Took my Chevy to the Levee...and Built a Dam Wall! | Ep 140

May 14, 2021 James Lane Episode 140
Took my Chevy to the Levee...and Built a Dam Wall! | Ep 140
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In episode 140 of the American Reveille Podcast, James Lane comes to you on special from Chicago to talk about Joe Biden being brought to his knees and forced to quietly approve construction and funding for a small section of wall in the great state of Texas. Join us for a fun one with a great view!

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, this is Episode 140 of the American revenue podcast and why not have this great background visiting here in the city of Chicago on some business, why not have this background for Episode 140, hit high on the even numbers. That's what I say hit it high on the even numbers and speaking of hitting it high, and building it high, so certain strip of land a certain strip of wall that's about to be built down in South Texas, a city, a town, whatever you want to call it, they fought their ass off, they fought their ass off, and now Biden's being held to the fire. And he has to build that wall. You know what that tells me? That tells me if enough people fight their ass off, if enough people stand up, if enough people open their mouths, we can get the wall finished. We can finish everything Trump started. We can start now without having to wait for him in 2024. All right. And then when he comes in 2024 Hey, he's got a whole new world to work on. We are just as responsible as he we are just as responsible as our leaders. It is time for us as patriots to stand up and open our mouths. This is Episode 140. We're going to talk about the wall a little bit next.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here Episode 140 of the American revenue podcast. We're hanging out here in Chicago business in Chicago, putting stickers up all around if you find an American Reveley sticker somewhere in downtown Chicago, give me a shout out, you may win a prize but but with that being said, we're here, we're doing what we can, I shipped the entire rig up here to Chicago, so that I could do the editing, get the writing and get the videos and do the schoolwork. Everything I got to do while I am up here, just here for a couple more days doing my thing is nice outside. weather's good. There's no snow getting towards the summer. You know, the trip, the plane ride was a little crappy. You know, it was good. I met an 85 year old man, I sat next to him he was there with his wife, 63 years they were married 63 years, if only some of the young people that are burning our cities could could really see that and understand that the power, the pure power that's in a team that's been conducting business for 63 years. You see, marriage isn't just about Oh, I love you, oh, let's bang Oh, let's eat a burrito. Marriage is about forming a team, a union so that you can work together to achieve family goals to drive the family in a certain direction, right. So if you have kids, and you're sitting there and you're both working dead end jobs, and you're banging your heads together, screaming at each other every day, that's not how it works. Somebody's got to take certain responsibility. Somebody else has to take certain responsibilities. The roles go around and you move forward. Alright, this person was a principal, a principal of a Lutheran High School for 43 years, retired 20 years ago when he told me he wouldn't even know what to do today with this critical race theory. With all of this woke nonsense and garbage. He wouldn't even know what to do. It was a great conversation. It was a great conversation and guess where I am? Like I said, Chicago. All right. I've talked to a lot of folks that live in South Side. I've talked to people I ran into folks in the airport on the plane, folks working up here in the northern part of Chicago and the different stores that live in the southern part of Chicago that commute we've had no problems, no racial issues, all this race stuff. It's coming from the idiot box. All right, I guess you would call it the idiot box being your phone now. You know, nobody's watching TV anymore. But it's all coming from the talking heads. It's all coming from the narrative. It's all garbage. It's all garbage. Don't believe what they say. Real people, all economic statuses of all races, ethnicities, of all colors, everything creeds, walks of life. They're sick and tired of this crap. Everybody wants to get along. Nobody wants this war. Nobody, you know who wants this more white woke liberals on the left. That's who wants this war, and we're not going to give them the satisfaction. We will all stand up. We will all fight but we're gonna fight with our mouse. Alright, when a million people of all colors and creeds walk hand in hand down the street, demanding for the death of critical race theory, critical race theory will die. But we have to get together. We have to work together. We have to talk about it. That's the only way we can start waking up. Pull up more and more we can inspire people. We can empower people to have the confidence to do the right thing. That's what we're trying to do here. Alright that's what we're trying to do if you're on gab do me a favor. Follow me there American underscore reveling if you're on parlor parlors back up, but it's wackadoodle wackadoodle. Oh, we're upgrading our system. parlar just wait, if you're on parlour, stick with it, they'll get there eventually. And I'm at V James Lane on parlor. I just formed a me we page guys. So come join me on me. We Alright, American underscore Reveley. I'm making it really easy for you find me on me, we we put out dozens of articles every month, we put out dozens podcasts. Well, we tried to get to dozens of podcasts, but we put out at least a couple a week. All right. And a good week. 10. All right. It's not bad. It's not bad at all. And we're working on getting more talented so that you have a variety of different podcasts to choose from. We're not subscription based. There's no streaming service, there's nothing like that. Everything's free. Will there eventually be a monthly thing? Probably. Because I think advertising is the way of the past. It's dying. Google is dying, ladies and gentlemen. It's all going it's all going in the box. It's all going in the box and getting buried under the sea. Give it 10 years 2030 Google be gone. I'm gonna put that down on paper right now. And then if I'm right, we can have a hole James Lane was right song alex jones will be retired by then maybe I'll take a spot. Look, alright. It'll be gone. different technologies will take over. And then the advertising stuff isn't going to work. Because if things become decentralized, where there isn't a ruling class, like if, if we go in and break up Facebook, break up Google, break everything up, kill the monopolies. Right? And we decentralize everything, put the power back in the hands of the people, people are going to get to choose whether or not they want to see ads. Most people don't give a crap, they don't want to hear about ads. All right. So that means there has to be another way to bring the money in to fund this while we build different sections. And while we're doing that, we will end up probably doing a one to $2 a month thing. All right, I'm not everybody else. I'm not here to rip you off. I'm not here to take bazillions of dollars from you. One to two was enough. If we had 100,000 people listening, and I took $1 a month, that's $100,000 a month, alright, which turns into 1.2 million a year, take some taxes out whatever. It's like eight or 900k we can take this little business and expand it into a monstrous, monstrous national media company that can take hold of the narrative and steer it in the other direction right. Towards while the right of course Quantico and towards the left or towards an iceberg. Alright, so that's that's what I'm getting. It's not a huge thing, right? It's not a huge thing, one or $2. We're not there yet. that'll probably even be maybe a year down the road. All right, but we'll do we have advertisers, we'll do one or two, here and there. Alright, but we're never going to be these loaded shows like we're never going to be Joe Rogan on Spotify, starting with nine advertisers. I mean, hey, I would like $130 million, as well, or whatever it is he made, is what it is, I understand where he's coming from. But that is not the future of American Reveley, because American Reveley in the end is here to serve. Ladies and gentlemen, it's here to serve, not to take sometimes you've got to be a little selfish. So you can be a lot selfless. All right, I'm serious. How can you if you have nothing, give everything if you have nothing to give, you can't give anything at all. It's like a parent who wants to take care of their kids, right? But they they they are drained. Their brains are drained, they're tired, they're exhausted, they get no break. All right, and they say I have to do everything for my children. Yes, you do have to do everything for your children you do it's part of the job. But if you are burnt, if you are dead, if you're done inside, mentally, it's and that's not a judgment of you and your children. You can love your children and be tired and exhausted and, and unhealthy. If you don't take care of yourself, you'll never be able to take care of your kids, your spouse anything. You'll never be able to take care of them as good as you could if you were taking care of yourself. It's the same concept guys the same exact concept. All right. Look, one thing one thing is certain. All right, there will be advertisers for a while there will so if that gives you a stomachache I don't know what to tell you. It might be because your colon has been impacted with pounds and pounds and pounds of undigested red meat. It could be because your livers full of toxins. Have you looked in the mirror your eyes yellow Do you have jaundice? I mean, you never know. Do you want to know where I'm going with this? 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If you'd like to check it out now yourself without watching that just go to get the ge t th e t e A get the promo code James J m s promo code James get you free shipping and handling. This is called life change T for a reason for a reason. Because when you wake up and your stomach pain and your bloat and all of the things that weighed you down, that tension is relieved. You're going to feel like a completely different person. life change D is amazing. Get the promo code James FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING guys. Joe Biden is building the wall. Of course he is of course he is who didn't think that would eventually happen. Who didn't think that enough patriots wouldn't stand up and open their damn mouth. All right, open their damn mouths and I'm going to tell you I'm going to ask you to do me something right now. masca Do me a favor. If you are freaking ecstatic if you are laughing yourself if you are happy that I'm bringing you this news that Joe Biden had to swallow a big piece of humble pie and say okay, fine, and put up more wall in the face of the lefties in the face of the radicals. If that makes you happy if that turns you on deep inside, if that gives you a good torille erection an internal one I'm not don't get all gross. Don't get in the sewers here. We're making analogies. We're making analogies. analogies are okay. Remember that analogies are okay. If that makes you happy. You hit that like button, you hit that subscribe button, you hit that notification bell if

you have to. Because if you don't, I will disappear. The censorship wall is up. We're doing everything we can to get around it. But we also depend heavily on you. So please like share, subscribe notification bell, leave a comment. It is absolutely imperative if you're listening on Apple podcasts. five star rating is a must. Thank you so much for that. And if you'd like leave a comment on there, and I will absolutely respond. Absolutely. We're also on Spotify. I Heart Radio. We're on tune in. We're on Google podcast. We're all over the place. We're on YouTube. I hate YouTube. We're on rumble I'm not a fan of rumble either. But Odyssey od that is a different type of video hosting platform it is using blockchain technology it is awesome. Try it out od i am on there as American underscore Reveley. If you would like a special invite link, email me directly James Lane at American Revolution calm, I will give you a special invite link it'll take you right there and also description section below. Everything I've talked about from the life change t to the social media to where our videos are. Every single thing is in the description section below. And if you're trolling around in the description section, don't forget to hit the newsletter button. Sign up for the newsletter. It is where we announce our contest because in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to announce a $200 Grand Prize com contest. It's a sticker contest, I will be sending you stickers straight to your address with a special note written by me. So don't forget that sign up to the newsletter. And with that, again, like I said a couple seconds go Biden is to resume construction of a section of President Trump's border wall in Texas. Ladies and gentlemen in Texas. This is may 12 2021 from Kristin Taylor. All right, Chris. Taylor and we are reading Fox News reporter bill Milligan reported Wednesday evening on special report. That's a lot of reports Fox News reporter reported Wednesday special report. Reporter reporter reporter Fox News reporter bill Milligan reported Wednesday evening on special report that the Biden administration will resume construction of a 13.4 mile stretch of President Trump's border wall in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. It is also being said that a bunch of Texans have gotten together thrown a kegger. And they're shooting their guns into the sky gun. Because they are excited that Biden had to suck it. I added that part. It's my fantasy imagination. I feel like in Texas, people put on ponchos and cowboy hats, go out into the desert and do weird stuff like that. I like Texas, it's a great place. And I think Biden should kiss every Texans ass especially for blaming what happened over the winter on them. instead of blaming it on the windmills that take up more friggin

heat and energy and oil than anything else. And it's supposed to be green energy. It's all garbage. It's all bs completely, completely, completely. Look at that guy. For those not listening. For those watching. We're looking at a beautiful, beautiful picture of the most handsome, most awesome, best president we've had in our lifetimes. President Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States most likely soon to be 47th President of the United States as well. We will see of course we will see but big things have been happening. We are continuing the read Milligan I'm just gonna call them Milligan. It's probably Mulligan. I'm just gonna call Milligan like a mulligan Milligan posted about this report on Twitter. Breaking at Fox News has confirmed via the US Army Corps of Engineers that construction on a 13.4 mile stretch of border wall in the Rio Grande Valley will resume it will resume after pressure from local residents and politicians. The Biden admin previously halted all wall construction in January, all of it all right. Senator Ted Cruz also recently sent a letter he sent a letter out to Biden urging completion of a stretch of unfinished border wall in Hidalgo County due to concerns about a level wall system that was part of the border wall construction that was left unfinished. With flood season approaching crews called on Biden to finish the wall. Cruz's spokesperson Aaron Perrine posted the letter Wednesday evening in response to the fox report. And I actually I'm going to read this letter to you but I want to say something first about this. So Ted Cruz in a letter was able to sway President Biden alright using tactics, subversion tactics. All right. Of course, we want the wall built to keep the frickin illegals drugs, rapists and murderers out. But we also need the wall because our city will flood. Find outside the box solutions. Ladies and gentlemen, if you're going to offer a complaint to your senator, if you're going to offer a complaint to your congressman or woman, try your best to offer them an outside the box solution. A lot of these people can't frickin think on their own. They are politicians, they're bureaucrats. They're following hierarchical structures. They are following frickin norms that have been in place for decades and decades and decades. You say, hey, Senator, hey, congressperson. This is F dup. And this is how you fix it. If enough people do that, it will give them the power to offer those solutions up. All right. Biden couldn't fight that. And Biden lost that fight. And Cruz won it. That means it's possible anywhere folks. All we need is enough patriots opening their mouths. So this letter right here, it's a pretty good letter and I'm going to read it right now. It says Dear President Biden, your decision to halt levy wall construction when you halted border wall construction has left hundreds of 1000s of residents vulnerable in the Rio Grande Valley. We've heard from Hidalgo County officials and residents that his hurricane and flooding season soon approach the unfinished border wall levee system in Hidalgo County is a matter of public urgent safety. Alright, it's urgent. All right. They they could have their own Katrina there. If the levee is not finished. They've been emphatic remediating the levee wall system should be an emergency priority. We urge you to allow the RGV Border Patrol sector to complete and reinforce the compromised and unfinished levee system in Hidalgo County immediately, a measure that is strongly supported by local residents and leaders across the political spectrum. This is important, because one thing I've noticed going across country this time for business is that everybody I talked to seems to be on the same page with us. It's a very small amount of people that are against what we want to do as, as people on the right whether you're libertarian or conservative or Republican. There aren't many people that disagree. They are just afraid. They are scared that they've never had to speak out before with consequences. They are afraid we need to keep awake waking them up because like this shows, if enough people locally stand up, things happen. If you fight in your community, your community can be saved, but you have to fight with your first amendment. This is an example. In 2019, the US Customs and Border Protection began construction on approximately 24 miles of levee wall system in Hidalgo County, Texas to protect against flood damage that plagues the region. CBP partnered with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the US AC E to award a contract build 11 miles of new levee system and the levee system construction project was funded by the cbps fiscal year 2019 appropriation. The levee design plans were approved by the International boundary and water commission i b WC and USA C. II. Initially, in order to accommodate border wall construction, the levee system was modified. However, when your administration halted border wall construction this January. It also halted construction on the levee wall system in Hidalgo County, leaving that system not only unfinished, but compromised. Currently there are approximately 14 miles of work area in Hidalgo County that are either incomplete or compromised. This exposes residents to uncovered trenches, rebar and construction materials. It also cuts off or limits many Hidalgo County residents as businesses and Irrigation District access to their property. But the largest threat by far to public safety is the upcoming hurricane season. The RGV knows all too well the catastrophic effects of flooding in June 2018, the valley experienced a great flood made vulnerable by its generally flat terrain and proximity to the warm Gulf waters. The valley experienced flash flooding precipitated by heavy Tropical Rainfall leading to flooded streets and 1000s of emergency rescues. The flooding is estimated to have resulted in at least $250 million worth of damage, including damaged over 20,000 Texas residences and businesses crazy, the RGV was struck again in 2019. With record setting rainfall in certain areas, streets were getting flooded homes and businesses devastated the US Department of Housing and Urban Development In response, committed 240 million US dollars to the repair of homes, businesses and infrastructure. And last year, the RGV was hit with prolific rainfall, including 18 inches in some spots, can you imagine 18 inches of flooding? That is insane. That is bad. All right. These people are in danger. They're in danger and the government just shut this down. How many other places are in danger not just by border and by levee system and by natural disaster, but by criminality, but by by by drugs by by horrifying circumstances of poverty that we couldn't even imagine how many places how many places are engulfed in that type of of activity and

that type of lifestyle. How many people wish they could get out how many people wish that things would be built and be done and be corrected? Wherever it is whether it's infrastructure, not Biden's infrastructure, but whether it's their cities or towns, actual infrastructure bridges, roads, potholes, whether it's their own homes, electricity grid, whether it's the drinking water, whether it's anything if enough people open their mouths, mountains are not just moved, they are built. They are risen, risen from the depths of the earth and driven into the sky, on the backs of people with the will to open their mouths and fight. So what are you doing? ask yourself that question, what are you doing to talk about these issues in your town Ladies and gentlemen, what are you doing in your town? I'll tell you what's happening in the Rio Grande Valley, while residents of the RGV have suffered through devastating tropical storms in recent years. This year's hurricane season is already shaping up to have busier Tropical Storm activity than normal. Hurricane expert Dr. Philip Klotzbach of Colorado State University released this year seasonal hurricane forecast with a predicted 17 named storms, eight hurricanes and four major hurricanes for 2021 rates, notably higher than the averages from 1981 to 2010. Texas is expected to be hit hard, alright with a forecast at 75% chance of being impacted by a tropical storm, a 49% chance of being hit by a hurricane and a 21% chance of a major hurricane hitting the state the rates are considerably higher than the typical hurricane season rates in Texas 58% 35% and 14% respectively, with a forecast and you know the left is gonna jump on that and be like hello more garbage. With a forecast at busy hurricane season fast approaching border wall levee construction must commence immediately in Hidalgo County. In response to the heightened flood risk this year over 14 miles of the levee system need immediate remediation. The compromise levy poses severe risks to over 200,000 County residents. Once flooding begins. Simply put the effects of hurricane season will be catastrophic in Hidalgo County if the levee system is not remediated, independent of the border while significant success and decreasing illegal immigration shoring up the levee system will provide desperately needed safety and security to Americans in the Rio Grande Valley. Your administration should not allow its opposition to a border wall to prevent building a levee wall that is critical to the people of Rio Grande Valley. We urge you to authorize the RGV Border Patrol sector to immediately commence levee construction. And then there boom update confirmed by the Army Corps of Engineers in support of CBP border infrastructure program. USA sea has resumed DHS funded design and construction support of approximately 13.4 miles of a levee in a Rio Grande Valley that were partially excavated or at various levels of construction, when the work on the wall was paused for review. So that letter crews wrote that's what's called a home run. That's a trap. They were caught. There's no where to turn, every single fact supports the building of a levee wall you see that? You see the outside of the box thinking you see how they get around things. You see at the end that little thing they put in there just because you suck and you want criminals to come in this country. It doesn't mean you should let everybody here drown. Right How you can't argue that that is a lawyer trapping somebody All right, and Biden's just like his son, he's a piece of crap crappy lawyer crappy crappy crap, crap. crappy lawyer. All right. But Cruz is a badass lawyer. I like him. He's flippy floppy on certain things. I don't know if I'd vote for him as President. I might but man have said if the Santas ran and Trump didn't, I had to Santas would come first. But I do like cruise nothing against him. But But I'm going to tell you the truth. He's a hell of an orator and a hell of a writer and a hell of a lawyer and a hell of a congress person. I'm not congressperson, Senator, excuse me. a hell of a senator. Right. It's just a couple things. He doesn't says sometimes it's like Steven Crowder. Well, no, Steven Crowder has a thing about Rand Paul. Never mind. Steven Crowder likes Rand Paul, but can't stand his frickin face and voice. I'm kind of feel like that about Ted Cruz a little. I mean, I'm saying that with love, because if I ever have to interview him, he's got punched me in the mouth for saying,

I'm going to tell you this. I think he looks fantastic with a beard compared to compared to a shaved face. And he'd probably agree with me, because I have the same chin issues and like growing a beard myself. Look. If you know how to write. You can do the research and write this and submit it to your congressman or senator, you might have a dumb Congressman, you might have a dumb senator, for all the things Ted Cruz's he's not dumb. Very, very well written, very literate. Very, very skilled, right. Just a little dry sometimes for my taste. But you can see over the last couple years, he's been working on it. He is sharp, he wouldn't have gotten to the level that he's had. If he wasn't a self improver. I'm sure he's looked in the mirror and told himself things and worked on certain things, and what you need to work on. All right is recognizing what issues your city has your town has, your little neighborhood has. Alright, you can create this research and work you can put together you can draft it, you can put note cards on the wall, create sections, and write little sections together until you have a beautiful 10 page letter. And you can petition your congressman or senator, you do that with 100,000 people behind you and see what happens. Big things will happen. It's time to stop being lazy. We're not the left. We need to stand up, open our mouths and fight. All right, we need to fight we need to write and we need to win. Ladies and gentlemen we need to win. Use USA see he confirms the focus is only on levee wall construction. To be clear, wall construction remains paused to extent permitted by law per DHS. We've started critical work to repair the Rio Grande flood levee which was excavated to make way for the border wall. This remediation work will not involve expanding the border barrier. You see where they're talking about though they still though have to re Build the levee because the levee and the wall are part of the system. And they still have to build that 13 mile section, which will take care of that town, it will help tremendously, not just for the flooding, but for the drugs, the criminals, the smuggling all of that. It doesn't matter what this says here. It's not just like, oh, a levee, but they're gonna leave the wall down. The system is much more complicated for that, then and then, you know, I implore you, I beg of you to look it up, find some more information. Do your research, understand how a levee wall system works, when it's constructed into a border wall. There are websites they explain it, and then you'll understand a little better. We've already been running long on this episode. You know, we've already been running long. But I'll tell you, it's a breath of fresh air. To see this. This is a win. It might seem small, it might seem insignificant, but this is a win. The only reason it feels crappy is because the left is louder than us. They're a bunch of loud mouth little cry babies. So they're louder than us. So they're like a little, a little, a little tiny like Chihuahua dog right? with a loud bark. But they're this big. They're tiny. We are the majority All right, the right all colors, all races, all creeds, all ethnicities, all walks of life, rich or poor, doesn't matter. The right is the majority ladies and gentlemen. And if we just speak up loud enough and together all at once, that will be definite. They won't just hear us. They won't just hear us. Their eardrums will be blown out of their heads. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much. This was Episode 140 the American revelry podcast I'm enjoying Chicago. I've been graced the Jewish God I had some lots of ball suit and a nice Reuben for breakfast like I am Ladies and gentlemen, I'll see you on episode 141 with some more stories and some more Chicago Have a great one.

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