Dave Portnoy DESTROYS Nantucket Based Magazine by Using the Dana White Method! | Ep 138

May 06, 2021 James Lane Episode 138
Dave Portnoy DESTROYS Nantucket Based Magazine by Using the Dana White Method! | Ep 138
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In a very explicit (I warned you) episode 138 of the American Reveille Podcast I explain just how Dave Portnoy (Barstool Sports, One Bite Pizza Reviews) uses a play right out of Dana White's (UFC) playbook to shut the media right the heck down and I can assure you... it wasn't Kosher! I am so impressed by it that I even recommend "we the people" follow Dave's lead! Never apologize!... but what if...  

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, this is Episode 138 of the American Reveley podcast and ladies and gentlemen, if you're actually watching and not listening, look on the screen right there. This just popped up. I didn't write this. I didn't think of this. It's ad libbed in because I see it right here. Look at this ad on Breitbart. Okay. On an article against the left. It's an ad that says Biden's on a roll may 6 2021. Biden approves billions in mortgage financial systems for homeowners. It's literally like Biden's a great guy and you should take money from him. It's probably a scam. It's some freakin ad just using it. But why is there a happy ad for Biden? On a freakin article? That's not for them. You know what, it just sickens me it just sickens me. And that's why we need articles like this. That's why we need podcasts like this, because on episode 138 of the American revenue podcast, I'm gonna go over a reoccurring theme that I go over on a lot of our episodes and I always make it a point when I see a celebrity someone of importance or someone I respect doing this, I always make it a point to do a podcast or to call it out. Dave Portnoy is one of my favorite people. I love the one by pizza reviews I like Donnie does from when he goes over to Japan and does all that because I spent some time in Japan when I was in the Navy, or well after the Navy to I was contractor all that. Listen, I really enjoyed Dave Portnoy mostly for what he's done lately, which has helped a ton of small businesses survive with the barstool fund, where they've actually brought in millions of dollars and helped the mom and pop shops and small businesses throughout survive. It's been a really great thing to watch. So when the woke critics go after him, what's he do? Does he apologize? Does he Couto? All right? Does he kiss their ass? No. He does what Dana White does, he tells them to go fuck themselves. All right, well, I guess the 18 plus rating is now going on this episodes. Guys. This is Episode 138 of the American revenue podcast. We're gonna talk about Dave Portnoy, we're gonna talk about all this shit. We're gonna talk again, about how you as somebody on the right, whether you're Republican, whether you're a libertarian, whether you're you're a Democrat, who's now a Republican, and is a left leaning Republic, trying to figure out who the hell you are, whether you're a conservative, whatever you are. All right. I'm going to talk to you about how you need to approach the left when they come down on you. All right, when the big bad wolf comes to blow your house down, how do you respond? What is the best way? Again? You tell them to go fuck themselves. I don't know how clear I can make it. I'm not monetized. I don't expect to get monetized. I really don't care what YouTube does with this video. I just put it on there for fun, really, it's on Odyssey. It's on bit shoot, it's everywhere else so really, they can kiss my ass. Alright, it's important that we get this stuff out. It's important that you hear the message Patriot, it's important that you know what to do in case they come after you so that you can get them to stop coming after you when you apologize to the left. You open the gates to hell.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane Henderson Episode 138 of the American revenue podcast we're talking about Dave Portnoy, we're telling you what he tells the critics a very specific critic to be exact. It's a magazine in Nantucket. And we'll talk a little more about that. But first I'm going to tell you to do me a favor if you're listening on Apple podcasts hit the five star rating I need them so I can move up the ranking and Apple puts us back up so that people see what we're doing there are patriots everywhere. All right. So whether you like apple or not, I need you to do me that favor so that the Patriots hiding amongst the grass can come find us all right, that is what we need from you. If you're on YouTube, like subscribe, hit the notification bell leave a comment. But even better is to get off that platform jump over to auto cod I'm there I'm under American underscore Reveley, email me directly James Lane at American Revolution calm for a special link to sign up. I'm not sponsored by them. I don't know them. But I really really enjoy putting my videos on their site. I really think that their site is the future. I think that it's gonna bust out and be a new YouTube. I really do. You're gonna love it when you try it. You really are. It's stable. It's good. It's like gab. Alright. I'm on gab too. Alright, take a look. Take a look right here. JB comm Yeah, follow me there, American underscore Reveley. I'm on gab, I'm on parler. All right. I'm on Instagram. I'm on Twitter. I'm all that I'm shadow banned and all those so you probably won't find me. But that's where I am. I still five days left of a seven day ban on Facebook, too. So you're not gonna get me there either. But you'll get me on gab. I'll see you there. I'll see you here. I'll see you everywhere. All right. I'm not just on Apple podcasts on Spotify. I'm an iTunes. Alright, I'm on I Heart Radio hell, I'm on Audible. You can read To Kill a Mockingbird, you can read our Jordan Peterson's beyond order. The second book he wrote was about, you know, in that series, I guess you could read us Grant's memoirs. That's a great one. I've read that like seven times. It's my favorite, actually. And you can also listen to my podcasts that's there too, right next to us. Us grants memoirs. That's a hard place. Listen, listen, please, it just takes you a couple minutes to follow me on these. I'm doing everything I can to break past the censorship law. All right. One of the most important things you can do on top of that is to go into the description section below or go to the website, American revenue, Comm. and sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter is gonna have all our updates everything we did from the previous week, what we're doing with the company, and it's where I list our contests, and in the next month or so, we're gonna announce a $200 Grand Prize sticker competition. I'm not asking you to make stickers, I got stickers, I'm gonna send you stickers and I have a very special mission for you. So if you want to know about that, you're gonna have to sign up for the newsletter. And you know where to find it description section below right below in the description section, or head over to the website, American revenue comm hit the newsletter tab. And if you really love this at the end of this, alright, you can go to the same spot description section or the website. Please give us a donation whether it's cryptocurrency or cold, hard cash through PayPal, we will use it to build up the American revenues operation and spread the good word across this great nation. That is where every single cent goes, nothing ever goes in my pocket. I've never taken a dime out of this. It goes right into this. I've put 1000s into this. And I plan to put 1000s more until the American Reveley spreads across this country like a great tidal wave Ladies and gentlemen, and it will it will and it's building and it's all because of you. I thank you guys so so much for that. I do. I do. I'm so overwhelmed. I'm so up to the gills. I'm so overwhelmed with thankfulness and joy and gratefulness that it caused anxiety and I had to get a hold of ancient life oil calm and ci n t life oil calm. It's actually this thing right here. You see it? Boom. Ancient life oil. It's right over here. Look at CBD. You don't do CBD. What's wrong with you? Do you have pain? You back pain? Do your knees hurt my hips? Always after my ankle sprain every I sprained my ankle twice. Nobody told me in my 30s I sprained my ankle twice a month. Did anyone ever tell you that? How old are you? What do you say? You gotta tell me in the in the comment section below what is always hurting on you. my right hip is killing me right now. And if you see I'm like slouching slightly because my back is twitching. It's like clap black because I got nerve damage. nerved if you're like 19 and listening to this, welcome to your future. Bald, I'm hairy. My back hurts.

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But Dave Portnoy is an awesome dude. If you don't know about Dave Portnoy, check this site out barstool, sports calm. I am modeling a lot of my writing department and other things after his model, not after genre or what he does or anything, but the model in which it's built. We don't have anything like that on the right and that's how I'm building and don't worry, American revelry is trademarked So good luck. After n magazine, the N standing for Nantucket published a positive cover profile of Portnoy and his work to raise money for small businesses bludgeoned by America's anti science Coronavirus shutdowns. Some will cry babies in ritzy Nantucket. Excuse me some woke cry babies in a ritzy Nantucket Cry Baby over offensive remarks and actions he has made in the past. So what did the magazine do? You know what they did they tuck their tail between their legs. The magazine issued a formal apology on its Facebook page. While the story was intended to highlight Mr. Portnoy's work in support of small businesses, a number of people in the community have taken issue with offensive remarks and actions he has made in the past. We never want to hurt or offend or disappoint any of our readers with the stories we publish. accordingly. We formally apologize for any pain caused. Hello. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't. There's just such cowards. Such babies, man, the mewling journals. I like that. Thank you nulty for writing that the mewling journals that en magazine you know, I don't think I compliment any writer that I read from all right, maybe Cassandra Fairbanks or whatever over at Gateway Pundit. I say some stuff or Layla. I say something about Layla once in a while, but, but nulty I'm always complimenting nobody's writing. Alright, the mewling journals at en magazine. we're nowhere near done with this simpering gravel. Our stories are never endorsement of our subjects. We now recognize and acknowledge our oversight in how this story would be received. We appreciate feedback, positive or otherwise, because ultimately it helps make us a better public haven going forward. God I can't I can't read it with a straight face or voice, I can't they're just kissing so much as I just imagined that that's what they'd sound like. With a frickin funnel in their mouth and just tons of 1000s of pounds of ass being funneled down there. Hi, I'm Brenda much acid on my throat that there there's so much as they're kissing I just can't. Portnoy responded and I'm when I say kissing ass to kissing ass to the woke the wild revolution, Portnoy responded to all of this and the only way pay attention. Anyone ever should respond to the woke Gestapo with naked and profane belligerents. All right, everybody, are you ready? I should Portnoy this report noisy sound like he's in New York because he more Boston? He's kind of like Portnoy. Let me try everybody that doesn't like me. That's way too New York, everybody. Now maybe sounds like that. I don't know. Everybody that doesn't like me should go fuck themselves. I don't know. That was more like mix of passion. I mean, pure pece would be like, Yeah, everybody doesn't like music. I'm fat. I'm south. Right. That was well, that might be like Pepsi and Gilbert Godfrey. Mix everybody that doesn't like me, Chicago. Fuck him. So that's more Gilbert Godfrey, I guess. But I think Pepsi would be Charlie and you made me Put your head no vice for Charlie. That's none of those. None of those whatsoever. None of them being Dave Portnoy. But he said everybody that doesn't like him to go fuck himself. He wrote that in a comment section. All right. Portnoy told the post directly. It's unfortunate that the powers that be and magazine are spineless jellyfish, who are held hostage by the whims of the vocal minority, he said, adding Meanwhile, I'll continue to do my best to make Nantucket and America a better place, while those who hate me can continue to throw cry parties for themselves about how I made a joke they didn't like 20 years ago. And that's the most important thing to understand folks from 20 years ago. Right? Think about that. Even if it's less than 20 years ago. That's what people are getting in trouble for. They're getting in trouble for the past. I can remember a time at least reading about times very, very much like that. I don't know. Lenin was involved in one of those times. Hitler was involved in one of those Stalin was involved in what I don't know. I think people should pick up a book before they burn them all. This is the exact right

way to respond to these unforgiving woke Nazis. And the quislings like the editors at an magazine who coward before them. The only language these fascist bullies have no answer for is a fuck. And you is open defiance. All right. It's unbridled, belligerent, anyone who responds in any other way is not only behaving immorally they are inviting the woke Gestapo to bully you right off the face of the earth to cancel you into oblivion. Did you hear me clearly you are committing an atrocity by doing anything other than saying fuck you to the left. Okay? Christian, Catholic Jew or otherwise, I am sorry, but you have to. You have to if you are Mormon, if you're super, super Christian or Catholic, you can say fudge you okay? Or like, poop off? I don't know. What do you guys say? What do Mormons say when they're trying? I do say that I am totally kind of not happy with this. I mean, I think that's like the maddest Mormons ever get. I don't know. I watched a lot of South Park. There's a Mormon episodes on South Park. I don't know. I'm gonna get hate from the Mormon community now. I make jokes, entertainment business. You never apologize to fascists you tell them to go fuck themselves. Period, end of story. These Nazis. They prey on weakness. They smell it from a mile away, like sharks smelling blood in the water. Ladies and gentlemen, the very idea that words that a joke that an opinion that an act of insensitivity, that something you are accused of doing a generation ago should deny you or anyone the cover of a magazine is unAmerican, unchristian, and flat out immoral. It's the act of bullies looking for a way to force you to kneel. And the only appropriate and moral response to a bully is to tell them to go fuck themselves. If there's anyone who'd like to give me any other responses to bullies, or any stories about how you've responded to a bully, put in the comments section below. I'd love to hear it. And if you give me a really juicy one, if a lot of people put a lot of comments, I get a really awesome story. I'll post it on social media. I will I promise it'll be awesome or And if you don't want it there, you want an anonymous name, you can let me know just put it in there when you write the story. I want to hear about it in the comment section below. More people need to learn this a whole lot more. And I agree. I agree with nulty you need to grow some balls, ladies and gentlemen, you need some spine, some backbone. All right, it's scary. It's always going to be scary. But what's scarier? Living with regret and fear, or facing your fear, and going through the fear with courage, and at least completing the task? All right, your Let me tell you a secret about life. Ladies and gentlemen, no matter what task it is, no matter what feat you're trying to accomplish. It will always be scary, scary. It will always involve courage, and you need to stand up and fight Ladies and gentlemen, you need to open your mouth and you need to use your first amendment. You need to speak up, you need to tell the left when they come a knockin to go fuck themselves. All right. It's true. It's damn true. And Dave Portnoy shows us that Dana White shows us that so many great examples, ladies and gentlemen, so many great examples. All right. I don't have to tell you how many great examples you should know. Dana White, James Wood, Dave Portnoy. Alright, so many people. We've had rockers coming out lately, punk rockers, I mean, all kinds of people. There's a title, don't you feel it out there in the distance, all this leftism, all this hate all this radicalism, all this hypocrisy. It all caused a tidal wave to start forming out in the ocean, a tidal wave of everything from libertarianism to conservatism rising hundreds of feet into the sky, 10 2050 110,000 feet into the sky ready to cover this entire country? Alright, the change is coming. And the change has nothing to do with what the left thinks it has to do with it. whatsoever. They're in for a surprise. But my challenge to you on the right. All right, my challenge to you is this. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for your neighbors stand up for your community, when they come for you take a cue from Dave Portnoy take a cue from from all of these people, Dana White, take a cue from them, and tell your bullies to go fuck themselves, tell the woke left to go fuck themselves. All right, there is no excuse. My challenge to

you is simple. Stand up, wake up, speak out. All right, we're not going to take this anymore. And when that wave comes, and when we take the house in 2022, and when we make the changes in 2024. And when we push the woke ideology back all the way to the sea, then it's our chance to stand on that moral high ground that righteous high ground and do the right thing, I want you to remember something, there's gonna come a point where we're going to have to show some tolerance, there's gonna come a point where we're gonna have to find a balance. But first, we have to beat them back. Alright, they are neighbors as much as we don't get along. So we have to find a way to get along, even if it's if it's going back to states being more independent. In certain cultures being in certain states. I don't know. I don't know how that's not my job. But my job is to tell you this, the right will take charge. But the right has to be very, very careful. If you overstep your boundaries, if we severely punished the left, you're going to create the same monster they created in us when they not only took office and stole it, but then punished us and continue to punish us. They're building that tidal wave out in the sea. All right. So remember, when we flood in and restore the balance, we must keep the balance. All right. Too much of anything is a bad thing. All right, ladies and gentlemen, so much respect to Dave Portnoy, much respect to all of the people that stand up and much respect to you. Take a lesson. Don't ever apologize to the left. Thank you guys so much for watching Episode 138 of the American revenue podcast is a little shorty little shouty a shouty episode, but a shouty episode is a good episode, and Dave Portnoy is worth it. Whether this topic is trending or not, I don't care I promised I would always report and talk about and entertain you with stories of people that I find to be important telling the left to go fuck themselves. And here is a prime example. So Mr. Portnoy Mr. Portnoy, excuse me. I tip my hat to you. Good sir. I remind you all Ladies and gentlemen, please subscribe. Please sign up for The newsletter Please follow along and please stick around just for a couple seconds here for a quick ad I put together for this amazing CBD oil, ancient life oil go to ancient life oil calm use promo code James, FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING if you haven't tried CBD oil, you are on another planet because you're obviously not living in reality is 2021 your shit hurts. Try some of it. It's really good. All right, it really is. And it's legal everywhere. All right, I think pretty pretty much everywhere. I mean, that Listen, if it's not legally or they won't ship it to you, but it's not. It doesn't have anything in it. So I don't know why it would be illegal. It just has the natural stuff. Alright, the good stuff. All right. But I don't even need to go on and on about that. All right, I don't. I just want you to know that you guys have been amazing. All right, you are playing your part. You're doing your thing. You are doing what you're supposed to do in this. You're standing up. You're speaking out. You're following along with all of us, folks that are speaking the truth. You're sticking around for the good fight. All right. And we need you. We need you to keep pushing the left back. Keep fighting the woke ideology in your local place. Your cities or towns, the school boards everywhere. All right. Use your words, use your rights. And push back. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much. And I will see you in Episode 139 with the American revenue podcast. Bye.

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