July 21, 2022 James Lane Episode 184
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Civilization as we know it is collapsing... The best way to support me is to comment, like, and share! American Reveille Podcast #184


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Are you sitting? Listen, I come today with a really, really difficult message. But it's the truth and it needs to be said. civilization as we know it is collapsing. I repeat civilization as we know it is collapsing. And there's not a damn thing that you, me or anybody else can do about it. Or is there ladies and gentlemen, James lane here. This is episode 184 of the American Reveille Podcast. I'm very happy to be back. I know it's a long time coming six months, six long months, you've been waiting to see my beautiful face. But I thank you so much for your patience. I'm going to be honest with you. We moved the entire company to Oklahoma, everything is now good. We're out of that wretched state of Washington. We're now down here in this freedom loving land. I also went through some major health issues. I had some life threatening health issues. I'm not going to take up all the time in the beginning of the podcast to talk about it because honestly, there's a lot of new people that are going to be listening to this and I don't need to go into 45 minutes of medical details if more of you want to hear about it I'll make a separate video let me know in the comments below but this is episode 184 It's awesome to be back I'm here in our new setup the new studio here in Moore, Oklahoma. You can find us at uncensored AR that's our handle at uncensored a are that's tick tock truth social get or gab Facebook, Twitter, Instagram everywhere. I've made it easy for you. the at symbol, the word uncensor and the lettered the letters A are at uncensored AR You can always find us the old fashioned way. or simply AR.WTF I bought that so I can make it nice and easy for people who don't like to spell the word "reveille", A R, w, T F, you can sign up for the newsletter there, I'd greatly appreciate it. We put out a newsletter every week, I would appreciate it. If you would take a look at our content or articles or blogs, we have useful information. We talked about how we're expanding the company, what we're trying to do, the new content creators we're bringing on and what we're doing with the American Reveille. If you get a second, please comment below, like this video, share this video, and talk about it with your friends and family. But folks, like I said, In the beginning, civilization, as we know it is collapsing, it's collapsing. And there's not a damn thing that you or I can do about it. At least that's what they'd like you to think that's what these elites would like you to think people that operate in the shadows and people that operate in plain sight, whether it be Nancy Pelosi, whether it be George Soros, whether it be Klaus von douchebag, the guy that runs the World Economic Forum that talks in plain sight about the great reset, and even though we bring it up, everybody looks at us and goes, Oh, you're a conspiracy theorist. But it's right in plain sight, just Google it, go to go to DuckDuckGo wherever you need to go to search your crap and look up the great reset World Economic Forum. And there's like 100 videos and 50 Are they right at them on Tala z are going to take all this evolved, you will eat the bugs user on and bullshit, you'll put the shit in your mouth, you'll be so happy, they write it down. And yet nobody seems to give a shit. So if you don't want to believe me, then you don't prepare for it. I'll put all of my stuff in a bunker, get my dehydrated food. I load up my guns and my ammunition and you can find me somewhere in the Himalayas, if need be. Folks face the fact that the world is run by wealthy elites that have generational wealth, money beyond our wildest dream millions and millions and billions and billions, millions and millions and billions and billions and millions and billions of dollars beyond our wildest dreams that have been passed down through the generations and they go on their crusade for their noble causes. And that's what all this bullshit is. That's what this woke stuff is. That's what everything is. It's a bunch of folks that have never been through hardship that don't know anything about the real world chasing their fantasy causes. Because when you have nothing left when there's no struggle, the human brain the psychology of the hero Human brain makes us create a problem for us to solve. That's what we do. We're problem solving animal. So these rich assholes come up with these problems that don't exist. And we all suffer global corporations, generational elites, these are the people that not only run our country, but run the entire world. Now look, I'm a capitalist, this isn't an attack on on companies. This isn't an attack on rich people. It's not an attack on folks that worked their ass off and made their money and are enjoying life or, or medium sized or small companies or even large companies that are trying to take care of the people and do what they got to do to make a living. And they they operate in a in a local universe. I'd like to say local, because local community is where you best serve your customer. I'm not talking about those folks. I'm not talking about the veterans and the 10s of 1000s. That even I'd say millions of people that own companies and small businesses, tax companies and taffy, saltwater taffy companies share companies. I don't know there's all kinds of fucking companies. What do you want me to say? I'm not talking about those people. I'm talking about Klaus Schwab. I'm talking about Bill Gates. I'm talking about Oprah. I'm talking about all these different people that own companies upon companies upon companies that operate globally and do a bunch of shifty shit around the world. I'm not talking about Ben's landscaping company or, or Sarah's hard tack, Confederate recreation company, card tech cookbook company, I don't fucking know, I saw a, I saw a, what's it called one of those. What are they called? You know, the folks that, that store a bunch of food and, and put all of the stuff in the basement. I saw a book for hoarding. I'm not talking about hoarders, not hoarders, what the hell am I talking about? I'm talking about the folks. They have like a bunker. You know, like the storm bunker that I have in my garage here that we're going to do some filming and they have like a bunker. They put stuff in that bunker, what are they called? preppers. That's what I'm talking about. preppers I saw a book for preppers. And it had a bunch of these hard tack recipes. It was a biscuit that a bunch of people during the Civil War ate. It was like this hard, nasty, just like imagine biscuits and gravy, and you leave it outside and it becomes hard as a rock and then you put it in your pack and you eat that shit. That's That's what I'm thinking of. Anyway, that was the company that came to mind when I thought of non global corporations. So these global corporations, and these generational elites, they run the world, they run our history, they run everything they do. So when they decided a couple years ago, that you know, maybe something would happen, you know, hmm, maybe at some point some virus will come and you know, then we could work on all kinds of stuff like getting people to stop eating meat and electric cars and you know, screw fossil fuels a bunch of stuff, you know, socialism, let's just get all this in there. And maybe by some random chance of virus will happen and you know, we could try to do some of this stuff and then lo and behold COVID Nine teen What a coincidence. What a coincidence. Doesn't it seem like COVID-19 kick started some machine? Doesn't it seem like it turned on some kind of grind or something that starts a series of events it seems now every day on the news we hear of some other COVID scare some monkey pox scare some new thing next we're going to hear about some chicken pox in the testicles. You're going to get chicken pox to the testicles, what to do? It turns your testicles red and makes it like a rooster skin so that you can just do it. Nevermind. Listen, guys, you got to get off the scare tactics. You got to get off of what's happening on television but you have to be aware they were talking about this stuff before it happened and then lo and behold COVID Nine teen and what it comes from a pangolin that had sex with a bat in East Mongolia and ended up in a food market. Where did it come from the research center like you know, five minute walk away from that market anyway, who knows, you know, the COVID Research Center anyway COVID-19 By the way, just let you know Brandon somehow diagnosed with COVID 19 and cancer on the same day. This guy needs to go to the he needs to go to the casino and just throw down he just needs to throw down on the blackjack table. Throw down on the slot machine something because he's hitting doubles. Okay, this guy is going to win big and win big good. Either that or this is the beginning of the plan to make Joe Biden disappear and bring in President Kamala Harris. Very, very scary. So anyway, corporations, they run everything. You know what? I know it, we all know it. And so this has been happening behind our eyes, behind the wool behind the curtain for years and years and years, these corporations, these elites, they've been getting more powerful and more powerful, bigger and bigger, larger and larger. And now 10, or 11, companies pretty much own everything in the United States. And in the world. Bill Gates owns more farmland, and more laboratories, the guy who made computers, he owns all this stuff than anybody else in the United States. Very, very vast tracts of land experimentation on all kinds of animals. What is going on? What kind of plans do they have for us? What kind of plans do they have for the for us? This has been going on, like I said, behind the scenes, and now because of the internet because of whistleblowers because of people places like Project Veritas. Folks that put out undercover video. I mean, they can't hide this forever. And then COVID comes out. All right, all the censorship happens. We see them panic, we see them power grab. All right, they come for us. All right, they tried to change everything. And I hate to say it, they were successful in many, many ways. Things are changing. The old world is going away in many areas of technology. Things are now contactless people don't have to go to work. It starts making capitalism look less attractive to young people. Why would you want to go to work when they promised that you could just stay at home and paint pictures all day and whack off? Why would you want to go to work when they give you free money? Why would you want to do anything but fuck off all day. I wouldn't want to do anything else. I'm just older and wiser. I've read history, I happen to have a couple pieces of paper on that wall that let me know what actually happens when you give in to socialism. So anyway, COVID happens. They put everybody into sheep pens, mask them up, make them good little girls and boys, people get fired, people have to get COVID shots. It's court ordered in some child custody cases for certain people to actually get COVID shots. And what happens many people start waking up, they have an American Reveille, they start going, Oh, my God, something just is not right. It's just not right around me. They sense it, they feel it in their bones. And I have a theory as to why we feel it in our bones. I think, folks, this isn't just a battle of right and wrong. This isn't just a battle of politics. It's not just a battle of core values. Because you know very well, we now have two very different sets of core values in this country. No, it's a battle of good and evil. That's right, folks, a battle of good and evil. And in battles of good and evil, evil always prevails for a while, until good people wake up and realize what's going on. And through their deeds, through their actions through their words and writing through their speaking through their ideas and their ideologies. They strike down the wicked. But folks in history, this process has been very quick. And this process has been very slow. We don't know how it's been affected by social media, the internet, the traffic, the information that moves at lightning speed. We don't know how fast people are waking up. But if you're listening to me, if you're watching me if you're hearing me talk then you must be waking up or awake yourself because I see it I sense it I feel it. I smell the evil around me and good and evil. Make no mistake good and evil are fighting in front of our very eyes. The world my friends, the world has gone down the path of Sodom and Gomorrah. Just look around it. Look around you Webster's Dictionary just changed the definition of a man and a woman today. Webster's dictionary the socialists folks, the Socialist got our dictionary changed. The words are different now. Now if you identify as a woman in the dictionary, you are a woman. So how do you argue this now? How does this change court cases? How does this change our world transgender swimmers, transgender weightlifters folks that say to women, you are worthless. I am STI healing your identity and wiping my hairy Female Man ass with it. These people are an effect of cultural problems. Okay? When you look at the percentages of folks that have changed when you look at the way that perceptions have gone, when you look at transgenders, going from 1% 2% 3% to 20% of this generation, you have to ask what is happening, folks, there's a small percentage of people that truly, truly, truly deserve to be respected. They truly deserve to have their identities respected because they really feel and are the way that they are. The rest of them are just following the trend. I said it, I said it out loud. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. You got a problem with me, put it on Twitter and kiss my ass. Listen, folks, the path of Sodom and Gomorrah is upon us. The burning bush is here. We see the countries around us falling apart. We see civil war and other countries. We see a war in Ukraine and Russia, we see rich elites rubbing each other's shoulders and working together in the background while pretending to oppose each other in public. All right, we see internment camps in Australia. We see internment camps in New York City. And if you don't believe me, look up New York Governor Hochul and internment camps, it's happening. They want their power, the evil ones are backed into a corner. All right, they're backed into a corner like a dog. And we're, we're right there. We're right there on the precipice of winning, and they're desperate, and they're going to do anything they can anything in their power to destroy us to destroy you, in this last hour of their existence. And you know, when you talk like that this last hour could be a couple of years in this last hour, they are at their most dangerous, you may not see it on the news, but the riots are happening. People are dying things, buildings, creations, everything being burnt to the ground over Roe v. Wade. It's happening. People are fighting to murder babies. They're not just fighting to murder babies at conception. They're fighting to murder born babies and babies at nine months old. These are people willing to die for sin, people willing to die against science pretending to be in the name of science, false heretics, fake people, bullshit artists trained by a false reality brought forth by social media and modern day internet fostered by wealthy elites and corporations running and molding and sculpting the direction of our society. So what do we do? What do we do? All right, people come at me all the time. They asked me they say Why do you do this? Is it for religion? Look, I'm a Jew. I'm a Jew. But I believe in free speech. That's why on our website, or AR.WTF. I let everybody on. I published free speech. I let the voice of Christians and Catholics be heard I let if we had a gay, conservative, I would give them a voice on my site. All right. And we're hiring bloggers, by the way. So email me If you want to write for us, but folks, we don't judge it. That's not our job. Even in the Bible. When you read it, it says it's not our job to judge. That's God's job. And God. It seems historically, when you read enough books, and when you look into history enough, and like I said, I don't do this because of God. I do this, because of science because of my beliefs. Because of my core values, my morals and my convictions. I do believe in God. And I do this for God as well after the fact. But at my true value, if I didn't believe in God, I would still believe act and say the things I say it's just a secondary thing that I believe in God, I do this because it's in my core values to believe what I believe I've worked very hard in my life to get to this point. I'm secure in my beliefs and I'll fight and I'll die by my convictions. That is literally why I say and do what I do. Not everybody can say that. And most people can't live by that folks. They can't. But in the Word of God, talking about God and looking at history when these things go down when society started collapsing like ours is when evil takes hold and millions of people commit egregious sin. I'm not just talking little things. Listen, I'm not a I'm like old school. I'm not telling you not to, like make out with your wife fucking have babies. I'm just telling you that people have gone way beyond the point of what's acceptable with life. just life in general, this world has literally D evolved into some excruciating and agonizing. I want it now world of, of instant gratification of sexual fantasy and misconduct to the point of choking and rape. I'm talking well beyond anything that would be acceptable or anything even considered taboo just a few years ago, the world is falling apart. And when the world falls apart, in every book throughout every civilizations history, it seems that God shows up. And a lot of the times God is a very pissed the fuck off. All right, so here we are 2022 COVID-19, they took control tried to make us all socialists, the world's falling apart, Sodom and Gomorrah, it's been going on a long time, people have their eyes open to the pedophiles in the school system and what's happening around the world. And if we keep pushing our luck, God will show up. You know, there's a lot of people that wish God would show up and there's a lot of Christians that think I'm talking about the Rapture. I'm not talking about the Rapture. I'm talking about Gods showing up and going What the fuck are these stupid monkeys I made doing? What the fuck? Are these people doing fucking everything up fucking each other up and fucking this world that I love so much. They're fucking it up and I'm gonna fuck them up. That's what every book always show God goes, Oh, you want to fuck shit up? You want to fuck each other up? Well, I've got a bigger dick, and I'm gonna fuck you all and then fuck you all up. All right. And I don't want that to happen. I don't want God to show up and blow up our planet. But it seems it seems that that might already be happening. I mean, ask yourself, Why do all these billionaires want to leave the planet so bad? Why do all these billionaires want to leave the planet? And and and why do they seem so excited? And so in a hurry to do it. Elon Musk even said he has to make us a multiplanetary species as soon as possible. What is coming for us? What is happening? Where are we heading? All right. What what? Hold your horses you know, they're talking about UFOs all over the television. They're talking about it all over the internet. They're having congressional hearings about it. You've got scandals, you've got a president with cancer and COVID-19 walking around on his puppet strings proclaiming all kinds of things that he he never even says the White House just walks back everything he says he's going all over fist bump and Saudi Arabia talking about how they're going to increase the gas flow. And then they're saying, I don't know what the fuck this guy's talking about. The dude has lost it. I mean, this world's falling apart. God's gonna show up and fuck us all up. And I think they know it. I think there's something headed for us. I know that might sound crazy. I'm not saying it's definitive. I'm not saying I have any proof. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. So I'm not going this is what's happening, folks. This is the lizard people. They're coming. They're gonna fuck us all up. We're all gonna die out. I'm not Alex Jones. I'm telling you. On a hunch, maybe something's going on that we don't know about. You have to ask yourself the question. Is it possible? The FBI, a big bloated FBI or big bloated CIA, our big bloated government, our big, giant federal government with all of their secrets and all of their bullshit that they fooled on us throughout the years as little men and women of the United States of America. Isn't it possible that they wouldn't tell us? Isn't it possible that all these elites, these great reset elites, all these people that never would have dared to throw their big balls on the table and try to shove socialism up our ass? Maybe just maybe the clock is ticking. maybe who knows. But really quick, take a look at this. Ladies and gentlemen, Sunday Sunday, Sunday, August 14 at 5pm Come join the constitutional Party of the United States at the world famous Orange County Choppers Road House and Museum in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. For their first ever poker fundraiser for only $250 You can buy by yourself a seat to win the grand prize a ar 15. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the winner gets a gun. Come help preserve, protect and restore the constitutional rights of our people. play and have fun all while supporting the US Constitution. For more information visit or call 813-531-2423. That's CP o d u 813-531-2423. Well comeback civilization as we know it is collapsing. So, are we escaping Armageddon? And Are we riding on the back of a horse called Elon Musk? Are the billionaires of our planet on to something the wealthy elites? Are they on to something? Are we mounting them grabbing the reins? And are they are steed to freedom? Are they saving their own ass? What is happening? Let me know in the comment below. Do you think there's a comet headed towards Earth, and Elon Musk is doing everything in his power to get us out. I'm not talking about a comment that's going to be here tomorrow. But maybe just maybe something is coming 30 years from now. 50 years from now, maybe they know that our planet will be destroyed in 67 years, and there's not a thing that we can do about it. But maybe just maybe these billionaires are doing everything they can to get us the hell out of here. Or maybe they're not, maybe they're gonna get themselves out of here. Maybe they're gonna set up some colonies for rich, wealthy people, they're gonna pick certain families. That's what our sci fi fantasy or sci fi movie show us. They show us that the government picks certain people, wealthy elites pick certain people and companies pick certain people, and then everybody else die is. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, everybody else dies. So it's something coming. I said at the beginning of this podcast civilization as we know it is collapsing. And it does seem that way. Think about it. Think about going on the airplane. 20 years ago, taking an airplane ride across the country, I'm not talking about 1960s Wearing a suit. I'm not talking about that kind of customer service. But just the nice customer service of a stewardess in a nice dress with a nice smile, telling you to take a seat have a nice day courtesy. Nobody would dare be an asshole to you in the store. Nobody would dare be an asshole to you on a plane. If you're a paying customer anywhere, people would be fired over that now. Now you get kicked out of a place if you don't tip somebody, there's a 19 year old waiter who just scratched their testicles staring at their cell phone playing Pokemon looking for invisible creatures. And you're supposed to tip them, they've never filled up your water the whole time. And then they look at you and say, well, in Europe, they don't do this. Well, this isn't fucking Europe. This is the United States of America. And then when you say that, apparently you have privileged folks, the world is falling apart. All right? Just look around you look at the next generation or two or three ahead of us. And ask yourself, Is this the world I grew up grew up in? And you know, it's not all right. You know, it's not, you know, that the corporations and the elites have won, they want a long time ago, this isn't a war of who's going to win. All right. This is a war of survival for us little people. This is a war of who's going to take over because they've been running the show for decades and decades and decades. And like I said earlier in the podcast, just like lords and ladies, kings and queens, Dukes and duchesses, they pull the puppet strings of our society, and they steer the course of history. And if we're not careful, God's going to come back and judge us all now. I'm a modern conservative. I don't believe in abortion, but I'm okay if somebody wants to smoke some weed. I believe in balancing our budget and being fiscally conservative, but I really don't give a crap what somebody does behind closed doors or or if somebody is gay or wants to live their life a certain way as long as they don't shove their life up my ass and tell my children how to live in my family how to breathe. I don't care what you do. I'm pretty new school in that I think a lot of conservatives a lot of modern day Young Republicans feel the exact same way that I do. And they feel the exact same thing and they sense the exact same chaos that I do. We're descending into something crazy. These are unprecedented times. History tells us that something wicked this way comes something big is coming now. I talked about civilization collapsing. And civilization as we know it is collapsing COVID-19 brought forth all these crazy people, it brought forth a new era of technology, a lot of the things that we wish we would go back to or we think we're going back to, we are never going to see again. And some of this might be good, but a lot of it, I guarantee is going to be bad because it happened to serve the elites, and it happened to serve the global corporations, folks, if we're not careful, if we don't work together, if we don't fight the change that's happening and find the balance, we will be lost forever. So tell me, tell me in the comments below. when the shit hits the fan. Where are you going to be? And what are you going to do? Folks? This has been episode 184 of American Reveille Podcast with James Lane. It's so good to be back. I'm so thankful that you guys waited. I'm so thankful that you were patient I know we were gone for a long time but I promise you we're going to be back and better than ever. We got a lot of new content coming. We have a lot of new people joining us like I said we're recruiting new writers always always recruiting new writers email me You can find us everywhere. The handle is at uncensored AR that's Tik Tok truth social get or get Facebook, Twitter, Instagram everywhere. Comment, like, love and share this podcast with every fucking person. You know, they've censored me. They fucked me. They're not going to kill me. We've been here for two plus fucking years. I'm not going anywhere. And I'm back, baby. So what do you think? Can Elon Musk be trusted? Is he a good guy? Or is he actually a bad guy? Is Bezos actually a good guy? Or is he full of shit too? Are they all full of shit? Is a comet heading for Earth? Are we all going to die? Is it tomorrow? Is it 20 years from now? Do they know something that we don't know? Is it all falling apart? Am I full of shit? Or is everything that I'm saying actually happening in real time around all of us right? Now? Let me know what you think. I'll see you on the next episode guys. And don't forget to go to AR dot WTF sign up for the newsletter donate if you can. Sign up for the newsletter AR.WTF and I need you to do that. It is where you need to go. Right now. Do it. Do it. Click it, sign up, sign up. Go right now. Go go go Go Go 

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