Dana White is UNTOUCHABLE because he NEVER APOLOGIZES to the Left and Shouldn't Either! | Ep 132

April 27, 2021 James Lane Episode 132
Dana White is UNTOUCHABLE because he NEVER APOLOGIZES to the Left and Shouldn't Either! | Ep 132
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In episode 132 of the American Reveille Podcast, we use Dana White's (President, Ultimate Fighting Championship) latest response to a Las Vegas Newspaper in which he tells them to go F themselves in order to highlight the importance of NEVER EVER apologizing to the Left! Being mean is not fun but sometimes it is necessary! There is a lot to learn from alphas like Dana White and I am happy to translate the message!

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here. This is Episode 132 of the American revenue podcast and the owner of the UFC. Dana White is such a honey badger. He's such a honey badger because he just don't give a beat. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I even just made the beeping sound myself. That is how ridiculous I am. And that's how ridiculous you are for not paying attention to this podcast sooner if you're new to the show. This is the American Reveley podcast we cover everything you can imagine in politics. And we cover things in different ways as well surrounding politics and different aspects like Dana White here, who told the local Las Vegas newspaper that critic criticized UFC to literally go eff itself. And it's awesome. I love Dana White. I love how he approaches the media, and how Dana White approaches the media. Alright, it should go as a blueprint as a guide as a sign to all businesses out there big or small, on how they should approach the media and the woke left crowd as well. If you never apologize if you never bow down. If you never kiss their ass, if you tell them to go f themselves and you become aggressive in return, they will tuck tail and run like the cowards that they are ladies and gentlemen. So I'm going to take this episode to read about Dana White's latest spat with Las Vegas journal. All right, it's great. It's funny, it's awesome and he is the key people like him are the key to spreading the message to you on how you need to respond. Alright ladies and gentlemen, I know there's a lot of conservatives out there that turned the other cheek. There's a lot of libertarians that live in let be but guys it is time to get aggressive. So if you're going to open your mouth you open your mouth strong, and I'm going to show you just out Dana White does it next on the American revelry podcast.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here this is Episode 132 of the American revelry podcast. Are you new here? This is the first time you're finding this are you in Odyssey Are you on rumble? Are you on YouTube? Are you stumbling upon this? Hit the subscribe button. Hit the notification bell leave a comment Say hi. Say hey James, let me know you're new. Let me know where you're from, where you're listening from. And if you like what you're hearing so far, all right. If you want to say f EU say f you to me put it in the comment section. So I at least know what the hell's going on. Right? And it strokes, their algorithms. It really does. Wherever you're listening, Odyssey Rumble, it helps me get past some of the censorship. Do me that favor let me know where you're from. Let me know who you are. Let me know why you like this so far. Alright, guys, I like this so far. Because I get to tell you how I truly feel. I get to be a patriot, open my mouth and not be afraid of the left. I get to show you how to not be afraid of the left. I have a job. I have a wife. I have children. I have responsibilities. I have good days. I have bad days, I have problems. But I'm not a coward. And I'm proud to be an American and I love this country and I will never run and when the left comes to my doorstep and asked for my apology. I will proudly tell them to go fuck themselves, just as Dana White has been doing since the beginning. And as you notice, nobody can touch him. He's Teflon. He's Teflon because he knows the secret. And the secret is once you apologize, they own your ass guys. They own your ass. They own you. Plain and simple. You and gab are you and gab guys going gab All right. That platform is awesome. Social media. Alright, yeah. Change the subject real quick ben shapiro style. All right, but with a little more blue collar to it a little more. Cool. Cool, double up.

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may have been the one that just went on the crazy UFC event where that dude like broke his leg. I don't follow it as much. But as a business person, I followed Dana White, because I appreciate him as an entrepreneur. I learn from people like Dana White. Alright, Paul Sacher wrote this article. It's a blaze media article. I think glenn beck owns blaze media. So glenn beck and putting your Paul Sacca article out there Dana White blast woke culture. He always blast woke culture. But like I said before, that's the key. That's the key. We're gonna blast what culture to we are, like I said, if you're on Apple podcast, five star rating, guys. It's no joke. I need your help to blast through the censorship wall. Do your part, please do your part. And I'll do everything I can to keep informing you and entertaining you. But I need you to spread the word about this podcast, I need you to hit those like buttons, subscribe buttons, notification bells, share shares, I need you to do all these things that I'm asking you to do. Because they make a difference. You the individual make a difference. All right. And when you make a difference in what we do, we can grow. And then when the media on the left comes in, attacks us all this stuff I'm learning from Dana White. I can then go What do you say, Dana? I can go, huh? You want me to? Okay, okay, well, is that leftist media? What's my response? My response is Go fuck yourself. That's what I will do. I will never ever apologize. You should never apologize either. We've had a fun, interesting flippy floppy back and forth, up and down way of bringing this episode in and now we're going to get into the meat of it. We're gonna read. All right, Dana White, is the no holds barred president of the UFC, who has no time or patience for woke scolds politics and sports and newspapers questioning his decision to be the first sport to return in a major way since the pandemic White's massively stoked for UFC 261 the latest MMA event for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. the much anticipated event was originally supposed to be held in Singapore, but the coronavirus pandemic ended that scenario. White wanted fans to return and watch the live event and found a few places that would allow an indoor event of such magnitude. Like discovered a friend in Florida Governor Ron de Santas who welcomed UFC 261 to be held in Jacksonville and advertised the sun shine state as an oasis of freedom, which it is speaking of Oasis, Dana White, built an island and put a freakin MMA arena on it and a hotel so that people could come during all this pandemic crap, and still see fighting in international waters. This is real cool stuff. Listen, there are some people out there that like to say, Oh, you talk about some of the stuff Joe Rogan talks about. I'm gonna give you a big differential right now. I don't watch MMA religiously. Once in a while I'll catch a fight but I don't know shit about shit. I don't I'm not some jujitsu guy. I don't share that quality that all these people share on I'm my own unique person. I am James Lane. All right. I am the host of the American Revolution podcast and I have a completely different set of rules and expectations that I live by that all of these other podcasts.

and stuff. All right. So you'll find if you're new to this, that I'm much more unique than anyone else that you're actually listening to. So I really would stick around. I really would stick around Dana White. If he knew who I was. He wouldn't give a shit but you should.

Because he wouldn't give a shit about you.

While is white is massively stoked. All right for the UFC 261 the one Ron de Santos just let them have all right, all 15,000 tickets for UFC 261 which will be held at the vystar Veterans Memorial Arena on Saturday night sold out in minutes. And White called it one of the fastest sellouts in UFC history. UFC 261 Wait, let me see where the date was on this. This is 2425 26 Yeah. Okay, so this was right before the fights on Saturday night. Excuse me. UFC history, UFC 261 will be the first major sporting event to have a full capacity crowd since COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions were implemented in the United States. The indoor event will not have social distancing. an MBA for MMA fans will decide if they want to wear face masks or not. It's up to you. It's your decision. Why told Yahoo Sports that's because we're adults. All right, quote, this is going to be the first full throttle sporting event since COVID. Hit indoor anywhere in the US to Santa said, I think it's fitting, we want it to be safe. But there's lots of stuff that comes at you from the media from social media, all this stuff. Some people don't like to handle that. Dana White goes right into the teeth of that. All right, he goes right into the teeth. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the full capacity indoor event, including the Las Vegas review journal that wrote a story condemning UFC 261 this is where the story comes from. This is where the meat of the story comes from, because his hometown newspaper of Las Vegas, all right, trashes what he's doing in Florida, but won't let him do it to bring tourism to Las Vegas. They're just hypocrites. They're jealous. And they don't like that people like Dana White are free. They're free, ladies and gentlemen, something we all should strive to be free, ladies and gentlemen.

I think that the left is losing its grasp. I think they're very influential and powerful people on the right, that are like the traditional elites from the right, that don't take crap. And I don't think the left know what to do with that. And I think it's disintegrating a giant hole in them. I really do this this articles about UFC 261. But I'm not using it to really get into 261. I don't know the results from 261. I know I heard it was an amazing Fight Night. And I know that there was a lot of people that that that that entertained the crowd. I know that people were screaming and loving it. I know there was you know, people talked about someone got injured and like busted their their leg in some nasty way. Like but but again, like I said, I'm so busy doing the podcasts and reading news and researching politics and I don't have any time I don't watch, I barely, I don't watch a TV show in like a year, I have no time I'm doing the PhD. I've got a family. It just is what it is. It is what it is. So I'm delivering this in the sense of the way that that he approaches the media. That's what I want to highlight. That's the point I'm trying to get you to mine out of this. That's the the data, the the skill set that you need to accumulate from this information about Dana White. What's important about Dana White for you and I, for entertainment might be the fights but it's not necessarily the fights. What is important is how he conducts himself and handles the media handles the criticism from the left against him and what he does, and what the repercussions of his actions are. And the repercussions of his actions are repelling to the left, which is what we're trying to do we want to repel the left. We don't want to give them more ammunition. We don't want to give them reasons and ways to hurt us. And so it seems the best way to deal with them is through a verbal blunt force trauma. f you f the horse who came in on, we don't believe in what you believe. And you're not going to tell me I'm a racist because you're the racist kick rocks, kick rocks, I'm not apologizing to you because I did nothing wrong. And I'm secure in that. I'm secure in that. All right, if you're not securing that I can't help you, but I'm secure. And that Ladies and gentlemen, at least 15,000 people. All right, this is what the Las Vegas review journal segments douchey. At least 15,000 people are willing to risk permanent damage or death to attend a live sporting event again, the opening sentence of a review journal article read the papers cited the disclaimer that says attending UFC 261 may lead to exposure to COVID-19. And that contraction of COVID-19 may result in severe and permanent damage to the health of the holder and or including but not living

to death hours before UFC 261 kicked off white blasted the Las Vegas review journal by calling it a piece of shit local newspaper. White noted that the UFC didn't lay off a single employee during the covid 19 pandemic. We worked with government agencies in Nevada and around the world to put on every event safely. And we chose to bring our biggest fight of the year with Conor McGregor back to town July 10. To help relaunch the city. White wrote on Instagram yet this is how the Las Vegas review journal shows its support for a true local business. Go fuck yourself Las Vegas review journal. And don't bother coming to the fights in July, like concluded making a reference to UFC 264 which will feature Conor McGregor and Dustin poor year I think that's how you say a prayer prayer on July 10. Excuse me, I'm gonna get so much crap for butchering some of this UFC stuff. I apologize guys, I really do. But that is just that you need to approach the left like he approaches the left like Dana White approaches the left even if you're soft spoken. Even if you don't use that, like you don't have to, it's fine. But you got to be tough. You got to have a spine. You can't just sit there and let bygones be bygones and turn the cheek because that's not the game, the left plays the left will steamroll us if you do I want to show you this amazing video that came out. I remember during the during the height of the pandemic it was months and months ago, where the left and pod podcast hosts on the left all different people, politicians that were trashing Dana White. And somebody put this amazing montage together which showed all of these different clips of all the shit he said to the media and to the left. And all the times he's literally crushed them and put them down and says amazing montage showing what he's done, how he's never laid anyone off how they took precautions, how he took care of all of his employees, how they built an island, so his fighters could make money just this amazing, amazing montage and story. And it's gone. It's been taken off of all of the different media sites. I couldn't find it. If you know what I'm talking about have access to it. I would love for you to get it to me if you could James Lane at American revenue calm or of course, in the comment section below. But I couldn't find it. It's gone off of everything I've been looking for for months to tell you the truth. I can't find it at all, but it is phenomenal. Go after yourself. Las Vegas review journal is the right thing to say. Even if it's not the right thing to say morally. It's the right thing to say responsibly, because our way of life is under attack. All right. And like Jordan Peterson says if you're not capable of something, how can you defend it? Right? How can you know the danger of it? How can you take care of the people you love or even yourself? You can't? You can't? All right. The Las Vegas review journal isn't the only one that white slammed this week the UFC President appeared on Candace Owens new talk show. We'll have to watch that. Where he lambasted the mix of sports and politics. Quote, when you watch sports you're tuning in to get away from all the crap that's going on in your life, like told Owens, whether it's personal, professional, political, whatever's going on in the world. That's your time where you tune in. Never once did we talk about COVID. We didn't talk politics. We didn't talk about anything negative that was going on. When you come in and watch two or three hours of our fights. you're tuning in for fights. You're coming in to watch a sport. You want to hear all that crap, watch some other channel, white attacked sports leagues that forced their athletes to have a prescribed opinion on politics and social issues as well. All right, this is a beautiful thing that he said as well. And even the stuff he said before that is great. He's absolutely right. They ruin the NBA, they ruin football, they ruin all these things for everyone. Because you can't see anything without BLM without an Tifa without a social issue. We watch sports to get away from the ridiculous shit that's driving us crazy in our life, the stuff stressing us out the stuff that that's causing pain and problems in our life. These are our hobbies, our breaks our release, and you take them away by flooding them with politics by flooding them with polit political hate porn. All right, so he's absolutely right. When you watch the UFC watch a sport free of politics. That's worth billions for people. All right, that's worth billions for Dana White, and that's worth 1000s for hard working blue blooded frickin Americans blue blooded blue collar Americans excuse me not blue blood that's completely in a different term.

That's like nose in the blue blooded Americans don't want to hear about social issues on their NB a shows whatever those are. No, no, not blue blooded, blue collar, blue collar, ladies and gentlemen, blue collar. That is what I meant. All right. And then he said this other thing about social issues and politics. It's like we live in this world right now. Where nobody's allowed

To have their own opinion. They're all grown men. All right? These are all grown men grown women that fight for us. They all have their own beliefs, their own politics, or whatever it is. They can say whatever they want to say to a point. I mean, there's some times that something's crossed the line. But at the end of the day, too, this is the fight business, guess what they say really mean things to each other in the fight business. We don't put a muzzle on anyone. We don't tell people what they can and can't talk about. Imagine working for a company. And they're telling you to believe this. And he's absolutely right. Imagine working for the NBA and I'm telling you, you have to do this or not. Imagine being the people that have to kiss LeBron James his ass. Alright, by the way, LeBron James is a giant piece of shit. That's a song I wrote. And it's hilarious. All right, it's hilarious. It's like four ago in the videos. LeBron James is a giant piece of shit is the song that will get stuck in your head for the next year. Go listen to it. You won't regret it. You won't regret it. Do you like South Park? Yeah, go listen to it. And the other thing we don't do, we don't tell you who to vote for. White, who's a Trump supporter said this as well. He said, We don't tell you what to believe in. We don't tell you what religion to believe in. We don't tell you any of that shit. You're all grown men and women, what your own beliefs, your own ideas and good for you. You shouldn't have to go to work and listen to that shit white said of woke big tech companies telling their employees of how to think I shouldn't have to, you shouldn't have to go to work and hear about that. None of us should have to deal with that stuff. Especially while we're watching sports. And if the UFC gives us a break from woke politics, critical race theory, BLM and Tifa all this insanity that's sweeping this country. Then I'm gonna watch UFC. And for all the other sports companies out there that aren't doing that that are pushing this woke politics. Get woke, go broke, Baby, you're already feeling it. And we're already seeing it. People are waking up across this country. That's just what it is. That is just what it is. But what he does is something amazing. It's something you need to pay attention to, as a person as an American as somebody who's trying to maneuver and navigate through this swamp of insanity that's happening right now. confidence in yourself. Don't take shit. Alright, know what you're talking about. never apologize. Never stand down. Never, ever given inch.

Do the Dana White strategy guys. Be like Dana White and never give an inch? Ladies and gentlemen, from here forward. I'm not ever going to give an inch. All right, and you can thank Dana White for that because I'm going to do my best to learn from him. I would love to talk to him. I would love to tell if any of you have any connection with Dana White. I can somehow get an interview between me and Dana White. I would love to just have a bullshitting back and forth conversation with him for an hour. All right, if he would give me that time. All right. He might. I grew up hard. I'm sure he could tell. I'm sure he could tell. I'm not saying I am hard. I'm just saying I grew up hard, hard childhood. I'm sure he knows what I'm talking about, folks.

When the left comes knocking at your door, are you going to bend and bow? Are you going to cry and sob? Are you going to sacrifice your children's future for a couple years maybe of peace and solitude?

Or you're going to stand up and fight for what's right, you know, open your mouth? And are you going to tell your version of the Las Vegas journal to go fuck themselves? All right, we all play our part in this we all play a role in this big and small our role might be gigantic as gigantic as President Trump's our role might be as small as a local hairdresser, lumber work or local Home Depot employee that tells people the truth about politics tells people what's happening in this country. But whatever role it is that you play, play that role well, and never, ever, ever give an inch to the left and most importantly, never apologize. All right, folks, thank you so much for watching Episode 132 of the American revelry podcast. I thought this would be a very interesting kind of different shorter episode where we could kind of get into the psychology of it talk a little bit about Dana White what he does. All right, these leftists they have no way past that their whole entryway into our brain the whole way they build a bridge to destroy us. All right to get across the moat and destroy us is through that apology. All right, that literally opens the doors wide open for them to then hold us accountable for things we've never even imagined doing or believing. It's all bull. It's all manipulation and garbage and it's about time we start using their own crap against them and we just say no is no Enough is enough. eff off. I am not going to take it guys. I'm not going to take and if you're still stressed out

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