Take This State and SHOVE IT! Five Oregon Counties Vote YES to Secession! | Ep 142

May 22, 2021 James Lane Episode 142
Take This State and SHOVE IT! Five Oregon Counties Vote YES to Secession! | Ep 142
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In episode 142 of the American Reveille Podcast, James Lane discovers that counties across the country are discussing succession into different states and groupings. The area with the most attention is surrounding Portland Oregon where Leftwing domestic terrorists have hijacked the state through fear. Surrounding counties are fighting back and pretty soon NEW IDAHO is going to be GIGANTIC! Check it out!

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here. This is Episode 142 of the American Revolution podcast folks, five counties in Oregon have voted to secede from Oregon and join Idaho forming new Idaho. We're not there yet. But the votes are happening. The numbers are in and it seems like we are on the path to seeing some border lines change. We're going to talk about it next on the latest episode of the American Revolution podcast.

Ladies and gentlemen, how're you guys doing? It's been a couple of days, man. This is like the longest stretch. I've gone in like the last year plus, of social off of putting out podcasts. We had a crazy, ridiculous week in Chicago. If you don't like the lighting, I'm sorry, you're gonna have to deal with it. I had to leave all of my studio lighting in Chicago. They lost luggage, they lost the car seat. All kinds of fiasco has happened. We can talk about it throughout other podcasts if you really want to hear about it. Maybe I'll do a live stream or something like that. But Chicago was ridiculous. I felt like I was in Gotham City. And I felt like I was running to every destination I had to be to. I mean, I couldn't breathe the entire time I was there cuz I was jogging down city streets trying to get to appointments on time. Because, you know, you can't find any parking in Chicago nor many people who want to help but the pizza was good. The hotdogs were good tire rig brought it with me. I'll never ever ever do that again. Okay, I had to learn the hard way. I almost broke two of the monitors. The whole the whole was ridiculous. It was absolutely ridiculous. My luggage, I had three carts a luggage, they all weighed about 100 pounds. You can imagine the charges on all that stuff. I ended up before I left I ended up having to go to a target that was in a skyscraper. All right, just to get my luggage packed and make my flight which I had to change twice. And trust me it gets it the whole thing's ridiculous. I had to get a queen size memory foam mattress, the thin one and literally cut it up with scissors and tape it around my gear to get as much stuff home as possible without it but basically exploding in a plane. So and you know that wouldn't be good. I realized I said exploding in plane in the same sentence. I'm like half looking over my shoulder waiting for a SWAT team to come through my window. You know, that's not what I meant. You know what I'm talking about.

I'm just happy to be home guys. All right, it was a long trip. There was some legal matters involved that had to get settled as well. Those got settled quite painfully. So if anybody would like to donate to the American Reveley, please in the description section below. You can donate we also accept moon what is that safe moon the safe moon right the Dogecoin the Bitcoin all that crypto stuff that's crashing hey if you don't want it I'll take it contact me James Lane at American revenue comm I can get you all that info if you'd like to donate some crypto plus if you just go to the donation page, which is in the description section below. There's a couple barcodes in there as well and stuff but if you want the main tamale you'll let me know alright, just let me know leave a comment ask for an email check back on email me directly James Lane at American revenue comm go to the website, American Revolution calm that's Li ve I ll e comm there's a contact form you can fill that out. It's very easy, but yeah, big pop is hurting for the cashola. So do me a favor. If you want to see the Reveley roll on. I'm gonna need your help Ladies and gentlemen, so I am asking you please donate to the cause. All right, I'm not even going to send you a lot love and look, just just look in the description section below. Alright, there is a link that says support us. Please, please, please, please support the American Revolution. We are busting our butts to get you the best empowerment entertainment and enlightenment possible in these ridiculous times. Alright, speaking of ridiculous while ridiculous in a good way, Idaho seems to be voting on changing its borders. Well, not Idaho per se greater Idaho, which would absorb some counties in Oregon. If things come to fruition now there needs to be more counties for this to actually work out but five counties have already voted in favor. So these are Oregon counties. They're voting to join Idaho. Alright guys, do me a favor, whatever social media you're on, just search American underscore Reveley. And you'll find me Alright, that's Instagram. That's Facebook. gab that's parler that's mines that's all of them. Anything you can go on YouTube find an odyssey OD y se it's a much better video platform than Odyssey I'm their American underscore revelry, wherever you're watching this, wherever you're listening to this like, subscribe, hit the Follow button, just smash smash smash that like button. Leave me a five star review. If you're on Apple podcast, wherever you are, leave a comment of course. And if you love what we're doing, Share, share, share. Alright, we need your help to get the word out. All right, I'm literally beating the feet and handing out or beating the pavement with my feet. Excuse me. I'm handing out cards. I'm handing out stickers. I'm going all over these different towns in Washington state so we're not playing Alright, if Dave Portnoy consider sit on the Boston subway for 10 years and pass out barstool sports flyers until his stuff got off the ground and I can go to some different cities and pass some stuff out. These are hard times for some of us. All right, folks. So again, that brings us back to the beginning. If you can, please please, please, please donate. All right, do me a favor to stick around at the end of this all right. 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No, it's not where is it? It's uh, there's some beach town in Idaho. All right, I don't remember off the top of my head and I don't have a producer so you're just gonna deal with whatever thoughts come there. I should have started this with

you know The Goonies sloths. Very beautiful. buress. Just wait till the lefties hear that one. Five Oregon counties vote to succeed and joy. Idaho Ladies and gentlemen, Utah. Whoa, not me. I'm not the hoe. We're six years old to get Idaho Utah. Whoa, five rural Oregon counties voted on Tuesday to secede from the state of Oregon and join the state of Idaho. This is by Michael Patrick Leahy. Folks, this is from the Idaho statesman. It's a newspaper in Idaho. 1000s of people in Eastern Oregon voted Tuesday for their elected officials to consider ditching their state and who would want to live in Oregon. Look at Portland. The Voodoo Doughnuts are not worth the pison shit. You have to step over on the sidewalk to get to the field of heroin needles to cross that through the field of broken meth crystal glass. And then you know, you swim across the urine. And anyway, I don't know. I just it felt like an obstacle course a feces obstacle course that is Portland. So if I was anywhere near Portland or around Portland, I would say a bay bay bay. This is from the Idaho statesman voters in Sherman Lake grant. Oh Baker and malpua I think that's how you say that ma Lh EUR mal here counties all voted for ballot measures that would lead them to becoming Idaho aliens, or how do you say the Idahoans Idahoans, the potato people of this land, people in union and Jefferson counties had already voted in favor during the November election? So isn't that five, then that would make it 512345? No seven, that would make it seven? Excuse me, my maths is off. The vote is only the first step of the greater Idaho project which would allow some counties in Oregon to join a state that advocates say more closely aligns with their political preferences. Yeah, I Whoa is Trump country Ladies and gentlemen, Portland is a dump country because everybody takes a dump on Portland because it sucks and it stinks. It's full of homeless people. Oh, and it's burning. It's been burning like a tar pit on fire for over a year. So thank you democrats for burning Portland. That's great Breitbart News reported in April that a political action committee and a new 501 c four nonprofit group are driving efforts that will allow rural counties in Oregon to join Idaho move Oregon's border is a political action committee formed in 2019 that focuses on Oregon ballot initiatives in March move Oregon's border founder Michael McCarter announced the establishment of a 501 C for citizens for greater Idaho, which will focus on Idaho Oregon and beyond to support the vision of move Oregon's border. petitions gathered by move Oregon's border have forced the placement of ballot initiatives to change the border between Oregon and Idaho for consideration by voters in nine Oregon counties. ballot initiatives to change the border between Oregon and Idaho have already voted on in for Oregon counties. They've already been voted on two counties union Jefferson voted in favor of moving the border in November while two additional counties Douglas and wallowa it's not Walla Walla, the st. Washington voted against changing the border on May 18. a ballot initiative to change the border between Oregon and Idaho will be voted on in five additional counties Baker Lake grant Mel here and Sherman move Oregon's borders continues to collect signatures and seven other counties where no vote has occurred yet that's curry County, Jeff, Josephine County, Jackson, Klamath, Harney, Mauro and umatilla counties. The group's website states move Oregon's border founder and president of citizens for greater Idaho Mike McCarter said in a statement released on the group's website on Wednesday, this election proves that rural Oregon wants out of Oregon, if Oregon really believes in liberal values, such as self determination, the legislature won't hold our counties captive against our well. If we're allowed to vote for which government officials we want, we should be allowed to vote for which government we want as well. It's a valid point, I think we all should be able to vote on that, depending on where we are. I believe it's a very difficult procedure. But a lot of crazy stuffs been happening in the last year and all kinds of states are taking back their power. I wouldn't be very surprised if counties took back their power too, and forced it down the throats of the legislators and left their state enjoined Idaho, and good and good because honestly, and I'm sorry to all the rural people, but you can blame Portland for what I'm about to say. Are you ready? Fuck Oregon. Your fuck Washington State to I'm sorry.

I'm sorry to all my friends and folks that live out in the sticks that I love. And I know you love your sticks out there. I know you love your sticks up here in Washington. But Seattle has killed Washington and Portland has killed Oregon. It's the cold hard truth. Love it or leave it like it or dump it. I don't know what to tell you. All I tell you are the facts are at least the facts in which I view them. The statement added the election results This week were much stronger than the results in November. quote we got on the ballot too early in those counties before voters heard of the idea and before we could even educate them on the benefits of joining Idaho before we had money for the ads. The results this week prove that we were right to spend a little money on educating the voters in these counties. We only spent a 10th of the spending per voter that a typical state senator campaign spends but it was enough. Now we need to raise funds for the next counties greater Idaho will be on the ballot and Douglas Harney and several other counties where citizens are still collecting signatures or asking county commissioners to put it on the ballot. McCarter said now Crook County Commissioners invited us to a meeting next week to discuss putting it on the ballot, putting it on the ballot Excuse me. In Oregon several state legislatures are sorry legislators have been quoted in the press in support of the border relocation reasons the Oregon legislature should want to let rural Oregon join Idaho were given by McCarter in 2019, the average Northwestern Oregonian wage earner subsidized Eastern Southern Oregon counties by $367 per year. Are they willing to keep paying that just so Oregon looks big on a map? letting these counties go would mean that the Oregon legislature would avoid gridlock. When Republican legislators walk out to try and deny a quorum. We list more reasons at greater So that's a way you would negotiate right they put something on there that would benefit the left, right. See if we leave we won't hold up your ridiculous show policies. All the republicans will be gone we'll go to Idaho where, you know, we like to party on boats, drink some PBR is what it is. I don't even know Do they party on lay? Are their lakes and I'm sure there's some sort of thing. I don't know I'm not an Idaho and I don't know what to tell you. Okay. If you hear my accent Nia you know that I'm actually originally from the east coast, and it ain't. It ain't in a place you think or is it the signature gathering effort to gain political refuge from blue states was hampered last year due to the coronavirus pandemic but it's now picking up some momentum. several prominent elected officials in Idaho including governor Brad little have expressed support for the movement, folks. The governor agrees. Everybody agrees. Let my people go. My Idahoans. And my Oregonians I look forward to seeing you do some Trading Spaces pretty soon or however that works. Move the borders. Let these people go. Let them out of the ridiculous policies of the left and while you're at it let Pew all up and ording and Graham Can we go out of out of the Seattle crap and the Tacoma crap too. And the Olympia correct can we be gone from that? Like taps? I think some Bonney Lake most of that is on the red side of the house. How about Hobart? How about Covington? Right? That's King County. How about what do we got Ravensdale? Right Ravensdale Ium claw? Say hi to Mr. Hands. Listen, guys,

there are plenty of counties all over the place that don't want to be subjugated by Democrat rule. I think that these five counties plus the other ones, with a little bit of momentum can set a precedent in the United States that will cause a whirlwind avalanche of fire to rain down upon the Democrats, little pissy pansy plans, all right, because they will see just how powerful the people are in the States. The states have the ultimate legitimate power over the federal government. It's time the state start exercising their rights. So my Oregonians I wish you very, very, very good luck in your quest to become Idaho aliens. And I hope you succeed for the sake of our union. And folks you should be rooting them on as well. It's time to give the power back to the people, folks was Episode 142 of the American Revolution. podcasts is a short one, but a good one. I really appreciate you guys listening and watching. Like I said, if you're listening leave the five star review and helps us move up the rankings if you're watching like button subscribe button, notification bell and share, share, share guys talk about the American Revolution, please, it really helps us out and like I said in the beginning we are hurting Chicago kick the crap out of us. We lost a lot of gear, we could use your help. So please, if you would like to support an American made grass roots blue collar company that's working from the bottom to get to the top so we can affect narrative and change this country for the better fighting off socialism fighting off a woke ideology. Please help us out. Go in the description section below. There is a tab for donating there is a link right there. It'll take you to pay pal and it would really help us out and I would greatly appreciate it and like I said, we take crypto too. If there's any crypto you want to send us, we collect safe moon Dogecoin all those different things. We're playing in that as well trying to make something happen for this company. So you can always contact me at James Lane at American Revolution calm for any addresses to that, or we have a couple links on the website American Reveley at Mount American Revolution, American Revolution, calm, excuse me, American Reveley. That's Ari V, ei, l. l Folks, American underscore Reveley on all social media, all video platforms, we are everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, the censorship wall kind of makes us everywhere, nowhere. But we're working our way around that. And yes, the $200 sticker contest is still going to be on. We're just having some delays getting the website updated. But don't worry, we'll crunch it out. We'll get it figured out. And I'm sure by the end of the month, well, by the end of next month, excuse me, we'll have all the details out flyers promotional materials, and we'll be ready to start sending packages out to great patriots. Alright, so that you can distribute some stickers. You could take some pictures, get them on our social media, and we can pick a grand prize winner, folks stick around a couple seconds for that ancient life oil ad. Thank you so much. And I'll see you on episode 143. By

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