaign, and co moderating two primary debates in which clover char participated. Additionally, as more low notes, Todd, Todd's wife, Christian candidate, or excuse me, I was gonna say Kennedy, I don't know why. That's hard. For some reason, Christian Denny altogether sounds weird. Todd's wife, Christian Denny is a democratic campaign consultant. Her firm Maverick strategies was paid over $900,000 by the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2020, and over 1.5 million from Sanders in 2016. We see the connections these people are being looked at, folks, the media on the left is a falling apart. All of the lies that they told cannot stand on top of each other. The foundation is a rotting termites have eaten away at the supports, and the building is collapsing. Number four. Ben Smith, media columnist for The New York Times has ties to outlets he covers Smith, who used to be the editor in chief of BuzzFeed accused journalist Ronan Farrow of playing fast and loose with his reporting on scandals that occurred at NBC, which happened to be what Marlo described as the largest outside investor in BuzzFeed. Marlow noted that Smith retained stock and buzz

for you at the time, and the at the time the pharaoh piece was published. So that's basically gaming the system. That's cheating. That's inside information. And that's capitalizing on that information. That is the definition of corruption. The New York Times as corrupt as we see, Laurene Powell owns the corrupt Atlantic, the corrupt axios, the corrupt and disgusting Mother Jones and pro publica, the mayor, the former NYC mayor, the Democratic presidential presidential candidate and the rich ass mopho that he is Michael Bloomberg. And all of his news conglomerate, the Bloomberg LP folks all that it's tied to China, China, the news? All right, the Democrats, the corruption, the money, don't you see the puzzle pieces coming together? folks? Don't you see people waking up across this great nation? The information is overwhelming and it is crushing the left, folks, it is crushing the left. Are you ready for this one? How ready? Are you for this one better be ready? Number five. Why am I holding up three fingers? Five. That's five fingers. Secret Service records show that hunter Biden took at least 23 flights into or out of Joint Base Andrews, the home of Air Force One and Air Force two, while his father was vice president? Why was hunter Biden flying to and from the American military base guys? Where was he going? What did he do when he got there? Americans may never know and perhaps we have our pro Biden establishment media to thank for that. That's a big revelation that came out of the book. But that's a win for us. Because that builds connections because behind the scenes, there are still investigations going on now, Biden's Daddy, the Prezi the wannabe Prezi he can in his dementia written Spats do whatever he can to cancel investigations and throw off the investigators from Oldham. But people are getting frustrated. People are speaking up people won't shut up about it. You would have to commit genocide in the United States of America to shut the write up about hunter Biden about the stolen election about the fraud and the garbage. I'm sick of pretending it's not real. I've never pretended it's not real. But we've been quiet about things to not get banned. And I'm sick of that because you get banned anyway. It was all garbage. It was all BS. And we have secret service records that now show and build connections for things. One day Joe Biden won't be in office. One day there will be a Republican in office to Santas, a Trump a somebody with the agenda to fix this country with the great leadership skills and great big personality that it would take to repair the broken bridges in this nation. And they're going to investigate Hunter, mark my words give it a couple years hunter will go to jail. This is only the beginning. That is a win number six, boom. The New York Times 1619 project was a concerted effort by the times to pivot the newsrooms focus from the Trump Russia collusion hoax to race hysteria. According to Marlowe, he also notes that a group of respected historian submitted a letter to the New York Times criticizing the project for containing factual errors and having an opaque fact checking process but the times dismissed their concerns and you can tell though, that this is a big deal because the left is starting to eat itself. The main democrats the old school democrats are starting to call out what culture for its destructive itself, corrosive manner. It's battery acid, sulfuric acid, alien versus predator, bloody acid type frickin volatile existence, woke destroys all ladies and gentlemen in the 1619 project was no different. It was a woke project and there have been article upon article upon article dismissing and trashing and destroying 1619 project and the people involved in the 1619 project. That is a win for the right I hear a lot of moping so I got to point out the wins. What can I say folks? That is what I do. Number seven, you're ready for this part of Amazon's $10 million donation to organization supporting justice and equity went to Black Lives Matter global network Foundation, which is sponsored by get it Are you ready? get it get it get down write it down. 1000 currents. Alright. 1000 current shout out Hugo gerner 1000 currents, a nonprofit whose vice chairman is Susan Rosenberg, a convicted left wing terrorist. Alright Rosenberg, a former member of the weather underground and if anybody knows about that, they can check out my interviews with Hugo girnar. You can check out his book, USSR United States Socialist Republic they talk about this bill Ayres ran the Weather Underground he worked right with Rosenberg Okay, this dude he went to prison with her for bombing things.

We're gonna talk about that we're going to read through this it'll tell you what he bombed and she bombed they bombed police station they bombed the cavalry did all this and guess who pardoned them belly belly boy Clinton, Bill errs. He went on to earn a PhD in early childhood education and he designed and built Common Core. All right, you can thank Obama for that.

Just dig, just dig, folks. I really just need you to dig and use your your your your your minds, your brains, your fingers, your eyes, ears. I need you to dig and look up this information bill airs Weather Underground. Alright, you will see it will open a whole new world. Don't you dare Close your eyes. You may want to close your eyes though. It's terrifying. It's terrifying. Rosenberg, a former member of the Weather Underground, came to national prominence as a central figure in the main 19 communist organization a group responsible for a series of violent incidents in the late 70s and 80s. Among the group's most infamous crimes was the 1983 bombing of the US Capitol tell me how this isn't revenge against the right for squashing the left's idea of communist socialist utopia in the 1970s and 80s. Tell me, this isn't a bunch of hippies that grew up to be adults holding positions of power, trying to punish their opponents of old ladies and gentlemen, this story has been told time and time again throughout the centuries. And here we are living it once again. So how are we going to conduct ourselves this time? How are we going to put the genie back in the bottle? How are we going to put the ghost back into the contraption that the Ghostbusters built to hold them in the contraption so that they don't come out and screw New York City? Listen, my analogies aren't always the best. I do the best I can. Okay, I'm getting old. All right. 36. My brain is falling out of my head, but I'm a veteran. So I Chuck through it as best as I can. But that Ghostbusters analogy was absolute garbage. JOHN W. Rogers Jr. He serves on the board. Okay, listen, this is number where I lost my count. 12345678 This is number eight folks. Yes, I can count. I wasn't a marine. JOHN W. Rogers. Whoa. Yeah. JOHN W. Rogers Jr. who serves on the board of the New York Times company has close ties to the Obamas. Alright, he was once. What is that? And was one? Ah, okay. There's a typo there. He was once Barack Obama's earliest and strongest political supporters. Right. That could have been one of Barack Obama's earliest and strongest supporters or once was, I think it was one of they forgot a word. There was one of Barack Obama's earliest and strongest political supporters. That's john W. Rogers. Marlowe describes Rogers as perhaps the ultimate Obama Insider, if the establishment had an establishment and it does in the New York Times, and it is crystal clear to honest observers of the times that their editorial decisions reflect the people in their leadership, folks. All right. This is another important source of information. It's another important leak. It's another important insight into Obama and his crimes that will be eventually exposed. All right, sometimes big wins start with a trail of breadcrumbs. That to me, folks is a trail of breadcrumbs and number nine, after the 2020 election, Joe Biden who benefited a great deal from Silicon Valley's political and financial support during his campaign rewarded All right, seemingly rewarded big tech by offering Silicon Valley elites key positions in his administration's transition team Marlow notes that Jeff Zients a former Facebook board member is Biden's COVID czar all right or scheme How do you say that ers k i n e what the name as skrein as screen or screen or scheme or scheme bowels there you go that's a hell of a name a screen or scheme or scheme bowels, it sounds like a frickin stomach syndrome man. I've diverticulitis Oh, I've got Erskine bowel syndrome. I shit myself. Every time I read about the left, a former Facebook board member advised transition she advised the Biden transition. Jessica hertz formerly a government affairs executive at Facebook, she served as Biden's transition team General Counsel. All right. I mean, this is a lot. Alright. It seems that Facebook is getting rewarded all over the place. Remember their donations to the campaigns in Georgia and the runoff. Remember all of the different big tech contributions to the Biden campaign. This is not a joke. Biden is paying off the left and we have proof it is all being slowly held to account. I know everybody wanted instant gratification. Everybody wants

the satisfaction of the hammer falling on the left right away. But it doesn't work like that. We have a slow ass American legal system but the lawsuits are rising and the claims are calling. The people are awakening and the BS isn't going to fly anymore, guys. All right, pull your head out of the sand and see what is actually happening. All right, the accountability is coming. It says these revelations have generated a significant amount of buzz in recent days during reactions from key political players, including election, elected officials from Governor Christie gnome to Senator Joni Ernst. Alright guys, things are being done. A lot of crazy things are being done. 2021 All right. We had COVID last year COVID coming through to this year, all of these freakin corrupt individuals, the scandals involving the election. And now next month in June, they're gonna bring some report about UFOs and aliens. The whole the whole simulation has crashed.

The whole thing's falling apart. But really what's happening and what it feels like and what it looks like to me. We're not losing. All right. This week, we got these big wins. We're getting these these these blows in where boom, we're throwing hooks were cracking their foundation. Some weeks, they hit us with a hooks and we go down but we keep getting up and we keep fighting back. We keep opening our mouths, the left is breaking folks. That's absolutely what's happening. So those revelations to me know, those are wins. They might be varying degrees of win. All right. They might be simple. Some might be a little more complicated, but they are still wins. All right. This is an entertainment show. I want to give you the truth. I want to tell you my opinion on that truth. I want to make you laugh sometimes. But sometimes I want to have a serious conversation. This bill air stuff that's going on here, not belayers. But when you look over here when they're talking about the weather underground, right when they're talking about 1000 currents when they're talking about Rosenberg that is some scary stuff right there when they're talking about Laurene Powell Jobs, when they're talking about her replacing source. That's great reset stuff. These are big, big pieces of the puzzle that we weren't supposed to know. And we now know them. So let's use them to our advantage patriots, folks. That's Episode 148 of the American Revolution podcast. I hope you enjoyed it. I really hope like I said, you'll take the time to take time to go to get the Check out our sponsor, alright. They're a great sponsor, use promo code James get free shipping and handling. The cleanse has helped me tremendously. Stick around for an extra two minutes or so I put a little ad together about it. If you'd like if you'd like of course, visit visit us on all of our social media that's American underscore Reveley to search that you'll find us everywhere guys, were on parlor, boom, American underscore Reveley. Were on gab, boom, American underscore Reveley, my gab is giving me a laggy blank screen for some reason, reload, boom, there, we're on gab. Now you see at

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