#Shadowban the #FBI Don't Shadowban Me! | ARP187

August 16, 2022 James Lane Episode 187
#Shadowban the #FBI Don't Shadowban Me! | ARP187
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During this episode, a #troll #reported me and I was #shadowbanned on #TikTok This episode is about the #feds hitting the #MaralagoRaid and taking #passports and attorney-client privileged documents belonging to #Trump Remember what happened to the HS girl in Lauden County, VA? Remember when her dad said something about it, and the government called American parents terrorists? Now they hire 87,000 #armed #IRS agents? Ask yourself why they would need that. Stand up for your rights before they take them away!

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You may be wondering why I'm wearing a tie and a collared shirt. And I'm going to tell you, it's because I'm attending a funeral. Now, what funeral is this? You might ask, what wise intelligent political statement have I possibly come up with? No, no, no. It has nothing to do with that. You see, I'm here to witness the funeral of my being reach. Because you trolls, bulls. And say that were speech. When we're not, that's what I'm here doing. I'm attending the funeral of the 200,000 people that watched what we've been doing for the last two weeks. And then YouTube and tick tock and a bunch of little trolls. Get us shut down. Well, I've got news for you, mother. We ain't going anywhere. Kick the show ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode 187 of a RP the American Reveille podcast. And no, no, no, no, no. This whole show isn't supposed to be about me bitching and moaning about my shadow bear and in my reach and all of that crap. No, but I say why shadow ban the little guys. Why come after me? Why come after the nice presentable conservative over here with a pretty curly mustache? Why come after me? Why don't you go shadow ban the FBI. They like to take passports anyway, you want to come after? little ol me? And a lot of you are probably thinking No, no, no, James, that's not what happened. Your content is must not have been the highest of quality. You must not have looked at your keywords the SEO shot that? Ah, you didn't work for the last two years on this? I did. I've been studying this market. I've been studying this business. I've been studying the algorithms. I know how they work. I know what happens when they come in and just flip the switch. You don't go from a hundreds and hundreds and 1000s and 1000s of views to literally nothing in the span of an hour. With without there being good reason. And I know that within an hour of that happening, I was kicked off of tick tock live last night while we were filming this show, the whole thing got screwed up. I had to start everything over by that time. By that time, we decided to push it to right now. So here we are. On Monday recording the episode, the FBI episode, the raid on Mar Lago that was supposed to be recorded last week. We're doing it today. But you know what, it's going to turn out to be a good thing. And it's going to be a good thing, because there's a lot of new developments. And this show is going to actually be a lot better for it. So one last time, I want to say to YouTube to tick tock to all of the folks the people that have come in and lied and reported us and got us banned. All right. And I want to say something really quick. All right before I say this to YouTube and Tiktok and a lot of these other platforms out there. Okay, before I say this, I'm going to tell you right now. All right, I'm going to tell you right now, we never ever, ever advocate for violence. We never do that. We always tell people to use their mind use their intelligence, we always always tell people to do their research to learn you see those pieces of paper on the wall? I'm no dumb cookie, not saying that. That denotes intelligence, but I'm using it as an example to prove that I'm not here to be essing people I know what I'm talking about. All right, and I'm giving people good advice. I'm not the extremist. All right YouTuber right tick tock. Alright, Feds listening to my feed at this point. Lots of wacky stuff been happening so wouldn't doubt it. Alright, guys, I'm not that guy. I'm the guy trying to bring everybody together trying to teach people the right way trying to teach people to use their noggin and influence the culture. Just like the left does fight fire with fire the right way. Peacefully resist, but no, they know that something special is happening here. So shut it down, before it explodes. Well, now I'm going to say it so to tick tock to you to to all the algorithms out there to all the lefties to all the folks that sit there and go hey, you're full of crap you're alive. You're not a protected class. You're not in an interracial marriage. You're not anything special. You're full you're erasing that Bit Bit Bit band the band ban ban bit. Here's what I have to say to you. You okay, Am I really wrong? Tell me, am I really wrong to say that? Am I really wrong to go on this little rant to be pissed off? I know you're all pissed off, there's millions of you that are pissed off. So why can't we say it? You know why we can't say it. You know why you feel like a hamster in a cage? You know why you feel like you're being held down? Like you're sitting there with duct tape over your mouth? Because you are, you're not allowed to have an opinion, because the left owns all the spaces, they own everything. All the entertainment spaces, Buzzfeed, TMZ, all of it. Even Fox corporation itself. It's all left wing. Where do you go to relax? Where do you go to unwind? Where do you go to talk freely about your beliefs without having to be careful. Tell me tell me, you can talk about your core values or beliefs without looking over your shoulder without worrying about your job. Tell me? Do you trust the government? Do you trust your neighbors? Do you trust your friends? Do you trust your own family to not report you to the Gestapo? That's the world we're living in. Now, it might be a digital Gestapo. It might be a virtual prison. It might not be physical racism, physical exclusion, exile, but it's digital and 99% of everything we do. Hell, all of my business deals, they're all digital. So when you kill somebody's digital identity, you literally kill their ability to make money to feed their family to do anything. It's like they don't even exist anymore. And in a world that is continually shifting and moving at lightning speed towards digital everything, you may as well have killed them in real life. So why why do you do that to us, millions and millions and millions of Americans. I'm not talking about people on the extreme right? I'm not talking about people on the extreme left, anything like that. I'm talking about people that are a little libertarian, a little bit fiscally conservative, people that are normal, normal, everyday people that range from the average person that might smoke a joint before they go to sleep to the staunch conservative, where do you go to come together with your brothers and sisters? Where do you go, and I know where it is. You want to know, it's nowhere. That's where you go. You go in nowhere, because it doesn't exist because they don't own it all. That's why That's why I'm shadow banned. That's why nobody's hearing anything from any of us little guys. That's why our reach is cut off. That's why they step on our and they tell us not to scream. It's because they control all the spaces. So when the FBI raid Trump, you should be asking a lot of questions. Show me on the sloth, where they violated your civil rights right here in the shadow. So the FBI goes into Mar Lago early in the morning. They know Trump's in New York. All right, we're gonna get through this quick because people been talking about it all week. So we're not going to bore you with too many of the details, but we'll get the pertinent ones Trump's in New York, plead the fifth to the deposition. All right, trying to use his constitutional rights that have all been violated by this point. Whether you love the guy or hate the guy. Okay, this isn't a maga show. By the way. This is a normal person show and I still consider us on the right normal people. All right. So it's a show for everyone whether you're Maga, whether you're a regular Republican, whether you're freaking libertarian. All right. You're welcome here. All right, you're welcome here. So we're talking about this raid. We're talking about them taking all these boxes out. We're talking about them showing up in the morning while Trump is in New York. 636 in the morning, something like that. 15 cars, 3040 agents, they cracked the safe, they took his in passports, you took the ex presidents passports are you out of your mind? What kind of bull are the elites trying to spark division and violence equals money for the elites who run Washington. And in an even greater sense, the elites who run the world they want bad things to happen. They don't give a crap. They don't give a crap as long as it suits their agenda. They stay in power, and they can appear to fix the problems in their own way. While they all get richer for generations and generations. I'll repeat the theme as I repeat in every podcast like kings and queens, like Dukes and duchesses of old they have their foot on your throat, the peasants of the world are still here covered and it just might be digital. That's just what it is. So they go in there. Alright. They go in there. They read the place. They take 15 boxes. They say they got confidential documents. They go into Milan Mia's closet, they raid her wardrobe and how much money do you want to bet that some fed some little fed? All right. And listen, I don't have anything against normal worker bee folks. All right, there are big people at the top that make big decisions. And there are a lot of people that are just normal little guys all right, that don't have any decision making power, that have families to feed I get that not everybody can be brave. Not everybody has the courage to defy in order. In the name of the Constitution, I get that not everybody has to be brave. We'll do it for you. It's okay. But I have nothing against you. But they went in there. They took all right, they took the passports, they sniffed Melania Trump's underwear. Well, at least I imagined they would I would who would come on anyway. Maybe I don't know. Do you think I would put in the comments below if you think I would. Anyway. We need to change the subject on that. So the Feds roll up, they sniffed the panties. Why do we keep going back to Milan use panties. Oh my God, let me just cross this off the list so that we can stop talking about that. And my wife doesn't bust in the studio with a knife because she has spidey senses. I don't know if any ladies are listening out there that have the same spidey senses. When you can tell your man is talking dirty but another woman. Not good. You're Chico runnin with that knife and choppy choppy Chop, chop, chop, she cut that little thing he off just like I chop up my podcasts. And I turned it into shorts, reels and tiktoks. So the big demand the big thing, they asked the big question, What the hell was on the warrant? Why was this such a surprise? Why were the lawyers not allowed in there? Huh? Why do we not know what happened? Why are they cracking safes? And they're trying to blow up a big deal? This is the National Archives. This isn't some nuclear thing. They keep saying nuclear. But those things change all the time. Do you really think they just have a piece of paper laying around? Even if it was a president? Do you really think they just have a piece of paper laying around? Don't use these codes to launch the nukes? Oh, don't be dumb. Come on. This isn't as big a deal as you think they're trying to make it so he can't run in 2024. That's just what it is. You know, it is you know, it is Don't deny it. So they come out. All right, they come out and they say Trump will never let us see what is on the warrant. All right, it must be something really bad. So Trump comes out and what's he say? He says open the floodgates release. And I got nothing to hide, show. Everybody unseal the records. The left said you won't you won't let us unseal the records, Bs and Trump said no unseal the records that you drag it and seal the records. And you know, what the leftist judge did today? You know why? We shouldn't unseal the records? That might not be good for the case. Really? He called your bluff. He said, Yeah, unseal the records. All right, I got nothing to hide. And they said, Who? Well, you call us on the bluff here don't unseal the records. Well, you know, we think people are stupid, and they won't notice anyway. So we're just going to keep doing all this in public. And, you know, pretend like we're going to actually keep the house in the Senate. New doo doo doo doo doo doo. So what happened today? So what happened today? Two big things happen today. Monday. All right. They happen today. And here's what they are. All right. First off, Trump did an interview on Fox even though Fox is bias against Trump. He they really are. Come on Fox are isn't a maga network. All right, this isn't a maga network either. But it's an everybody network. So everybody's welcomed and included, including the Maga, folks. But we all know that Fox has something against Trump. And now let me clarify something really quick. I'm a conservative. All right. I run companies but I'm a conservative, and I actually do like Trump, I would love to see Trump 2024 And then Trump DeSantis actually 2024 Like DeSantis come out as this surprise BP VP to really drive it home. I mean, that's unstoppable. And if they wait to the last minute and do that, it'll be like a pro wrestling event the roof will explode off the country, but DeSantis Trump 2024, then DeSantis 2028 and DeSantis 2032. That would be bad. 12 years to fix the country. All right, I would love to get into my 50s who are just aged myself. I'd love to get into my 50s and the 2030s and see what a beautiful, beautiful world this could be with that type of leadership. Right? Not everybody has to like Trump. That's my belief. And the companies that I do, they're for everybody. Again, everybody on the right from the person in the middle, the Libertarian or to the person that's just a little fiscally conservative to the person. That's that's really, really conservative to the mogga person. Everybody is included with what I do with my company and you're gonna see some really big things because if you see this right here, who is going to be pitching for 1 million you dollars and then you're gonna see some big boy going on. All right, some big boys, quote break is imminent. All right, but listen, all right. They pretend like they're gonna win. Okay, the left sits around, and they literally gaslight the entire country. All right but Trump went on he went on to the bias network and he told the truth. All right, he told the truth and then Jim Jordan did something big too. But before we get into that, let me read to you what Trump did alright, because Trump came out and he said, basically, he will do whatever he can to help the country. He's really upset. We're all really upset after the FBI raid. And again, even if you don't like Trump, you should be upset, you should be upset that they hired 87,000 IRS agents armed with the right to use deadly force to come collect all of our money, the little guy, the peasant, remember, kings, queens Dukes touches his flesh on your throat, they are coming for your money. So even if you're on the left, even if you're a pro abortion person, even if you don't believe in God, and you're all that you hate everything we believe in, you really, really hate us that much. You really, really hate the law, right? So much you hate Trump so much that you say here, please take my money, take my wallet. I don't want a house. I want to live on the street. That's what you want us. Okay. Who's WUSA? Good things, good things. If my ear lobes are sticking out, I would be tickling them. I would be tickling them. But Trump came out. All right, Trump came out and he said he'll do whatever to help save the country after the raid. Alright, I'm gonna read a snippet. He came out and he said, the country's in a very dangerous position. There's tremendous anger, like I've never seen before, over all of the scams, and this new one years of scams and witch hunts. And now this and if there's anything we can do to help anything. I and my people are certainly willing to do that. That's what Trump said. He came out and said that even after Fox has belittled him and said bad things about him, he's trying to reach as many people as possible. You guys always ask, why does he go on these networks? Why is he put himself in that position? Because he wants millions of people to hear what he has to say. And whether you like those companies or not. And God knows I don't like those companies. They have the money, and they control the viewership. And that's how that works. But something really interesting also happened that I don't hear a lot of people talking about all right, after all this went down because we know, we absolutely know that nobody's going to take care of this. Nobody's going to fix this. Nobody's going to do anything as long as the corrupted Democrat Party, the party of slavery during the Civil War. All this is true. You shouldn't take me down for because it's actual historical fact that Democrats will never allow an actual investigation. But you see, that doesn't mean the Republicans won't know. We have good guys out there like Jim Jordan, and Jim Jordan is going to be leading Judiciary Committees. He's going to be leading the opening of criminal investigations against people. That's what's going to happen. And he sent a letter out. All right, you sent a letter out to the assistant to the President and the White House Chief of Staff. I think the letter also went to Christopher Rea, it went to every big department involved with the raid on Mar Lago and I'm going to read this to you and I'm going to tell you something, because it seems that something very interesting is going to go down later in the year. Listen 2020 to the movie and over 2023 The sequel and 2020 for the extravaganza trilogy crazy movie is really coming out soon. So hold on to your Kansas is going bye bye. This gets crazier doesn't get any any calmer. I promise you, dear Mr. Clean the FBI is unprecedented rate and remember this is coming out of the mouth of Jim Jordan. The letter from the Congress, the United States House of the Republicans committee of the judiciary. Mr. Ronald, a clean assistant to the White House Chief of Staff Assistant to the President of the White House Chief of Staff, Washington DC Dear Mr. Klain, the FBIs unprecedented raid of President Trump's residence in a shocking escalation of the Biden administration's weaponization of law enforcement resources against its political opponents. The American people deserve transparency and accountability from our most senior law enforcement officials in the executive branch. We will settle for nothing but your complete cooperation with your inquiry. We will settle for nothing that means there'll be consequences if they don't. During the Biden administration. The Justice Department has shattered public confidence in the equal application of justice. The department has filed a politically motivated lawsuit against Republican led states on policies disfavored by the Biden administration. artificially inflated domestic violent extremism statistics to advance Biden's administration's political narrative and counter use counterterrorism resources to target parents at school board meetings opposed to policies supported by the Biden administration. And don't you dare forget that Loudoun County and selectively prosecuted and investigated political opponents of the Biden administration. These actions not only undermine the stated mission of the department, they violate the most fundamental tenants of our country, the entire country. The American people deserve answers for the Biden administration's continued misuse of law enforcement resources against its political opponents. Accordingly, please produce the following material, all documents and communications referring or relating to the execution of a search warrant on President Trump's residence. All documents and communications are referring or relating to the decision to seek a search warrant for President Trump's residence, all documents and communications referring or relating to the use of confidential human sources in connection to the search of Trump's residence, all documents and communications between or among the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation, Executive Office of the President about the search of Trump's residence, all documents and communications between are among the executive office of President of the natural National Archives and Records Administration about the Trump administration's presidential records and remember, Trump signed that, alright, he signed an update to that to make things a felony. Alright, there's a reason for that. This, I believe was in the cards. All right, Trump for as much crap as you give him for as silly as you think he is. He's not a billionaire genius for nothing. All right, this stuff is planned out way in advance. So the fact that they're going after him, using something he helped establish, makes me curious, but let's keep reading for a second. Please provide this material as soon as possible, but no later than 5pm on August 29 2022. In addition, please preserve all responsive documents in your possession, custody or control. You should construe this communication as an instruction to preserve all documents, or may be potentially responsive to this inquiry, Oops, excuse me, an instruction to preserve all documents, communications and other information, including electronic information and metadata that are sent using official and personal accounts, or devices or maybe potentially responsive to this inquiry. All right. This instruction includes all records created using text messages phone based message application or encryption software for purposes of this request preserve includes taking reasonable steps to prevent the partial or full destruction, alteration, testing, deletion, shredding, incineration, wiping, relocation, migration, theft, mutilation, ordinate, diligent or reckless handling that could render the information incomplete or inaccessible. These steps include preserving all compilations of documents that have already been gathered in response to other government or litigation requests, even if copies of individual documents or materials may still exist elsewhere in that organization. The Committee on the Judiciary has jurisdiction to oversee the activities of the Department of Justice and the FBI pursuant to rule 10 of the rules of the House of Representatives. This is signed by Jim Jordan Ranking Member louie Gohmert, ranking member Steve Chabot, member of Congress and Darrell Issa Ranking Member Subcommittee on courts, intellectual property, and the internet. And folks, if you don't think the right is going to use that to pursue guts out and clean out the swamp. Then you have another thing coming. You don't think that Trump had Jordan do this? Come on. This is politics. It's the real world. It's not a fantasy. So the FBI walked into Trump's trap, the FBI, so bracingly wanting payback for what happened, walked right into it right into the mess, and did everything in their power to get Trump reelected in 2024. Without even using what I believe will be his secret weapon to Santas as his vice president, no matter what we say what we do like him or not Trump DeSantis 2024 steamrolls. Everybody, there is nobody that could win although, although when I did a duet with a dude on Tik Tok named AI overload. That's a guy that asks AI computers questions He asked who the next president could be. And I saw a picture that looked awfully like John Kerry. And if you want to see what that is go to ad uncensored AR on tick tock. And don't worry, we're only on tick tock because there's millions of patriots there. We're trying to reach them, but we're building something that will help them get away from their tick tock addiction. But listen, no matter how we exercise, our free speech, seeing this raid on Trump's residence makes you understand it makes you realize how unfree we actually are, whether you're on the right, whether you're in the middle, whether you're on the left considering leaving and coming to the right, whether you're a libertarian token a joint and wondering why we're spending so much money, but okay with states doing states rights stuff, whether you're like me, a modern conservative, alright, who who is pro life, but also understands that the Constitution is essential. And that's what I am. I'm a constitutionalist, after I'm a conservative, and a constitutionalist, believes that if enough people participate in the process of our constitutional local elections, local voting, getting out there and influencing the culture and making people want to do something they believe in, when you actually mix that with small time state politics, magic happens, our Constitution, our country, our unity flourishes. So if a state somewhere, really, really gets their crap together, and the people really want abortion, I don't agree with it. But that's not my place. Even in the Bible, it tells you, it's God's job to judge, I don't like it, and I don't want it and I'll do everything in my power to influence it to not happen, right. But at the end of the day, I can't tell somebody who's properly using our constitution not to, and if by properly using that constitution, it gains them that right in non corrupt non BS way, then I have to be okay and respect that even if I don't like it, that's the foundation of this country. But I'm not willing to do that. And this is where we're all going to agree, none of us are willing to do that. Unless the left will come to the middle, come to terms look us dead in the eye and say, Alright, enough is enough. We are not going to persecute you shove our freakin views down your throat brainwash your kids, or come after you, we're not going to make you lose your job, we're not going to talk crap about you, we're going to respect the fact that you're different and your core values are different. And we'll go via kondia. So in this direction, and you via con Diaz in that direction, that's what we all need to do. And that's what we all want. It's too bad that it's never gonna happen at the end of the day. All right, at the end of the day, when a transgender raped a girl in Loudoun County, Virginia, and things like this happen all the time. What happened? Her parent, her dad, was labeled a terrorist, we found out that the FBI, the CIA, everybody labeled all parents terrorists, anybody patriotic anybody who says the Pledge of Allegiance, anybody who loves God and loves their country? All right, they are a terrorist and extremist. How could you even say that about American people? How can you say that about half of the country, but it's obvious the core values have shifted, and the left as I said, In the beginning, owns all the spaces. It's not just entertainment media, it's the government. It's all the government agencies is at 7000 IRS agents coming after you. You think that they're, they're gonna go after share? Come on, they're gonna go after Kevin Sorbo. They're not gonna go after Cher. Kevin Sorbo, you better hide that Hercules money from Xena, she's coming for you. Listen. There's a double standard. How do we expect to survive with a double standard? How do we trust the government the small letter agencies that are so large that their three little letters are like giant balloons, giant planets, giant comets in the sky, they overshadow even the President of the United States that sometimes feels as if the President has no power. And it's all these agencies and big business folks and elites at Davos at the WTF bringing on the great reset, pulling the puppet strings. I understand politics is all about strategy and tactics like playing 4d Chess. But at some point, somebody strong has to stand up and say, enough is enough. And all of us Patriots have to do the same thing. We have to stand up and peacefully say enough is enough. You're smarter than that. You don't have to resort to the things the left resorts to you don't have to resort to the things extremists resort to you're smarter than that. Build companies, build businesses, build ideas, unify people bring people together make us less dependent on all of the systems and all of the spaces that the left owns. So with that being said, we are building a really, really awesome platform. We'll have more news coming soon. I got a 54 page business plan that I wrote here. We're going to be pitching for a million dollars. and building something very special. But if I'm making everybody who reads this sign an NDA, I can't really talk too much about it, but quote, break is imminent. All right, you're going to want to take a break from the status quo with me. And you're going to break the status quo with me. And we're going to be cool breakers together, ladies and gentlemen, but that's coming up. And in the meantime, go to, WTF, check out our blogs, check out our articles, we've got 20 Fantastic writers, and that group is growing soon with, quote, break, we'll be able to pay them. And I'm very, very, very excited about that. Because I've been wanting to pay some of these folks for over two years. So that's going to be great to be able to provide some income for people. Other than that, all right, please, please, please check back. Like I said, AR WTF, bookmark it, because later tonight, we're going to have three or four new articles popping out, I do everything manually, this new company, this new system will automate. All right. So that will make it much much easier for me to pay attention to social media pay attention to other things, I push really hard, they shadow ban me the views go away. I push push push in one area and other falls. So I just have to do everything that I can to juggle while we're out there pitching for funding. All right, but we're doing it for you. We're doing it to help the world if we become a large company, if we can have the funding to help this country restore balance, and order and peace before this gets out of hand. Well, then the time of pioneer entrepreneurs is back upon us. And you're looking at the next Dana White, but I'm not going to be the Dana White of fighting. No, I'm going to be your Dana White, the Dana White of entertainment media, entertainment media. For the normal people, the normal people, the millions of people like you and me that have been forgotten, that are silenced around every corner. I'm going to be your voice. We're going to agitate the system and all of us together, we're going to break the status quo. Alright folks, so in the meantime, peacefully resist. All right. In the meantime, voice your opinion. Don't let them tell you that you can't Don't let them tell you that you aren't allowed to speak don't be afraid at risk. Risk is plenty of jobs out there's millions of jobs and none of the young people want to work if you get fired, you will find another job. All right. I have faith in you. I am proud of you. I care about you. I wouldn't put myself through this hell if I did it. And one more time to the trolls one more time to the frickin bull. Community guideline lies you Alright guys, I'm gonna see you next week with episode 188 this has been episode 187 shadowbanned the FBI don't shadow me I'm gonna call it something like that. Right? Remember, at symbol uncensored, AR uncensored, AR uncensored AR across all platforms. If you don't find me there, look up American Reveille, r e v e i l l e, yes, I'm an actual doctor. And if you've been wondering this entire time, no, I'm not wearing any pants. Have a good night. 

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