Question Everything: Could the Pfizer Vaccine Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases? | Ep 135

May 01, 2021 James Lane Episode 135
Question Everything: Could the Pfizer Vaccine Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases? | Ep 135
Show Notes Transcript

In episode 135 of the American Reveille Podcast, we discuss a speculative article claiming the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine may cause neurodegenerative diseases (ALS, Alzheimers) in the long term. I was banned on Facebook for sharing these articles but when I fact-checked the fact-checkers, they were not accurate. When they try and silence me I know it's time to make a podcast about it! 

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here Episode 135 of the American revenue podcast and this episode is probably going to get me banned off of every single video and social media platform I am on I'm already shadow banned, may as well slice down the axe and chop off my effing head. There's a report out with an actual attached study that states that the Pfizer vaccine it possibly confirms a causes or preliminary causes of neuro degenerative diseases, stuff like Alzheimers, stuff like what als stuff like that this is important to talk. Even if it turns out to not be accurate, it's still important to talk about because it's important to question everything. These things were done fast. Ladies and gentlemen, it's important to know what information is out there so you can make a decision for yourself. that's best for you, your loved ones, and everybody else in your community. Thank you so much for watching, guys. Stay tuned.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here, Episode 135 of the American revenue podcast. We're not going to plus, spend a lot of time on this one coconut joking, folks, this is a serious, serious episode. I wasn't going to do this episode. And then Facebook fact checked me on it. They fact checked me on it. And they literally pulled all of my distribution again and banned me from advertising again, again, and this article comes with a damn medical study. I'm going to show you all this stuff, we're gonna go over this stuff. We're going to talk about as much detail as we can without losing you. All right, I'm not going to read the whole study, but I'm gonna show it to you. We're gonna go we're gonna go over some stuff. I don't want to lose you. But I want to show you the hypocrisy. All right, I want you to see what's come out. I want you to know that these aren't set in stone facts. It's the opinion of a medical doctor. And a medical doctor can write a paper that's published in a journal based upon science and make decisions. All right, this isn't consensus. This isn't even necessarily what's happening. But this is the valid opinion and argument of a medical doctor. And it should be taken into consideration just like any other doctor out there that places forward their belief based upon their research, that is not too much to ask, that really isn't too much to ask. Let's see all of the data and then try to make the best decision possible not just the decision that fits the narrative, folks, folks, this shit stressful. It's so stressful. It makes my stomach blowed up. It makes my stomach mess up. And then I remember I must have 2030 4050 pounds probably not that much of undigested meat and garbage in my lower colon in my lower intestine. So what do I do? What do I do to fix that? What do I do to take the bloat away the crappiness? away? Give me more energy, make me feel better release the toxins out of my body? What do I do? I get the T That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I go to get the get the get the and I get myself some life change t That's right. This is an amazing blend of herbs. All right. It's been put together here in the US these herbs have been used for 1000s of years to promote well being to cleanse the body from toxins to remove all the stuff in your lower intestines to make you feel great and vital and energetic and young guys, this stuff is awesome. And the best part about it is it's gentle. You've heard of cleanses you've tried cleanses before cleanses, you know teas out there that are not life changed. That are other teas right there like stomach cleanse tea six day relief tea, bloating relief, teas, blah, blah, blah. You see all that stuff? And you know what happens? You know exactly what happens when you take a nuclear poop bomb. That's right. You drink those tea. Those teas and you got to call out of work the next day, because you're in the bathroom, praying to the porcelain God in the upright position with your toes pointed to the sky tears running down your eyes going as the bottom of you is also going and everything coming out of you. Yeah, we don't have to get that far into the description. All right, so listen to me guys. Ancient not ancient. That's the other one ancient life was really good, but life change t It's fantastic. All right, it's gonna give you all the benefits of a daily cleanse without the Ah, okay, so if you want all the benefits of a daily cleanse with no. And by the way, if you looked at a map, it would be a with like 20 H's

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You'll know why. Let's read this guy's a shocking new report on the COVID-19 vaccines. It's been discovered the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine may keyword have long term health effects not previously disclosed, including ALS, Alzheimer's and other neurological degenerative diseases. quote the current RNA based source code to vaccines were approved in the US using an emergency order without extensive long term safety testing. That is true. In this paper, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was evaluated for the potential to induce prion based disease in vaccine recipients the prions are like a part of the like the the virus itself. I left I am not Brett Weinstein. I am not like a genetic scientist or whatever. I'm getting my PhD. Alright, my dissertation is being written right now. But my PhD as a Doctor of Philosophy, I will be a Doctor of Philosophy and business management. All right. So business management is way different than studying prions. That sounds like a potato chip to me. That is literally prawn flavored. I feel like if I was walking around the Philippines, and I went to a sari sari store, alright for all of my Filipino friends out there, wink wink shout out. And I saw a bag of chips with a smiling prawn cartoon on the front like oh, with a silly mustache, because for some reason all shrimps and prawns have silly mustaches.

It would literally say pry on it would say pry on prawn flavored shrimp crackers. That's what that sounds like. To me. I have no freaking idea. Pry on literally as far as I've read. So you know, I'm getting a PhD. I do know how to read studies. I do understand these things decently. But I'm not a biologist. I'm not a geneticist. Right. So the basis of prions I might know a little better than you. But it's literally a part of the virus or something like that. It's it's like one of the things inside of it, all right? Not a part of the virus, but it's like a part of our cellular structures, right? And it's some sort of thing that like, when you're prions get affected in your body, right? And this is, you're gonna have to correct me. I know, I'm way off. I'm Joe Rogan on this one right now, when the prions are affected, I know there are prion based diseases and I think those are like Alzheimer's and ALS and some of those neurological diseases they come from from like the decomposition of prions, the compromising of prions. So it makes sense that you might look at these two things. I'm not saying they're related, I'm saying that this is a possibility that this doctor is looking into it that this is evidence that can be reviewed and that people can make their own decisions based on it. It says prion based diseases. All right. According to the CDC, they're a form of neurodegenerative diseases, meaning that the Pfizer vaccine is potentially likely potentially to cause long term damage and negative health effects with regard to the brain. Well, it would suck. This especially is concerning since the Pfizer vaccine is an mRNA vaccine and untested type of vaccine which creates new proteins, and can actually integrate into the human genome. According to a report from the National Library of Medicine. In other words, degenerative brain conditions may appear at any time in your life after receiving the vaccine. Now, I'm not saying this is accurate. I'm not mRNA vaccines were developed in a joint program by DARPA in the Pentagon, they were an underground program to make it so you could develop a delivery system for a vaccine that would work for any virus. Alright, this project, which was funded, I think, 1015 years ago to create the mRNA type of vaccine is a breakthrough breakthrough miracle technology. So am I saying that the vaccine itself is perfect? No, but but the theory behind it the mRNA theory, it's not. I'm a PhD student. I've read the papers. Again, I'm not a scientist, but mRNA vaccines, the theory behind the vaccine is scientifically sound. What we're worried about is what is in the vaccine itself. All right, not the theory, not the practice, not the use of mRNA vaccines, but the type of mRNA vaccine, what is this mRNA vaccine untested doing to the human body based upon what's being used in that vaccine? Okay, that's from from where I take it. That's what I see from this. Alright, so we can't demonize everything. Alright. Remember, Trump wants you to take the vaccine too. All right. So you can't just sit here and go, Oh, my God, everyone. Oh, but it is your right to not get the vaccine. If I didn't have the matter that I was going to I probably would have waited longer probably wouldn't have gotten it for a while. All right. My wife, like I said, still hasn't gotten it might not yet it for a long time, I had to get it for a certain reason. All right, quote, the mRNA or sorry, the RNA sequence of the vaccine, as well as the spike protein target interaction were analyzed for the potential to convert intracellular RNA binding proteins tar, DNA binding protein, TDP 43 and fused in sarcoma f us into their pathologic prion confirmations. And if I did get cry prions wrong, somebody put it in the description section or in the comment section so I can humble myself and learn something explains the report. TDP 43 is a protein known to cause dementia, als and even Alzheimer's. According to als pedia similarly the F us protein is known to cause ALS and hereditary essential tremors. According excuse me, according to the human genome database. The experiment done for the report was to determine whether or not these two harmful proteins embed themselves into our DNA as an mRNA vaccine is expected to the report determined that the vaccine RNA has specific sequences that may induce TDP 43 and F us to fold into their pathologic pathologic prion confirmations, meaning that it's possible that both proteins may have the potential to embed themselves into our DNA, and eventually cause a harmful neurological disease. Of course, we don't know if this will ever happen. Because there's no studies we'll find out in 30 years when we're watching, you know, hologram television at 3am. And it goes, were you ever taking the mRNA Pfizer vaccine 30 years ago? Have you developed the brain condition? Are you forgetful? Call 33442 you may be entitled to a class action lawsuit that you know, just like when we were kids, we heard the one Were you ever working in a shipboard environment? Have you been exposed? You know exactly what I'm talking about? What's that stuff that you breathe in as the best dose as best dose Ladies and gentlemen, is mRNA vaccine. Are they going to turn out to The newest best dose, I think I don't know as bestest causes horrible, horrible lung damage. So I mean, this is all this is all terrible stuff. Regardless, I don't know what the long term side effects are going to be. Nobody knows that this could be absolutely safe. It could absolutely have an issue too. We don't know. But we have to weigh the cost. And we have to weigh the price of it. We have to weigh in when I say price. I mean price physically, psychologically, personally, right? We had people like Joe Rogan, saying young people maybe should wait, if they weren't, weren't compromised and let the older people get it first. I mean, there are people who need this first, right. So So really, there isn't a good strategy. When it comes to the government controlling who doesn't who gets what has to be a personal choice for you. You can get to herd immunity without everybody getting a vaccine. Okay. That's just how that works. I wasn't going to do this article. All right. The article pretty much ends here. It pretty much ends here. National file, they reached out to the CDC, they wanted to know more about Pfizer, and more about why it's being distributed, even though there's these credible allegations. They never got a response. I got a response right after I posted this. I again, I just posted this as an article on the social media. I wasn't going to do a podcast about it. I was going to do three podcasts today. Not four, not four. Oh, but then Facebook had they had to get involved they had to step right in. Look at this, look at my page quality. Your page has reduced distribution and other restrictions because of repeated sharing a false news now before you bitch and moan because a lot of you a lot of you are gonna piss me off. I love y'all. I love y'all. But you're gonna leave 100 comments that say, Why are you still on Facebook? You're a sellout. Zuckerberg.

Again, all right. If Morpheus had to find Neo not in the matrix, he wouldn't have been in the matrix, he be on his hovercraft. All right. I don't want to be on Facebook. But there are millions of patriots still on Facebook. And as long as there are millions of patriots on Facebook that I need to reach and I need to empower with this entertaining information given to them in such a way that they'll retain it, they'll remember it they'll be able to use it to empower themselves to wake more patriots up to spread the word to do something amazing across this great country. Something mind blowing something awakening to all these patriots, I need to be there. Whether it's Twitter, whether it's Facebook, whether it's instagram, I'm shadow ban on all of them, just like you, but I am still there. I haven't given up because I am not leaving a brother or sister behind. All right, so you shouldn't either get back on Facebook and Twitter. Don't get on there and freakin do a bunch of like stuff trying to trying to freakin like you know, give them like, I don't want you to get on there and increase Twitter's market share. I don't want you to participate in Facebook and give them a bunch of money. I just want you to find patriots and get them over to gab and parlor. I want you to find patriots and get them over to the American Revolution. I want you to find patriots and say to them, hey, what you do on Facebook, no one can hear you, you need to come with me and shout at the top of your lungs that the democrats are taking this country right from underneath our toes, our fingers, our noses, it's not acceptable, and you need to do something about it, I'm doing something about it, we all need to do something about it. And you do something about it by opening your mouth. Alright, you don't turn away from our responsibility, our duty of our fellow brother and sister to wake them up to let them know the truth. You don't shun the people that we need to have stand with us side by side on this virtual battlefield. You don't. All right. That's more that's more a target practice for the left. Plain and simple. All right, these are people to they just need to know where to go to get the information. And they need to know how to use that information effectively. You all have the power to spread that beautiful message folks. You all have that power. So here I am. Here I am on Facebook, April 30. I want you to see this. I put that out and I got fact checked. I got fact checked COVID-19 vaccine not associated with neurological degenerative diseases. All right. I've gone through this whole article. And it's all hearsay what they're saying. It's all what's prion disease from diseases consist of a family of rare neurodegenerative disorders caused by proteins that have folded abnormally about also known as prion proteins, which trigger normal proteins as they come into contact with to also misfold. They're just going on and on and on and getting you with the jargon. And when you go down to the bottom and they say our rating is false. They don't have anything definitive. They say and this is why I did this. This is why I made the podcast Why, if this was bull, if this didn't have a shred of possibility to it, I'm not saying it's true Facebook, YouTube, everyone, so don't ask me. Don't ask me here. I'm saying this just just to have the conversation to ask the question. If this didn't have something to it, why would I have been kicked so quick for being false news? And why would their false rating be so wishy washy listen to this, the claim that COVID-19 vaccines can cause prion and other neurodegenerative diseases is false. Based on our research, bold, big capital false. The claim originates from a paper, it says likely not peer reviewed. I got the paper right here. I'll show you the paper is published. It's a published journal paper. that's a that's a reviewed paper, ladies and gentlemen, that's a real paper from a doctor. That's his medical opinion. It's an opinion, which gives you the right as an American to read it and make a decision based on the information relayed in his opinion in his belief in his medical asportation. All right, it's as likely not peer reviewed, did you not read it? The fact checkers do not read anything. The claim originates from this likely not peer reviewed paper published earlier this year that asserts the mRNA component of the vaccine can it says may cause prion disease? They say it says it does. It never said it It never said it does? It says it maybe it's a possibility. You can't fact check opinion?

You can't fact check. Maybe we I published a blog from one of my writers a blog, an opinion blog, and they fact checked it and took it down to be fake news. It's a blog. It's not news. It's entertainment. What the yes that see what I mean here guys, you see what they're doing? That kind of stuff. That is what raises eyebrows. That is what makes us suspicious that the vaccine has problems. Why would you be hiding it so much? Why would you be guarding the freakin treasure in the dragon caves so freakin closely if there wasn't a shred of something? And that's why we're gonna read about that's why we're putting it out there. That's why you have to hear about it. Neither Pfizer nor Madonna, both of which manufacture mRNA based vaccines reported cases of prion or other neurodegenerative diseases. The Federal vaccine adverse event reporting system has not received any reports. And then it's a scientific experts say that classes claim is speculative and lacks proof. Throughout the entire paper, it says we do not know the long term effects. And it's possible that this could happen in the long term. So if we were fact checking the fact checkers false rating, they would in fact be false. Because they're speculating. They never fat check the damn thing. They're guessing. They took out all the keywords from the article that makes it Okay, it may be this we need to look into this. It's speculation. It's possible 20 years from now, they took all of that out to say it's false because it's not happening right now. Of course, you're not going to develop Alzheimer's disease in 10 minutes, you dumb F's. The Democrats are the dumbest people in the galaxy in June, they're going to release a report on everything the government knows about the UFOs All right, and they're going to pull out a picture in outer space. And it's going to be an alien spaceship with one of those airplane freakin signs behind it. The freakin flyer that's on the back of a biplane, over the beach, called God for a good time. 555555 You know, one of those vote Donald Trump, whatever it says on there, it's literally gonna say we are going to give you awesome super technology, hollow decks and all that Awesome, cool future stuff. But then we saw the Democrat Party, and we watched idiocracy, the earth movie, and then we decided to go to another planet. We were swarming your ships to let you know that the democrats were idiots and that their brains worked in this crazy flip floppy pattern. That's why the spaceship moved those ways. And now we're leaving, because there's no hope for the future of the planet since the brain worms have taken over half the planet anyway. Anyway, I digress. The fact checkers are wrong here. I can legitimately say that as an educated, both street smarts and book smarts educated man. The fact checkers are in fact in correct. This is the report. It's a research article ISSN number 263994558 for microbiology and infectious diseases. This is COVID-19 RNA based vaccine. Seems and the risk of prion disease no definites the risk. It was received December 27 2020. It was reviewed, published and accepted January 18. My mom's birthday is 2021. From class in immunotherapies. All right, this is important. This is a real Dr. Jay Bart classen, MD, medical doctor, all right, medical doctor, his phone numbers up here, everything like that. If you want to read this, if you want to read this, just go to the article, it's in the article, or you can email me directly James. James Lane at American I'll send you the link. If you really want to read the study. I will personally send you the link, email me directly James Lane at American Revolution Comm. It asks questions about what could be the results of this years to come. It doesn't tell you that this is the definite it doesn't tell you that this is the alphabet Almighty and omega, this is Facebook. This is big tech. This is the Mark Zuckerberg and jack Dorsey's of the world teaming up with radical left wing hypocrisy to censor the voice of the righteous in the United States of America and it will by God

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