ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! President Biden is Coming for the Camel Crush Menthols and Newport 100's! | Ep 133

May 01, 2021 James Lane Episode 133
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! President Biden is Coming for the Camel Crush Menthols and Newport 100's! | Ep 133
Show Notes Transcript

In episode 133 of the American Reveille Podcast, I determine that Biden has lost his damn mind as his administration ponders the prohibition of "racist" menthol cigarettes. Because Biden knows what's best for Black people, right!? I bet a prohibition era cigarette would taste delicious. Find out, next!

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is Episode 133 of the American revenue podcast. As always, I'm James Lane and my veteran brothers and sisters, I have some terrible news for you. I have some terrible news for lots of people out there you see, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris they're going after precious precious precious at least when I was in the Navy they were precious. menthol cigarettes Ladies and gentlemen, menthol cigarettes or newports your cools and especially your camel crushes ladies and gentlemen if Joe Biden and the Democrat Party has their way kiss your smokes goodbye. When I was in the military This was literally this would be like a mute Miss offense seriously, like an absolute mute Miss offense you're taking away people's smokes Are you out of your mind? We this is gonna be a fun episode guys. Stay tuned.

How the hell do I get eyes like that? Riddick first to get a kill a few vivo. I can do that. Then you get to get yourself sent to a slam where they tell you you're never gonna see the light of day again. You pay a dirty Doctor 20 menthol cools to do a surgical shine job to your eyes. So you can see people sneaking up on you in the dark. Exactly. Ladies and gentlemen, guess that movie, folks if Joe Biden has his way, there won't be any menthol cools left for the surgical shine job to your eyes in the future. Listen, Elan Musk is taking us to Mars. How far away is pitch black? Wouldn't it be funny if we got to Mars? They're like, What's this? What's this laboratory doing here? Hey, why is this thing say there's an eclipse every 23 Oh shit. Anyway, folks, Episode 133 sci fi fans out there will appreciate appreciate that movie reference. I did the best I could there Okay, did it on the fly. It's not like I sat here and did 100 takes Alright, you're not gonna I got a I got a lot of podcasts and stuff to record. I've been an excruciating hip pain, excruciating back pain, getting an MRI that's coming up, been going to the chiropractor getting stuff looked at stuff fixed. They think I might have a herniation. And then in the front, where my diaphragm and there's is there's a type of hernia that's up in your diaphragm. And your stomach can literally come through that hernia, right and cause you to like be sick for years. So for the past, I'm going to say something I haven't said on the podcast before, for the past, literally a year, maybe a year, probably it's happened before the pandemic started. So a good year and a half plus something like that. I've literally been nauseous every day, it's gotten worse and worse to the point where we thought it was acid reflux, and GERD and all these other things. I feel like if I drink water at 9am, like warm water, a sip I'm going to throw up everywhere. It's just getting worse and worse. It's unbearable. It's coming to a point where it's really interfering with my life along with my back. I mean, it's a whole a whole rigmarole of crap that I'm trying to Frankenstein myself together from but, you know, they I went today to the back doctor, and man, he's a smart dude. He looked at a lot of different things. And I told him about that just in conversation, because I have a gastro CT scan coming may 17 with colors so they could see what the hell's finally wrong with my stomach. And he's like, Oh, yeah, it's this. What is it called like a high nasal hernia or hyena, something like that, I'd have to look it up again. But apparently, like I said, you can literally rip a hole in your diaphragm, your stomach slips through. And part of it ends up in your esophagus. I thought it sounded crazy. But I have every single symptom to the tee to the tee. So hopefully we'll get that fixed. He literally said you can sometimes avoid surgery by drinking like a gallon of water down. And then locking your knees and jumping up and down. Just jump as high as you can. And the high impact landing. Because apparently, like your stomach will fill up like a water balloon and loop right back out. I don't think that's happened. I've tried it a few times.

I don't think it's happened because I'm still nauseous. But anyway. I don't know. I don't know if that's the case. I hope that's the case. I mean, if you look long enough, if you literally if you look deep enough and long enough on Web MD, you'll literally get to AIDS and flesh eating bacteria. I don't have to worry about AIDS, I'm married, I have kids, but flesh eating bacteria. You know, even I don't change the water as much as I should. So who knows who knows? Hopefully is not the flesh eating back. I'm literally walking around like How the hell did I hurt my hip? I could barely get out of bed yesterday, my hip was so crappy, so crappy. And I'm like, oh, how the hell did I hurt my hip and I'm looking through Indians literally like, Well, you know, a flesh eating bacteria that starts in the coxes can work its way into the hip joint. And I'm like, really? are really just going to get up, take a piss and my legs gonna just fall off. Like, oh, oh, great. I think I think that's how one of those movies was like, Wasn't there a part like Dracula Dead and Loving it? Or one of those movies? Somebody was alive, but they started decaying. Was it? Was it like the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie? There's some movie out there. And it might be a comedy. I don't. Anyway, anyway, I don't want to go too far down the rabbit hole. But I used to smoke cigarettes. And if you guys smoked cigarettes out there, I used to smoke cigarettes once upon a time. I quit on March 8 2018. I haven't had a cigarette ever since I promised my wife if she'd gotten pregnant. I would quit smoking. She got pregnant. I quit smoking cold turkey didn't touch it after that. Do I still crave it? Yeah. Can I say that again? Oh, I would love a smoke. Oh, that's the honesty. I'm not gonna virtue signal like some little, little B boy. All right, I'm not gonna kiss your butt and tell you smokings bad and you shouldn't do that. It causes cancer. I don't recommend it. If you have never smoked I don't recommend you start smoking. But the smell the taste. I don't give a crap what you think it smelled good. tasted good. I didn't start smoking till I was 25 years old. Check this out. All right now I did my share of craziness. In my teens. I've tried all kinds of things done all kinds of things. We got wild stories, ladies and gentlemen, you want to do podcasts on that we got wild stories, but don't really smoke cigarettes. didn't smoke cigarettes. All right. But I joined the military late and it's great lakes Chicago, you know that Northern Illinois, Great Lakes. It's not just like 40 minutes from Chicago. It's winter Christmas time. I'm in the barracks. It's snowing, it's cold. I'm older. You don't really know anybody. I joined I'm in boot camp. 2526 years old with a bunch of 17 eight 117 1819 year olds you know, couple people one closer to my age, but I was the oldest so you end up kind of a loner sometimes right? And it got lonely people are gone for Christmas break. People are you know, and you look out the window, the barracks and where is everybody out? If you're a veteran, you know exactly where everybody is at when it's 10 frickin degrees outside. And everyone's stuck at the barracks in Great Lake Illinois, or on any military base. Everybody's on the smoke deck. That's right on the smoke deck. So went down to the smoke deck. Nobody really talked to me. Eventually, like like a kid like a 12 year old. Eventually I started pretending to smoke cigarettes. People start talking about they notice people talking to trash. talking trash, right? talking trash the good old bacon. That was my nickname in the military bacon. I miss that name is a good nickname. I was once I was once delicious like begun ladies and gentlemen. Listen.

Eventually you just start smoking. You stand on the smoke deck long enough with a cigarette in your mouth pretending to smoke eventually you start smoking and my cigarette a choice where those camel crush the ones with the low your pop them. It's so isn't that satisfying. You got the thing and you just and it goes and you're like oh extra menthol. Yeah, baby. Oh, you miss mental and nicotine. Yeah. Alright, so you get that if you're feeling like you've smoked too many I was up to like a pack and a half a day for a while there. Especially you know, you're like out to see for little things. Anyway, and you can use cigarettes to barter on the ship too. That's kind of cool. That's a whole other podcast as well. But I just that was my thing. Man smoke in the morning smoking in the evenings smoking at best. Smoking after six smoking is the best better than all the rest. I smoked and I loved it. And I quit. All right, but the government doesn't have a right to tell me if I can smoke or quit Do they? Do they? Do they have a right to tell you if you liked my cigarette smoking, rendition if I gave you memories if I give you chills down your spine if I reminded you of that, that sweet but in your mouth, do me a favor. All right. And when I say sweet, but in your mouth, I'm talking about a cigarette but that other conversation on 18 plus conversation that's meant for another show at another time not for my show. Okay, so that button Your mouth is to secure I had to, I had to I shave my face. I think it makes me funnier. Guys, guys, you don't come in. You don't come in. You don't screw with people. All right, you don't do it. All right, they screw it cigarettes, they screw it free speech. You don't want to lose that you don't want to lose me. And if you don't want to lose me, make sure you're subscribed. If you're watching on YouTube or on a seat, or rumble or bitch, shoot on bitch shoot now. All right, all of those. subscribe, hit the notification bell. If you have a moment, leave a comment. Say hello. Say Hey, James, we really don't want to hear you talking about eating but all right, are smoking cigarette butts. Let's Let's correct my language there. Make this a PG 13 show again.

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And you're going to get to watch this small company grow into a large conglomeration of different groups, different entities, different people working together, multiple podcasts, tons of writers, tons of bloggers. All right, big things are coming, and we're gonna do it together. I appreciate that. I appreciate everything you guys are doing. All right. And instead of smoking, instead of smoking, I've switched to CBD, ancient life oil folks. Ancient life oil pure CBD. Pure CBD oil, no hallucinogenic effects, no THC high. No buzz, nothing crazy. You don't feel a thing. All you feel is the added anxiety relief the added elevation of mood. Alright, depressed it helps. Alright, feeling edgy. It helps. Alright. No problems. All right. No issues. It's not illegal. It's it's 100% pure and natural. All right. 100% from hemp oil. They mix it with this amazing coconut oil and it tastes great ancient life A and C i n t life oil calm. Guys. If you haven't hopped on that CBD train, and you've heard about it and you've been thinking about it, this is your chance right now use promo code James. Get FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING ancient life oil calm, ancient life oil calm ancient life oil, calm. promo code James free shipping and handling. Get yourself some CBD oil today if you're still not convinced stick around for two or three minutes at the end of this episode. I put together a little commercial, you'll get to see exactly why CBD oil. Ancient life oil to be exact is the right choice for me, guys. All right. With that being said, we're getting back to this. We got to talk about the cigarette ban. We got to talk about what they're proposing. This is absolute insanity. You're really going to take what are you going to take Monster Energy drinks and cigarettes away from rednecks. They'll go crazy. They'll Stampede Stampede and rednecks. Alabama will sink into some tar pit I don't even know if there's Tar Pits in Alabama. ban on menthol cigarettes is the racist criminalization of black behavior. You know the stereotype. They always say that that black people smoke mentals I'm here to tell you something. I'm here to tell you the God's honest truth and you can ask hand to heart any person I was ever serving within the military, black, white, purple, green, whatever they were big daddy smokes menthols baby. Big Daddy when he smoked. I can't believe I'm referring to myself twice now is Big Daddy, please forget I said. Anything in the last 10 seconds right here I okay. My, for all my Filipino friends out there since I'm bald. My nickname in the Philippines is Big Daddy cowboy cowboy means shiny and Tagalog. So that's my gang name folks. Big Daddy shiny folks guys taking cigarettes away. Come on. We're gonna read about this note he put this out this is on Breitbart ban on menthol. cigs is the racist criminalization of black behavior. We've heard the stereotypes, a lot of black folks out there, smoke menthol, a lot of white folks out there smoked menthols. I smoked camel crush, and this article is for us, all right. Whether you smoke or not, whether you agree with cigarettes or not, it doesn't matter. What matters is our right to have a choice on what we do with our personal liberty, freedom. And our own personal health is our own personal choice. All right. I'm a little more of a libertarian in the sense. Now, am I a complete libertarian? Do I believe people should just be doing heroin on the street? No, hell no. I don't. I don't but I believe a responsible adult should have the majority of control over their life, their choices, their decision making, especially their health. You have no right to ban any type of cigarette. Nonetheless, a put it and frame it in such a way and you'll see how they framed it. Alright guys, this is from john Nolte a came out 29th of April 2021. And we're going to read it as follows the Biden administration in the left wing corporate media are not even making a secret of the fact that a proposed ban on menthol cigarettes is targeted at Black Americans. Black Americans disproportionately smoke menthol cigarette brands such as Newport cools and Salem by rate of more than three times that of white people. So so I'll say this. I grew up in South Florida Ladies and gentlemen, if anybody's familiar with Hollywood, Florida, Tamarack No no, Tampa, Davie, Florida, Fort Lauderdale for all those areas. My white ass drink Old English behind the bowling alley. My white ass smoked. Are you ready? Wood tipped black and milds behind the bowling alley. Drinking. Oh, he all right. Come on at 16 years old. Come on. It's not all black people. All right. It's a money thing. Ladies and gentlemen. Take the race out of it. It's a money thing. grew up poor. I grew up poor. You're drinking Oh, we drink a mad dog you smoking black and milds doesn't matter what color you are. According to Democrats in the media, white people should be allowed access to the brands of cigarettes they enjoy but black people should not. This patronizing thinking says that menthol kills off a lot of black people. So let's outlaw something black people enjoy to save them. The Great White democrat Savior, the fascism Alright, the fascist madness, it's shrouded in the cause of health disparity. Okay, well then why don't we ban black people from driving cars that will sure move those numbers in the right direction won't and I want to add something as well to this Ladies and gentlemen, when it says that they have a health disparity, right that they're going to block this because it's unhealthy, then why are we not blocking a obese and fat pride? When you see a 500 pound supermodel right up there saying being fat is healthy? What does that teach our young children that we want to see grow up and live and be healthy to ripe old ages has nothing to do with making them feel bad or this has to do with their health, their longevity, their ability to work, raise a family take care of business, it's very hard to take care of business when you're bigger than the business. You know, you can't fit in the door of the business. You can't take care of the business. If you can't sit on the toilet to do your business. Then your business gets all backed up when your biz Okay, I'm done. I'm done. Listen, all right, listen, we can keep going on this and they are agreeing with me Look what it says right here think of all the unhealthy food black people enjoy that should be banned as well. See what I'm getting at democrats are only promoting an idea that will turn black people into second class citizens but you know, for their own good. It's not hyperbole. I always mess that word up hyperbole or hyper. I always screw that one up. Always. Gosh, they always got to throw one in there that like you know, I have. I have pretty good speech right? I talk very well. But it wasn't something you know, like I read college level and I was young, but then I spent a lot of years not reading screwing off being poor and messed up and you know, I wasn't like a so far off the deep end but I was off the deep end enough where I wasn't reading and then I came back into it later in life and it's like, you miss certain words like you read like hyperbole and it doesn't come out correctly. So then when I see that frickin word, hyperbole, is it hyperbole or hyper bowl hyperbole. There we go. I always screw it up, see, but then I can look at the thing with the hyphen, the little woman out in the dashes. And I'm hyperbole. hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. See, ladies and gentlemen, you come to the American Revolution, and you learn a thing or two, you learn a thing or two about hyperbole. All right, you learn that that my ass with my wonderful voice, can't say one word, and get through a sentence right there. I can say a lot of other words, though, so it's okay. If you ever work for me. I want you to know, if you put the word hyperbole in anything you write in your research that I'm supposed to read on the air. I will instantly instantly fire you.

Okay, I'm totally joking. If you really want to laugh, right? I actually just went into that whole big speech. This is some movie magic. Are you ready? I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. I went in on that whole big speech about hyperbole. Because I actually lost my place. I lost my place. Okay, so I talking and talking going on and on researching the word, hyperbole, all that stuff. Right, and I'm going on and I'm just completely just just riffing, improvin so that I can find my place. That's why I'm looking over here to the left. That's how it works. Guys, movie magic, you're thinking of starting a podcast, you better get your chops up. It's not hyperbole to say that under the cloak of duga, tourism, Democrats are bringing back Jim Crow, creating a world where white people will continue to get what they want, while black people do not. What's more out of one side of their mouths democrats and the media Rage Against systemic racism, that exposes black people to unnecessary context with the law enforcement but out of the other side of their mouth is Democrats in the media are looking to criminalize something as petty as the brand of cigarettes, a black person chooses to smoke. You know how insane This is? I do know how insane This is. It was proven how insane the left is, after. After Tim came out, Senator Tim Scott came out, right. And he made that beautiful, beautiful speech in response to the Biden gibberish where he went on for ever in that monotone voice until everybody tuned out so we can take the last 15 minutes to let you know that your constitution isn't permanent, and we're going to socialism. Thanks, Joe. Thanks, Joe. I know exactly how insane it is because the democrats are the former slave owning racist descendants. That's pretty much a lot of them are. A lot of them are Democrats were the slave holders. Democrats were the racists and they still are. They just hit it very well. For a while. They found a new way to enslave people, the poor to be exact. They enslave them to the teat of the government. Alright, that way. Nobody sees your chains. Nobody's coming to free you ladies and gentlemen, nobody is coming to free your mind. Morpheus is on the Ebenezer advocate. What is it the Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar, was it that applicant? I'm thinking of Ebenezer Scrooge, the Nebuchadnezzar or something like that he's on his hovercraft, looking for Neo on another planet somewhere. He ain't coming to help you, folks. He ain't coming to help you. After 20 years, excuse me about 20 years ago, after smoking for 15 years, I quit and do not recommend anyone start. It's a filthy, unhealthy habit. It's filthy and unhealthy and dirty. It's so dirty. Yes, dirty, dirty cigarettes. I was also the rare white boy who smoked menthols. Oh, you were naughty? I just went through the whole thing on that. I promise. I promise I didn't read this paragraph before I really didn't. I really didn't. I'm not making any I literally have character witnesses screw you know, they screw you for stealing my story. frickin thieves. Never. Nevertheless, smoking cigarettes, like all kinds of risky personal habits, skydiving power tools, driving a car eating red meat, why you adding all this is a personal choice that harms only the person making that choice. It's not true for alcohol, which no one's talking about banning. What I mean is if I was forced to make a choice between banning cigarettes or alcohol, I would easily choose alcohol because unlike alcohol, no amount of smoking will ever result in someone driving erratically beating their wife or losing everything on their own. Have you ever seen somebody who's run out of cigarettes? After all the cigarette stores have closed at like 3am and they're craving a smoke Are you What do you mean? No driving erratically or dropping the lighter?

Really? Come on? Come on Pete Okay, I get it though. I get what you're saying. You know, I'm actually okay with legalizing weed. But here's my problem that come out with a weed breathalyzer test if I'm driving on the freeway with my baby in the backseat going 60 miles an hour and you're in the smoke box next to me was swerving in and out of the lanes because you're cruising my babies at risk right? So I don't give a shit how high you get at home. I don't even give a shit if you go out a little buzz and a little stone, right. Don't get behind the wheel. breathalyzer for that national legalization, no problemo. Same thing as alcohol for me. That's how I see it. And I'm and I'm on the right. I'm on the right, mostly conservative. So we have to see what we're doing. And we have to do it. Right, right. You can't just take things can't just put things in. You can't just make big moves without studying the results without looking at where things are going. Right. So So why are they wasting their time banning cigarettes? The whole thing? They've been trying to do this for years. They've been trying to do it for years, ladies and gentlemen, years and yours and you're just telling me how much a pack of smokes is in New York City. All right. I remember when I used to smoke I traveled to Chicago for business because I do travel around for business and stuff. I'll be in Chicago may 11 to may 17 by the way if anybody's up in that area, and there's some good stories or scoops or some interesting business to be had let me know Ladies and gentlemen, because I'm always working and always ready for a good story, a good interview, a good podcast, a good business deal. American revenue podcast is a unit of excuse me, American Reveley, LLC. Thank you. Alright, guys, cigarettes do not alter your consciousness. Oh, marijuana does the democrats sure Eagle to leave eager Eagle eager to legalize weed and one of the reasons they cite for marijuana legalization is to decrease the reach of the criminal justice system. In fact, a whole bunch of Democrats liked the idea of putting an end to punishing people for the personal possession of drugs, all drugs to be exact. But God help you. If you're caught with a pack of cools Ladies and gentlemen, outlawing menthol cigarettes will not make them go away. In the same way prohibition blossom 1000s and 1000s of outlawed distilleries, the prohibition of menthol cigarettes will do the same, which will almost certainly resulted in more law enforcement action against black people. Let's have a serious conversation real quick between you and i right. Get real close. Right. You're reading? Are you listening? Tell me. Tell me. How good do you think a bootleg menthol cigarette during the menthol cigarette prohibition of 2030 fives got a taste? Holy shit. You ever there's there's these cigarettes. I gotta fuck. I gotta look them up. Pardon my language. That's the veteran me just popped out. There's these really fancy menthol cigarettes. They make them in New York. All right, and I really loved them back in the day. They were a super treat. You never get them. They're like super, super like, like, like, like, you know, upper class Manhattan. freakin rich, white person menthols. Alright, I say that in a loving way because that's what you would call just some, you know, it's just, it's from my neighborhood when I grew up, alright, as a white kid, right? As a white kid growing up poor, you know, back and forth. You know, one day you're poor one day you're doing okay, one day you're homeless one day you're getting the shit kicked out one, you know, great childhood. There was cigarettes. Alright, and you only saw from my hood my neck of the neighborhood. You would go man those rich as white people smarter right? That's so don't give me shit. Don't call me racist. I will Dana White your ass. Seriously. I will. Speaking of white, I will Dana White. You're as if you come at me with Twitter hate and all that shit. Thank you. Thank you for the free publicity because I'm going to laugh at you. I'm going to laugh at you. And I'm going to tell you to eff off because that's how I'm going to operate my business for ever. So good luck. Good luck ladies and gentlemen. What are these cigarettes called fancy? Let's see maybe if I could just do it like this fancy menthol. menthol cigarettes from New York. If this thing pops right up, will it pop right up? Is it gonna? Where are they? Where are they? New York men thought now. Now come on. Come on. They're super freakin maybe I'll see them in here. No, that's just newports Sure thing. Benson and hedges. Virginia Slims. You guys are getting a whole cigarette

education right now. A whole education right now. Oh, that's horrible. You see a picture up there when you're in other other countries like when I was in the Philippines or in Japan. They literally print like on one side of the pack like are like a dying child. Or someone literally like choking to death from cancer. It's really horrible to look at the cigarette box and then you still smoke them anyway. Boom. That's the cigarette. Are you ready? I just remember than these if you're a smoker. All right, this is terrible. I'm not promoting this if you're under, if you're under a certain age, those are cigars. That's not what I want to show you. If you're a smoker or not a smoker and you're an adult and you want to just try something, all right, this pack right here, not Sherman classic menthol. diggity dog and the dog that is the cigarette right there. That is the cigarette. That's the best menthol cigarette you've ever had in your entire life. I guess this episode is 18 and up now, if you're under a dean or you've never smoked before, again, I'm not promote. I don't recommend you smoke. But if you're a smoker, and you want to experience the pinnacle of menthol Matt Sherman classics go to the smoke shop on the Indian Reservation order them online. You're not going to find them at the gas station. You're not going to find them at Walmart. They're hard to find you got to go to a smoke place. All right. They are a tasty Oh. That is a tasty menthol. It is it's a delicious menthol. Let me know if you've ever smoked them. Let me know if you try them. Put it in the comment section below. Screw it if they're gonna censor me for talking about COVID-19 vaccines and crap. I might as well talk about cigarettes, they might as well censor me for something classic. Right? Nat Sherman classics man. They didn't sponsor this. They didn't. But you know if they called me and wanted to. They are made in the USA. Just take him up on. Yeah, my parents are from New York. All right. All right. Let's get back to the topic. All right, we figured out the cigarettes we know where we are outlawing we're reading outlawing menthol cigarettes. prohibition we talked about that more law enforcement action against black people because it's illegal. After decades and decades of public health campaigns, including a warning right on the package, that's the cigarettes will kill you. We all know the risks. So now it's time to treat every American black and white alike, alike as informed adults capable of making our own decisions about the risks we wish to take when it comes to our own personal idea of what quality of life means to us as the individual guys, we all want to live to be 100 but some of us don't want to live that long. It means 100 years without sugar cheeseburgers, and the morning bite off that first drag as a menthol Newport 100 God the extra long ones by the time you get to the last two drags are like

oh, I never thought I would have a whole episode where I reminisced about cigarettes, and smoking cigarettes. Oh, I used to do the pot. I used to do like flick it. Sometimes the cherry would pop off with a cigarette, who in two different directions. All kinds of tricks, all kinds of fun, guys. Don't smoke. Not a smart idea. If you've never done you're young, and you're a kid, you're watching this. If you got anything from this, get addiction in your head. All right. Think about this. Think about how Finally I talked about those cigarettes. I haven't had a cigarette since 2018. All right, since what was it March 8 2018. I have another cigarette. I'm craving them right now. That my friends that is strong. That is power. That's addictive. That is a cigarette, ladies and gentlemen. All right, years later, you're still thinking about it. All right, folks. I don't recommend it. But boy, oh boy, did I live it love it and enjoy it once upon a time. And I stick up for all menthol smokers out there. Even if I don't smoke anymore. Even if I don't think you should start smoking, you have a right to take your life into your own hands. Alright, and to enjoy your life. And if smoking a cigarette, you're in there, or smoking a half a pack a day makes your life enjoyable and makes you happy. Well, then what's the point of living to 100? If you're frickin miserable? What's the point? I don't see one, folks. I don't see one. But you know what I do see a point to I see a point to all those people listening on Apple podcasts, who loved this episode, who got some good laughs out of it, who felt like they know exactly what I'm talking about? Man? Man, I could taste that. I could taste that. And for those who don't know what I'm talking about, they could imagine it. They could feel it. They could picture it because I described them. If you really loved what you heard, head over and give me a five star rating on Apple podcast, please leave a comment. And that five star rating makes a big difference. We get in the algorithm. We move up the apple podcast rating, and we can help other patriots become enlightened become empowered. We can do it through entertainment, we're taking hold of the narrative like a bull like the wild bull, we take the narratively twist into the direction of the right. That is what we're doing here on the American revenue podcast. And it's all because of you. Thank you so much. And please continue to support. If you'd like to support us please go into the description section below or head to www dot American revenue. com hit the Donate support us tab. Alright Dogecoin will take Bitcoin will take paper, go in there, give us 10 bucks, 100 bucks, 1000 bucks, just be sure know in your heart, that everything you invest in us will be reinvested right into the American Revolution. Nothing's going in my pocket. This is going to expand us nation wide. That's where the money is going. And we thank you very much. All right, gab. parlour Odyssey rumble All right, Apple podcast Spotify tune in I Heart Radio. All right, we're all over the place where everywhere you can find podcasts and we appreciate every single one of you don't forget to stick around for an extra two or three minutes for the ancient life oil ad I put together if you aren't convinced already for a quick refresh. That's ancient life oil, calm, ancient life oil, calm promo code James. Free Shipping and handling on your order of pure, wonderful, beautiful, effective, most importantly, effective CBD oil. That's Episode 133 of the American revelry podcast. Thank you so much for listening.

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