University of Pittsburgh Growing Late-Term Abortion Hair on Lab Rats with Fauci's Blessing! | Ep 145

May 23, 2021 James Lane Episode 145
University of Pittsburgh Growing Late-Term Abortion Hair on Lab Rats with Fauci's Blessing! | Ep 145
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In episode 145 of the American Reveille Podcast, I reveal the shocking truth. Horrifying lab experiments taking place at the University of Pittsburgh on late-term aborted babies, courtesy of Democrats, Planned Parenthood, and the twisted Dr. Fauci's government funding. What could we possibly need to grow dead baby hair on rats for? Why do we allow this to go on? Next!

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, this is Episode 145 of the American revenue podcast and I'm going to bring you something real, something disturbing, and something that our taxpayer money pays for folks. Fauci knows all about it, it falls under his umbrella. He owns it, guys. They're literally doing these disgusting experiments where they're, and I hate to even say this, but they're taking aborted fetuses, they're grafting hair and skin on rats, they're doing horrifying experiments. And this is all funded. This is all paid for by us Okay, guys, in one way or another, our money filters through systems and ends up in the hands of these monsters at the University of Philadelphia or actually, excuse me, the University of Pittsburgh. I don't even know why I said the University of Philadelphia. Guys. I'm probably set it because I'm so shaken by the topic. But you need to know what the left is doing. You need to know what they stand for when they say pro choice. All right, folks, pay attention to this episode. It's really, really important. Stay tuned.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane Hill. This is Episode 145 of the American Revolution podcast. This is going to be a serious episode. I'm going to try to get through it quickly but accurately. One thing I am going to ask you do me a favor if you want to see us keep creating great content. If you want to see us drop articles and get bigger and better spread across the country. Wake up patriots all over the globe. We need your help we got walloped last month we got hit really hard. And we could really really use the support so please go into the description section below. Hit the Donate tab. All right, hit that link and donate a little bit to us. If you don't feel comfortable going through Pay Pal you can always give us cryptocurrency, email me directly James Lane at American Reveley. rtve I ll, and I will link you to any code you need to deposit Alright, I could use that help greatly. 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When I was a kid, the worst I saw was them growing an ear on a lab rat. Now they're growing baby hair. That makes me want to cry. That's terrible. This is by Jim Hoff. Look at these pictures if you're watching, these are literally grafting of fetal tissue on rats. What in the blue as well, ladies and gentlemen, what the hell is happening? As reported earlier, the University of Pittsburgh is growing scalps from aborted babies on lab rats. This is a straight from a horror movie The scientists are using human baby fetal skin, processed removal or sorry processed via removal of excess fat and growing the baby hair on rats. What? What kind of demonic garbage is this? Dr. Tony Fauci is a funding the study with federal money on Friday, Tucker Carlson invited pro life advocate David de Uddin on his show to discuss horrendous study this horrendous study at the University of Pittsburgh dayla done told Tucker Carlson quote Dr. Anthony Fauci owns every bit of this study. So Will any conservative have the guts to question Fauci on this barbaric study? He's funding? Well, they that's a really good friggin question. A new video for the center from the center of medical progress exposes medical progress, right? exposes a grisly experiment at the University of Pittsburgh that involves scalping five month aborted babies and implanting the scalps on the rotunda. What the fuck, I hate the curse, but it deserves it. What the fuck? Now Pennsylvania leaders are demanding an investigation and urging the university stop its experiments using aborted baby body parts. Quote, publicly available information demonstrates that Pitt hosts some of the most barbaric experiments carried out on aborted human infants including scalping five month old aborted fetuses to stitch on to lab rats. The Center for medical progress said in a statement, you know, medical progress, right? You'd expect them to, like cure cancer, or invent a new technology. But no, they're skinning the heads of babies. What the fuck right? The information comes from a study that University of Pittsburgh researchers published in September 2020. And we're hearing about it now. In the journal Scientific Reports. It describes how scientists use scalps from aborted babies to create humanized mice and rats to study the human immune system or as Alex Jones would say, they're making cameras. They're putting together human human cameras in the laboratory. A number of these experiments using aborted baby body parts of the University are funded by US taxpayers, through the National Institutes of Health and in particular, Dr. Anthony Fauci

is National, excuse me National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases office CMP found in its investigation. So there you have it guys. Short and sweet, but true to the point where funding experiments with body parts with baby body parts and there's proof and nobody's doing a thing. nobody's doing one thing. So why can't we do something? Why are we speaking up ask yourself why are all of us sharing this and talking to people and telling them the truth? Why are all of us speaking up in one voice All right, if you have ideas how to bring people together if you have ideas how to get the word out about this stuff, so patriots across the country can hear it can know it let me know in the comments section below we're working very hard to spread the word we're working very hard to let people know about the American Revolution you know, but that censorship was killing us we're beating the street we're getting out on the concrete and the pavement in Washington state we need more people to be able to do that across the country email me directly James Lane at American revelry calm and let me know. But guys, this is horrifying. We need to say something we need to open our mouths. If 100,000 if a million of us said something, it would all stop, they would be too afraid. Even if we did nothing and we should do nothing. We should just exercise our first amendment rights. That's the right thing to do. And even if we just did that, even If that's all we did was just March peacefully, and talk, open our mouths and state what we want, this would end, it would end. Alright. I think it's time we need to start considering certain things like that. I really think so. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. And let me know what you think of this horrifying, horrifying experiment that's been going on at the University of Pittsburgh. I want to know your true opinion. Let me know how you feel. What do you think should happen to the folks running the show? What do you think Dr. Fauci should have to say about this? What do you think should happen to Dr. Fauci? When this is revealed to the general public? I know nothing will happen, because nobody gives a crap. Nobody does anything about this horrifying stuff. But what would you want to happen? What would you want? How would you want Dr. Fauci to be held accountable by the people by the government, when this came out to to the general public so that they knew the truth? It's so horrible, that they hide these things from us? It's so disgusting. It's so barbaric and atrocious. And one day, one day Ladies and gentlemen, they will all be held to account. All right. Maybe it'll be here on Earth. Maybe it'll be from the man upstairs. But folks, that day is coming for all of us. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Episode 145 of the American revenue podcast. I really appreciate you watching. I really appreciate you listening. I know this is a hard one. I know it was real quick, real simple, real basic. But you have to know what's going on what the left is doing to our babies. What the left is doing to these these fetuses that they abort, there's incentive to promote abortion, it pays to abort and the left facilitates that, and it is horrifying. We can't let them destroy our families. We can't let them to destroy. We can't let them destroy our morality, our righteousness, stay on the righteous path, do the right thing. And teach your kids well, and don't allow this to continue. Ladies and gentlemen, again, thank you so much. Stick around just for a couple minutes. There's a quick ad for ancient life oil I put together, I'd greatly appreciate if you watch that. If you can't donate, if you can't go below into the description section, hit the Donate tab, if you can't go to the website and donate, which I could use tremendously to help the company Ladies and gentlemen, we've been through a couple hard months here. So folks, we could really use the help to build this company. And you're all a part of that. So if you can't, then do me a favor, at least try the CBD oil go to ancient life oil, calm, check it out and get some great stuff. promo code Jas, get you free shipping and handling. If you promote and purchase from our sponsors, they will continue to pay me every month. And that will help me tremendously to grow the company. I don't make much I'm going to be completely honest with you. I only make $500 a month between my sponsors. That's it. And I don't use any of that money that money gets put right back into the company with a bunch more of my own personal money. My own personal money is running low nowadays, folks, so I really could use your help. And if you want to donate crypto, please email me directly James Lane at American revolute calm and I would be glad to get you all have the deposit addresses you

need whatever it is you need to deposit any type of crypto to the American Revolution, LLC. So folks, thank you so much. I really hope you enjoyed the episode. I hope you'll take this information. It's very important information about what's happening to these baby parts. And I hope you will let people know the truth. Because the truth matters, folks. I'll see you on episode 146. Bye.

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