Zelenskyy Invites China to Help Rebuild Ukraine | ARP #186

August 05, 2022 Dr. James Lane Reichenbach Episode 186
Zelenskyy Invites China to Help Rebuild Ukraine | ARP #186
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The #unitedstates has sent 54 BILLION DOLLARS in aid to #ukraine while #children in the United States go hungry due to rapid #inflation Meanwhile, #zelensky is asking #xijinping to join his team. After making the cover of #vogue and garnering the world's support, you'd figure the least he'd do is avoid #china I have some darn questions! Also, I have a very important #announcement to make at the end of this episode regarding my company and how we are about to affect millions of lives across the United States and blast the doors of the Entertainment media universe wide open! Stay Tuned! 

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On February 24 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. And after billions and billions of dollars in US aid and 10s of 1000s of casualties, it's suspected that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is worth an estimated $596 million. That's right. I said $596 million. And by July 2022, he was on the cover of Vogue magazine. Interesting. Now, he's inviting China and Zhi Jin ping to rebuild the ruins of Ukraine. Something doesn't add up. And I've got a couple of questions. Ladies and gentlemen, James lane here the future king of media stands before you whether you know it or not. The business plans have been finalized. papers have been signed, something special is coming. But we're not here to talk about that. today. We're here to talk about Vladimir does Alinsky. We're here to talk about Russia. We're here to talk about China and we are here to talk about how the wool is being pulled over our eyes. But first I'm gonna ask you to do me a favor hit that like button hit that subscribe button go down below leave a comment. Let me know how you like the new format of the show. I know we're a little bit late this week. Like I said before, I apologize. It is what it is. But we have a great show for you tonight do me a favor go on social media across every platform, Facebook Instagram LinkedIn, Twitter, get er truth gab all of those apps go on there at uncensored a are at uncensored AR that is our handle. You can follow us on whatever flavor of social media you like. You can find our videos on YouTube rumble gab Divi bitchu Odyssey Tik Tok, they're all there either at American Reveille, American underscore Reveille, or uncensored a our and the audio version of this podcast, of course, is across every single podcast platform except for what the hell's their name again, I keep forgetting their stupid name because they suck at Pandora. Nobody even uses them anymore. Anyway, Pandora. I've been trying to reach out to Pandora for two years, and we've been going back and forth. They're a bunch of exes. Pandora, I'm not even worried about them. Okay, but we're on every single platform besides Pandora, of course, Apple podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, audible look for us where podcasts are found American Reveille, R E V E I L L E, American Reveille, podcast and again, like, comment and subscribe, but now, now we have other problems to discuss. You and I, we have other problems to discuss, because we have the enemy at our doorstep. All right, the enemy at our doorstep. Now, you may think that I'm about to go off on a rant about World War Three. No, when I say the enemy at our doorstep, I mean, the enemy is in our government. The enemy is in our Congress. The enemy is in our Senate. We sit there we trust these politicians. We trust these alphabet agencies. Meanwhile, they hide evidence about Hunter Biden, they cover up for each other in their old boys club. And they spend day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, dollar after dollar 1020 A million a billion a trillion dollars when I was a kid our debt was what 1 trillion. Now it's 30 they spend all that money and do you know what they're doing? They spend it to you and me. The little guy, that's what they do. And instead of us looking at them, they create situations. They do certain special things. I mean, the CIA is built for this. They do these little thingy majingy is you know, we don't even notice just these little Oh, just you know $10 billion poof it just disappeared over into that pocket over there. And you know, some dictator dies a million miles away and some country changes its name and you know, we make 10% extra oil profits somewhere along the lines but those days are being uncovered social medias here that day of visual everything no secrets everybody can see and read your mind all of these Old people getting caught screwing off messing up all of these whistleblowers coming out social media has changed the world creating what I would like to call a techno virus, some sort of influential bug that moves at a million miles a minute and jumps from HOST to HOST to HOST to HOST something that we can't stop. You see a lot of these woke problems, all of these different things they would have been destroyed years ago if it wasn't for the internet, but no social media is here. And nobody can get away with it anymore, including our government. So we the people, we the auditors, we, the folks that put money in your pocket, put food on your tables, serve you drive you and pay your paychecks, we are awake, and we see the truth. You're all in bed with each other, whether you're big business, whether you're politicians, whether your government officials, there is a corruption a stink, a stench, a dirty, rotting, cancerous tumor at the heart, right in the gut, or rotting away at all of our beloved institutions. They've all been corrupted from within, and it's time to cleanse the capitalism. I'm not saying destroy capitalism. I'm not a socialist. I'm a friggin capitalist. I love capitalism. But our capitalism has gotten a little dirty. After decades and decades of big government institutionalized profiteering, the industrial war complex, the industrial medical complex, the industrial pharmaceutical complex, the industrial can enslave the little guy foot on their back, choker on their neck, and milk them for all their money till the day they die. Moo, ladies and gentlemen, congratulations, we've all become cattle. But folks, once upon a time, there was a little thing that came around a virus per se, that may or may not have been created in a lab and a tiny man and a coat, who I would love to nevermind, listen, Dr. Fauci came one day, and he said, there's a virus here. And you all need to put masks on and you all need to go away. And you all need to become persecuted, and you all need to become silenced. And you only need to become enslaved. While I laugh in my New York City apartment, or wherever the hell he lives. So COVID comes. And many of us, including myself, were sent home for a short period of time. Many of us were sent home for a very, very long time. But some of us some of us were hit with so much crap from all different angles. It almost destroyed us. I'm one of those people. Now. Something happened, something happened to us in those moments when the flash happened. I'd like to call it the flash some sort of something that shot a shockwave out amongst the population of this country, and the population of the world that opened our eyes expanded, our pupils woke us up. We experienced the American Reveille. And so now we see it, we see the code on the wall, like The Matrix, we see it everywhere all around us. We smell it, we taste it. We breathe it in every day, and we know something's wrong. And we know how to tell when somebody is full of shit. We know how to tell when they're lying to us. We are awake, we see it. We're not stupid. Are you stupid? Ask yourself, are you dumb? Are you an idiot? They think you're an idiot. They think you're a soul. They don't trust you with your money with your children with your health. They don't trust you to feed yourself. They don't trust you to wipe your own. So what a better thing than to create a society where they can wipe it for you. So in February 2022 When Russia invaded Ukraine, we all smelt a little bowl. But you know, we gave it the benefit of the doubt people are suffering. People are suffering of course, people are suffering. And along comes a charismatic leader named Zelinsky. So Russia invades the world. The world sympathizes with the images coming out and many of us including myself through telegram through Twitter, through underground means we're seeing the real on the ground pictures, the videos, hearing the real numbers, the casualties, the 10s of 1000s. The women the children, the dead, the rotting stench of the dead, we saw it with our own eyes. We saw it through the media, the things that wouldn't be shown in the mainstream came to us through underground methods. We saw it, it was real, and we felt it and we still feel it. But something doesn't add up money starts pouring in to Ukraine. Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries in Europe, this is a fact. I'm not saying anything that should get us kicked off. I've been doing this for two plus years. I promise you I know how to not get kicked off by this point. I know. It's the one of the most corrupt countries there it is the country that literally fired a prosecutor over the Hunter Biden scandal. Trust me, it's all coming out. You'll see you'll see that's not this podcast episode. But you'll see because charges are about to be filed against Hunter Biden, foreign lobbying, tax evasion. Give it a couple of weeks, you'll see maybe it's not as bad as it should be. But it'll start the process. Alright, so money pours in. No questions asked one of the most traditionally corrupt countries in the entire world. All right, US aid pours in $54 billion of aid pours in. Right now while we're experiencing one of the worst inflation's in over 40 5060 years, maybe even 100 years in the United States of America, people are starving, people are hungry, how many people are out of work, I get 100 emails a day from people begging me for a job while I'm trying to get investment into our company here. While I'm trying to find money to pay those people, I want to provide them livelihoods. I can't provide them livelihoods because of Joe Biden's damn economy. And many of you feel the same way. Many of you are in the same situation. And meanwhile, Brandon and the rest of the Democrats they go, and they send out $54 billion in aid 54 billion. So where does it go? We have missile systems, Special Forces. I was looking at a chart earlier and it said something, something to the amount of like 8 billion of this goes to us deployments and special forces. 8 billion of the 54 billion. How many Navy SEALs are over there? How much money in Special Forces are we wasting in Ukraine right now? I mean, are we at least rescuing people, we don't have any numbers, any stats, we don't know. We have no damn idea. And we're paying for it. We're paying for it. Our elected politicians are pawns, they have no term limits, no accountability, nothing. They are controlled by the mainstream media, the whims of social media and the paychecks of woke organizations around the world. You know it and I know it the left uses woke business to manipulate the feelings of the left. Well, if you can't beat them, join them. Because part of my business plan, part of the thing I'm building right now, the right, we now take on the task, we now inject our feelings into the game, we now take on the causes that we feel our righteous and we stand in the ring and fight mano a mano, we duke it out in the corporate space until we destroy this disgusting woke corporate culture, this culture that's supporting a war that we're paying for that are literally putting children in the street in the United States of America. Now, I'm not saying I had anything against this war. I'm not saying that I want this war to happen. But I'm not saying that we shouldn't help women and children that are dying over there. But what is happening? where's the money going? Where is accountability? I don't see any. I don't see any and it gets so much worse. So $54 billion, $54 billion. Where does it go? Death. It goes to death. I'm a Veteran. I'm not a combat veteran, but I'm a veteran. And I know it goes to death. So if it goes to death, who's paying for this? Again, we're paying for this. We are paying for the lives of civilians, innocent women and children. And you say, Well, James, maybe it's not that many. Maybe it's not that many. Well guess what we're about to do. We're going to go to the mini screen down here. Okay, right down there. We're going to go to the mini screen. And we're going to take a look at the actual casualties for this war. So far. Many people don't talk about it because they don't put it on the news. They don't publish them. They don't do anything. But we can go online right now and I can show you so stand by for camera too. All right, honey, I shrunk the vid here we are camera two ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back American Reveille podcast. So take a look on your screen right here. All right. And if you're listening, I'm gonna go over it, don't worry. But if you're watching right now take a look at your screen. And let's go down the breakdown for the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. All right, this is the total casualty breakdown on let's start with civilians. We asked the question how much death are we funding? All right, how much a death the lives of women and children look at your babies look at your men and women your husband your wives are your your four year old just six year old your grandma's grandpa's look at them in the face. casualties. All right. So this is reported by the Ukrainian government 12,000 to 28,381 killed. All right, that's the equivalent of a meteor hitting a baseball game, like the World Series, one of those kinds of games, and literally killing every single person there. All right, that's literally all right. There's literally like a pro wrestling event like WWE Monday Night Raw. All right, the building lights on fire every single, every single person dies. They're all dead. Everybody's dead inside the arena. That's 12 to 28,000 people. It's a lot of people. All right. You haven't seen numbers like this? For decades, maybe not even since World War Two in single battle single levels of combat. Okay, the United Nations who keep in mind, all right, sway to the left and have not been allowed in there. All right, they're looking at 5327 killed 7257 wounded. These are all estimates. It's going to end up being a lot more remember Russia is shelling the city's just killing indiscriminately men, women and children and telling their own media, that they're not. All right. Now when we look at Ukrainian forces, all right, the Russian government is reporting 23,367. Dead. These are fighting men. All right, men with wives, men with children, your sons. Alright. Your sons, your fathers, your sons, your fathers, your uncle's, your brothers. All right, US is estimating the real numbers between 50 511,000 killed 18,000 wounded. All right, and the Ukrainian government that Solinsky is government 10,000 killed 30,000 wounded 7200 missing. All right, 5600. captured. These are big, wide ranging numbers. In the end a fear. We're going to find out that hundreds of 1000s died. It's going to be disgusting and horrible. And we're all going to be six sick to our stomach. All right, we're in a fourth. Turning right now, folks, the fourth turning of history is cyclic. We were in a fourth turning door during the revolution. We were in a fourth turning during the Civil War. We were in a fourth turning during World War Two. And we're in a fourth turning right now. And if you don't know what that is asked me to do a video about it, or go look it up the turnings of history. So the Ukrainians have killed 15,000 of the Russian and allied forces. All right, 15,000, wounded 4500. That is the US and UK and Estonian estimate. The US alone is estimating through our alphabet agencies, of course 7500 killed and wounded and the Ukrainian government is saying they've killed 40,830 I don't know why the US is beefing it up when they're not there. And the Ukrainians are saying it's 40,000 but we will see what it ends up being it could all be part of propaganda and you know, all sides of propaganda, the US does propaganda. Russia does propaganda. Everybody does propaganda. So nobody's defending anybody here. Russian forces. All right, the casualties from the Russian forces just by the BBC predicted by the BBC 5185 predicted by important stories 4964 killed and that's confirmed deaths by name. But remember, remember, all right, BBC, Germany, different different places BBC being being the United Kingdom, Russia supplies oil to a lot of these places. It pays for the United Kingdom. It pays for Germany it pays for France it pays for Europe to be kind when they talk about Brusha. All right, the dance forces in the loo hunts forces dance region 2400 47 killed 10,289 wounded. These are like militia type people that you saw in the movie The Patriot same and Luhansk 500 to 600 and I apologize if I mispronounced those. I'm not from the Ukraine. Alright, we've went over the casualties. It's a lot of numbers. You and I, ladies and gentlemen, my friends, my companions, my fellow quote breakers, you and I are paying for the death of every single man, woman and child back to camera one. Oh all right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to camera one James lane here do me a favor before we continue this podcast, like good friends over at the Constitutional Party of the United States. The only constitutional super PAC the only legitimate fully licensed fully everything, everything that they're supposed to do by law in the United States to be a super PAC and represent the United States of America. The US Constitution legitimately they are the only organization see POTUS CP O T. The Constitutional Party of the United States. They are my good friends down in Tampa, Florida. They're throwing a hell of an awesome fundraiser poker event down at the OCC Roadhouse and museum. That's right Orange County Choppers. I put together a little advertisement for it. If you know anybody in the Tampa area or have the means to push it for us, please do so. So just give me 45 seconds of your time and watch this ad. Ladies and gentlemen, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, August 14 at 5pm. Come join the constitutional Party of the United States at the world famous Orange County Choppers, Roadhouse and museum in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. For their first ever poker fundraiser for only $250 You can buy yourself a seat to win the grand prize, a ar 15. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the winner gets a gun. Come help preserve, protect and restore the constitutional rights of our people. play and have fun, all while supporting the US Constitution. For more information, visit or call 813-531-2423. That's CB o d u 813-531-2423. So we're back. All right. And we were right at the part where we're talking about Zelinsky being worth 596 million. Excuse me. Yeah, 596 million. I was going to correct myself a billion but it's just million it's enough. Don't worry. $596 million. Meanwhile, we, the starving, inflationary, crushed we're being crushed by this inflation, the gas prices everything. And don't you dare for one second, tell me the gas prices got better. That's a dirty trick by Biden from releasing some of the strategic storage of oil and natural gas. Don't worry, give it a couple months get past the election or whatever. Everything is gonna go back to hell. I promise you. It's all a trick for the weak and simple minded. Okay, but we're on 596 million. All right, one man Solinsky $596 million. Alinsky, where you get that money from Zelinsky. Even if it's his own money, he has $596 million. Were sending $54 billion off the back of the broken and forgotten silenced and shut down American people. And you're damn right. I'm pissed off about that. And what is going on? What's going on? It seems he's asking China to help him. He is going to Zhi Jing ping. And he's saying, Hey, guy, do me a favor guy. Could you come over come over here to the Ukraine gap. And help me read build. I know you're the best friends of the people that are killing our civilians are men, women and children. But come over here and hook us up. Something doesn't seem right about this. It makes me feel like I'm being played. So in order to understand this better, we have to circle back to this in a couple of seconds. And we have to take a look at Taiwan. All right, we have to take a look at Taiwan. So let's make a couple statements here. Let's say a few things out loud. Let's talk about it. And let's come to a couple of conclusions. All right. One China policy says Taiwan is a part of China. So the other day when Pelosi showed up there that's actually a really, really big deal. That's a really big deal. She's third in line to the throne, as much as we hate looking at the Cryptkeeper there. All right. She's third in line to the throne. Ruth, we're really screwed. Like if if a comment just like, hit the White House? I mean, I don't know, I just look. Pelosi showing up is a really big deal. All right, it literally could be considered an act of war. And they're kind of acting like it might be considered that though, it seems like we may have called their bluff at this point. But then again, I don't trust what's going on, especially the seemingly coordinated moves in Ukraine and Taiwan and the encircling force. There's a lot of crazy stuff going on. That leads me to believe something may happen much sooner than later. And my brain is very strategic and very, very correct. I promise you, I promise you. So what happened? She showed up in Taiwan. All right. It was very interesting watching the tracking footage when 300,000 People knew she was sneaking in on like, what looked like a cargo plane or whatever, in the middle of the night. So they already know where she is. So what's China do before that they threatened to shoot her down? When did you ever hear that young or old? Answer me. Tell me. Ask yourself say it out loud. When did China ever threatened to shoot down anybody in our government? They did. They said that they would. All right. So they threatened to shoot her down. They put tanks and ships off the coast of Taiwan. In response, we put a bunch of destroyers, a destroyer fleet, all right. I was on a cruiser but these are destroyers. They put them off the eastern coast of Taiwan to say hey, fu All right. And then what does China do they start launching missiles into the Taiwan Strait missiles near our ships neuro forces near the third in command lover or hater, most of us hater. And by the way, that tick tock was hilarious. Hey, China, if anything happens to this woman, we didn't see anything. That was the iPad. I laughed. For out if you haven't seen that, go on YouTube shorts, go on my Facebook reels, look at our tic tock. We have to reach patriots everywhere. So don't judge me. I'm a company, I have to be on every platform, okay? If you look at me and go, Man, you're not like the cause you're on tick tock, Chinese blah, blah, blah, I have to reach patriots everywhere. If you don't understand that. And you don't understand that it takes building a large company that influences culture to fight the left, then you're not actually for the cause. So look off, as we used to say in the 90s. I hope a couple of you got that reference and had a laugh. Look, we are at the verge The Verge in a fourth turning in history on the verge of world war three. We're already fighting a proxy war with Russia through Ukraine. You want to know how I know you want to know how I know we're being lied to you want to know how I know the wool is being pulled over our eyes. How I know that it's quite possible. We're not getting all the facts and YouTube don't pull this video don't give me a violation. I've worked really hard not to get those. We've been here for two friggin years. So Don't screw with me YouTube, because I'm telling you right now, we are saying these are all hypotheticals, these are all things I'm putting together things that the evidence seems to show, but they're hypotheticals, people come to your own conclusions. I'm not telling you what's actually happening. This ain't the news. This is American Reveille where the quote breakers, we are entertainment. This is conservative TMZ. So don't ban me YouTube. Don't ban me. All right, you want to hear how screwed up this is? We are on the verge of the possible invasion of Taiwan, by who? China, as the President used to say, Who's allied with China? Russia, who invaded Ukraine, Russia, who is allied with China. Okay. Who all right, who are we where the US taxpayer? Right? We're funding Ukraine All right, Ukraine, who was invaded by Russia, China's ally. Alright, you're still following me? All right. Here we are. Here we are. We the US taxpayer gave them $54 billion while we drown in inflation, all right. While we suffer while we try to work well, we do everything we can to survive as prices go up and up and up. And living conditions get worse and worse and worse, and the left looks down at us like the condescending little shits they are and goes good suffer you oil guzzling fascist industrialists. We are the fairy people of the world. We do believe in a God see they will lie to us. They like to think that we don't know. But I know they do worship a God, they worship Gaia. They're pagans, they worship the Earth, which is why their religious cult ideology revolves around it. Plain and simple. But that's an episode for another day. If you want to see that episode, if you really do, leave a comment below and request it. All right, requested. But while we drown in inflation, and the President of the Ukraine, worth $596 million, whose war were funding on the cover of Vogue magazine, whose war were funding while he's on the cover of Vogue magazine, who was war were funding while he's on the cover of Vogue magazine. WUSA is requesting our enemy and their enemies main ally, China, who if you remember I just told you threatened to shoot down our third in command is shooting missiles into the Taiwan Strait is screaming rhetoric is putting sanctions out is damning. Us is threatening world war three. Was it Zelinsky Cosmo got a guy he Jinping and Zhi Jing ping goes have what do I want from me? And he will come over here to Ukraine guy. I'm sure we can work something out with a corrupt country. Come on over here and rebuild us and fund us. fix our streets. fix our bridges. Give us money. Give us bread. UK, the US leave them for dead. Meanwhile, $54 billion right? Down the shitter. So again, let me ask you doesn't feel like we're being played? Well, let me know in the comment section below. Look, as a US taxpayer who's funding this war. All right. I have a couple of feelings. Yeah, I'm a conservative on the right. But we have feelings to lefties. We really do. Feelings, we have them. Okay. So as a taxpayer funding, the death of men, women and children 10s of 1000s of men, women and children. All right. I feel like I'm being played. All right. I feel like everybody's in bed with each other. Doesn't it feel like, doesn't feel like Zielinski is playing with us playing with them? Doesn't it feel like they're playing with each other doesn't feel it feels like a big circle jerk. It feels like all the companies are embedded with each other. Look Disney in the Middle East. They will not promote LGBT, they don't even mention it. There's articles go go to there's articles right now you can look them up. There are articles that have factual documented evidence that Disney literally puts out anti. All right, anti LGBT messaging in line with Middle Eastern policy in the Middle East. And here supports LGBT groups and policies. Okay, this is a true fact of life. This is something that happens all right, I'm a veteran. If you go to McDonald's or some other company in one state, where the state is blue, it's very possible when you go to the drive thru and say, Hey, do you want a military discount? They're gonna say no, fuck off. Every red state will give me a military discount at like Taco Bell. Okay, guys, these companies do what's best for business in each individual state. Because the way our country is built is each individual state is like its own little individual country. People need to wake up and start learning some of the social sciences learn and learn and geography, learning politics, learning how this works. Were in a republic. All right, we're in a constitutional republic, a knit and tied together stitch patchwork of small little countries known as states with their own constitutions, their own courts, their own senators and Congress, people everything, just like the big federal government. All right. So governments in each state, and companies need state can do different things everywhere. And it happens here, and it happens all over the world. Now, what happens here is supposed to be a proper procedure that's noted in our Constitution and followed by our state's what's happening in other countries. All right, is companies and influencers and governments are playing backdoor Sally with a bunch of corrupt motherfuckers that go in and saying, hey, we'll deal with you. We'll deal with this back in World War Two. Look at some of the big companies like GE and some of these other brands that were dealing with the Nazis and dealing with the US government, giving us products helping the allies and helping the people that were murdering 6 million Jews. This is not something new. It's happened to history, how can I make the most profit and benefit from all sides of the coin? But you know who gets screwed then? And who's getting screwed now and who throughout history from the time we were peasants from the time we were serfs from the time we were slaves, and I can say that I'm a Jew, like and fucking say that, don't you dare tell me I can't. From the time we were slaves from the time that we were under the foot of kings and queens and rulers and warlords, and cave lords, and whoever the fuck else, everybody who's always throughout history gotten up is the little guy, you and me and now is no different. They are looking us again, don't look over here, guys. Well, we're getting, we're putting all these billions of dollars in our King pockets, and ensuring that our children's children's children's will subjugate your children's children's children's for the rest of history. That's what they're doing all of this infighting, black, white, all of this stuff, where they're saying, BLM Black Lives Matter, and all lives matter. And this that, and we're pitted against each other and everything, and we were slaves, and we weren't slaves and data. We've all been slaves for 1000s of years, to them, to the elites, to the ruling class. All right, I am a capitalist. I am a modern conservative, but it's about taking time you wake up, you take a look in the mirror and you ask yourself, if this truly is the free country, you're being sold. Because I have never seen it. And I want to God, I want it bad. I can taste it. And through this company through what we're doing through everything we're trying to influence here. We will take it back. We'll do it the right way. We'll do it with influence the same way the left got us into this mess. We will take us out we will lead us to the promised land because we the entire composed game of the right not just conservatives, not just the Maga people, not just the Republicans, not just the young, not just the old, not just the Libertarians and shut the fuck up. You're part of us, too. The Democrats and the liberals don't like libertarians. They want war. They don't want to be left alone. Okay, so libertarians I'm sorry. You're over here. What? Your toe, okay? Look, all of us have petty disagreements. All of us have these little issues with each other. But none of them are as big as the issues we're facing against the left. So it's time we put our petty differences aside, all right, I don't believe in abortion, somebody else believes in four weeks, somebody else believes in 12, whatever we can figure that out. Remember, our morals, our core values are believed in God is the same. There's is not they don't have that we have to be together on this. And we are and we will be the game is rigged. The game is rigged. And until we wake up and realize that we will never be free. We have no control right now. So it's time to take it back. And it's time to pack up shop and bring every buddy home. Because we're all being taken advantage of. And we're paying for the entire problems all around the world that are being created. By the left we see the World Economic Forum, we see you great reset people, elites trying to shape history, we see you, but the money. It's not coming from you. It's coming from us. So look, I've been waiting to announce this for a while. But I think now is a very, very good time. So I'm about to tell you what's going to happen to American Reveille in the coming weeks and months. I'm about to reveal to you this plan, this thing that I've been promising for a very, very long time. Okay, this code that I've needed to crack this Rubik's cube that I've needed to solve, to figure out how to get our voice heard how to get the people's voice into every single home, across America, and eventually across the entire globe. So folks, we've been in this fight together for a very long time. And you've seen me here, you've seen me persevere everything with American Reveille. I do, all right. I do the art. I put the articles out. All right, I edit. I publish, I do the podcast, I do the graphics. I do the editing on the podcasts. I build all of the business connections. I go to the meetings, every single thing I've had to do myself I've come across dozens and dozens and dozens of people that have wanted to help Everybody has flaked out. I have a core group of wonderful writers. All right, wonderful writers that have stuck with me since the beginning. And I'm not talking about you. All right. If you're in my company, and you're working with me, and you know me, you know, I'm not talking about you, but I'm talking about the things that I've had to do. All right, the hours of sleep, I've lost. I have a day job, folks. I work 60 hours a week, and then I do American Reveille 80 hours a week, and I see my family as much as I can. I've skipped so many dinners. I've almost died from this. I've been in the hospital dozens of times from this, I do every thing I've kept this machine running, and it's about time that we become huge. Ladies and gentlemen, we are the trendsetters. Were the bar razors. Were the agitators of this country were the disruptors of the world. We are the CO breakers ladies and gentlemen. So therefore, American Reveille LLC in the next coming weeks and months is going to move forward as follows. American Reveille LLC will become a parent company. All right, it will become a parent company to the brand new quote break LLC that's CUO break LLC and it's okay I said I've already bought everything que UOBREA que como break, LLC, and all, all of American Reveille's, editorial and entertainment based content, including the website will be rebranded accordingly. And this will position us to move into the entertainment media space as a massive new modern conservative, T, M, Z. All right, we're going to be raising a $100,000 initial investment, we're going to be implementing my developed secret system to bring quote, break into every single home across America, we're going to be building this infrastructure which we'll break down into $35,000 with another $35,000 to introduce and advertise coil break to millions and millions and millions of like minded silenced Americans across this country. We've developed a system ladies and gentlemen, to give millions of us across this country, a home and identity and a way to make money. That's right ladies and gentlemen, every single person that reads and listens and watches and participates in quote, break every quote breaker will have the opportunity to participate to make money I have figured this out. So you ladies and gentlemen, you The Forgotten voices of this country will all be quote breakers and you will never ever be silenced. Again, not if I have any gang thing to do about it. And that's all I've got to say. I'll see you next week. 

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