Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the Best Darn Governor in the Entire Freakin' Country! | Ep 137

May 06, 2021 James Lane Episode 137
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the Best Darn Governor in the Entire Freakin' Country! | Ep 137
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In episode 137 of the American Reveille, I serenade you into the episode where we talk about business and life for a bit. We get a couple twists in and before you know it we're spilling the beans on the big smart heart of Governor Ron DeSantis! $1000.00 checks for firefighters, EMTs, Cops, and Paramedics, MY MAN DESANTIS! Just a few short years ago people were eating each other's faces in Miami, and now...they vote red! This is a good one. 

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here Episode 137 of the American Revolution podcast. Alright guys 137 we've come a long, long way and listen to me when I tell you. I really liked talking about Rhonda Santas. I like saying good things about Rhonda Santas. Rhonda Santas, has every quality about Trump. I love plus a couple, and he doesn't go on Twitter that much. All right, listen, I love Trump and trust me in 2024 when he runs, I'll vote for Trump. All right, if Trump is the one who runs especially if de Santos is his VP, of course, I'll vote for Trump. Come on, who's not gonna But listen, when I tell you all right, I'm from Florida. I grew up in Florida in the 90s. During the opioid epidemic, people I knew I had a real hard time some people at the prison some people are probably dead. I think a couple are all right. As soon as I could I left Florida. I got the hell out of there. All right. So years later, Never did I expect, Never did I expect to want to move back. And that's where we're at. That's where I'm at. That's where a lot of people are at. Everybody wants to move to Florida. And you know, just to throw another thing on top of the list of reasons why I'd want to move to Florida. The governor, Rhonda Santas, throwing $1,000 checks out to all rescue workers. EMTs firefighters, cops, everybody. Paramedics the getting the $1,000 check the people who deserve it. Not illegal aliens and cattle, you know, in California $500 checks they're going out. $500 I think what is it $500 a month I think it even is to illegal aliens. illegal aliens.

Listen in June. I think we got something more to worry about than illegal aliens. If you don't know what I'm talking about in June. You should look back at a couple of my podcasts you might hear about something. But listen, Rhonda Santas is he's doing some awesome stuff. He's always doing some awesome stuff. So I wanted to take this podcast episode to just give you an update let you know what life's been like for a few days. Give you an update on the company. all the places all the things all the good stuff. Get into the Ron de Santos article and GTF Oh, just in time for t baby. This is Episode 137. I'll see in a couple seconds.

Governor in the USA, his smile his tan majestic flowing hair. Oh, oh, hi. No, I'm just kidding. Like he's a classic looking guy. You got to admit Rhonda Santas classic looking. Did you see his pictures? Did you see his pictures when he was a Navy officer? Look, I was a I was a Navy peon. Okay, guys, this guy was a naval officer sharp looking guy in his uniform. All right, I'm sure the Palm Beach orange tan girls, they're drooling all over him. not calling them orange in any way to say anything bad about Trump. I vote for Trump and love Trump too. I'm just saying that I'm from South Florida and I've seen many, many orange women in my time. Listen, good stuff. Episode 137. We're talking about Rhonda Santas. Okay. Rhonda Santas came in and did the impossible. He cleaned up the S hole. That was Florida a couple years ago. I want you to remember this. put this into perspective.

I don't know who's there. I'm just looking around randomly. Listen, Okay, listen, people. If you remember, people, maybe people they said it was bath salts? I don't think so. People were eating other people's faces. Don't you remember that? Don't you remember in South Florida, people eating people's faces. Then Rhonda Santas came in. And he said, Man, this is BS. All right. Everybody already thinks Florida looks like a penis. And now and now that we're they look at us like with a zombie capital. No, no, we're not doing this. They got rid of the bath salts. Got rid of the zombies. Alright, got rid of the I don't know, did they get rid of the iguanas? There was a ton of iguana is when I was a kid. I saw thing the other day on one of the forums they have like the like the survival forums and stuff and come on. You know I'm a little conspiracy ish. So of course I'm floating around on some some bug out forums, and they had how to roast and iguana It was like how to skin peel and eat and iguana land and get the most meat out. I thought that was funny. I don't know. I got a laugh out of it. It's been a crazy couple days guys. Crazy Crazy, crazy couple days. Listen, by the way, by the way, some new writers on board All right, say hi. Say hi out there to say hi to your computer screen or say hi in the comments or just pay attention in the writing section but say hello if you could to Sarah Connor. Alright Sarah Connor.

Here writing blogs. Alright, she's not actually here. All right, it's just me saying she's here in the company. I come on, I do solo cast as much as possible. You're not gonna see too many interviews. Alright, everybody does interviews. All right. They've got to it has to be a good solo cast out there. Right Dan bond Jean. You can't just look at Dan bond Gino for 45 minutes, yelling at the camera, and then talking to his producer somewhere off the screen. I'm just playing Dan. I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. I shake your i'd shake your hand. I really. I'm God bless. By the way. Congratulations. Congratulations on being cancer free. We're all happy. We really are. We're happy. We love Dan bungee. No. All right, all these guys. All these. All I'm saying. All I'm saying is we got to put our stuff out there too. And, you know, after you watch the Dan bond, Gino show, after you watch ben shapiro talk really, really, really, really, really, really fast. And then line dance with Candace Owens. Oh, yes. Go look for that. Go look for that. That was a treat. Candace Owens getting out of her trailer Michael Knowles bringing her to the line dancing thing and then them looking in there and all of a sudden Ben Shapiro's and cowboy boots and I'm not kidding. And he's, you know, HIPAA, Naomi. Oh, hayleigh horombo.

Mayor ben shapiro in it up. All right, but don't he's not going to line dance on Friday night. All right, not for not for any of that. Listen. Listen, it's funny. There's a lot of good stuff out there. There's a lot of good stuff but what what a crazy frickin couple days it's been. Oh my gosh, guys, in the last month. I don't know if I've told you about another episode, but I've changed my car battery. I've changed my alternator. I've gotten the wiring done. I've had these major wiring issues something something right. Always test good. I've been ripped off by a couple mechanics. I've spent a lot of money. All right. All right. A lot of money. The battery guys a cool guy. All right. Nothing against him. All right. His battery works. He came out he actually the same guy that replaced my battery. The first time came yesterday. Because yesterday. Alright, I had an important meeting to be at. I still work right. So I had to be at a meeting. And I'm driving. I get to the gas station. I fill up my car. car won't start. Are you kidding? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I changed the alternator guys. I changed the battery.

And it's in the lights are on. It's just gonna click click tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. tick. I that's what it's doing. And you look at it and it says it says Battery Saver active. Check battery charging system. Traction Control System malfunction. I'm not driving a spaceship. Alright, listen, I went to the dealership. This is the fanciest car I've ever owned. Okay, the fanciest car I've ever owned. Alright.

I went to the dealership. And I got a 2014 it's like three years ago this cars. It's lasted forever. You know I'm just saying that like three years is forever but I mean, it's usually you get more issues. Alright, this wasn't a new car at like 80,000 miles 2014 Impala, but it's an LTC it's got the leather interior the one I got the feel some fancy fancy schmancy right. A little a little upper. I just you know I worked really hard in life and I just wanted to feel a little like I like I got something like I got some a little piece of the pie. Can I just have a little piece of the pie so I got an Impala LTC with the the heated butts. You put your butt in the seat, and you get your butt gets nice and toasty. You're asked gets crispy. It's nice and, and cooking. Alright, it's good. It gets cold up here. Alright, I'm not in Florida yet. I'm in freakin Washington. All right, they're like marching around up here throwing rocks at cops screwed up. Alright, so I got that car. It's been nice. It's been great, but it's got all this fancy. That's what I'm getting. It's not like some old carburetor. It's not like my old 93 Chevy pickup truck. All right, I could sit in the hood and do work on that truck. This is like all competitors. You open the hood and it's like a transformer and it's all plastic. I don't know anything about frickin auto mechanic. I called my buddy. And he's an Alabama that's far away. And he's a mechanic. He's like, don't just go out buy or turn the. I can't. I don't know what I'm doing. I mean, look, I can change a tire. I can change my oil. Right? I can write I can do you know, like some fan? Like some belt stuff. Right? Like, like, you know more than the average guy. So don't give me too much crap. I'm just not an auto mechanic. Right? I do no electronics. Right, but I got a jet look. I'm getting an MRI on Monday before I fly out to Chicago for business. I'm getting an MRI on Monday on my neck. I can't sit there and the frickin thing change on wires. And I just don't have I live in an apartment at the point. So it is what it is right? So I call him he's given me shit. I don't want to deal with that. I gotta go hung up the phone. Right, hung up the phone. Got the thing. All right back to the apartment complex. I gotta let them know what's gonna happen.

So they don't tow it. What am I going to do? Right? I still get to get to work. I still got all this other stuff. I'm calling around. Guess what? Everybody's booked out three weeks, three to four to five weeks for any electrical. All right, you call the guy Hey, hey, you're the mobile electric guy. Why can't you come work on my car? Well, the computer that diagnosis the problem with your Impala cost $30,000. And I don't have it a small business, right? You want to support them? You want to support them? Maybe if the if everything wasn't so frickin locked down on here, you could afford that computer. Instead, everything's booked out. So I'm scheduled for like the 20th. Pass the 20th 20 something? I don't know. It was a couple days. Listen.

I had to figure out how to get a car. And I called the rental car place. It's like 1500 bucks for a cup of like, where are you going to get all that extra money, especially during all this stuff? Right? You know exactly how it goes. I'm a regular person, just like you know what it is? Thank God for making friends. Right? This is the point in life where you have to look around and I know we're gonna get to Santas in a second. But I wanted to bring all this up because I wanted to make a very important point. Especially if there are any young people listening. That might feel weird with the lockdowns feel secluded feel like they don't know where to go, where to turn, or even people that aren't working in a traditional environment anymore, where you can interact with folks. Making friends and building connections is one of the most important things we can do as human beings. If it wasn't for the friends and family, the good people in my life, more friends and family. I don't have much family guys. All right. The family I have now we've built the family before. There's like two people. Not much right. But the friends especially the friends, especially the ones I've met at work, the ones that I've made the ones my mentors, right. If it wasn't for people like that, I would have been long gone a long time ago, I attribute all of my success to the angels I come across in my life. All right. I have a buddy let me his old beat up truck for the next couple of weeks. If it wasn't for that friend, I'd have to spend 1000 plus dollars so I could get to work and not get fired, which would screw me out of the business stuff that I have coming next week. You got to understand everything connects. There's always a reason for everything. All right, so stay humble. I'm riding in that pickup truck, right? I'm going down. It's a little shaky. smells a little like mildew, smells a little like gasoline.

smells a little bit like my youth.

And then I realized maybe God put me in that position to humble me. All right. I'm a prisoner of ego just like you just like anyone else. I'm not religious. Alright, I'm not even Christian, or can I was born Jewish. But I'm going to tell you the truth. I've gotten this far. By truly believing there's a purpose for everything. All right, whether it's God or something else. For some reason, I had to relearn humility in those moments. All right. So whatever is going on right now all this hard stuff while I'm going through other difficult trust me, there's I have a court thing. I have all kinds of crap going on, trust me. So a lot of stuff going on in my life. But it's all there for a reason. It's there to humble me. It's a debt to pay for something to lesson to learn for the future for something, there's a purpose to everything. You're here for a reason, just like I am. Alright, so while I'm learning humility, I'm reading these articles and looking at these people like governor Ron de Santas, people, I look up to people I would aspire to be, right. You're in that moment. You're feeling the humility hit you hard. You're feeling the humility hit you so hard, right in the gut. But you know, ladies and gentlemen, one thing that won't hit you hard in the gut, especially if you're trying to get rid of the bloat, lose the toxins or lose some much needed weight folks. life change team won't punch you in the gut because it's gentle. There's this amazing cleanse folks on amazing I hope you liked my transition right there. An amazing cleanse life change tea. All right, life change tea, it's at get the www get the All right, fantastic stuff. I've been drinking it for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. They've been sponsoring me for over two months. All right, I wouldn't put it on this show if I didn't try it and I didn't use it and I like I'm having stomach problems guys. I'm going to probably need surgery at some point. All right. Well, they're they're they're diagnosing me at this point with a hiatal hernia and possibly my stomach has come through. That's why I've probably been nauseous every day for the last year. Almost. All right. They don't know if that's exactly what it is. All right, but I have a CT scan gastro stuff coming up, and we're gonna figure it out.

Alright, and I'm not saying that life change T is for that or cure for that or anything, but I've had major stomach problems because of whatever is happening with me. I've had gas I've had blow, I've had a hard time digesting, and I actually noticed a difference. This is my personal opinion. All right, I actually noticed a difference when I drank this. Alright, I didn't drink a ton. I just drank a light amount. It was very gentle. It helped me go to the restroom better. It helped alleviate some of the bloating and I even felt like I had a little bit less acid indigestion Alright, so get the Get yourself some life change t it's not hard to make it tastes really really good. All right, it's not heavy. It has a nice light taste. You literally boil the stuff and you steep the tea for 24 hours put it in a jug put it in the fridge you make iced tea out of the stuff they got mint flavor regular for I think they even have pomegranate I mean the stuffs really good. I really liked the mint. That's my favorite. The mint one is great. Get the tea calm. Get yourself some life change tea guys. Give it a try. If you're feeling bloated, feeling heavy, feeling like you got toxins in you. It's a proprietary blend of these herbs. I was reading through I think I even read there's some sort of like, like, what was it was like marshmallow root in there and it helped like cleanse your organs. I mean, there's all kinds of crazy stuff and it comes right out the end. Alright, you poop it out. nice and gentle. No issue and you literally feel empty. That's what I like. I feel empty the bloat. I hate feeling bloated. And it helps. It just helps so much with my bloat. All right, and whatever stomach issue I have is causing bloat. So, I mean, it's a big thing. So I keep taking it, it's helping me and in the meantime, I'll figure out what's, what's going on. Alright, like I said, I'm not a medical expert. I'm not endorsing it for anything like that. All I'm saying is that I gave it a shot. I liked it. All right. I really did. It's really something that I'm drinking right now. So try it out get the life change to change your life today. And if you want to break alright Give me a break. Give me a break. I don't want to pay that darn shipping and handling use promo code James for FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING get the promo code James free shipping and handling. Get yourself some life change t today stick around like two minutes after the show. I'm going to play a little ad for life change t I made it I put it together to my face my voice little music in the background look good stuff there. And after that if you're not now you'll be convinced then get the use promo code James FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING guys. Florida Governor desantis is given 100 100 given 1000 that sounds more like it $1,000 bonuses to police officers, firefighters and more. Alright, this came out may 5 guys john binder wrote it. It's from Breitbart. I like Breitbart, I've been using Breitbart a lot more lately folks, Breitbart has been pretty good to me. They have some very high quality writers there. I rarely find typos. I rarely find crappy writing. Alright, some of the other sites even slips in once in a while. I'm sorry. Nobody's perfect. Right? The Breitbart is really good about stuff, guys. So this is Florida Governor desantis. He's given us out $1,000 checks to police officers, firefighters, all these guys and we're gonna read through this article now. Florida Governor Ron de Santos says that unlike other states trying to defund their police departments, he's offering bonuses to every police officer, firefighter, paramedic and emergency medical technician in the state. During a press conference on Wednesday, desantis announced that as part of the state's budget, he will sign into law, police officers, firefighters, paramedics and EMTs in Florida will each receive $1,000 bonus following a year of unrest spurred by the Chinese Coronavirus and anti law enforcement riots. That's very, very nice of Mr. De Santos. It's a very, very nice and it's much better than California toss and 500 bucks to illegal immigrants or any other state doing nothing basically for their population or their homeless veterans or anybody else. While catering, criminals, drug addicts and illegal immigrants. It's just a wonderful, wonderful time to live. Isn't it guys? a wonderful time to be a wonderful time indeed.

Alright, someone to defend the police. We're funding the police and then some dissenters said I gave him a very classic voice there. The other thing that we fought for was the recognition that when the coronavirus pandemic hit, you had some people and I don't begrudge them for doing this, but you had some people working and they would just work on zoom from their bedroom or their living room. Well, the people that wear the uniform, they they didn't have that luxury. They were out there every single day police fire EMTs and they had to work more than they ever have, not just to deal with protecting us when the pandemic hit, but then obviously how

Police were treated last year as it was a total disgrace and they had to put the uniform on. Alright, so I'm done reading it like that. All right, I'm dad. Excuse me, I apologize. I've listened to too many audio books on my time to Santa said look at these nice pictures for those watching by the way. Look at this. He signed a big check. It's like a nice publicity thing to like just saying, right? Like if you're gonna do something, right I'm in a business. I own and run American revenue LLC. Eventually there's going to be 20 podcasts. 50 bloggers a whole thing all convention right?

publicity is good. I want the news cameras there. I want big checks. I want neon pink bubble letters and writing. All right. Any attention is good attention, ladies and gentlemen. And Ron de Santos knows how to get the best attention. That's a very very sharp looking photo and presentation guys. Very sharp to Santa said the money paying for the $1,000 bonuses derives from the American rescue plan passed by Congress that gives states relief funding which they can then use as they wish Can you imagine that think about this desantis is such a good governor. Not only did he not spend all the Coronavirus relief money and all those bills that they passed. He's using it to pay bonuses to some of the heroes some of the most important heroes in the state all of the police firefighters EMTs right, everybody, all those guys. Paramedics Oh, I couldn't do such a hard job guys. Such a hard job. But But I'm telling you, I'm telling you guys, it's it's mind boggling to see how the mainstream media how everybody else pretends like Florida and other states are doing terribly. And people like Cuomo are the people to look up to when this guy has enough money left about the budgets balanced. Everything's paid for the Coronavirus laws are lifted and there's enough money to give everyone $1,000

f socialism. That's how we do it in America. Ladies and gentlemen, let's keep reading along with the first responder bonuses to Santa signed legislation last month, that increases penalties against rioters to deter riots in the state and provisions that prevent localities from defending defunding, excuse me, they're police, but there's our way to two way different things right, prevent police localities from defending and defunding two very different things. Let me clarify defund bang their police departments, quote, if you don't stand up for law enforcement, you're going to have more crimes. De Santos told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview, duh. We can even do it in that classic fun voice. If you don't stand up for law enforcement, you're going to have more crimes, and it's absolutely true. It's absolute. Look at New York. Look at Baltimore. Look at Minneapolis. Look at all of these areas where they've defunded the police are cut down the look at Seattle. Hundreds of police officers leaving and look how the crime has skyrocketed. Ladies and gentlemen. Absolutely skyrocketed. Absolutely. There's gonna be so many, like trolls pissing and moaning in the comment section. You didn't start the actual show until 810 minutes end. And it was only 10 minutes. There's so many angry people on the internet. I swear, guys, this is important. This is very important to see ladies and gentlemen. You know, I've done a lot of thinking, a lot of thinking. Alright, Rhonda Santas has turned many a blue and a red. He's red pilled more people than you were I could imagine. And he's done a fantastic job in Florida. And to tell you the absolute honest truth, whether he's Donald Trump's running mate, or whether Donald Trump endorses him and he runs for president. I think Governor Ron desantis really has my vote. I really do. I like Tim Scott. I like some of these other folks, but I don't I don't trust it because McConnell support I don't trust McConnell. You never hear much about McConnell talking about Rhonda Santas but you hear him talking about Tim you hear him talking about other folks. I don't trust him anymore. I don't trust frickin butter. What's his name? butterball? Lindsey Graham. Alright, I trust lindsey graham about as much as I trust. I trust lindsey graham about as far as I can throw, Chris Christie. That's how much I trust Lindsey Graham. I trust as when lindsey graham opens his mouth and the silver snake tongue sneaks out and it goes now I believe we can coexist higher and shut up. I trust you as far as I can literally freakin discus toss chris Christie. Okay, that's how much I trust him, guys. I can't it's hard. But Rob

Under Santas, I really feel like he's a rebel with a cause. All right, I feel like he could deliver, truly deliver on everything that Trump has to offer and more. All right. I truly do. There's a lot of good people in the running. There really is. I like Cruz. I do. But, you know, I'm between things. All right. I'm between things. I he's in the hierarchy. I'd vote for him at some point, right. He's just not my number one pick. I know people personally who have worked with him personally did and done certain things. But But you know, I don't have that relationship. I don't have that experience. So just for me being a Florida boy.

Man, Rhonda Santas I guess that's what it is. Right, guys. This is Episode 137. And I don't know if you're on gab or not, but I'm on gab. All right. Facebook banned me you know that for like the last seven days. They banned me Look at this. This meme right here. Joe Biden kissing Hunter. It's okay, son, only the pores go to jail. It's so true. Isn't that true? This is gab, gab, calm, create an account. I'm at American underscore Reveley, right there blue checkmark, James Lane, boom, that's how you do it. Boom, drop them bombs. Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane on gab. Follow me there. I post all of our content plus my thoughts plus articles that I find to be important. A lot of people have compared me between Tim Poole and Steven Crowder. Alright, I'm not milking toast, and I'm not off the wall. All right, we got a little bit of the edge. And we've got a little bit of the middle. But honestly, at the end of the day, we are entertainment and we are here to deliver this stuff to you in a in a right righteous and frickin atomic way. All right. I want to entertain you. I want to empower you. All right. I want to give you the tools necessary to wake people up. You're not going to do that without the truth and you're not going to pay attention if I don't entertain you. So stay entertained mF Fors right here, James Lane. I'm at gab right there at American underscore Reveley, if you're gonna follow me if you're gonna follow me look I'm on and wherever you're watching this if you prefer youtuber hit the subscribe button hit the LIKE button, leave comments, notification bells, all that but if you're feeling adventurous, I'm going to ask you to do me a favor. I'm not going to go through 20 different places to watch my video. Just go to Odyssey. Alright, you will like it. It feels like YouTube but they are free of BS. It's a freedom of speech platform. Eau de YSE calm I am not sponsored by them. The only person that sponsors me on this whole show is life change t All right. All right life change T and ancient life oil. That's the ones I do. But these guys I don't they're not I'm just on there. But I love their platform and I know you will too. And we need to get more patriots over there. Od YSE if you want a special invitation link, I can send you a special invitation link that that you know I invited you from but if you just want to go check it out yourself go to ot y se comm find me there at American underscore Reveley, all of these are in the description section. You just go right into the description section below. That's where everything is. So sign up on Odyssey sign up on gab and follow me there. parlors still down is it Where's parlor? Is parlor even. I'm like flipping through things here. Let me look at this parlor even up yet Nope. API is disabled, please upgrade parlor is down for the count. They're upgrading something doing some weird stuff. I don't know what's going on with parlor. But if you'd like to follow me there, I'm at the James Lane on parlor. All right, of course. This is life change t you get to get the right, you'd get to put in James as the promo code and you get to get this delicious cleanse straight to your house so that you feel better look better poop better. Rock and Roll Ladies and gentlemen, guys. I've talked your ears off for so so long. I think Rhonda Santas is awesome. I want to know what you think of Ron de Santos. Are you gonna vote for Rhonda Santas Are you gonna vote for? Would you rather vote for Trump with Rhonda Santas as a running mate, Tim Scott, and Rhonda Santas Who do you want to run in 2024? What would be your ideal presidential and vice presidential common combination? Leave that in the comment section below. Besides all that, please visit the website American Revolution comm we're gonna upgrade it soon. It's gonna be a lot better. Alright, but there's a lot of good stuff on there. All our articles, everything like that. You can sign up for the newsletter there and you can always donate to us. All right. We're not a nonprofit. We're a company we're trying to grow. But we're coming up from nothing. We're bootstrapping it. So we need your help. American revenue comm go to the support us tab you can donate your crypto, you should be getting into crypto. We need conservatives looking at those going ladies and gentlemen. But if you just want to donate sign up for the newsletter or do anything like that, look in the description section below. All right, we have contests coming out soon. $200 grand prizes, you're not gonna find the information for that unless you sign up to the newsletter.

It's all either at American readily calm or in the description section below. Any feedback and questions. If you'd like to come work with us if you have any special skills to offer, email me directly at James Lane at American So with that, ladies and gentlemen, I wish you a very, very great evening. I hope you enjoy the next episode. I hope you enjoyed this episode. And I will talk to you very soon. Bye.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here and I want to tell you about life change t That's right. life change t i have a pack of it. Right here. Listen, as many of you know, I've been working really really hard to get back in shape. Okay, I was thinking lately right? And you should probably be thinking about it too. Without crazy everything is without unstable the government seems with all of these socialists all this leftist insanity, you would just call insanity. Who knows when the hell I'm gonna have to run or when I'm going to have to, I don't know, save my family from something I don't know. So I was getting fatter and fatter and fatter, feeling crappier and crappier and crappier my diet was junk. I started by cleaning up the diet. I've been working out more and more, but I was still bloated, I was still gassy. I was still feeling crappy. And I finally decided to pull out an old trick in the book. All right, something that I used for weight loss in the past, and I was thinking about a cleanse, right? Maybe take something that would help me evacuate my bowels a little bit if you know what I mean. But you know, what I found what I found was something different. I found life change T. All right, www dot get the I found this life change T. And instead of a seven day or a 14 day cleanse, a three day cleanse. What they were offering was a daily tea like a daily delicious iced tea, not not some kind of weird hot tea or some kind of nasty tasting thing and no, this was a health supplement. Alright, I started reading about it. And they were talking about all these herbs, these ancient herbs, right, this look at this organic blesseth ficil herb malva leaf, organic marshmallow leaf. I didn't even know what the heck a marshmallow leaf was. Apparently, it's for anti inflammatory and antioxidants and stuff. I looked some of the stuff up. It's crazy. Milk Thistle extract that cleans your liver and kidneys. I mean, there's all these different things in here. But I was happy. I was attracted to it because it was all natural. It was put together in the US, right? Obviously, they've got to get spices from these very special places, not spices, but you know, these, these special herbs, they got to get them from special places around the world. But it's all done here. It's packaged, put together and blended accordingly right here in the USA. All right. And I tried it and it was delicious. Look at this. I'm old school. I fill a jug. You see this big jug right here. And for those listening over there on Apple podcast, and Spotify and everything like that I'm holding this big gallon jug that used to be full of water. See those tea bags float in the bottom there? This was full guys. But I've been drinking it every day. Twice a day. eight ounces. Take a listen.

Pour it in the glass.

Oh yeah, that's not a sound effect. That's real. Yes. Cheers, ladies and gentlemen. And my boo. Hi to all my Filipino friends out there.

I have the mint flavor. It's actually really good. I really like it is yummy. Look. This stuff's good. I can take that right now. I'm gonna do two hours of podcasts recording after this. It's not like me drinking that's gonna send me running to the but it's gentle. It's good stuff. All right. So it's got all these herbs, they cleanse you out. They make you regular again, they clean the toxins out of your system. They help you clean the extra waste that's been stored up in the colon the stuff that's not healthy for you not good for you. It keeps the bloat down. I don't feel so swollen. You know you feel like swollen sometimes your fingers. You don't feel like that. It's gone. It's absolutely gone. So it's good stuff. Guys. Listen, you have to go to get the GTTGT www get the www. Get the promo code jeans folks. promo code James that'll get you free shipping and handling. It's not expensive. It's good stuff. All right. It helps maintain your health. It cleanses your body from all kinds of toxins, all kinds of things that can cause cold

colds and flus and different things like that. It keeps the bugs out real good. It helps your digestion. Alright, just like I've been saying my bloating, I feel so much better guys. I feel so much better. And just in this journey that I'm taking to get back in shape. I really feel like it's helping me immensely. It really is. I really think so. So try it out guys. life change tea. You just saw me drink a bunch of it. You just saw my almost empty jug. That's By the way, like the third jug. Alright, that's not the first jug. Not the first jug at all. Trust me. It's good stuff, guys. You're not going to be disappointed. You're going to thank me. All right. www get the www get the get your life change to use the promo code James. Free Shipping and handling. Thanks, guys.