Nineteen Since 9/11: For Those Patriots Who Haven't Forgotten | Episode 30

September 11, 2020 James Lane Episode 30
Nineteen Since 9/11: For Those Patriots Who Haven't Forgotten | Episode 30
Show Notes Transcript

In the 30th Episode of the American Reveille Podcast, we remember the tragedy of 9/11 and discuss how the events occurring today may be directly linked to the events that occurred nineteen years ago back in 2001. None of us ever saw this coming!

Thank you for listening and enjoy the show!

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American Reveille Podcast
Episode 0030: A Much Needed Reminder 
Introduction Hook
Segment One: 
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the 30th episode of the American Reveille podcast, I am your host James Lane, and you may be wondering why I'm releasing an extra episode this week. Well folks, today is September 11th, 2020, and with everything going on this year, it can be easy to forget certain promises we all made nineteen years ago. 
I want to put out a disclaimer really quick because this is not going to be an easy episode or a politically correct episode, not that any of my shows are. I want to say this to anyone listening who is on the left, wasn’t alive for it, and thinks they have an opinion… shut up… just shut up and walk away, this episode isn’t for you. I'm speaking to the Patriots out there… the people left that still care about this country, about our way of life… I have something to say that everyone needs to hear. 
Before we get too deep into this, we have to set the mood. I want to take you back to 2001, and with the way things have been the last few months I have no doubt that more than a few of you will come with me willingly though the memory may be bittersweet. I think I still had my beeper at the time. People forget that not so long ago a time existed with no Iphones, no google maps, no doordash, no Youtube. You went out and figured stuff out… information was a little bit slower. I mean, Myspace came out in 2003. I seem to remember a time with better food, better music, and better people, don’t you? But the truth is that the people were no different back then than they are now; the big difference today is basically just the speed that all this endless information moves combined with more powerful technology. The people are still the same and you and I both know that. So in this episode, I'm going to paint you a picture of 19 years ago and explain to you how 9/11 contributed to what we are seeing right now in this country. 
Planted in mangled metal and blood, fertilized with greed, and now sprouting as thick, thorny, and creeping vines with the intent of choking out every major city across this great land, eventually snuffing out the last beacon of hope this world has to offer.
 On September 11th, 2001, I was sleeping in the back of my 2nd-period class. If I remember correctly, I was in 11th grade and if I am going to be honest with you, I didn’t fully comprehend the significance of the event until my mid 20’s when my brain matured a little bit more. We're talking over 5 years of processing what happened to really get a grasp on the events that occurred. Id like to think I'm a smart cookie, and if you ask my mom, she’ll most likely agree.
I can only imagine what other conclusions were made by quick thinking and ill-informed people… I can only imagine what the kids growing up in those homes had to listen to every day. So in honor and remembrance of every American who gave their life that day and in the wars after…we are going to time travel and we are going to remember what happened, we are going to talk about it, and we are going to tie it into what's happening right now. We made a promise, and its time to stop breaking it. 
What if I told you that I believe Osama Bin Laden most likely had ZERO intentions of striking the United States again after 9/11 and if he did, those feelings didn’t last long. What if I told you that the strikes on our twin towers, the Pentagon, and what would have been another target unintentionally revealed a specific weakness to our enemy… what if I told you that it was old guard politicians from both sides of the aisle that unintentionally revealed this weakness and even further… what if I told you that we may be dealing with a related problem at the moment? Ladies and gentlemen, I say this knowing that evil exists in all men and women regardless of political affiliation, yet its how that person chooses to live that defines them…It was greed that brought this fight to our doorsteps, its this greed that the radical left think they can fix with Socialism and you'll hear of my thoughts on the matter as we remember the morning of September 11th, 2001… 19 years and here we are… but where were you?
We know where I was… but what about you? Were you at work? Were you at school? Were you in the car? Or on the bus? Every single person knows where they were and what they were doing that morning. Some folks, 92 of them to be exact, were sitting on American Airlines flight 11 as they took off from Bostons Logan International Airport…The time was 7:59 am, and they were heading to Los Angeles of all places, a very different Los Angeles than Gavin Newstrom's Los Angeles. About 15 minutes later, another group of people, 65 of them, take off from the same airport in the same type of aircraft, this time flight 175, heading to the same destination, which unfortunately means more than one thing in this story. At 8:20 am and 8:41 am, another two flights take off… the first, flight 77, from Dulles International Airport near Washington DC and the second, flight 93, from Newark International Airport… this one heading to San Fransisco. 
Imagine just sitting there on that plane; by this time, maybe your leg has fallen asleep, your uncomfortable in the small seating arrangement, you start to doze off only to wake up as a hostage. So, between 8:15 and 8:24 in the morning, the tower and feds find out that flight 11 has been hijacked:
[insert hijacking recording]
At 8:46 am, terrified Americans strapped in their seats on a passenger plane turned guided missile hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center between the 93-and 99th floor. Imagine being strapped to your seat, knowing that you'll never see your loved ones again, imagine your parents, your kids, your spouse, everyone is crying, everyone is crumbling around you. You close your eyes and take one long final breath, scared and alone as 200,000 lbs of aluminum, jet fuel, and flesh intermingle with a steel-framed skyscraper. You and 100’s of other people instantly evaporate, and the fireball literally melts everything in its path. This is where Flight 11’s story ends, but for the rest of the world, the story was just beginning. 
1000s upon 1000s of people begin to gather in disbelief as smoke billows into the sky. At some point, we all asked if it was real, we all wondered if it was possible. It's at this moment when the world stood still, and everything seemed to be falling down around us that the New York Police and Fire Departments stepped up and heald this country together. Immediately… within minutes, dozens upon dozens and then 100s of emergency service members rushed in to begin evacuating the North tower. 
People are trapped, people are terrified, people are calling their spouses and loved ones and saying goodbye, People are witnessed jumping to their death from the towers. Its something that most of us never saw before, regardless of if it was in person or on television… And it was on television, it was on every channel. 
Between 8:59 and 9:02am, rescue personnel are knee-deep into the evacuation of the north tower and begin flooding into the south tower to evacuate her as well. 1000s of terrified individuals watch on from outside the building as millions watch on around the world. From inside the South tower, the evacuation call is heard over the loudspeaker, and people begin rushing to the exits. 
Something unthinkable happens within a minute of that evacuation call. Exactly 1 minute after the call to evacuate, and I want you to think about this, while everyone's running to the exit and cramming the stairways and elevators, out of nowhere, flight 175 liquefies itself between the 77-85th floors of the south tower to the terrified screams of onlookers and the final momentary cries of the crew and passengers aboard. 100’s and 100s of people are instantly killed or trapped.
As the worst day in American History seemed to just keep one-upping itself, imagine how chaotic it was, you don’t even have to imagine, just remember it. Remember watching people fall to their deaths on live television, remember the stunned news anchors and the unsetting feeling we all had. Was an invasion next? Are we being nuked? What the hell is going on? There was no device full of information to pull out of our pockets; there was no peace. 
After the second plane hits, the New York Police Department deploys over 2000 more officers to the scene to be joined by hundreds of firefighters shortly after. Many of these first responders were up 60, 70, 80 flights of stairs, saving countless lives for what seemed like an eternity. So what happens next? We know that word got out about other hijackings and that at 9:37 am, the news cut away from the evacuation of the twin towers to the Pentagon, where flight 77 had just smashed into the side of the building. Everyone on the plane is dead, over 100 in the Pentagon are dead… we are all freaking out and wondering what is happening as key parts of Washington DC are evacuated. No one ever imagined this could happen here. By this time, people are receiving phone calls from flight 93:
[insert calls from 93]
A 911 operator, a moment later, possibly having just received one of those calls, could have very well looked up at the television at 9:59am and caught the live collapse of the southern world trade tower. Floor by floor, the structure buckles and implodes upon itself as bystanders scream in horror. Over 800 people die within moments… that’s cops, firefighters, and innocent civilians… moms, dads, children. They become part of an ominous dust cloud and a post-traumatic nightmare for 1000s of Americans. 
A few minutes later, brave civilians overpower the hijackers of flight 93 and sacrifice themselves in a field... they die alone, needlessly for all of us. We find out later the plane was headed towards the capital building or Whitehouse. Still glued to the TV, we cut back to the north world trade tower, rescue operations underway…. In an instant, 1600 lives are extinguished as the tower crumbles in front of every man, woman, and child on American soil and this country buckles, every American drops to their knees. There were kids trapped in daycare in these buildings, moms and dads trapped in elevators… people rushing down emergency exits… people desperately trying to get home to their families and hold them one last time. Sobbing, hyperventilating, praying, dying… These lives were stolen from us. They were stolen from their children, from their parents, and from their wives and husbands. Altogether, that’s 2,606 people… 343 firefighters, 60 police officers, 8 paramedics, and countless others. Now its 19 years later, and we promised we'd never forget. Yet, here we are abandoning our first responders over politics, here people cower in fear of terrorists, here people dishonor the memory of our loved ones. 
So now that we have a more vivid recollection of the day it happened, let's talk about what we saw in the aftermath. We saw crying loved ones, we saw people holding missing family member posters, we saw images of the dead and survivors covered in dust. We saw people with their entire bodies burned, limbs crushed between the rubble, and heard tales of the stench for months. 
The entire nation, black, white, Latino, Asian, rich, poor, the entire nation came together as President Bush declared war on terror. Much like the extremists that hijacked what could have been a useful moment in this country a few months ago, politicians did the same thing in 2001. We now know who had what to gain throughout the last two decades.
In my opinion, Bin Laden may have been smarter than we ever gave him credit for. He knew he could never win a physical war. So what did he do? He built a giant bear trap, and unfortunately for us, the politicians fell right into it. A feigning maneuver coupled with a long term pinning strategy kept all eyes on war and infiltration while government control and surveillance skyrocketed. Americans came together in a way that hadn’t been seen in decades, and brotherly love was at an all-time high through a different reality was playing out overseas. We went to war, a war voted for mind you by people like Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton, the same people pretending to be the good guys. So we went to war for the Americans who died on September 11th and haven't stopped since. We found no weapons of mass destruction, and American patriots lost their lives… with even more of them living with the scars to this day. Famous battles took place, and brave military men and women received medals while simultaneously others received folded flags and emptiness. We know the truth about the wars and the pockets they filled. We know about the good and humble work our men and women in uniform worked their asses off to do, and we know about how our government betrayed them time and time again. Remember, Joe Biden, Lied about Benghazi a month after it happened.
 So I have some simple questions to ask you that I want you to ask yourself…
How is it that Donald Trump was able to defeat ISIS so quickly?  How was it that Trump can bring so many of our service members home and deescalate the conflicts in the middle east to the point that Arab and Israeli peace is now a thing? I don’t know if you heard it on the mainstream media, but did you even know Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?
We have middle eastern conflict going back well before the 1970s, so why is it that Trump can all of a sudden get these countries to start coming together and make peace with each other? The answer is straightforward, its because Trump doesn’t have a financial interest in middle eastern oil. You know who does seem to have a financial interest in middle eastern oil? Every president since 9/11 and before Trump. There's also a bunch of politicians in this pile from both sides of the aisle, but that’s an entire show of its own. 
Bin Laden knew that by sucker-punching the United States, he could drag us into a never-ending war… We are a free country with a media that broadcasts everything, with loose-lipped politicians bragging all over the world, and with a government dictated by the people. Why would you want to drag us into a never-ending war, you ask? Great question. Studying our History, Bin Ladin knew that if America fought long enough in an overseas war, the people of the United States would become sympathetic to their cause. 
This doesn’t sound crazy anymore, does it? Not in the age of social justice warriors and left-wing extremists… ask yourself… how long did it take before it became a violation of political correctness to say anything negative whatsoever about the middle east and terrorism? How long until it started to seem like all of our institutions were becoming infected with some sort of hypnotic toxin? Within a few short years, our institutions, our culture, and our children were condemning all of us based upon racist ideology. Political correctness seemed to sweep in overnight like a plague of Egypt, taking many a firstborn, indoctrinated into their ranks.  
This is the pinning maneuver they didn’t want us to see, so they just fed it to us in small doses so we wouldn’t notice the infiltration. Counting on the greed of politicians and based upon the History of the United States and its people, Bin Laden laid a trap, and the United States fell into it headfirst. With the diversionary attack on 9/11 and the pinning in place of our forces via endless war, the terrorists were free to influence the hearts and minds of the American people on brand new never before seen miracle inventions like social media and the iPhone. The people at the top didn’t notice because they were to busy getting richer and more out of touch. Obama made people feel like we were more together than ever, yet when you look at the facts and when you look at the numbers, we were more apart then every before… in fact, every year after the wars began, this country grew more divided. Don’t deny it, we know its true. We felt it, we saw it with our own eyes. 
What happened to ISIS? We don’t hear about them anymore because Trump killed them all… I'm serious, the entire thing… there's no more ISIS… it's functionally dead. Trump even dropped a missile on Soleimani’s forehead at the Baghdad airport. Why couldn’t we do this before? It's not our military’s fault as it’s the leadership that was shackling our men and women at the wrists and ankles. They were fighting multiple wars for decades on a choke chain. So, why are we still overseas, you ask? Those are questions for Bush and Obama, Trump's bringing everyone home. Another 40% this month.
As Trump began pounding the terrorists from the beginning of his presidency in 2016, they began to lose grasp on this strategy as caliphate leadership began to die off quicker than they could be replaced. We have, at that point, 15 or 16 years of endless war and lousy crony capitalism mixed with garbage politics… further driving the middle class toward extinction and tightening the chokehold around American families. Trump then wins the election in 2016 and the Democrat party begins to crack… time goes by and as the terrorists lose grip on the war of influence… a power vacuum forms. This power vacuum is seized by the radical left, this power vacuum is filled by extremist groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter…The Democrats endorse leftist extremism. They consent and approve with deafening silence. Americans across the country… sick of war, sick of violence, sick of hate, sick of the very environment democrats have created for them… Americans who never forgot and those who are being suddenly reminded are having a lie shoved down their throats… we all are. The same people who voted for war are supported by war…they need war… they can't live without it… so much so that they would sell out their own country for the power and money at stake. Ladies and gentlemen, if we let the American Dream die, what future is left for our kids? For our grandkids? If we forget what it is to be an American… to possess that fighting spirit, that pioneer spirit, that cowboy spirit, that American spirit… that grit that makes you the greatest innovators, creators, and ass-kickers on the face of this Earth… If we go the way of Socialism, then all is lost.
So to bring this show home ladies and gentlemen… We are now fighting another war on terror, but instead of middle eastern extremists were fighting socialists extremists who have embedded themselves deeply into our institutions right under our noses. The Democrat party is coming full circle and attempting to return our country to a form of segregation and slavery the likes of which no free country has ever seen… they think so little of your will to do something about it, to be something better, to be a Patriot, they have so little respect for you that they literally are doing it right in front of your eyes. 
On September 11th, 2001, Islamic terrorists hijacked multiple passenger airliners and killed thousands of innocent Americans. The American people are the ones who paid the price that day and ever since as the politicians and tech companies took this country for a fifteen-year joyride like drinking teenagers on prom night. As time moved forward, this country started to bleed internally, and like the callous vultures they are, the radical left, along with groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, decided that it was time to enact their version of a 21st-century final solution.
 Ladies and gentlemen, ashes are falling on the faces of dead police officers children today. Think about how it must feel to be a cop right now or A firefighter, an EMT or paramedic… people are murdering people now…people are targeting police officers… people are throwing Molotov cocktails now… and people are chanting “death to America” in American cities… in New York… its 9/11 folks… 19 years later…. And Bin Laden doesn’t have to come back from the dead to chant death to America… Young Americans are doing it for him, and the left is applauding it, and we are watching it happen.
Whether you think I'm wrong or right, you have to admit that Americans chanting death to America in our own cities is not right. No one on the left is condemning these groups… no one from the left is condemning the people chanting death to America. At the same time, anyone with their own thoughts is censored across every single social media platform… the death to America folks have their rights protected…ask yourself… why aren’t my rights being protected? We have congresswomen that are celebrated anti-Semites and hand to god socialists, and we have a mainstream media that has lost control of reality folks. 
People are sick and tired of being toyed with. People are sick and tired of being lied to, and people are sick and tired of being told how to live in the United States of America. 
To conclude, this country will not be restrained, and its people will not be held prisoner. Today, September 11th, 2020, 19 years after the pain, the heartbreak, and the twisted metal… the rest of us wake up and denounce the actions of the Democrat Party. We declare in one voice that we reject Marxist ideologies, we reject cancel-culture, and we reject the lefts cruel and racist practices against human life. Its time to honor the dead and put a stop the endless wars, regardless of how good they are for business… Its time to shut down the socialists wherever we see them. I am not telling you to be violent, I am telling you to reject their ideology. I am telling you to vote every single damn democrat out of office this November.
When they preach, walk away… when they call you out verbally, give them a taste of their own medicine. On social media, when they attack, you stand your ground. And on November 3rd, the entire country goes red and re-elects Donald J. Trump. And if and when the mobs come, you stand tall, shoulder to shoulder with the police if you must… and you reject the manufactured insanity. Together we will cut out the rot and rebuild the foundations of this country from the inside out, we will thoroughly audit and rebuild our education system, and we will bring real equality back to our culture. 
Its time to remember what it is to be an American. Its time to remember who you are and the heritage you inherited and earned. The leftist terrorists want a socialist utopia? We will crush them with our capitalist utopia. They want to control our liberty and censor our voices? We’ll chop up big tech and destroy ANTIFA and BLM through legal means. They want to try and defund the police? We will vote to defund planned parenthood once and for all. America is back, and there's not a damned thing they can do about it!  
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for having this conversation with me today, and I really appreciate your time. If this message resonates with you, then all I ask from you is to spread the word and follow along. You can email me directly at that’s American Romeo Echo Victor Echo India Lima Lima Echo . com Have a fantastic weekend, and ill talk to you Monday during episode 31! Cheers folks.