Dealing with Space Junk and Looking Epic! SpaceX Crew Dragon BRACE FOR IMPACT! | Ep 131

April 27, 2021 James Lane Episode 131
Dealing with Space Junk and Looking Epic! SpaceX Crew Dragon BRACE FOR IMPACT! | Ep 131
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In episode 131 of the American Reveille Podcast, we take our eyes off Washington and set them upon the stars! SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft was almost hit by a UFO!... or was it? Either way, they look cool AF! I dont know if you knew this but astronauts now look like they did in sci-fi movies when we were kids. I think we are in for some unimaginable surprises over the next few years. This episode is awesome! 

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Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here this is Episode 131 of the American revelry podcast and Ilan Musk's SpaceX capsule with astronauts in tow inside, flying through space order to put on your suits. Put down your visors, strap in brace for shock. It's about to get Apollo 13 Up In This Bitch. Tom Hanks is nowhere to be found. And you don't have any bubblegum or paperclips. MacGyver, where are you when we need you? It didn't get that far. Nothing happened. They said it was space junk. But you know, folks, the world is real weird right now. I wouldn't be surprised if something out of the ordinary might have been happening. We're gonna talk about some of that next on the American revelry podcast. I think it's important that we step away from the politics a little bit once in a while. Now, I may make a joke or two, I talk about politics 99.9% of the time. So if I talk a little smack, all right, it might flow out. But this is improv This is shoot from the hip. This is spontaneous. So you never know. You never know what I'm more interested in? is why. Why all of a sudden, has all of this UFO activity sparked up? Why all of a sudden, are their pictures showing up? Is the government

coming out? Why are they coming out and saying, Yeah, this stuff's real. I mean, for the first time in history, we're hearing that from our government, and nobody cares. It's not a big deal, apparently, is, is there a reason for this? I mean, I mean, there's got to be an explanation. And a big time reports going to be coming out in May or June from the government that's supposed to contain pictures that make the things we've seen so far, look like child's play. There's supposedly up close, detailed, high definition pictures now of UFO craft. Is that this article? No, this article is about space junk, possibly killing astronauts. But it didn't it didn't kill the astronauts. But what I want to highlight out of this is just how far spaceflight technology even how space astronauts look in their spacesuits. I mean, it's amazing. It's like I blinked and we went 1000 years into the future. And I want to highlight that I want to show you that while we talk about all this stuff in the background. And I think that it's going to be a nice little step away from what we normally do. It'll give me a chance to practice and showcase some of my talents, other than talking crap about political figures. And I think it'll be quite enjoyable. So I would appreciate it if you'd give us a try. Give it a test run. See how this episode does for you if you're not one of our normal fans, and I will see you when we get through the intro.

Ladies and gentlemen, James Lane here. This is Episode 131 of the American revenue podcast. Like I said in the intro, something a little different. A little outer spacey, little Elan Musk, you know, this isn't financial advice. No, this isn't a Dogecoin advertisement, though I do have 20,000 Dogecoin. Folks, this is about space, the final frontier. And when we go to space, we will have to know that a bunch of people will die on the way to Mars Ilan must set earlier today. But that's not the topic that we're talking about here today. The topic we're talking about is all of these crafts that we keep hearing about and seeing. All right, and that's not really even the topic of this article. That's just kind of how I am approaching this article having heard and read about and seen all of the news, just casually coming out on the bottom of our of our newspapers of our websites or news sites, where nobody's noticing them because everybody is is busy, you know, wondering when the mob is gonna come burn down their business. A lot of weird stuff happening in the background folks. Speaking of weird stuff, it's really weird that you're not following me on social media. It really is. It's really weird. And I would really like you to fix that. Go in the description section below. Follow me on gab, follow me on parlor at the James Lehmann parlor, American underscore Reveley on gab Odyssey od YSE it is an alternative to YouTube and it is fantastic go into the description section below and subscribe follow me on Odyssey sign up on Odyssey if you want they don't pay me to say it I really love how to see those so I'm going to tell you about it so go there od why as he it spelled wrong on purpose go there. Check them out. I think you should join up there in the description section below. Like I said the link directly to my Odyssey pages there I think you should follow me. Alright. If you're listening on Apple podcast five star rating guys. That's how people hear about us comment five star rating.

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Be a poor name, you know, Anthony throw or whatever. Ariel silver, Stacy Liberata Ray. They wrote this article the false alarm for SpaceX. Let's read. A SpaceX rocket did not have a near miss with a piece of space junk. Despite the crew being ordered to buckle up in their seats over fears of collision. It was revealed Monday that Friday's collision alert on the Falcon nine rocket was a false report. With that blunder now being probed the Space Command spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Eric den deck excuse me,

said of the apparent threat. We quickly realized that this was a reporting error and that there was never a collision threat because there was no object at risk of colliding with the capsule.

The warning saw the for us astronauts aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon mission to the International Space Station ordered to lower their visors around seven hours after taking off from Cape Canaveral. They were warned of an unknown object heading their way for awareness. By the way, think about that they were warned of an unknown object getting their way for awareness we have identified a late breaking possible conjunction with a fairly close Miss distance to dragons SpaceX is Sara gills told the astronauts as such we need you to immediately proceed with suit dawning and securing yourselves in your seats. The announcement came 20 minutes before the possible collision, forcing the crew to suit up and strap in their seats in preparation of an impact that could cause a loss of air pressure. Copy Sarah you want us in the suit for a possible close call crew to astronaut Thomas Pasquale of the European Space Agency radioed back, NASA captured the event via a live stream that shows a view of Dragon drifting away from SpaceX his Falcon nine second stage, along with a clear view of the object soaring past the unknown object was initially believed to be an immediate threat to both the crew and craft. But NASA later determined that the space junk passed around 20 miles away at its closest point this is actually pretty cool looking. Check this out guys. Whoo. It's like a sewer can live that's what it looks like. Like the Ninja Turtles just popped out. And the sewer lid flew off but since we're in space, it flies off forever. And it's just going flippity flippity flippity flippity man space graphics have gotten so much better. Do you remember when we were younger? For those that are you know, in their in their mid to late 30s my age maybe a little older? Do you remember when we were getting the space images and they were blurry and horrible and I mean this looks like the stuff in movies now like it's like right up on par it's really really good. Look at some of this stuff, guys. That's beautiful. You see the planet you see the reflection of the sun. You see space Joe hurdling past it's always nice to know that that the area surrounding right as surrounding our planet. It is a reflection right of the people inhabiting it I'm so glad to know that our planet is like a red next house. that that that that there's 13 cars sitting in the front lawn, and nobody and I'm not saying redneck in a derogatory way I'm from the East Coast guys. I'm an East Coast right winger. So So when I say redneck, I don't mean like a redneck in the sense of like the southern guy with a pickup truck and the cowboy hat or even the guy spitting dip of a chick with cowboy but what I'm talking about right is like the real real real real like like down back country folk that like have like the overgrown yards and the 13 rusted cars, and there's junk piled to the ceiling. That's all I'm talking about. So I'm not trying to say it in a derogatory way. So before you lose your your stuff before you get your panties in a wad. You got the clarification from me so calm down. All right, all I'm saying is Earth's front yard is full of rusted pickup trucks. That's what's happening all right, that's what's happening the space aliens they drive by they lock their doors they see there's junk everywhere there's bars on the window they're like screw this place. All right. So it says here when Crew Dragon separated from the Falcon nine rocket 12 minutes into the mission. A piece of the debris from the front of the capsule was said to have broken off all right, but then Space Command is also saying there was no near miss and nothing broke off.

So what is this? What is this saucer shaped object? This thing right even as a divot in the front it looks like the frickin spaceship from from Independence Day. You know the little one? You did not shoot that green shit at me. You know Will Smith right?

I that's my best. That's a terrible maybe if I drink some water. I could do a better laser impression. What do you guys think? Do you think I could do a better laser impression

Let's see.

I don't know. I don't know. I was born a human. I was not born a laser. Maybe I can identify as a laser and then get all the benefits of a laser. But I don't know what those benefits would be, guys. The SpaceX capsule carrying four astronauts arrived at the space station on Saturday, a day after launching from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the Dragon capsule docked autonomously with the orbiting outpost more than 260 miles above the Indian Ocean. Although there are 1000s of pieces of space debris circling Earth, none of SpaceX missions have ever been in danger by them. None of the previous missions demo to and crew one such chunks of the capsule hurl into space and even more strange pieces that came flying back. However, mechanical parts can separate during such phases due to the force of the vehicles pulling them apart. Daily reached out to SpaceX for comment but did not receive a response. The crew narrowly missed one thread and found themselves in a second just six and a half hours later, some seven hours after launching it was initially reported. They were in pre sleep period followed by a long day when Gil's voice was heard over the radio without a warning. Oh excuse me with a warning of the possible threat. Lieutenant Colonel Aaron dick us Space Command spokes person told Daily Mail calm and email Friday as the crew to Dragon spacecraft was heading towards the International Space Station. Us space commands a team space control Squadron alerted NASA of a possible near term conjunction between the SpaceX crew to Dragon spacecraft and an unknown object isn't stuff starting to sound all like spacey and like military like like, like you know, when you watch a sci fi movie, it sounds like this, you know, US Space Command 18 space control Squadron like that's what it sounds like space control Squadron. You know, come on, you know where I'm going in accordance with safety procedures. NASA and SpaceX notified the crew to take appropriate measures donning their suits, lowering their visors until after the expected time of closest approach, there was not time for the astronauts to perform an emergency maneuver. So the best thing they could do was put on their pressurized suits, strap in their seats and lower the protected visors in case of a collision. That must have been some cheek puckering experience for these guys. They're in space, right? They're there. They're sitting in the seat. They know something's coming. You can't steer out of the way if it's gonna hit you. It's gonna hit Yeah. So put on your suits and prepare to why prepare to float around in space in a suit and die that way of what starvation or would you like float into the atmosphere and burn up?

And like spontaneously combust. Like, what's that like at that point? If like, if the capsule gets hit with that flying freakin sewer lid, right? The Flying Pog from frickin space and slices in half. But everyone's got their suit on. I mean, is it just to make them feel better? I don't know. I don't know these things. I'd love it if someone would explain it to me in the comment section below. This thing's cool though. I like looking at the space pictures and it's showing where the first piece of debris was the second piece and this orbit

spun around the earth and just did a discus twirl right past the frickin ship. However, upon further analysis, the US Space Command determined that the flying discus was not a threat upon further analysis. All right, the 18 spcs quickly determined. Alright, the potential conjunction between the crew two capsule in the object was an inaccurate report. And there was never a collision threat. All right, the appropriate notifications were made within minutes. And the astronauts safely continued their mission, the 18 spcs continued to track crew two's progress to the International Space Station to ensure a safe arrival. Then what I like By the way, about Elon Musk's kind of Houston, they're like it's much more, you know, updated to what actually like government facilities kind of look like like I I've worked in a lot of government facilities, different things like that. And, and they look like this, you know, I mean, his extra nice. He's, he's got extra tall ceilings because he's got extra billions. But, I mean, this is pretty, pretty, pretty standard

stuff right here that I've seen just when I was even in the Navy, when you work on shore commands, it looks like that. I mean, he is really integrated, like government, you know, NASA

SpaceX. Ilan really has a hold on things he really does. I mean, it's very impressive. After further analysis, the 18 space control Squadron quickly determined there was no conjunction at all. All aboard are safe. The spacecraft was not at risk. Humphrey said that, in hindsight, the unidentified object was 45 kilometers from the spacecraft at its closest point, and was enough to pose a threat of collision. I don't know 45 Colombian club kilometers Excuse me? kilometers, whatever. For 45 kilometer. I don't know where my brain is right now. 45 kilometers is pretty far. Right. A kilometer is a little less than a mile, I would guess was probably like 37 miles away. That's pretty far. Right. Like that's really far, but maybe in space is not far I don't know how that works. Ultimately, there was no real danger to the crew or the spacecraft. According to Humphreys, the Dragon capsule docked with the orbiting outpost more than 260 miles above the Indian Ocean. A day after launching from NASA's Kennedy Space Center. The new arrivals representing the US France and Japan will now spend six months at the space station and will replace the four astronauts who will return to Earth in their own Dragon capsule on Wednesday. All right, everything is so cool looking. Now guys, look at this stuff. Look, they got touchscreens, flat screens. This stuff's way better than it was it remember when it was like a TV monitor? Right. And like some drawings and stuff. Like look at this. This stuff's kind of older, the International Space Station, right? But then look to the left, this thing looks like something from a Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks like the spacecraft that Kurt Russell was riding on. It looks like all right, it looks like if you've ever seen Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, that white spacecraft with the with the what was the drive it used an improbability drive to travel. It looks like that. It looks like it's the year 3000 in that capsule, it's pretty cool. It's pretty cool. These people are floating in space and saying hi to each other. That seems pretty COVID safe. I'm just waiting for a lefty to see this and go Where are their masks? Why aren't they wearing masks in space? It's wrong with these freakin white racist people. And other people that aren't white. They're racist to because no longer Anyway, I'm not going to. I told you I don't want to get too far into politics. All right. I don't. I think that's cool. I want to float in space. All right. They say that we're gonna have people. Alright people on Mars. They're expecting to have people on Mars 2026 we'll see if he makes the deadline. It's the first time to SpaceX crew dragons have been parked in space at the same time. Shannon Walker the space station's commander said we are so excited to have you aboard. Although this was SpaceX is third crew flight for NASA. It was the first to use a vehicle from which has flown before Alright, which has flown before and essential part of Musk's push to the Moon and Mars. So what they're saying is they reuse the craft it's the first time and that's very important because reusing things saves money and saving money is the key to space exploration. The Dragon capsule was also used for SpaceX is first crew launched last May while the Falcon rocket soaring Friday hoisted crew to in November. That's a really cool picture. I think our hair looks awesome. You see that? astronauts hair it's floating up.

ESA astronaut Thomas per square France NASA astronaut Shane kimbro and Megan McArthur excuse me, Megan MacArthur and JAXA astronaut, Akihiko shibi, of Japan of crew to from left and black shirts, assemble a crew one for their welcome ceremony. That's pretty cool. I like this picture for those listening. I've been looking at all these cool pictures. They're in the spacecraft in the International Space Station. It looks like like a floating navy ship. It's just white and not gray. All these folks. I mean, what an honor of a lifetime to be in outer space. That's got to be pretty interesting. I wonder if anybody's ever had sex in space? Do you think that that's something? Do you think? If you asked Buzz Aldrin that question, he'd have some weird stories. I don't know. I don't know. I mean, they were all male back then too. So let's not get too into those stories. But anyway, I digress. These are amazing pictures, guys, amazing pictures of space. If you're listening, the only way you can see these pictures is by either finding this article on The Daily Mail, you're going to request it from me put in the comments or email me James Lane at American revenue comm or just watch the video go to Odyssey and watch it. Just watch it. I know you're listening. You're probably driving or whatever. But if you get home, go to the page. Watch it and scroll forward. And you can see these amazing pictures. Even the spacesuits today. The spacesuits look like futuristic stuff. I mean, that's amazing. That's amazing.

Look at the silhouette. Amazing.

Amazing. NASA had previously been Reliant I mean it that looks like the sun is so huge. It's it's you can't even describe the picture we're looking at if that's the sun with the space station, the space station inside of it, right like inside of its shadow or like its silhouette of the Space Station. I mean the sun just looks like this giant orb. It's just so massive. It's mind boggling. It's It's amazing. Amazing. NASA had been previously reliant on Russia's Soyuz program since its own shuttle program ended in 2011 isn't embarrassing. NASA astronauts Shane kimbra and Megan McArthur, the commander and pilot of the returning dragon monitor their capsules flat screen monitor says the space station loomed ever larger. They could have taken control if necessary, but the autonomous system did its job must look much like a self driving car. We've really come a long way guys. Also checking into the space station was Frenchmen Thomas is good and Japanese is Akihiko, Sydney, a NASA spokesman said crew to joins expedition 65 crew of crew of Shannon Walker, Michael Hopkins Victor Glover, Mark van de Jai of NASA as well as searching Taguchi of JAXA and Roscosmos cosmonauts, Oleg Novitsky and pure water. It's probably Peter Dube, rove, the crew members first open the hatch between the space station and the press pressurized meeting adapter at 7:05am. EDT and then open the hatch to Crew Dragon. This is pretty cool looking guys. This is really cool. Look at those spacesuits. The spacesuits are they used to be so bulky. Do you remember? Do you remember the MTV logo with the Spaceman on it? With a giant pack? Look at this. These guys look like they could do yoga in their spacesuits. This stuff is really cool. It's really cool, guys. It's really cool stuff. If you need a break from politics. There's a ton of awesome stuff going on in outer space right now. Pay attention. All right, pay attention. It's so cool.

It's so cool. If you've never seen Elan musk land our rocket alright if you didn't know he could do that. Go look it up on YouTube. Go look it up on Google go look it up on I know we've banned like half of those sites we don't like them because they're freaking assholes. But they freaking have a monopoly the internet What do you want? What do you want from you got to find this stuff somewhere right? Go to DuckDuckGo go to Odyssey go to rumble wherever and just type in Ilan musk landing rockets and you will poop yourself. The future is here now. It's absolutely amazing. Absolutely stunning. NASA TV will continue to provide live coverage through the welcoming ceremony with leadership from NASA, ESA and JAXA to greet the crew on station. SpaceX boss Ilan musk added I'm just really proud of the SpaceX team honored to be partnered with NASA and helping with Jackson esa as well. I don't know how to do a really good Elan musk impression, but he talks kind of quiet sometimes. So that's why I started it's very intense I suppose. It does get a little bit easier but it's still extremely intense. anyone got any pointers for me? By the way? Anyone do a good Elon Musk impression or no any GIS to doing a good Elan musk impression? Let me know. Let me know. I usually can't sleep the night before launch. And that's true of the night before this one Ilan you never sleep anyway. Isn't that true? Isn't that true? The last time three agencies launched for the ISS from US soil was in 2002 on the Space Shuttle Endeavour, French astronaut Pisco plans to dine and style during his stay. And as packs of course the Frenchman packed a lobster and beef. What is that burger? None. And that's how you know I'm not rich. I have no frickin idea what beef burger Britain is. How do you say that beef? Bo? You are GUIGNON bergbahnen? Non What is that? What is that? I have to Google that I have to DuckDuckGo that I'm just programmed to say Google that. Excuse me. I don't know what that is. But it's delicious looking. I don't beef burger and run by men. Okay. Excuse me. Let's say the English weigh beef burgundy. It's a beef stew braised in red wine, often red burgundy and beef stock flavor with carrots, onions, garlic, and bitquick and garnish with pearl onions, mushrooms and bacon. I've made this actually and I've had this and it's delicious. Delicious. I really can't talk too much crap about the French guy. That sounds yummy. I mean, I don't know how good freeze dried lobster and beef burgundy tastes. He brought coffee.

He brought black rice, potato cakes, wild mushrooms and almond tarts, caramelized peers, pears, pears, caramelized pears would be if he were to lose his mind in space. And then caramelize carmelize all of his crew member teammates in some sort of sugary substance.

That would be terrifying. That's a horror movie waiting to happen. Remember event horizon? Close enough? Close enough? I don't know, this guy probably packed it like in the shaving cream cam that the fat dude from Jurassic Park was trying to steal the dinosaur embryos and All right, this is not he didn't bring a whole lobster up there. I promise you. I promise you the government wouldn't allow that. There's a lot of expectations when you send a French man into space. I got to do that different Hold on.

Oh, there's a lot of expectation. When you send a French man into space or the squad said, I'm just keep saying his name differently. During a European Space Agency news conference last month, I'm a terrible cook myself that it's okay. If the people are doing it for me.

He and his crew mates will feast on dishes prepared by three separate French culinary institutions. But the meals are only for special occasions. It'd be really, really if I was I'm such a deck. If I was an astronaut. I would totally bring freedom fries with me just to screw with them. Come on, come on. Come on. I would bring I would bring

you know the those those baguette sandwiches at the fireplace? What are those called bond me I bring a bond me sandwich. I'd be like Sorry, I like Vietnamese food. I don't like French food. And he'd be like,

twirl his mustache. I don't think he has a mustache. But in my imagination he does. Guys. I think this is cool. I think you should know about it. I think you should be in the know, with everything, not just politics, you should know what we're doing in outer space. You should know what we're doing as the United States, you should know what entities in private business are working with what government entities? How else will you be informed to know what decisions you should make for your personal life and destination? I know, it used to be that it didn't have to do with the government. He didn't have to worry about this crap. But sorry. So sorry. All right, can't help you with that jack is 2021. And now we're all entwined in this garbage. And we all have to make decisions with the best knowledge and best data available. All right. And if you are not willing to be informed in multiple aspects of this world, not just politics, but in other things and other interesting topics that may be of use that may give you a glimpse into where we're going. All right, then you're gonna get left behind. And I don't want that for you. And that's why I want to bring you these things from all different areas, folks, they've been seeing UFOs all over their stories of unidentified flying objects going under the ocean floor popping out of the ocean floor and shooting up in outer space seen by Navy sailors and said to be real by the US government. I'm not Alex Jones. All right. I'm not talking to the lizard people. I'm not our bell. I'm not George Nori. All right. I'm a regular guy somewhere in between Steven Crowder and Tim Poole. Alright, that's who I am bringing you the American revelry podcast, a blue collar white knuckle callous and hard working bald man with an amazing goatee. Excuse me. That's just like you guys just like you guys trying to deliver the truth in an entertaining fashion, build this beautiful bulging media company up into a behemoth that has the same type of power the left has on the narrative so we can grab it by the horns and steer it in the right direction. Whenever the hell they try to get off track. We are the counterbalance. That's what we're trying to do here guys. So I want to bring you this information. I am curious to see what comes out. I want to know I want to believe molder I want to believe but right now. I'm Scully right now I'm Scully and I'm waiting to see what this report says in May or June from the US government. I really am. And when that comes out, you can bet your sweet Sally is that we're going to do a podcast on that too. Alright guys, thank you so much for watching Episode 131 of the American revenue podcast. I really really enjoyed doing this one. Follow us on gab. Follow us on Odyssey Follow us on parler Alright, we are all over the place links in the description section below. Give us the five star rating on Apple podcasts hit the like button guys smash smash smash the like button leave a comment subscribe. Hit the notification bell. I need your help. I need your donations to get through as well. If you have the time and the money we've got the honey baby www dot American hit the support us tab we'll invest every penny you give right back into this company so we can grow into the nation wide mammoth that it needs to be so we can keep waking up patriots and empowering the masses guys. Ancient life oil calm

Amazing stuff ancient life where promo code James, free shipping and handling. Like I said, stick around two minutes. For the little promo video I put together on ancient life oil. This stuff is the bomb, baby is the bomb. Alright. So with that being said, I want to believe I want to know what's out there. I want to be shocked and surprised and I have a feeling in the next couple years, there's going to be all kinds of things that we would have never even imagined possible. Folks, thank you so much. And I'll see you in Episode 132. Bye.

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