#Recession separates the WOKE from the STRONG | #185

July 28, 2022 James Lane Episode 185
#Recession separates the WOKE from the STRONG | #185
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Only the strong survive! We are in a recession, but it gets much worse. Prepare yourself for hardship or else... American Reveille Podcast #185


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Remember, remember the 28th of July, the gas prices recession and heat. While Joe Biden doesn't know what to do with his hands, none of us can afford to eat. Ladies and gentlemen, this 28th July the official first day of the recession now, they may not be saying it on many news channels, but screw them, they don't tell the truth. Any way to negative GDP growth in a row coupled with a crap ton of inflation, coupled with everybody suffering and miserable equals a recession. Anybody will tell you, it's like Connect Four, but with two less chips. All right, connect forward to less chips two in a row equals recession. So what does that mean for you? Well, if you're a little older, like me, and you've worked hard, and you've got your crap screwed on tight, you should be okay. This is the greatest country in the world. We'll talk through it for these young people out there. And if you're young and awake, and you're listening to me, I most likely I'm not talking to you, but to all those woke stirs out there. stuffs about to get really, really, really painful. And we're gonna see who's a man and who's a bitch are really, really, really soon. Anyway, what a great intro Welcome, welcome, welcome. Remember, remember, July 28. Like I said, Welcome to American Reveille. Do me a favor, subscribe to this channel, subscribe. Wherever you're watching this, I need you to just stop what you're doing right now. Hit the subscribe button. And when you're done doing that, hit the like button because this is awesome. Not only do I look awesome, I sound awesome. And you're awesome for watching this. So hit the like button right now. Do it like good. You got it. You're done. Okay, now go below and leave a comment and say hey, what's up, James? Hey, how you doing? What's up, Doc? Yeah. Hey, where'd you get that awesome hat what asked me something. Leave me a comment, question feedback. You're gonna love this show. And I need you to come below. You're gonna love this show. Comment below. We've been doing this over two years, so wake up where you want to be baby. Wake up with American Reveille. Wake up to the truth on YouTube rumble bitchu Odyssey gab TV you can find us on gab. You can find us on Tik Tok Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, true social. Get her we are all over the place. You could probably find us at your parents house. We might even be in your mom's closet. We are everywhere. Just look up our handle. I made it real easy for you guys. I made it really simple. 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It explains the US China supply chain and crisis the soup It's just this amazing super informative article talking about how much control China actually has over the United States of America go to AR dot WTF right now, and give us a huge shout out for Dr. Raphael Moraira welcome him, him to the American Reveille, family wherever you are on social media, share his article, share it even on American Reveille on our pages on social media at uncensored AR. And shout out to them, tag them, tag us tag whoever you can, and say, Doc, welcome. Welcome to American Reveille, the Patriot fight moves on. So as I mentioned in Episode 184, and if you haven't heard or watched episode 184, you can click on it at the end of this video, you can click on it, if you're watching on YouTube, it should pop up right now right at the top, you can click it right there. Or you can just go to AR WTF or the slew of other places I just mentioned, and you can check it out. But in Episode 184, I mentioned that civilization, as we know it is collapsing. Folks, I've mentioned it a few times I mentioned it again, today is a Thursday. It's Thursday, July 28. And it was announced that we have negative GDP growth for the second quarter in a row. And that means one thing, recession and you know, I'm not sure that all of you grasp what a recession is. So let's blow the fake whistle. That sounds more like cardi B's vagina. Let's blow the fake whistle. Okay, and put class in session schools in session. Ladies and gentlemen, econ. 101. All right. We have an economy. That's all the stuff that makes money, okay. whether somebody's selling a toaster, somebody's fixing a car, whether it's shipping, whether it's a trafficking of paraphernalia. No, I'm just kidding. All of the stuff that brings revenue into the country, the gross domestic product, the GDP of America, the money making machine, baby. All right. When we see positive growth, we are not in a recession. That means we're making money the country is growing the economy is growing money is coming in. All right. Everybody's happy everybody's prospering things are going up. All right. I'm, I'm explained. I know a lot of people are going to talk crap. Shut up. Just shut Shut up and sit down. Right now. I don't care what kind of crappy I don't. I own it can numb scientist and you need to spend 45 minutes explaining the woke economics of Norway to shut the fuck up. I'm simplifying it. I'm giving economics in two minutes, okay, you want more economics, then go Google it. All right. Or we can have a sidebar conversation. Or you can comment below and we can talk crap back and forth until I throw my phone across the room. But until then shut up. Everything grows, everything grows. Everything's good stuff stops growing. Right? We stop making money. That sounds weird. What's going on here? We're not making money, two quarters in a row negative growth, things are going down. Recession. All right, recession. That's how it works. Except normally, normally in a recession. Job growth is negative for some reason we have job growth growing we have job openings, people needing employees, but nobody seems to want to work. Nobody seems to want to work by the way I'm done explaining economics. That's it. That's all you got for me about a minute and 30 seconds all right. And to that smarty pants mofo that's going that's not a, it's a has to do with this. I have to equity Shut up. Shut up. Okay. I explain it for the layman. And if you want to go start a channel called economics for douchebags you go explain it yourself. But until then, we're going to talk about this weird recession because it's giving me the willies. It's giving me a bad feeling. Okay, it's making me jump in Jehovah FETs. All right. I don't even know what jumping Jehovah Feds mean. But it's giving me a creepy feeling in the cockles of my hearts. And at the bottom part right at the bottom part of my testicles under the scrotum in the warm part between my legs, it's giving me a bad feeling that shits about to go down. We're going to have a much harder crash than people realize we aren't going to have transitory inflation because inflation skyrocketing, we aren't going to have a soft landing because there's not going to be anywhere for the plane to land, because the foundation is going to explode. What do I mean by this? What was caused by well, is caused by the same thing that Democrats peddle free shit. That's what it is, is caused by free money by people that don't need to telework having to telework and getting used to it. It's an entitled woke culture for years and years telling these kids these young adults that are now in our workforce, these engineers, these scientists, these 711 workers, everybody now you're special, whether you have a degree or not, you could be anything you Could be anything you want. You could be an astronaut. Just put your mind to it. Fuck hard work screw competition. You don't have to work hard. You don't have to win. We all get prizes, because we're all the same special little gray, mushy pieces of garbage floating around in the chairs on the space cruise ship from the movie Wally. That's what they want. And that's what we've become. So these kids now are in our workforce that 2223 2529 Hell, some of them are 40 Plus, and they're saying, Why do I have to do this shit? Why do I have to work hard after the pandemic? You guys gave me a bunch of free crap during the Why don't you give me free crap right now. You mean wait a minute, I'm sitting here in my blue state, I can just sit at home and fuck off. And you're still gonna give me money. And I don't have to get bitched up by somebody who actually cares about their job. And you're just going to keep printing money, and you're going to pay off my student loan debts. Hell, I love socialism. At least that's what they're programming our kids to believe. Whether they know it's socialism or not, whether they know that they're becoming drones or not many, many are, they don't want to work. They don't want to fuel the economy. So the jobs are there. Nobody's going back to work. The recession is here. And shit is crashing. This is your captain speaking. We're coming in for a heavy landing. I don't see the runway. Where's that guy that went upside down and landed in the river shit. Anyway, look, go back in time, read my posts from back a year ago, six months ago, read our articles, watch the podcast, watch some of the previous episodes. We've called this, we knew this was coming. We knew and know things are going to get worse. And like I said in the beginning of this podcast, when Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall, and things get much worse, we're going to know who the players are, we're going to know the pimps. We're going to know who the real daddies are, and who the bitches are, we're going to know who's really tough. And who's a keyboard warrior real quick, because people are going to get hungry, gas is going to get scarce. And I don't see any good decisions coming out of Washington anytime soon. To help this, maybe the good decision would be to stay the f out of the economy, but they're not going to that's not what's going to happen, things are going to get worse. And as they get worse, something else is going to happen. Something is going to come next that nobody expects because I keep hearing again and again. This isn't 2008 This isn't 2008. It's not 2008. And it doesn't matter. The housing market is next. And if you don't believe me, you should check out an article I wrote a couple of weeks back, it might have been a month or two, maybe even three months back, but I wrote an article about the imminent crash of the US housing market, it went tiny viral 345 1000 people read it all right, local hit sensation that hissed off a crap ton of real estate agents and I don't care. I'm sick and tired of these allying real estate agents, these lying brokers, these people that want your money, they want to give you a house just so that you can lose it later. While they line. Their pockets. They're lying sob is not all of them. But a crap ton of agents are not there to help you get a house. They're there for their own selfish causes. I'm going to put the article up on the screen right now. Right there somewhere, we're going to put the article up, you'll see which one it is go check it out. It's a great article. Like I said it pissed a lot of real estate agents off they're still trying to sell I talked to a real estate agent the other day young guy, he said to me, he said the market never goes down. Meanwhile, when you And you look at Zillow, when you look at all of these apps, you can see these houses that are going for astronomical sales, or astronomical prices, excuse me, and all of a sudden, all of a sudden you start seeing the price come down 40,000 mark off 70,000 mark off 100,000 mark off, it won't be long before houses are 50% off. And that's when I'm going to buy a house just to tell you the truth. And when everything's down that's when you should be buying too little tip if you got a little bit and I'm not a financial advisor by any means. But if you got a little bit of money put away when everything falls apart and goes kaboom, gobble up some stocks gobble up some precious metals gobble up the crypto because what comes up must come down and what comes down must go up. Economics 101 once again from the mouth of Dr. James lane, buy low, sell it high and even though stuff seems to be hot plus you need to be patient, wait for the long haul. And when it recovers, when those prices go back up, you'll make that money big Dolla dolla playa, you'll make that money, which is exactly what the elites don't want. They don't want you to make money. They don't want you to own land. They don't want you to own houses, Blackrock bought up a bunch of houses just so they could rent them to us, because they don't want you to be successful. They're counting on you to have the gambler spirit to be impulsive to spend the money. They're counting on you to spend the money, not invest the money. They're counting on you to lose everything and be indebted to them for ever. They're counting on you to sell your soul to the devil just to play with dice instead of becoming the king or queen of the mountain. And you deserve better than that. These companies have been lying to us, these elites have been screwing us these agents, these brokers, they've been effing with us, they've been pretending to be our friends while they've been stabbing us in the back and lining their own pockets. And London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down. Oh, shit, baby, folks, we are all going to be losing money soon, rent is going to continue to go up any low and gas prices. Any relief you're getting from the economic downturn right now is a temporary break. It's made to make you rethink Joe Biden and the Democrat party before the midterm elections, but I promise you just like some superhero trying to hold a containment field, as long as they can I get all that any longer. Right? It's all gonna come crashing down. What do they make it to before after the midterms? That's another question. That's something for a psychic, I can't tell you. So you may ask me. And you may ask yourself, Well, James, why hasn't it crashed yet? Why isn't it falling down people like you've been saying it's going to fall apart for years. And just because the S is hitting the F right now doesn't mean that the slime is melting on the floor and the acids burning through the hall of the spaceship, folks, there's something a little different going on. You see, everybody likes to look at math, but nobody gets to play the psychology game. People brush it off. Like it's meaningless. Like it's all numbers. But as a business person, somebody that's been a manager is a CEO and has worked in many different businesses. I know for a fact that psychology plays a part, I know a manager can't just effectively run a company looking at the numbers, they have to also think about the people and in an economy. And in a country. Everything is modeled around a business. That's why we have a president just like the president of a country. Our presence president of a corporation, or the president of a nonprofit, anything like that. That's what it's modeled after. So what's going to happen? All right, the Fed is going to panic, Jerome Powell, the guy at the head of the Fed. All right, he's going to continue to try to get this inflation down. He just raised it point 75 basis points, things are going to get tougher, you're going to feel the tight squeeze around your throat, the gas price, the food price, everything's going to continue to rise as Jerome Powell tries to squeeze out stamp out, stomp out the inflation because you have to raise the interest rate the national interest rate above inflation in order to quell it that was proven during the I was gonna say Nixon, I don't know why I was gonna say Nixon, the Reagan era is proven during the Reagan era by Friedman. But listen, all right, he is not that smart. All right, he thinks he's a tough shit. He doesn't know what to do. And now that he's got a taste of being aggressive, he's going to keep aggressively raising basis points, raise the interest, raise the interest, raise the interest, and they're not going to wait to see the result. They're going to go too far. And when you raise the interest, you have to be very careful, because what happens when you raise the interest too fast and too hard trying to curb inflation. You crash the whole system down literally, and Jerome Powell, in my professional opinion, trying to do the right thing because he's an ignorant dunce is going to crash our economy. The housing market will tumble right before right after things are going to get worse. The gas will be poured on the fire. And just like you've seen in any Florida man, redneck video, when you pour enough gasoline and a microwave and you smoke enough cigarettes next to it, eventually something's going to explode speaking of Florida, do you like poker? Well, I love poker. I'm a really crappy poker player and I'm not a great gambler, but I know a ton of you are awesome at poker, and you're damn good gamblers you can make lots of money while I know of a hella cool. Poker fundraiser to benefit January 6 candidate for Congress in Florida, in St. Petersburg, Florida. At the OCC Roadhouse, the Orange County Choppers, Roadhouse, they're having a poker tournament coming up, I want you to watch this really, really awesome advertisement I put together tell me what you think. Do you think I should have done the voice differently? Do you think I should have done the ad different? Should I put a different background in it? Or should I use different graphics? Let me know in the comments below. But take one minute out of this podcast. Watch this and tell me what you think. Ladies and gentlemen, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, August 14 at 5pm. Come join the constitutional Party of the United States at the world famous Orange County Choppers, Roadhouse and museum in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. For their first ever poker fundraiser for only $250, you can buy yourself a seat to win the grand prize, a ar 15. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the winner gets a gun, come help preserve, protect and restore the constitutional rights of our people. play and have fun, all while supporting the US Constitution. For more information, visit Or call 813-531-2423. That's CP o d u 813-531-2423. As you heard in the ad, that poker tournament, that competition that fundraiser, it's run by our good friends over at the Constitutional Party of the United States, you can check out all of their hard work at CPOT That's C You only the strong survive the crash. Even if it's just a horrible economic downturn, even if the housing market just slowly goes to the shits, the crash is going to separate the men from the little girly baby boys, the crash will separate the strong from the woke. I was going to say weak there, but I just thought it was too good of an opportunity to throw a funny dad joke in there, the crush will separate the strong from the woke guys. For a lot of people, this will be the first time in their life they've ever faced a real hardship. This will be the first time in their life that they've ever had to really work for something really put in the effort really bust their ass to survive, not just to watch Netflix and chill, not just to be able to watch their porn and whack off whenever they want to, but actually survive, they might actually have to learn what coupons are, like so many millions of us have had to use and still do. They might even have to sweat who they might even have to go out into the real world. They've been keyboard warriors this whole time. They might even have to go out into the real world. And somebody might slap the shit out of them. Oh my god, well, it's not really going to matter. See, Nancy Pelosi, all these people, they'll be protected up in their hills. They'll be protected up in their forts with their paid and armed security. Everybody will be fine. But when stuff gets really hard, the government, the politics, the elites. They've already done their job. They've already pitted all of us little people against each other. So it won't be the government coming after us. It'll be big scary people like me trying to feed my family and coming across little pathetic woke people not like you not like you watching this unless you're watching this as a woke person going What the heck, this stupid conservative. Oh my God, how can he say that of a trans people that that? If you're watching this right now I am talking about you a big scary person like me. In this alternate reality, this hypothetical that I'm coming up with where the world falls apart. A big scary person like me, comes across a little pathetic woke person like you. And then what happens? What happens is I feed my family. What happens is 1000s of people like me men and women just like me feed their families and what happens to you? Who knows what happens to you? We're done playing on the right. You see, we're going to talk big now we're going to talk just like you You do on the left? Because when you can't pay what your mouth when you talk a lot of crap. All right? When your mouth can't cash your check for your ass. The Piper comes to collect sometimes, and I'm not the Piper, I'm not talking me. And I'm not talking in this universe. I'm talking about a hypothetical alternate reality where the left fucks everything up so bad that everything falls apart and they're gonna go home people on the right will you share? It's nice if you share. Listen, sometimes it don't pay to share. We've been kind we've been good. We've been friends, we've been trying to work with you for hundreds of years. And all you want to do is spread your racist propaganda, hurt minorities, hurt people and take advantage of the weak under the guise of helping the world. You're all liars, you're all cheats. You're all snake oil salesmen, you're all charlatans and these young people that follow you, the influencers to on the left, that brainwashed these kids, these young people that follow you that are about to learn about real hardship that are about to learn that the real world doesn't care about your emotions, and your safe space. It doesn't give a shit that you need a hug. Fuck your hug. Nobody gets hugs in the real real world. Hang on to your ass. Because Neverland is about to go bye bye. Now you may be wondering why I said Neverland. And it's because I fucked up the quote. So we're gonna do this one more time. Just because I'm a perfectionist. And I know you want to hear it said right. So your OCD doesn't get all fucked up. Alright, are you ready? 123 Hang on to your ass. Because Kansas is going bye bye. See, there you go. Now now you got it. And thank me later, let me know if that helped you. If that fixed, whatever was building up inside of you that was making your clothes wrong, if that helped, let me know in the comments below. But this new generation, these young people that think that the world is gonna bend over backwards for them are about to get screwed, and we're gonna find out who's tough, and who's got it and who has nothing. Because just like we have a lot of homeless people today that used to be the hippies of yesterday, right. The folks back in the day that fought and marched for the hippie movement, the BDS movement that injected woke ism and socialism into many of our school systems and cultures. Those people are homeless. And these young people that follow this woke religion, this God is dead ideologists, this ideology, they're about to have a come to Jesus moment real real quick. Because just like every generation of Patriot, every generation of soldier and every generation of good man and woman must be replaced toe so too must the balance be maintained. So to must the balance be maintained. So just like the good people need to be replaced, so to do our homeless people, so to do the court jesters, so to do the lepers and scum of the earth need replacements. So as the world falls apart, Love thy neighbor, be a good person. But don't be a bitch, trust, but verify. All right, verify. Don't just trust anybody. When things get desperate, people will always look out for their own ass people will always look out for their own family. All right. That's why capitalism is so beautiful. It's based on human emotions. It's based on human psychology. It's based on the notion that people will inherently take care of themselves. Therefore, by taking care of themselves in the deal in the transaction. They're taking care of the other person. Capitalism is king. Capitalism is beautiful. Socialism is shit, and the shits about to hit the fan. So folks, remember, do me a favor, hit that like button, hit that subscribe button. Do it right now. subscribe. Leave a comment below and tell me how awesome you think my voice is, folks. Episode 185 of the American Reveille Podcast has commenced go to at uncensored AR on all the social media I've mentioned in the beginning of this podcast, whether it's gab whether it's better, whether it's Instagram, whether it's Twitter, whether it's truth, social, wherever you are, whether you're on rumble, whether you're on YouTube, whether you're on bit shoot, wherever you're finding meat tick tock at uncensored AR Our website is AR dot WTF book market right now. I'll catch you next Thursday. And if this Thursday thing keeps working, we'll go with it. We're going to do Thursday, four weeks in a row and look at the analytics. If we can improve it, or we have a better day, we could do suggest it in the comments below. If not, we're gonna keep rolling with it. So next Thursday. We'll see you on episode 186. Bye