President Biden Wants to Open Suburbia to Section 8 Housing! | Ep 134

May 01, 2021 James Lane Episode 134
President Biden Wants to Open Suburbia to Section 8 Housing! | Ep 134
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In episode 134 of the American Reveille Podcast, we dig into Biden's evil plan to destroy the American Dream. Americans of all ethnicities dream of working hard and earning the right to live in suburbia, far away from the crime, hate, and manipulation of Democrat run cities. Joe Biden wants to take that all away in the name of equity. When you change zoning to allow criminals into my neighborhood, putting my kids at risk, I have a problem and so should you!

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here. This is Episode 134 of the American revenue podcast. Are you in the middle class? Do you live in suburbia? Do you have a nice neighborhood where the sidewalks are clean? The streets are pleasant, the ice cream man comes, everybody's smiling. And you're somewhat shielded from the terror and horror that's going on across the country today. Well, good news. Good news, Joe Biden, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the equity train. Alright, and the equity train are on their way to you. That's right. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to solve your problems by putting affordable housing section eight projects, apartments and housing in your clean neighborhood. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't matter if you're white or black, purple, green, space alien or pop tart. All right. It's not a good idea. Because these neighborhoods they give you something to aspire to. They're not white neighborhoods, people of all colors, Indian. And when I say Indian, I'm talking Indian like Asia, right? Not Native American. There's Native Americans too, I'm sure. But Indian Native Americans, Asian Americans, black folks, white folks, people from all walks of life who've made it up or just born into it. They're in that middle class, middle upper class that suburbia inhabiting zone. I'm gonna be honest with you guys. This is coming from a different perspective because I've never, ever lived in a house. I've never lived in suburbia. I didn't grow up with much. I'm still fighting, still fighting to work my family into a position where we could live in a house we could do better. We have a whole story behind that. You want to know a little more of my story. The first 1015 episodes of this podcast detail my life as a roller coaster ride for you. All right. That's a long time ago in the episodes so search way back to the beginning. All right, first episodes called there's nowhere to go. But up alright. guys never lived there. Never ever lived there. But Joe Biden's targeting he's trying to destroy it. He's trying to take away, suburbia, something I've dreamed of something. All of you that have come from from bad neighborhoods, bad upbringing. We've all dreamed of living in a home with a white picket fence in a crime free, safe neighborhood where we go watch our babies grow up safe and sound. We can trust our kids to walk the dog without having to worry about hearing gunshots. That's all of it. We want that American dream. We want it bad. And what's Joe Biden want to do? Give it away? He wants to give it away to people who don't want to earn their keep Now, are there people on section eight? Are there people in affordable housing, who worked their way out of it? Yeah, I had food stamps for a short period of time in my life. A long time ago, I had an EBT debit card. I was on it for a couple months, did what I had to do, worked my way back into a position and got off. It helped me It did what it was supposed to do for that moment. But the democrats train people to live on it forever. I live up in Washington State folks, my apartment cost 16 $100 a month to live in is nothing special. But in Washington State. They allow section eight folks to live wherever they want. So when they let that law coming to pass, coming to order a couple years back, all of a sudden, our nice little apartment complex that was quiet, full of methods, cars getting broken into people's houses getting broken into their apartments, getting broken to people getting hurt people getting attacked. All right, bad things come with section eight housing, not everybody again, not everybody's a bad person. All right, but there are still bad people within and as long as the democrats allow people to stay on it forever. And don't allow us to vet the people on it. And don't allow us to make sure safe people that aren't criminals don't move into our neighborhoods. We are on a downward spiral for doom. destitute and damnation. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Episode 134. The episode with the long winded in introduction. Joe Biden's gonna come eff up the neighborhood's that all of us have been working our asses off to move up into folks. Pay attention. This is going to affect you next.

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh. Oh. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. If you're listening, you're probably wondering why I'm making that sound. If you're watching, you're probably still wondering why making that sound. Sorry, that. Oh, sorry. You heard that burp. I'm looking at a picture of Joe Biden. It's his face, and it just gives me GERD and indigestion right away. I'm sorry. I had to it's Episode 134 American revelry podcast there stands the pod person who has taken over Joe Biden. The worm that has crawled up his rectum and inhabited his brain I swear to you if if if June they released the report on the aliens and the aliens come down and go Hey, listen, listen. Listen, guys. It's gonna be real f up for you to imagine I don't know why but all of the aliens sound like john cena. You can see me Listen dog. I don't know why aliens come down and they go alright spaceform ski came to your planet and they literally took over half the people all these people that are like woke is crap. All these people that are like go woke, go woke take over the planet great reset. Yeah, their space worms. half your planets dead. I would go. Oh, that makes sense. 2021 2021 June, the Pentagon is gonna let us know that aliens are coming. That's great. Folks. Don't believe me. Look it up, folks. Goodbye, suburbia. Joe Biden targets exclusionary neighborhoods where white people live. Let me let me let you know a little secret. You come closer. Let me see your ear. Come here. You're here. You're here. All kinds of people live in all kinds of places. Sorry, I had to say that. It says where white people live. I live in a shitty apartment. I'm a white person. You know, my Asian wife also lives here. She's Brown. We both live here. What does that say? What does that say for all the other stop lumping us all into a pot, man. Really stop. That's what the left loves to do that all white people are privileged in the rich and live in castles made of cheese cake in the sky and you have to plant a bean stock and you have to wait 60 days for the bean stock to grow 700 feet into the sky and then you climb this bean stock but be careful black people have trouble climbing beanstalks that's what the left would say. And you climb to the top and all the white people live in the clouds and they're guarding vast treasures. It's like the movie illicium they all have the beds where if you have cancer you lay on it just cures your cancer instantly. Oh, my rectum feels so much better. Listen, it doesn't exist. All right, there's no frickin Willy Wonka magic candy white land. All right. All poor people are asked. All lower class income folks are f But America is the only country on this planet. That gives you the ability to do everything to fight to claw to steal the fuck to whatever you have to do to climb out of that hole. America offers you and affords you the opportunity whether you're white whether you're black whether you're purple. If you're from the shit hood and you fight hard enough you can become a millionaire LeBron. A Millionaire Let's read suburbia will no longer as we know it. All right, be in existence. It will no longer be there. It will no longer reign supreme suburbia will die. It will be no longer as we know it. This is what President Trump warned us about on the campaign trail is your stomach hurt? Do you have argentia Are you feeling stressed out? I am stressed out I'm stressed out good thing I get this ancient life oil here what is this broad spectrum CBD distillate tincture ancient life oil? Oh this stuff looks good Suggested Use was this 100% THC free shake gently before each use use twice daily was this how's this taste like let's let's take a look at this real quick. Ancient life oil for scooper.

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At v James Lane. I'm everywhere. I'm everywhere. I'm under your bed right now who in the closet if you open the toilet lid, really? Ah. P anyway. Anyway, I am here for you gab parlor two I'm although I'm still on Twitter and Facebook, but I don't use them. I'm shadow banned, so I don't use them. I'm waiting for Section 230 to get screwed. Because everybody that left I'll just move up the rankings. Alright, so in Section 230 goes and they arrest jack Dorsey and they put someone else in charge of Twitter. Hey, boom, I'm here already. Hi, everybody. There are patriots everywhere. Don't be so stuck up and stingy about how you reach them or what platform you're on. You've got to get on and reach the Patriots. You have to use your first amendment right and open your mouth and spread the word of what's happening in the United States of America. And you can't do that by saying fuck Twitter. Screw parlor only gab. Get on every platform and find the Patriots. They're hiding right under your noses. People are afraid they're afraid to get fired. They're afraid to get exposed. They're afraid of the consequences of standing up against the wall come up. But if we are united, if we spread the word if we find each other ladies and gentlemen, we are powerful. So don't forget to open your mouth. Use your words. All right, we do that here at the American Revolution. We appreciate all of your support. We can't do it without you hit the like button, hit the share button. Alright, leave a comment. five star ratings Apple podcasts. And of course, wherever you're watching this Odyssey, YouTube, wherever you're watching this rumble bit, shoot wherever gab TV, subscribe and hit the notification bell. If you can't find me, then you'll never know what's actually going on folks. We're reading this is from National Fire calm Nathaniel linderman from April 29 2021. Again, quote, suburbia will be no longer as we know it to President Donald Trump warned on the campaign trail, he told the voters that Biden wanted to get rid of single family zoning laws, which would require that only typical suburbia homes may be maybe built in residential areas, which he warned would bring who knows what into your suburbs. So your communities will be unsafe and your housing values will go down. I can attest to that. Because when all the section eight folks moved into our apartment complexes, all of a sudden cars were broken into catalytic converters were disappearing and people's homes were getting broken into there may have even been a rape or two. Alright, I'm not playing serious stuff has gone on in our neighborhood. All right, it really has. Now it seems Joe Biden is proving him correct in a White House issued factsheet for Biden's radical infrastructure bill. He calls on Congress to enact an innovative new competitive grant program that awards flexible and attractive funding to jurisdictions that take concrete steps to eliminate barriers to producing affordable housing. Many believe this suggests Biden wants section eight housing and suburbs nationwide, fundamentally changing the concept of suburbs. That means what's the point of working your way up? Think about that. If you're trying to push a country into socialism, if you're trying to push people into feeling like they can't get ahead, so they all should just be equitably equal in all aspects where they start and where they finish. take away their incentives take away the reward for all your hard work. You're a poor person, white, black, it doesn't matter. You work your ass off, you get into some trouble, whatever. But you figure your shit out. You pull your head out of your ass in your mid 20s. You work hard you buy a house, you start a business you become successful, you move to the suburbs, get away from the crime,

guess what? The crime follows you. All right now all of a sudden, you're you're worrying about Your windows getting broken out your tires getting stolen your car getting shot up. All right, and you're an $800,000 house neighborhood. All right, why should you have to deal with that when you work your ass off from the bottom? Right? Think about that. Isn't that the reward. That's why those zones exists so that you can live in peace, your home, your neighborhood can be your sanctuary, your kids can grow up in peace, not get shot, not get raped, not get hurt because of the sweat of your labor. This is the reward for all the pain, sweat, suffering and agony that you put in to make your family progress and move into these areas. And now Joe Biden wants to literally shove it up your ass literally. He wants to poop all over it wants to empty the colostomy bag right out. Come on, you know he doesn't poop on his own. Biden advocated for eliminating exclusionary zoning on the campaign trail last year in the name of reducing racial inequity. There's that word Ding, ding ding, among other promises to institute and reinstitute anti suburban policies, whatever that ad is. It's gross. If you're listening and not watching on the screen, there's an ad here for some sort of like thing to stop worms and your kidney or so it's really gross to look at. So if you're listening don't don't watch this video at like 20 minutes, that's gross. Biden vowed he would invest $300 million into local housing policy grants local housing policy grants to give states and localities the technical assistance and planning support they need to eliminate exclusionary zoning policies and other local regulations. The move comes as something of a continuation of Obama era policies. The 2015 Obama era policy Affirmatively Furthering fair housing Oh, that's a tongue to Affirmatively Furthering fair that sounds like like, what's the cat Sebastian? Like? Are we suffering succotash, Affirmatively Furthering fair housing, a ffh of potentially clared that majority white suburbs with a product of discrimination and discriminatory practice and required suburbs to reevaluate their practices if they wanted money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development? Is it plausible? All right, is it plausible or it is plausible, excuse me that this is simply a grab for political power. suburbs are historically more Republican. Well, those who benefit the most from section eight housing trend Democrat, Biden may be trying to cement his party's power by permanently cementing democrat controls in area which are already trending blue. Now think about that. You do that? You throw an HR one with nationalized voting. They're basically trying to build a raft into permanent democrat power. They're building a ship Ladies and gentlemen, they're building a ship. Where launches from here. We'll have to find out we'll have to wait and see. Maybe we'll put some mines out in the ocean. The infrastructure bill is expected I was hypothetical by the way FBI hypothetical. it like an analogy like a frickin thing that doesn't exist. All right. When I say Biden's building a ship, there's no ship. So when I say there's landmines that we need to put in the ocean, there's no actual landmines or ocean. I swear they do stuff like this. We literally, it's idiocracy. We are in idiocracy. Nobody gets that anymore. I'll get a knock on my door. It'll be like the fence mill. You said blah, blah, blah. But really, you guys don't know sarcasm anymore, you know? And then they'll hit me in the head with a billy club or throw a black bag over my head. zip tie will go and I'll be dragged from my home and you'll never hear from me again. All of a sudden the American revenue we'll be talking about our voting for Joe Biden. There'll be somebody on here votes for Joe Biden. Joe Biden, very good. Zeeshan pink amazing amazing person praise Asian fit that so who will that's who will replace me after they disappear me too in the morning the infrastructure bill I hope I didn't give them any idea. You wake up tonight at three in the morning is gonna be like the feds with a black bag they're gonna be like, thanks for the idea, bucko. Why?

Geez, the infrastructure bill is expected to stall in the Senate. However, there may actually be bipartisan support for Biden's plan to socially engineer the suburbs. establishment Republican Senator Pat Toomey trader Oh, I said that one that wasn't actually in the story, who voted to impeach President Trump said that the suburban zoning restrictions sometimes do great harm by pricing, low income and minority families out of neighborhoods, reducing the support of affordable housing for such families. He went on to declare that we should not keep American families and dilapidated and segregated housing projects. Somebody tell me where Senator Pat Toomey lives and somebody tell me how white his neighborhood is. That's I I just have to say that and leave that there. Right. Where else are you going to take that? Where else are you going to take that so hidden in the six was a 6 trillion is some gigantic number. All right, in this infrastructure bill, we're only like 6% of the bill actually has to do with infrastructure. The wet the rest is a OCS frickin diddling, wet dream, folks, it adds the provision to destroy either your neighborhood or the neighborhoods that you're trying to fight your way into, as somebody, an adult who loves their family working hard and capitalism in our system, to move up the ladder, and bring your family and your futures into a better position. Joe Biden wants to take that away from you. So how are you supposed to move up the ladder? How are you supposed to move up the rows? If joe biden's White House takes away all of the rows and all of the ladders? How are we going to do? How do you move up a level? If Joe Biden cancels all the levels? All right, where do you go? How do you build a bridge? When there are no bridges? How do you cross the stream when they build a deck? I can say this all day like we can just how do you make a peanut butter jelly sandwich with no knife? How do you make a Reuben without cream cheese? cream cheese? I would I say creams without sauerkraut? Where would I get cream cheese from sauerkraut? Anyway, you get the picture, you get the picture. I don't have to go too far off the rails. All I'm saying is we need to keep an eye on this stuff, folks. We need to keep an eye on us. I'm not saying that we shouldn't have diverse neighborhoods. I'm not saying that we shouldn't have better system for things. But folks, we all regardless of our skin color have to earn our way in this world. We all do. And if there are certain issues in our system and certain laws that need to be changed, let's talk about it. Let's have the conversation. But nobody in any neighborhood, nobody's bending over without a talk. Nobody's bending over just because somebody told them to. Nobody is going to let people come and destroy their suburbs, destroy their neighborhoods, destroy their families. With no explanation just because your government asked, Well, guess what government? You asked. And I said, EFF you. And all of us said a few. You can't just come into our neighborhoods, states have rights. The federal government does not control the states. Each state has individual power, an individual God given abilities under our Constitution. And you will respect those authorities that are that are inherent to the states or the states will literally push back against the federal government. And we seen what happened we know what happens. We know the consequences. We know the Hellfire and brimstone that that can lead to and I'm going to leave you there on that. I'm going to leave you there to speculate, to speculate what could be what may happen if all of this continues. what may happen. If we end up with section eight throughout all of our neighborhoods. I promise you, I promise you there won't be any section eight in Beverly Hills. There won't be any section eight in the million dollar homes. There won't be any section eight anywhere else. But next door to you ladies and gentlemen. That's Episode 134 of the American revenue podcast. It's an important one it might not be the most entertaining when I tried to give the news to you in a way that a spoonful of sugar, you know, helping the medicine go down still is still a dry up. So I'm looking at this picture of Joe man look at his black eyes, black dead eyes. Duck is like a doll's eyes. Great Whites. So that is he is a great white shark. He's a great white shark. Imagine a great white shark with dentures. Rah rah, rah rah. I don't know why a great white shark with denzler with dentures is like a Rottweiler of the sea. But oh, you know, that's where it came from. That's gonna be a T shirt. By the way, that should be a T shirt. I should make a Rottweiler and like put like a costume like a shark costume on them, and it should say Rottweiler of the sea, American Reveley podcast. Anyway, Joe

Biden's coming to eff up the neighborhoods that were trying so hard to work, hustle and bust our butts and our backs to progress our lives to do better to improve our livelihoods and move our families into he's gonna destroy the things that we're fighting towards the things that incentivize us to do better. All right, he's gonna destroy the good schools, and it has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the fact that they do not look at who's on section eight. There is no vetting process. There is no filtration system. If you get two wonderful families on section eight that are just trying hard to make it and that are going to do good and come out of that section eight come out of those food stamps and be successful. You're probably going to also get a family of drug dealers or gangbangers regardless of their are white gangbangers so don't get all racial. All right, you need to pull the race card out of your head. This is rich and poor. This is powerful and powerful. This is oligarchy, tyranny, reverse peasantry racism. Today's shoot here, ladies and gentlemen, that's Episode 134 of the American revenue podcast. I appreciate you guys paying attention. Like I said, Please follow along on all the social media. Thank you so much for supporting me, go into the description section below, sign up for a newsletter, we have a $200 Grand Prize sticker contest coming up and I'll send you the stickers. So pay attention, you're only going to get the details for that on the newsletter. Alright, I'll probably announce it later on. But the early details, the people that will get invited to the party first, they're on the newsletter. So go in the description below. Sign up for the newsletter. Don't forget to donate if you'd really like to help out, we'd like to put a little Dogecoin little Bitcoin or a little PayPal, little money in the coffer so that we can invest it in the American Revolution and spread this great movement, this great empowerment across this country through entertainment. We appreciate it. We will put it right back in for you. And I thank you so much. Stick around for a quick add from ancient life oil. God bless. Thank you guys again, and I will see you on episode 135.

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